the only thing that brings me joy

I just love Betty and Jughead so much. Together, but also individually. They’re children, and have already passed through so much. Abuse, neglect, trauma, even lack of basic needs, in Jughead’s case. It’s easy to forget that because they’re TV show characters, they’re beautiful, always looking good for aesthetics’ sake, portrayed in an entertaining way, and even glamorized. But when we put those things aside and think about their stories, they’re only 16 years old, and have already endured a lot. And the peace, trust, acceptance, support and joy they bring to each other is what make me ship them so much. I sincerely don’t know why someone wouldn’t like Bughead.

the things that bring me joy

-Nighttime; a hush falling over the house as everyone goes to sleep and I’m the only one left awake. I like to make myself a cup of coffee and cocoon in bed with my current read or write whatever pops into my mind. Everything feels so vibrant in those moments, even me.
-Books. The feel of them. The smell of them. The intricate worlds they hold in their pages. I think they’re just about the best thing ever created.
-Writing. As frustrating as it is 99% of the time, it’s also one of my biggest sources of joy. When I write, I forget everything until only the words remain. And while (more often than not) I can’t manage to form them into exactly what I want, the magic is still there, just the same.
-My family. Whenever I’m overwhelmed by the dire state of this world, I remember that these wonderful people exist, and that they’re all mine. The universe did something right in that way.
-Flowers. Tulips, sunflowers, peonies, baby’s breath… you can’t be unhappy wherever they grow.
-Listening to my Mom and Dad’s childhood stories. Hearing about family members I never got the chance to know, or old friends they grew up with; the things that brought them the most joy, or the moments that shaped them into who they are. Everyone has a story, and I’d listen to all of them if I could.
-Coffee. The ritual that comes with making it, the calm that spreads over you as you drink it. I’m always at peace when there’s a cup of it in my hands.
-The fireworks that go off under your skin whenever you catch your crush’s eyes from across the room.
-Baking. The precision in each step, the care and tenderness behind each movement. Savoring what you created when it’s all said and done.
-Old movies from my childhood. The Wizard of Oz. Treasure Planet. The Emperor’s New Groove. Being able to just put it in the DVD player and be transported to back when you were little.
-Making a new friend. That moment when you’re talking and something just clicks, and you find yourself thinking, “You’re my kind of person.” All the memories that follow.
-Animals. Every single thing about them.
-The weight that falls from your shoulders after a good cry.
-Running so fast that you can feel your heart begin to soar in your chest.
-The feeling of hope. Of knowing that no matter what happens, you can still try again.



As I began to love myself I quit stealing my own time, and I stopped designing huge projects for the future. Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm. Today I call it ‘SIMPLICITY’.
—  Charlie Chaplin

*one of those political cartoons about like ppl being controlled by their phones except the phone is art and the person is me because i really truly hate making art and it doesnt bring me any joy because its bad literally always all the time but now i cant stop bc im not even the tiniest bit good at anything else which is sad considering how bad my art is and i can only improve at a snail’s pace as further eternal punishment while only getting older and more pathetic as i age and still complain about this kinda thing*

So, after listening to this book, I’ve been walking around my place like Oprah tossing things into the donation pile: You don’t bring me joy! You don’t bring me joy! You don’t bring me joy! 

There are a few concepts that really made a lot of sense to me: keep only things that bring you joy, practice gratitude, and ensure everything has a place.

And a couple concepts that I don’t think I can get behind: only keeping 30 books (100 absolute max) and keeping your bookshelves in closets (not on display).

crazycatladysims  asked:

16, 28 & 34

16. Space, Ocean, City, or Forest?

Forest! I love the forest. Whenever I go camping I cry tears of joy bc everything’s so beautiful and there’s so much solitude. :’) I’ve always been a city gal though but I get tired of the sound of cars and the smell of cigs. 

28. Have you ever cried in a book or movie?

I cry with every book and movie, tbh. I’m an emotional butt and I get sad when things end. *__*

34. Favorite holiday?

I love Halloween. It’s the only holiday where I have my own tradition lol (which is to binge watch Twitches and Halloween Town and listen to every Disney song that brings me back).

Just think about how open and vulnerable Taylor is with the world to give us her music and how much courage that takes...

I was thinking the other day that sometimes I feel afraid to share my music playlists with people because the music I love feels so personal to me, but Taylor shares the music she actually WRITES with all of us.  And not only that she doesn’t just write any old lyrics, these songs represent her deepest emotions.  I think that sharing things from deep in your soul like that takes amazing courage, because think of the things people can and have said about Taylor’s music.  Maybe that type of courage came to her as an inherent gift, sharing her heart and soul was just something she was born to do.  But either way I’m in awe, and so grateful she does it because the healing and joy it brings to me and so many others is incredible.

like… the fish is cute and all, but… it’s been two years since they’ve put out new faces…. i want to make more pretty characters…… i’ve been so disappointed by everything else…….. i just want to make beautiful alts…. the only thing that brings me joy in this game……….. 


I LOVE COSTUMING. Kinda obvious by now right. I see it though, as a sort of stepping stone. A not-so-secret identity, the opportunity to break all and every mold ever cast for you, and let you do your own thing.

Strip away the fauxfur and polyfoam, life shouldn’t be any different. It’s still me. I like to bring joy into the world, fight against entropy. Transferring positive, creative energy to another being within my existence. With no language barrier, a costume forced me to communicate in surprising ways.

And if they smile, well, universally speaking, message received.

These are all from 2005, and it’s only grown in momentum since!

Ramblings of a Slutty Mind 3.

I think it’s three, been a while since I wrote one of these. This past week has been surreal. It’s such a joy to know so many people are enjoying my blog, and I hope to continue pleasing you all.

I enjoy showing off my body, and knowing that I bring pleasure to so many people. One of my followers mentioned to me that it’s my job to bring pleasure to men, so I am only glad to do so. ♡

Little things are now effecting me. Certain words and phrases cause my insides to shiver, and the very Center of my core to start vibrating with need. If only my coworkers knew what degrading things I write on myself, what He has me do, what my followers have me do. They see this smart intelligent, athletic lady, but really underneath it all, I’m a slut, and I’m only too happy to share it with all of you.

Hahah Im smart intelligent, and well cultured geeky girl during the day, and at night just a wonton little slut who want to have my mind wiped, and body used and abused, mostly for His pleasure, but also for everyone’s pleasure. ♡♡♡