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I was tagged by @fille-lioncelle, @pinkalldaypinkallnight, and @reinaescarlata, so I suppose I should do the thing.

One show: I feel like I always say either B99 or Bob’s, so I’m gonna MIX IT UP and say a PODCAST SHOW and say My Favorite Murder.
Two performers: Of anything? I guess? Lauren Jauregui? And? Diego Luna? This feels like a weird combo.
Three songs: Am I even listening to songs lately? Umm… “Hobgoblin” by CLC, “Touch” by Little Mix, andddd “Lovecation” by TP4Y?
Four operas/books/plays: Greenglass House by Kate Milford, Citizen by Claudia Rankine, Bloodline by Claudia Gray, Ghost Hunters by Deborah Blum. Random assortment. And all books because I don’t think I’ve seen an opera in real life; I’m from the midwest. Have Angels in America as your play? And what about movies? Because I’ve definitely seen eight movies in my life, and they’re all Star Wars.
Five foods: Sushi, which I miss desperately as there is no good sushi in the entire state of Minnesota that I’ve yet found; tostada dip, which I am currently making; three-cup chicken, which I sent the recipe for to a coworker earlier because I’m old and boring now; bear claws, of which I eat too many; and TOAST because I GOT A NEW TOASTER and it MAKES ME SO HAPPY because now I can eat ALL THE TOAST I WANT.
Six people to tag: @nichestars, @bebeocho, and anyone else who wants to do this, but I’ll only Foist It Upon S and Tory.

Christine Nilsson as ‘Marguerite’ in Charles Gounod’s opera, ‘Faust’, in the year 1864, at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London.

(Photograph source: The Guy Little Theatre and Performance Collection)

And your mind is blown, because, YES, Christine Nilsson (otherwise known as Kristina Jonasdotter), who served as an inspiration for Christine Daae in Gaston Leroux’s “The Phantom of the Opera”, performed in Her Majesty’s Theatre- the exact same theatre where, more than a century later, a musical whose main heroine was likely inspired by her, would premiere and make history.

Don’t believe me? Well, then, there’s this to convince you; 

(Source: “Melba, The Voice of Australia”, by Therese Radic)

[She also sang as Violetta in Verdi’s La Traviata, again in Her Majesty’s Theatre, in 1865]

This is just so unbelievable for me- the moment I found out about this, I had to read it again and again to convince myself that my eyes were not deceiving me. And once I realised that what I had just read, was, indeed, what was printed on the page, I got a headache by how beautifully ironic it is.

Did it ever cross Christine Nilsson’s mind that, half a century after her death, she would be immortalised in the face of Christine Daae? I do not know. What I do know, however, is that she must be turning in her grave right now because of how fascinated I am by this recent discovery.


Haytham’s Flashback 

"The tunnels under the Palais Garnier" (x)

There’s a vast network of tunnels beneath the streets of Paris. Such tunnels exist under the Palais Garnier as well, and it’s very likely that it was through these secret passages that Erik moved around the city without anyone seeing him. 


Omg this was one of the show I was working on just before I left my workshop last summer and I have FINALLY been shown a production shot!!! Each crucifix and each Jesus was hand made using a lengthy process involving hand made fibreglass moulds, various plastics, metal, and silver paint. I think we made about 1000 of them? I can’t remember, those months are fogged by how much plastic vapour I inhaled.

But doesn’t it look amazing? Norma for the Royal Opera House