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After Chat leaves and Ladybug is left standing on the roof she shakes the rose she’s holding slowly. Like she’s thinking. It’s a difficult choice. To tell Chat that they can’t get to know each other better because of their superhero jobs. She doesn’t want to get his hopes up and even admitted that there’s a boy she likes. 

She realizes that this is a dangerous job especially since a lot of people are at risk if their identities are discovered. She thinks with her head and not her heart for that will keep them safe but doing so may end up hurting her heart. 

The girl is just as oblivious as Adrien is when it comes to love. Now that’s she aware that Chat loves her. She may have a hard time thinking her head now. Especially after that sweet kiss on the cheek.  

I wanted to point out this scene as it’s something that’s can easily be missed. You can’t see her shake the rose very well in the gif (you can see it a little better in the video.) The rose really does go with her costume. 

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How about 3C Femio? :D

I didn`t know what color to pick for the lineart so i thought i`d skip the lineart altogether

it appears i might want to do this more often actually :D

Working on these human anatomy lessons makes me want to throw down my pen and quit like nothing else- but that just goes to show how far out of my comfort zone it is and how much I need to do them. I can’t both achieve my goals and quit, so pushing through this stuff it is. x:

For anyone wondering what I’ve been up to, right now I’m trying to work through Proko’s anatomy videos, found here. His videos have been my go-to as I grind through the grueling process of learning all the fundamentals I’d never spent the time/effort to absorb before. 

I would absolutely recommend them! Just uh. Expect to have to work hard. And yell a lot. Because that’s been my general experience. :’)


I’m have since i don’t know how long but I still really proud of this ones!
The human form of Bruno and Cassy’s kids!
(This was made before i decided that Samuel was going to live, that’s why he has that weird aura)
Fun fact :all the kids are named in honor of family member if Bruno and cassy
Samuel have the name of both of their grandfathers
Miriam both of their grand father
Dimitri and Hayde are a little different
The first name of Hayde was choose for her goodfather Demetrio(Hope) and her second name was in honor of Gilly (alheli is a way to call the gillyflower)
Dimitri name was choose for Hali(Dream) and his first name (That i didn’t think about until a few weeks ago) Ivan is in honor of Cassy’s uncle who “dissapear” in the ocean

Remember that time George Lucas casually inserted the dialogue “you’re shorter than I expected” when Anakin Skywalker encounters General Grievous in Episode III, indicating that he had never seen him before? And then they made a tv show set *before* those events and Dave Filoni had to spend 6 seasons doing narrative backflips to keep these two, the main protagonist and a major antagonist, from ever meeting face to face? Because of one throwaway line? Remember that?

I do. It’s my favorite goddamn obscure Star Wars trivia please put it on my fucking gravestone.


Halfborn leaned toward me. “There’s no shame in being attracted, Magnus.” 

I choked on a piece of feast beast. “What? No, I wasn’t—”

“Staring?” Halfborn grinned.

“Making employees work on Thanksgiving is evil!”

Friend, I 100% agree. But if you want to work towards stopping it, you need to not shop on Thanksgiving. Maybe you by yourself may not mean much, but enough people together refusing to do business with companies on Thanksgiving will greatly discourage corporations from continuing the practice.

This is how you “vote with your wallet.”