the only woman i will ever be infatuated with

Whenever bimisogynists claim that “bi women are never going to date other women! all of them will hide behind their attraction to men to avoid homophobia blah blah blah” I just have to think if they’ve ever been in love. 

I am bi. I am dating a woman. Because I am dating a woman I deal with a lot of homophobia with fun things like avoiding pronouns when talking about my relationship, getting called awful things when walking down the street hand-in-hand, and practically destroying my relationship with my parents, possibly forever. It’s awful yes, but I would do it 10x over for the person I love. 

There is no way I could stay away. A tiny crush turned into total infatuation which turned to love that only progresses as time goes on. I can’t keep myself from her, even if I wanted to, and there is no one, no man, woman, nor nb person, that I would rather be with, that I can see myself ever wanting to be with. Would parts of my life be easier if I was dating a guy? Probably. But I don’t care, if it doesn’t include her I couldn’t be anymore disinterested.