the only tuesday i like

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

My contribution for today’s @lapidot-tuesday prompt, Autumn! 🍁🍂 🍃

This was supposed to be a quick sketch… but I got carried away haha… Regardless, this was so fun and relaxing to draw and I’m happy with the background! Look at pumpkin all cozy while her mothers find “the most aesthetically pleasing leaves”, as Peridot says! Lapis on other hand is just watching her gf ramble on about what info she knows about these “leaves” that fall in “autumn”. 

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perfect blog. perfect BLOG. can i get a sleep deprived jay cause i love suffering? have i mentioned, perfect blog.

7. nosleep

2 Reasons I Love/Hate Tuesdays

The ‘Love’ Part: I get to praise this lovely scout in all of his wonderful glory to the fullest (pft like everyday already isnt like that, Hah)

The ‘Hate’ Part: Chores a.k.a-

More #Gwensday fun with #cosplayer @stuffoxcosplay and her #Spidergwen #cosplay from @stuffoxcosplay - Hey guys, guess I’m a little BUMMED that it’s only Tuesday still… 😉🍑💖
I had this shot in my story like a week ago… but it was too good not to save it for an actual post too! 😋
I want the weather to get nice again - or at least cold and sunny - so I can run around and grab some Samus shots in her new wig! 👾
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peridot is gay.

late entry for yesterday’s @lapidot-tuesday prompt!: (x)

Kara Danvers x reader (Sweet, sweet love)

Originally posted by namelessdistantshores

Request: um first of all thank you for this account and second of all would u do a kara smut ? with like toys if u can’t that’s alright oanaja            

a/n: well, thank YOU for stopping by and supporting it!! I’m having loads of fun with this writer’s high I’ve been blessed with. Let’s hope I don’t get another bout of writer’s block that lasts for a year again… LOL *fingers, toes, all other limbs and phalanges crossed* Requests are still open as always!! :)

so anyway I enjoy the thought that Kara is just… so good to you. She would take such good care of you in all the things and really I have a whole lot of feelings about it

- - - - -

Certainly, you still find yourself not believing your luck and the fact that you scored it all when you first started dating Kara Danvers.

How couldn’t you think you won the lottery of people when your girlfriend truly ticks off all the boxes you looked for in someone, and even still also ticks off all the boxes you didn’t think you had?

She set plenty of new standards for you, and you’re convinced she’s ruined at least a good majority of National City’s populace for you. It had seemed that with every thought you had, you could feel every bone in your body begging you to hold onto her for as long as you can.

Kara was stupidly sweet, and so it was, you could just see pure goodness permeating into every single thing Kara did for you and for others, and you couldn’t help but swoon. In every sense of the word, Kara Danvers was chivalrous and upstanding, and though those are words one wouldn’t necessarily use to describe their love life and the bedroom activities thereof, you find that this peculiarity turned you on even more.

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kitsuneoftheorganization  asked:

How about Hc's on 707 x an MC who gives him surprise hugs from behind all the time -w-

uwaaaah!! this is a cute idea??? im???

Only four more hours of work.

Scratch that, there’s no telling the amount of time Saeyoung has left to work. He’s always working, and it pisses him off. He’s hella rich, he could probably just quit and not have to work anymore with his current amount of cash in his bank account.

Maybe he should retire early. Like, really early. Maybe now. He could take MC on vacation all the time.

Maybe they could get married under the stars, if they couldn’t get the space station.

Focus, Saeyoung, focus.

He continued his typing, and the letters and numbers soon piled together until they were unreadable. Saeyoung had to keep going though.

But he almost jumps through the roof when you come up behind him to hug him.

He shrieks, jumping back into you, and you both tumble to the floor. By now, both of you are shrieking, and you’re kinda confused to what just happened.

“Saeyoung, I came out to have a good time and I’m feeling pretty damn attacked right now,” you said, still clutching onto him for dear life.

Once he gets his bearings, he looks to see where he is: currently face down lying on your stomach, arms wrapped around you. You’ve also got your arms wrapped around his neck, awkwardly hugging him still.

“MC. This is the fourth time this week this has happened and it’s only Tuesday.”

“I like surprising you!!”

“Even if we both end up on the ground?” He looked up to you, giving you a cheeky grin.

“Yes,” you laughed, giving him a kiss on the forehead, “even if we end up on the ground.”

“Then I hope you don’t mind if I get my payback,” he smirks with an evil anime glint in his eyes, “by doing THIS!!”

An intense tickle fight ensues and you guys just goof off the rest of the day.

No more hours of work for Saeyoung, he decides. It’s time to start living like this more often.

He quit within the next three months, saving up so much more money you guys would be set for life.

"Hello, Hungry, I'm Dad."
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Wait. I just realized.
  • Where are all the fics with Sisko making dad jokes?
  • Suddenly, there is a gaping hole in my life of which I was previously unaware.
  • Tinsnip: ... wow
  • there is an untapped vein
  • i want this quite desperately now.
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: I can't see Miles doing dad jokes; Molly's only getting just old enough to understand them by the end of the series.
  • But Sisko?
  • Jake's in his prime years to realize both how funny and how terrible they are.
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Julian doing dad jokes.
  • Tinsnip: julian on the receiving end of dad jokes.
  • he'd fall for them every. fucking. time.
  • eventually it's the entire senior staff.
  • "there are going to be over a thousand people on the station tomorrow, doctor..."
  • "really, constable? why?"
  • "they live here."
  • he is so mad at himself every time.
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Everyone knows he takes things literally unless he's prepared not to.
  • It's shooting fish in a barrel.
  • Tinsnip: heeeee~~~
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Odo would love dad jokes.
  • Tinsnip: AHAHAH
  • odo = uberdad
  • god, that's a funny image
  • doing them to quark
  • quark just rages
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Odo and Sisko exchanging approving smirks.
  • Tinsnip: "i'm nervous, constable."
  • "hello, nervous. i'm odo."
  • quark smashes a bottle
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Jadzia makes dad jokes. And mom jokes. She just likes making whatever jokes she can.
  • Tinsnip: this is canon.
  • Tinsnip: i am pretty sure you should post all this after because i am grinning like :D
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: The only jokes Worf can tell are dad jokes, and longer ones he's long since memorized.
  • Tinsnip: worf would tell such good dad jokes.
  • nobody knows if he's actually joking.
  • "hello, thirsty. i am worf."
  • and everyone is suddenly awkward and looking at each other