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Why Oprah Said No to Dinner with Bono | The Oprah Winfrey Show

OWN Channel description:

After a 2002 Oprah Show on home makeovers, the cameras kept rolling as Oprah dished with the audience. The main topic on her mind: Bono. The rock star had just been in town and gave Oprah a pair of his famous sunglasses. But what happened when he asked Oprah to dinner? Watch the video to find out why her first reaction was “no!”

She actually went to dinner with him… queen of clickbait

something really interesting i heard recently (from a show on the oprah channel but anyways) is how like… when human beings first began our brains were wired to worry and panic as a defense against threats because obviously back then it was much harder to just survive. i mean if humans were designed to feel content we probably wouldnt have made it. so now our world is so much different and we dont face life threatening situations every day but our brains still have that instinctual need to worry, which is probably why feeling content seems to be such a struggle for most of us, because its literally unnatural. i guess that was just kinda comforting to me for some reason, to know that my constantly worried mind isn’t a flaw but actually an essential adaptation that has allowed our survival as a species. 


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