the only time he smiled

Idea for a Superman origin movie

built around two solid points:
1) Lois Lane is the lead character; and
2) The audience dose not know who is playing Superman going into the movie.

So the movie centers around a young Lois, who’s desperately trying to get a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet, despite a hiring freeze as the printed journalism business struggles to keep up, and despite the fact she has no prior journalism experience (at least, not outside of an expensive degree that has yet to start paying for itself). Even though no one at the Planet will even return her calls, she barges in in the middle of a work day, trying to get an interview. She bounces off a lot of people (a number of them tall guys with dark hair and nice eyes who she barely notices) until she tracks down Perry White, who tells her, sarcastically, that he’ll hire her on the spot if she can bring him a properly sourced article revealing the story Metropolis’s new hero, who just yesterday stopped a runaway train with his bare hands. 

She gets to work. Her friends tell her she’s crazy. Her sister bails her out of jail at least once (maybe a montage of times). Her father, General Lane, threatens disownment and/or military arrest. This “menace” broke a muggers arm last week, and is wanted for vigilantism. If she really does find out the identity of this man (who’s been gaining notoriety with every feat) and brings it to a newspaper before the military, her father would have to take action. (This country is his family, after all.)

But the more Lois looks into this ‘super man’, the more she likes what she sees. It’s hard without credentials, but she’s been collecting eye-witness reports for months trying to find the pattern to track; the pattern that everyone’s been looking for. She has dozens of interviews with police, and store owners, and caught criminals, but it’s in the interviews of the regular folk that she finds the pattern:

This man is kind. 

Every headline is about a larger-than-life figure who catches falling statues, wins chases with cars, and stops bullets with his pecs. In the words of the innocent people of Metropolis though, is someone else. Someone who flies broken cars to the shop from the highway during rush hour. Someone who takes a sobbing child from the scene of a bike accident and drops off a smiling one with their parents. Someone who’s been spotted leaving flowers by the headstones of the ones who didn’t make it out of that train crash. Someone who sits in a secluded corner of the park and plays chess with the old woman who’s husband can no longer leave the house. Someone who literally pulled a dog out of a river and a cat from a tree. 

So, to find the Man of Steel, Lois searches for kindness - and she finds it everywhere. She finds all the coats freely shed for someone cold. She finds all the grocery carts paid for by the previous customer. She finds lonely veterans offered a seat at the family table in restaurants. She finds hate symbols painted over with cute cartoons and symbols of love. She finds dozens and dozens of volunteers who help clean up and serve food and rebuild after train crashes and car wrecks and robberies. 

She finds Superman.

And then she finds a man in the park.

He’s not doing much, just sitting on a bench with his head in his hands. The copy of the Daily Planet on the bench next to him speculates on the dangers of super humans, as it has every day for the last two weeks. Some have even suggested that the Man of Steel is an alien, though those theories have only barely broken into mainstream. Whatever this man is worrying over, whatever weight is on his shoulders, seems much heavier than a newspaper, though. Lois hasn’t worried herself with the same issue’s as her prospective employer, either. Thoughts still on the group of teens she’s just passed, each promising to beat up on some boy for their friend, are still fresh on her mind, and she takes the spot next to the stranger on the bench.

He’s not a stranger, though. Lois recognizes him. She doesn’t know his name, but she saw him that day at the Daily Planet months ago, and she’s seen him across the police tape at scenes she’s investigated. He wrote today’s front page article: “Man of Steel, or Menace of Steel?”

He’s politely flustered when she sits down, and she promptly tells him that everything about his article - she’s already read it, of course - is absurd. She doesn’t care who “made him write it”, the entire thing is just plain wrong. She finds herself repeating stories she’s read and re-read at all hours of the morning. Stories of regular people who’d told her how they’d been inspired by Superman. How they’d taken leaps of faith toward recovery and new lives thanks to Superman. Teenagers have chosen to live because of Superman. She quotes sources, and sources of people, including herself, who have said that the city of Metropolis - maybe even the world - was so much better because of Superman.

“Superman?” the reporter asks.

“It’s just something I’ve been calling him. He’s got that big S on his chest, right?”

The reporter laughs. He hasn’t smiled the whole time, only looked at her with wide eyes. His smile is… nice. His glasses are dumb though.

“Yeah,” she admits, “it’s a dumb name.”

“No,” he says. A weight has fallen off his shoulders while she was flipping through her notebooks. He sniffles a bit. Lois had just torn into his article with all the fury she could muster, is he crying about it? No, he’s smiling, still. “I really like it. Have you written all this down?”

Lois Lane writes it all down. Her new friend (who proofread the hell out of it because Lois is driven as hell but can’t spell) Clark Kent turned it in to his boss. The newest headline reads:

The Story of Superman -by Lois Lane

She’s getting paid more than Clark in under a year. He just seems to be so distracted all the time. Maybe she should look into that…
what’s your favorite kind of seb’s smile?

that smile when he’s being a completly dork

that smile when he’s with anthony mackie

that smile when he’s laughing too hard

that smile when he’s a being a fluffy angel

that smile when he’s with chris evans

that smile when he blushes 

that smile that it’s like hOLY MOTHER OF GOD

that smile that makes him hot and then a puppy

that smile that make you think ‘protect him at all costs’

there’s a million 

of types

but only


can make 

your whole day

I see a lot of people talking about how sad Tweek sounds during his and Craig’s big break-up, but don’t forget that Craig also takes it badly when they fight:

In ‘Put It Down’:

Obviously upset and sad, only cheers up when he finds a solution to helping Tweek with his problems.

Moping around his family, probably doing whatever the ten year old boy version is of ‘eating ice-cream while watching sad movies and listening to break-up music).

You know, Tweek was perfectly entitled in asking for Stripe #4 back, after Craig wanted his stuff returned, but I’m laughing because now I’m really fucking sad for Craig. Playing with their guinea pig was probably one of the few things making him happy during the fight, and then he lost Stripe as well. I’M GLAD THEY MADE UP, I CANNOT STAND THIS HEARTBREAK).

the thing about Bakugou is that, in the limits that his personality allows, he’s soft for Kirishima - he calls him by name, listens to him and always answers him, tries to help him out as best as he can, accepts his help when Kirishima offers it, actively works to make him feel better when he’s down, never yells at him unless it’s an answer to Kirishima’s teasing, has no problems in complimenting him and pointing out his strength, he’s soft for Kirishima

he openly considers him a friend and treats him as such, he cares and doesn’t really try to hide it, though his inexperience in showing that sort of feelings does make him come off as awkward now and again 

I guess what I mean to say is it’d be nice if the fandom could remember that, instead of writing him as angry and prickly and downright offensive and uncaring when dealing with what has been recognized by the canon as his best friend and someone he does enjoy the company of over and over again


sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍

things i love about Bakugou include:

  • his adorable spiky hair
  • his orange/red eyes
  • his eyes are so pretty??? he’s got long eyelashes and they’re just… so damn pretty…. wtf
  • he’s just so pretty and he looks like a tiny, angrier version of his mom and that’s adorable
  • his adorable baby sideburns
  • how fucking creative he is with his powers?? like?? he’s so good at controlling his explosions and coming up with super creative ways to use them???
  • his adorable little cocky smirks
  • his “i give no fucks except actually i do but i will never fucking admit to it so shut your fucking mouth before i blow your ass up” attitude
  • how he’s an angry crier and super emotional 
  • how he’s actually pretty chill too??? when he’s not pissed off????
  • how he shows kindness by being an aggressive, angry little shit
  • how he’s a little shit in general
  • mr. “only time he smiles is when Deku gets punched in the nuts” 
  • and then he calls the kid cute
  • Bakugou no
  • how he doesn’t wear socks
  • his dumbass baggy pants. child. child pull up your pants. please. 
  • his tanktops
  • how he shows off his teeth when he’s in battle as if he’s trying to intimidate his opponents by showing his teeth like animals do
  • how tiny he looks with sleeves on but then he looks fucking hUGE in tank tops 
  • his dumbass adorable little description for his hero outfit (including KILL WITH MY KNEES and SOMETHING AWESOME!!!)
  • also his shitty little doodles of himself and the how he actually kinda sucks at art when he’s so good at everything else
  • how he’s SUPER SMART but doesn’t know how to friend
  • “how does one show concern? oh, i know, by telling them WATCH YOUR DAMN SELF”
  • how he admires All Might so much and wants to be just like him and has built his entire view of heroes on the person he admires the most b/c in the end he’s still just a kid and still has those pure, child-like admiration and goals ten years later and nothing is going to stop him from reaching those goals 
  • (which sometimes isn’t healthy or good but. still. he’s working on it)
  • how he comes up with dumbass nicknames for people he doesn’t care about b/c he’s too lazy to remember their names unless they catch his attention and earn his respect
  • how he’s slowly growing as a person and how he’s giving out advice to his classmates and doing it willingly and helping when they feel down and he’s slowly making friends even without really knowing how but the rest of the class is noticing that he’s not just an angry little rage machine but he’s slowly getting better and trying and they’re getting inspired by him 
  • i just love everything ok

i’ve been watching panic interviews for 20 minutes and ryan has just smiled for the first time and the only reason he smiled was because he insulted the interviewer 

BTS scenarios: You surprise them at the concert

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Kim Seokjin/Jin

People were running around and you thought that maybe after all it was a bad idea to go there. Maybe it was foolish to even hope that he’d find time for you. During short breaks between certain performances even if you saw him, he didn’t notice you. You didn’t blame him, rather felt sorry that he had to go through such a stress.

His eyes finally landed on you when rap line was performing Cypher 4. It was truly comical to watch hundred of emotions run through his face at the same time. That’s why you laughed at him. Seokjin stood frozen in place despite being called by his stylist. He lasted like that until you stepped closer. Then he woke up and erupted, his laughter so loud it made most heads turn. His hands rested on his hips in seemingly irritated pose.

“You are here! How’s that possible?”

“Normally. I got into plane and flew over here.”

Seokjin shook his head at your evasive answer, still taking in your appearance. You shook your head, doubtful whether you should wait for him or make the move yourself. He didn’t make you wait much longer, instead joining you in a few long strides.

“All the way to Japan, huh? You’re unbelievable.” You two shared smiles and embraced each other in a tight hug. It didn’t last long, because he had to go, but Seokjin couldn’t stop grinning until the rest of the concert even when exhaustion was unendurable.

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Min Yoongi/Suga

Despite it’s unpleasant decoration and too bright lightning, dressing room wasn’t as terrible as you thought it would be. People who were responsible for Bangtan’s appearance were kind and warm to you, even sharing some snacks they had with them. All of you were watching the performance on TV hung on one of the walls. Chatter was filling the lack of music when songs were changing.

The main reason why you were there? The words that Yoongi always repeated to you before ending your call- I miss you. You missed him too. Watching him on TV screen wasn’t helping your aching heart, it did the opposite. Every second felt like a century between you and him. That’s why his voice calling you out was such a miraculous sound. You turned your head in his direction, wonder displayed on your face matching his.

“Wow.” Commented Jimin, looking at you above Yoongi’s shoulder. He smiled widely at you and turned to your boyfriend. “If you’re going to stand here, can you at least let me in to welcome (y/n)?”

Yoongi didn’t answer him, pushing himself from the door to pull you to him by your hands. It was a warm hug that only pictured his feelings. Too many pairs of eyes were watching so there was no way he could go any further. His nose snuggled to the spot behind your ear to sniff, taking in your natural smell.

He let you go only when Taehyung started laughing at the two of you. Yoongi turned his head and sent younger friend annoyed glare.

“You’re interrupting.” Then he faced you again, grabbing your cheeks meanwhile turning. “We’ll continue later, alright?”

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Park Seo Joon’s melt your heart smile in Witch’s Romance ♡ [episodes 01-07]

Who’s to Blame? (Part Two)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is the most eligible bachelor in New York, a ladies’ man and a dick even. He’s also your best friend. However, he gets into a freak accident and he ends up losing his left arm. His confidence is shattered, and it’s up to you to show him that he is still the man he was before the accident. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe, Possible Series)

Author’s Note: Thank you so much to @xxladymaximoffxx for proofreading my work! ilysm! 💕

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,035

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Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Requested By: A few people (& I just wanted to write it bc lets be honest it’d be cute af)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: Now that the secret is out that you’re dating Tom, he’s now apart of your YouTube channel, people loved the fact you two were together, and you did promise them a new challenge.

Warnings: Swearing, pure fluff aw

Word Count: 2,082

A/N: So this gif has nothing to do with the imagine, but I thought Tom just looked really dorky and cute and I thought it was funny. But this was actually fun to create because I am super obsessed with makeup oops. Anyways, I hope you enjoy :)))

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

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“Hey guys! And welcome back to my channel! So, previously on my channel, Tom and I revealed our relationship to the world, and everyone was so supportive and happy for us, which is honestly so heartwarming.” You smiled into the camera, placing a hand on your heart.

“I also mentioned in a tweet last week that the new challenge would be the Boyfriend does my makeup, therefore, that’s what we’re going to do.” You grinned, clapping your hands together.

“Now all you need is some makeup,” You grabbed your bag of cosmetics, which was a lot since you were hella obsessed with makeup, “And now I just need a boyfriend!” You spoke dramatically as Tom jumped into view, taking a seat next to you.

“Hello everyone! It is me, Tom! Y/N’s very attractive boyfriend here to make her look even more beautiful.” Tom smirked, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as you rolled your eyes playfully.

Anyways!” You laughed, squishing Tom’s cheeks with your fingers, as he swatted your hands away.

“Are you ready Tom? You think you know how to do makeup?” You teased, turning to face him.

“Oh hell yeah, I so got this.” He grinned, the confidence shown across his face.

You handed him your bag of makeup, the look on his face being the most priceless thing ever.

“What the hell, do you have ten pounds of makeup?” Tom muttered, laughing as he picked up the bag.

“Guys this thing is so heavy, Y/N has a serious problem!” Tom shouted, looking at the camera as you gasped dramatically.

“I do not! I just.. love makeup.” You shrugged into the camera, laughing as Tom dumped out all your cosmetics on the floor.

His eyes widened at all the different items, not knowing where to begin at all.

“Okay babe, lets see what you got, yeah?” You teased, making him narrow his eyes at you as you raised your eyebrows challengingly.

“Okay, uhm, I think we start with this?” He lifted up your foundation, trying to show it how beauty people did on YouTube before opening it.

“Alright, now what you do next is grab this squishy thing, and hit your face a ton of times.” Tom grinned, pouring some of the foundation onto his hand, before dipping the beauty blender and starting to place it on your face.

“See I’m already a pro.” He grinned, making you laugh as you watched him apply the foundation to your face.

“Let’s see once you get into the more difficult stuff, then we’ll know how much of a pro you are.” You giggled, making him huff, continuing to blend the liquid into your skin.

Once he decided it was good enough, he took a look at your face, a smile appearing on his.

“Okay now what do you do next?” You questioned, watching him search the items on the floor as you took a sneak peak at the camera, showing the audience what he had done so far.

“I think this?” He raised up concealer, surprising you slightly.

“Yup! But the question is where do you put it?” You smiled, watching his brows furrow in confusion.

“Dammit I forget!” He groaned, opening the concealer and placing it randomly on your face, making you laugh as he shrugged.

“Good enough! Now we blend!” He grabbed the sponge once again, before tapping on your face.

“Blend, blend, blend.” He sang, making you laugh as you watched the smile on his face grow wider.

“Okay! Now what do I do?” He spoke aloud, as you raised your eyebrows, shrugging.

“You’re the expert.” You smirked, watching him bite his lip as he searched through all the different products.

You once again turned to show your face into the camera, laughing as you saw a bit of your reflection.

“POWDER!” Tom suddenly shouted, startling you as you turned back to face him.

“Thomas!” You laughed, making his head snap up and smile sheepishly, before winking at the camera.

“I’ll tell you what brush to use, because I don’t want you to mess them up.” You laughed as you grabbed your powder brush, handing it to him.

“Also, you need to bake.” You added, watching him look at you in confusion.

“But I’m not hungry.” He stated, making you burst out into laughter, his confused expression growing wider.

“Y/N what is so funnnnnyyyy!” He whined, as you dabbed your eyes, looking at him.

“Baking in makeup terms means putting setting powder underneath the eyes that way it doesn’t wrinkle as much and if there’s fallout from eyeshadow you can just brush it away.” You explained, watching as Tom listened carefully, really wanting to do a good job.

“Alright.” He nodded, grabbing the brush, but you stopped him, handing him the beauty blender and explaining you used that instead to bake, then the brush for the face.

“Y/N this is crazy.” He laughed, but did as you said, laughing at your face once he ‘baked’ it.

“You look like a ghost!” He laughed, turning you to face the camera to show everyone before he turned you back, setting the rest of your face in powder.

“Alright, your face looks hella good, besides the bake.” He laughed, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“Now you have to contour, bronze, blush, and highlight.” You spoke nonchalantly, shrugging your shoulders as you looked at the camera.

“Bloody hell..” Tom muttered, making you smile into the camera, biting your lip slightly.

Tom picked up what he thought was contour, as you handed him the proper brush.

“You have to do that face.” He mimicked the fish face, making a smile appear on your lips.

“Show the camera that look, you’re a dork.” You giggled, making him laugh and do the face into the camera, before making you do it also, then applying the contour.

“Yesss my baby is looking good!” He cheered, making your face heat up, he was so adorable.

He then grabbed the bronzer, “What the hell does this do?” He asked, while applying it to your cheeks as well.

“I don’t know, it just makes your face look warmer.” You shrugged, holding still as he finished apply it.

He then grabbed the blush, a smirk on his lips making you curious.

“Guys I make Y/N, blush so much!” He joked, holding up the blush and laughing, as you sat there, watching him in amusement.

“You sure do make yourself laugh.” You teased, as he applied it to your cheeks, a grin on his lips as he watched the color appear.

“You look so beautiful.” He smiled, making your heart beat quicker.

He always knew how to make you feel so special, just with simple words.

“Now the highlighter! My favorite part!” You squealed, making his eyes light up.

“It’s true, her cheeks are always blinding.” Tom laughed, before applying it on your cheeks, smiling to himself as he looked you over.

You showed the camera, stealing a quick glance to see your face, you were surprised at how well it was actually looking.

You smiled at Tom as he was choosing between an eyeshadow palettes, before going with a random one.

“What’s the look today?” You smiled, watching as his eyes roamed the palette, a mysterious look in his eyes.

“I want to go with browns, because I actually want it to look good.” He laughed, picking up one of the brushes, before applying a light brown to your lids.

“Aweeee yeaaaahhh this looks bloody amazing.” He grinned, before taking a darker color and blending it also.

Before you knew it he was done, and you slowly opened your eyes, seeing Tom’s smile widen.

“This is amazing, I’M AMAZING.” He smirked, clapping his hands excitedly, as you laughed in amusement.

That was the one thing you absolutely loved about Tom, no matter where or when or even how, he could make you laugh.

“I’m skipping this bloody thing because we all know I’d fuck it up.” Tom muttered, throwing the eyeliner back on the ground as you laughed.

“I am going to apply this though?” He spoke aloud in more of a question, as you took what he was holding.

“He means mascara.” You laughed, handing it back to him as he scooted closer, getting the mascara close to your eyes, applying it onto your lashes carefully.

Once he was done you opened your eyes, blinking a few times before smiling.

“Only thing left is lips!” He grinned, making you smile and dance around in your spot a bit.

He laughed, before leaning over and pressing a kiss to your lips, smiling as you kissed him back.

“Dork.” You mumbled, making him wiggle his eyebrows, as he grabbed a pink nude lipstick.

He applied it carefully to your lips, and smiled once he was done.

“I think this is the best you’ve ever looked, obviously because I did it.” He winked into the camera, as you did the setting spray onto your face.

“Alright everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Y/N!” He cheered, turning you around and showing his masterpiece.

He handed you a mirror and your eyes widened, he did a really nice job, no, it wasn’t perfect but you could see he actually tried.

“Tom this isn’t bad at all, I’m really proud of you babe.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek, making him frown as he saw the mark of your lips on his cheek.

“Y/NNNNNN.” He whined, but smiled anyways, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Alright guys! As you can see this is the look Tom created! This was actually really fun, did you have fun babe?” You rested your head against his that was on your shoulder.

“Of course! I got to see how obsessed with makeup you are.” He teased, making you laugh and shake your head.

“Well that was the Boyfriend does my makeup challenge! If you liked this video please give it a big thumbs up,” You smiled, raising your hands up into a thumbs up, as did Tom, “And subscribe down below! And we’ll see you next week! Bye!” You smiled, blowing a kiss before covering the camera with your hands.

You and Tom then spent the next hour editing the video before uploading it, smiling as people started commenting, they found Tom hilarious, which made him smile.

You two were the ultimate couple goals on YouTube.

Imagine Jensen confessing he accepted a role in a movie because he knew you, his celebrity crush, were in it.

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“And here we are with the star of the movie, Jensen Ackles!” the woman grinned as Jensen did the same at her “Jensen, it’s so great to see you here! Tell me, how does it feel to be on the big screen after all this time in Supernatural?”

“Wow it is certainly… weird, I must admit. I mean I was and still am so used to the Supernatural family that I had a hard time processing it when I got asked for this movie, I almost asked them if they had the wrong number and wanted to call Ryan Gosling or something but no- they insisted they wanted me!” he laughed, shaking his head as you smiled behind the camera. Seeing as your own interviews were over about half an hour ago you decided to hang out behind the cameras to watch your co-star and… more than just that, have his own last interview.

“But I think everybody will agree to hear and see that you actually accepted it, right?”

“Well, my friends and family really were. I was so glad that above all I didn’t have to stop Supernatural for some time or anything, we managed to make it all work; because I honestly could not say no to this movie! There were so many things that made me say the big yes, but above all it’s Blade Runner who would say no to this role?” he laughed softly and the interviewer nodded her head.

“Agreed, and I think everybody was very pleased to see that you indeed were the best choice for Officer K to the point that they want more than just one movie now. Tell me, though, if you could pick the three top reasons that made you take the role: what would they be?”

“Uhm well, in no particular order I think one would definitely be me being a huge geek when it comes to Blade Runner. I’ve been a really big fan of the first one since I was a kid, you’d have no idea!” he chuckled “Another one would definitelybe the amazing cast and crew. Getting to work with such amazing directors and Harrison Ford himself is a dream coming true and something that really made me want to jump at the opportunity the moment I heard it!”

“That would seem as a good reason too, yeah. And one more?”

“One more, oh.” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck “I- I think I’m going to regret saying this, out loud that is but uhm-” he cleared his throat “Alright I’m just- I should say it quick and without waiting so-”

“So?” she asked “Your main reason I’m guessing would-”

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, cutting her off and her eyebrows shot up. She giggled as Jensen laughed nervously.

“(Y/n), wow that is something I… didn’t expect to hear and now- now I am intrigued. Do tell more?” she insisted and Jensen laughed nervously.

“Oh gosh, time to turn this into fifty shades of red.” he cleared his throat “I- I mean, have you seen her? There is no way I’d pass a movie when I found out she’d be my costar!”

“Costar and a lot more in the movie actually.” she said with a smirk and Jensen laughed, shrugging.

“Guilty” he shook his head “Point is, I know I am her biggest fan and I can fight anyone that dares to claim different, those scenes were just… an extra bonus.” he laughed “It would be a dream to be in a movie with her and- honestly? That was the first and main reason as to why I said yes.”

“So you’d say she’s your celebrity crush?”

“I would actually but-” he glanced around “Just because she always finds her way around here somehow I am going to refer from that because I won’t hear the end of it.”

“But you’ve become great friends, haven’t you? And you’ve only knows each other for what- two years now?”

“Uhm well, I’m going to be honest: it’s longer, much longer than just that. We- we met back in the beginning of Supernatural actually. I- I can’t remember why she was there during season 1, and neither does she, but yeah- we go way back.” he grinned nodding his head.

“Wow, really? I’m surprised something like this has slipped the fans’ radars considering how much of a buzz there isaround you two lately!”

“Trust me, that I know! Jared must be the number one shipper, that I am sure about!” he leaned back in his chair “And he sure as hell finds every possible way to tease me about (Y/n) whether I am talking with her on the phone, skype or just texting. He’s just found his new favorite hobby that is most certain!”

“I’m sure he has a lot of fun with that! But uhm let me ask you something else too: Seeing as your character actually proposes in the very end to (Y/n)’s character, do you think – being single for so long – you would ever take this step and with who?”

“Taking this step hm. Uhm well, honestly first I would really have to find the one-” he chuckled, glancing at the camera where he had spotted you from before and grinned “-uhm yeah, done already I think. There are a lot of things that need to be in a relationship especially if someone wants to spend the rest of his life with another.”

“Would you? I mean as I said you’ve been single for very long, do you think you could make it? Leave all you have for something unknown actually.”

“Well, it really depends on how I’d feel for the person and how they too would respond to be honest. But you know, if they’re the one- I wouldn’t hesitate to give up my life for them.” he shrugged, this time completely serious and only a soft genuine smile on his face.

“So this… one you found, because you said it don’t think I didn’t catch that-” she smirked pointing a finger at him as he laughed “Do you think she’d be the one? And no vague answers here, Mr Ackles because all these years of hunting have rubbed off on you and you are still avoiding to answer.” she narrowed her eyes at him and Jensen looked at you laughing as you grinned at him.

“I am not!” he raised his hands in the air “But if you so want an answer, ask her to walk in!”

“Ask who?” she looked around.

“The answer, obviously.” you said with a smirk as you made your way around the cameras to your costar and wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind as you kissed his cheek.

“The answ- oh!” her eyes widened as hiding your face in the crook of his neck you raised your hand to show her the classic diamond ring on your finger.

“He’s a sap.” you chuckled, as he kissed the side of your head.

“Just the best for my fiance!”

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Hello, If it's no trouble could I request headcanons for the whole RFA and Saeran where the MC has dog and it's pretty much her best friend? Not a small dog either, like a boxer or husky or some other big dog? It can either be a puppy or adult, and nice/indifferent to cats. I mean, I love both Cats and Dogs, but dogs are almost never mentioned in mm ;; plus I thought it would be interesting.

I love big doggos hell yeah let’s go 


Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog

✮ he’s a vet so he’s all for animals 
✮ so when you tell him you have a bernese mountain dog 
✮ he’s so excited (they’re so cute) 
✮ when you explain that it’s basically your best friend 
✮ he’s so giggly and affectionate 
✮ because his s/o loves animals just as much as he did 
✮ when you move in together (into a bigger place bc I don’t think a burmese would live comfortably in a college kid’s dorm) he nervously asks if your dog is okay with cats (lisa) 
✮ when you reassure him that it’s all g 
✮ he’s even more excited!!! 
✮ i can just see him being so doting and cuddling with your big pupper 
✮ he really loves cuddling with you and this big floofer 
✮ he takes so many pictures of lisa curled up with your big buddy 


Dog: Japanese Akita

✎ she’s a bit nervous at first tbh
✎ she’s used to elizabeth who is a little cat
✎ so suddenly there’s this really large mass of happy fluff
✎ she’s startled
✎ but your akita is really well-mannered and sits at her feet with a silly dog-smile 
✎ and she’s all *heart eyes* 
✎ akitas don’t shed year-round so she’s super hype 
✎ and she enjoys brushing them with you when it’s ‘blowing it’s coat’ 
✎ she isn’t all for sloppy kisses and cuddles 
✎ she likes it when it’s calm with her and maybe sets it’s head in her lap when she’s working 
✎ but she loves watching you two interact 
✎ because it’s a big cuddle party (she’s invited~) 
✎ keeps her calm 


Dog: Alaskan Malamute 

✿ is high key in love 
✿ takes so many photos 
✿ he’s so grateful he’s only allergic to cat fur and not dog fur 
✿ especially because you’re so close with your doggo 
✿ loves taking selfies with the big floofer 
✿ posts them all over his social media and the RFA chat becomes a haven of the other selfies that didn’t make it 
✿ loves that they’re such a silly and photogenic dog 
✿ takes photos of all the pupper smiles 
✿ the only time he doesn’t appreciate it is when he’s tryna unleash the beast with you but your doggo is like ‘hey don’t hurt [Y/N]’ 
✿ he gets really whiny when that happens 
✿ also during summer 
✿ because they like cuddling on the bed but zen already has his own mop of hair to deal with 
✿ so it just becomes a big, hairy, sweaty mess 


Dog: German Shepherd

₩ is kinda skeptical in the beginning 
₩ because of elizabeth 3rd 
₩ he’s really nervous that she won’t like your floofer or vice versa 
₩ and even though you said they were chill and indifferent to cats 
₩ you agreed on introducing them to each other slowly 
₩ so you’re taking them to a park together 
₩ and elizabeth is whiny because she doesn’t like being outside (lmao) 
₩ but your doggo is very well behaved and happy 
₩ they really like jumin and tries to impress him with their good manners 
₩ (happy panting doggo looking up with silly dog-smile at jumin while trotting along hhHHHNNNNNG) 
₩ until this savage other dog comes along, not on a leash 
₩ and is barking and trying to go elizabeth 
₩ your doggo jumps forward and saves the day 
₩ jumin was very thankful and crouches down to give your doggo pats 
₩ your pupper was very proud of themselves (jumin has accepted floofer) 


Dog: Chinook 

✞ loves loves LOVES your chinook 
✞ tries to train it to fetch honey buddha chips for him
✞ models his dog robot to look like them 
✞ when he’s stressed out he likes to just look at you and your big doggo cuddling 
✞ and then joining in 
✞ loves to just drown in the fluff 
✞ has 0 problem with getting kissed/licked 
✞ also likes that he has a moderately intimidiating watchdog 
✞ one time when vanderwood had snuck in while you and saeyoung where sleeping 
✞ your floofer was barking and growling up a storm 
✞ and saeyoung screamed and pounced at vanderwood when he pulled out his taser 
✞ vanderwood: ‘doggo?’ 
✞ is super protective and doesn’t like vanderwood being around them 
✞ they become meme’y friends 

I changed Saeyoung’s icon thingy because the keyboard was causing problems and spreading the text so it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the post, so I hope y’all don’t have a problem with it 

I hope you like the nice doggos I chose, this was a very enjoyable request to write heheheh! ♡♡