the only thing i have a problem with

This is my main character, Wind Seeker.
She spends her free time studying magic and hanging out with her friends. All around a fun character to be around, but can be overwhelming at times, as she is very open about a lot of things. TBH if you have any sort of magic she will attempt to write it down.


character submitted by @wingsofsilver

Your character is very well drawn, the only problem I have is the wing anatomy. Wings can be hard to draw. The way you have your feathers overlaying looks more like sheets of fabric laying over each other. I drew up a very basic diagram on how a wing should look. I’m not the best at drawing wings so I would recommend looking at other references. I also tweaked your color palette a smidge. Your purple is VERY purple and it clashes with the saturated green eyes. I dulled them down a bit so they flowed together a bit more. I hope this helped :) Also I really want that ‘Hot Damn” shirt XD

you know what really got me in this lv? phil telling dan to stop focusing on negative things and read the positive comments instead. it’s just such a little thing but how important. because usually people love bringing you down or making themselves better (i mean, even ‘friends’ while they compare themselves to you and make snarky comments how you are worse at something, you get me, mates?) but not phil. their friendship is just so… incredible. so good and full of support. frankly, their friendship is so amazing that it seems magical. and i can’t even imagine how this bond is even real.

Men and Women's Clothes....

In regards to the crop top/uncle message you got, I’ve noticed (in regards to myself and the women around me) that whenever a grown ass man has something negative to say about our clothes (saying they’re too short, too tight, too loose, etc) that the men don’t typically have a problem with how the clothes look, but instead their problem lies with how the clothes look ON us. I’ve had so many grown men tell me “that’s not appropriate for you to wear!” while all the girls around me are in the same thing? The only difference?

I had a curvier, more ‘womanly’ body, compared to the other girls my age because I developed early. 

I can’t tell you how many times I got shamed for wearing cute stuff because it made the men ‘uncomfortable’. Like if you can’t look at a woman who’s wearing a crop top, or shorts, or a low cut top without keeping your opinion to yourself then you’re gonna have to come to terms with the fact that the problem seems to lie with YOU and NOT THE WOMEN. 

Not everything women do is open for debate/criticism. 

So honestly men can take their wholly unwanted and unnecessary opinions of women as a whole and collectively shove them where the sun don’t shine.

////Sorry I went on a rant, this just struck a nerve because I’ve had men giving me their opinions on my body, my clothes, and my personality since I was literally old enough to comprehend it. So I’m more than fed up with this BS. *tired mod sigh*

Exactly ugh. 

thelostsmiles  asked:

About Third Star: "I seem to be the only one who thinks it’s a really weak film (with wonderful performances)." - I'd have to agree. I'd love to hear your thoughts first if you don't mind sharing 😊

hey there :-) and i am so sorry i can never do short answers. (by the way i am absolutely loving the BC content you’ve been generating recently; it’s awesome and keeping this fandom fully informed. thank you xx)

re. Third Star; what a problem child :-) the things i absolutely love;

1. BC’s performance as James. He’s not just a tragic, helpless, overly sympathetic character which i think would make him a cliche. I like how BC plays him; with spikiness and palpable traces of arrogance that you could see what JKB would have been when he was well. Possibly as self-obsessed and supercilious as Miles. And i like how he lets that come out when lesser actors might have made him too vulnerable

2. His physical progression. Personally i tend to veer away from roles where physicality rules the internal life of a character (Eddie Redmayne did this imv as Hawking and it drove me nuts) but BC plays his degeneration like it’s thin ice. Even when he’s lashing out or being a child, it’s always there. In his eyes, in the way he handles the morphine bottle, in the way he looks ashamed when his body defeats him. It kills me. 

3. The friendships. I believed them. I loved what Tom Burke did as Davy; and how he was in the end the strongest and most noble. And how Adam Robertson’s played Bill as a broken spirit. And I loved how each of them had something distinct with James. 

4. The night scenes. When you’re really vulnerable, the night often strips away your defences and the scenes with the fireworks (James’ feverish joy), the scene around the fire (oh god) and the tent scene (holy f*ck). wow.

aaand the things i absolutely did not love;

5. the clumsy, nonsensical “rustic” interludes with the weird pagan-lite festival in the pub, and the cringey ferry captain encounter with karl johnson. the former was such a cliche and wtf was that festival anyway; and the latter was… lol. did they run out of money with the ticket booth? i adore hugh bonneville so i won’t tear down that other scene but yeah. that scene. 

6. the incessant sweeping shots of the coastline and the accompanying swelling of the orchestra… i felt like i was being manipulated into feeling “emotional” and it just felt like movie making 101 to me

7. (i am sorry i don’t like to tear down actors but) i thought jj feild’s performance was one-note and kind of hampered the beautiful flow between the four. his truly emotional scenes left me flat; which made me sad. 

in fact my main gripe really is that there was very little nuance in creating a mooodscape for the audience. fabulous chemistry and good acting isn’t enough if everything else is being forcefed to you :-)


hello! with the advent of new things to cause headaches, i’d like to share my trick in case you haven’t already been doing it (you probably have). on desktop tumblr, you can add /mobile to the end of any blog link and it makes everything a simple black and white. it apparently cancels the fancy font effect (if you open that link in a new tab to avoid the sidebar preview, you get the full effect).

the only problem is it doesn’t work when themes have pop-up pages instead of set links but we must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey

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List 3 facts about your favorite sim couple! Send this to 10 simblrs who has some of the most adorable couples ✿

I’m so stealing your idea, idc. Thanks lol 

1Aries finds this stupid — I think that sums up their sign compatibility lmao

Nah, basically it says they have nothing in common. Hana overthinks, Nia does things without thinking. So they will have a lot of trouble together, but Aries and Libra have a deep emotional connection. So on top of all the instability, and unsure-ness and other problems, deep down they have a really strong tether, a thread holding on so very tightly. 
also, this 
They want to do opposite things most of the time, and the only activity they always agree on sharing is sexual activity

Lmao. Omg. I completely wrote them true to their signs and I didn’t even notice. 

Aries and Libra are the couple of the zodiac, there is almost nothing that could separate them, no matter the differences.
oh god, where can I find my aries. lmao 

—-20 minutes later— 
Oh what. Sorry I got stuck reading all about their signs together. I honestly wrote them so like that, lol. oh damn. Okay anyway moving on. 

2. Hana loves to eat from Nia’s food, and yeah you guessed it. Nia hates it. Hana also loves to dig her feet under Nia’s warm body in the winter. She also loves to bug Nia when she’s doing her thing. Like reading, or on her phone or doing her homework. Perfect times to attack. 
She especially loves doing all these things that bug her b/c every time, without fail, Nia will stop what she’s doing to go grab Hana. 

3. They’re very different with each other.
[I wrote it more like this in the beginning, and now I’ve been scared to]
but Nia is very sensitive and open with her emotions around Hana. Hana is much more uh, take charge around Nia. I think they both are very comfortable around each other and have embraced that deep emotional connection and have opened up with each other. More than with anyone else.

I, *cough cough* I mean, they have lost that, for now. 

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I hope you don't take this as a hateful ask but I saw in a discussion with you and and anti t//ouken shipper that you see hide//kane and tou//riko as the only healthy ships in tg. I just want to see your point of view on how those ships would've been vs t//ouken? I personally ship them and think that both these ships would've been a lot more meaningful and emotional. Keep up the good work and have a good day/night!

Mod K:

While I see them as the most healthy ships in tg, I don’t see them as healthy per say. Maybe Tou//riko, but hid//ekane has its own share of problems in that both of them kept things from each other and there were a lot of walls up between them. Hid//e also seemed complacent with allowing Ken to suffer just not to bring up anything that might upset him, which always bothered me about him. Though, I feel like there is a lot about Hid//e we don’t know. As for Tour//iko – I like it, but Yori//ko also never really knew the real Touka (in terms of what she was ) and that has it’s own host of issues. Touka adores Yor//iko but she never trusted her. That’s a problem, even if I don’t blame them.

I don’t see them as being more meaningful and emotional because to me, it’s more meaningful for two people to slowly change and grow with each other. Touka and Kaneki have grown a lot in their relationship and are learning to understand each other and have found love for each other. There has been more growth than a relationship like Hi//dekane or Touri//ko, though this is no shade to those ships – this is just how I see it, personally.

It’s been wonderful for me to see where touken started as a ship to where it is now. It has developed in a way that is deeply meaningful to me – sadly, hid//ekane and touri//ko just don’t interest me that much because Hi//de and Yori//ko both fall into that perfect friend archetype. They seem less like real people and more like walking archetypes, to me. Honestly, I’d be more interested in Hid//ekane if Hi//de was actually apart of V, lol. Because then that would make him interesting and less like OMG THE TRUE SUN GOD HAS GRACED US.

And it’s fine, I didn’t take this a hate ask at all :) You were very polite, so thank you.

senselessthunderbolt replied to your post: If the original plan was just a straightforward…

They also really fucked up Robert’s character in the month(s?) directly following Rebecca’s arrival. So much so, that the line he said on the night of The Incident, about things being different between him and Aaron since she arrived? It didn’t feel like a line to get her into bed, it felt true. Well in my opinion. Everyone was written in so wishy-washy except Aaron and Chrissie (her hatred of R. I’m still bitter they took it away), so they were the only sympathetic ones

Hmmm I didn’t think Aaron came off great in all of it as well but again, they just didn’t write anyone well. I have serious problems with how biphobic Aaron was and that still hasn’t been addressed. I think they’ve addressed how Robert dismissed Aaron’s concerns and he’s owned that while I think they’ve really minimized Aaron’s role in the destruction of the relationship. I just see them both majorly at fault in this but Aaron’s faults will be minimized just because he’s a more sympathetic character and people excuse it. That’s just me. They both fucked up and were written terribly. 

I have an odd question to ask

It’s been on my mind lately and feedback would be crucial in further development of anything.

This is about a passion project of mine: Cross.

The characters of Cross are based of figurine/models because since I was a kid up until now I collected them; most are dinosaurs and horses because those are two things I’m passionate about.

As such the characters are horses and dinosaurs, however they are very human in their conflict.

However here comes the question.

Would anyone be interested in seeing a story/plot about anthropomorphized horses and dinosaurs?

Or would people prefer the same story/plot with humans and anthropomorphized dinosaurs?

I am afraid however that making them humans/partly human would risk becoming ‘problematic’ being easier to link with equivalents from human history, when the story is only meant to explore a unique setting, in unique societies that do not have the preconceptions of our own but that still face ‘human’ problems: conflict, betrayal, love and loss. At the same time I fear too much empathy would be given to human characters simply for being human, when both sides (horses and dinosaurs in the original) need to be sympathized with equally - but at the same time I fear having no humans in the story might make it too hard to get invested in the characters or setting?

I don’t know.

I care a whole deal about the characters of this story/plot, especially since most than half the entire plot has been planned out already. I want to finish this, but I do not want all this effort to be in vain.

Thank you for your attention! 

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight

hello, i’m erin.

i’m really poor, my family is financially unstable all the time because my parents have walking/moving disabilities and it’s hard for them to find proper jobs since they can barely move. lately we’ve been having major financial problems.

they both used to work until the thing i was afraid of happened; my diabetic mom’s health condition started getting worse and worse. she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying at work so she had to quit her job. however, her health is the main priority in this entire thing so i don’t blame her at all.

as for now, my father is the only source of income. his monthly salary is $150 and as you can see that’s far from enough to maintain three people. i’ve tried to get a job myself but no one wanted to hire me because i’m a minor.

for the past few months my mom’s illness has been progressing, we even got her a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk at all. she needs a damn expensive diabetic healthcare course right now. my father works day and night just to gain some money. also, i contributed with my savings even though it wasn’t much. 

yesterday, she got into a diabetic coma. it’s a life-threatening diabetes complication that can lead to death if it’s left untreated. in the case of my mother, it is fatal. the treatment that can help is extremely expensive and i have no idea what me and my dad are supposed to do in this situation.

our efforts are not enough for my mom’s medical assurance. the amount of money we have by now can provide only around half a month (if not less) of medicines. my dad is working all the time he doesn’t even sleep at this point, it’s a miracle if he gets at least 2 hours of sleep a day. but unfortunately it’s never enough.

i feel pathetic and useless, the tears are streaming down my face as i’m typing this and the fact that i can’t help in any way is killing me. it’s an obvious fact that she is going to die if we don’t pay for the medical assurance. please help, i really don’t want to lose my mother she means the world to me.

only money can help us in this harsh situation so if you can donate i’ll be forever thankful. 

if you can, do it through paypal. my paypal email is:

any amount will be highly appreciated, i’m not asking for much, really. also reblog this please, it does matter and i hope i’ll find people who can help. i’ve seen people on here do wonderful things to help people in need just like me. i truly believe that you have the power to save my mother. i will try to post this on gofund me as well so hopefully more people will get to know about my terrible situation. i know i already posted about my mother’s condition around 1 year ago on my another account and i’m really sorry for sharing my situation again, but back then it wasn’t even half as bad as it is now. i need your help now more than ever so please be understanding. i truly hope that you kind people can help us. it’s totally okay if you don’t donate though, just keep my mom in your prayers please, it means a lot. 

i’m desperate please help, i’m begging you, i don’t want to lose my mother.

thank you so much.

Skyline {VII}

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Warnings: Language, panic attack

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! This is the last part of Skyline.  Like, for real this time.  I’m so sad to see it end, but I’m also so happy that it’s had such success, and I can’t thank you guys enough for that.  You are all so so wonderful, and you have all my love.  As usual, I want to give a shout out to Zoe and Jen for reading my drafts and helping me edit and brainstorm, as well as encouraging me to write.  As for all of you, I hope you’ll forgive me for all the angst that I’ve hit you guys with (remember when Skyline was self-indulgent fluff lmao), and I really hope this makes up for it a bit.  In other news, tonight is the Spidereyhes Sleepover!!!!!!!!  All the info on the sleepover can be found here, as well as info about the livestream, which will start at 7pm PST.  I’ll post the link on here!! Zoe, Jen, and I will be discussing all kinds of things, answering questions, and talking about Skyline, so be sure to drop by!!! Also, if you have any questions about Skyline or anything else that you want answered, send it in!!!! It’s not too late yall.  Again, thank you so much, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Skyline as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

skyline: a mixtape

{part i} {part ii} {part iii} {part iv} {part v}

Sitting up in your bed, you stared at the window, not sure of how to react to seeing Spider-Man’s masked face through the glass.  Throwing back your covers, you quietly walked over to the window, grabbing a hoodie that Peter had lent you as you passed your desk.  Sliding the glass panel up, you climbed out onto the metal fire escape, slipping on and zipping up Peter’s hoodie to protect you from the cold.

The superhero stood where he had first stood, the night he saved your life and blew up Vizzini’s all those months ago.  And there, to his right, were the flower pots that he had tripped over the first time he came back for you.  Those stairs were where you would sit and draw while he watched your fingers fly across the page, amazed at the pictures you created.  Behind him was the railing that you would lean against as you looked at the Queens skyline together.  This fire escape was your entire relationship condensed, the one location where you were allowed to be with each other.  If you used your imagination, you could almost see every single night playing out in front of your eyes.  Spider-Man, with a bendy straw underneath his mask.  Spider-Man, attempting to draw you in the moonlight.  Spider-Man, his hand on your waist and the other in your hair. Spider-Man.

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Friendly reminder that Klaus’ letter was preceded by “that is the beginning of another story”, which is meant to highlight key components in the letter, such as Klaus wanting to thank Caroline in person. This suggests that they do eventually meet up, and that their meeting is not a mere fleeting chapter in their lives.

This isn’t a nod to their friendship. They’ve never been just friends. This is a promise of a romantic future. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if Caroline and Klaus were to ever reunite (and according to the finale they do) that Klaus would want something romantic from her. And if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. 

However long it takes is a throwback to a romantic scene. A romantic scene that suggests a promise of a romantic future between the characters. This isn’t mere banter between friends. Because Caroline has never been just a friend to Klaus. It’s a promise of a romantic future. 

“that is the beginning of another story”
“however long it takes” 

Eventually this story will be realized. And it isn’t a story about friendship. 

19 Jul 2017 || 

This is not going to be a list of brands or recommendations, but a guide on how to decide what to buy, and things to keep in mind when shopping for stationery. I’m a huge stationery enthusiast and also quite good at organisation, so I hope this will be useful for some of you! 

1. Planning

While it’s nice to just browse the stores from time to time, I recommend to think about what you want to buy before you go shopping to prepare for a new semester or school year. You’ll be less likely to waste money on things you don’t need, and you’ll also be less likely to forget important equipment. Keep the following things in mind: 

  • How do you want to organise your notes etc? Do you need folders, notebooks, loose paper? Do you prefer lines, grid, dotted, or blank paper? Which size do you prefer for notebooks?
  • Do you need special supplies, like a set square, specific pens or pencils for art class, a calculator? 
  • Don’t forget the small stuff - paperclips, eraser, sharpener, pen refills, glue, scissors, compasses… 
  • Do you need a new calendar or filofax inserts? Do you want to start a new method of organisation, like a bullet journal? 
  • Do you need flashcards, post-it notes, page flags? 
  • Do you have to replace something that is broken or can’t be used anymore after your last semester/year? 

If necessary, write a list! (You’ll find an example below.)

2. Brands & Aesthetic 

I can’t write a post about stationery and not address this. You shouldn’t spend loads of money on brands or supplies you don’t actually want or need just to fulfil an aesthetic! But we need to distinguish between the “studyblr aesthetic” and people’s personal aesthetic, which is a different thing. Some like their supplies to be very minimalistic, some like it colourful or flowery, some like it if all their supplies come from the same company and who couldn’t imagine switching their fineliner brand ever in their life. In my opinion that’s a good thing - if you like working with and around your supplies, it can make studying more enjoyable! My supplies are all quite plain, but practical - I’ve learnt how thick my paper needs to be and which pens have the best flow for my handwriting. With time, you’ll get there too! I’d recommend to look at the different options in some stores and decide on what you like best. Find a balance between practicability, quality, and aesthetic - that’s easier said than done, but you know best what works for you! 

3. Money

  • Good stationery doesn’t have to be expensive, and high-end pens or whatever don’t help you get better grades!
  • Get refills for your pens instead of whole new pens. 
  • Don’t buy a notebook if you can’t name exactly what you’re going to use it for! Notebook hoarding is a real problem (trust me), and much more expensive than pencil hoarding (if that’s a thing). 
  • Only invest bigger amounts of money in things that will last you a long time and that you will be using almost every day, for example a filofax agenda, a scientific calculator, or a slightly more expensive fountain pen. 
  • Bullet journal does not equal Leuchtturm1917 or Moleskine, even if it seems that way. You can make a bullet journal out of any journal you have!
  • While I think it’s important to support small businesses (if you have any independent stationery stores in your neighbourhood and you can afford it, buy stuff from them!) - if you can’t afford to spend more than absolutely necessary on stationery, then that’s the way it is. Compare prices online and in different stores, and make use of special deals (stores often have those when school starts!). 

4. Essentials & Additions

To conclude this masterpost, here’s a list of things that I’d consider essentials for a semester. Of course this may differ from person to person, and you might not need some of these things (or maybe you need additional things that are not listed here)! 

  • Writing: two pencils (mechanical or classic ones?), medium strength, + refills if you have mechanical ones/sharpener if you have normal ones; eraser, ballpoint pen and/or fountain pen (depending on what you prefer, plus ink refills for fountain pens), fineliners/gel pens and/or crayons in 3 to 5 colours, highlighters in three colours, two permanent markers (black is the safest option)
  • Paper: Notebooks (size? spiral or not? number of pages? colours for each class or one big notebook for all classes), flashcards, post-it notes in two colours, page flags
  • Equipment: calculator (how many functions?), set square, scissors, maybe glue if you’re bullet journalling, paper clips, stapler, puncher, correction fluid, sellotape, pins 
  • Organisation: folders and/or binders (colours?), dividers, labels for the folders if not provided, journal or calendar (inserts for filofax or a whole new calendar?), plastic sleeves (I’d say 10 to 20)

Possible additions that might not be necessary for you: 

  • Printer paper, printer ink, laminating sheets
  • Washi Tape, stickers, other inserts for your bullet journal/calendar
  • Laptop sleeve, additional charger, USB stick, HDMI adapter
  • Textbook sleeves, bookmarks
  • compasses, rubber bands
  • pencils in various strengths, highlighters/crayons/gel pens in various colours
  • additional inserts for your filofax (addresses, year overview, coloured paper)
  • magnets, posters, whiteboard markers
  • coloured paper/flashcards
  • non-permanent markers (e.g. for overhead projections)
  • … (can be added to!)

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. 

The Signs From Leo’s Perspective

Aries: You’re cool peoples, man. I can usually count on you to have fun with me. But sometimes you shut down. I don’t think you ever really let me know what your true feelings are. I wish you would let loose a little more and have fun like we both know you can.

Taurus: You’re too reserved for me sometimes. You never really talk and you can be really selfish sometimes. It would be cool if you actually started up a conversation with me so that I won’t be so insecure and think that you don’t like me.

Gemini: You’re my bestie. I love hanging out with you and going to all the hottest parties. You know how to have a good time the same way I do. But you can be really flaky and you lie to me a lot, which makes me mad. I wish you would be more honest with me.

Cancer: I love you so much and I don’t even know why. You’re clingy and babyish and emotional, which I usually hate, but, for some reason, I can’t even be mad at you. I love how caring you are and how much attention you give me. You love just as hard as I do. I just wish you weren’t so depressed sometimes.

Leo: You’re the bread to my butter and the peanut butter to my jelly. We’re like yin and yang. You are just as fabulous and fun as me and we always have fun for days every time we hang out. The only thing that sucks is we know how to push each other’s buttons which makes us fight a lot. I wish we didn’t have to go through that so much.

Virgo: You get on my nerves so freaking much. At the end of the day I still love you, but we just can’t ever seem to get along. I hate how much you criticize me and tell me I’m not living my life right. I also don’t like to be around you all of the time because it can be kind of depressing.

Libra: I love you so much. You’re super fun to talk to and you always have the latest gossip. You’re really fun and nice and you always try to get along with everyone. The only thing I don’t like is that you can be kind of nosy and get into my business.

Scorpio: You’re cool, but you’re fucking crazy, too. You get a little to hyped on your exes and want to talk about revenge plans, which puts me off. You can find better. You can handle a lot of liquor and fun when you’re not moody, and I like seeing that part of you more.

Sagittarius: You’re the person I can always call when I need a little pick me up. You’re a clown, but in a good way, and you’re really down to earth. I enjoy cracking jokes with you and just chilling and smoking weed together.

Capricorn: You’re the one I call when I need advice and someone to listen to y problems. You always know how to examine both sides of the story and figure out every possible solution. When I come to you for advice, I know I’m leaving with the best answer. The one thing I don’t like is that you never call me…you get so wrapped up in your work that you never reach out unless I reach out first. It makes me feel less important.

Aquarius: You’re pretty out there, and I think that’s why we get along. You accept me for who I am and don’t judge me for anything. You’re always doing something crazy that makes me laugh. Sometimes, you get pulled into your own dimension and I have no idea what you’re thinking about. I don’t like to feel like our relationship is detached.

Pisces: You truly know how to make me feel special and loved. You’re always complimenting me on all of the things that make me insecure deep down inside. You like to talk with me one on one and hear about my problems without anything in return. Then you make me feel better. The only thing that throws me off is how sensitive and emotional you can be. I don’t like to have to bite my tongue in case I might hurt feelings.


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What is Motorcity?

Motorcity is a cartoon that was running on Disney XD for a while, before Disney mis-managed the crap out of it, then cancelled it and sat on the rights and didn’t do anything with them, like a bunch of jerks.  It’s available on iTunes, and it’s also on kimcartoon (altho there’s an audio error in those. I’m thinking about uploading my corrected copies somewhere so people can get them?? stay tuned)

ANYWAY.  In the Far Future, a guy called Abraham Kane (AKA Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker AKA The Joker) decided he didn’t like Detroit and he wanted a new city there instead.  So he built his new city over top of Detroit, called it Detroit Deluxe.  Deluxe is run by Kane Co. which is run by Abraham Kane.  

(((^^^ The difference between a villain and a supervillain??? PRESENTATION.)))

So now that the whole stupid “human rights” thing is out of the way upstairs, his only remaining problem is the people who would rather live under the city, in old Detroit AKA “Motorcity”.  Kane’s like “well, time to destroy this dump and build More Deluxe! :)” and Motorcity is like “hey fuck u we literally live here” and Kane’s like “I don’t know I can’t read all of a sudden”.

Our main characters have chosen to combat his drones, nano-viruses and private army with COLORFUL AND ECLECTIC CARS.   Our main is an ex-commander from the aforementioned private army, his name is Mike Chilton and I love him.  He’s good at basically everything, and you would think that would make him obnoxious but actually he’s a reckless, adorable puppy-dog mom friend who likes helping and driving too fast and diving off buildings and believing in people.  He’s also canonically mixed-race, so that’s kinda neat.  

He’s a Good Boy.

(And yes, the people who did the character design were also involved in Gorillaz, personally I like the aesthetic of Motorcity way better but they are similar in a lot of places)


  • it got cancelled, so  there are only 12 episodes.  And it does take an episode or two for it to get its feet under it.  
  • YMMV, but I would say the first episode I really really liked was episode 5. (And not just b/c the Duke of Detroit is a fukkin gift, holy crap)
  • not enough ladies, and also they fall back on that thing that’s like “nerdy guy likes the Cute Girl, doesn’t take a hint” and it’s really annoying tbh.  Both characters involved deserved better.
  • Rule of Cool.  This show makes 0 sense sometimes, you gotta lean into that to enjoy it tbh.  It is a silly, silly show (until the finale, then it fukkin destroys me every time)


  • Gorgeous, colorful backgrounds and character designs, super-unique style, #aesthetic for days.
  • a really fun, varied cast.
    • VILLAINS, the villains are so good.  Mark Hamill’s villain voice-acting is second to none.  A bizarrely flamboyant rock-star mob boss played by the lead singer of Twisted Sister, who is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil.  A disillusioned eco-terrorist with fascinating bio-weapons and a ruthless/single-minded obsession with doing the same thing to Deluxe that Kane wants to do to Motorcity.  
  • If you don’t mind some silliness/Rule of Cool, the episode plots are fun and I enjoy them. :)
  • Mike’s best friend is really anxious and scared of a lot of stuff and they’re adorably comfortable with each other and they have special nicknames for each other I’m sorry I have a lot of feelings about these nerds.  (can u tell what splickedy’s ship is lol)
  • There’s a lot of room for character interpretation and backstory and stuff, and a lot of implied worldbuilding that’s super fun to build on.
  • the creators are/were really cool with fandom, altho they’re busy with other shows now.  (the head writer retweeted one of my videos!! :D :D :D  I’m still super jazzed)
  • in conclusion it’s cute I love it and I love the characters.