the only things kids really need in life

When former fat celebrities lose weight no one says “Omg look at how low her cholesterol looks” “Wow low blood pressure looks great on her” or “She looks so much better without a heart attack” that’s not what people care about. And for one you can’t tell someone’s health by their weight anyway.

But, the main thing people focus on is how they look. “She looks so good now!″ “Wow they look so skinny, they look amazing” “Omg they’re smoking hot now” that’s the only thing I see. Fatphobics don’t care about health, they care about looks. They’re obsessed with seeing how people look when they’re skinny, and that’s it because our superficial society is obsessed with thinness and beauty.

I’ve seen people do it, every time a former fat or a former really fat celebrity loses weight. They only care about how they’ll look once they’re skinny, they don’t care about random people’s health, no one does.

I damn sure don’t concern my life with what the next person does with their body, so people need to stop kidding themselves, when they know they’re just fatphobic.

All of it makes me angry.

it’s not just ok for children to see out visible gay ppl, it’s so fucking important. i didn’t even really know what lesbian meant until i was in high school, i only knew the word said with hate by my mother. i knew it used as an insult, as the grossest thing you could be. what i would give to go back in time and let tiny me see happy lesbians, lesbians holding hands, lesbians kissing in public, old lesbians, young lesbians, butch lesbians, lesbians on tv would have been great too but young gay kids need to see real-life gay women and men just living, going to the grocery store, walking down the street, playing with their kids, growing old together, that’s what i needed to see and i know im not the only one. 

Father’s Day Au (?) Just a little something, really short one 

Characters/Pairing: Kaneki Ken, Kirishima Touka, Touken.

Words: 575~

The date itself was pure coincidence, only a week ago she found out about it herself . She wasn’t planning to hide it from him, only the reality took her a while to process . They’ve talked about it – once or twice – in the past . It always end with a long pause, or question remains unanswered .

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Remember that one CGI hour long special called Arthur's Missing Pal where Arthur lost his dog and had to search with his friends all over Elwood while DW and her mom went to a Mary Moo Cow show?

while technically i have Seen it, in the sense that i was in the room and looking at a screen on which it was playing, i was also half-delirious with a fever at the time so the only thing i can really remember is clinging to a carton of orange juice like it was a life preserver and squinting at the screen while shapes moved around and made noise

Signs as Book Genres and Why

Capricorn would be a nonfiction book because they’re always keeping things real. They’ll almost never try to sugarcoat anything, which means that they’ll tell you the truth, weather it’ll hurt your feelings or not. Also, they inform people that don’t know the facts of a situation; mostly to people who are just being plain ignorant.

Aquarius would be a folktale/lore book because they like to imagine more of the world than it is, already. No, I’m not saying Aquarians are aliens or believe in them, but they may like to believe other creatures or people are here that we can’t see. These types of tales usually have things that some people believe in but others don’t. However, they do provide information that could make these creatures seem like they possibility could be here. That’s exactly how an Aquarian thinks; if there’s facts claiming that it might exist, then it should be roaming the earth, somewhere.

Pisces would be a fairytale book because they like to believe in good things and beings. For example, that the tooth fairy gives you money when you lose a tooth or that Santa comes to give you presents under the Christmas tree if you’re a nice kid. Even if they wanna see good things in the world or they only want to see good things, that doesn’t mean that they don’t see the world in front of them, how it can be so cruel. That’s why they always want to have a positive outlook on life so they can finally see the world as a great place.

Aries would be an adventure book because they always need to be active and doing something. They need to have action all the time otherwise, it would just be boring. They can’t really sit around and do nothing, they need to be able to move around. They need to do anything that would bring memories, that would be dangerous, that would be against someone else’s morals. Although, they know when it’s going too far and can control themselves at any time. 

Taurus would be a biography book because they like to talk about their lives and themselves. I’m not saying Taurus are conceited (but some of them can be), I’m just saying they like to tell stories. Although, most of the stories they know is about themselves. Their stories are usually interesting and can make you feel bad for them, be afraid, surprised, basically, every emotion you have.

Gemini would be a historical fiction book because they love history. They absolutely love what happened before the present and how it started. Although, they like the past and all the facts, they like to make up their own stories. When they don’t know something about the past or how something was made/happened, etc, they make up their own stories. Well, let’s not use the words “make up”, let’s use the word “theorize”. That’s what these Gemini do, they theorize. If something weird happens around them, the theorize what made that happen in the first place.

Cancer would be a crime novel/book because they are somewhat a mystery. Eventually, though, someone will figure out who they actually are. Like crime mysteries, someone has gone missing and detectives are trying to figure out who they are. Imagine a sibling or significant other or anybody even remotely close to a Cancer is the detective and they’re trying to figure out who Cancer is. It takes a while but if you’re patient enough and hang on to the Cancer long enough, you’ll figure them out.

Leo would be a horror story because they love the feeling of being scared. They also love scaring other people, just to see how they’d react. You know the adrenaline rush you get when you’re scared or you feel someone’s chasing you or anything like that? That feeling is the best for a Leo. They love feeling that they need to be in a rush or they have to get away because they gets them active and ready for when it actually happens. Scaring people, however, is a different story. They need to know how others will react in certain situations, so they like to get that reaction out of people at all times. To see who’s more reliable, to see who’s the toughest, to see who’d help them out, etc.

Virgo would be a realistic fiction book because they like to be realistic about everything. Even when they make up ideal scenarios for themselves, they’ll almost always stay realistic and if they aren’t, they’ll just criticize they’re idea all around. They need to be sure that whatever they want to do can actually happen if they do certain things to get to that situation. Of course, like most scenarios people make up, they don’t come true but even knowing that they won’t. Virgos will always still try to make it realistic so maybe it will happen one day in their lives.

Libra would be a talltale story because they just like to think of anything but the outside world. They really don’t like the outside world right now or ever depending on who you’re dealing with so, they like to think of made up creatures. There is nothing to back up these creatures being real, it’s just something that sounds like a five-year-old made up from a dream. It’s fun to Libras to make up their own stories too about how a monster with knife hands can cut the world in half or something of the matter.

Scorpio would be a mystery book because they are absolutely a mystery. Don’t give me that look like I’m being clique like all the other Tumblr zodiac users, just hear me out. Yes, these Scorpians are a pure mystery to most but to some, they know all their little secrets. You know how when you read a mystery book and people that are half way done theorize but people that are done with the book know the answers? That’s how Scorpians friends and family work. If you only know some of these guys, then all you can do is guess. However, if you know their secrets and why they feel a certain way about everything, then you can just be there for them and you don’t even have to guess why they do anything.

Sagittarius would be a picture book because they’re short and simple. They can also be informative if you look at them the right way. Sagittarius are kinda predictable in some ways but in other ways, it’s hard to know what they even do half of the time; this can be the same for picture books. Sometimes you know the message the book is trying to project but other times, you get completely lost at what it’s trying to tell you. Also, picture books will tell you almost anything because of the pictures. Glancing at the picture will only let you get a little of the story but analyzing it will let you know everything that’s happening; this concept can be the same for a Sagittarius.

Honestly Steven’s age ruined his character for me. I thought he was like 11 turning 12 or something and that would make more sense with his personality, but 14? 14 year old boys are immature yes, but they’re more like squeakers on call of duty or edgy scene kids (basically they go through ridiculous phases), not like Steven is. He acts like an 8 year old. And the other thing is, Connie is only 12. He has a crush on a 12 year old and he’s 14. He’d be starting high school and she’d be in 7th grade. That’s. Really creepy.

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Dad!shawn at Easter Day ❤️

The cutest thing in the entire world, omg! 

“Good morning buddy, did you sleep good eh? We’re celabrating your first Easter today. Say cheese” “Shawn, come on! Let the kid wake up first” “but it’s a memorable day, I need to document it. He’ll only have one first Easter” 

Shawn sitting with his kid on his lap, stroking his back and kissing the top of his head while your families arrive to celebrate day together but the only thing Shawn is really seeing is his son. 

Shawn watching you sitting with your son in your arms, smiling from ear to ear. “What are you looking at eh?” “Just my entire life”

“Shawn??? Did you just dress him up as a bunny? Are you serious?” “But look at him! If that’s not cute, I don’t know what is” “Our kid has a freaking tail” “Let him wear it with pride. Your mommy doesn’t appreciate the cuteness overload, does she now?” “Don’t turn him against me” “You know it doesn’t matter, he’s a daddy’s boy” 

Jaebum’s Husband Profile

DAY1 Jaebum
here we go ^_^
i hope everyone likes it.
if something is missing them let me know :) 
sorry if a lot seem repetitive, but most topics are similar to the wedding profile.
~ahgase Omma


he’d start to consider marriage after a serious relationship hits a little bump and he realises he can’t live without her. maybe in his early to mid 30s.

  • Proposal- 3-6 years of dating
  • Wedding- within 2 years of proposal 
  • Kids- 2-3 years of settling into their place, their maybe some moving due to work or family.

A classic, but personal outing/surprise proposal, it would see very ordinary, he might seem a little off in behaviour, but otherwise its all normal, until he brings you to that special place (not necessarily the place you first met, but the place you wish you could go to but couldn’t)  then he would turn around to face you and suddenly drop… he would think its so cheesy but its actually very tasteful and classy.

Small, not made public, close family and friends, maybe even the got7 families too, but nothing too big, if he can help it he’ll make sure the company doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

He would be very dutiful around the house, even after the honeymoon period. he would carry on to tidy up, cook when he can, and be the one to suggest taking turns to do the equally hated jobs. 

most cherished moments
he’d be busy, so any time together was everything to him, even if it was 2am and your already sleeping, he’d cherish those moments of himself curling upto you in bed. when he wakes up after a few hours sleep and watches over you for as long as possible, before he has to bolt through the house to get to the studio in time, kissing you and the kids as he leaves. 

They would mostly be about ‘timing’ whether it be related to work, and him not getting free time, or him missing out on the kids life events.

When something has gone terribly wrong, and also when things are going very right and he wants to show his thanks. he would be open to the small things, like the secret kiss in the morning, the little surprise in the fridge, but the bigger the gesture the less frequent it would be. mostly because he doesn’t want to be the cheesy husband but you’ll still get your favourite meal when you least expect it, and surprise outings

How many
2, maybe 3 kids, plus an army of cats… with the way he’s going. he may give his cats to someone for a while when the newborn is in the house for the first time, thats if the post natal centre is strict with not having pets there.

Cat first but then within 1-3 years will be your first child, then a classic 2 years gap. the main problem would be his work taking him to lots of different places, you may settle in seoul first, but then need to move out of seoul, only when things are stable and a home is established will the talk of kids really start.

Superman factor 
He would whenever he can… which isn’t often at home, but when they get past 4 years old, he would bring them to work to play as he partly worked. he would be the one that wakes them in the morning, and make sure they are in bed at the end of the day. the kind of working dad, that the kids dont remember much of in their very early life, but become super proud of because he did work so hard.

the first one would be the most out of the blue romantic thing in the world! he wouldn’t let anything slip, he had to keep it a secret right up until the day. he would do a few small gifts then a bigger evening surprise maybe a long weekend away to jeju-do or busan, because he wants to stroll through the streets and taste all of the amazing sea food there. 

he would try he’s hardest to make the best impression in the first few meet ups, because he knows he’s going to be busy and maybe miss a few. he helps his mother-in-law cook, no matter how much she told him to go sit down again, he would talk about his job and show his diligent side to your father, he’d treat (bribe) siblings. he’d also make a point of remembering their birthdays, so he could organise gifts to be sent to them every year.

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Lana Del Rey for Elle

“I know that if I had more of a persona [before], I have less of one now. And I think it comes down to getting a little older. Maybe I needed a stronger look or something to lean on then. But I feel like it wouldn’t be hard for me today to play a mega show in jeans without rehearsing and still feel like I was coming from the right place.” 

“Looking back now I get a little more of what [the critics] were saying. When I was in the mix of a lot of reviews and critiques, I was kind of like, “What? I do my hair and my make-up just like everyone else for my pictures and my show, and yes my songs are melancholic, but so are whoever else’s.” So to see a couple other female artists not get criticized made me think, “What is it about me?” I think it comes down to energy, I really do. I wasn’t overtly saying “I’m unhappy” or “I’m struggling” in my music, but I think maybe people did catch that and they were saying, “If you’re going to put music like that out you better fess up to it.” But I don’t think I really knew how I felt. Then when things got a little bigger with the music, I was still figuring out what was important to me.” 

“I have cringey moments. Certain things I have said and certain songs I have done, but mostly the ones that were leaked.. I mean, they’re not my finest.”

What does performing on stage take from you emotionally and what do you gain from it?
“It depends on the day. If I’m having a good day, it still takes a lot, but so much of it is physical. I try to take strength and sing from my core, so I have to actually feel good and get a lot of sleep. Of course, it also helps if my personal life is even; when you’re on stage for an hour, you think while you’re singing. I don’t like my in-between thoughts to be restless, or worrisome, so I can focus on the crowd. It’s not like you do it and it didn’t happen; it’s a real experience. I know rock bands who say they fucking love it- that they would [perform] every night and wouldn’t do anything else. I don’t know if it’s as emotional for them [as it is for me.]

Staying in L.A has made her happy right now - 
“I’m growing my roots and meeting a lot of other friends, so I feel a little more settled. I have a friend called Ron who likes to swim with me. So every now and then we find an empty beach, jump in, and swim the length of the coast, from one side of the cove to the other.” 

Her friends are her family, says Lana and that’s why she can’t accept anything less than total honesty and trust from them. “The fact that I know that now makes everything a lot clearer. What’s interesting is how unsafe we [could] feel among each other [if we weren’t] able to express how we really feel. It’s hard knowing that if you tell someone exactly how you fee, like if you’re happy or unhappy, that could be the end of the relationship because they don’t feel the same way.”

“When you’re in your twenties, you let this cast of characters [into your life], especially if they’re in you’re in the arts. It didn’t matter what they stood for or what they thought was important. But as the years went on, there were things I saw in people that I didn’t like.”

Lana is enjoying being part of a music scene in LA where her friends include Emma Tillman, Father John Misty, Zach Dawes (Last Shadow Puppets), Jonathan Wilson and Cam Avery. They play music together which is not something she’s done with her friends before. The first time she had dinner with the whole gang, she thought “Wow, this is great.” “Feeling a part of something is definitely a nice feeling.” Karaoke competition - “If I am with the guys, they’re always on the microphone and sometimes it’s hard to grab it from them. Everyone pretends it doesn’t matter but you can tell there are moments in the choruses when people are really singing.”

“All the tough things that I have been through – that I’ve drawn upon [in my work] – don’t exist for me anymore. Not all my romantic relationships were bad, but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn’t want to be challenged and I am happy I don’t have to do that now.”

I asked whether she feels that when she admits she’s happy that something bad might be just around the corner? “Yes, sometimes. I have a little bit of that. I feel that it’s a human thing to be superstitious. Sometimes I like to say to my friends,”I don’t want to jinx it”. Or if I’m on the phone I’m like, “I’m so excited about this”, and then I’m just waiting for that phone call the next day… but there’s no such thing as jinxing it. Just let go.”

“I try not to do anything that won’t [make me happy], even if it’s just a show in a place that doesn’t suit me. It’s so simple; I always used to ask myself that, but I never listened [to the answer]because I knew I was probably going to do it anyway. If someone really needed me to do something, I would probably be like,”OK!”  I think happiness is the ultimate life goal. I think it’s the only thing that’s important. There are no mechanisms in place for routes to happiness, that’s the whole fucking problem. I think people are unhappy in school – the education structure has been the same for a long time and kids are still not satisfied with their educational experience. And you don’t have enough conversations when you’re young about what makes for a satisfying, mutual relationship. Those collective life experiences – your youth, your academic education and your education about business, marriage or relationship goals – they all lead up to your collective happiness. I think the emphasis is on the wrong things and it has been for a long time.”

“It would be weird to be making a record during the past 18 months and not comment on how [the political landscape] was making me or the people I know feel, which is not good. It would be really difficult if my views didn’t line up with a lot of what people were saying.”

I think it’s  a balance, I really do. You are so fortunate if you have good health and high energy because it takes a lot to be a responsible human. Responsible to yourself, responsible to others, and to know when not to get too deep into the wormhole of news, but still be politically in-the-know, and not be disconnected. In my life, it’s like walking on a tightrope.I read the news, but I won’t read it before bed; I won’t read it when I get up and I won’t read it between my recording sessions. I have windows of time where I check in and catch up with everyone, but I keep my sacred things sacred.”

I wrote “God Bless America” [a track on the album] before the Women’s Marches, but I could tell they were going to happen… I realized a lot of women were nervous about some of the bills that might get passed that would directly affect them. So yes, it’s a direct response in anticipation of what I thought would happen, and what did happen.”

Lust For Life - A pop collaboration with The Weeknd on the title track to the moody duet with Sean Lennon and Yosemite, a beautiful song about the way relationships change over time with the refrain that she’s “no longer a candle in the wind.”  The chorus of Yosemite is about doing things for fun, for free, and doing them for the right reasons. It’s about having artistic integrity; not because you think they would be big but because the message is something that’s important. And then it’s just about being with someone because you can’t see not having them in your life, not because it would be “beneficial” to you to be in their company. It’s that concept of just being in a relationship for 100% the right reasons. Being a good person, basically.”

 I actually am the best girlfriend because I only get into a relationship if I’m really excited about it. I’m unconditionally understanding, very loving and I like to be with that person for a lot of the time.  For me, the dream is to have a little bit of edge, the sexiness, the magnetism, the camaraderie, be on the same page and all that stuff, but without the fallout that comes from a person who is really selfish and puts only their needs first, which is like a lot of frontmen if we’re talking about musicians! I’m going to write a book one day called, ‘The curse of the frontman and why you should always date a bassist’. I guess I have a little bit of fantasy that really great relationships, friendships, and romances can stand the test of time. Even though each person in the relationship or the group changes, they don’t change in ways that would make the relationship come to an end. 

Imagine Bucky taking care of you when you’re not well

You looked up from your bed you were lying on as there was a gentle knock on the door. Your boyfriend, Bucky, came walking inside carrying a bowl of soup and glass of water on a tray.

“Hey, how you feeling?“ He asked as he sat on the edge of the bed, putting the tray on the side before handing you the glass of water and some pain killers.

You gave him a soft smile as you sat up, taking the tablets from his hand and swallowing them with a large swig of water from the glass. "Still crappy,” you croaked, wincing a little at the pain in your throat. 

“I’m gutted I can’t come with you guys,” you sighed as you placed the glass on the bedside table.

Bucky shuffled up so he was sitting next to you on the bed. He held his arm around your shoulders, placing a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “You need to rest up. It’s only an intel mission, we’ll be back before you know it,” he said, his voice sweet and calming.

You nodded and rested your head on his chest. “I know, but being ill is boring. I don’t know how many more reruns of shows I can watch before I go crazy,” you complained.

Bucky chuckled at that, “watching reruns of shows makes you go crazy, but missions with Avengers don’t?” 

Looking up at him, you gave him a small smile and shrugged. "That’s just how normal our lives are, Barnes.”

Buck gave you an amused smile and held you in his arms until you fell asleep.

While you slept, you dreamt about all the things you’d do if your lives really were ‘normal’. Getting married, having a house, having kids, having a paid job that wasn’t life threatening… But, it seemed all those things would only ever be true in your dreams and right now, you were ok with that. As long as you had Bucky in your life, you were happy.

A/N: This is a rewrite of a Sam imagine I wrote a while back.

I desperately need a Bucky or Sammy right now. This sore throat and cold are killing me atm :((

*i don’t own the gifs*

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Sam Winchester Version ||


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here’s the babysitter au we all needed :)


  • so got7, in this au, is not a group but a babysitting company
  • it was started when these seven friends realized they needed hella cash in high school and were average with children
  • it was literally jaebum going “do you guys wanna start a babysitting thing? like for money?” and they were all like “yeah sure why not”
  • jaebum is the kind of babysitter that you look at and you’re not really sure if he’s a babysitter or if he just bench presses the kids
  • but really he seems really stern and kinda scary to the kids at first but that’s bc he’s trying to seem responsible to the parents
  • as soon as the parents leave however, jaebum and one of the kids have a staring contest and as soon as she blinks a smile breaks out on his face and he’s like “you blinked! you have to help me make the cookies now”

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Okay remember when I talked about Vetra not realising how good she is and being kinda surprised that someone actually genuiely and deeply cares for her? 

Of course she is. She’s spent … well, at least half her life trying to survive and taking care of her sister. Who was just a very small kid in the beginning and Vetra had to keep her safe and protected and make sure nothing happens to her bcecause Sid’s the only family she has left now (with her mother not caring about them at all and her father disappeared), and basically her entire life was spent putting her own needs on hold. Because she had a little sister who depended on her, and she had to do ugly things, really ugly things, and it’s dangerous to just give your trust freely so …

Of course she’s surprised. Sid loves her just as much as Vetra loves her but Sid is her little sister whom she practically raised. She’s not used (anymore) to be cared for. 

And damn if she doesn’t deserve to have someone who looks out for her, after all the hard years she spend looking out for others. Because Vetra’ll put herself in harm’s way, she will make sure everyone is fed and has blankets but probably forget that she needs food and blankets herself and … 

I love her so much. 

summer is a pain tbh, the scolding sun, the bathing suits even though I won’t be wearing one I’ll be wearing a huge t-shirt with knee shorts but even then it’s embarrassing because ew my skin can breathe no thanks, and even if I don’t wanna go to the pool and float around in water full of children ages 2 to annoying as hell, my mom and other family members will make fun of me because of the shit I wear in the pool because it’s not a normal female bathing suit like “lmao you’re not Muslim” yeah I know I’m not and that’s rude and it’s not helping my mental state of my body either idk if you thought it would??¿ but it’s not. like no I don’t need my fuckin titties flashing everywhere piss off, and all the life gaurd females trying way too hard to get fucking dick while some kid is drowning not even two inches away from them. and the bugs. but my birthday is in summer which is cool I guess but not really because I grow closer to death himself on the day full of shit I despisE. Oh godddddd the bugs and sweat DID I MENTION?????. the only thing

my god I just ranted on summer I’m sorry. I want winter or cold ish season backkkkk.

Mark’s Husband Profile

DAY2 Mark
seems like its not as popular as i thought it would be
but its nice to see some of you enjoying it :)
let me know what you all think ^_^
~ahgase Omma

we already know he’s expecting to be married by the time he’s 35, and that leave around 10years to fill in. he’s already thinking about it, but is waiting for the right person and timing. it may start to become serious around 29/30.

  • Proposal- 3-5 years of dating
  • Wedding- within 2 years of proposal 
  • Kids- 1-2 years of marriage, ideally he’d like to start a family right away.

Very sentimental, with it planned out weeks in advance. he would make the day obviously special, with not apparent reason, but then at the end of a very long day he would propose then end the day with dessert and a cosy night together.
He would be nervous but bold when proposing, and stay knelt down until you got over your shock and finally answer him.

its not made public, and he’d have no intention of making it too big, but with family and friends it ends up being more than your thought. Also there would be the question of if you have a wedding in korea or america, it would more likely be in america, and this also means that you might end up having two or more ceremonies, a korean modern, an american style, and any other depending on the otherhalf’s background.

He would do plenty around the house, without hesitation, it might die down a little after the honeymoon period but he doesn’t just make you do all the work.
keeping the place generally clean isn’t much his thing, but small things like hovering, random dishes, and of course dog duties are his thing.

most cherished moments
easy! any every time he’s able to just relax at home with you. those moments where everything is quiet and he just looks over at you and thinks how perfect that moment is. he hates being away form home, so every chance he gets to remember his happiness he does.

It would be far and few between, not because there are a few issues, but because he doesn’t make much of a scene out of them, they either naturally sort themselves out or both parties quickly come to an understanding, with no resentment. if things became too much then perhaps voices would be raised but only in times when both of you have very different ideas. not in times where one is doing something small wrong/differently.

it would be at the most random times, when mark just suddenly feels like surprising you. it would vary greatly depending on his chance to prepare for it, from a small gift to a couples weekend. random romance would be his thing! he would be the one to give back hugs whilst you cook, and cuddle when your watching tv, have a bouquet sent to you when he’s away, with the sweetest card ever!

How many

2-3 kids, and a dog. he’s all about having a whole family, pet included, and as soon as possible. he’d love seeing how the dog/s interact with the new born, and have them grow up together, running around, going to dog cafes and kid cafes all the time.

ideally, within the first year of marriage, i also wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up having a ‘shotgun’ marriage. he’d want to have them fairly close together but still old enough to look after each other. he’d like to have his kids by the time he’s in his late 30s.

Superman factor
he’s already in father mode! he’s perfect for the job, at first he might spoil his kids, but then realise that its not really sustainable, and that they need to learn about the value of money. he would play with them every chance he gets! and even ends up sleeping with them all curled up on the couch after playing for so long

he’d remember them all, the main ones at least. birthdays, wedding anniversary. if he could plan anything it would be something simple but sweet. a small cruise down Han river, with dinner and the amazing light show, with a little special something, maybe a light up banner with the wedding date and your names on it, a little cheesy a little cringeworthy but super sweet.

he’s all about those family outings with everyone to the park. a relaxed visit with the whole family, no super important celebration but rather the everyday stuff. he likes to remember those, because they’re the family memories he wants his kids to remember, that sunny day where they played with their dad, and ate mums and grandmas amazing picnic then fell asleep in the car whilst granddad talked about milk costing much less back in the day.

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Hey Sarah, since u teach hs how do you deal with the kids who drop out? I mean, this is my bf's 1st year teaching HS (it's year rounds too) and one of his kids just dropped out and he's devastated. Like he really thought he could help this kid out and idk how to comfort him ya know?

Feel free to share this directly with your boyfriend, because I totally get where he’s coming from:

A student who I was really, really close to dropped out this year. I tried my hardest to be there for them. I would pick them up for school and give them ride homes from school. I would bring in my personal books for them to read, I would read their poetry, I would work with them one-on-one after school on personal projects that were close to their heart. And, one day, they just didn’t show up. Their mom didn’t return my calls and their friends said that they just decided to drop out. That’s it. Nothing.

I’ve had plenty of kids drop out before. I work with a tough group. But this one really, really hit me because I took it as a mission to get this student to graduate high school and I thought we had a really great bond that would allow this student the support they so desperately needed to do so.

But it wasn’t enough.

It’s hard not to take it personally. It’s hard not to want to do more. It’s in our nature, as teachers, to deeply care about our students and invest in not only their education, but their lives. It hurts when things don’t work out for them. It’s more than a blow to the ego, because their failures feel like our failures.

But then I realized something that has helped me cope ever since: the vast majority of their life is spent without me. I’m lucky to see them five hours a week. I can only do so much with the time I spend with them, and when I’m responsible for a class full of kids who need my attention for one reason or another, it’s impossible to give those kids what they really need. Life hasn’t given them what they need, and that’s not my problem to solve. That’s not my fault. That sounds so harsh, but it’s the truth. And it breaks my heart. The only thing I can be held responsible for is the time I spend with them and what we do with that time. Sometimes, it’s not about coordinating conjunctions or writing really good claims. Sometimes it’s about making sure my students have a safe environment to go home to; sometimes it’s about making sure my students have enough to eat. I do what I can with what I’m given. Sometimes they fail, but that doesn’t mean I failed as a teacher.

It’s never going to be easy for me to not take their failures personally. The responsibility of that weighs heavily on me, and it’s a daily struggle. I go home with what seems like weight of the world on my shoulders every night. But then students come to me with tears in their eyes because they made it. They’re going to graduate! And nothing will ever beat the amount of pride I feel for them at that moment. I try to hold on to that pride for as long as I can, because I know I’ll need it down the road.

Tell your boyfriend to hang in there. It’s tough, but he’s clearly meant for it. Fight the good fight. It’s worth it. It really, really is.

I signed my contract today!

I’m now (after 800 years of searching) a permanent teacher.

It feels wonderful and strange and I suppose all that hard work finally paid off.

I often wonder why it was so hard for me to find a job. And why I ended up in a crazy district with super needy kids. And I think it’s all because as fun and stimulating as it might be to work in a fancy town with all the resources and support you could want, I can do really wonderful things for kids that don’t have as much.

I can get a kid to grow 156 points when he only technically needed to grow 19 points. I can help a child blossom and enjoy coming to school even when her home life is falling apart. I can be the confidant of a child who is being mistreated at home.

It is exhausting and often heart breaking. But I can be there for these kids who need me the most.

But first, I need to make it through the next four days then sleep by the pool for at least two weeks.

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Thanks, I wanted to get this in for a friend who likes Caesar (I wanted to try to cheer her up). Can you give us headcannons of Caesar spending time with his spouse s/o and daughter?

-There’s nothing that Caesar enjoys doing more than spending time with his beloved family. He got little to no time with his family when he was a teen, so he will treasure every moment he can spend with his s/o and daughter!

-He would often call his s/o his “Re/Regina” and his daughter his beautiful “Principessa”

-Casar wouldn’t mind at all going shopping with his partner and daughter, even loving to buy pretty dresses for her, and giving death glares at every boy/girl that stares at his daughter for too long. Yes, even if his daughter is 3. He is the only love she needs in her life!

-Another thing he likes is doing their hair! And he is really good at it! He likes doing pony tails, buns, and especiallly braids! He always searches tutorials for making the most beautiful braids!

-If his daughter is just a little kid, he will seeing her playing with the bubbles he makes! He likes it even more when he infuses the bubbles with a little bit of hamon and the little kid’s hair goes all frizzy when they pop the bubbles.

-And when his daughter grows up he will be even more protective with her. She is his precious little princess after all! “Dad pls stop you’re embarrassing me.”

-And he takes pictures of them all the time. His phone (let’s suppose for a sec that he actually has a phone) is full of pics of his s/o and daughter. Even his wallpaper is a pic of them!

-But his favorite would be spending evening watching silly kid films. Just the three of them and sometimes Joseph on the couch, cuddling and laughing. He is so thankful for having such a beautiful family!



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why you ship kyman?, everyone else hate cartman, kyman shipers only want to make kyle suffer (idc if cartman suffers, he deserves it)

((Because kyman is cute in my eyes. Kyman is way more than just two kids bickering with each other. Kyle suffering? Did you even see season 20? The boy cares about Eric way more than you think, dude. Kyman’s not really one sided anymore. They actually have chemistry together, more than just being a Fatass and a Jew.
Yea, Eric deserves to suffer sometimes but he’s not that bad of a person. He has heart and some dignity, he actually has a lot more issues than we see on the surface. He’s suffering from a lot of trauma, and no, you can’t defend his act of killing Scott Tenorman’s parents/his own father, no, that was too far even for him. He’s bigoted, he’s not exactly a model kid but he’s interesting in those ways, you know? He has a lot of shit wrong with him and honestly, I can relate to him a lot more that way. His imperfections are what make his character. And the kid really needs some love in his life, he needs someone to actually walk him through things, help him become a better person. The only person who really has tried to get it through his head that he’s an actual good person deep down, is Kyle. I don’t ship Kyman as a love/hate relationship or something like that anymore. I actually see as something better, something that could actually work in a sense.))

Today is the Positivity Day, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to one of the most positive Kuroshitsuji characters - Elizabeth Midford.
Many SebaCiel shippers dislike her, so today I’ll try to explain why I myself, as a SebaCiel shipper, love and respect Lizzy so much.

Lizzy is the only thing that keeps Ciel’s faint connection to “light”.
Sure, Sebastian understands Ciel better than anyone else. Two years of being together made them become one. Sebastian undoubtedly saved Ciel from complete loneliness (not to mention that without Sebastian Ciel would’ve probably been dead by now). He protects the young master, makes him cookies and they are constantly mocking each other like old buddies.
But do you really think this is enough for a 13-year old boy? He is still just a kid. He needs to communicate with his peers, but instead he is only going out to investigate mass murders.

And above all, Sebastian is the darkness.

Lizzy is the light.
She is always trying to cheer Ciel up and bring some happiness and fun into his life.

And Ciel, though he doesn’t realize that himself, is reaching for this light. He doesn’t show that because he is a tsundere but he really feels good when spending time with Lizzy. She is the only reminder of his happy childhood.

Many people find her obsession with cute things annoying. But she became like this for him.

Even if Ciel doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her, he deeply cares about her as his dear cousin and friend.

Don’t forget, that she is still just a girl. It’s amazing how desperate and serious is her love for Ciel.

She is strong.

She went through a great loss when she was just a child.

Being the wife of the queen’s watchdog is not easy. But she bears this fate with dignity.

And lately, I feel like she is in danger.
Seeing one of the most cheerful characters with this sad blank look in the eyes really breaks my heart. So let’s all cross our fingers for Lizzy.

She’s really done a lot for Ciel.

Happy Positivity Day everyone!