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I'm also here for Sora being chaotic good.

My favorite chaotic good boy

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. would like to thank all its fans for their tremendous support for DRAGON BALL FighterZ. We recently announced at EVO 2017 that the closed beta sign-ups for DRAGON BALL FighterZ would begin on July 26, 2017; due to the volume of excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this announcement, we have decided to expand the capacity of the closed beta in an effort to enable more players to participate in the program. 

We are also working to bolster our background systems to ensure that the closed beta registration and selection process can accept the volume of anticipated sign-ups. 

However, these efforts will necessitate a slight delay for the closed beta sign-up date, which will move to August 22, 2017 with the official start of the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Closed Beta officially commencing from September 16 -18. We would like to thank all of our fans for their patience and understanding; we look forward to sharing more news about the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Closed Beta program soon. Thank you.

Many Of Horror

Was it requested: Yup by the ever-awesome @dont-hate-relate-pls! Find it here! 

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Robb Stark/reader

Your gran will confiscate all my Red Bull and all of my tobacco.

Warnings: Violence, angst. 

Summary: [the requests itself]  okay, get this…ROBB STARK X READER ANGST!!! Maybe he has a soft spot for the reader (who is a pretty badass with the sword too), and they both know it’s love but with the war going on, it’s hard to focus…but then she ends up idk dying while protecting him? so they do the ‘i’ve always known you were the better swordsman’ type exchange

Author’s Note: Fuck me this one’s short. Oh shit I may have cried while writing this. Also, the title comes from the Biffy Clyro song, Many of Horror (When We Collide)

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4. flintwood

The sliver of sunlight beaming into the room through a small gap in the curtains washed over the right side of Oliver’s face and illuminated the gentle dusting of freckles decorating his skin. He squinted into the sunlight, wiping the physical layer of grogginess from his presence by stretching out his muscles and feverishly blinking out the sleep from the corners of his eyes. Oliver was… confused. He didn’t recognise the emerald drapes surrounding the bed, nor the ignorantly loud ticking grandfather’s clock settled in the corner of the room. This definitely wasn’t his bedroom, nor was it a room in his house for that matter.

Oliver shot up, groaning at the flash of pain that darted from one side of his brain to the other. It felt like a small electric shock warning his whole body to not move that quickly for the foreseeable future, and also like a firm telling off from the mature part of his brain for getting so irresponsibly drunk. He wanted to panic and deduce where he was, but, alongside the pain tainting his forehead, the warm body to his right also stopped him in his tracks. He definitely didn’t remember coming home with anyone, or meeting anyone wherever he was last night; the bare chest and ominous pile of clothes donning the foot of the bed didn’t fill Oliver with any reassurance that he’d been responsible last night.

“Merlin you don’t have to move so fast,” the once motionless lump murmured. The voice sounded oddly familiar, the demeaning and critical tone resonating with Oliver for some unsettlingly peculiar reason. “Not all of us like waking up at the crack of dawn.”

“Wait-” Oliver started, audibly groaning when he realised who the person lying beside him was. “Marcus, why are you here, why are you shirtless and what happened last night?”

“Glad our rendezvous was memorable for you, babe. Nice knowing you were satisfied,” Marcus chuckled, the husky morning filter to his voice breaking with a hint of sarcasm as he spoke. “What do you think happened, Wood? Surely the lack of clothes, mind-splitting headache and alcoholic after-taste in your mouth speak for themselves.”

I’m too sober for this,” Oliver murmured. “Far too sober. I can’t process this right now.”

“If you’re too sober I’m always up to get you drunk again, Oliver,” Marcus helpfully offered, smiling up at Oliver through half-closed eyes. “You say, and do, some incredible things when there’s a drink in your hands.”


these are cute if you ignore all the mistakes

  • director: okay, everyone. places! this is ji dwi speaking chinese to his mother take two. marker! and ACTION!
  • hyung sik: sam maek jong de oppa. kang mo yeon yoo si jin. se hwa joon jae shim chung. song yi min joon. kang chul yeon joo.
  • director: CUT! ... are you just saying drama character names?
  • hyung sik: psh, no...
  • director: *sigh* ji dwi speaking chinese to his mother take three. and ACTION!
  • hyung sik: hae soo wang so wang eun.
  • director: CUT!
‘Life Is A Two Player Game’ Sticker by SignaScribbling
A player one and two set of two of my favorite bois c: • Also buy this artwork on stickers, apparel, phone cases, and more.

“ It’s an effed up world and it’s a two player game! ”

Guess what’s in my redbubble shop?

That’s right! Michael and Jeremy from Be More Chill: The Musical!

I have them in a set and both of them separately!

Do you have a brother that has your back? c;

“A Lannister always empties his bins.”

(with many thanks to Donny_Jpeg over on Twitter for this one!)