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Burned Out - Part 2

Part 1

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 2,703

A/N Thanks for all the requests, here’s Burned Out part 2. hope you enjoy it!

small disclaimer thing: i’d just like to say I’m not in any way trying to call out the whole Baekhyun/Taeyeon drama a stunt - i used that idea for entertainment purposes only.

Sitting alone on the sofa, you thought back to the day you heard about Baekhyun and Taeyeon. It was five months after the two of you had broken things off. You’d tried in vain to distract yourself and push Baekhyun out your thoughts; you needed to get over him. But tiresomely, Baekhyun seemed to invade your every attention. The stack of EXO CDs left untouched on your dresser. You hadn’t mustered up the will to remove them or play them, like you did when he was around. The smell of him still seemed to linger on the bed sheets, no matter how many times they’d been washed. The apartment held an uncomfortable atmosphere that something was missing. EXO crowded the media, their faces plastered over newspapers, the television and your social media feeds. Even if you left the apartment you were haunted by the group’s presence plastered all over Seoul’s city buildings and blasting out in local amenities. You had tried dating, seeing someone else as a distraction. But you broke things off, it hadn’t worked. Your feelings for Baekhyun had never really extinguished.

You had been scrolling aimlessly down Facebook’s timeline, until a headline you wouldn’t forget jumped out at you. Taeyeon, a beautiful, talented young singer was now seeing Baekhyun. He’d moved on. You had itched to tap the link and read the article but you knew, even though the media had begun to forget about you, your name would be mentioned at least once. The heartbreak you had felt when you’d innocently read about your breakup online was not something you’d allow yourself to feel again. Pictures of Taeyeon seemed to mock you, smiling up at the camera. Her hair hung perfectly around her porcelain, doll-like face set with flawless features. Everything you didn’t have. A sick feeling of realisation settled in your stomach as you knew you could never compare yourself to someone like her.

You smiled bitterly. That was a day you wished you could erase from your mind. They say ignorance is bliss and you craved an escape. Allowing to let your thoughts wander, you thought about why he had left: a daily torture you’d put yourself through. I’ve been distancing myself from you purposefully. Was he seeing Taeyeon the whole time? Endless scenarios spun in your head, it would make sense. They both worked at SM Entertainment, having similar roles and plenty of time to be together. What if all those nights you were alone, his hands were running over her waist as the exciting affair took place through the weeks while you were unaware? Blind, innocent and robbed of your senses.

Thinking of Baekhyun at home alone exhausted you. It was so mentally tiring. You were beating yourself up almost every day. Taeyeon and Baekhyun had now been together approaching a year. Your selfish longing of the two finishing still hadn’t occurred. Of course it hadn’t, they were perfect. Two singers who could unite in harmony while you felt like the awkward menial tossed to the side. You needed to get out, feel the refreshing air. You needed a release, something to ease your mind. And going to a certain place may support you for a while. You glanced at the clock. 7:13pm. Winter was drawing near so it looked pitch black out your small window. You pushed yourself off the sofa, muscles aching from being so accustomed to the familiar position you’d habituated yourself to. You shrugged on your warm coat and pulled up the hood lined with fur. It was a similar comfort to when you’d sit on that same sofa and reminisce.

You hadn’t expected it to be pouring with rain. How typical. Your feet splashed in the puddles, headlights of cars shone up at you and you felt your heart hammering in your chest. You walked while holding your hood up, shielding yourself from the grim weather. It took far longer than you had expected to finally reach the haven. You stood on the pavement opposite the small park. It was tucked away in the corner of a quiet area of the city. It wasn’t even a beautiful park, it was run down and paint seemed to be peeling off the swings. But the nature had drawn you and Baekhyun to it long ago. The trees stood proudly among the twisting path and the grass was always mowed neatly. You and Baekhyun had come here often, strolling through the park hand in hand. You’d end up sitting on a bench together and watching the families with their children frolicking together. You briefly remembered when Baekhyun had shyly brought up how he felt about having children in the future. He said he definitely wanted to be a father someday, and asked what you thought. You’d of course agreed, and after that felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside you at the idea of Baekhyun fathering a small child of your own.

You waited for a car to drive past before you jogged over the road and stood face to face with the gate of the park. It looked uninviting in the dark and the rain splashing down. The yellow street lights stood against the rain in the park, creating yellow spots dotted around the walkway. You took a deep breath and pushed the metal gate open, stepping inside. You meandered through the park, occasionally being protected by the trees from the rain, but then being assailed by the water again at unavoidable points.

Looking forward, you noticed a figure standing in the limelight of a streetlamp. They stood perfectly in the centre, like a spotlight pointing at them on stage. You tensed up; you wanted to be alone. You decided you’d continue past them, you had planned to do the full walk through of the park so you would. You quickened your pace as you got closer and tried to walk as far from the light as possible. You avoided looking at the figure. Just as you’d got past, you heard a gasp. It shocked you slightly and you couldn’t help yourself from whirling back in curiosity.

“Y/N?” Unmistakable. It was his voice. Your whole body went rigid. It was him, he wore that same coat you remembered he had left you in. It was too emblematic that you’d see him here. His hair, now black, clung messily to his forehead. Water dribbled down his face, creating the illusion that he was crying. Your lips parted in shock and you had no idea how to react. “Y/N, it’s really you?” he asked. He took two steps towards you and placed his hands on your arm, moving you closer to him. You were still frozen. You tore your eyes up to meet his gaze and instantly regretted it. His expression was so sincere. He looked broken and drained. It made you want to melt in his hands. This was fool’s paradise.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiiiii you did a really good job with that YouTube imagine thing heehee. So I was wondering if you could do one were ur really small and cute and u were likes gf and fans spot u on the street and start asking questions and taking pictures and u get all shy and adorable ?:p u don't have to if u don't want to but yeah :3

hey sweetheart i tried my best, hope you like it - also you didn’t write a name? so 4/4 x


“Oh my god!” Squeals of excitement echoed from the pavement opposite you and Ashton.

He started grinning as five girls ran across the road to greet him. You clung onto his hand nervously, you mostly avoided face-to-face experiences with fans and the thought was still quite intimidating to you.

“Hi Ashton!” They tittered, he replied warmly and asked them about their days as pictures were taken.

“Hi! Could I have a photo with you too?” A tall girl wearing a Joy Division t-shirt asked you shyly.

“Me?” You questioned surprised, pointing to yourself, she nodded, “Sure!”

She held her phone in the air and snapped a quick selfie of you two as you smiled into the lens, not knowing what to do with your body.

“Thanks!” She said, looking back over the photos.

“How long have you and Ashton been together? You don’t have to answer.” She said politely.

“No, it’s fine, we’ve been dating for around 7 weeks, right Ash?” You called to the boy who was attempting to take a selfie with 3 girls at once.

“Yep, 7 weeks and 4 days.” He replied, winking at you.

“He’s counting.” You explained to the tall girl, who was giggling at Ashton’s precise response.

“Bye!” Ashton waved at the girls who were now leaving, and returned to your side as you said goodbye to the tall fan.

“You were so good with them.” Ashton nudged your shoulder as you began to continue home.

“Really?” A note of hopefulness in your voice, maybe you were going to be okay with the whole interacting with fans thing.

“Really.” He clasped your hand in his once again and kissed your cheek in reassurance.


“I’ll only be a second I just want a new Playstation controller!” Michael tugged on your arm, intent on dragging you into GAME.

“You have four, Michael.” You retorted harshly, once he was in that store, there was no getting him out.

“Three,” He argued, “Luke threw one against the wall and it broke in half, remember?”

“Yeah,” You scoffed, “I remember you throwing a controller at the wall when I beat your ass at Mario Kart, don’t blame poor Luke.”

"Can we go in then?” He batted his eyes at you hopefully.

“Fine.” You gave in, letting the excited boy drag you through the shop doors.

You saw him disappear around a stack of Playstation games, and you started browsing the store, knowing that he wouldn’t return for a while.

“Hey, are you…?” A voice piped up from behind you. You turned and faced two younger girls faces lighting up when they saw yours.

“It is! I told you!” One blonde girl said to the other brunette.

“Are you fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer?” You asked the little girls, just checking they hadn’t mistaken you for someone else.

“Yes!” They both squealed, as you chuckled at their excitement.

“Could we have a selfie with you?” The brunette cautiously asked.

“Uh yeah of course,” You were a bit taken aback that they were as interested in you as they seemed with the band, “Hope you don’t mind my hair though, it’s a bit of a mess today.”

“Are you kidding? You’re stunning, I wish I could have hair like yours!” The blonde one almost shrieked.

“Yeah, you are so beautiful, no wonder Michael wanted to date you!” Her friend agreed.

You had no doubt that your face was bright red, these girls were being so nice, you hadn’t had an experience like this without Mike before.

“Thanks girls,” You grinned uncontrollably, “All the hate is worth moments like this.”

It was their turn to blush as you posed for their phones.

“Thanks so much!” The girls gushed as they left the store.

Immediately Michael appeared from behind a shelf, several games in hand.

“Were you there the whole time?” You asked Michael, shocked as to why he hadn’t come to say hi.

“You were amazing with them.” He nodded.

“Thanks,” Your cheeks returning to a flushed pink.

Michael grabbed your hand in his and stroked his thumb lovingly over your fingers, your eyes fell on the multiple games he was holding in his other hand.

“What are those?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Please?” His eyes begged you, but you knew you had to be stern or else he’d walk out with half the shop.

“Two maximum,” You said as he whined, “and you haven’t even found a new controller.”


“Pow pow pow!” You and Calum shaped your hands into guns and pointed them at random pedestrians, back to back, laughing loudly.

You had just exited the cinema, from seeing an action movie filled with spies and covert missions, and you both felt inspired.

“Calum? Calum oh my god!” You both straightened out and turned to see several girls and who you assumed to be a mother hurtling towards to two of you.

“Hi!” He greeted, a smile plastered on his face as you stepped behind him. You loved seeing him interact with fans, he was so gracious and made sure each and every one was happy before he left them.

“We didn’t interrupt a date or anything, did we?” The mother called over the shoulders of the girls. 

You smiled at her considerate worry and reassured her, “No it’s fine.”

“Hey can I get a photo with you two together?” One girl piped up, gesturing to you and Calum.

“Should be fine, right?” Calum glanced back at you to check you were okay with it before moving aside so the fan could stand in between you two as he took the photo.

“Could I have one with both of you as well?” Asked another voice.

“Me too?”
“And me?”

You shrugged at Calum who was glancing at you to make sure you were comfortable with it, as you bit your lip nervously and nodded shyly.

After every girl had had an individual photo, the mother suggested a group photo. Calum and you were arranged in the middle, three girls to the left of you and three girls to the right of Calum. You put your arm over their shoulders as Calums gripped your waist.

You suddenly became very aware of what you looked like, and started inwardly panicking about the placement of your legs, your arms and what your smile looked like. Calum must have seen you shifting and pushed his lips to your cheek. Your face relaxed and smiled involuntarily, as Calum knew you would. The flash went off and everyone untangled, thanking both of you for your time.

“It was no problem, honestly, we love meeting you girls.” You said truthfully.

Goodbye’s chorused as you all went your separate ways.

“I’m proud of you for that.” Calum said, squeezing your hand tightly.

“For what?” You blushed.

“Well, besides everything, I’m proud of how you handled the girls back there, I know you don’t like those sorts of situations.” He started swinging your interlocked hands as you walked.

“Thanks, Cal.” You said quietly.

“Plus do you know how hot you look in that skirt? I could take you right now.” His joking tone made you wonder whether or not he was serious. He crossed his arm over your head, wrapping both around you causing you both to waddle awkwardly before letting go and clasping your hand once more and managing to pinch your bum in the process.


“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Luke asked for the billionth time, he was bringing you to a radio interview and he knew there would be girls waiting for the band. He also knew that big crowds intimidated you and the last thing he would want is for you to feel uncomfortable.

“I’ll be fine.” You told him, and yourself.

You pulled up to a fancy hotel and saw barriers containing fans. A lot of fans. A lot of screaming fans.

Luke put his hand comfortingly on your thigh, and kissed your forehead gently before the van doors opened.

The noise was deafening and your gut filled with a feeling of dread and excitement. You exhaled loudly as Luke jumped out the car, holding his hand out for you. You swung your legs out first and slid out the seat, onto the pavement clinging onto Luke’s arm for dear life.

You saw Ashton and Calum already speaking to fans and observed them as Luke let go of your hand to take pictures quickly.

You turned sharply as you heard your name being screamed from the left at you, as you turned you saw a group of girls waving madly at you. You made the decision to leave Luke’s side and wondered over to them.

You were faced with loud screams of ‘I love you!’s and ‘how is Luke?’ and more intrusive ‘how is Luke in bed?’. You smiled kindly at a frizzy haired girl and posed obediently for her photo. She thanked you hysterically as more phones were thrust in your face. 

You calmed your panicking brain and began to work through the small hoard of girls that were begging for a picture.

You felt a hand around your waist and a collective ‘awww’ from the crowd as Luke whispered in your ear that you had to go inside now.

“See you guys!” He called as you waved timidly, a little self-conscious from all the flashing cameras.

Once inside, you fell into Luke’s arms, just wanting comfort more than anything, you felt exhausted.

“You were great out there.” He rested his chin on the top of your head, engulfing you in his arms.

“Thanks.” You murmured against his chest, breathing in his scent and calming down slowly.

“I love you.” He kissed the top of your  head as you sighed contently.

“I love you more.” You whispered against his chest.




Something Special//Wen Junhui

Originally posted by seventns

Pairing: Junhui x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: @alcholic-umbrellas said:

Author’s Note: I am the queen of fluff. This is for my favorite Junhui stan okay but rip u Laney for requesting this because you’re going to die.

xoxo Sara

You felt the soft breeze blow past you as you stroll along the sidewalk of the part, hand in hand with your boyfriend. He had just got back from touring and decided to visit you after not seeing you for four long months, and you had missed him more than you could have ever imagined.

You watched as the wind created ripples in the lake, the ducks swimming in the lake slightly flapping their wings to begin to fly away. You had been lost in your train of thought for quite some time, as you enjoyed that comfortable silence you always felt when you were with Junhui.

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When it Gets Cold - Ch. 2

Genre: AU, slight angst, fluff

Warnings: Possibility of swearing (eventually), mentions of food, homelessness? It’s pretty clean

Status: chaptered, unfinished

Summary: Phil is a regular volunteer at a soup kitchen. One day a cute, dark haired homeless boy comes in to the picture, and nothing is ever the same again.

A/N: Hello!! Here is chapter 2! Thank you all so much for reading, I’m so glad that you all like the fic. also feedback from you guys is much appreciated and encouraged. I hope you enjoy! It’s a little short, but chapter 3 will be on it’s way soon, so don’t worry amigos, more phan on the way~

Chapter 1 Here

- - - - - - - - - -

Chapter 2

Phil sat down across from Dan at the small table.

“So… you like Muse?” Dan asked, gesturing toward Phil’s midsection.

Phil looked down at his t-shirt and saw the Muse logo.

“Oh, yeah. They’re my favorite band.”

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How me and my friend actually got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch.

Ok so I’ve already done a blog post like this, but it lacked some detail and now I’m officially allowed to post the pictures etc I want to chat about it again. 

August 16th, me and Lowri went to Cardiff because we heard (knew from a very nice friend who knew people in the building) that Sherlock would be filming that day. We got to Cardiff at about 10am, and went to get snow cones before making our way to where the Sherlock base usually is. 

Sure enough, upon arrival we found all the vans and cars waiting at base. This bit was a tad awkward as we were the only fans there, so after walking around the paths for a while, we settled on some steps. Before long, we saw a black long car, so ventured across the road and sure enough, it was Benedict’s. He wasn’t in costume or make up, and his hair was floppy, scruffy and looked completely perfect. Benedict made his way into his trailer for make up and things. 

We waited a little more, and one other fan turned up (who refereed to Benedict as ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and didn’t seem to know his real name which miffed us off a little) and Benedict finally got into his car, with Lars Miklessen and gave us a cute little wave before setting off to the location.

We decided to follow, which did feel weird at the time but in hindsight was totally worth it. We walked probably for about half a mile, maybe a little less and then found the location, settling on a pavement opposite the entrance. The other boy with us left, and the security men/runners/general crew, were hanging round, so we jokingly asked them what bribes they would take to get us to meet Benedict. As always, they were lovely and joked back. Then Benedict’s driver came over, and Lowri offered him some of her Vimto Bonbon’s before mentioning that she’d made Benedict some welsh cakes. 

The next thing that happened was actually unbelievable. He walked away for a few minutes, then called us. We looked up to see both the driver and Benedict beckoning us forward. 

First impressions of him: wow the cheekbones are real.
Second impressions: shit this is happenning

Benedict immediately began by apologising that we couldn’t have pictures because he was in costume, but he’d be happy to sign some things, which of course was completely understandable. He chatted to us for about five minutes about various things. Fans, being famous Sherlock, the Vimto bonbons that Lowri had offered him and been 'surprisingly amazing’ in his words. (Yes we basically shared a packet of sweets with Benedict wow) Some of the workers from inside came over and asked for pictures, saying that they wouldn’t post them online. Immediately Benedict came back to us and said 

'You can do that too girls, if you promise not to post them.’ Obviously we said yes. And he did make us promise several times, he was paranoid that producers would kill him had pictures got out! (which again, understandable) Around this time also, Benedict had a phone call and said something along the lines of 'Do you mind if I get that?’ and honestly, it was SO tempting not to reply with 'not at all, you have the rest of your life.' 

After they left, he stayed with us for a good 10-15 minutes more. He signed some things for us, sneaked another bonbon from Lowri and congratulated her on getting into uni doing drama (he asked if he could shake her hand…how sweet!) My phone embarrassingly went off and horror struck me as my ringtone, the quote 'Anderson don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street’ began to play. Fair play to Benedict though, he took it in very good humour and whilst saying 'yes that is very embarrassing’ told me that he didn’t mind at all, and that people have much, much worse! 

We asked him all about his future roles, and it was genuinely an honour to see him talk about his acting. He told us how he prepares, all about his next endeavor and a little about the character from his point of view. 

Benedict also said, when signing my name, that I was 'just like Molly Hooper’ which made my heart actually break because it was the most perfect thing to hear ever. 

Anyway, that was an explanation of the best day of my life and the completion of my 2014 new years resolution: Meet Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Running from Love


Ciel huffed under his breath as he held the end of the black and red tie held in between his teeth as one hand lay on the steering wheel and the other trying to tug his grey jumper over his head. Ciel swerved his car, slamming his elbow onto the horn as he sped under the glaring lights of London. As he neared his destination, or what was promised to be from the few words he knew, Ciel rolled the sleeves of his grey shirt before shrugging a black satin waistcoat over his shoulders, and running a hand through his hair in an attempt to disguise himself.
Parking the car in a shadowed alleyway Ciel leant his head against the wheel for a moment, hands white with exertion before he threw open the door and took the keys from lock with a furious look to his eyes. Pacing through the streets of lower London, Ciel stopped on a street corner, his eyes piercing through the air to spy one person on the opposite pavement.

A oneshot starring Lily Evans and James Potter in a modern day Muggle world. If it had a title it would be “i threw rocks at the wrong window but i’m a little drunk and my girlfriend just dumped me so hey do you want to hang out with me? au” as it was this post that inspired me. I hope you enjoy :)

She was standing on a patio built of stone, hard and cold under her bare feet, that seemed to extend itself as far as she could see. The air was chilly against her fair skin, a faint breeze causing her white summer dress to flow around her ever so slightly. She started walking - after all it was the only thing to do - but it seemed like no matter how many hours passed, how much distance from the starting point she accomplished, nothing around changed. It was like walking but standing still. Or it was until she saw it, all alone, not much further ahead. She started running towards it, curious. 

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Blind Date, Ch.6

Synopsis: Saga was blinded in a freak accident at Stark Industries and ever since, Tony Stark and the Avengers have been helping her. Well, they think they’ve been helping, actually they’ve been holding her back, refusing to let her learnt to be self-sufficient.

Loki finds himself imprisoned in Stark Tower but when the Avengers have to leave, Loki finds a way around their security and encounters the blind doctor. He quickly finds himself intrigued by her and unlike her friends, he doesn’t go out of his way to “help” her perform simple tasks.

Both misfits in their own way, they quickly form a strong but needless to say, the Avengers don’t take kindly to the budding  friendship.

Based on this imagine

AN: Unbeta’d, please forgive any mistakes

Previous Chapters: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five

Chapter Six

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anonymous asked:

Piper lost everything. She's desperate. She had a fight with Polly (a reason not to include that bitch), lost her job, car, house, practically everything. Alex finds her on the street and wants to turn her into one of her drug mules but then she starts catching feelings for her and things become different than originally planned.

Alex is really, really hard to write about. So this probably sucks, but I gave it a shot. 

For a drug importer, you spend a hell of a long time going for walks. Irrelevant, stupid walks that don’t achieve a damn thing. It’s not like you’re walking down alleys in search of a fight- nothing like that- but seriously…walks?

Pointless as hell, you think.

You think about all the shitty things that happened to you, and from time to time you consider what it would be like to keep walking, to walk and walk until your feet give out from underneath you.

You don’t think anyone would come looking for you. And if they did, they’d just be on their way to kill you anyway.

So practically every night you go for a stroll through this quaint little neighbourhood, and it’s almost never a happy walk. No whistling or humming or any of that crap. Your hands never leave your pockets save to smoke your cigarette and you always make sure it’s terrifically dark before you go out, because you like it better that way. When Fahri asks you why you always walk, you tell him it’s a good area to find mules. You try to tell yourself that, you really do. But it’s been months since your little habit kicked in, and you’ve only come across one or two that fit the bill. It’s more of a chance to get away from it all, from the parties and the drugs and the women and the aching memories of your mother. 

You wish you could call her up and talk as your boots thud against the pavement, but you sure as hell can’t do that without looking like some sort of lunatic. 

The walks are always so very somber and devoid of colour, like everything these days. Everything seems to be losing its allure, the aesthetic of the world around you draining to a greyscale, day by day. It’s been like this for years, and it shows no signs of getting better. Heroin had nearly killed you, so that was off the table. 

So you decide to go for fucking walks instead. Not exactly the glorifying redemption you’d hoped for, is it?

Anyway, it’s the middle of winter, freezing cold and tremendously dark, the way you like it, and you stroll down the familiar streets with your goddamn cigarette and stupidly expensive coat with the collar upturned, shielding the curve of your throat against the biting wind. 

That’s the thing about having no one. You get to spend all your illegal cash on yourself. Fucking brilliant, you think.

Tonight’s different, though. You’re pissed off- really pissed off, because what is the point in any of this anymore? You’re nearly thirty and you’re devastatingly unloved, without the capability to treat anyone with a semblance of respect, and you’re kind of a complete asshole. You have no family; no one to love, and no one who loves you. You have too much money to count, and all it makes you want to do is cry. You turn down this empty street with a narrow road, and all of a sudden you just lash out, kicking stones off the pavement and scattering them ahead of you in a temper, hating the world and the unfairness of it all.

You worked your ass off to give your mother everything she’d ever wanted, only to have her ripped away from you before she even got a chance to enjoy it all.

Your temper’s a dangerous thing, and you should know better than to let it get the better of you. But sometimes you get this overwhelming urge to smash things, just for the hell of it. 

“Are you alright?” Your head whips around at the voice, and you can’t tell where it’s coming from initially. Eventually, you look across the street and see this figure, a girl, sitting off the edge of the pavement underneath a streetlight with her legs stretched out into the road, as if she didn’t give a damn if a car came flying round the corner and snapped them right off. You regard her from the opposite pavement, hands in your pockets and cigarette between your teeth. She’s only got a slightly oversized white t shirt on and ripped denim jeans, with red-rimmed eyes and these sunken in cheekbones.

Yet she has the courage to ask you, in your goddamn expensive coat, if you’re alright.

“Me?” You reply, looking up and down the street, though you know there’s not another soul but the two of you within sight. She nods, and you walk over to her without thinking much about it. “I think I should be the one asking you that.” 

“Why?” The girl says, and she is just a girl, looks like one of those deer-caught-in-headlights type. The perfect type for a drug mule, you can’t help but notice. But she’s tragically beautiful, and although she’s skinny and looks like she’s drowning in her shirt, her eyes still sparke at you with a challenge, and you can’t help but look straight back at her. 

“Well…” You stumble, searching for an answer to what was a ridiculous kind of question in the first place. “You look…cold.” You say, and immediately cringe as she sits there and laughs, despite the state of her situation. 

“I am cold.” She says it with not an ounce of bitterness, and you have to admire her for it. Weirdly, she makes you feel totally ridiculous for being upset when you could be in her position. 

“Take my jacket.” You say, unbuttoning it. She peers up at you from the pavement as you stub your cigarette out with the toe of your boot. 

“Who are you?” She asks, but she’s in no position to be refusing the warmth of your coat and body heat as you take a seat beside her, shivering at the cool ground beneath you. 

“Someone who’s more okay than you.” You mutter, draping it around her shoulders. There’s a pause, a lull in the conversation, and you wonder how you went from a temperamental badass to giving your coat to a complete stranger and sitting beside her underneath a gloomy streetlight. You look at the girl, and she looks back. Neither of you understand a damn thing. “What’s your name, kid?” 

“It’s Piper. Piper Chapman.” She answers, and she doesn’t exactly sound proud of it. Instead of asking what wrongs she’s done to find herself in the middle of the street freezing to death, you just ask her if she’s alright.

“Are you gonna kill me?” She asks bluntly instead, and you’re honestly speechless for a moment.

“Christ. No, I’m not gonna fucking kill you.” You exclaim, and she just smiles a little and looks down at her lap.

“The fact that disappoints me should tell you if I’m alright or not.” She says quietly, and you don’t know how to come back from that. But you keep sitting there, and you’ve no intention of leaving the girl. She scares the hell out of you.

“Alex.” You say eventually, and you feel her looking at you. “My name’s Alex.” 

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

“I’m not being nice.” You snap, and hate yourself for the way she recoils in fear. “What sort of a fucking world is it when a girl like you is sitting here wanting to die?” Your temper flares, and you stand to your feet and loom over her as she almost cowers under your gaze. “You’re young! You’re so young, Piper!” You pace, and light another cigarette before sitting back down again, having achieved absolutely nothing. 

“You’re no more okay than I am.” Piper whispers softly, and you begin to concede that she’s right. 

“How do you know things about me before I even know them myself?” You’re in a sad state, talking to this girl about things like this, but she seems to understand you. 

“Well isn’t tonight just full of surprises.” She mutters dryly. She looks so sad, and so goddamn pretty and you don’t know where the hell you are because you care about Piper. You care about her more than you’ve cared about anyone in a long time. 

“You want a smoke?” 

“Sure.” She takes the cigarette easily from between your fingers, but someone as pure and innocent as Piper doesn’t look right with it. She barely has it between her lips before you snatch it back, your brows furrowed as you look hard at her. “What the hell did you do that for?” Piper cries, and tries to get it back to no avail as you lean away from her.

“Smoking’s bad for you.”

“You smoke.” 

“Because I don’t care about good and bad, or wrong and right, Piper.” You smirk, and she smiles her first genuine smile back at you. It damn near makes you want to kiss her right then and there on the sidewalk. 

“I guess that makes two of us.” She laughs, and you kind of chuckle too because it’s ever so ridiculous. The funny part is, you don’t want to leave. You must be freezing to death out here, but it would be a pleasure to die with Piper’s laugh ringing in your ears. If someone were to make you get up and carry drugs right now, you wouldn’t do it, not for a million bucks because Piper keeps laughing and puts a hand on your thigh, and it’s absolutely priceless. 

“Listen, do you wanna go for a walk?” You ask her seriously after a moment, her hand still sitting comfortably on your thigh, so relaxed you’re not sure she realises. Piper’s face positively lights up, as if you’ve just offered her your hand in marriage or something wild like that. Then again, you doubt someone as lovely as she would ever be happy about marrying an asshole like you.

“Only if it’s someplace warm.” 

“It’s real warm. I promise.” You say. Piper blushes, and she believes you. You slip your fingers between hers and don’t let go as you walk back the way you came. She’s so happy all of a sudden, like no harm could ever come to her again as you both talk about whatever takes your fancy, nothing hard or heavy. 

It’s nice to just talk to someone about nothing, for once. Everyone needs that every so often.

It’s easy, being with Piper. She makes you feel good about yourself, and she makes you forget about the shitty things in your life and remember that it could get a hell of a lot worse than scuffing the toes of your shiny new boots off a stone or two. 

You take her home and you don’t kiss her or seduce her or any of that usual crap. You treat her nicely and you make her tea, give her one of your big sweaters to sleep in. She protests about the sleeping in your bed, because it’s so big and wide and she could probably get lost in it. 

“You don’t even know me.” She murmurs quietly as she sinks into the pillows and you sit by the foot of the bed in your own sweater, intending to sleep in the guest room.

“I know you well enough to know you deserve better than spending a night on the streets.” The look on her face tells you that you’re completely right. Piper is broken, ruined, and you don’t ask why any of it happened because it’s not any of your business. She’ll tell you in good time, if that’s what she wants. Or she’ll wake up in the morning and leave, and you’ll let her go.

Which doesn’t mean you won’t be sad as hell about it, but you’ll still wave her goodbye and wonder why you never seem to be good enough for anyone.

“Goodnight, Piper.” You whisper, and you’re about to turn off the light before she calls you back.

“Alex.” it’s the first time she’s said your name, and it sounds better than you’ve ever heard it. “Stay. Please.” The look on her face almost kills you, with her bright blue eyes that shouldn’t ever look so sad. 

“Okay.” You smile softer than you ever have in your life, and climb in beside her, hands awkwardly by your sides because you’ve never been like this with a girl. You’ve never comforted one, for God’s sake. Piper makes the decision for you though, sleepily turning over so her head’s on your chest and her arm’s slung over your midriff and you don’t have a choice but to wrap your arms protectively around her.


“Yeah?” You whisper, pulling the comforter over both of you as she presses her body impossibly closer to yours. There’s nothing sexual about it, and you don’t mind a bit.

“Thanks.” She says with a smile. You kiss her forehead softly, and smile back at her. 

It would be such a splendid thing to fall in love with Piper Chapman.

“No worries, kid. Goodnight.” 


You don’t get a wink of sleep. Not one. You lie there on your back, slightly propped up on the pillows, and stroke your fingers through Piper’s hair as her slow, even breaths beat against your neck. You just watch her, glance at the ceiling, answer the phone immediately so as not to wake her.

“You find any mules on one of your little walks tonight, Vause? We’re short.” Fahri says gruffly down the line. Your stomach churns sickeningly as you stop stroking the blonde’s hair. You stare right at her and you remember how she’d been equal parts terrified and intrigued by you, how she didn’t give a damn whether she lived or died. 

Piper would be willing to give everything for another shot at life.

The perfect criteria for a drug mule.

But then you trace the curve of her jaw with your finger, stroke her cheek. Remember how her laugh sounds, think about the way she looks at you as if you could never do wrong by her.

Piper trusts you. You’re all she has. 

“No.” You tell Fahri firmly. “Maybe tomorrow.” You hang up before he replies, and you just keep on thinking about Piper.

And in the morning, Piper doesn’t leave. In the days and weeks to come, you can’t get enough of her and she’s absolutely smitten with you, too. Weeks turn into months, and you tell her you love her. She says it back, and you don’t make her carry any drugs. She puts her faith in you, every goddamn piece of her, and you guard her with your life.

Walks are still pretty pointless. But then again, so is everything else when you compare it to Piper Chapman.

She loves you, and you love her. There doesn’t need to be a point to anything else.

Coffee & Cigarettes // Phan

It’s Wednesday, 1:30pm, middle of autumn, I jog across the dew-damp grass round to the back of the olden, breaking school, turning a sharp corner to get to the back wall, leaning against it, short of breath. Droplets of rain still falling from the small bit of roof jutting out over the wall. I push a hand through my curling brown fringe, pushing it out of my eyes and reach into the pocket of my damp leather jacket, pulling out my escape. I take a cigarette from the packet and curl my hand around the lighter in attempt to stop the wind from extinguishing the small flicker of the flame. After many attempts the cigarette finally lights, leaving me to take a huge drag, as I lean my head against the wall and blow out, watching the soft smoke rise into the air.

  Relief washes over me, I feel calmer and more collected. This is how I deal with everything, I light my cigarettes and smoke my cares away, in the tiny hope that the next day will be the day where everything feels okay.

  I hear a small cough from beside where I am, turning my head I’m met with a darker haired boy, his hair damp and falling infront of his head, which is leant forward over a cigarette and lighter. Right foot kicked up on the wall, leaning against it. Beside his leg, a small silicone cup and a black backpack. Slim, pale hands working at the lighter. I don’t realise that I’m staring until he looks up and meets my eyes, sharp blue to dull brown, all while he takes a long drag, slowly exhaling it out.

  He kicks his foot off the wall, fixing his raven fringe and walking over to me, cigarette in one hand, coffee cup in the other, picking up his school bag and shrugging it onto his shoulder. He obviously goes to this school and looks no older than me, but I’ve never seen him around. He stops beside me, looking right into my eyes but not saying anything. He throws the coffee cup into the bin beside us, leans his shoulder against the bricked wall and inhales a drag of smoke, blowing it out into the musky air. He studies me further before looking into my eyes, giving me a lopsided smile which alone could make my knees weak.

  “So you’re out here, head messed up with school stress, loneliness. Your only escape is cigarettes, it’s your way of feeling something. I’m here with you simply because it’s cold outside and you’re feeling kind of lonely.” He takes another deep breath, blowing it out slowly, leaving me starstruck. “How did y-” “Do you want to go get some coffee? Assuming you have nothing to do.” He gives me a chuckle. “And why would you assume that?” I snap back. He gives a loud laugh, blue eyes trailing to the floor underneath then back up to me. “Because you’re lonely. I know that look.”  He says seriously. His eyes are so vibrant, you can’t look away and his smell, intoxicating. “What makes you think I’d want to get coffee with some stranger I met while smoking behind a school?” I said, flushing slightly, a faint smile ghosting my face. He flashes me a small grin. “Because I know that look too.” Then he starts walking across the shimmery green grass to the school gates, knowing I’ll follow.

  “Then why did you follow me?” He muses as I catch upto him. “You’re lonely too, I can tell.” I reply. He looks at me with soft eyes before looking away quickly. He throws his cigarette onto the pavement and crushes it into the floor with his foot, to make sure the flame is extinguished. I do the same as he walks on, looking back and then stopping to wait for me. I feel a blush creep onto my cheeks as I jog upto him, then he strides on.

  We walk in silence until he announces into the thick air, “We’re here.” His soft voice says as he pulls me by the wrist into the dimly lit coffee shop, the sour smell of pumpkin lattes, gingerbread cookies and black coffee surging through the room.

  “Hello, how can I help you?” A female behind the counter chirps, she looks around 20, her peroxide hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Her shirt neck too low and her small name tag reading ‘Jenna’. “Can I get two coffees please?” The boy tells her. “Sure thing, sit in?” “Yeah.” “Can I just get your na-” I zone out of the conversation only to be brought back into reality by the loud ping of a cash register.

  He pulls me to an empty table at the back of the little coffee shop and sits us down. I drop my bag under the table and he takes off his hoodie, hanging it on the back of his chair. “You could’ve let me pay.” I said apologetically. “Oh shut up.” He laughed, his tongue slipping out from behind his teeth. I grin at him, he’s really cute, I wouldn’t mind getting to know him. I looked around the shop, decorations sat on the window sills, quotes plastered on the walls and small decors hanging from the beige walls. By the time I was pulled out of the coffee shop soundtrack in my head, the warm drink was already placed infront of me. I look down at the steaming drink then up at the sapphire eyed boy, his hands wrapped snugly around his cup, sipping it slowly. “Thanks.” I mumbled, smiling, as I picked up the silicone cup and slurped the hot liquid, the sour taste burning my throat in an oddly good way.

  The gem-like boy put down his cup and squinted his eyes slightly, chin resting on the hand, which was propped up on the table. “Tell me about yourself.” He spoke, softly. “What do you want to know?” I laughed, setting my cup down on the oak wood table. He smiled. “I want to know who you are, what you are, what you do, who you do.” He laughed, echoing through the little shop, his eyes lighting up like a child. “Interest me.”

  “-well, I’m like the sun when it gets hidden behind a cloud. How everything becomes dark then? Like that. How no one enjoys it, when that happens? Like that.” I finished. “But frankly, I enjoy you.” He said, circling his cup in his hand, in order to try mix it. My cheeks flushed and I took another sip of my colding coffee. “Tell me more, good things.” “I don’t think there are any good things.” I said quietly. “Oh but, for these-” He glanced down at his watch. “-For these, one and a bit hours that I’ve met you for, I can already list a number of good things.” He responded. And I could feel my heart hammering underneath my dark grey shirt.

  We sat in this isolated coffee shop, laughing and learning pointless facts about eachother. Occasionally he would flip his dark fringe out his shimmering eyes and subconsciously I would fix my messy fringe too. In this time I found that his favourite colour is blue, he is in the year above me at school, he likes the way leaves cascade off the trees this time of year, he’s always wanted to go on a road trip across the country, his favourite band are Muse and much to my advantage, he’s more into boys. I still don’t know his name though. It’s now 3:45pm and I know I’m falling for this emerald boy.

  “What’re you looking at?” I laugh at him. He doesn’t reply, instead just says, “So, what do you say, we go see a movie?” “This weekend?” I say. “Alright.” “Okay.” I cough, smiling. He’s grinning, his eyes crinkled and tongue slipping out, looking at his feet, a faint blush on his cheeks. He glances up at me then at his watch again. “I better be heading off now. Friday then?” “Okay, yeah.” I stutter, looking at him push his seat back and stand up, picking his dark blue hoodie off the seat and leaning against it. “Meet me here at, 1ish?” “Yeah.” I breathe. “Cool okay, I’ll see you, stranger.” He smiles, before turning around, heading out the door, the little ping of the bell being heard as he opens it, then he’s gone. “Yeah.” I breathe, dazed, before getting up, picking up my school bag and leaving the coffee store, with a ding behind me.


  It’s Friday, 12:56pm, I lean against the coffee shop wall outside, waiting for him. Cigarette between my teeth, dressed in a dark blue shirt, leather jacket on top. Black skinny jeans and school bag still slung over my shoulder. I lean my head against the wall, blowing the smoke, so transfixed in my thoughts, I hardly noticed the boy approach me until he tapped my shoulder.

  He stood there, hair messily pushed into a dark beanie, backpack slipping off his shoulder, dark red shirt with a black hoodie. His long legs wrapped in skinny black jeans, cigarette twirling in his fingers. “Ready to go?” His musky voice said. “Not yet, wait.” I responded, taking another drag, looking straight into his shocking blue eyes. He takes a breath of smoke, exhaling, then he turns around and starts walking across the bumpy road to the opposite pavement, knowing I’ll follow.

  “Then why did you follow me?” He chuckles as I catch upto him. “You’d be lonely then.” I reply. We walk on, our hands nudging eachothers, every so often. I feel his hand slip into mine slowly after a little while and it feels like electricity, electricity from the ebony haired boy, who’s name I didn’t even know. I glance down at our hands to see them entwined and he looks up at my face, as a sign if that’s okay or not. I smile slightly, looking away as I feel my cheeks heat up.

  The walk to the cinema takes around 15 minutes, we spend that time in silence, sometimes absentmindedly swinging our joined hands. Taking drags of our seperate cigarettes at times, the air thick and the icy breeze, blowing.

  “We’re here, put out your ciggy.” He groaned, flicking his stub to the floor and stamping on it. I drop mine on the pavement, pressing it into the ground before he pulls my hand toward the cinema, me holding my bag strap on my shoulder, making sure it doesn’t slip as he quickly pulls me through the large doors.

  “What do you want to watch?” He asks quietly, pulling us towards the board, listing all the movies and times. “Guardians of the Galaxy!” I shout, excited since I’ve been wanting to see it for ages. “Calm down, nerd.” He laughs, guiding me by the hand to the ticket machine.

  We go to sit down in our allocated seats, with popcorn and a few other snacks, waiting for the adverts to finish. He drops my hand as we sit down and I feel a little emptier. I undoubtedly have a crush on this nicotine boy.

  The film, I couldn’t pay attention to fully, when he was sat right there, wide eyes staring at the screen, mouth slightly agape, left arm resting on the chair, right hand reaching into his popcorn every so often.

  I reached over to collect another handfull of popcorn, and nudged against his hand. The boy looked at me, smirking. His electric eyes drew me in everytime. It was him that broke the dark room eye contact, to look back at the screen, leaving me crimson, with a smile.

  When the movie ended, the lights turned back on, everyone getting up and collecting their things to leave. The boy stands up, brushes the popcorn off his lap, picks his bag up and turns to face me. “Come on, let’s go.” He says as he slowly turns to the stairs, trotting away, knowing very well that I’ll follow.

  The sky was a little darker and the air, a little colder. My hand in the dark haired boy’s grasp as we strolled along the pavement, cigarettes between our fingers, twinkles in our eyes. He pulls me along into a darkened alleyway, sheltered from the world. Clutching our stomachs with laughter and teenage hearts beating fast. We discard of our burning splints and slide down the mossy wall, heads turned up, to the starry sky.

“You know, normally, Friday nights are always the same in this town, i’m looking up but I’m feeling kinda down. So I light my cigarettes and smoke the night away. In the hope that Saturday will be the day when everything feels okay.” I muse quietly into the silence hanging in the atmosphere. He turns his head slowly to mine, blinking his twinkling eyes, he looks transfixed in my dull brown eyes as he leans in slowly, eyes lidding shut before he softly places his lips upon mine.

  Its soft and slow before he moves forward, wrapping his arms around my waist, leaving my hands on his hips as he deepens the kiss. He has the most delicious taste, a mix between coffee, tobacco and mint. His tongue wrapping with mine as he pushes me softly onto the concrete floor, climbing ontop of me and detaching and attaching our lips in short kisses. I trail my hands up the back of his shirt, heavy breaths leaving me. “Oh I forgot to-” I tried to speak in between kisses. “-ask you what-” I stopped what I was saying, moving my tongue further into his mouth, tasting every intoxicating flavour of him, his hands on my chest. “-your name was.” He abruptly stopped. “Phil.” Phil. “Dan.” “Hi Dan.” “Hi Phil.” I replied, before he reconnected our lips, slipping in tongues, leaving us two nicotine addicted strangers under the starlit sky.

  It’s Monday, 1:30pm, middle of autumn, I jog across the dew-damp grass round to the back of the olden, breaking school, turning a sharp corner to get to the back wall, leaning against it, short of breath. Droplets of rain still falling from the small bit of roof jutting out over the wall. I push a hand through my curling brown fringe, pushing it out of my eyes and lift my head to find that mysterious ebony haired boy named Phil, leaning against the wall, with his splint of escape between his teeth. He throws it on the floor, walking toward me, pushing me to the bricked wall, staring into my eyes, sharp blue to dull brown. He trails his hands into my hair and I wrap my arms around his body, fingers trailing under his darker green shirt, he’s grinning, his eyes crinkled and tongue slipping out, looking at his feet, a faint blush on his cheeks. He glances up at me and connects our lips, in a wanting embrace. Tobacco lips together and caffeine hearts beating fast. And Phil, my raven haired, sapphire eyed, nicotine boy.