the opportunity was too perfect


Summary: After waking up in the morning finding out you had a one night stand with someone you don’t even know…you rush out as quickly as possible…too bad you forgot your cell phone.

Pairing: Jeon Jeong-guk (Jungkook) / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2k

A/N: extremely Mature rating

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“How do I look?” You asked your best friends.

“Gorgeous.” They said at the same time. You settled on a simple black dress, that hugged your curves beautifully.

“And here.” Your friend Lalisa got up and scrunched up your long hair with her fingers. “Guys like messy.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” It wasn’t your idea to go out in the first place. Your friends thought it would make you feel better, help you move on from your tragic breakup that ended a month ago and you happen to still be hung up on.

Illhoon was the best thing that has ever happened to you and being together for three years, things just weren’t working out. You were always fighting, he was always busy, and you haven’t been sexually active in months. He was always loyal to you, too loyal that he broke things off. He felt bad that he couldn’t give you the love you deserve. He just wasn’t happy, which you respected.

Now your pain in the ass friends were trying to set you up.

“Okay….lets go.” Lalisa marched out and Rosé gave you an apologetic look.

“It will be fun, don’t worry.” She told you.


When you got to the club it was surprisingly not that crowded. Which was a relief. “Lets get some fuel.” Lalisa started walking towards the bar.

6 shots later you were starting to get buzzed that you decided to slow down on a casual drink. “Hey.” You looked up following the voice. “Do you see that hot guy over there.” Lalisa pointed with her eyes.

You started to look. “Hey don’t be obvious.” She alerted you.

“Sorry.” You snorted. Maybe the alcohol had kicked in more then you thought.

You slightly looked over, pretending to not be obvious. You saw more then one hot guy, to be honest, but one got your heart racing.

He had dark hair and a killer smile. Possibly one of the most handsome guy you have ever seen. Not counting Illhoon. Shit! You weren’t suppose to be talking about him.

“Go over there and talk to him.” Lalisa pressured you.

“Unless it’s too soon.” Rosé debated.

“No it’s the perfect opportunity….its been long enough…you need to put yourself back out there.” Lalisa argued.

“I’m going over there.” Lalisa stood up. “I’m going to introduce him to you and then I’m going to take his hot friend with the dimples.” Then she stormed off.

As you saw her talking you decided to take about 3 more shots, you were too sober for this.

You saw the guy smile in your direction. “Lalisa always wins.” Rosé said and got up to walk over to one of the other guys.

You were left drinking alone. You didn’t want to act like you were desperate and you weren’t, you wanted to take it at a slow level.

You were slightly drunk that you almost thought the hot guy was walking over.

“Hi.” Oh, it’s real. “I’m Jungkook.” He reached his hand out to you.

“Hi.” You blushed as you stood up, accepting his handshake. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Your friend over there gave a pretty good word for you.”

“What did she say?” You nervously asked.

“She said that I’m an idiot if I don’t talk to you because you are the hottest thing that has ever hit this club.”

You slapped you forehead amused. “I’m so sorry about her.”

“I wouldn’t disagree.” You looked at his sweet smile and blushed.

Your friends were right, you need to let lose, have fun. “Let’s go dance.” You pulled his hand, leading him to the dance floor.

The alcohol took over as you reached the dance floor. You just wanted to have a good time. You felt Jungkook’s hands wrap around your waist as you grinded your hips with his. Your back was rubbing against his chest as you danced in motion.

A few drinks later and a few sexual dances later the rest of the night was all a blur. You knew you wouldn’t remember anything in the morning. You couldn’t remember the fact that you shared an intense kiss.

The second that your lips aligned with his, you were hungry for more. You felt connected with him, but you knew better then to trust the alcohol.

And this case you did. “Do you want to get out of here?” You whispered in his ear.

“Yeah.” Then you don’t even remember getting to his apartment but you got there. As soon as you both tumbled into the door you jumped up wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you to his bedroom.

He moved down to your neck as soon as your back hit the bed sheets. The sexual tension from each wet kiss had you feeling soaked between your legs.

You heard your phone ring on the table beside you. You couldn’t read the name from your blurry vision, so you tossed it instead.

Jungkook made his way back up to your lips as you felt up the front of his jeans. You attempted to unbutton his belt along with his pants. His hand found itself kneading your chest. You couldn’t help but moan, it’s been a while since you have been touched like this.

You slid your hand underneath his boxers, touching up his sensitive area. The area was tight from his hard-on.

You flipped you both over so you can pull down your dress, leaving you in your bra and underwear. You finished pulling down his pants, exposing his length. Wow. Again, the alcohol bringing out the sweet girl you tried to convince yourself to be.

You grabbed his length kissing the red tip. You loved the sound that escaped his mouth as you started to lick down his area. You couldn’t help but smirk from the thought that you were in control. You made your way back up to the tip leaning your head down to take him fully into your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down sucking every inch of his throbbing member.

You sat back up letting go of him you didn’t want him to take all the fun. You wrapped your arms around your back to unhook your bra and then you slid your underwear off sexually.

He sat up looking at you with desire in his eyes. You bit your lip as you watched him take off his clothes. He was extremely fit. You slid yourself down onto him, surprised by the sudden pain.

You rocked your hips back and forth taking in the pleasure that you desperately needed. You moaned as he worked against you. He grabbed a hold of your hips moving you quicker then you can handle.

You screeched in surprise when he flipped you both over as he took control. He lifted your right leg up onto his left shoulder to deepen the angle. You loved how attractive he was even though he was sweaty.

You felt your toes go numb as your orgasm immerse throughout your body. You squeezed your eyes shut trying to pass through the feeling. Jungkook’s pace slowed down immensely as you felt him jerk his liquid into you. He kissed you passionately before he collapsed on the bed next to you. After that you let the sleep get a hold of you.


Your eyes fluttered open as the killer headache flooded your skull. You yawned sitting up when you realized you didn’t recognize the room. You took in your surroundings as yours eyes drifted off to the sleeping beauty next to you. The last thing you remember was dancing with him. Oh shit! What have you done?

You slowly got up trying not to wake what’s his name. Jungkook? You tried to remember. As soon as your feet hit the floor you reached for your underwear and dress. You grabbed your heels, tip toeing your way out of his room. Damn he was beautiful but one night stands are always awkward, that’s why it’s best to sneak out.

On your way out you saw a sweater pulled over a chair. You know you shouldn’t but you took it to at least to save your dignity. When you made your way onto the streets it was way too familiar. This was your street. You only had to walk down a few blocks to reach your apartment. The sweater covering you didn’t have an affect, people still stared at you. Judging you.

When you got home your roommate was in the kitchen.

“Oh my god there you are.” Rosé panicked. “I tried calling you.”

You stopped in front on the mirror making your way to the kitchen. Your makeup was running down your face and your hair was a mess. No wonder everyone was staring.

“Wow you bad girl.” Rosé smirked at you. “You and Lalisa ditching me to go have sex.” She pouted.

“Other then you two I had a nice sober talk with a sweet guy named Jin.”

“That’s nice.” You grabbed the aspirin.

“Anyways….what happened?”

“I don’t remember.” You groaned.

You went to sit comfortably on the couch. Rosé followed you with an ice cold pack.

“I snuck out before I could ask.” You confessed.

“Well maybe you’ll see him again.”

“Maybe….we better call Lalisa to see if shes okay.” You suggested.

“I already did…but both of you ignored my calls.” Rosé intrigued.

You felt the pockets of the sweater, feeling for your phone. It wasn’t there. You got up following your steps to the door where your purse was. You dug through it rapidly trying to find your phone.

“Fuck.” You said panicked “fuck, fuck, fuck.” You got up.

“What?” Rosé rushed to you.

“I forgot my phone.”


A few hours later you were still panicked. “What am I going to do?”

“I told you already.” Rosé said annoyed.

Both your eyes made their way towards the door as it opened. Lalisa made her way through with a big smile on her face. “What’s up?” She said casually.

“Where the fuck were you?” Rosé sat up annoyed. “I’ve trying calling you all day.”

“Sorry I was out.” She made her way towards her room. Then she came back out with a bathrobe getting ready for a shower. “I had the best time last night.” She smiled. “I think I’ll stick around with this one.” The thing with Lalisa was she would hook up with guys until she found one she liked.

“He’s so cute and he has like the perfect body, nice and tall, lean.” She blushed. “We had like the best morning sex and then he bought me out for breakfast.”

“Anyway what about you? I saw you guys last night, I almost thought you were going to go at it in the dance floor.” She laughed.

You just sighed. “What’s wrong?” Lalisa asked.

“This whole thing makes me uncomfortable, sleeping with someone I just met….I don’t even remember him that much, just his face.”

“Well maybe if you didn’t sneak out maybe you could get to know him.” Rosé said.

“You snuck out….oh (Y/N)….that’s going to give him the wrong idea and now you’ll probably never see him again.” Lalisa said disappointed.

“She’s going to have too.” Rosé spoke for you.

Lalisa looked at you both. “I forgot my phone.” You said trying to stay calm.


“What if he answers?”

“That’s what we want doofus.” Rosé stated.

“I’ll just buy a new phone.” You turned away.

“No you wont.” Lalisa pulled you back.

“Call.” Rosé handed you her phone.

You nervous dialed your phone number. You brought it up to your ear. Your heart started beating quickly as you heard the phone ringing. Lalisa and Rosé were hanging on each shoulder listening.

“Hello.” You heard his cute voice.

“H-hi.” You nervously stuttered.

“(Y/N)?” He remembered your name?

“Hi….um…you have something that belongs to me.”

He laughed. “That’s funny because I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

It took you a few to understand what he meant, but then it occurred to you. You stole his sweater.


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Connected souls (Fili x Reader)

Originally posted by fili-raffe

A/N: Requested by anon: May I request #88 w/ Fili? […]

#88 = “After everything… I’d still choose you.”

Thank you so much for your request and I’m really sorry that it took me nearly two weeks to write it, but this one is for you and I really hope you like it.

I had planned to make this a twoshot, but I decided to not let you wait any longer.

I used Khuzdul in this, but I put the translation right behind the words in brackets, for that you guys won’t have to scroll down all the time xx. 

I hope you enjoy :)

Word count: 4282 (I don’t know what happened…)

Warnings: Lots of drama, I never thought that I’m the drama queen type of girl lmao, but I guarantee you a happy ending.

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Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (7)
  • Iceland: I'll be a morning person when society decides morning starts at noon.
  • Norway: I'll apologize for my innocently sarcastic comments when people stop being total dumbasses.
  • Finland: Let people think what they want and if they speak up then give them a black eye.
  • Sweden: I even had a relatively normal dream about rearranging furniture.
  • Denmark: Lego, my old friend, help me in my time of need.

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Given the wedding speech, the Olympics party, and the interview, it seems embarrassing Yuuri becomes a favourite hobby of Chris' lol. Does Yuuri revenge himself by withholding the reason he can poledance? Like, giving ridiculous reasons like 'I work for a global spy organization and was undercover at a strip club' 'I was a firefighter and got bored a lot' etc whenever he asks, with 'I didn't care for breakdancing' thrown in there. Though maybe he's not really confident enough withpeople for that

Yuuri would definitely troll Chris about why he can pole dance but Phichit would let it slip in the end!

As for Chris it’s not so much embarassing Yuuri is his favourite hobby it just happens on occasion. He produced the pole at the Olympics party because he’s Chris but he made sure none of the photos ever got released because he was sure Yuuri wouldn’t want that. The best man speech was because I have never been to a wedding where the best man speech doesn’t contain 101 sex jokes and maximum embarrassment for the couple and Chris just takes it to a whole new level. 

The interview on the other hand was because Chris had the misfortune of ending up in the hotel room next to Viktor the night before. And initially when he heard certain…activities… going on in the room next door he just sent lots of suggestive emojis to Viktor and left it at that because he’s happy for them and also he’s Chris. But then it kept going and he was trying to sleep so he sent Viktor another text like ‘I’m happy that you and Yuuri seem to be having such a good night but we all have to wake up early tomorrow morning and I think I speak for this whole corridor when I say we would like to get some sleep’. Then a hour or so later it’s getting ridiculous so he’s like ‘Viktor it’s one in the morning tone it down’ which coming from Chris is seriously unusual but he needs to sleep goddamn it. And his final text is just like ‘VIKTOR I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HAVE TO HEAR YOUR BOYFRIEND SCREAM YOUR NAME ONE MORE TIME’. So the next day when he walks past as Yuuri is getting interviewed the opportunity is just too perfect and he’s like ‘revenge’

SUMMARY: Dean doesn’t like to be sad, not in front of Emma. He and Castiel broke up two months ago and he’s been miserable ever since. However, when five-year-old Emma calls Castiel things might turn for the better.

Beta’d by @galaxystiel ♥♥


Dean doesn’t like to be sad, not in front of Emma. He smiles at her as he sets down her colouring book and their big set of felt tips pens. Emma looks up at him with wide green eyes as she kneels by the coffee table and spreads out her things. She’s got that look that she knows something but Dean ignores it because he’s an adult and he can deal with his own problems without shouldering them onto his five-year-old.

“Thanks, daddy!” Emma grins and begins concentrating on a new colouring, taking her time to choose just the right felt tip for her mermaid picture.

Dean sits down on the couch behind her and listens as she hums a tune he doesn’t recognise; he assumes it’s from one of the kids shows she watches in the mornings. He scrubs his face, wearily. It’s been a long week – a long several weeks - especially since his break up with Cas. He wishes he hadn’t been so stupid, but it’s too late now and he doubts Cas will ever want to come back.

A lump forms in his throat suddenly and it feels like he’s going to choke. He gets up swiftly, glancing back at his daughter to make sure she’s okay before heading out to the back porch for some fresh air. He just needs a moment, the deep breaths pushing away anything that reminds him of the past two years with Cas. It hurts his chest just to think about him, although Dean know it’s his own fault they broke up. His own stupid idea that he would be better off without Castiel and his interfering parents.

When Dean opens the door to the porch, he sees the rain and feels the chill but he sits down on the top step leading down to their small backyard anyway. It isn’t much but it’s enough for Emma to run around in when it’s warmer. He’d built her a playhouse with Cas the year previous and his stomach sinks when he looks over to it.

Rain drops are dripping on his shoulders and he shivers. If he doesn’t move soon he’s going to get very wet, but he can’t really find it within himself to care. Dean sighs and puts his head in his hands, hoping to block out any sights of what he and Cas had.

There’s a shuffle and a determined grunt behind him and Dean looks around to see Emma with her tiny pink umbrella opened up. She’s even managed to put her welly boots on the right feet which makes Dean smile, despite his heartache. Emma toddles over and sits next to Dean, umbrella above them as best she can to keep them dry.

“Daddy’s sad?” She asks, leaning against him. Dean takes the small umbrella off her and holds it to better protect them.

He doesn’t lie to her. “Yeah,” he tells her, taking her small hand in his own.

“Don’t be sad, Daddy.” She instructs with a frown. The words make tears spring to his eyes and he pulls Emma on to his lap single-handedly.

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The Signs as Luke Skywalker's Gay Ass™ Wardrobe
  • Aries: Gay Ass™ Tank Top in a living work out video feat. Little Green Troll. AKA modeling for a porno.
  • Taurus: Gay Ass™ PONCHO that's 110% a piece of junk, only to impress his bf. AKA the gayest piece of clothing in existence.
  • Gemini: Gay Ass™ Cloak Sash over ROTJ replica, fully equipped with your own badass Jedi Scavenger gal (complete with a stick and a bloodthirsty need to kick emo ass) AKA the outfit that has yet to be rocked.
  • Cancer: Gay Ass™ Sick Robe, perfect for all diseases like Corellian flu, getting mauled by a Wampa, and losing a hand. AKA i'm totally wearing nothing underneath this thin piece of fabric, how are you?
  • Leo: Gay Ass™ moisture farmboy who just wants to go to tosche station and pick up some "power converters". AKA the original gay smol who stares at the sunsets and broods about the sand.
  • Virgo: Gay Ass™ Hood for when you just want to hide away on an island for who knows how fucking long because your motherfucking goth nephew screwed shit over. Razor not included for sudden beard. AKA the "shock" of TFA.
  • Libra: Gay Ass™ Gucci Black Leather inherited from his mother, equipped with leather boots and a no-shit Jedi pout, be ready for the cameras. AKA the super Extra flippy jumps for the bae and the evil dad (who doesn't understand that this is not a phase).
  • Scorpio: Gay Ass™ Goggles and a fuzzy vest to keep you warm and snuggled as you're slowly picked apart by Wampa claws. AKA the ploy to get the bae to notice you for once.
  • Sagittarius: Gay Ass™ Jacket that's more yellow than a fucking lemon and was totally borrowed from that sexy Corellian that he totally doesn't like at all. AKA the outfit you wear to your wedding cause you don't make enough money to get a wedding dress.
  • Capricorn: Gay Ass™ Uniform that the Alliance designed specifically to be as straight as a curvy line and so orange that their enemies are blinded in battle. AKA the unsubtle coming out of Rogue Squadron.
  • Aquarius: Gay Ass™ Stormtrooper uniform that is too tight in certain places and too big for smols. AKA the perfect opportunity to flip luxurious golden locks when removing the helmet you can't see out of.
  • Pisces: Gay Ass™ Fatigues that you ruin in under three seconds and use to fight your salty old man. AKA blood sweat and tears taken literally.

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I hate BTS. Deal with it.

you heartless monster

how can you not love the sunshine man that is hoseok

or adorable taehyung with the killer voice

or dad jokes™

or mr ultimate bias wrecker and ‘international playboi’

or overdramatic dancing™ 

or the guy that lowkey reminds me of a guy i know at school (like verbatim it’s scary how similar both of them are) 

and finally the member with the most purest smile i s2g

how could you not love these boys? seriously, they are most beautiful, adorkable beans in the whole wide world. i think my arguments are v sound and if you’re not convinced your heart must be made of stone 

Only Reason - Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: death, angst, tiny bit of fluff, then more angst

Summary: Being an agent meant being prepared for the unexpected. You were prepared when you suddenly got x-ray vision from a mission gone wrong. You were prepared when aliens attacked New York City. You were prepared when you fell in love with Pietro Maximoff. But, you were not prepared for Sokovia.

Word Count: 3361

The only reason you were in Sokovia was because of a someone else. That someone else was there because of you. Honestly, sometimes you questioned why both of you decided to be with the Avengers.

A kid clutched your arm as you ran with a group of people. “Where’s Papa?” the child asked you.

You smiled a little. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him later.” You tapped a teen boy on the shoulder. “What’s your name?”

“August,” he said.

“Can take care of little Milo for me?”

He nodded quickly and took Milo’s hand.

You scanned the surroundings. “Wait!” You quickly ran to the front of the of the group. “Hide over here!” You guided the people behind a pile of rubble just as a few robots passed.

“Go!” you yelled. There were no mini ultrons in sight. You stared into the buildings. The buildings melted away from your sight and you could see past them. There was a whole fleet coming on the left. Straight ahead, there were less killer robots, while on the right there was a handful to worry about. You took your gun from its holster. “To the right!” you instructed.

You jogged and told the civilians. “Get the kids in the middle!” You looked back. “‘Anyone have a gun?”

A few people emerged from the crowd with guns. One person even had a blaster from one of the ultrons. You grinned. “If you can use it, shoot any silver thing that moves. We’re going to encounter,” you checked the surroundings again, “a little more than a dozen robots the way we’re going.”

“How do you know that?” a woman to your left asked you.

You shrugged. “X-ray vision.” You shot a robot then another. “Not to be confused with,” you shot another, “Vision himself.”

“Who?” a man asked as he missed a robot. He shot again and finally disabled the mini ultron.

You shook your head. “Never mind.” You sprinted ahead. “Come on.” The robots were rushing from the left. You looked behind you. There were too many people. You had to get them through first. You stopped. “Go ahead. I’ll hold them off.”

“What about you?” a man asked.

You looked through the buildings. “There’s no time. Go!”

The crowd moved ahead of you while you trekked ahead. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Machines whirred nearby. You shot one robot, ducked, and shot another. There were four more of them in front of you, two behind you, and a few more around them. There was a group of them behind the buildings, and they were coming in fast.

“If anyone can hear me,” you whispered, “I’m gonna need some backup.” You shot one two, the first one again. You dodged and brought some down with only your hands and feet. You took out hard drives and wires you knew were important to functioning. You shot a third and a fourth, brought down a fifth, and kicked a sixth twice in the head and then some.

Just as you finished off the one closest to you, you looked up and surrounding you were many mini ultrons. You couldn’t even see the rubble and buildings around you. You gulped. “Anyone there?” you asked.


“Pietro?” Your voice shook.

“Hang on!”

You whipped out two guns and twirled them around your fingers. Just as the crowd closed in on you, you shot two, and your surroundings swirled around in a blur. “Pietro,” you whispered. You tightened your grip around his neck and buried your face into his neck.

When you came to an abrupt stop, Pietro held you close for a few seconds. “I thought I was going to lose you for a second there.”

You laughed. “Oh, please, I have you, don’t I?” You jumped down from his arms and reloaded your guns. “We gotta get back.”

Your boyfriend stared at you with sad eyes. He didn’t want you to be with him, but he had to be there. He had to help defeat the monster he had helped. Pietro knew better than to argue with you. He kissed your cheek. “Be careful.”

You blushed. “Of course.”

Pietro started to walk away. “Whenever you need help-”

“I’ll call you.” Your boyfriend ran off and left you with another kiss on the cheek and the squeeze of his hand.

You smiled and cocked your guns. You scanned your surroundings for anything living or any of the killer robots. When nothing was in sight, even behind the rubble, you twirled your guns around and groaned. “Pietro,” you groaned. Leave it to your boyfriend to leave you in the middle of nowhere. That man was too clever.

“I want to keep you safe, sweetheart!” he responded through the comms.

With blood rushing to your cheeks, you sputtered, “I’m an Avenger, Pietro, and I-”

“Not to interrupt,” Tony’s voice cut in, “but we have a job to do. Need a lift, (Y/n)?”

You evened out your breathing. “That would be nice.”

“Wait,” your boyfriend relented. “I’ll take her.”

“Could you hurry it up, please?” Natasha asked. “I need my partner in crime over here.”

You laughed.

Just then, Pietro picked you up and dropped you off next to Natasha. He left with another kiss on the cheek and ran off. You beamed and took out your guns. “Ready, Nat?”

“Is that even a question?”

With a laugh, you shot two ultrons and continued to help out Natasha. You gave a few reloads

After leading an elderly couple and a few of their grandchildren to the boats, you raced back into the action and listened to the comms.

“We need to get everyone to the boats!” Steve instructed. “The air’s getting thin.”

You thanked your spy training for your above average lungs.

Suddenly, you were thrown to the side. You raised your hand to shoot at whatever hit you, but you couldn’t see anything. Everything was too blurry. With your other hand, you reached up to touch your head, and you felt the familiar stickiness of blood.

A robot floated above you, and the only way you could be sure about that was the noise of whirring machines and the blur of grey in front of you. You aimed your gun for the grey blob. You shot it twice and sighed with relief when it fell to the floor. You gasped as pain seared your side. You reached for your injury, and you weren’t surprised when your fingers met blood. You leaned your head back and took a deep breath. You needed to get to the boats for medical help.

“Guys,” you whispered. You stumbled to your feet. When no one answered you and blackness crawled into the corners of your eyesight, you cleared your throat. “Pietro,” you muttered. “Pietro,” you said a little louder.

“Sweetheart, what happened?”

“Lady (Y/n), do you know where you are?” Thor asked.

Tony informed you, “(Y/n), I can’t locate you. Something must be wrong with your earpiece. (Y/n)?”

You vaguely heard Pietro say something else, but the blackness was creeping up on you. Grey blobs swarmed in your vision, and you didn’t need your spy skills to know you were being surrounded by ultrons. “I love you, Pietro,” you whispered. You pulled out your guns and shot a few bullets, you weren’t sure how many. An ultron tried to grab, but you ducked just in a time. However, the ultron wasn’t aiming to grab you. It was aiming for your earpiece, and it was successful. You gave it your all until your legs shook and gave way under you.

The last thing you saw was something that wasn’t grey. It was someone. “Pietro?”

You were wrong. Pietro was somewhere else as he raced across the city, trying to find you. “(Y/n)!” He cussed under his breath. “Sweetheart, where are you? I can-”

“Pietro, I don’t have her vitals,” Tony said with a gulp.

“That can’t be,” your boyfriend shook his head. “There was something wrong with her earpiece. You can’t track her because it broke. I can find her. If you just got off my back, I could find her.”

Everyone was silent over the comms.

Your boyfriend let out a scream. “Stop doing that! She’s alive. She has to be!” He looked under rubble and ran up buildings.

“Pietro, I need you to help us get people on the boats,” Steve said.

Pietro stopped at the top of the building, and he desperately wished for a sign that you were still alive. Then, he saw it. A robot flew right past him, but he saw something that was off about the robot. That mini ultron had something in his hand that didn’t belong to him. Pietro growled and ran after it. Seeing as the ultron had a leg missing, it wasn’t hard to capture it and pry out what it had in its hand.

It was your earpiece. Pietro examined the earpiece for a second and dropped it in shock. There was blood coating half of it.

You were gone. You were… dead. He clenched his fists. How could you be dead? It couldn’t have been. You had x-ray vision. You could see attacks coming from a mile away! You were trained in combat, stealth, and strategy. How could someone so talented, so kind, and so breathtakingly beautiful, die? The only reason he was there was because of you! How could his only reason be…

“Brother?” Wanda said through the comms. “We have to get out of Sokovia.”

Your last words… Your last words were telling him that you loved him. That might’ve not been your last words. He didn’t know because he wasn’t there!

“Pietro,” Wanda screamed for the fourth time.

Pietro gulped. “Yeah, I’m coming.” He picked up your earpiece, shoved it in his pocket, and sped off. Just as the boats were in sight, he spotted Clint, a child whimpering in his arms. Bullets rained down from above, and they weren’t stopping. Pietro smiled a little. It was almost too perfect of an opportunity. He’d save his friend and a child, all while heading back to you.

He could almost hear you telling him not to think such things, to get to the boat as fast as he could, to live his life the way he wanted. That was the thing, though. Pietro wanted to live his life with you, and if you were, no because you were dead, he couldn’t live the life he wanted. “Sorry, sweetheart,” he whispered.

He darted around. Pietro placed a car in front of Clint and the child as bullets seared through his chest and legs. It burned, but even so, Pietro smiled at the thought of getting back to you.

He met Clint’s eyes, and Pietro just beamed. “Didn’t see that coming?” He laughed a little, and his last thought was of you.

Hours after Ultron was defeated, S.H.I.E.L.D. was checking on all the survivors. Maria Hill stepped onto one of the last boats. A small boy tugged on Maria’s sleeve. “My friend needs medicine.”

Maria crouched down. “Ok, medical is coming, but we have a lot of people to tend to.

Milo’s eyes started to water. “But, she’s hurt real bad! There’s blood everywhere, and she hasn’t woken up.” He sniffed. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Milo!” August sighed in relief as he scooped the boy up in his arms. “Milo, what did I tell you about wandering off?”

The small child shivered and clutched August’s shoulder. “What about Ms. (Y/n)?”

Maria squinted at the kids. “(Y/n)?”

The teenager nodded. “Yeah. She saved a group of us up there. We’re trying to take care of her, but-”

“August, was it, did this (Y/n) work for S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

He nodded. “She had x-ray vision, if I remember correctly?”

“Take me to her.”

Sure enough, you were alive, barely. Thanks to the people you saved, you were bandaged up well. Maria thanked them before taking you elsewhere.

You were in and out of consciousness. You remembered moving, the sound of wheels on a smooth floor, and the voices of kids and some of the Avengers. Finally, you had enough energy to open your eyes for more than a minute.

“Pietro?” you whispered.

Your bed dipped, and you smiled at the thought of seeing your boyfriend.

“Ms. (Y/n)!”

You blinked a few times and rubbed your eyes. You giggled. “Milo, what are you doing here?” The kid you left him with was in the chair across, his hands shoved in his pockets. “August?”

The teen smiled a little. “Hey, you feeling ok?”

You nodded. “How are you here?”

“Iron Man said we could stay here while you get better,” Milo explained with a smile. He laid down next to you. “I can’t believe you know Iron Man! And Captain America, and Hawkeye, and everyone!”

You giggled. “Yeah, they’re friends. Speaking of,” you looked to August, “where are they?”

August’s eyes widened. “I’ll go get them!”

A few minutes later, Wanda came into your room. “Hey, (y/n).”

“Wanda.” You straightened your back and strained to look behind her. “Where’s Pietro? Is he coming?”

The light in her eyes flickered. “August, Milo, could you give us a minute?”

The kids nodded and left the room.

Wanda took a deep breath, patted down her pants, and sat on your bed. “Uh, (Y/n), Pietro’s not coming?”

You blinked a few times. You’ve been a spy long enough to know ‘the look.’ It’s what spies give to civilians when their loved one has passed away. No matter how good the spy, they could never mask that one look.

You inhaled shakily. It must’ve been the blood loss because there was no way Wanda was giving you that look.

“When is he coming?” you asked. Your voice grew dry. It wasn’t possible. He was the fastest person in the entire world. He could just die. He was too stubborn to die. He was too stubborn in general. He left you in a part of Sokovia where nothing was happening in an attempt to protect you! That same man couldn’t just die.

Wanda fidgeted with the blanket and looked at her lap. “(Y/n), we thought you were dead.”

The air grew dense, and you couldn’t breathe without getting choked up by tears.

“Your earpiece was stolen, and we couldn’t assess your vitals or find your location. You sounded so… in despair when we last heard from you. Everyone thought-”

“Well, obviously, I’m not,” you snapped. “Now, where’s Pietro?”

“(Y/n), Pietro’s,” she licked her lips and blinked back tears, “he’s dead.”

You shook your head. “No, he’s not. He can’t be.He-”

“He thought you were dead, (Y/n).” Wanda placed her hand on yours, but you just held your arms. The woman took a deep breath as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Pietro died saving Clint and a child.”

Your body grew cold. Pietro’s dead? Your cheeks began to burn as you remembered that was the last time he would ever kiss you. The last he’d run around, just to place quick kisses on your cheeks.The last time he’d call you sweetheart. The last time he’d just be there and tell you to be safe.

And it was your fault. You were the reason he was there. If you had just relented and begged for him not to go, maybe he’d…

Your chest felt empty, so very empty, that you were surprised when you started to cry. You furiously wiped the tears away. “No,” you whispered, “He couldn’t be-’

Wanda held your hand and cried with you.

Milo burst into the room with August behind him. Vision loomed over the two. “I’m sorry. I could not prevent them from coming in without harming them,” he apologized.

The younger child jumped onto your bed and hugged you. August rubbed your shoulder as tears of his own ran down his chin.

You bowed your head in shame. Spies don’t mourn until the trouble is over, and the trouble never ends. But how could you not mourn? It was Pietro, your Pietro. The man who put you above everything else as if your life was worth more than his. The man you put above everything else because that smile made you weak in the knees and you loved that feeling and you loved it when you were the cause of that smile.

And you couldn’t change it. There was no one you could shoot or interrogate or kill to bring him back. He was just gone, and you weren’t even there to hear his last words.

“I love him,” you whimpered. “Pietro,” your voice broke.

It had been years since Pietro died. You were still a spy, and you weren’t seeing anyone. Many people had tried to set you up, but you had more reasons to not date than to do so. Well three reasons. One reason was the August, and another was Milo.

“Milo, I told you no brownies today.”

“But, Mama-”

You took Milo away from the counter and placed him back on solid ground. “No, but’s.” You looked around as you placed the brownies on a higher shelf. “Where’s your brother?”

“Right here.” August strolled into the room with your laptop in one hand while his other typed furiously. “You know, the S.H.I.E.L.D. level clearance has changed from numbers to colors? So now, it’s clearance level red, orange-”

You smirked and took the laptop from him. “What did I say about hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D., August?”

“That it’s fun.”

“It is, but it is also illegal.” You placed your laptop on the counter and gave August his laptop. “If you’re going to hack anyone, hack Uncle Tony.”

August’s eyes lit up. “I can do that.”

You ruffled his hair. “That’s the August I love.”

The doorbell rang.

Your youngest beamed. “I’ll get it!” When he opened the door, Clint swooped in and scooped Milo into his arms. Your son laughed. “Uncle Clint!”

After Clint put him down and kissed his forehead, he brought in August for a hug. Clint smiled at you as his three children rushed in. You watched the kids with awe. August immediately paused his hacking activities and changed it to a game as Cooper looked over his shoulder. Lila and Milo began a friendly game of tag full of giggles, while little Nathaniel Pietro Barton waddled around.

Your eyes began to water.

“(Y/n), you ok?” Laura asked. She rubbed your back.

You smiled and wiped your eyes. “Yeah. Just,” you eyed little Nathaniel, “thank you for watching the kids.”

“Anytime.” She nodded towards the door. “Go.”

You grabbed your bouquet of flowers and kissed your kids goodbye before driving off. You parked your car and stared at the flowers. Your eyes burned with tears, but you had to do this. You took the flowers and stepped outside. You let the few thorns you for to cut off sting your palms. You didn’t even need to think as you walked the path you walked too many times before.

In a few minutes, you were standing over Pietro’s headstone. Tears fell onto the grass as you knelt down in front of it. “Hey,” you whispered. You mustered a smile and set the flowers down. You could almost hear him greeting you back with a sly smile and your nickname. You closed your eyes and tilted your head as your cheeks began to burn with missing kisses.

“Your sons are just as mischievous as you are,” you said. “Milo tried to sneak brownies past me. August knows how to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. I swear, even in death, you’re a bad influence.” You took a deep breath, but that didn’t help the pain in your chest. You opened your mouth to say something else, but you couldn’t say anything. You weren’t even sure if he could hear you. “I love you,” you whispered. “Always will.”

You stood up and left the graveyard.

Finally! I did it! I barely edited so it is longer than my usual. I hope you all like it. I did add more fluff than I expected myself too, but it was because I was so dissatisfied with my first ending, which was way more angsty and very very very cheesy than it made me cringe and I didn’t like it. Anyway, have a wonderful day guys! Love you all!

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That last gifset you reblogged... Just highlighted how misogynist miraculous can be to me... That is really poor treatment of female characters... I'm actually dumbfounded by it

yeah this hiatus is that it’s made me rewatch a lot of episodes and realize how weak and inconsistent the writing of this show is. i think people look at “copycat” and try to explain away chat noir’s behavior within the scope of his character. which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a simpler explanation for why the episode went down the way it did: it was poorly written. 

adrien is our main character, he’s one of the main heroes of the show, and the show has not identified a single flaw in his character. i mean this literally. watch the show again. anything that you could potentially consider a “flaw” in his character, the show presents in a way that’s meant to make us pity him or find him endearing. we are at no point, as viewers, forced to criticize adrien’s behavior. 

“copycat” is about the only episode where we get anywhere close to that. but like i mentioned in this post i wrote about the episode, the show writers did not leave space for chat noir to apologize for his mistake. chat noir, out of jealousy, lied about his relationship with ladybug behind her back (which is objectively not cool) in order to make some other guy who liked her jealous. why would he do that? because he probably felt threatened that someone else liked her. he probably felt entitled to her feelings. he probably didn’t want this random dude ruining his chances with her. whatever the reason, it was wrong no matter how you cut it. it was so wrong he inadvertently caused an akuma. now in a perfect world, adrien should’ve done the right thing and apologized to ladybug and theo for his lie. 

instead, chat noir criticizes ladybug for disappointing theo and ladybug is the only character who dished out an apology to theo at the end of the episode. meanwhile, the show sets up the narrative in a way that asks us to feel sorry for chat noir because ladybug didn’t return his feelings. 

what makes this worse is that when marinette eventually acts out on her jealousy in “volpina” and chews out lila for lying to try and win over adrien, the show very clearly presents marinette as being in the wrong and she is forced to apologize at the end of the episode. when marinette’s jealousy causes an akuma, she has to apologize. when chat noir’s jealousy causes an akuma, he gets let off the hook. 

adrien is too perfect. the show had the opportunity to introduce an interesting character flaw for him, but by not making him apologize for his error and forcing us to sympathize with him after he made his error, we don’t get the sense that this was a character flaw at all. we get the sense that what chat noir did was understandable and perfectly okay. 

you’ve got a huge issue with your supposedly feminist children’s show when your female heroine is forced to apologize for her countless mistakes in literally every episode and your male hero is allowed to coast along like the poor, beautiful, perfect, can-do-no-wrong sunshine child that they pretend he is.  

On the Borg

Throughout the years, there have been many suggestions and arguments made about what the Borg could represent. The most common one I have seen is to compare the collective to communism. Certainly, there are parallels, but I have other thoughts.

In Star Trek, analogies are often held loosely, and shows are written to be intentionally vague. The nature of postmodern art is that the meaning is supposed to be left up to the viewer. What is true for you, is simply true. If the Borg speak of communism to you, then that is what they represent. Simultaneously, the Borg may speak to others of consumerism, or of colonialism, and that is equally true. They do not have to mean one universal thing to everyone.

Of course, when it came to writing my Voyager fanfiction, I had to make a decision about the Borg. I researched what others had to say. I do not like to make arbitrary judgements all on my own; I wanted to listen to what the Borg meant to the fandom before I decided on how to write them. Only then did I go back and rewatch Borg-focused episodes and features, with the goal of choosing for myself what I thought they could represent. What follows is my own interpretation, so take it for what it’s worth.

The initial concept behind the Borg was to create an impossible adversary. “The Borg are the ultimate user,” Q told the Enterprise-D’s senior staff in the episode Q Who. “They’re unlike any threat your Federation has ever faced. They’re not interested in political conquest, wealth, or power as you know it. They’re simply interested in your ship, its technology. They’ve identified it as something they can consume” (TNG 2x16). They did not respond to the usual tactics. Discussion and diplomacy were useless. They did not listen, did not care to listen or reason with you. There was no reason; there was only consumption. They took what they wanted and felt no remorse.

The great irony of the episode is that it showed how much Q and Picard mirrored one another—and, by extension, the continuum and the Federation. Picard accuses Q of being egocentric and proud, and says that the Q wrongfully believe they have the right to judge so-called lesser species simply because of their superior abilities. Yet, Starfleet is just as haughty. Picard believes that they are prepared to face anything they find in the final frontier of space, because humanity has evolved and learned how to handle conflict. In the end, Picard is forced to face their very real frailty in the face of the Borg.

Picard’s words to Guinan at the end are, I think, the crux of the entire episode. “Maybe Q did the right thing for the wrong reasons…. Perhaps what we most needed was a kick in our complacency to prepare us for what lies ahead.” At the climax of the show, and in his reflective dialogue with Guinan, Picard begins to realize that the Federation has become too proud, just as he accused Q of being. Picard acknowledges his shortcomings, his weakness, and he admits to Q that he needs the entity’s help. The Borg cannot be defeated by Federation ingenuity alone, and attempting to do so would likely lead to their own downfall.

From there, the Borg developed a great deal more depth and complexity, often in controversial ways. Initially, they could be seen as an other creature, an alien. They were not anything like us. They were beyond anything we could comprehend. As they developed, however, they became too much like us, and that upset a lot of fans. For some, that took away from the fear factor; for me, it deepened it.

In fact, I see the Borg as being a projection, or a warning, of what humanity has the possibility to become. It is uncomfortable because it shows us the dark side of that which makes us human—the drive to be more, better, than what we are.

The quest for perfection is explicitly stated as the central goal of the Borg, and yet it is our own goal, as well. ‘Anything you can do, I can do better.’ This is the very thing that makes us grow as a species. Competition drives self-improvement. It inspires us to achieve higher and higher goals. When we see someone accomplish the improbable, we idolize them. Yet, the moment something great is accomplished, someone else immediately begins to work out how to push that accomplishment even further. We hunger and thirst to overcome challenges. We are constantly raising the bar higher. This is the essence of our species.

This, of course, is obvious. Still, many resist seeing themselves within the Borg. At least, they insist, we do not have to assimilate others to better ourselves like the Borg do.

Don’t we?

We colonize. We steal land and assets, and we exploit or slaughter those from whom we took it.

We appropriate what we like from other cultures without bothering to understand or appreciate the meaning of what we took within its rightful context. We are not interested in the culture itself, or the people who created those cultures. We simply consume them, assimilating their work into our own structure, divorcing it from the culture that gave it birth and life and meaning, and claiming it as our own.

We force or coerce minority populations to assimilate into majority culture. We do not hate you, we insist. We wish to make you better. Why would anyone resist? Everyone should want to be like us. Many times, this attitude can hide under a guise of tolerance; it is perfectly fine to be black, or Latino, or Jewish, or female, or LGBTQ, or disabled, or old, or mentally ill, or poor—but only if you can think and act like the rest of us. Thus, we erase the other, and commit cultural genocide.

This is precisely what the Borg do, and they succeed because of it. It has made them a juggernaut, an unbeatable opponent, and it is easy to struggle with the fear that it is useless to fight back. “Resistance is futile,” they say, and more often than not, they are right.

Yet, something in you resists anyway, something that frustrates the Borg because they cannot understand it. Why would anyone resist an opportunity to be the best?

The cost of perfection is too great. Uniqueness and diversity are absolutely worth preserving; this is the lesson we learn as we watch the Borg. We cheer for the Enterprise, and for Voyager. We fall for Hugh, Seven of Nine, and One. We are incensed on behalf of the Borg children who never had a chance to be individuals or to make their own choices at all, until Seven gave them that chance. In this, we begin to understand why everyone must be free to be uniquely themselves, why we must respect and preserve diversity rather than appropriating and destroying others for selfish gain. In this, we come to understand that homogeny is death.

Then, along comes the spider—the Borg queen. Who, or what, is she? What does she represent?

The queen was left, as is the tendency, incredibly vague at her inception. This opened up a great deal of discourse about her. “I am the Borg,” she tells Data (Star Trek: First Contact). She is the personification of the collective consciousness, the one who is many. She is a paradox—an individual who is not truly an individual, but rather the composite of billions of individuals linked together to think as one mind.

She is the mob mentality.

She is a collection of internalized oppression that has been turned against others, oppressing them in the very same way she has been oppressed.

She is the authoritarian who insists that she acts with the will of the people, but who is blinded to the reality of her oppressive power over them. She does not fully comprehend that because of her power and privilege, she is merely bending them to her will.

She believes in what she is doing. She, like Q and Picard, believes her actions are for the greater good. Individuals are children, or second-class people. They are inferior and stupid, and they need someone to force them to become that which they have the potential to be but stubbornly resist. She may appreciate a few unique flourishes that they can add to the collective, and may appropriate some of their ideas and innovations for her own culture. Still, it will not change the fact that all others are inferior and must be assimilated for their own good, and the good of the collective.

It is a basic truth that power corrupts. We do not know how the queens came to be, but clearly they have begun to lose sight of the ideals that used to drive the Borg. The more we see the queens, and the more humans come into conflict with them directly, the more twisted and corrupt they become. In time, they almost seem to be human themselves.

How many times have we watched this happen? We put someone with great promise on a pedestal, hoping that maybe they can bring us closer to perfection. Then, they turn on us, and use us for their selfish gain instead. How do you fight back when, by the time you realize what has happened, the person in power has the ability to control you in every possible way?

That is the question.

SVT Reaction to Their S/O Always Being Cold

A/N: omg I can definitely relate to this so it definitely got me thinking. BUT IDK IF YOU MEANT COLD AS IN YOU ALWAYS FEEL COLD OR YOU”RE ALWAYS IN NEED OF WARMTH idk if there’s much of a difference.. so if i got it wrong, I’m sorry… thanks for sending this in! I hope it’s enjoyable and sorry if it’s redundant~


Seungcheol: At first, he’d think it was kinda cute because you’d be shivering a lot but after he notices that this happens regularly, he’d start showing some concern and would do his best to make sure that you were always warm and that everything was okay

Jeonghan: He initially thought you would pretend to be cold in order for him to show you affection but as time passed, he realized that it had nothing to do with him and would always keep lots of blankets around when you’re around and would still show you affection regardless of if that’s what you wanted or not

Jisoo: Would be very concerned about the fact that you’re always cold??? He was scared that something may be wrong with your health but as long as you assured him that nothing was actually wrong with you, he’d just try to keep you warm by turning up the thermostat (if you were in a place that he had control of it) and deal with the room’s temperature, even if it was too warm for him

Junhui: A perfect opportunity for him to wrap you in his arms and would keep you warm by giving you his sweaters (which are already fairly large on him so imagine how much bigger they’d be on his s/o AW)

Soonyoung: Initially, he thought it was funny because you’d shiver a lot and your teeth would chatter, causing you to talk funny but like Seungcheol, he’d then notice that it’s a reoccurring thing and would know exactly what to do to make sure you don’t get too cold and would be able to tell whenever you’re instantly, even if you don’t shiver or anything like that

Wonwoo: He’d be mildly worried at first but also grew accustomed to it and would make you warm tea or coffee or whatever other warm drink he knows you enjoy so that you could maintain a healthy body temperature

Jihoon: Would be somewhat awkward about it at first because he didn’t really know what to do??? He’d offer a bunch of stuff like blankets or his jacket and doesn’t really do much about it unless you directly ask him to

Seokmin: He’ll be worried but he would still find it really cute whenever you curled up into a ball in hopes of keeping yourself toasty. But similar to Junhui, he’ll keep you warm with his own body by cuddling you (bc honestly, Seokmin seems like his body would just always be really warm and he just seems like he produces a lot of body heat??? imsorry) and it’s a win-win situation for the two of you

Mingyu: It sounds weird but he’d love this because this is his chance to kinda look after you and take care of you. He’ll make you lots of soups and tea and things of that nature to keep your belly full and your body at the proper temperature

Minghao: Another member who would be concerned about whether or not this was a health issue and probably thinks you’re anemic and tries to recommend a bunch of vitamins or something. But of course, he’ll always be willing to give you his jacket it you’re in public and would buy you lots of really soft blankets

Seungkwan: Will be shocked by how cold you are. If he tries to hold your hand or show any form of skinship and then he’d literally flinch because your body was ice cold. He’d also be the type to keep you warm through physical contact and he’d also make you tea or coffee or hot chocolate whenever you asked

Hansol: He’d be weirded out by it but would eventually come to understand that you’re just always cold and would get you blankets and turn up the thermostat if you’re really that chilly

Chan: He’ll be like Seungkwan because he’d keep touching your arm/hand in disbelief because it was almost like you’re so cold that it’s hard to believe that you still had a pulse. Expect lots of cuddles under some really super soft blankets that he bought in your favorite color, just for you

Blue Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see more mood boards as H+L fics, click here)

Top Left: Fishermen H&L
Louis and Harry have grown up in the same small fishing town their whole lives, both knowing since they were kids that the ocean is where they would end up – and now they’re each successful fishermen in their own right. They’ve also been best friends as long as Louis can remember, supporting each other in their careers, spending every minute they’re on dry land together. Except Louis’ deeply in love with Harry, and too afraid to tell him. But one weekend, after a routine run for both of them – Harry’s boat doesn’t make it back to the harbor, and Louis gets word that there was a bad storm on his route, and nobody knows where they are. Louis puts aside everything, not even stopping to sleep, and heads back out on the water to find Harry, to help him get home – and he hopes with everything in him that Harry is safe, that he hasn’t lost his best friend, that he didn’t miss his chance to admit to Harry how much he loves him. 

Top Middle: Scientists H&L
Louis took this assignment at the North Pole knowing full well he’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere for months, without his family or friends, without access to easy communication, and he was FINE with it. He was fine, that is, until he found out another scientific research team sent someone along to assist with his work – someone who’s tall, and broad, and sweet, and exactly Louis’ type. And shit, Louis isn’t supposed to fall for Harry, he’s supposed to be working with him, gathering data in a professional, totally platonic, manner. And he can do this, he can be the picture of professionalism. But maybe sometimes they share some drinks and get a little buzzed on cold nights and end up flirting, or teasing, or… snuggling in a single bed? Louis can’t even bring himself to feel sorry, because it’s VERY COLD HERE and Harry makes a nice heater to cuddle next to.   

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Oh wow! That Bridge to the Turnabout comic was amazing and beautifully done!! Could you perhaps do an alternate ending that involves Edgeworth giving Phoenix CPR? (I don't know why but that always seems to be my favorite cliche in shipping))

Your desires are my command.

CPR is like the opposite of romantic. Everyone is panicking, you have to pump the chest so hard that you can broke 2 or 3 ribs and for the “kiss” part, you put your mouth around the lips of the other, not on. But I have to admit, I love this cliche too UwU”. 

This post is like the perfect opportunity to do a little reminder on how to do a proper CPR: only on an inconscious AND NOT BREATHING person. For the technique, on a naked chest if possible, put the head back to free the throat and the air flow, then you began to pump the chest with your arms straight and in rapid successions. 

Ps: Thank you so much for the compliment O__Q I really didn’t think about the construction of the pages a lot but I’m glad it turned out ok! I hope this alternative ending will please you as well!