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Entitled as Famous Finales, this week represents our Season Finale Event, here at Musica in Extenso

The final scene of  „Aida” is, in the same time, a great love duet of the protagonist andher love, Radames. The conflict of this opera is concentrated in the conflict between Ethiopia and Egipt. Aida is the daughter of the ethiopian king, but Radames is the captain of the egiptian guard, so their love is impossible… 

the final scene Radames has been taken into the lower floor of the temple and sealed up in a dark vault, where he thinks that he is alone. As he hopes that Aida is in a safer place, he hears a sigh and then sees Aida. She has hidden herself in the vault in order to die with Radamès. They accept their terrible fate. In the vault below, Aida dies in Radamès’ arms.

Today on Musica in Extenso: 

Giuseppe Verdi

Aida, finale

Enjoy! - Antal Zsuzsi

Dude, the way they announced the KH3 trailer was so extra tho. After the last song, Yoko Shimomura, Tetsuya Nomura, the composer, and the pianist all bowed and then left the stage. For some reason, the entire orchestra is still sitting there. Everyone is like “is it done?” “how come they’re just sitting there?” “are they gonna do another song??” Then Nomura and the gang all come BACK to the stage after a few minutes pass and Nomura is like “I’m not gonna be at e3 tomorrow because I’m here for the concert but you guys are gonna be the first to see the KH3 trailer.” and then the entire room collectively lost their shit. Over 100 people lost their souls in the process. Me included.

composers and their descriptions

Bach: polyphony is the new black

Haydn: surprise motherfucker

Mozart: some people just never grow up :/

Beethoven: some people just never grOW OUT OF THEIR EMO PHASE

Tchaikovsky: sad, gay, and ready to slay

Brahms: the song Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne was written specifically for him

Liszt: ill play you a piece if you strip on the piano

Rachmaninoff: this footlong handspan is compensating for something else

Wagner: wow i cant believe he stole lord of the rings

Strauss: you stop dancing, you die

Berlioz: *vapes*

Sibelius: nature is here and shes looking more beautiful than ever

Mahler: nature is here and shes PISSED

Shostakovich: fuck stalin, fuck the police, fuck tonality

Respighi: nature is here and shes a man

Messiaen: is there a subtype of furries specifically for birds?

Schoenberg: why limit yourself to just one key?

Ives: why limit yourself to just 12 notes?

Britten: gay? never heard of it

Grainger: nobody will comment on your bdsm roleplay if you write catchy tunes


Reich: clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

Glass: play these 8 measures 37 times then repeat

Cage: *drags piano bench across the stage then walks offstage*


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