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Saga on Ice - Yuri on Ice Karatsu Tourism Collaboration

Saga on Ice is a special tourism collaboration held by the city of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture, as Karatsu was used as the model for Hasetsu, Yuri’s home town in Yuri on Ice. Saga prefecture is right next to me(I live in northern Fukuoka), and although I’ve been to Saga city I’ve never been to Karatsu. I’ve always been meaning to explore Kyushu some more given how much time I’ve spent living here, and given that this event was going on over Golden Week and @hideoutfromreality​ was visiting I figured it was a good chance. 

What I knew: The Karatsu tourism organization are really excited about Karatsu being featured in an anime and want to take advantage of it with some limited merch.
What I didn’t know: The Karatsu tourism organisation are really, really excited about this and kinda went all out lmao. I was surprised at how much they did to attract YOI fans to the place.

Anyway, I bought a little Viktor with me, so here’s my photo report of the things we saw.

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Family Tortilla Recipe

  • 2 cups flour
  • ¼ cup Crisco vegetable shortening
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • about a cup warm water

Combine flour, salt and baking powder in a large bowl. Make a well, put shortening in the middle of the well and add some of the warm water and combine. I ALWAYS use my hands. Add more water until dough is moist but not sticky. Flour your surface and let the dough rest for 10 minutes.

This would be a great time to get your pan out on the stove and warm it and find a plate or some vessel to hold the fresh tortillas. I usually put the pan on med-high

Cut dough in half and repeat until you have a ball a little larger than a golf ball. (You could actually make them any size you want but you’ll get different size tortillas and varying amounts of tortillas if you do. It’s really up to your discretion) Flour your surface and rolling pin and roll them out.

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andrew1937  asked:

46 for Midlink, please and thank you

“Dance with me.” 

Link found himself staring openly at the open floor of the ballroom. It was unlike any sight he had ever laid his eyes on. Since he was currently in the palace of the Twilight realm, the large windows allowed the almost eerie lighting of soft glowing blues and black to filter into the expansive room. Along with the many Twili on the floor dancing, their bright hair and pale skin a stark contrast against the low, yet also sufficient lighting, it made for a scene that was almost fairytale-like in nature. The hero could not help but wonder how Hylian historians had written about this place as if it were a horrifying realm of nightmares. Of course he knew that it was probably due to the fact that the Twilight Realm had been used as a place of banishment for the worst of prisoners, such descriptions used to perhaps deter others from committing crimes. Yet, now that he spent more time here thanks to his spouse, he found himself at peace and comforted by its atmosphere, despite all he had experienced when the Dark Lord had taken control.

“Dance with me.”

Link was drawn out of his thoughts as his eyes travelled upwards, finally settling upon those of the queen of the Twilight Realm. He cleared his throat as he remarked how stunning she looked, swathed in her regal robes and adorned with jewels that accentuated her sharp, yet well defined features. A knowing smirk played across her lips as she held her hand out for her husband, waiting for him to take it into his own. On the other hand, Link found himself staring blankly at her hand as he nervously adjusted the fancy cravat he wore upon his collar.

“Uh Midna…I’ve never really danced before,” Link finally admitted as his gaze wandered over to the many Twili nobles dancing and twirling on the dance floor. Midna found herself scoffing at the comment as she raised her eyebrow in suspicion.

“I’m sure you’ve danced before Link. Hell, you even danced at our wedding! You didn’t think you’d get away with such a lame excuse now did you?” While Midna did have a habit of being snarky, she could tell from the hero’s demeanor that his hesitation had very little to do with dancing. He continuously fidgeted within the royal tunic and silks she had had tailored for him, observing him as he continued to cast a wary eye over to the dance floor. While the man could face down a beast hundreds of times his size without batting an eyelid, he found himself completely at loss in face of such opulence and properness. Link was completely out of his element here, especially since this was his first official ball with so many of her people in attendance.

“Alright, I know that was lame…” Link sighed as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. Midna simply shook her head before offering her hand once more, this time being a bit more insistent.

“The only way you’re going to get used to this is to continue participating you know?” Midna remarked matter-of-factly. “The last thing I need is to deal with the rumors of why the queen of Twilight’s husband is always standing by the sidelines always fidgeting in his boots. Can you imagine the many ridiculous stories one could create with that kind of description?”

Link could not help but chuckle at the very thought. Sighing once more, he slowly placed his hand in hers, allowing her to pull him over to the dance floor. He had accepted her hand in marriage after all, so he supposed these were events he would have to attend regularly. Link found himself looking up at her then, reciprocating her triumphant grin with one of his own as he took his hand into hers.

“Now careful huh? Don’t want to mix up who leads the dance and have us stepping all over each other’s feet again,” Link reminded her then, recalling the mess that had been their wedding dance. Midna narrowed her eyes at that comment, before a knowing smirk crossed her lips. It was all the hero could do not to yelp in surprise as they suddenly took off across the dance floor, the queen light and nimble on her feet as she took the lead with gusto. The hero credited his training with the ancient hero of time for being able to keep up with her without falling flat on his face.

“Then I lead and you follow. Simple, right?” Midna said with a laugh as they danced well into the evening.

- So all the bat boys go shopping like a day before Mother’s day.

- And they go in pairs.

- Like Jason and Tim are at Macy’s going through women’s clothing, with these confused expressions.

- “Tim, dude, look at this, It’s like a dress, only it has shorts at the end! How awesome is that? “

- “I feel like that’s really convenient, you know how busy they are, just slip it on and you’re ready for the day.”

- It is literally the ugliest romper in the world, it has a yellow and black block color pattern, and ruffles on the end of the shorts.

- “But you know we should keep our options open.”

“Yeah of course, of course.”

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George Fluffs- George Weasley Imagine

Anonymous said: George fluff?

Lately life had been pretty demanding. Between your homework, your constantly escaping cat, your parents, and the end of the year fast approaching, you hardly had any time for anything. The stress was finally catching up with you and you were getting exhausted and miserable. One night at dinner your boyfriend George had asked you if anything was wrong, but you had just let out a sigh and groaned “all the things.”

It was the second last day of school and you had a spare moment, so you decided to pack your trunk a little. You began taking out all the crap at the bottom of it, but came across a bundled up shirt. You unfolded it, and recognised it as one of George’s t-shirts. You tossed it aside to give to him later.

After half an hour, you had managed to pack about three quarters of your trunk, so you called it a day and headed down to dinner.
Needless to say, you ate as quickly as possible. The Great Hall was so loud and you wanted to get as much sleep as possible tonight (heaven knows you need to catch up on it.) So by the time George had walked in and sat beside you, you were just finishing up.
He had put his arm around your waist and kissed your cheek.
“Hey, how you doin’?”
“I’m really tired, so I’m gonna go up to bed now.” you said, removing his arm.
“I-oh…okay, well, sleep well then” he said with a frown. You shot him a quick apologetic smile. You two hadn’t seen much of each other lately.

Once you reached your dormitory, you flopped down face-first onto your bed. You’ve been looking forward to this all day. Eventually, you gathered enough motivation to start searching the room for your pyjamas. They weren’t under the bed, in your drawers or on your floor. You groaned and started to complain, but halfway through, remembered folding them and putting them in your trunk. You groaned for the hundredth time that day, and flopped back onto your bed, landing on George’s shirt. You pulled it out from under you, shrugged, and got changed into it. It came down to around the middle of your thighs and was probably something like 3 sizes too big, but it was the most comfortable you’ve been all day.

You buried yourself under your blankets and fell asleep almost immediately. It felt like you had only been asleep for minutes, but you were woken by someone dripping water on your forehead out of a cup.

“George!” You growled, waving your sleepy hand around to try and slap the cup away.
“Sorry! It’s the only way I could get you to wake up!” He laughed.
“What d'you mean?”
“Well, I’ve been trying to wake you up for the past five minutes. That’s the only way that’s worked.”
“Why?” you asked, confused. It can’t be any later then 6am, surely.
“Well, it’s about 10:30 in the morning.”
“WHAT?” You scrambled out of bed, fumbling around for your uniform.
“Hey, is that my shirt?” He asked.
“What- oh, yeah. It was in the bottom of my trunk.”
“So that’s where it went”
“Do you want it back or-”
“Nah, you can keep it. It looks better on you” He said with a wink, making you giggle.
“Where’s my uniform?” you grumbled, mostly to yourself.
“What do you need your uniform for anyway?” George asked.
“Because I am going to class, and it is required that I wear a uniform, George.” You said shortly.

George laid down on your bed and gave you his famous mischievous grin.
“Y'know…it is potions right now…”
“So what? I still need to wear a uniform to potions.”
“C'monnnn, skive off today with meeee Y/N.” He whined.
“But it’s the last day!” you protested.
“Exactly! So what does it matter?” He chuckled.
You sighed. “I guess I could sleep a little longer-” George cracked another smile.
“-but not for the whole day. Just potions.” you finished.
“Alright then. Mind if I stay with you babe?”
“Uh, if you want to I guess…”
George’s grin disappeared at your uncertainty, you felt bad now that you’d realised it had sounded like you didn’t really want him there.

“Y/N, have you been avoiding me?” He asked slowly.
You rested your hands in top of your head.
“No no no, I swear I haven’t been avoiding you, it’s just- I just- there’s been a lot of stuff going on lately. Mum and Dad have been owling me every three days to remind me to pick up my grades, all the last minute homework, ((your cat’s name)) constantly escaping (speaking of which, have you seen it around lately?) and keeping up with sleep all at once is kind of overwhelming.” You blurted out quickly.

“Well, just think, it’s the end of the year, so you want have to worry about homework or marks for weeks, and your cat will be easier to find when you’re at home because the area’s not as big, and you can sleep all day and stay up all night if you want to.” he said warmly.
Your hands fell to your sides and you breathed deeply. He was right.
“Now, come be my little spoon, I’ve missed you.” He said with a cheeky smile.

You rolled onto the bed with him. He put a comforting arm around your waist and kissed your exposed shoulder quickly.
“Are you feeling better now?” he whispered.
“Better.” you confirmed.
“See, skiving off classes is wonderful for your health.”

A/N: skiving is not wonderful for your health don’t listen to silly George!


The Burrow was like a home away from home for you. You visited every holidays for at least a few days. Today was your third day with the Weasley family, so far your visit had been filled with backyard Quidditch, late nights, and lots of laughing. Today was no exception.

That morning, you had woken up, eaten toast, and gone straight out into the orchard with the others to play some Quidditch. It was you, Ginny and George against Harry, Fred and Ron. After that, you had gone inside, eaten lunch, and helped the twins out with some plans for the joke shop. Then you had chatted joked around and with Ginny until dinner.

It was a few hours after dinner, you were in the living room, chatting away with the twins and Ginny and listening to the radio. You were stretched out on a particularly comfy couch, next to George’s armchair. He had his legs dangling off the arm and his head hanging off the other side so he could see you. Ginny sat curled up on the lounge across the room from you, and Fred on the other side of your’s. There was a lull in conversation. Ginny stood up to stretch You didn’t know what made you do it, but you yelled “GINNY! NO! THE FLOOR IS LAVA!”
She paused, stared at you, and just when you had decided you probably shouldn’t have shouted that, her face split into the widest grin.
“SAVE ME!” she yelled with a dramatic flail of the arms.

You stood on your chair and smiled hopefully at George. He laughed and stood up too. Ginny groaned “I’m burning to death and all Fred’s gonna do is watch!”
Fred snorted and stood up as well.

You three made your way to Ginny, expertly hopping off tables and chairs. Gaps that you had to leap for, Fred and George could almost just step. After a minute or so (admittedly, you could’ve gotten across the room in seconds, but you were enjoying yourself) you reached Ginny and pulled her up with the twins onto the closest sofa.

George was the one at the edge of the sofa pulling her up. Once she was safe, she shoved him off. and into the ‘lava’.

“The betrayal!” he wailed. “Y/N, you’ll save me, won’t you?”
“Sorry George, you’ll have to burn!” you laughed. He covered his mouth in mock-horror.
“Well it’s a good thing I’m a ginger then! I can’t be burnt!” he cackled and climbed back into the sofa, arms outstretched to push the closest person in. “Go! Go!” you squealed at Fred and Ginny.

The four of you spent the next fifteen minutes switching between enemies according to who was last pushed in. Until eventually it just became a free-for-all. However, your fun was soon disrupted by an annoyed Mrs. Weasley.
“Will you lot stop that! You’re going to break something!”
“But Mum! We can fix it!” exclaimed Fred.
“You can’t fix a broken arm! besides, you’re making too much noise.” And with that, Mrs. Weasley strode out of the room.

Ever since Mrs. Weasley’s complaints, everyone had gone silent and sat back down.
Ginny sighed.
“I’m going to bed. See ya later.” You waved her off. “We should probably go too.” George said to you and Fred. You rolled off the couch and yawned. Fred walked out, and you made to follow but was stopped when George picked you up. You yelped “George! What’re you doing?” “Saving you from the lava. I’m a ginger so it doesn’t affect me.” He said with an innocent smile. (You didn’t know he could do that.) You laughed and leaned your head against his chest. Fred poked his head in to see if you were coming.
“Ughh, you two are disgusting.”

George carried you out of the room and up the stairs, stopping outside Ginny’s door (you were sharing a room with her)
“Night love.”
“Night Georgie.” He screwed up his nose at the nickname, you kissed his cheek.

A/N: I swear I will add another fluff to this, but I felt really bad for my lack of activity so

Plus Sized

[Request: do you think you could please write an plus sized reader with J where reader gets very insecure and doesn’t want to go out but J convinces them too but when they’re out somewhere along the way, someone comments on readers appearance and J of course shoots them or somthing and once they’re home, he tells reader he loves them for more then their beauty and stuff?? #/u\# please and thank you but i love you’re writing and it’s ok if you don’t wanna! stay amazing!]

(Sorry this took so long!)

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Looking herself over once more in the mirror [y/n] groans before calling out to her boyfriend.

“Daddy… Do I HAVE to come with you to the club? I just don’t fit in there.”

Scowling at her reflection she waits for his response. She hated how she looked, constantly degrading herself for being heavier than she thinks she should. The sleek dresses he always got for her to make her feel better only drew attention to her curves making her even more self conscious.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a fic about 10k and you having to share a bed but latter turns out you and him. Wake up the others if you know what I mean 😉😉

(Smut is not my specialty, keep in mind I’m the girl that turns red as tomato when I see others kissing around me because I find it awkward.)

“Everyone find a room. See who you can share with, we don’t need someone getting eaten in the middle of the night because they decided to sleep alone.” Warren commands as she finds a room for herself and Murphy in a small motel.

There was no way anybody was down to sharing with him and besides she was the only one that could manage him.

You grab 10k’s hand and pull him with you down the hall. You open the door and peek inside, finding an empty room and a queen size bed.

You smirk and pull him inside, he stumbles and trips flopping onto the bed as you burst out into a fit of giggles.

“You know, we haven’t had a room to ourselves in a while.” You say as you sit next to him.

He blushes and turns to you. “The last time we.. Well you know. We did that.”

You laugh. “Do you want to do it again?” You whisper as you inch closer to him.

His eyes flicker to your lips and nods. You smile and begin to kiss him slowly. He deepens the kiss as he slides his tongue inside your mouth.

You pull away and kiss him up his jaw and behind his ear. You get to his earlobe and nibble on it before returning to his lips. He pulls you on to his lap, and you’re straddling him. Neither one of you breaks the kiss again until you pull off your shirt and his as well.

Your hands roam his bare chest and you begin to kiss his neck and chest, leaving love bites as a small trail.

He grabs you by the waist and flips you so that you’re laying on the bed while he hovers above you.

He gives you soft kisses down your belly before getting to the the button of your pants. He slowly unbuttons it and removes your pants before placing a few kisses on the inner parts of your thighs.

He walks away from you and heads to towards his bag. He rummages through before you ask him. “What are you looking for?”

“A condom.” He said quietly.


“Hm?” He hums softly before looking at you.

“They’re in my bag.” You say embarrassed. He smiles and grabs your bag before finding a condom in a small pocket.

He walks back to you and removes his pants before rolling the condom on.

“You ready?” He asks, and you nod.

He takes off your panties as he enters you. You whimper before you slowly begin to relax.

He’s going at a fairly slow pace asking you if you’re okay every five minutes to which you all answer yes.

“10k please.” You beg breathlessly.

He leans forward to kiss you and he quickens his pace. At this point you’re moaning out his name and he’s moaning out yours.

You’re close. You feel it and by the sound, so is he. He slows down a bit and you let out small moans before you hear a pounding on the other side.

“Just to let you know, these walls are paper thin and we can hear everything.” You hear doc say.

You both stop and you hide your face in your hands while 10k slowly pulls out.

“We can’t fall asleep because y/n wont stop screaming out 10ks name.” Addy says. You look at 10k and his face is bright red.

“If you’re not done can you hurry it up, some of us do need to sleep.” Murphy complains.

“Yeah! Hurry it up, just be more quite about it.” Doc says. You both wait for more complaints but receive none.

By this point on you’re laughing hysterically, they all ruined the mood for the both of you.

“Oh god they’re never going to let us live this down” you say and a bright red 10k nods in agreement before tossing you his shirt.

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“I can work with that” Bruce assured and wrote it down. Hair and eye color, he could see, and his size he knew, too. “Birthday?” he kept asking. “We picked another one than the one I came to Earth. That way you get to celebrate twice.” That was nice. Bruce looked up again with a smile.

“I don’t think I have one… Or at least one that probably wasn’t celebrated.” Of course, that was only a guess. “The people who took me in. They just celebrated the day I- erm. The day they found me.” Izaic paused and thought on that. Besides the family calling whenever they could get a hold of him, he never celebrated that day since he left. “Ha, wow. I don’t think I celebrated that in fifteen years.” 

Thief Prompt - "Make Me"



“Mm, why not?”


“Ohhh~” Ciel purred, thighs parted over the pinned-down giant, the couch they were on creaking when the boy sat up straight. “So you DON’T want it, then?”

“That’s NOT it.”

“Then what is it?” Dressed only in a pair of tiny white briefs, Ciel had his knife in tow - pointed right at his guardian’s throat. The man was in full uniform and had the most handsome of snarls on that mean mouth, causing Ciel to give the blade a soft push. “Don’t trust me?”

“You FUCKING attack me right when I get home and shove your knife into my throat like a PSYCHO-”

“And you don’t like that?”

Sebastian licked his lips and swallowed at the way Ciel looked, the boy too fine to fathom, too heated to tame - too tempting to ever even dream of resisting.

“You know I like it.”

“Yeah? Do you like that I wait here with barely anything on for you?”

The man was so enormous he had one foot flat on the ground as he reclined, his body too big, his muscles too strong when he jerked both hands up into the meat of Ciel’s thighs, giving them a rough squeeze.

“I like that too.”

“Ngh! Augh, fuck. Then why are you complaining?”

“Do you know how many uniforms I’ve gone through because of you and your fucking knife?”

“Mm! St-ah, shit. Don’t stop.”



“You FUCKING slice them up so often they’re starting to get suspicious at work.”

Ciel’s hand was steady as he held the blade, letting it drag down over Sebastian’s Adam’s apple to give it a soft rub. The boy could feel those over-sized palms just suffocating his thighs, and he licked his lips only to release a breathy moan.

“S-so it’s okay as long as I don’t ruin it?”

“You fucking ruin everything.”

“Are you doubting my knife skills?”

If there was one thing Sebastian couldn’t get enough of it was the way Ciel wielded weapons, knowing all too well how good he was with his hands.

“I am.”

“Really?” Ciel smiled and slid the blade from throat to collar, flicking his wrist and popping that first button off like it melted under his touch. “You think I can’t unwrap you without making a mess?”

“You make a fucking mess no matter what you do.”

Another button popped off, and another and another - Ciel’s eyes never leaving Sebastian’s he was just that talented.

“You’re the only messy thing here, Sebastian.”

“Come here.”

“No, I’m not finished.”

“I don’t give a fuck, come here.”

“I said no.” Ciel was serious as he removed the final button, finally rolling his eyes down as he used the blade to part the dark blue of the uniform.

The boy nearly lost it, breathing out shakily as he let the knife kiss the lifted muscles of Sebastian’s abdomen. He pressed into them and they tensed, Ciel swooning so hard he could barely contain himself.

“Y-you get bigger every day.” Ciel didn’t even wait for a response he just slid down and put his mouth to the muscle, licking and kissing and shoving his tongue over all the firm flesh.

Sebastian clenched his teeth, showing off those good-looks as his jaw tensed right up. The man was on his back with his shirt wide open, exposed to the elements of a knife-wielding Ciel, hearing those soft suckles and gasps, feeling the boy hitch the blade right underneath his belt.

Skilled was an understatement when it came to Ciel, one hand groping Sebastian’s sculpted middle as the other jerked the knife and whacked the lifted leather to the side. Ciel kissed lower and lower until his own throat was stabbed - with the hardened tent of Sebastian’s dick.

“Mm, it’s so huge.” Ciel kissed over the cloth and gave it a rough lick, looking back up to Sebastian as he continued to breathe all over it. “I want it.”

“Get it.” Sebastian grunted out, hands at his sides as he lifted his hips so Ciel’s mouth could kiss the base. That tight abdomen flexed at the way those lips stuffed into his cock, and he released a low groan the instant Ciel slid the tip of the knife over the strained cloth.

And sliced right into it.

“Shit” Sebastian cursed under his breath just at the thrill of it all, breathing hard when the blade came within an inch of his dick. The sound of the pants tearing and the feel of Ciel’s mouth lifting had Sebastian digging his claws right into the couch.

“God, it practically popped out.” Ciel licked his teeth and slowly dipped the knife into the torn cloth, pressing the cool blade into that sweet spot where coarse hair met thick, thick flesh.

“Fuck” Sebastian cursed.

Ciel smiled.

He looked back down and got all kinds of serious again, heart beating fast and mouth practically watering, sliding his knees low on the couch so he could stick his ass out and give his man a proper show.

And what a show it was, that svelte body curved and angled just right, those tight briefs shaping an ass that Sebastian immediately stared down. It made him harder and his dick thumped because of it, all before feeling the cold blade jerk right at his base.

Ciel pressed against the mass until it slipped right out of the torn cloth, the thing sticking straight up and making him tremble just at the sight. It was plump and long and just dying to get licked - but instead Ciel looked up and noticed Sebastian too occupied with staring at his ass.

“Hey” Ciel swore his heart crawled up into his throat the second their eyes met, swallowing it back down before he could get the rest of his words out.

“Pay attention or I’ll cut you.”

“Cut me and I’ll throw you across the room and fuck you until you pass out.”

“Oo, promise?” Ciel had his eyes on Sebastian as he turned the knife, the dull side of the blade now pressed against swollen veins and rigid flesh. The cold steel soon slid up and up, Ciel going crazy at the look on the guard’s face.

“Give me a smile, Sebastian.”

“Fuck you.”

“Only if you’re good.” Blue orbs checked out the finest torso imaginable before finally locking onto that mean dick, the thing just screaming for attention. It was dripping precum and more than ready to get pushed into something, reddened tip all messy with the amount that came out.

Ciel moved the blade higher and nudged it just under the swell of the tip, raking the steel against it and then turning it to the sharpened edge. It traced the flesh and passed the slippery head, dragging across the flush slit to collect every drop that overflowed.

Sebastian hissed and swallowed hard, watching the knife move from one end of the tip to the other. The sensation made his middle tense, the feel of a deadly weapon in deadlier hands only causing him to tongue the inside of his cheek.

“Lick it.”

Ciel didn’t even look up at the demand because he was too preoccupied with the dick of his dreams, watching the blade get all sticky and wet before he finally removed it.

In a split second Ciel’s young mouth opened right up, hot tongue sticking out just enough to catch the base of the knife. The sharp edge slid across every tastebud until there was nothing left, the precum licked off and savored and swallowed.

Ciel noticed Sebastian’s hips lifting but he only pushed the blade deeper into his mouth, this time rolling his eyes up to the man as he closed his lips over the entire length of it. The knife was slowly pulled out, and just as it lifted within an inch of Ciel’s face - the weapon was rudely grabbed.

Sebastian had enough.

An enormous palm clenched the knife and yanked it right out of Ciel’s hand, only to be turned and pointed right at his fourteen-year-old throat.

“Fucking suck it.”

“Hah, I-”

“NOW” Sebastian didn’t dare touch the blade to the skin as he knew who was really in control here, so he only glared at Ciel when the boy lifted his chin - and consequently pressed the tip of the knife into his neck.

“Go ahead - give it a little push.”

“DO what I SAY.”

“You first.”

Sebastian did it as his anger got the best of him,  just because he was ordered and heated and horny enough to obey any command that came from Ciel. The blade jerked into pale flesh, and Sebastian licked his lips as soon as he noticed a tiny drop of blood stain the skin.

Ciel smiled which only turned him on even more, those pretty lips lifting into smooth cheeks, that gorgeous face too young and too troubled. Too perfect.

“I said FUCKING suck it.” Sebastian jerked the knife to the side and led the boy’s head to hover right over his big dick - mouth open and breathing all over the tip. “Swallow it.”

Ciel was in heaven and he licked his lips and closed his eyes, loving the feel of the knife and Sebastian’s deep voice, trembling when he finally gave the tip a soft kiss.

One kiss turned into two and then three, and before he knew it Ciel was making out with the thing like he couldn’t control himself. Sebastian was more man than he could ever handle so he wrapped a small hand over the thick base, sticking his tongue out to lick it up and down.

It was sloppy and all over the place, Ciel too excited and impatient to take his time with it. Instead he suckled all around every single inch, and when he felt the knife on his throat press just a bit harder he swallowed the thing as best he could.

“Fuck” Sebastian let the curse slip through clenched teeth, uniform all undone and ripped, mind just as manic, hand steady on the weapon.

“Deeper, Ciel.”

But Ciel couldn’t go any deeper.


He could barely take over half of the thing.

“Fuck, FUCK.” Sebastian knocked his head back into the couch when he was given the best suck of his life, Ciel’s tongue rolling all over the place as his tonsils clenched tight around it.

Ciel moaned as his mouth was stuffed beyond capacity, saliva and precum all over the place, his small hips starting to rock over Sebastian’s knee. The poor thing dragged himself forward and back just for the friction, humping so hard his white briefs hitched low onto each thigh.

Sebastian just about lost it when he felt all of Ciel on his knee, jerking it up into that warmth as he watched the boy go. The area Ciel was grinding into became nice and damp, and Sebastian only released a mean grunt and flicked the blade into the skin once again.



“Fucking choke on it like that.” Sebastian had it now, his cock pushing in and out of the wet mouth just as Ciel started moaning like he couldn’t help it.

Ciel choked on his own voice and popped the soaked tip out of his mouth, only to swallow it right back up again. His little waist rocked hard before it suddenly stilled and jerked in place - the boy creaming himself as he gave the best head in history.

Sebastian could feel Ciel’s cum seeping through his pants, knee now soaked, dick swallowed, knife pointed. It felt so good and deep that the man held his own breath, heart beating fast and hard when he watched Ciel slide up to just the tip because he knew all too well how to work it.

That tongue could have been the death of Sebastian, the man gripping the knife so tight his knuckles turned white. Ciel knew what to do when the swollen thing started to twitch, and he made out with the slit and made sure to look right into Sebastian’s eyes.

“Rgh, you’re going to get it.“

Thick spurts of cum were caught by the slow roll of Ciel’s tongue, the boy licking and kissing and gasping over the tip as he scooped up the pearly warmth and swallowed every single drop.

Sebastian spared no time and pushed the knife into the throat, forcing Ciel to move back and away from his favorite meal. The boy was pushed further and further, and before he knew it he was slammed onto his back and staring up at the enormity of Sebastian.

The man removed the blade from Ciel’s throat and leaned down in an instant, his mouth tending to the small wound he had made on his boy. A hot tongue lapped it up and Ciel knocked his head back to be swallowed, until he was bitten so hard that he screamed.

In pleasure.

“Agh! B-bite it again. It hurts, bite it. Sebastian, please-”

“Shut the FUCK up.” Sebastian still had the knife in his hand as he straightened his back, both knees pressed between Ciel’s spread thighs as he removed his pants properly. He stared Ciel down as he let his dick breathe, giving the thing a couple of strokes as he spoke.

“I fucking told you, you make a mess. You make ME a fucking mess-”

“I-I don’t, mm. I don’t know what y-”


“Ngh, god!”


“N-no, wait.”

“I said roll the FUCK over. NOW.”

Ciel could feel his belly get hot because he wanted it that bad, but his eyes rolled down to the knife in Sebastian’s hand instead. He stared at the way the man held it and then looked back up to him with a lick to his pretty lips, smiling at the savage as he lunged forward.

As stealth and sneaky as he was, Ciel swiped the knife in one fell swoop, slamming his shoulders back down onto the couch as his weapon-wielding arm extended out. The stolen blade twirled in his hand as he was an expert and a thief, and it soon stopped right over Sebastian’s heart - the sharpened steel pressing hard into that toned, toned muscle.

“Make me.”



Caught in the Middle - Part Two

Author’s Note: Dean x reader continuation of my last post as per request. Okay disclaimer right here in the beginning this came out very angsty and fairly anti-Sam and I’m not exactly sure why. I don’t dislike Sam at all, but for the sake of this story he’s being a you-know-what and there’s definitely family issues. This alongside it being completely Dean POV, it’s pretty different.  Not sure how I feel about it yet. Thoughts in italic. Warnings: language, conflict

This song was a big part in writing this, not that the lyrics matched well, but I felt like it really set the mood.

Well this situation couldn’t get any worse. I watched with disgust as Y/N and Sam stared. They literally crippled each other. Their faces were a kaleidoscope of emotions, ranging from fury to intimacy. If it weren’t for the sound of their breathing the room would be complete silence. I could tell some hidden part of Sam wanted to rip the ring off his finger and use the tickets in his hand to run away with her, and some part of Y/N wanted to slap him in the face. None of that happened though. Sam was the first to move, shoving the paperwork into his pants pocket gruffly. Y/N looked down at her appearance in alarm and began straightening her skirt as she rose off the couch. Her eyes glowed behind the blackness of lingering mascara. I was the only one who shouldn’t have been nervous, yet I shifted my weight between my legs uncomfortably.

 ”Hey, look who’s up finally.” Y/N didn’t seem to hear me, she was too busy having a silent conversation with Sam. For the first time they broke eye contact, both looking down at Sam’s wedding band. Y/N’s jaw clenched and she averted her gaze. I watched as she brought a thin finger to her lips and wiped away the red makeup that smudged along the side of her mouth. It was slow and methodical. Sam’s nostrils flared and he combed a hand through his hair, his chin tipped upwards in defiance. The sexual tension was just as thick as the anger. I found myself mesmerized by the way Y/N tossed her hair back and smiled slightly.

 ”Congratulations.” Although it was a single word, it was pronounced with all the flourish of a national anthem. That was the huntress I knew, a raging flame with impeccable control. I caught myself grinning slightly. Sam scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, biceps rippling.

 ”Yeah, so glad you could make it.” Y/N’s lips twitched at the sarcasm in his tone. I knew these two, and I knew where this was going.

 ”Well Sam, you’d better get going. Don’t want to leave the Mrs. waiting.” They both glared at me in unison, as if I was intruding on a private matter. My brother then nodded and tugged the edge of his coat closer to his neck.

“You’re right.” Although his speech was in agreement he did little in the way of leaving. He searched the air around him for some kind of cue. “Y/N…” I watched the girl in front of him perk up at the sound of her name on his lips. No, I wasn’t letting this happen to her, not again. I stepped out and clapped a heavy hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“Okay, well see you later. Don’t forget to send a postcard, preferably of scantily clad women and not a palm tree.” I pushed him in the direction of the door and slammed it shut before Y/N could say goodbye. She was annoyed, but she’d thank me later. “Coffee is cold now, so how about you and me go for a drive.”


 ”You didn’t even ask.” I watched Y/N staring out the Impala’s window and wished she was as relaxed as she was last night. Now her feet weren’t on the dash and her hand wasn’t riding the waves of air outside, she was just sitting.

“What?” She cocked her head and faced me, eyes downcast. I clenched the steering wheel tighter and tried to sound stern.

 ”You didn’t even ask what he was doing at your house.” She just shrugged. I hated seeing her like this, so somber. I flicked through the station on the radio to find which one played 80s music.

 ”I figured he was there to see you. It didn’t matter.” She was lying. I wondered how many times he had showed up at her door after their break up. It was infuriating, the thought of Sam taking advantage of her like that. I rolled down my window and the gust of air tousled her hair around her like a whirlwind.

“That’s your problem.” I let my foot fall heavier against the gas pedal. “You don’t care if he shows up, hell you want him to.” Y/N glared at me and tried to keep her hair from flying around. When she couldn’t, she reached across my lap to the door. “You do, don’t you?” My voice rose louder above the sound of the road speeding beneath us. She growled and struggled against my detaining arm that kept her from closing the window. She was getting angry. Good

“Dean! What the hell!” At first our wrestling was playful, but it became more and more serious as time went on. She shot me a deathly glance and attempted to push my arm out of the way. She may be an amazing hunter, but she’s still half my size. We were tangled up, fighting for control of the window crank, flying down the freeway.

“Dean!” She yelled my name and pounded a fist on my chest. Her eyes blazed with anger but I could only smile at the memories it was bringing back. Our play was fully violent now.

“Admit it Y/N, you could never say no to him. That’s the real problem.” As soon as I spat my words, I regretted their harshness. She stopped reaching for the window and sighed, the grip on my arm lessening. Dejectedly, she used her hand to push herself away from my chest and back into the passenger side. Her wild hair settled around her face but I could tell that I had struck a cord. For a while we drove in silence, the chatter of the radio just a background noise for our deafening thoughts. I couldn’t take it any longer. “Hey, I’m sorry.” She didn’t reply but I heard a little whimper rise from her side of the Impala. The hairs on my neck stood up. “You aren’t- are you-” I pressed the breaks and veered towards the right till we were off the road and parked on a open stretch of dirt. It didn’t take me long to unbuckle and lean over where she sat, my face trying to get a glimpse of hers. “Are you okay?” Y/N shrank away towards the window but their was no escaping my prying eyes. “Hey.” I let my hand disappear into her hair until I felt it graze the side of her face. She turned towards me, the beginning of tears in her eyes.

 ”Leave me alone Dean.” She snapped, her chin quivering slightly. “You’re right okay, is that what you want to hear?” She popped open the door and stepped out onto the dusty ground. There was no where to walk from here but she still started off in the opposite direction of my voice.

“Y/N, wait!” I climbed out her side and follower after her. “I shouldn’t have said that. I know you’re torn up about Sam.” She spun around and threw her hands into the air.

“You’re right, I can’t say no to him. Whenever he shows up at my door I just melt into those brown eyes…” She was gazing past me, into her memories. I chided myself for not realizing it all sooner. That’s why Sam was so hostile about her being at the wedding. It wasn’t just sadness that they held for each other still. How could he do this to her, stringing her along straight into his next relationship. And where was I when it all happened? I crept forward toward Y/N. She stepped back but I raised my hands in surrender. A tear was running down her cheek, it’s silvery trail glistening under the sun. “I thought maybe when you brought me home that things could go back to normal, that we could be best friends again.” She choked back a childlike squeak and tried to collect herself. “But, he showed up. Back into my life like he always does.” I cursed Sam under my breath, I’d deal with him later. Right now I had to help the unsettled girl in front of me.

“Hey, I get it. We’ve all got our wounds. And you know what a wound does before it heals? It itches like hell.” She squinted at me in confusion, but I definitely had her attention. "It makes you think the only thing in the world that’s gonna feel better than making the pain go away is lifting a finger to tear it apart.“ While I was speaking I was growing nearer and nearer to Y/N, till I was just inches from her covered face. "But let me tell you, you can’t scratch those kind of things. It’s never gonna heal like that. You’re just gonna be all open cuts and scars in the end.” She whimpered and I pulled her to myself, smoothing my hand against her back comfortingly. “So let him go Y/N. For the love of god, let him go.” She cried for a long time, the wet heat from her tears soaking through my shirt. With my arms around her I could feel every shudder and tremble of her skin. The hot sun beating down on us made me sweat and I did my best to lean over Y/N to shield her from it. When she finally looked up at me she was grinning a little.

  “You know, you’re pretty profound.” Her eyes glimmered with teasing instead of moisture, a sign that she was all out of tears to cry. I ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead protectively.

“You’re a brat.” She wrinkled her nose at me and returned to cuddle into my damp shirt. I ushered her in the direction of the Impala. While we were walking back I squeezed her side gently to get her attention. “Hey, you know why you can’t be with Sam?” She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“I don’t know Dean, because he’s a married man?” I chuckled, the unfamiliar sound echoing in the emptiness around us.

“No, because he’s a dick when he’s around you.” Y/N laughed a little and let her hand press to over my heart. I opened the car door and helped her inside.


 ”Sam, we need to talk.” The airport was abuzz with life and chaos but finding Sam wasn’t difficult. His tall, shaggy head stuck out over the crowd. When I gripped his shoulder he turned slowly.

“Dean, what are you doing here?” His wife rose up from her seat, nearly tripping over the suitcases piled at her feet.

“I said, we need to talk.” This time my words were more of a growl and I tightened my fingers around his clavicle. “Now.” The big brother card was easy to play, but nothing made Sam more defensive. He straightened his back taller and narrowed his eyes at me. When “Mrs. Winchester” came closer he wrapped his arm around her.

 ”Whatever you need to say, you can say in front of both of us. She’s your sister-in-law, Dean.” Sam’s voice was demeaning, his nose turned up in disgust at my display of anger. The woman he was pulling close was no sister of mine. She hated me, and frankly I didn’t care for much of what she thought. She would never understand us anyway, she wasn’t a hunter. She was just a doll-faced girl living off daddy’s trust find.

 ”Fine, don’t say I didn’t give you warning.” I released his shoulder, suddenly aware that several strangers nearby had stopped to stare at the confrontation. I clenched my jaw and prepared to raise my voice. If he wanted a scene, he’d get one. “Why did you tell me you were going to see Y/N?” At first Sam looked shocked, his mouth falling open slightly and his eyes getting wide. Then his cheeks reddened with what I can only assume was short lived shame.

“What’s he talking about Sam?” My brother became stone faced again and patted his wife’s arm.

“Honey, how about you go buy us some magazine for the plane, okay?” She seemed unimpressed but complied. Y/N would never back down that easy. I waited till she was out of earshot to continue.

“Sam, start explaining.” He licked his lips and paused to collect his words. I could feel my fists twitching with rage.

“There’s nothing to explain. We were both weak okay? So I just visited her a couple times.” I could still see Y/N’s crying face nestled against my chest, still feel her shaky breath on my neck.

“Before or after you got engaged?” My voice was getting louder and shakier, drawing the attention of more passerby’s. Sam shifted uncomfortably and glared at me with flexing facial muscles. His silence told me all I needed to know. “And what? You thought because you were a weak person you could break her heart like that? Why didn’t you at least tell me that you were visiting her?” I wasn’t used to having to maintain self control for this long, especially not with my own brother. Everything in me wanted to throw him against the wall, in front of god and everybody. I wanted to shame him like he shamed her. For the first time Sam snarled at me, his face twisted in fury.

“Why would I tell you? So you could give me some spiel about how you’re her best friend and about how you know her better? I knew what you’d say.” As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. All throughout their relationship it took everything in me to stay quiet. I hated seeing her all over him, I hated the way they acted like they knew each other better than anyone else did. In reality, I knew them both better than they knew themselves. “Guess what Dean, I may have not been her best friend, but I was the one she climbed into bed with at night.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I was so close to flattening his face into the dingy airport carpet.

“Still, why hurt her like that. Why invite her to the wedding?” Sam tilted his head and read my face quietly. After studying me for a moment he raised an eyebrow.

"I didn’t invite her… Are you really this stupid?” He shook his head in a condescending manner. “She came to see you, Dean.”


 I threw open the front door and stormed inside, my head swimming with thoughts and emotions. This wasn’t my house, it wasn’t even Sam’s house. It was her house. This time I wasn’t giving a drunk friend a ride home, I was paying a long overdue visit.

“Oh, good, you’re back. I made some sandwiches if you want one.” Y/N was in the kitchen, her smiling face tearing my heart to shreds. How could she be happy like that? How could she offer me anything when everything had been stripped from her? I stared over the space between us with somber understanding. All those months, and I never even called her. I never even checked on how she was. It only would have taken one visit to realize how much she needed her best friend in her life. 

I was angry at Sam and I was angry at her for letting him back in, but I was most angry at myself. When I started walking towards the kitchen I could see her eyes widen. “Dean? Are you okay?” I stopped a few feet from her, my breathing deep and loud. I tried to imagine how many tears she shed alone, how many nights she spent in his arms just to wake up by herself. It made me shake.

“Y/N…” Her name felt like prayer on my lips. She put down the butter knife in her hands and stepped towards me with concern. I couldn’t stop myself from wrapping her in my embrace without explanation. She didn’t understand the request that slipped from my mouth, in-between the tender kisses I planted along her hair. 

“I’m the last man coming through that door for a while, okay?”

Dead Natural {10}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing, Arguing

Words: 2,012

Previous Parts1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Sorry for the cliffhanger guys, but here you go! Enjoy!

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School Girl || Part 2

Pairing: Ashton + Reader

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 1664

(A/N: wow okay I got lots of request for this so here it is !! Sorry it’s kinda short and I didn’t reread over it.)


I liked this side of Ashton, I was almost intimidated by it. I dropped to my knees at his command and looked up at him as I undid his belt buckle. 

“Shit, don’t look at me that way. You’re too fucking sexy.” He groaned. I bit my lip and smiled at him then focused my eyes on his restraining jeans. I undid the button and slowly unzipped his zipper. I bit my lip, trying and hide my smile as I pulled down his jeans. I could see his size through his briefs and it was fucking huge. I licked at my teeth as I looked up at Ashton with big doe eyes. He sucked in air through his teeth at the sight of me. I palmed him as I stared up at him innocently, the threw his head back in pleasure and groaned impatiently. I slowly tugged down his briefs letting his cock spring up. I gave him a devilish smile as I wrapped my small hand around the base of him. Never losing eye contact, I licked up the underside of him. Continuing up to his tip which I started lightly sucking on, causing it to flush a red colour. My lips left him as I just worked with my hands. Pumping his shaft slowly and rubbing my thumb over his tip, tracing circles. I break away even further only letting my fingertips graze him lightly. 

“Fuck, stop that.” He groaned at me as he leaned on the wall for support. I smile up at him knowing that what I’m doing is working. My hand wraps around the base of his shaft as I start giving him kitten licks looking up at him like a pet. 

“Fuck this.” He said and bunched my hair in a messy ponytail forcing me down on him. I gagged on him out surprise, but as he continued it got easier and his grip got looser, eventually letting go of my hair. By this point I was sucking on him while my two hands were pumping the rest of him. “There you go.” He says watching me suck him, pulling back strands of hair that fell in front of my face. When I leave him to take a breather his fingers come under my chin to make me look up at him. He makes a come here motion with his finger telling me to stand. He kisses me softly then moves on to my ear and whispers something to me. 

“Teasing me wasn’t very smart Ms.Y/L/N.” He whispers as he throws me on the bed. His big figure comes over top me, hovering over me. He comes down to kiss my neck definitely leaving hickeys to stay for the next week. I moaned softly. 

“Oh my god Ashton.” I moaned as my hand was on his head. He quickly grabbed my wrist pinning it down. 

“That’s Mr.Irwin to you.” He winked at me. “And who said you were allowed to talk.“ 

"Sorry, Mr.Ir-” I said as I was cut off by his hand covering my mouth. While his hand was on my mouth his lips traveled down to my collarbones and cleavage places wet kisses everywhere. His hand came off my mouth to pop open my buttoned top. I was expecting him to go slow, but he quickly moved down to my skirt tossing it up revealing my lace panties. He started rubbing my clit through the thin fabric causing me to whimper. With both hands he tore off my panties leaving me bare. He trailed his fingers up my slit feeling out wet I was. 

“You’re a very naughty girl Y/N, why are you so wet?” He asked knowing the answer. 

“I um.” I couldn’t find my words as he was teasing me. “You did it Mr.Irwin” He smirked at me plunging two of his long fingers into me. I let out a loud moan. 

“I guess I’m going have to give you another assignment Ms.Y/N.” He said as his hand came up to my mouth again. “Keep your fucking mouth shut.” He said as he sped up the pace of his fingers. He rested his forehead on mine and stared into my eyes as I was struggling to keep it together. My eyes squeezed shut and my hips bucked up into his hand as his fingers continuously curled up to my g-spot. I open my eyes as I feel him leave my face. He’s now doing at my heat and I have no clue what to anticipate. Ashton starts licking at my clit in all different motions. Quickly moved on to sucking making me very close to my high. I bite my lip hard stopping me from moaning. Just as I’m about to cum he pulls away from me not touching me at all.

“I told you teasing wasn’t smart.” He said hovering over me. He soon stuck his wet fingers in my mouth making me taste myself. I moaned as I sucked on his fingers, staring straight at him as if I were to challenge him. He smirked at me and turned us over so I was on top. “I think you’re ready for the final assignment before the big test.” Ashton said, I leaned down to kiss him softly while grinding my bare heat down on him. He groaned while we kissed and moved his hips to mine. 

“Ride me baby.” Ashton said in between the kiss. I broke away from him soon after. 

“Gladly.” I said as the motions in my hips stopped only to get up and position myself. I ran his tip through my folds making him wet with my arousal. I slowly sank down on him, moaning when he was on the way in. It took me some time to readjust to his size, but once I did I placed my hands on his chest and started slowly bouncing on his dick. Letting myself feel every inch of him as I move up and down his shaft. Ashton’s hands flew to my hips guiding me down onto him. 

I could see he was getting slightly frustrated at my slow pace so I started to move faster, watching his facial expression. Apparently I still wasn’t fast enough for him though. His grip tightens on my hips and he starts thrusting up into me quite fast. My body collapses on his as the speed he’s going is making my legs shake. He starts slowly down soon.

“How ‘bout you get off me and have all fours on the bed.” Ashton says. I like the sound of this so I get up off him and do as he told. I arch my back sticking my ass up in the air and my head down in the pillows. “Ready for the big test Y/N?” He says. I can feel Ashton’s dick slowly slide into me, but not all the way. I hold back my moan as Ashton leaned down wrapping his arms around my waist. He comes up close to my ear and whispers,

“Make me cum baby girl.” He quickly pushes the rest of himself into me hard, I let out a loud whine from his unexpected move. He unwraps himself from me and starts thrusting at a very fast and hard pace. “Put your arms behind you.” He said to me and I did so. Ashton looped one arm through mine and pulled me close to his body and the other grabbed on to my hair as a ponytail bring my head back. I was moaning so loud, it was probably more like screaming or yelling at this point though. 

“Fucking hell Ashton, don’t stop.” I moaned loudly. 

“I don’t plan on it.” He said, I could practically hear his smirk. His hand soon release my hair only to go down to my clit rubbing it like crazy. This only made me closer to my high and made me clench down harder on Ashton. “Fuck you’re so tight, keep doing that.” He said as I kept clenching down on him as he thrusted. 

“Ashton I’m gonna cum.” I warned him.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” He said back harshly.

“Then stop fucking rubbing my clit!” I yelled. His hand immediately got off of my clit, I wanted to whine from the lost of contact, but I had to. 

“I tell you when you can come or not.” He said roughly, but quieter. I knew Ashton wasn’t as close as me to his high so I started begging because if I didn’t come soon I would pass out. 

“Ashton come for me. I-I-I need you. I want to feel you fill me up.” I begged. “Please Mr.Irwin, I’ve been a good girl.” I finished and that pretty much brought him to the edge.

“Baby, I’m going to count down for you.” He said. “When I hit 1 you come for me okay?” He asked reassuringly. 



“1.” He finally said and my orgasm fucking hit me like a train. I have never experienced something like that in my life. As I was coming I could feel him coming inside me as well. Must’ve been the best orgasm I’ve had because that was the last thing I remember, until I woke up with him next to me. 

“How long was I out for?” I asked worried.

“Only about 2 minutes.” He said. I laughed softly.

“Holy fuck that was amazing.” I confessed. 

“I didn’t know you had that in you.” 

“Well you were the one that called me a slut so.” 

“Okay maybe I did a little, but not to the point where you actually went. We should definitely do this again.” I laughed at his comment.

“Yeah sure, just don’t go telling all your friends about this I don’t really wanna be known as the school slut.” I said wanting to keep my nerdy school girl image. 

“Don’t worry I won’t be telling anyone, you’re mine.” Ashton said as he cuddled into me. 

I Wore My First Bikini

Today was the first day of the rest of my life. Today I wore a bikini.

And, I know what you’re thinking…So what?! But for me, it was huge. I have never worn a bikini before in my life, in my whole seventeen years of being on the planet. It’s always been one pieces and big t-shirts for me. The plus side (no pun intended)? I rarely get sunburned. The negatives? Oh…there’s about a hundred.

I’ve always been a little fat. I can say fat because it’s who I am and I don’t need you to tell me I’m big boned or curvy. I’ve got thick thighs and a few rolls under my belt (literally), but I’ve also got boobs and a butt that would make a rapper melt – but to be fair, I only recently began to see it that way, and life has never been better.

For years, I dieted, felt bad about myself, and was filled with jealous rage at thin girls who could chow down on burgers all summer and still prance around in a two-piece with their flat stomachs. I never went to the beach, I rarely showed face at a pool, and basically just bided my time until it was cooler weather and I could hide under bulky sweaters.


I started following plus-sized (which is a dumb term, but whatevs) beauty bloggers and was like, WHAT?! This exists?! There are… GASP… two piece swimsuit options for someone like me?

So I ordered a few. Tried them on, and didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror. I was beautiful. It’s taken me seventeen years to think that about myself, and I don’t want to waste another day thinking anything else.

Who’s going to the beach with me?


So I have this giant closet in my craft room. Seriously, it’s the biggest closet I’ve seen before you start getting into walk in closet levels. But it’s always been completely inaccessible for the most part because its doors are full sized doors that swing out. The left one couldn’t open at all because of the table for my light tent. The right one could only open half way because it would hit the ceiling fan. And once I got King Charles, his cage was in front of that door.

So the last few days I spent taking everything out of that closet, sorting it into trash and goodwill, wiping down the shelves, and moving my fabric in. All this fabric used to take up an entire wall in my craft room. 

And the doors? I went all warrior woman on those and ripped them out of 50 years of idiots painting over the hinges. Then my 5 foot tall butt hauled those suckers away into storage. Which probably looked insane to anyone watching. I could barely reach the top hinge.

Now I have all this space. Soooo much space. I just need to finish cleaning up the rest of my mess I made.


As per request, here’s a short little drabble of Harry and Eva enjoying a day out shopping in LA. I imagine this is sometime present day in the IYA timeline, between part six and part seven. Enjoy! Thank you guys for being so lovely and patient.

“Harry, you can’t wear that,” Eva said, pointing at Harry’s white shirt adorned with vertical black stripes. He was running late to pick her up as it was. He didn’t have time to assess his clothing choice and why it was wrong.

“Eva, I thought I looked nice today. Last time I wore this shirt you gave me an A,” Harry said, furrowing his brows while he watched her finish stuffing her belongings into her handbag: purse, lipstick, small brush, a pocket sized sketchbook, six pencils, and a rollerball perfume. He was sure her handbag weighed one hundred pounds with all of the junk she carried around with her on a daily basis.

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