the ops

fun songs songs 2 play at ur wedding:


-limitless (rough ver)

-limitless (acoustic ver)

-limitless (instrumental)

-limitless (hip hop ver)

-limitless (vocal line only)

-limitless (heavy metal ver)

-limitless (winwin’s vocals only and the music is replaced with c flat humming)

-limitless (dj johnny remix)

-limitless (lee sooman’s voice only)

-limitless (pitch changed an octave higher)

-limitless (lullaby version)

-limitless (40′s jazz remix)

-limitless (justin timberlake cover)

-limitless (every time taeyong growls it gets faster)

-limitless (girl group version)

Chinese people are being left out of almost every discussion of rising xenophobia in the U.S. which is really irresponsible given that most Americans can’t/won’t tell the difference between different Asians and Trump won over many of his followers with a “China, specifically, is out here to drain America dry” message. And you know damn well that the Yellow Peril is going to come back into the national psyche.

And there’s not a lot of us out here and we have a very weak history of activism, so if shit hits the fan people could do essentially whatever they wanted to the diaspora community.

TL;DR if you want to believe that the Chinese diaspora is too statistically insignificant to be worth discussing when thinking about xenophobia you are wrong and you are basically leaving a lot of people for dead

I came across this girl on Her (a dating app for women who like women) & she literally had at the top of her profile “I’m aroace DONT try to flirt with me/date me/sleep with me” like get the fuck off the dating app then you twat ???? How fucking entitled & also like presumptuous, no one’s gonna wanna date u with that attitude anyway

This is what happens when u get ppl claiming u can be a cis LGBT woman without being attracted to other women !! This girl thought she was entitled to use this app bc oh it’s for LGBT women that’s me !! When like, no ? It’s not designed for women who feel no attraction ?? Ridiculous

viktor and yuuri’s relationship means so much to me honestly. they love each other so much. they inspire each other so much. they support and draw strength from each other and bring out the best in each other. being together makes them try to do better and grow as human beings, and the sheer amount devotion and adoration they have for each other??? also?? did i mention that they are deeply, irrevocably in love?

the straight people who whined about gay people making fun of them on tumblr back in 2011 call themselves queer now and make out with their opposite sex partners during the pride parade (but call it gay because they’re both wearing eyeliner)

I used to be sympathetic towards these people and think they were just led astray or whatever but I see straight up Evil shit on my dashboard every day and I’m pretty fuckin tired of it! your icons are of cartoons maybe go watch them and think about what Rebecca Sugar would say if she knew you were out here telling gay kids to eat glass

Jade, not having lived with anyone for years, talks aloud to herself a lot. 

It doesn’t matter who is in the room with her, sometimes she just starts off on a conversation with herself, looking puzzled for a moment if anyone tries to respond. 

I finally made it!!! I finally finally made it to onderland!! I’m so happy, I cried on my way home from the gym. I can’t remember the last time I was under 200 pounds. I remember weighing 170 in 8th grade and being too mortified to step on a scale again until I weighed 220 halfway through my freshman year of high school. But here I am now, I’ve reached my first mental goal, and now it’s on to the next one.

This is a big fuck you to anyone who doubted that I couldn’t, especially my past self. My emotionally abusive ex boyfriend, who called me a deterrent to his own weight loss goals. Past friends who looked down on me because of my weight. I’m stronger than them. I’m really freaking proud of myself.