the opposite of punk


The Red Warriors, Paris, late 1980s. 

“The Red Warriors used violent force to remove Neo Nazi gangs from France and provide safe spaces for immigrants during the rise of white nationalism and an outbreak of violent crime against people of colour. They formed a squat called “L.U.S.I.N.E” and were considered the most effect gang to counter nazi violence, working to instill fear in their opposition. “

Slytherpuff Friendship

One of my favorite things is going out with my friend. She wears mostly black and 3 inch heels and she towers over me in my pastel jeans and converse jumping around smiling and being way too loud. Everyone assumes I’m the hufflepuff and she’s the slytherin but it actually the other way around. We defy our stereotypes and embrace each others style. It also reminds me of ‘looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you’ and ’ looks like can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll’. What can I say opposite attract.

One Day

Summary: pastel!dan is a kindergarten teacher and is married to punk!youtuber!phil, who he hates and doesn’t get along with at all. They’re parents forced them to marry each other. Dan is unhappy but things finally take a turn.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,792

A/N: I changed the prompt slightly because I can’t enough of pastel!dan.

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Cute Reddie shit tbh

  • Richie would play on a beat up acoustic- all kinds of sappy love songs with lots of wailing and scrunched up noses and sweaty hairlines playing hard and loud for the whole neighborhood to hear
  • Eddie would roll his eyes but within minutes he’d be supporting and singing with him because who doesn’t have starry eyes for their musician boyfriend
  • Inspired by Richie, Eddie picks up a string instrument of his own, the HARP!! He plays very well with delicate fingers and thick perfect nails.
  • They have an actually very affectionate relationship. Richie loves to tease and pick on his boyfriend, and Eddie reciprocates with nagging and name calling back but they giggle and link hands or hit each other playfully.
  • They write music together and play to each other, and with the Loser’s Gang they’re open and friendly and make sure everyone gets attention- that they don’t block out the people they care about just because they have each other.
  • Eddie steals Richie’s shredded band T-shirt’s and wears them, and Richie takes Eddie’s sweaters because even though he’s lankier they fit him alright and they smell like peaches and sanitizer.
  • Whenever Eddie has asthma attacks, Richie insists he gives him the inhaler for him, and whenever Richie has panic attacks, Eddie plays harp and makes him hot tea to get him to breathe.
  • Lots of hands in each other’s back pockets, butt and thigh pinching, grabbing each other by their belt loops to pull them along. GROSS PDA and public makeout sessions.
  • Richie smokes a LOT especially with Beverly, and while it makes Eddie sneezy, he insists to be around Richie no matter what. One time he stole a cig from Rich and even though he choked on it he said he liked the warmth.
  • Richie panics and hates that Eddie doesn’t mind smoking so he switches to pot since it’s healthier and the boys get BAKED
  • Richie is a calm happy boy when high, giggling softly and being cuddly, loves listening to classical music. Eddie is the opposite! Laughs loudly and dances wildly. Loves thrashing to garage punk and making out sloppily.
  • Just. Opposites attract and they bring out the best in each other but they don’t abandon their friends just because they find each other.

I hate having to use my opposite hand to walk with my cane sometimes (if the hand I normally use is full or injured).

I feel so clunky and clumsy and I end up thinking:

“Oh god, people are watching how bad I am this. Look at her, she can’t even use the cane right!”

It makes me SUPER aware of my steps too, like:

 “LEFT FOOT…..okay now, RIGHT FOOT”. 

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Can I get a hc of the losers first day of high school pretty pleaase?🖤

ok this is so cute?? i have no clue how the american school system works so uh if theres any mistakes I’m sorry lmao also i got carried away so this is a lot less specific than i intended but i hope its ok!

  • over the summer, mike decided to tell his granddad that as much as he loves him and the farm, he really wants a formal education
  • he’s skeptical at first but he sees how passionate mike is about it so he lets him do what he wants with his future
  • as long as mike still helps out on the farm on weekends and tries his absolute best
  • not that thats a problem, because mikey is so worried about letting his granddad down, and buying all the supplies was hell expensive and this boy is DETERMINED to pay him back
  • bev moved back to derry with some old family friends who offered to take her in after her aunt had a baby and was struggling with the two of them
  • losers high school reunion? is oN

  • so first day of school rolls around, and all seven losers get up early so they can cycle there together and see each other properly
  • they have like a whole fucking hour before class starts though, because eddie was so insistent that they could under nO CIRCUMSTANCES be late on their first day
  • so they sit outside while bev n richie share a cig for old times sake, and talk about everything and nothing 
  • and its like they’ve never been apart

  • bill worked on his stammer so much over the summer, and even tho he’s still got it, the confidence he gained just like RADIATES off him
  • and stan is like… wow. who’s this proud and gorgeous boy??? what the fuck. 
  • (he’s secretly whipped.)

  • stan’s about the same height as richie now and still as lanky 
  • but his curls have grown out a bit so they flop around his face a bit and cover some of his scars, and bill thinks he looks like a beautiful jewish angel
  • (he does not tell him this.)

  • ben grew a lot during the summer, so even though he’s still nice n chubby he’s a lot stronger now and looks far more intimidating 
  • (he’s still a massive soft nerd who listens to NKOTB and writes poems)

  • even tho bev’s only been gone like…two years, she looks so much more grown up and ben is fLOORED
  • she still wears the key necklace she’s had for years
  • but her hair has grown out to her shoulders 
  • and she’s swapped her grubby dungarees for perfectly tailored dresses and vintage shirts (adjusted and sewn herself)
  • and she just looks a bEAUTY

  • richie? exactly the fucking same. the first words outta his mouth are an inappropriate joke, and his glasses are still crooked as hell. 
  • to bev’s distress, he doesn’t seem to have developed a sense of style either
  • not that he even cARES because he’s uhhh fully in love with his new boyfriend eddie
  • (they finally got together on the squad-minus-bev camping trip over the summer)
  • when bev sees them holding hands? she’s not even surprised bc its about fucking tIME these morons grew some balls and asked each other out

  • eddie looks almost the same, except without the fanny packs.
  • (he still carries a first aid kit in his bag though he’s not stupid)
  • and he’s now fully embraced his aesthetic of Pastel Prince

  • ben and mike (the only two losers who’ve signed up to a fuck ton of electives and honours placements) finally head off to AP calculus
  • bev and bill go to their visual arts class, and stan, eddie and richie go to history. 
  • stan is nOT HAPPY because now he has to sit through these two being soppy and richie fucking about and he doesn’t even have bill with him
  • on their way to their next class, some asshole trips mike in the corridor and shouts some racist shit
  • mike is trying to quietly collect his things and walk away, because he knows damn well what will happen if he tries to retaliate against this dumb white kid
  • but soft nerd ben just steps right up to the guys face, and fucking stares him down.
  • mike knows ben wouldn’t hurt a fuckin fly but in the face of all 170lbs of him, the other twat just like… backs the hell away
  • mike and ben have an unbreakable bond after that, and are always lookin out for each other

  • private losers club lunch table? uh yeh i think so
  • eddie and stan bring their own packed lunches every day 
  • (so stan knows it’s kosher and eddie isn’t worried about food hygiene)
  • stan makes sure he sits next to bill on the first day and makes up some dumb excuse 
  • “no bill i can’T sit over there richie chews so loudly”
  • bill doesn’t mind one bit
  • eddie and richie are also sitting next to each other, bickering and hand holding under the table
  • bev is next to her partner in crime richie, showing him new wave punk bands he’ll like
  • ben is opposite bev, chatting about their time since she left derry
  • mike sits next to his new homeboy ben

  • mikey is so obessed with proving himself that he signs up for every elective he can, and does clubs most days
  • no one knows how he maintains a top 10% gpa on top of helping at the farm but when he aces his SATs in senior year everyone is so damn proud
  • he plays on the football team and sits on the student council with ben
  • as a senior, he founded the school’s Equality Programme, helping more POC and LGBT students reach their full potential 
  • bill joined the journalism club and by junior year he’s in charge of the school paper
  • stan spends a lot of time in the print room with bill because it’s quiet
  • he does a lot of the photography for the paper as well
  • but mostly it’s so he gets a chance to chat with him and chill out together
  • stan finally gets bev to help him ask bill to senior prom 
  • he makes a whole fake news article with cute photos he’s taken and slides it into his locker one day
  • (bill said yes)

A birthday gift for @hily-shot​, who put the idea of a secret admirer fic in my head forever ago, even if she probably doesn’t remember it now. Happy birthday, my smol friend. <3 

(destiel, punk!Cas and jock!Dean, hs!au, 3k)


For the third day in a row, there’s a sticky note on Castiel’s locker. It’s innocuous in and of itself, but also bright pink and impossible to miss what with the way the color contrasts with the dull, grey lockers. Castiel sees it long before he reaches it, the sight both making his blood boil and sending butterflies bursting through his stomach.

He hates it.

He snatches the note off of the locker’s metal surface as quickly as he can, knowing Meg isn’t far behind him and not wanting her to see. He shields the small paper with his palms while he reads it.


Your hair looks good today. It looks soft. I want to run my fingers through it.

Castiel rolls his eyes, even as his cheeks burn with a blush. He can’t decide if this one is better or worse than the last; it certainly isn’t as embarrassing as the first had been. But that doesn’t mean he wants anyone to know about them—he opens his locker and shoves the note into the back, stashing it behind a never-used chemistry textbook with the previous notes. He doesn’t want to see them, doesn’t want to acknowledge their existence.

He’s not sure which of his ‘friends’ is behind the stupid prank, but he’s taken a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ stance for the time being, and hates them all for it equally. He knows it’s not Meg—she’s sweet on him, she wouldn’t mess with him in this way—but it could very well be Balthazar, or Raphael, or Bart, or Uriel, or even some combination of those dicks working together. He wouldn’t be surprised.

After all, it’s not like anyone would seriously leave these kinds of messages for him (no matter how endearing the sentiment might be, or how his stomach still twists like it is real, despite his belief of the opposite). Castiel isn’t the only ‘punk’ in the school, the only one with tattoos and piercings and a unique ability to make teachers hate him—his ‘friends’ also tend to fall in that category, to various degrees, which is the only reason Castiel aligns himself with them in the first place. He is, however, the only one who’s gay. He’s not the token in the school, but he’s the token in his own clique, and that’s what brings the hellfire down on him. His friends aren’t homophobic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to harass him.

But no one on the outside of their group would ever take an interest in him, and certainly no one would have such nice things to say about him.

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Punk/jock au for solangelo

so like im torn between switching things up and doing punk!will jock!nico or the opposite but i feel like i gotta go the other way bc itll just be so much more realistic

  • nicos,,,, such a snotty little brat??? like he picks fights for fun even though he barely ever fights back but it’s usually the star jocks that he picks fights with so the teachers always assume that nico threw the first punch or w.e so he’s always the one that gets in trouble
  • will’s not one of the star jocks but he’s pretty good at (baseball??? soccer?? football seems to cliche and tbh soccer guys are too chill to pick fights so lets go with baseball) but it really bothers him when his teammates get into fights just bc they think theyre better than everyone else?? like shut up youre not???
  • so one time after nico gets punched so many times he’s bleeding, will waits until the rest of the team leaves before he offers nico some help but nico literally spits blood at him and will’s like “wow ok never mind”
  • so will has to watch nico get beat up like five more times and eventually he tries again to have a conversation with nico and nicos definitely more civil but hes too skeptical to like actually have a decent conversation
    • will kind of realizes he has a crush on this kid??? like he doesn’t understand why but he just wants to,,,, fricken,,, get to know him??? and he finally gets up the courage to ask nico out one day but nico’s just like “is this some kind of joke to you???? trying to get me off school grounds so your teammates can do some real damage? leave me alone”
  • will gets super mopey and spills everything to piper who talks to jason who then goes to nico (bc jason’s the one jock in the whole school at this point that nico actually tolerates) and jason’s like “ok dude quick being a jerk will actually likes you and hes a good person so go out with him”
  • so now flash forward about a month probably (just about nobody knows that theyre dating at this point ok) and some of will’s teammates start picking on will bc just about everyone on the team has thrown a punch at that loser emo kid and now its his turn so will rolls his eyes and gives in
    • he walks over to nico whos just leaning against some lockers minding his own business and will goes “hey punk!” and gets right up in his face like grabs a handful of his tshirt and totally looks like he’s about to knock nico’s head into the lockers but instead he kisses him and the whole teams freaked out by it but will and nico dont care literally at all
  • also sidenote: nicos got like three different piercings in each ear and a ring in his lip and a stud in his tongue and will loves all of them

i hope you liked it!!!!! thanks for the suggestion!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

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I'm feeling kinda down can I get some reddie hcs maybe popular richie, Grunge richie, Pastel Eddie?

aw im sorry my love, i hope you feel good soon x


- richie would get popular for a couple of reasons

- his humor, that kid could make ANYONE laugh (or groan because his jokes are corny or crude, there’s no inbetween)

- and because damn…puberty was kind to richie tozier

- he used to be small and geeky then he grew like 10 feet and now all the girls, and some boys, fawn over him

- “there’s plenty of me to go around ladies, please!”

- the losers think this is the worst thing ever because now richie’s massive ego is just getting bigger and bigger

- “he’s not even that attractive” said a lying eddie kaspbrak as he grew more jealous every second

- richie wouldn’t let it get to his head tho, he’d still be super humble and willing to help out the kids that got bullied

- henry would back off slightly because richie managed to grow taller than him and gain more muscle thanks to helping ben at the farm on weekends for extra cash

- everyone respected him for standing up for others and also for not leaving his original group behind, richie will always call himself a loser

grunge!richie and pastel!eddie:

- richie would always be wearing the same leather jacket and ripped jeans to school and eddie would say he hated it because he looked like he just rolled out of bed but honestly he loved it because richie looked so handsome in all black

- richie would usually be smoking every time you saw him, but eddie asked him to try and quit so he uses strawberry pencil sweets as an alternative

- eddie just tells him he’ll rot his teeth

- “because i’m so sugary sweet, eds?”

- “no because all you eat is fucking junk food”

- eddie would be his little, smiley boyfriend who always wore peach sweaters and light wash jeans and loved holding his tall, punk boyfriend’s hand

- they looked like polar opposites but they loved it

- eddie sometimes threaded flowers into richie’s hair when his ‘allergies’ weren’t playing up

- richie likes painting his nails black but now only paints his pink finger a light pink for eddie

- eddie paints his pink finger black for richie

- they always hold each other’s pinkies now and bev gushes at how adorable it is

- unbeknown-st to the people of derry, eddie is feistier than richie and would beat up henry bowers in a heartbeat if he wasn’t so cute looking

- “it’s fine eds, you can be the robin to my batman”

- everyone knew it was really the other way around


Behind your back, your boyfriend, Tom, showed up at Sebastian’s one night to tell him to take it down a notch during his kissing scenes with you because he felt like he was taking it too far when the director hadn’t really asked for it. Sebastian did the complete opposite just to piss him off even more.


One Shots

A Fluffy Proposal

Dan and Phil bring their new puppy home at last, but Phil has another surprise up his sleeve.


Punk!Phil is taking his boyfriend Pastel!Dan to meet his friends, and gang members for the first time since they got together. Drinking games, flirting, and playful banter, with a smut scene at the end. Also Dan accidentally eats pot brownies.

Opposites Attract

Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil are complete opposites. Dan is a pastel, popular, fuckboy with a lot of confidence. Phil is a quite, reserved punk who is surprisingly shy. They have one thing in common; they don’t particularly like each other. What will happen when a class project has the two boys paired up together?


The very first time Dan comes to stay with his boyfriend Phil after months of talking online and via Skype is exciting for both of them. But it can also be quite awkward, especially when you are having sex with your boyfriend on a pool table and your mum walks in.

Our Little Family

Dan and Phil have been dating for two months, and have been inseparable since they met. Which is why Phil gets a surprise one day when he comes to Dan’s house to surprise him with flowers, and the door is answered by a brown eyed, curly haired 6 year old called Winnie Howell.

Little Lion

Phil sometimes get stressed, and when he does he goes into littlespace. Dan doesn’t know, until one night he finds little!phil curled on their bed colouring in instead of getting dressed for their date night.

On The Surface

On the surface punk!dan and pastel!phil have pretty obvious labels, but sometimes what’s on the surface doesn’t always 100% reflect the person. Follow the thought process of punk!dan as he takes us through a day in his and Phil’s high school life


The Five Times They Messed With Fans, And The Time They Didn’t

Dan and Phil want to move out, but they were never ones to simply explain this to their audience. Much like with their relationship, it was much more fun to tease. Or at least Dan thinks so and Phil just goes along with it. Eventually however, things have a way of getting out.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


And Anthony Makes Three

People can never agree on whether or not Dan and Phil are together. Anthony believes they are just best friends, until one day during a visit he walks in on them, and now he doesn’t. Now he thinks knows everything, until Phil invites him to join. This leads the three of them down an interesting path over the span of a few months.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


You know all of those text posts about how the Harry Potter series would’ve ended a lot quicker if just one person had a gun?

Well, imagine if the Mage is gearing up for one final magical attack (storm clouds circling ominously overhead, thunder rumbling and lightning flashing, colourful sparks coming from his fingers) and then Amanda clocks him around the head with a crowbar.

The two armies of Wendimoor standing opposite each other, utterly aghast as a five-foot punk with smeared eyeliner takes down the most feared enchanter in recorded history.

commanderx2s  asked:

could you draw death glare? o:


  • Space punk boyfriends 
  • Tol n’ smol™
  • 👏 opposites 👏 attract 👏 👏 👏


  • It feels more like an unrequited love than anything else 
  • Peepers already has a strong individual he respects and who respects him in return whom I think is a perfect fit for him.

In short I love drawing the ship yeah, honestly I like a LOT of woy ships, I do have my otps, but almost every woy ship looks really good. 

Pastel x punk
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>💀:</b> Dan and Phil bring polar opposites<p/><b>💀:</b> Dan wearing pastel jumpers, skirts, etc.<p/><b>💀:</b> Phil having tattoos and wearing band shirts with ripped black jeans.<p/><b>💀:</b> Dan being loud and bossy towards most people.<p/><b>💀:</b> Phil always being quiet, yet threatening.<p/><b>💀:</b> Them being seen as the "assholes to everyone, but sweethearts to each other" couple<p/><b>💀:</b> Everyone thinking that Dan would be a power bottom.<p/><b>💀:</b> Dan actually being completely submissive.<p/><b>💀:</b> "Trying to act all high and mighty won't get you anywhere kitten" "yes, sir"<p/><b>💀:</b> Phil always tolerating Dan's attitude while they're out, but immediately punishing him when they're home.<p/><b>💀: Dan begging for Phil to hurt him<p/><b>💀:</b> Phil laughing when someone suggests Dan tops<p/><p/><b>💀:</b> Dan being a good boy for his Daddy<p/><b>💀:</b> Phil fucking Dan when Dan's friends are over so they know how Dan really is<p/><b>💀:</b> Dan's friends leaving quietly before they're done.<p/><b>💀:</b> "You two seemed a bit busy so we headed out-xx"<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
sdr2 kids and what they smell like

@the-dad-friend and i came up with these and i know this sounds weird but it’s actually pretty cute okay 

Hajime Hinata: Kinda like flour. He usually wears a light cologne, though
Chiaki Nanami: Like vanilla and brown sugar
Nagito Komaeda: A dusty library. Not pleasant, but not awful either
Kazuichi Souda: He smells of oil and gasoline. Nauseating, since it’s very strong, so people often just offer him cologne to try and cover the smell
Ibuki Mioda: like punk rock COTTON CANDY. which is the opposite of punk rock but one time Sonia had cotton candy scented body spray and Ibuki has never been the same since
Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko: Slightly of smoke. It’s inevitable that he is around smokers being as he is in the yakuza, and a lot of the secondhand smoke just kind of…clings to him
Peko Pekoyama: There is no convincing that this girl does not smell like cherry blossoms and every beautiful flower out there
Mikan Tsumiki: You know that smell of hospitals? Really clean but also like chemicals? That’s what she smells like
Gundam Tanaka: Unfortunately he definitely smells like a barn, lots of hay
Sonia Nevermind: Like chocolate! You ever walk into a chocolate store, and all the chocolates smells are mixed together? That’s Sonia Nevermind
Mahiru Koizumi: She smells like the chemicals in a dark room, and she doesn’t notice it until people mention. She becomes very embarrassed and douses herself in perfume
Saionji Hiyoko: She wears plenty of perfume, but her perfumes are very sugary smelling she also smells like the devil
Teruteru Hanamura: Like whatever the most recent meal he has cooked. If he made spaghetti, there’s that slight tomato and garlic smell. He made soup? Like a warm soup but also like a middle schooler who uses wayyyy too much axe body spray
Akane Owari: Mildly like steak? But also sweat
Nekomaru Nidai: Sweat. So much sweat….
SHSL Imposter: He probably puts so much study into his person that he gets them down to the smell. As Twogami, he smells like spearemint


Summary: Dan makes an online dating profile, attracting all sorts of strange people. He nearly gives up altogether before he receives a message from a man that he never would have expected to be a match for him. The man is adorned with pastel colors and a sweet demeanor, and is he really about to go on a date with someone that’s arguably his exact opposite?

Words: 3,655

A/N: am i really posting something after a month? well shit, call me dan howell i guess. it seems we’re on the same uploading schedule jesus christ i apologize

Warnings: swearing, innuendos

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The Art of Love

Part II of my SPN Summer Trope Party is up! AO3 Link.

Despite his outward appearance, Dean Winchester has always been a romantic at heart. At 22 he met the love of his life and married him three years later. Two months after their wedding, Benny was taken from him under tragic circumstances and Dean resigned himself to the idea that he would never find love again.

Then he meets corporate litigation lawyer Cas Collins, and his whole world tilts on its axis.

Tropes: opposites attract/love at first sight feat. punk!Dean and corporate!Cas.

Rating: E for Explicit.


They had met at San Francisco Pride. Benny had been with his friends, smiling and drinking and looking divine in leather pants and a black chest harness, and Dean had instantly been taken with him. He had been young then, only 22, fresh-faced and eager, and Benny had wandered over to him a few minutes later, pressed a bottle of beer into his hands and kissed him. And that, as they say, was that.

Now, years on, on the anniversary of his late husband’s death, Dean is dressing to go out and do what he always does on his least favourite day of the year. Drink.

He doesn’t drink to forget, because he knows Benny would hate that. He goes to the bar they always hung out at, and downs a few Jacks in memory of his faded relationship. One shot for the first day they met. One for the day Benny proposed and Dean was so shocked he said no. One for the day they married, hot and sweaty and laughing under the California sun. And one last one, for the day Benny walked into into a burning condo to save a family pet and never walked back out again. Sometimes people from the fire department will show up to drink with him. Sometimes not. He doesn’t mind either way.

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anonymous asked:

What about an S/O who is all cutesy and pastel on the inside, but badass on the inside? Like, they wear all the pink and purple and pastel and flower crowns, but are literally always ready to kick ass, carrying mace in the pocket of their oversized sweaters and shit. Alternatively, the opposite, someone who looks punk and badass and stuff, but is actually a smol, scared bby on the inside and must be protected at all costs.

Dude I’ve stared at this ask for like stars know how long. I’ve rewritten it 4 times but I can’t fuckin do it without being biased to myself because this is literally my 2 states of being????? I tried man. Can’t do it without projecting.

Yo imagine baes! Anyone wanna pick this up for me?