the opening ceremony fashion show

For the Fall 2014 Opening Ceremony fashion show, the makeup look was created by our own Artistry Ambassador Aaron de Mey using the Sephora+Pantone Universe Color of the Year collection, starring the versatile and feminine Radiant Orchid (and a chocolate wall—really). The Sephora Glossy caught up with Opening Ceremony’s visionary founders, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, to hear how they got inspired by the shade. HOLLY SIEGEL

What do you find inspiring about Radiant Orchid?
HUMBERTO LEON & CAROL LIM: We love that while it is bold, there is an effortlessness to wearing it. The rich, saturated color makes you feel vibrant.

You used Radiant Orchid not only in beauty, but also in your fashion collection. Tell us about how they complement each other. 
CL: It was natural for us to “think” in this color and incorporate it into our collection, as it translates well into the color palette. Radiant Orchid looks and feels very rich in the fabrics and techniques we used to bring our clothing to life.

How was it collaborating with Sephora’s Artistry Ambassador Aaron de Mey? 
HL: We love collaborating with Aaron, he is both a visionary and an inspirational partner. Aaron is able to interpret the mood we want to create into polished, exciting looks and always exceeds our expectations!

How did you strike a balance of the color on different features—eyes, cheeks, lips, nails? 
CL: We always look at the entire picture and see where we want the focus to be. From there, we work with the other features to enhance that focus. For our show, Radiant Orchid is featured on the cheeks of all our models—the rouge appears as a very natural, beautiful flush. We loved that it had such a feminine effect on the look. The rest of the makeup look is a bit softer in contrast.

Bumble and bumble is doing the hair. How did their styling enhance the beauty vibe? 
CL: We have worked with Bumble before, and they have always been incredible at working with us to create the right mood for the hair. It is always a three-way dialogue among us, Aaron, and [stylist] Anthony [Turner]. We work together to ensure that one element doesn’t overpower, but rather enhances, the other.

Carol, how would you take this beauty look from the runway and make it your own? 
CL: For me, I love taking one of the elements and incorporating it into my look: one day it might be the sheer balm on the lips, another day it might be a bolder shadow on the eyes. There are a lot of elements to play with.

Did you learn any beauty tips or tricks to recreate this look?
CL: Yes…to always start by making sure all the basics are covered! An even skintone, good eyebrows to frame the face, and moisturized skin!



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