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Description: Someone’s a sore loser ;))

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“Baby!” Yuta’s voice carried through the home as he called for your attention. “Babe!”
Trailing through your home, you followed his voice to the bedroom, instantly giggling at the sight. Yuta, having the weekend to relax, opted to stay curled up in blankets and play video games the entire time. Purple tinted hair was a mess, sticking out in all directions, and a tired but content look was brushed across his face until he caught sight of you in the door way, and a look of pure excitement fell over it.
“Babe!” He grinned. “Come play with me, single player is getting boring.”
“It’s finally boring, after two days?” You teased, kicking off your shoes and crawling on the bed to sit beside him. He wiggled around, uncurling the blanket from him so you could get in the covers as well, and handed you another controller. Yuta changed it to multiplayer, and started a new game.
“Ready to lose?” He asked with a smirk, glancing over at you.
“No,” You shook your head. “But I think you are.”
The game counted down, before you and Yuta rocketed off into an intense race, rapidly tapping buttons, firing obstacles back and forth at each other, until your character glided across the finish line.
“Who’s the loser now, huh love?“ You teased, sticking your tongue out at him playfully while he scowled at you.
“I let you win.” Yuta grumbled under his breath, making you giggle. “Shut up, round two. I’m not going easy on you anymore.”
“Whatever you say~” You smiled, getting ready for the second round, counting the seconds down in your head before your fingers worked effortlessly at the buttons, pushing you to the finish line yet again while Yuta protested.
“You cheated!” He accused with a pout. “I know you cheated somehow!”
“Or,” You tapped your chin in mock thought. “I won because you suck?”
Glaring at you, he hit new game again, bracing himself for the new game, focusing all his attention on the screen. Back and forth, your characters battled for first place, throwing different obstacles at each other, earning quiet curses from the receiver. All of a sudden, you were nudged over, nearly falling from the bed. Gaining balance, you turned to look at Yuta, who was struggling to keep his laughter in.
“Yuta!” You gasped, reaching out to smack his shoulder, making him burst out laughing. “You’re the cheater! You can’t push me!”
“I can,” He chuckled, nudging you again. “And I can do it again.”
“You’re a jerk.” You grumbled, over taking his character again.
“Babe?” Yuta called, half chuckling again.
“Did you know, I’m not wearing pants right now?”
“Dude! Stop trying to distract me!”
“Why?” He laughed. “Is it working?”
“You’re awful.” You scoffed, rolling over the finish line, much to Yuta’s dismay. Turning to look at you, he fake pouted again.
“I play this dang game all day, and you still beat me? How does that work?”
You shrugged, an amused smile on your lips, “I must be good.”
“I still think you’re cheating…” He muttered, softly chucking the game controller down on the bed and reclining back on the bed with a sigh.
“Aww, I’m sorry you suck at games, boo.” You teased, leaning back and curling against his side. “How can I make it up to you for your awful skills?”
Yuta scowled again at your words, then smiled and pursed his lips, “Kiss, and all will be forgiven.”
Giggling at him, you leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, pulling back and seeing his content face again and snuggled back into his side.
“You suck at video games, but I love you.”
“And you’ve got a smart mouth,” Yuta chuckled. “But I love you, too.”

Drew some Ryuji Sakamoto cause he is so far my fav from persona 5 (I am not that far) 

Love those “bad boys”

Doctor AU. (Chocobros + Ardyn)

This is more general as compared to the Police AU post I did, fyi.
So this turned out to be a lot more time consuming than I thought, so I’m just doing the Bros+Ardyn. (Since anon’s request specifically mentioned him)

I see Noctis practicing Family Medicine. The friendly neighbourhood doctor, who everyone seems to know. I don’t think Noctis would have it in him to take on something more intense. Having a more individual-centric focus, while being generally familiar with his patients would suit him. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Noctis likes helping people (I mean come on we can’t even turn down side quests), so he might like the “across the board” sort of approach that can be found here. It may seem as though he wouldn’t be able to fulfill such a demanding role, (since Family Physicians have to be capable of handling a wide variety of things) but I think a lot of Noctis’ distaste for “getting down to it” comes from being raised as a Prince as opposed to an innate part of his personality. So if he weren’t raised as a Prince and decided to become a doctor, he’d likely be a more proactive person. And his dedicated side may even be more pronounced.

Being as sweet as he is, I think he’d go into Paediatrics. Not only does he seem like the kind of person that’d be great with kids. I’d venture to say that he’s also the kind of person that would want to help a sick child in any way he can. I also think within Paediatrics he’d specialise in something like Hematology or Cardiology. Mainly because the kinds of diseases/etc. would be a lot more serious than if he was a general Paediatrician. His patients, and their families would adore him, for being so warm and caring at all times. And he appreciates it a great deal, since it does weigh on him that all these families are depending on him. And not just that but the fact that he has to see so many children in so much pain. He feels like it pays off every time he’s able to save someone, or help someone, because the gratitude he feels from the children and the families, means the world to him. As an aside, Prompto would also definitely be the sort to join Doctors Without Borders.

Being the practical, hardworking sort, perhaps Dentistry? For Ignis, the decision may stem from the fact that Dentistry is actually very profitable. Though Dental school is notoriously hard from what I’ve heard. But I think Ignis would be able to do it. Only because he’s shown to be hard working and doesn’t really give up either. People probably find him intimidating, since he’s mostly reserved and on top of that, he’ll be poking around in their mouth. But they’ll soon learn that not only is he really nice, he always hands out lollipops. Even to fully grown adults. His demeanour doesn’t really seem to change, so the end of every appointment, tends to be pretty amusing. He’ll look straight at them, deadpan as ever, hand them a lollipop and just disengage without saying a word. Whether he does it on purpose or not, is up for debate.

Without a doubt he’d go into Sports Medicine. Since he’s really big on exercise and fitness, he’d have a rough idea of what kind of injuries tend to pop up more often. Other than that, he’d feel really comfortable with something that focuses a great deal on exercise and fitness. It may start out as something he looks into out of personal interest, so that he’s aware of numerous things involving being physically active, such as nutritional information and all that jazz. Though I think the deeper he’d go the more it’d capture his imagination, and before he knows it he’s graduating medical school. His patients would definitely enjoy the fact that he doesn’t shy away from cracking a joke once in a while. I feel like Sports Medicine fits Gladio so well, he might have definitely gone into this field had he not had to uphold the Amicitia’s duty to the Lucian Crown.

Anon, mentioned seeing Ardyn as a Coroner/Medical Examiner. And while I agree canon Ardyn would likely fit the bill there, I’m writing all of these with a slightly different non-canon slant. In that, if they’re lives were average and they decided to become doctors. So basically this is more of a Pre-Exile Ardyn thing. Though again I’ll admit Post-Exile Ardyn would make a great Medical Examiner. 
With all this covered, I feel Ardyn might go into Intensive Care. I see this version of Ardyn being greatly motivated to help those in need and Intensive Care is probably where he’d feel he’d make the greatest difference. Unlike Prompto, I don’t think he’d be able to manage the emotional toll particularly well, but I think he’d see the importance of his role in the “big picture” sense. Which is why he’d keep at it. (Plus imagine how sweet it’d be if his s/o was helping him work through those feelings). Anyway, this version of Ardyn, is someone else I’d also peg for Doctors Without Borders

appreciate the girls
@jihyped tagged me for the 10 kpop girl group/artist songs, thank you nanda!!!

1. 2NE1 – Missing You
2. 4Minute – Hate
3. Ailee – Home
4. AOA – Miniskirt
5. Blackpink – Playing With Fire
6. CLC – Hobgoblin
7. Dreamcatcher – Good Night
8. EXID – Hot Pink
9. I.O.I – Whatta Man
10. SNSD – Lion Heart

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Rules: With each letter of any of your bias’s real (or stage) name, put a song starting with that letter that either reminds you of them or how you feel about them.

tagged by @softforeveryone (ty sol i love you 💖),i’m gonna do bora for this :) 

You - Keaton Henson

Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty

Oh Boy - Red Velvet 

Navillera - GFriend

Be Natural - Red Velvet

One More Day - Sistar 

Rollin - Brave Girls

All of Me - John Legend

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beauty and the beast tag

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1. First disney movie?

i can’t remember but it was either cinderella or the little mermaid

2. Favorite disney movie?

the little mermaid and mulan have always been my faves!!

3. Favorite disney princess?

ariel and mulan obv.

4. Favorite non-princesses?

flounder from the little mermaid!!

5. Favorite non-princess disney movie?


6. Favorite disney song?

part of your world (ariel) and make a man out of you (mulan)

7. Non-disney related fandom?

im one of those ppl that knows stuff about every fandom but my faves are: yuri on ice, throne of glass (dorian my bby <3), black butler, tokyo ghoul, snk, etc. 

8. One random fact about you?

im a potato.

9. Who is your favorite disney villain and why?

maleficent bc she’s cool 😎 idk just go watch the movie and you’ll see lol

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