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hi can you give me some tips on how to build a bigger fanbase?? I would really love to do commissions but I have a relatively small amount of followers and only very slowly gain more. ty

Hey anon! I think it’s a slow process honestly. I am in the same boat as you for my main art blog. For some reason, this one is exploding, and I think it’s because a few of my posts went viral somehow.

Though I do think it’s partly luck, you do a lot to optimize the chances of being seen,

1. Post on a schedule and disperse your posts with the queue function (if on tumblr, at least. If you use other services, there are also queue functions and 3rd party solutions. Just let me know and I will update this!)

2. Keyword relevant tags with a mix of popular and less popular ones. Less popular tags will not be flooded so quickly, so there’s a greater chance of your post being seen. 

3. Pick a good time to post (& set your queue!). For tumblr, late evening to night is very good. Or when you think everyone has a lunch break and will be on their phones. I post around 6-11pm and seem to have decent exposure. However, if you’re raring to go, just post it! It’s not all about the views/ optimization. Make sure you have fun with it too! 

4.Make sure your stuff looks high quality. This means a nice scan/photo if traditional, or a high quality digital art file. Even if it’s a sketch, which many people love seeing, it’s good to have a good amount of legibility, you feel me?

5. Follow/like/comment on blogs/posts you’re interested in! Be genuine and do not spam, though. Try to build your community and network naturally and gently. 

6. Watermark your pictures, subtly. Not everyone’s a fan of this, but it’s better than having no credit when it goes viral from an art thief. 

7. Try to post semi regularly without being spammy. 

8. Enjoy making art! The views will come eventually if you put 100% effort. 

9. I haven’t done this that much, but fanart is helpful for establishing a base before your own work will be seen. Unfortunate, but can be true in some cases.

Hopefully that helped! Have a great day! Thanks for the good question, Anon. 

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So. I get a lot of messages like these

so I decided to explain how I make gifs :).


Sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.

And sorry because I can’t change language to English in photoshop :/.

1. I download video from youtube using youtube downloader.

2. I open video in photoshop. File > Import > Video Frames to Layers…

3. I change the image size Image > Image Size. I mostly change it to 500x281.

4. I select and delete frames which I don’t want.

5. I change timing. I mostly change it to 0,1s.

6. Sometimes I use psd. ^%$#$^&%$#$

7. And it’s time to save gif. File > Save for Web

I optimize it to 1024K.

And that’s all!

My gif:

Love you all <3.


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