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Among the Hollow Masterpost

Someone pointed out that I should make one of these for Among the Hollow, so here we are. I will update this post as more content is created. Please also note that character concept designs and worldbuilding have changed over time, which will be reflected the further back you venture.

UPDATE: I am currently in the process of writing the novel so art will be slow

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Gustave Doré - London: A Pilgrimage (1872).


In 1869 the journalist Blanchard Jerrold joined forces with Gustave Doré to produce an illustrated record of the Victorian London.

They visited night refuges, cheap lodging houses and the opium den described by Charles Dickens in the sinister opening chapter of The Mystery of Edwin Drood; they travelled up and down the river and attended fashionable events at Lambeth Palace, the boat race and the Derby. The ambitious project, which took four years to complete, was eventually published as London: a pilgrimage with 180 engravings.

anonymous asked:

Does Lau show a positive or negative view and attitude towards girls and women? I remember that he seems to have Ran Mao very close to him constantly. And he was surrounded by what seems to be a harem of women, in one scene.

Well, Ran Mao is always by his side. He said that she’s like his sister even though they are not related.

But Ran Mao might be a special case. She’s quite mysterious and I’m not even sure she’s really human. She seems to be Lau’s personal assassin…

Other than Ran Mao there seem to be a few other women who are around Lau. I guess they work in his opium dens in order to entertain the other customers.

So the women are probably Lau’s employees rather than his harem. And while he might enjoy their company I don’t think he has a particularly positive or negative view of women in general. 

Self-proclaimed nice guy: I’m a gentleman :) I pull chairs out for women

Me, thinking about the good old days when gentlemen were god-honest cads and took you on a date to the local opium den and ate you out in the theatre box: cool beans

  • Will: *calls Jem at 3AM while at opium den*
  • Jem: wtf dude
  • Will: come get me im bored
  • Jem: you're a grown up come home yourself
  • Will: but im tired
  • Jem: William
  • Will: <i>shit he used my full name. play cool</i>
  • Will: yes, James?
  • Jem:
  • Will:
  • Jem:
  • Will: fine ill just come home by myself and probably fall into the river and drown because of how high i am
  • Jem: that's fine, goodnight Will
  • Will: dammit the disloyal bastard
Joke Like Confession, Pt. 2 [Jungkook]

Part 1 ; Part 2

Summary: Perhaps it wasn’t the chamomile tea that calmed him down. Perhaps it was your presence. The presence of his childhood friend and lover.

Words: 1.4k

Genre: Angst with fluff ending

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