the only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision

Crash & Burn (PART 2)

This is the final part.

The much requested second part of my celebratory 1K followers fic! I’m so glad you guys liked part one, which you should probably go read first if you haven’t yet.

Or you could just read the whole thing on my AO3.

Summary: Lance gets in a car accident while on his way to help Keith, whose car broke down. The summary on part one is slightly less vague but I’m lazy okay sue me.

Lance blinked wearily, as his vision slowly focused on what appeared to be a white ceiling above him. The bright, florescent lighting hurt to look at, so he turned his head to the side, once again squeezing his eyes shut. When he opened them, the sight before him made no sense.

He was lying in a bed, in a room he didn’t recognize. Slumped in the chair beside him was a clearly asleep Keith Kogane. Lance belatedly realized that Keith was tightly holding onto his hand, and he couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment, even if the main emotion he felt was still confusion.

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Colors {Michael Mell x Reader}

request: anonymous asked:Can I request one of those soul mate aus with when they lock eyes or touch or something like that they finally see color? Michael x reader? Also your blog is amazing love you!


warnings: bullying, swearing, cute shit

word count: 2555

The world that you lived in was a very strange one. Devoid of color and aching to be loved, maybe people were desperate to find their soulmate, so that they could be allowed to see the incredible, beautiful world that awaited those in love.

You, however, were afraid.

Your shades of grey were familiar. The smokiness of your favorite sweater, the slate of your eyes, the silveriness of your hair - all of it was going to change someday. What if you didn’t like it?

From what you’d heard of the greatness of love, though, it might be worth it. So what if your entire world changes? Does it really matter anyway?

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcannon with the RFA + minor trio with an MC that's got nearsightedness and she's slowly going blind and it can't really be stopped?

Yes of course~ I actually have nearsightedness..but I’m not going blind. Hopefully I did this justice..! I struggled with Seven and Yoosung surprisingly. But I hope I did okay, enjoy! 


  • “You can still see my beauty from afar though, right?” He chuckled and you rolled your eyes as you adjusted the glasses propped on the bridge of your nose.
  • He knew that your vision was bad, but it wasn’t until later when you asked him why it was so dark in the living room one night when all the lights were on.
  • So he took you to the doctor and was shocked at the news, and saddened all at once.
  • You told them that it was okay, and that you could get through this as long as he was by your side.
  • When you completely lost your vision..his heart would slightly drop whenever he looked at you.
  • You didn’t know how beautiful you looked everyday, so he would be sure to tell you.
  • “Honey, I wish you could see how you look right now. Your skin is so radiant, and your silky brown hair spilling over your shoulders. The earrings I bought you really brings out the angelic shade of your eyes..”
  • “Zen..”
  • Honestly..he wouldn’t be sure of how to handle it. But you can bet he was always describing the scenery wherever you guys went.


  • This little bby, he would always be so aware and cautious of you when he learned that you were nearsighted.
  • “Hold onto my arm MC while we cross the street! Uh..”
  • But when he learned that you were slowly going blind he would probably just lose his shit.
  • “Yoosung, don’t worry. I knew this was coming, my vision has been bad all my life.”
  • “If you knew it was coming..then WHY didn’t you get it treated?!”
  • “I tried, it couldn’t been helped.”
  • Would ultimately just feel terrible about the whole situation.
  • He would help you as much as you could and as often as he could.
  • It would take him awhile to accept it and get used to it..but at the end of the day he was always sure to remind you of how much he loves you, and how he’ll never leave your side.


  • She would automatically go into overprotective mom mode.
  • I know that’s like a cliche for her, but it’s true!!
  • “MC, stay out of the kitchen please..I don’t want you to get hurt. What if your vision fails you while you’re cutting up something? Or if you’re using the stove.. Let me do the cooking from now on.” 
  • I feel like she wouldn’t be that taken back when she learned that you were slowly going blind.
  • Would probably do some research of how to make things easier for you, and help you learn how to read braille. 
  • Always looking out for you..always. And being very attentive towards you whenever you were doing something.
  • “I know..all of this must be very hard for you. But believe me when I say that I’ll be with you until the absolute end.”


  • As soon as he found out you had nearsightedness, he’d schedule an appointment with one of the best eye doctors in the world. 
  • Would do everything in his power to make sure that your vision wouldn’t get any worse and would only improve.
  • He had already dealt with V..he didn’t want to fail again.
  • But your condition was rare, you going blind was inevitable and he just felt so..defeated.
  • The most important people in his life, both have gone blind.
  • I feel like he would take it the worse. 
  • When he took you on business trips, he felt like absolute shit that you couldn’t admire the beautiful scenery to you.
  • Much like Zen (haha), he would take his time describing every possible detail to you, so that hopefully you could vividly envision it in your mind.
  • Since you had lost one of your senses. he would make sure to stimulate the others in the most pleasing way.
  • The penthouse would always have the best scent, he made sure you ate nothing but the most well put together filled with such beautiful harmonies it put you in a trance.
  • “MC, I know that you’re blind..but I hope that doesn’t stop you from seeing how much adoration I have for you, and how much I love you.”


  • Despite doing a background check on you, he didn’t know this. 
  • I feel like he would be the kind of person to hold up his hand in front of you and ask how many fingers he’s holding up.
  • “3, Seven, 3.”
  • “Okay how about now?”
  • “You don’t even have your hand up anymore.”
  • Even though he would make a joke from time to time, deep down inside it worried the shit out of him. 
  • Would probably try to develop some special glasses that would support your vision way better than just regular ones.
  • You know like eSight glasses that allow blind people to see again?
  • If your vision wasn’t curable, at least he could do this.
  • It would take quite a long time though, he’d have to do some much research and testing, it wasn’t a field he was experienced in.
  • But until then, he would just assist you himself and make upgrades to the cat robot to help you as well.
  • Would never let you out of the bunker by yourself.
  • He was actually..just a huge worry wart over you, but only because he loved you and wants nothing more but to protect you always so you can be the safest you could possibly be.


  • He wouldn’t think much of it at first..
  • So what? Not everyone had the best vision.
  • But when he learned that you were going blind and it couldn’t be treated..
  • He just felt so..helpless.
  • It would send him into a brooding state, and he would just stare at you sometimes.
  • “’ll be okay right? You just won’t be able to see? You won’t leave me right..”
  • “I would never leave you Saeran.”
  • “I don’t want you going out anywhere alone. Please, let me be by your side just all the time so I can look at for you.”
  • sighsoftsaeranissoadorable
  • Wouldn’t quite know what to do most of the time tbh.
  • But you were the most precious thing to ever happen to him, the fact that this was happening to you angered him to know end.
  • He never wanted you to experience something like this, he wish he could somehow give you his vision in exchange for your blindness.
  • “Why must terrible things like this happen to good people? It should be me..not you.”
  • “Saeran, please don’t say that. The world has a weird way of working sometimes.”
  • “I want to fight the world then.” saeranpls 
  • “MC, I want nothing more but to protect you. I’ll make sure from now on, whatever danger comes in your way I’ll stop it before it could ever reach you. I love you more than anything..It’s unfair how you’re forced to only see darkness, when you bring so much light.”

Jihyun (V):

  • Suddenly thinks he made a mistake by finally accepting Jumin’s request for him to get eye surgery.
  • It was almost as if..the universe took his condition and gave it to you, as punishment.
  • After all, he did lie to you and the rest of the RFA.
  • Would have so much regret, and just.. so much hatred in himself.
  • “I should’ve never gotten the you have to suffer as I did..” He cried one night as he watched you sleep.
  • “Perhaps..if I blinded myself, you would get your vision back.”
  • no baby please don’t do that please please please no
  • Before you completely lost your sight, he would take you all over the world with him.
  • The most beautiful places on Earth, and he would have you explore the scenery and capture the most breath-taking, purest moments of you.
  • He just felt so terrible about it sometimes, you would have to constantly reassure him that he was not at fault. That you had been struggle with your eyesight all your life.
  • But he couldn’t help it. The only reason why he didn’t harm himself is so he could be able to see for the both of you..
  • (thismademekindofsadwhydididothis)


  • Honestly..I don’t think he would say much at first when he learned that you had nearsightedness.
  • “Oh.” is all he would say, with sentimental eyes and he looked down on you.
  • Your vision may be shit, but you could see the slight uneasiness that rested on his face. 
  • “Well if you ever need anything..let me know.”
  • He would ask you if you were okay a lot, and if you needed help
  • “Do you need something? I can go get it for you.. Just stay there, don’t move.”
  • Suddenly, he didn’t mind cleaning up and taking care of the house if it was for you.
  • He would show small actions of compassion and worry, he wanted to make things easier for you. 
  • Sometimes, when you guys laid on the couch with each other, watching movies he’d make funny, sarcastic comments describing the setting or how the characters looked. 
  • Like once you guys were watching a zombie apocalypse movie..
  • “Okay, wow. Well this place looks like a total shit-hole. So just picture Seven’s bunker..but outside, spread out throughout the city.” 
  • “The dude is really ugly by the way, don’t waste your energy trying to envision it. He’s truly horrific.”
  • He didn’t know exactly how to handle it, but it wouldn’t have any negative connotation towards how he felt for you. 
  • In fact this would probably just make him care about and love you even more. 
  • He admired how strong you were, and questioned how you managed to stay calm even though you were going fucking blind.
  • “I don’t quite know what’s going through your head…and I know this is a struggle for you. Never feel like you have to hold anything in. If you’re frustrated or sad, let me know.”
  • “One more thing..” 
  • “……..Iloveyou….”
  • “Awwww, Vandy. I may be nearly blind, but I can just picture how red you are right now. I love you too.”  
  • His face went even redder.
  • “Shut up.”
  • :)

Phewww! I hope you liked this! Requests are still open y’all! So send in whatever your heart desires!

Childs Play.

It happened in an accident when he was three years old. He’d been at the park, playing with his big brothers and sisters.

Someone threw mulch.

And it down spiraled from there.

Horribly, horribly.

Lance couldn’t remember much, not even the way it felt. He remembered the last thing he saw was his family’s smiling faces, and the next thing he heard was their screaming.

And his own.

He barely recalled the hospital trip at this age, but remembered the fear it induced.

Lance remembered how many noises there were, and strange voices, but never was able to see what was going on.

He would never see what was going on, from that moment on.

From the age of three, to now, in his late teens, Lance was legally blind.


If he were to take out the colored contacts, his blue eyes would change completely.

They would be a dull blue, but broken up. You’d be able to see the scratches on his eyes that stayed forever from the mulch that entered them almost twenty years ago.

He wore the contacts to hide that, so he would appear normal.  And it worked.

Like most people, Lance adapted to his lack of sight over the years.

He used his hearing and touch mostly, which was typical.

By the time he was eight years old Lance could get around with no problem, like his sight was never gone.

He was a normal happy kid.

At age thirteen he started practicing flight without his vision. By sixteen years old he was about as good as a pilot with basic flight knowledge.

Not the best around, by far.

But for being blind?

Someone give the poor kid a medal.

Hunk was the only other one that knew of the blue paladins disability, but he paid no mind.

Lance wasn’t different than anyone else in the long run. Well, he was, but he didn’t even act like he had the disability.

It didn’t phase him at all.

But then was the day where his contact ripped, and there was nothing to replace it.

Lance stood in front of his cabinet, frantically feeling around for an extra pack, anything.

There was nothing.

“No no no…” Lance’s heart beat skyrocketed and he shook his head.

This wasn’t happening.

He had no time to go to Hunk and see what he could do to help.

Space probably didn’t even have the resource for a type of contact. Did it?

Lance was so screwed.

He didn’t know how he looked, obviously, but he had an idea. He’d probably scare the others.

The other paladins didn’t know about his disability. Lance didn’t want them to think less of him, or worse, kick him off the team.

There was no time to have a breakdown here. He needed to get to training, there would be a mission in two days time and it was crucial.

He took a shaky breath.

And he went.

Lance kept his gaze down, hoping that he had his eyes low enough that they couldn’t be seen.

Hunk met him first, frowning. “You okay, buddy?” He stood away from the others from where Lance entered.

The blue paladin looked up slowly, and knew Hunk saw his eyes when he saw his eyes.

“Where are your contacts?” Hunk asked.

Lance shook his head, “Broke.”

He ducked his head, glancing away. Anxiety was building up and it was started to get at him.

From across the training room, Lance could hear the rest of the team talking about the sort of training they’d be doing.

Close combat. Great.

Shiro’s voice rang out across the room, “Hunk! Lance! We’re starting training. Hunk, you’re facing me.”

Hunk patted Lance’s shoulder and nodded. “Sure, boss!” He joked.

Lance had to stand off to the side, listening to the sound of his friend and leader engaged in combat.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how horribly wrong everything was about to go.

Whoever he versed was going to see his eyes and then….

“Lance, you are facing Keith.”

His heart stuttered, he had to find his breathing, then he stepped forward.

Of course it was Keith.

Keith, the one who hated him and would be most likely to call him out for it.

Everything slowed down as he approached his mark and stood parallel to Keith.

“Ready, McClain?” He sneered.

Lance took a breath, readying his stance, and looked up. He smirked unevenly, “A-As I’ll ever be.”

Here it comes.

“What the—”

Lance flinched, hearing Keith gasp and a hint of horror in the undertone of the sound. “Lance, you’re—”

His heart stopped and sweat formed on his forehead and any excuse started to sputter from his mouth.

But then…

…everyone was standing around him and hugging him, patting his back.

He was so confused.

Lance felt all his friends, and then he heard them.

They were telling him that it was okay and that they didn’t think any less of him.

Hunk must have done something.

That was Hunk.

When everyone came away from around him, he had tears in his eyes and he was grinning.

Lances anxiety about the situation disappeared completely. They didn’t care.

Pidge and Keith had set up their reaction set up, but confirmed that Lance had nothing he had to initially worried about.

They accepted him and loved him all the same. Lance’s heart soared and he couldn’t stop grinning.


Maybe he’ll come out as gay next.

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i love your writing style so much!!💕could you please do a mini fic of v's reaction to seeing you for the first time after getting the eye surgery? i think that would be a really cute moment omg

here’s a baby fic for you, anon!

Who I Was | V&MC.

V has been beating himself up over the fact that some things leave and never come back the same, being stuck in the transit points of embracing who he was now and wanting to revert back to who he was before. He doesn’t expect to meet the new love of his life somewhere in between.

V hadn’t felt much need much for his vision until she had come along. He didn’t see much use of anything after Rika had been sent off to god knows where; Jumin didn’t want to tell him for his own sake, and he wasn’t quite sure if that was for better or for worse. V had a habit of mourning his unfinished relationships than the ones he could finish. But then she had come along, with her mega-watt grin and beige turtlenecks and loving voice, an enigma he still couldn’t quite figure out. It was as if she had reached into the void and grabbed him by the collar only to whisper the loveliest of things to end his sufferings, sufferings he couldn’t seem to end himself. She had managed to qualm his fears and this surely would be something else they would conquer together.

“How are you feeling?” She spoke low but nonetheless lovingly, her fingers kneading his while the doctor had begun to unravel the bandages over his eyes. There had been a moment of uncertainty as V’s fingers grasped her hand in a moment of worry, a palpable tension rising over his shoulders as the doctor had instructed him to slowly open his eyes. There was much to be nervous about, much to go wrong and much to go right. He would have finally been able to clearly see her face, trace the features with his fingers and see her through it all, tears, smiles, laughs. V could only conjure up a slow nod in response to her.

And the world was very bright and then very clear. The doctor instructed him to blink a few times to adjust himself, but a sense of reassurance had come over him the moment he saw her face. A wave of relief washed over him somehow, relief that hadn’t come ever since he had been blinded by Rika and had been thrown very far away from him ever since. It was a breath of fresh air to finally be able to look around again, not in the same clarity he had before, but all the same grateful. He had hardly even noticed the doctor had given the two some time alone.

The acceptance of his current state of being and to not hope for some former version of himself in the past had been a grappling challenge he never seemed capable of conquering, and the return of his vision had sought out this deep unnerving feeling about how like his vision, he would never return to the state he was before. However with her hand in his and her face beginning to stream tears over the sight of his eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to want to go back to who he was. If he had, he wouldn’t have had her. He watched in shock as crystalline beads began to well up towards the edge of her eyes, and he had been too shocked to react before a hand had instinctively wiped away to tears gathered at her cheekbones.

“You’re so beautiful…” The words had come to him before he could figure out what he was going to say. He could only see her before in scattered visions and imagine the rest in his dreams, but she was real. A sniffle from her broke the silence between the two as he had kept caressing her cheek, eyes still wide in disbelief. He had repeated his words and his hand had slid to hold her hand again, the two staring at each other as if they’d seen a miracle; and it was close enough to one.

“You’re the greatest thing that I’ve ever seen.” His next words were silent and a little more than a murmur, but the impact had been all the same. A small irrational part of him had always been afraid that she wasn’t real in some way, she would disappear by the next day or disappear from him the same way Rika had done so. But she hadn’t, with her hand gripped in his while she cried tears and he still called her beautiful like the stumbling fool he was. He may not have been who he was before, but if he was who he was now with her, he certainly would not mind that.

“This means you’re gonna have to stay with me forever, alright? And I’m not taking no for an answer this time.”

Electric Souls | 2

part one

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary : Peter Parker and (y/n) have been best friends since, well forever. And it’s no secret that (y/n) has been harboring the stupidest crush on him. And besides, he never really noticed her. Not like she wanted him to. Because he only seemed to have eyes for Liz Allen.

A/N: Thanks for the love on this!! I didn’t expect so many people to like it. Anyways, I hope this sequel is just as good. Enjoy!

Warnings: swearing, some angst, long-ish

    I never realized how hard it was to study when you’re already preoccupied with being heartbroken. I let out a puff of air and rolled over, letting my gaze wander over the bare ceiling above me. I didn’t expect it to hurt this bad. It felt like there was a weight placed on my chest that I couldn’t possibly get off. For a while the sadness had become overwhelming and I had lied on my bed in a sobbing heaping mess, finding it hard to breathe. But now it seemed as though I had run out of tears to spill. That was proved wrong when I received a text from Michelle. 

     MJ: I still think you should get over him, but are you ok? 

    Once I read her text, a sudden flood of tears blurred my vision once again and a sob escaped my lips. Even in my miserable state, I managed to move my schoolwork safely out of the way of the tears rolling down my cheeks. I collapsed down into the blankets of my bed once every paper was out of danger. I held my pillow to my chest, taking a deep breath and inhaling the usually comforting scent of it. Only this time it only made everything worse when I found it still smelled like Peter from the last time he had been here. As cliche as it sounded, everything was constantly reminding me of him. But I guess that’s just the side effect of the boy you liked being you’re best friend since you were toddlers. 

     I think what hurt the most was that after even more minutes of frantic sobbing into my blankets is that I realized I didn’t just like him. It was so much more. I was completely and utterly in love with him. Everything about him had made me feel light and so happy, happier than anything else was ever able to make me. And I had ruined it. If anything would have given it away to him, it would’ve been the scene I pulled in the hallway. And it was beyond clear he only saw me as a friend. I fucked up-

    A sudden knock cut off my thoughts. I sat up immediately, desperately wiping at my eyes with the sleeves of the over-sized sweatshirt I was wearing. When I finally thought all my tears had been dried up, the skin on my cheeks and under my eyes felt slightly raw. I moved to place my feet on the ground, the contact of the cold hardwood floor to my skin sending a shiver through me. Another knock echoed through the small apartment and I finally willed myself to get up. But who could it be. Not Michelle. Maybe it was Ned? 

    I reached the door just as the shrill buzz of the doorbell rang out. I winced slightly before moving up to the door. I stood on my toes to look through the peephole. I froze at the sight of the familiar face. It was him. 

     Peter turned around, there was no way she was going to answer. He knew he had hurt her. He hated himself for it. The last thing he had ever wanted to do was hurt her. But he had fucked up. She was there in front of him this whole time but he had never realized. He had never realized how perfect, how beautiful, how caring she was. She was literally perfect for him and he was too fucking dumb to even see it. And he could’ve had her. If it weren’t for his own blindness he could’ve been with her. Everything could’ve been alright. But it wasn’t, and it was his fault. He was too late. He knew, now, that he loved her. He always had. Now he would never know what could’ve been. 

    A slight creak came from behind him. Peter picked his head up, spinning around as fast as he could. The sight of her broke his heart. Her (y/e/c) eyes were shining with un-shed tears. Her hair was pulled into a wild bun. Her cheeks looked red and her eyes puffy. She had obviously been crying, a lot. Her fingers nervously held the edges of the over-sized midtown high sweatshirt she was wearing. It hurt to know that it was him that caused her to be in this state. All he was able to do was breathe out her name before pulling her to him and encasing her in his embrace. 

    “Peter what are you-” My voice came out scratchy and faint. Everything had happened in a sudden flash. Peter had spun around immediately when I opened the door. He had just looked at me for a moment, a sad look painted onto his face. Then, he pulled me into a hug. 

    “(y/n) I’m so sorry.” He sniffled. Sorry? Why would he be sorry. He hadn’t done anything. It was only me with my selfish feelings for him. I pushed away from his grip, looking up into his eyes. 

   “Pete why would you be sorry?” He closed his eyes, silently banishing a stray tear that had fallen. He let out a sigh before he opened them again, the same sad look still on his face. 

    “I’ve- I’ve been so oblivious. This whole time. You’ve always been there. And  I should’ve known. I should’ve known. You always did look sad when I talked about Liz. I should’ve known.” I could feel the embarrassment blossoming inside me. My face grew hot, probably now even redder than it had previously been.    

    “Peter I- it was just a stupid crush, I- I’m sorry. You’re happy with Liz, I should be happy for you I-” 

    “No.” I stared at him. It was just a simple word, but it seemed to mean so much more. The expression on Peter’s face was less sad now, more… determined. He took a deep breath for opening his mouth to speak once again. “(y/n) I really wish it didn’t take this for me to see it. But.. I’m in love with you. It seems like I always have been but I’ve just been to blind to see it. I was caught up in all this shit with Liz.. and I never realized. It was you. You were the one who stole my heart away. You were the one who I wanted to see at the end of the day. You’re the girl that I always want to be with, the one that I constantly want to talk to. And it took Michelle for me to finally see that. And for that, I am sorry. I really am.” He looked down, leaving me in complete shock and awe. “And I understand if, if you don’t-”

“Peter Parker.” He looked up at me, his eyes practically melting my heart. He looked like a scared and lost puppy, looking for a home. “Please shut up. Because, I really do love you too.” His face broke into a smile. Suddenly all the pain and heaviness in my chest that plagued me vanished. He stepped forward, bringing his arms around me in another bone crushing hug. “I still hate you for making me go through that, Parker.” He just chuckled, holding me tightly. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you leave my sight again.”

A/N: I hope that was okay? sorry for any typos, I type fast :,)

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Alive | Harry x Reader

Hey guys! I felt bad for not posting in a kajillion years, so i wrote this as a little apology!

Pairing: Harry Potter x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Angst.

You stood beside your brother, Draco, hands clasped in front of you and your head bowed as Bellatrix questioned the Granger girl about the sword the snatchers had discovered in their belongings. You flinched as Hermione let out another scream, your aunt mercilessly torturing her for answers. Draco grabbed your hand comfortingly from beside you, knowing you hated this. He did, too, but it was worse for him to watch his younger sister struggle through this. You turned your head into his shoulder, scrunching your eyes shut tightly as you tried to block out Hermione’s screams.

Shock jolted through you at the sound of someone casting a spell. Your head shot up, and your mouth dropped open at the sight of Ron Weasley and the now recognizable Harry Potter running to the rescue of their best friend. Your heart pumped at the sight of Harry, thrumming harshly against your ribcage - beating so loudly in your ears you feared he could hear it. 

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Blow Us All Away (Book! Jacob x reader)

Anonymous said: Hello, so I’m not the original requester. But I feel like It’s Quiet Uptown kinda needs a part two. Of course no pressure at all. If you don’t want to please don’t stress yourself to. Keep up the amazing work! <3

Hey! Here you go, I hope you like it! x

Originally posted by asabutterfielded

It’s Quiet Uptown (Part 1)

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Change (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: A short fic where the reader goes for a late night walk and contemplates how becoming an Avenger and having powers changes their life. Bucky finds the reader and offers some comfort at the end.

Note: Slightly different to my usual stories, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)


You walk through the streets of Manhattan. It’s true, you think. Perhaps the city never truly sleeps. Vehicles whiz past, the lights of the cars illuminating you, casting a large shadow behind you as they blind you. The buildings look so tall, you observe as you glance around. From down here, the world looks so different. It’s almost like a different world. From the tower, everything looks so small, but from the ground, everything is ginormous. The shift in perspective is fascinating.

As you walk, you think of all of your problems, all of your insecurities. Everything seems so big and too hard to solve. You’re not sure you enjoy the fame of being a hero. You don’t even feel like one most days. I’m only human, you think. But you’re not. You know you’re not. You sigh and watch your feet as you walk. I was never human, but I always pretended to be.

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Business Meeting [Kris Gang!AU Angst-ish]

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“So you’re refusing our deal?” Kris demanded, dumbfounded at the lack of respect the man across from him was showing. Under the table, his hand gripped yours tighter out of stress, and all you could do was run your thumb across his knuckles reassuringly. 

This deal between Kris’ gang and whoever’s gang that ran the south half of the country had been in the works for months, potentially years, and it was quite literally in the final moments before signing that the other gang was backing out. It was the last link Kris really needed before he could assume full control of South Korea and begin to monopolize the underground.

And here, this scum that was so low you couldn’t even be bothered to remember his name, was running away with his tail between his legs. You could see the fear in his eyes whenever he made eye contact with Kris, or his guards Chanyeol and Xiumin that hovered behind the two of you, even though he had six men standing behind him.

“Sorry to say it, Mr. Wu, but we are. Simply can’t have a merger like that. Wouldn’t be good for business, you understand?” Despite the breeziness of his tone, the older man’s eyes had something malicious swirling inside them that made it quite clear he had another motive. 

Kris’ jaw tensed, and you could tell he was fighting to restrain his temper. “This agreement has been planned for months and you’re just now going back on your word?” he gritted out. “You know I don’t take too kindly to those who don’t maintain their honor.”

Behind you, you heard Chanyeol and Xiumin shift slightly, likely revealing weapons that were supposed to have been left outside of the meeting room, a favorite scare tactic of Kris’. 

And for the first time you could remember, it didn’t work. The man across from you and Kris raised a brow, as if he were asking if that was all. 

Beside you, Kris tensed, but maintained contact with you as his free hand slipped to the waistband of his pants and slid out a handgun, which he cocked and raised at the man opposite him, who finally lifted his hands, as if in surrender. But as you had no weapon to withdraw, you were left to watch as the six men the asshole gang leader in front of you brought in pull out two guns each. 

Meaning about six of the twelve total guns were aimed at you as the weakest point of this conference. The rest of the weapons found aim on your husband and his guards. 

And that’s why you didn’t like to attend “business meetings” with Kris. 

Immediately, Chanyeol was pulling you out of your seat and away from harm, while Kris stood in front of you, raising his gun in both of his hands and beginning to let his temper reign supreme, Xiumin taking up a similar stance beside him.  

But even with two highly trained and highly infuriated men taking the first shots, you knew this would be a battle lost. The six men on the opposing side of the room spread out with a practiced ease, returning fire at double the rate. Xiumin and Kris moved back to back, managing to dodge most of the projectiles that were now whizzing about the room, embedding in the walls and cheap art. 

Chanyeol shielded your body with his own and began to propel you away from the conflict, where more of Kris’ men were waiting and could get you away from the bloodshed. Already, you could hear his backups storming closer to the location, no doubt alerted by the sounds of gunfire.

In front of you, the massive double doors parted, revealing the stoic faces of Kris’ most trusted men, who immediately took positions and began firing, and not a moment too soon, as behind you, a cry that sounded eerily like Kris rose above the chaos and reached your ears. 

Instinctively, you wrenched yourself away from Chanyeol’s firm grip and turned back towards the worst of the fighting, determined to make sure your husband was alright. 

Chanyeol shouted for you, but your eyes and movements were locked on Kris, who appeared to be out of bullets and was now engaged in physical combat. Upon hearing Chanyeol’s shout, however, his gaze was torn from his opponent to you. His attention returned to his rival only briefly, and that was just to knock him out before he was dashing through the turmoil of the gang war to you.

A relieved smile spread over your face for a half second, in which you caught a glimpse of the leader of the gang aim a gun at you as he was being pulled to a back exit by a guard. 

And in the next half second, there was a blinding burst of pain on your left side below your rib cage that rippled through your entire body. Shocked by this sensation, you looked down, seeing blood begin to gush out of your lower abdomen, right where the burning pain was, coating your clothes in the sticky substance. As if in slow motion, you realized you needed to put pressure on your wound, so your hands rose to press against the ragged flesh, sending enough pain through you that your vision dropped away for a moment.

But the respite of pain your loss of consciousness provided was ephemeral; it probably hadn’t even been two whole seconds when the world came flooding back to you in too-sharp detail, along with an even worse wave of pain. Yet you couldn’t move, your head was foggy and your limbs were leaden, leaving you trapped inside yourself while you drowned in agony.

Then Kris’ face appeared in your vision that was swimming in and out of focus. His eyes were widened in fear and shock while his mouth was urgently shaping words that sounded like they came from across a football field. 

Suddenly, all of your senses returned to you. “Kris,” you gasped, eyes bugging in pain as he shrugged off his coat and pressed it against your injury. Your hand clamped onto his, digging into his skin as you tried to make sense of what was happening. 

But then his lips were moving again and the sights and sounds were fading all around you, and your mind still wasn’t keeping up with you, aside from your personal hell. Dimly, you felt your hand release Kris’ and your breathing slow. 

Even in your weakening state, out of the corner of your eye you saw Suho, another of Kris’ men, dragging the rival gang leader by his arm, holding a gun to his head. Kris looked up from you, still applying pressure to your gash with one hand while the other lifted his gun and squeezed the trigger more times than your hazy mind could keep track of. Suho released the man, watching apathetically as he fell to the ground bleeding. 

You let out a ragged wheeze as you saw him drop, not sure if the sound you made was out of shock or pain or what, but both Kris and Suho refocused their gazes on you. Kris must have delivered a set of instructions to Suho, as he sprinted from your sight in a blur, returning what felt in less than a second with Lay, who had a box with a bright red cross on it.

A warm hand tilted your jaw away from where Lay was opening his kit and removing what looked like torture supplies, bringing your attention back to Kris. His lips shaped your name, but your lids were drooping far too fast for you to see what the rest of his words were. 

Annoyingly, you were shaken out of your rest, driving you back to the fire in your abdomen and bringing the world back to you. “Y/N, you need to stay awake,” Kris instructed, concern making his voice break and his eyes widen as they bore into yours. 

You were just so tired and hurt, why couldn’t he understand that? Your lips tried to make a response, to tell him just that, but the words died in your throat, as a sharp tugging on your wound and a fresh reminder of what pain really was threw unconsciousness over you like a blanket.

The last things you remembered were Kris’ eyes locking with yours as his lips formed your name and an ‘I love you’. 

And yet you could still make a mental note never to go with Kris on business meetings again.

I can’t write endings but I sure can use questionable searches to find out what a gunshot feels like  (งツ)ว

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Sleep (Urie x Saiko)

I am Urisai trash, don’t judge. Wrote this quick fluff thinking oh maybe my son Cookie might survive mama duck and go say fuckityolo420justblaze to the CCG with best girl Saiko and go join forces with the ghouls. ;~; I’ll write more if enough people like this.

They were forced to share the bed together for the night thanks to having to rent a room in some shitty hotel while they remained under cover after defecting from the CCG. Urie Kuki wasn’t very happy about that. Sure, the shitty hotel part sucked, but he could deal. What he resented was having to share a room, let alone a bed with Yonebayashi Saiko. He could only imagine how the rest of the night would go. She’d probably stay up through the late hours, playing some silly RPG on her hand-held gaming device, tossing and turning to find a comfortable position every ten minutes. When she’d finally fall asleep, she’d probably snore very loudly. Having a small fraction of the bed left for room for Urie would be considered a luxury, he thought. He expected her to drool all over his pillow, or worse, cling onto his arm and leg and bury her hot, drooly face into his neck. Or, realistically, all of the above.

Urie groaned as he finally mustered the will to leave the bathroom after he showered and face his awaiting discontent. She was lucky they were very close now, he thought. If it were anyone else, he would have probably just slept on the cold, hard ground. Well, he thought about it for a while, but ultimately the thought of a soft, warm bed was worth the tiny but oddly endearing pain in his ass he had come to genuinely cherish over time.

“(Please be asleep. Please be fucking asleep, Yonebayashi,)” Urie thought to himself expressionlessly as he creaked the door and peered into the dim room.

Urie stood there, still, his brows furrowing at the sight of Saiko laying on the bed in her nighty, halfway under the blankets, fingers laced over her chest as her big sad eyes stared at the ceiling.

“(Huh? She’s awake…Not gaming…”) He was both relieved and concerned, “Yonebayashi. It’s late. Turn off the lamp so I can sleep.”

Saiko barely blinked at the sound of his voice. She never moved as he climbed into bed with a sigh, lying beside her with a distance.

“Alright, what’s wrong?” He stared with slight annoyance that he had to ask, or rather, that he cared enough to. He knew he owed her that and that turning over without a word was a dick move, no matter how much he had perfected the art of pretending not to give a rat’s ass about the people around him. There was no use doing that to Saiko. She was a perceptive little shit who knew just how much of a worry-wart softie that muscle-head was deep down…And Urie hated that.

Saiko turned her head over slowly, her mismatch-colored eyes brimming with anxiety, her small lips in a pout.

“Urie…What do you think will happen to the CCG? What about-…What about our friends?” She pleaded quietly, almost uncharacteristically quiet for the loud-mouthed little lady.

Urie looked away indifferently, lacing his ungloved hands beneath his head as he found the ceiling easier to look at.

“Does it matter? We’re terrorists, now,” he resisted an urge to shrug, “(They’re no longer our friends. We’re the enemy, now…)”

Saiko huffed at the answer, rolling closer as she laid on her side and elbow, “yes! It does matter. They’re still our friends! We can’t just-“

“We made our choice. We’re doing the right thing. You can’t expect other people to follow. The CCG will inevitably crumble now and we can’t-“

“URIBO, YOU BLOCKHEAD!” She growled at him, punching a muscled arm as she nearly knocked him off the bed, “you’re not listening to me! We can’t just fight from the ghoul’s side blindly. We’ll be fighting our friends! We-…We have to get them on our side, somehow…”

Urie blocked any sight of her annoying face looming in his vision as he pushed her tiny fist away, climbing over the edge of the bed to resume his spot as he fixed his violet hair, “do you honestly think people like Hsiaou and Higemaru are going to fight for the CCG once the truth reaches the media? Once they learn I’m alive (with a vengeance) and find out what really happened when we fought Furuta? (That corrupt fucking bastard and his shitty duck sidekick…) And Mutsuki has gone completely mad. He won’t see the truth of any of this. He’s blinded by obsession and Aura will continue to fuel him. I’d hate to say it, but they’re a different story, and we’re not going into that tonight. (You won’t want to hear any of it, anyway.)”

Saiko opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Really, Yonebayashi…” Urie sat up, finally looking at her, “(say, what’s with that look on your face?) You think too much. You talk too much. Just hush that little head (and mouth) of yours and sleep. I promise you, this is all going to work out.”

Saiko sat up as well to meet his tired gaze. She ran her petite fingers through her sky-blue locks as a nervous habit, still staring at those dark, sullen eyes Urie had, as if pleading for a better answer. That wasn’t enough for Saiko. She wanted to be told that everyone would live happily ever after; that no one else had to die, that they wouldn’t have to inevitably be forced to fight Mutsuki and Aura, that this would all have a happy ending. Although, no matter how much she wanted to hear that reassurance, she knew Urie wouldn’t tell her such silly little lies, and she had to accept things being as fucked up as they were.

“I-…” She choked out, turning away as she felt the tears building up in her eyes, “I can’t sleep, I-I can’t think about what’s gonna happen when we join the ghouls, we’ll fight the CCG with Maman again, o-or Kaneki, Ken, or-“

“Quiet, come here,” Urie said it softer than he had intended to. There was only one real way to hush Saiko now and make her snap back into her senses. If there’s anything he learned from her it was that being buried against someone’s chest was somehow efficient enough to shut someone up right quick. At least, it was true for him back when he rampaged after framing out for the first time.

“Come here,” he gently pulled her into his chest and lied down with her, wrapping around her comfortingly. Saiko’s hair smelled of cinnamon rolls, pressed against the lower half of his face. Urie uncontrollably breathed her in, smiling at the familiarly sweet aroma of this small, charmingly infuriating little terrorist he had somehow gotten so close to. Even though the scent of human food had progressively gotten more and more vile for Urie, now with things like sandwiches and cinnamon rolls being completely inedible after his fight with Roma, the way Saiko smelled never changed for him. She was sickly-sweet in a childish sort of way. If anything, holding her comforted him probably more than it comforted her, he thought; yet he didn’t hate to admit that, at least not in this very moment.

“This is what you did to make calm down and fall asleep, right?” Urie’s voice almost came as a whisper, “(God, when did I become this way? I’m no longer human, but I feel more human than I ever have before…)”

“Yes…” She spoke, muffled in warmth and the smell of that favorite body soap she secretly loved that he used. It wasn’t even a question, Saiko not-so-secretly lived for this and her smile said it all as she snuggled Urie close, neither of them realizing it when she draped a leg over his, “although, your body feels a lot harder than mine, machy-boy. Heh…”

“…You feel like cookie-dough.” Urie grumbled in annoyance. It wasn’t a compliment despite that he enjoyed the softness of her curvy little figure more than ever right now. That, he did hate to admit to himself. The fact that Saiko felt nice, hell more than nice against him was an uncomfortable thought to fathom. Not to mention that they were literally cuddling in bed and about to fall asleep together in God knows what other mushy positions. Urie tried his damn hardest not to think of it like that. He had just wanted to comfort her. This was a coincidental accident, he told himself; and it really was…Not that he could complain, at least.

“Whatever, Cookie Urie.” Saiko giggled quietly in victory, sneaking a single kagune tentacle under her nightgown to reach for the lamp so she wouldn’t have to part from Urie. She figured he wouldn’t hold her again if she did.

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You would think, after having spent several decades serving several different military organizations — though Reinhardt had only recently returned from retirement and Jack had returned from being “dead” — that the habit of waking up at the crack of dawn would be written into their bones by now. You would think, that at 0900, these two old men — “We’re not that old, Reinhardt…” — would be fully dressed and fully fed with breakfast by now. You would think, that they would doing more productive things around the Watchpoint, like training the new recruits or working on strategies for their next missions.

And of course, you would be wrong on all accounts.

At 0900, Jack Morrison is still in bed, fast asleep and showing very little sign of being anywhere close to waking up. He rolls over beneath the sheets, huddling closer to the large, and most importantly, warm body beside him. Unconsciously, he sighs happily when the comfortable weight of strong, muscular arms wrap around him and hug him tight. Reflexively, he wraps his arms around the thick torso in return, and it earns him a warm, affectionate chuckle. He makes a small noise of displeasure as the rumbling vibrations are strong enough against his temple to nudge him awake. Blearily, his eyes blink open, and he is greeted by a sight he sees every morning.


His vision remains as dark as ever, but he can just tell even without being able to see and look for himself, that the grin on Reinhardt’s face is bright enough to rival the sunshine he can feel peeking into the room through the gaps in the blinds.

“Good morning, my Mausebär,” Reinhardt coos, pressing a soft kiss against Jack’s forehead, “Nice to see you are finally awake.” His large, warm hand runs down Jack’s spine, settling at the small of his back, and rubs affectionately at the sore muscles that Jack can feel are beginning to ache. A quiet, appreciative moan rumbles from Jack’s throat, and the nice, pleasurable feeling of the knots being massaged out of his lower back has him in a much better mood than he was just a few moments ago.

“Good morning, Reinhardt,” he replies, lifting his head to press a kiss against Reinhardt’s jaw in greeting. He pays no mind to the scratchiness of Reinhardt’s full beard against his own face, having gotten used to it after so many kisses and so many mornings they’ve shared together, smiling when he feels a soft, pleased hum vibrate through Reinhardt’s chest. “Nice to see you too,” he jokes, chuckling as he feels the hand on his back suddenly stop its ministrations for a few moments before starting back up again. It never did take long for Reinhardt to catch onto his puns.

Reinhardt sighs fondly at him, rolling himself onto his back fully and pulling Jack with him to rest atop his chest. “Always with the bad jokes, Jack…” he says, shaking his head. His other hand lifts up to cup Jack’s cheek, large thumb running gently along the portion of the long scar across Jack’s lip closer to his chin.

“There are worse habits to have,” Jack replies, milky eyes drifting closed as he nuzzles into the warm palm caressing his face. “Like sleeping in until… what time is it?”


“Until 11:00,” Jack finishes, yawning as he rests his head back down on Reinhardt’s chest, and letting a small content noise when he finally settles back into a comfortable position, lulled by the warmth and safety Reinhardt’s proximity brings him.

“Indeed,” Reinhardt agrees, smiling as he takes the hint. He rests his head back onto the pillows, yawning as his eyes drift closed and he lets sleep take him comfortably once more.

Living Nightmare / Bucky x Reader

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Imagine (Bucky Barnes)

Imagine that you and Bucky live together and he has a nightmare causing him to go a little crazy.

Word count: LOL A LOT!!!

Read at your own risk!

- Written by Kat -


At first you didn’t know what the hell was happening. You were jolted awake in the middle of the night by the sound of someone screaming. Reflexively you rolled off the bed landing on the floor and grabbed the pistol you had taped to the bottom you your night stand. Rolling through, you stopped landing in a crouch, the pistol gripped tightly in your hands pointed at the source of the screaming, the other side of your bed.

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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 3 

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: So there’s quite the revelation towards the end of this part! There’s more angst (I feel as if Kylo just radiates angst so that’s all he gets back) so brace yourselves! Thank you for enjoying this soon to be mini series and I hope you continue on loving it! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.2K+

Warning: Angst…as usual…Kylo, can you pls stop punching the table?


The anxiety you had rid moments ago instantly flooded back into the pit of your stomach. The close proximity between the two of you made your body shiver in apprehension. It was as if his aura radiated off of him and onto you and you could feel the darkness seep into the pores of your skin. It made you uneasy. You didn’t know what it was, maybe the lack of oxygen from earlier or the sheer dread you had been feeling at the moment, that made you lightheaded. Looking up at the towering man, you felt your throat lock. The helmet was even more intimidating up close and personal, and you didn’t like it the least bit. “Even monsters deserve to be loved.”

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Gates of Glory, part 12

Loki x Reader

previous part

Y/N walked through the city’s streets, of course, in disguise. She saw a figure on top of Stark tower, an older man, who put together some sort of portal. Y/N thought about going up there to see what it was about, but then, she saw two other figures appearing on the deck. One of them, Y/N recognised in the blink of an eye: Loki. The other, smaller figure Y/N identified as Tony Stark.

“Ohoh”, Y/N muttered when she realised that Loki carried the sceptre again. She looked around, but could not spot the Thunder God. Where was he?
Y/N used the bracelet to fly towards the portal, but she flew on the side of the tower that enabled her to escape the gaze of Iron man and Loki.

She wanted to take a look at the portal during the time Loki and Stark were inside the tower. The man was under Loki’s control, Y/N recognised him from the illusion Heimdall had shown her. He was working with the Tesseract.

“You do not know what your actions will spark”, Y/N spoke and pointed at the portal.

“I have seen it!”, the man replied, blinded by the sceptre’s power, “Its powers. It’s magical!”

“It’s pure destruction”, Y/N said darkly, “A destruction you cannot survive.”

The man turned away to work on the portal.

“Do you know what you will unleash?”, Y/N asked, more to brace herself than to make him stop.

“The Chitauri”, the man replied, “They will come.”

Behind Y/N, she heard a bang of shattering glass. Loki had thrown Stark - literally - out the window. Shortly after, there was a second bang and a compact version of Stark’s suit flew after the man. It rushed to Stark, unfolded itself and broke his fall. Stark, now Iron man, turned around, flew towards the top of the tower, where he confronted Loki. Y/N knew she had to get away if she didn’t want to be seen by the two. She rapidly flew down towards New York City when she heard a loud noise behind her. When she turned around, she saw a large, glowing lighting that shot up in the sky, where it opened a portal. And with it opened, beings started to pour in. Y/N stared at the creatures that were standing on some sort of vehicle without wheels that flew through the skies. They wielded sceptre-like weapons, that, unsurprisingly, weren’t from earth, as well. So that were the Chitauri.

Y/N thought about fighting, but she knew that she had to leave it up to Thor and his new Midgardian friends. Loki still thought she was dead. And her primary mission was not to defeat whatever tried to help him take over Midgard, but to figure out who was pulling the strings - or, frankly, what those things were, in the first place. Y/N rushed to the city that was now in chaos as the Chitauri started to fire at the citizens and buildings. Not long after, she heard Stark’s Iron Man, Steve Rogers, the guy Loki had under his control with the bow and Natasha Romanoff coming on the scene to take on the creatures. Y/N really asked herself what on earth happened to Thor and the other guy on the team, but given that she knew Loki, he had probably tricked them in some way.

A Chitauri was coming towards Y/N without vehicle anymore, with that weapon in its hand that, as Y/N had seen, was lethal, indeed.

“I am very certain you do not understand me”, Y/N said calmly, “But if you are religious, now would be a good time to say your last prayer.”

And with that, Y/N used a ball of fire to kill the Chitauri. Its weapon fell on the ground and Y/N picked it up. Its power source was glowing. Like the Infinity Stones. Though its glow was blue, Y/N was almost certain that neither the weapon nor the Chitauri themselves could have been powered by the Tesseract, the space gem. Given the enormous powers of Loki’s sceptre, Y/N was almost sure that it itself was an infinity stone. And, considering the fact its primary purpose was to manipulate people’s minds, it most likely was the mind stone.

Y/N looked at the Chitauri’s body. Its eyes were expressionless, there was little indication that there had ever been life behind them in the first place. Like they were dead all along, but sent marching with the help of the sceptre. They were not meant to conquer. They were meant to destroy. Warriors conquered worlds with glowing hearts, a vision and an idea. These creatures were little more than a vessel awoken to die again whilst being part of a bigger play.

When she saw Thor entering the fight, Y/N looked at other Chitauris fighting, she only became more certain that they were no formidable fighting force - they destroyed what they could without a strategy. Even if they had no opposition, they’d destroy everything in their wake.

A little later, a man on a motor cycle joined the group of unusually strong humans and one god, who, to be fair, seemed to be out of place. He looked like a teacher caught up in a battlefield.

“This all looks… horrible”, he said dryly.

“I’ve seen worse”, Agent Romanoff replied.

“I’m sorry”, the man replied.

Y/N raised an eyebrow: So Loki managed to unleash the beast, after all.

“No, we could use a little worse”, Romanoff said with a faint smile.

“Dr. Banner”, Captain America spoke, “Now might be a good time for you to get angry.”

Y/N watched Banner turn around, but with his head, he still looked at the man behind him as this gigantic flying monster Chitauri came towards them.

“That’s my secret, Cap”, Banner said darkly, “I’m always angry.”

That said, he turned into this huge, green version of himself and punched the Chitauri that fell from the sky. Y/N knew in that second that Loki had lost. However, she was not sure if he had intended to win, at all. No one can win a war without knowing themselves. And he didn’t know his army. These creatures were suicidal, lacking in skills.

Y/N watched Loki flying through the sky with one of these vehicles. He seemed to be talking to someone.

“This is a little resistance?”

“Your force lacks finesse!”, Loki hissed.

“Our warriors are fearless! They welcome glorious death.”

Loki couldn’t help but grin dryly at that remark: “That might actually the problem.”

“Then lead them, king! You wield the sceptre, do you not?”

“The sceptre”, Loki repeated and Y/N turned away. It was unbelievably disturbing and hurtful to see him like that. One last time, Y/N looked at Thor who was taking the creatures apart with the power of Mjolnir.

“Bring him home”, Y/N said silently, “And the infinity stones.”

Then, she opened a portal and returned to Asgard.


Back in Asgard, Y/N just wanted to be alone for a while. She wandered through the largest park there was in Asgard. The grass was in perfect shape, looked after like a treasure. Wildness was something rather foreign, here. Even the flowers seemed to be planted artificially, every single one. It didn’t make them less beautiful, they were some of the most magnificent flowers Y/N had ever seen, but they were all in order. Y/N grew up around untamed, wild nature. Amidst these unusual times, something that was perfectly in order seemed even odder to Y/N than usual. Perfection was just as non-existing as order. Both were things mankind sought for, but they were never to be reached.

“You look conflicted, Lady Y/N”, she head behind her. Y/N sighted beneath her breath and turned around to look at Lady Sif that was coming towards her.

“Times are difficult”, Y/N replied vaguely, “I assume for all of us.”

“You have gone to Midgard”, Lady Sif stated and added quietly: “You have seen Loki’s destruction.”

“I have, indeed. I have seen the Chitauri, I have seen the Midgardians battling the invaders. I am certain they will be defeated. I thought Midgard to be weak, but these group of mortals is strong. Thor will return, with the Tesseract and his brother”, Y/N replied quietly, “Who will then face Asgardian justice.”

“You will not try to bail him out?”, Lady Sif asked surprised.

Y/N laughed dryly: “I could give my life for him in front of the All-father, but Thor would not care. I have spoken to him. He wants his brother to be defeated. And imprisoned.”

“I am sorry”, Sif’s voice was sincere, “I know that Loki was more than ally for you. I did not expect him to do something like this, though I never trusted him.”

Y/N smiled flatly: “We do not always get what we want, do we? It seems like that is a trait Thor and Loki do share.”

Sif’s face turned darker, her jaw tensed: “Thor made his decision a long time ago.”

“He is blind, Lady Sif. The mortal he desires, she will die in the blink of an eye”, Y/N replied silently, “Old age or unnatural cause, it is all the same.”

Sif remained quiet and watched their surroundings.

“You and I, we are not that different. Yes, I am not a born Asgardian, but that aside: We both came from a family that did not want us to be what we became. Warriors”, Y/N began, “And while I try not to love, it betrayed both of us.”

“Haldor did not betray me”, Sif corrected quietly.

“Lorelei”, Y/N remembered, “I am sorry. If I had known, I could have shielded him from her magic.”

“If I had known”, Sif replied darkly, “I could have killed her. You take no blame.”

“Blaming yourself sometimes does not get you anywhere”, Y/N spoke and pressed her lips together: “Lorelei used her magic specifically to harm you. Your blade can kill any enemy, but a sorceress like her could easily make your blade dull.”

“Could you do that, too?”, Lady Sif asked and looked at the woman next to her.

Y/N shrugged: “I could, of course. But as long as we remain allies, I do not see a reason for doing it.”

“I have always valued you, both as a friend and warrior”, Sif spoke and smiled a little: “We are both used to lose.”

“Losing if you do not have anything is hard”, Y/N replied, “So winning is inevitable.“ 

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Summary: You’re Elliot Stabler’s daughter and struggling with anxiety and have been for years. You hadn’t been planning on telling him ever until one day you pass out from it at school, and he has to leave work and come get you. That’s when you open up to him about the real reason why you have it.

TW: Anxiety

-Also posted on my AO3, ranae654

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