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I don’t really know how to express this but I feel like skam has this ability to surprise its viewers more than I’ve experienced from other shows?

I don’t know to what extent, but I feel like when skam started they put up all these “rules” that were going to decide the format of the show. And then they decided that if they ever got an opportunity that broke the rule, but it was for a good enough reason, they would go for it? That way they would push the show in a good direction, without picking the first option that arose but also not sticking super strictly to the rules and not develop the show’s concept at all. And that is why they have a season about isak, even though people thought it was gonna be only girl mains at first, and also why they casted henrik even though he is born 95 when their rule was to cast people from 96-99. I feel like they are keeping a good balance of “stick to the rules vs. break rules”, and I wonder what changes they are gonna make in the future.

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Yandere headcanons for Deku, Kacchan, Monoma and Kaminari please? (non romanticised)

Thank you for adding that last little bit, it means a lot to me. I think in future I’d only take these requests in scenario format seen as it’s kinda hard to just come up with personality traits that aren’t actually theirs without some kinda surrounding information . Also I’m sticking this under a read more

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