the only thing i enjoyed about the entire finale was this scene

Girl Meets Bear

Just. Watch. The. Episode. Before. You. Start. Passing. Judgment. About. The. Entire. Series.

The final run time on the episode is 24 minutes, so some things had to be edited down.  This time it was some Rucas stuff.  In the last episode, it was a clique six scene in the Matthews’ apartment.  Stuff has to get cut sometimes because of episode timing (which I suspect is the reason here) or the pacing of the episode–some scenes could slow down the flow of the episode.

This is the same team that CREATED this universe.  The ENTIRE story.  They don’t have a vendetta against shippers.

The message of the episode is still there.

I love you guys, but seriously…calm down and watch the episode.  It’s FANTASTIC and another episode that has me practically begging Disney Channel to renew the series.  EVERYONE blew me away in it.  

I know I’ll probably get hate for this, because apparently I’m the ONLY one who really, really enjoyed the episode, even with the scenes cut.  Am I disappointed? Obviously…and I have my own thoughts as to why they might have been cut other than the timing/pacing mentioned before, but I feel like at this point, it might be fueling the fire of some shippers who are ready to torch the studio down or something.

And I’m not here to fight.  I’m expressing my opinion just like the rest of you are.