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I’m opening up commissions! I’m moving to Atlanta here soon and I could use all the help I could get. My dream is to be a filmmaker and Atlanta is the place to be. I want to get as much experience that I can in the industry and there’s a studio out there I’m dying to get in with. Also, my best friend will be out there so expect a lot of new content from us when we get to Atlanta. Much comedy. Much horror. MUCH FILM! SEND ALL THE HELP and spread the word my friends.

:D I’m doing Bust only works! Message me if interested. Prices vary depending on complexity and tools used.

I want to message you, but I know you won’t message me back.
—  What have we become?//kayla

— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack Summarized
  • Anybody Have A Map: Wait how do you parent
  • Waving Through A Window: Tears and loneliness
  • For Forever: If I had friends
  • Sincerely Me: We're not gay we swear
  • Requiem: You were a douche and I'm happy you're dead
  • If I Could Tell Her: I said it but he said it
  • Disappear: I'm lonely so I'm gonna make a foundation dedicated to some dead kid
  • You Will Be Found: If you weren't crying you are now
  • To Break In A Glove: I got a new dad with the power of shaving cream
  • Only Us: Quit focusing on my dead brother and kiss me
  • Good For You: Screw you for being happy
  • Words Fail: Well I done messed up
  • So Big/So Small: I wasn't there for you before but I'm here now so love me!!!
  • Finale: The room is flooded with tears and that's okay

I haven’t animated in so long??

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

i can’t find the post so i’m gonna say it again

dear young witches, those who are 13-15 or even younger. do not take offense if an older witch won’t teach you. they’re legally not allowed to without your parent’s/guardian’s permission because you’re a minor and if your parent/guardian doesn’t like you doing witchcraft or you’re in the woods we cannot teach you in secret because that can look really bad. also your parent/guardian could make up lies about us and get us in trouble with the authorities because they don’t want us teaching you or us being around you. and i can already hear ya’ll saying “but i could defend you!” i’m really sorry but the judge isn’t going to believe a kid as young as you. it’s sad but it’s true. so again please don’t take offensive if an older witch turns down teaching you.


You are the One, Noctis.
The Stars shine for
you now. That which is
yours by right
shall be restored to you.