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Jules and Ophelia from Sweet/Vicious are extremely inspiring, both as drawing subject and as women. <3

This show is definitely necessary. 

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fecipher twitter, 13-10-2017: “Dusk Fortune Teller, Ophelia” and "Rehearsal of a Turnabout Victory, Ophelia”

[Card Showcase] “WHOOSH! BANG! BOOOOOM! Phew! How ghastly. Now, slumer forever!” Ophelia, daughter of Odin, is in the midst of rehearsal for the days that lie ahead. Always aiming to become even more awesome, and always aiming for something new… Her days of craving to better herself continue! (Illust. Sakura Miwabe)

Card stats/skills:

B10-077N Dusk Fortune Teller, Ophelia
Dark Mage/Cost1

“Oh, stardust, imprisoned in this crystal! Reveal my future—my destiny!”

Amateur Crystal Divination [TRIGGER] When this unit’s attack destroys an enemy, you may look at the 1 top card of your deck.

[ATK] Darkness Emblem [SUPP] If your opponent has 5 or more cards in their hand, your enemy chooses one card from their hand and places it in the Retreat Area.

Illust. Sakura Miwabe

B10-076R Rehearsal of a Turnabout Victory, Ophelia
Dark Knight/Cost4(3)


Maiden’s Supreme Secret Weapon [ALWAYS] During your turn, for each other <Tome> ally, this unit gains +10 attack.

[CCS] Missiletain II [TRIGGER] When this unit attacks, if this unit’s attack is 100 or greater, then until the end of the turn, the number of orbs that this unit’s attack will destroy is increased to 2.

Illust. Sakura Miwabe

More Fire Emblem Cipher Series 10 translations!

your words were always molded from
the intents of others, insubstantial,
ethereal, like a ghost.

  “No one knows the truth within me,”
you cried. “I could only speak out in death.”

That you did, but imagine:
that instead of a father raising you
to be transparent, you had a mother raise
you to be a person of your own.
Your songs would still be sweet,
but they would have an edge of steel,
a substance, and others would know
that they could not bend you to their will.

But Providence made you silent
when your lips were meant to sing.
—  hamlet wasn’t the only one with ghosts (part iii) | jocelyn
Get to Know Me Tag

I was tagged by the amazing @lullapiee! Thanks, sweetie! ❤

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Name: Ruth.

Nickname: My name doesn’t really lend itself to nicknames, but one of my friends calls me Rooty sometimes, and I call myself The Crazy Sheep Lady in the hope that it’ll catch on.

Zodiac sign: Pisces as heck.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Height: 5ft 8in.

Sexual orientation: Straight.

Ethnicity: Northern Irish.

Fave fruit: Pink Lady apples straight from the fridge! But really I love most fruit so long as there’s a pavlova underneath…

Fave season: Autumn is usually amazing but the hurricane blew all of the beautiful leaves away and now the trees are just bare. Thanks a bunch, Ophelia.

Fave book series: I, er, don’t have one? Although I do adore @findmomo‘s books! Oh! And I also like my own books, if I’m allowed to say that!

Fave fictional characters: The Doctor, Fred Thursday, Bill Potts, Clara Oswald, Leonard McCoy… too many to list, really.

Fave flowers: Again, I don’t really have any? I’ve never really thought about it. I do love it when the daffodils come out in the spring, though. There’s a great sense of excitement with them.

Fave scent: Freshly baked bread. Mmmm…

Fave animal: Impossible to choose between sheep, dogs and horses!

Fave band: Imagine Dragons.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate: Coffee, nice and sweet, and hot chocolate sometimes too!

Average hours of sleep: *counts on fingers* About 8. Hey. Not bad.

Number of blankets: I have a duvet, and an additional fleece blanket for when it’s colder.

Dream trip: A road trip around England and the rest of the UK with a dog and a camera. I would say sheep and a camera but sheep need to eat so much grass every day that travelling with one would be impractical. I do know which one I would take, though…

Dream job: I haven’t really thought about it. When you grow up on a farm as an only child there’s never any consideration of what else you might do. I do love my animals though. And my photography. So… an animal photographer?

Last thing I Googled: @lullapiee’s answer, Ben Aaronovitch - because I wondered where I’d heard that name before. Before that it was “john impressionist” because for some reason I’d forgotten Jon Culshaw’s last name.

How many blogs I follow: 142

Number of followers: 767

What I usually post about: I’m unapologetically multifandom, but I’m mostly Doctor Who trash. There’s also some Supernatural, Sherlock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Marvel, Star Trek, and a smattering of British detectives.

Do I get asks regularly: Not really. It depends if I’ve reblogged one of those ask games, and even then sometimes I can hear the crickets chirping. But maybe I’ll get one once a week or something like that?

Why I made a Tumblr: I was reading fanfiction by @thenyoumaykissthebride and on their profile they had a link to their tumbler? And I was like: “But what’s a tumbler? Isn’t that what you put juice in?” I scrolled through their entire blog, which was a few months old by that stage and took a few days. I was hooked. So many pretty things! So many funny things! So much Doctor Who! And so, on 1st October 2011, hours before The Wedding of River Song aired, I did make a Tumblr. And we’re both still here. Go us!

Reasons for URL: It’s a mashing together of Gallifrey, the Doctor’s home planet, and *****hafry, a townland very close to where I live. So it’s Gallifrey and home.

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Blow it up

Adrian was trying to pace himself - this was Aurora’s birthday after all, not his - but he still found himself with yet another drink in his hand. He’d two glasses of champagne, one for himself and one for Aurora, and started to make his way back through the crowd. A flash of dark hair caught his eye, though, and the unmistakeable legs of his two year long fuck buddy followed. His eyes narrowed instinctively. Why the fuck did Phi even come after their texts? He’d be damned if she did anything to ruin Aurora’s party. Detouring, Adrian came up behind her, leaning in before she knew it was him to whisper in her ear, “Careful there, tiger, you look like you’re on the hunt for some prey.” @paintakesnoprisoner

last-antidote  asked:

Hey! Do you have any recommendations on romance novels set in college?

Hi, friend! 

You have come to the right place, because our very own raifdjanurbi​ runs a New Adult blog nasource and, in fact, we’re all fans of great college romances. Here we have combined some of the series and books that feature a romance set in college:

New Adult books:

Young Adult books:

We hope you find some great books, new otps, inspiring and addictive stories among these!

Fizzle Reads family

The death of Ophelia and the true death of Ophelia

A little while ago I was thinking about an idea for a painting where Sherlock falls on his back after getting shot and he looks like Ophelia in the water, surrounded by flowers.  It’s always stood out to me how many shots of a very beautiful fallen Sherlock there are in the shooting/mind palace scene,

I was then googling Ophelia and reading stuff, my understanding of her being pretty basic, then I found this tv trope: Unrequited Tragic Maiden.    She is the Anna Stern to your Seth Cohen, she’s wise, she’s generous, she’s perfect for the lead guy and yet, he chooses another. 

This is how Sherlock feels as he dies.  This is how he sees himself, 

He is the tragic romantic false lead in his own mind.  He tried to be supportive, he stepped aside for his beloved’s happiness and now he’s doing the final noble thing to do: literally getting out of the way.  And he is so tragically beautiful as he does so.

This could be why there are flower-like patterns on the wallpaper as he falls: the mirrors could be seen as the water, the wallpaper as Ophelia’s flowers.  This could be why Molly, someone we could see as Sherlock’s own Ophelia, is wearing a shirt with little flowers on it (pansies: for thoughts?).  We see Molly toughen up and stop being Ophelia, too, when she slaps him earlier in HLV.  We see her in the mind palace start out speaking very sweetly and meekly and then she turns very assertive and stern.  Molly is done being his Ophelia and this will inspire him in being done being John’s.  This could also be another reason why, as Sherlock falls, flowers seem to get closer to Mary.  Ophelia gives a series of meaningfully chosen flowers to various characters before her death, after her apparent descent into madness,

Here, Sherlock reaches the climax of his own narrative as Ophelia.  He allows himself to die as not-the-one.  The man he loves got married, he died inside and now he’s dying on the outside, too.  This part of him is perfectly ready to die.  As Sholto said, ‘there’s a proper time to die’, and the Unrequited Tragic Maiden is wise and fair, she knows exactly when to get out of the way.  (See Anna Stern at the airport, leaving for Pittsburg).  

Except that John is in danger from his chosen love interest.  She is the romantic false lead not Sherlock.  It is this realisation that brings Sherlock back.  He’s not the tragic, rejected love interest, he’s the true love interest: he’s the one.  When Sherlock comes back from the dead, he kills Ophelia: his tragic sense of himself as not-the-person-that-John-wants.  The part of him that gave up dies.  He is in the game, now, he’s no longer on the sidelines.  He is in love with John and he is the right person for him; he’s going to fight for him, now.

This is how Sherlock’s idea of himself as Ophelia dies.  First by enacting Ophellia’s fate of dying/stepping aside and second by not dying she stops existing: he stops existing as her.  His idea of himself as the tragic false romantic lead dies.  Basically, he dies as her and then he kills the idea of her.  It won’t be this way, he’s not bowing out, he’s not leaving John to whatever fate awaits him with Mary: he is the knight in shining armour and he will not be muscled out.  All that matters is Mary, now, she’s the dragon and his damsel in distress must be protected.

Goodbye, Ophelia.  Hello, Knight in Shining Armour.