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J. Law Shows Off Her Stunning New Look for Spring

In the most recent issue of TigerBeat magazine, Jennifer Lawrence dished on all the juiciest details of her life, including her fun and sassy new makeover.

“I awoke one morning to see my eyes had been turned into mouths,” she said with her left-eye mouth. “It was pretty shocking, especially since I used to only have one mouth, but I knew I could make it work. I can make anything work. Did you see The Hunger Games? I was in that.”

“Don’t try to change the subject,” the interviewer demanded.

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer replied with her lower mouth. “I just have that movie on my mind right now, you know. I grew these mouths and I can’t help but think it has to do with being hungry like in the movie The Hunger Games based on the book series The Hunger Games.”

“I see that’s not the only thing you have on your mind,” the reporter said, coyly poking her finger into Lawrence’s new eyeball.

“Oh, right, duh—my eyeball. I decided since I couldn’t see through my eyemouths that I should grow a new eye or something.”

“That’s so stylish,” the interviewer gushed.

“Thanks,” J. Law replied, blowing a kiss with all her mouths at once and either winking or blinking. “It makes me feel cute and fun.”

To find out how you can get Jennifer’s hot new look, check out the full interview in this month’s issue of TigerBeat—in stores now!

Actor Louis

i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam by scagnetism (8k)

Just when he’s about to stop clicking the next button and claim defeat, maybe put some posters up around town, he’s met with a picture of white cardstock lying on a table, words written in black Sharpie with careful, deliberate strokes. “Hiiii,” it reads, “if you’re reading this, you’ve found my camera! I’d love it if you could contact me so I can get it back. It’d be the nice thing to do.”

Or the AU where Harry loses his camera. Louis finds it. They fall for each other via email.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner (38k)

Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.

or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

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I think Rebecca is about to see first hand on how Rob gets when people try to come in between him and Aaron. We all know how he reacts from previous situations. Rob gets pretty angry when people try to brake him and Aaron up. Something Rebecca hasn't seen first hand or she would know that taunting Rob is a bad idea. It's like if Chrissie didn't hold a candle to the passion that him and Aaron have,then what makes Rebecca think she'll be any different. She should just leave Robert and Aaron alone.

I think we could definitely see the crazy killer (he’s not a crazy killer….more like 🥔 killer) come out in Robert once more. Rebecca obviously hasn’t see what Robert is capable of at all and part of me kinda hopes she finds out. The only thing that makes me not want him to do anything is because I think Aaron would feel like it was the old Robert coming back and that wouldn’t go down to well.

However I do think she needs to be put in her place. She needs to see how Robert will protect his family no matter what!

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do you have any thoughts on how... idk how to put it right, compliant? len seems to be with the legion? i mean there might be some further reasoning in the next ep and then more reasoning in the fact that there are only two episodes left and len's only showing up now but i figured i'd ask

So the thing is, I’ve seen a lot of comments in the tag and from people I follow calling Len OOC for getting along so well with the Legion, but I honestly don’t understand why?

I don’t think he’s being compliant at all? 

What we can conjecture is that they came to him realizing he could help them de-stabilize the team and help steal the spear, and laid their cards out to him, enough anyway. They told him more or less that he goes off with this team and sacrifices himself, that he’s dead within two years. They no doubt offer some form of proof though I have no idea what, other than Eobard’s general time-travelling abilities. Maybe it doesn’t take much more than bringing him to the Vanishing Point and showing him what they have. He’s gotta make sense of this somehow, right? 

And they tell him there’s a solution. They’re all after the Spear of Destiny to secure their own fates, and figure he is similar to them in that regard. He doesn’t want to die, does he? Wouldn’t he like the ultimate power in the universe, the power to change his own fate, to stick it to the team that let him die for them, the ones that got under his skin in the first place and made him soft? He’d scoff at that last bit, sure. But ultimate power… that’s tempting. The perfect score. 

But he doesn’t know how to use it. How could he – he just heard it existed? He barely knows anything about it. He normally likes to be in charge of his jobs and calling the shots, but he understands this group isn’t like that. They’re all equals and he’s on the lowest rung, the new guy operating with the least information. He’s patient as fuck though, and more than willing to bide his time and see how the chips fall.

They take him to WW1 and he’s already been devising a plan. Mick’s on the team. First things first, isolate him. The Legion gave him some insight on this, they must have: Mick’s there but more like an outsider, not as trusted, clearly even they can see that doesn’t fit so well (or else how would Len jump so fast to those conclusions). But it’s worse than he thought. Mick seems confused to see him, and confirms that yes, he really did die. All Mick is trying to do is stay on mission. He doesn’t even seem to care about what he can take from this time period or anything else for that matter.

He’s a white goddamn hat.

And Len’s got all sorts of angry thoughts about that, but we’ll leave those for now and fast forward to the end of the episode. They’ve got the spear, mission accomplished. The universe’s biggest score and it was almost too easy, really. And Mick mutters that he thought it was just going to be them. Len may have given him that impression. Hard to convince him to take it otherwise, really, Len figured. Mick’s a white hat and he’s been fighting Eobard and Damien and Malcolm for months, he wasn’t going to hand over the spear to them. Len doesn’t mind a little lying when it gets the job done.

But as much as he’d love to have it for himself, again: he doesn’t know how to use the damn thing. 

And as ready as Len is to betray his tenuous allies if he needs to, there is no reason to right now. Taking the spear and running is pointless: not only does he have no plan for getting away from a time-travelling speedster with a vengeance, but they’re all currently on the same page. These guys may be assholes but they are helping him save his own skin, and so far no one’s tried to stab each other in the back. He can wait and see though. He won’t be pushed around, he’s not loyal to them in any way. But they have compatible interests at present, and that’s enough.

“There’s enough power to go around” - maybe he doesn’t normally play nice with others, but Len has always known how to work on a crew and how to split a score evenly.

Final note? Len doesn’t know much about these guys. Would know likely nothing about Damien and even less about Eobard. Malcolm is an enigma to him: a rich man turned… assassin? Apparently? Who also levelled a whole section of Starling City? So Len would understand that they’re in a league of their own, so to speak, but wouldn’t necessarily know just how evil these guys are either, and wouldn’t be looking for reasons not to want to work with the only guys offering him a chance to not-die. 

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I understand why Steven bubbled bismuth. At leased at the time. She was attacking him. But after she healed, HE SHOULD HAVE LET HER OUT. Steven would /not/ leave her in a bubble like that. It's so OOC and annoying and its a shit thing for him to do at all. After having time to think/heal, she would have calmed down and they COULD HAVE TALKED IT OUT. The show puts focus on talking out problems but then they just put their problems in a bubble or barn and they're just like 'lol i'll get to it'

oh man, it’s not just that though! GARNET, PEARL, AND AMETHYST WERE 100000% COOL WITH BUBBLING HER TOO. AND KEEPING HER BUBBLED. The only thing more ooc than Steven doing it are Bismuth’s long-lost friends doing it to her without so much as a goodbye or a talk or an explanation or anything. they were just like “oh ok” like how hEARTLESS DO YOU HAVE TO BE

- mod s

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Hello!! I'm searching for a fix where Draco and harry get stuck in a closet and Draco starts to complain and says "why is it always me who gets fucked in the ass, I always get into these situations, it's always me!" And then harry gets hard when Draco repeadtly says "gets fucked up the ass" and then Draco starts to talk dirty to harry bc it's his kink and yeah. Please help me find it and thank you!^_^

The only fic that I’ve read that fits this description is this one

Locked in a Small Closet by ScifiSOS: Draco turned his head and glared at Potter. “I’m not a bloody chicken Potter. Do forgive me if I’d rather not be graced with the Holy Savior’s dick!”-I was curious to which summary would get more attention. lol. My first or the second? R&R Please SLASH

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it’s the closest thing I could think of. I hope this helps and happy reading ^^.

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I would kill to see felicity or diggle telling jonny/ABBY about oliver-excuses: ran out of sports bottles, spilled a latte on it, coffee shops is in a bad neighborhood, energy drink in a syringe, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE - Does jon think its the greatest thing ever that the arrow 1.0 wouldnt have survived one week without digg or his mom?


I told Felicity transparent lies precisely to see whether she’d go along with them. Every time she did, even if only out of curiosity, I knew I could ask her to step a little farther outside the law.

It was strategic, and it worked exactly as intended. I don’t really see why that would be funny.


“My coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood,” and she let him get away with that.

She must have had a hell of a crush. Like, I’m embarrassed for her, how hard she was crushing on him.

Have some dignity, Mom. Jeez.


I married him, didn’t I? I win.


Second place.

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What if our world was one of many? One dystopia, one fantasy, one contemporary and another urban fantasy. We are the readers realm, where the stories we read come from the others. Not only are there more worlds but more of us, doppelgangers. Your doppelganger could be anything from identical to different in every way. What realm would you want you to be different and the same?

oh god. I would have to choose Urban Fantasy??? I would still have access to things like the internet and books and stuffs but still be around epic shit.I would want to be the same in the readers realm. Just the way I am. But if I could be anything else I think i would be a shadowhunter or fae in an urban fantasy or epic fantasy.

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Hey Soft-almond , when i go on origin and look for you , its only show 3 downloads , but i can see you hav uploaded about 160 things , do you know why ?

I definatly haven’t uploaded 160 things, the only thing I could think of is my own personal library?? But I could be wrong 😭

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there's only two genders lol. the worst thing you could do is call a girl a guy or vise-versa.

I have to disagree, my friend! I think there are more than two genders. And even if you (or others) may not understand that, we have to respect everyone’s gender identity! ☺️

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hey! 2 questions as a bisexual women who doesn't identify on the aspectrum. 1. i don't understand why heteroromantic asexuals belong in the lgbt community? excuse my frankness, but i didn't see any other way to put it? why do you believe they should be in the community? i'm asking from a point of genuine curiosity. 2. why do you believe that your asexuality isn't something you should only share with a partner? thank you so much and please don't think i'm disrespecting you. thank you so much, -h


1) Honestly if that was the only thing The Mess was about I’d almost certainly not even have gotten involved and would have left the debate to ppl with additional LGBT+ identities, so I don’t actually talk about this so much and usually keep it brief. Where I could no longer stay away was when ppl frequently tried to erase my race and dehumanized me and other aces/aros. Which is the kind of stuff I mainly talk about here. So I’ll just give a personal answer that I hope will be satisfactory, if other ppl wanna add that’d be cool.

So where I live all nearby LGBT+ spaces explicitly include aces and aros on the basis of being ace/aro. I first got involved in one of those during an early wave of this mess, and as a cis aro ace was very worried about being unwelcome even when someone from an LGBT+ space that does visibility work/education personally asked me to join since they kinda lacked aces for said education work (it came up that I’m ace after this person and I both called out a lot of bullshit in a class and later spoke). I was actually questioning around that time but I’d still have stayed away if ppl there had not wanted aces/aros around for being ace/aro.

Anyway, for this space and all others here I’m aware of it’s actually just not in question whether aces+aros are inherently LGBT+. We’re mentioned and addressed in flyers, on websites, we’re explicitly invited/included and have been for many years. There are different groups that meet up, at least where I’m most involved. So like, I don’t enter spaces/groups/events that are not for me. Which is why I’m always kinda confused when an “exclusionist” says the ace+aro communities are not LGBT+ but should work closely together with the LGBT+ community. Because I mean. Idk if that’d look so much different in practice? Just. The LGBT+ spaces/groups I’m involved in firmly hold that someone who has a non-straight orientation is LGBT+ (they also 100% count being ace/aro as an orientation that is not straight). That doesn’t change the fact that I and others there stay the hell out of spaces in those bigger spaces not meant for us.

2) Why should I? My asexuality is my orientation. When someone asks my orientation, I say aro ace, bc that’s the truth. My ace-ness is not intensely private information for me at all, though I’m picky about who I tell due to negative experiences. Not because it’s somehow “TMI” though, that’s absurd. It’s not a graphic detail about anything, no matter what ppl have claimed. It’s also not info about my “sex life” - it tells ppl nothing about that let alone anything graphic. Even if it did, though, it’s incredibly toxic to say ppl should speak of sex with no one ever unless it’s their partner™. That’s scary actually. There are many other contexts where discussing sex is okay. Again though, asexuality = not info about the activity of sex.

I hope this all makes sense, kinda tired atm, and that it answers your questions! I’ve written a lot more on point 2) if you wanna dig through my blog

ANOTHER THING: I think that worldwide security camera quality needs to be better. so many kidnappings happen in the parking lot of your local fucking target and a lot of cases were only able to be solved due to the help of security cameras. HOWEVER, in missing person cases there is no time to waste and if the quality of the cameras were better they would have a higher chance of getting a clear view of the face of the kidnapper. Idk man I just think better cameras would save a lot of time and they could possibly get to the victim before they are killed.

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Hi, could you explain the =28 thing? I know the number is important to Louis but why do people think it's connected to Larry? My other question is in relation to chiam baby, do you think it affects how babygate 1.0 could end? Because it would look suspicious if there were two false fathers in the band? Thanks.

we believe it’s an anniversary of some kind + they don’t care about how suss it looks the only way i can see bg 2.0 ending the first is if liam gets a paternity test and urges louis to as well

Hoop Madness

Happy Birthday  @sushisecor! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Originally posted by mostly-jensen

Yawning, you glanced at your watch. Only an hour had passed, and you were not even close to cracking the case yet. As Sam and Dean continued to talk to the parents of the victim, you turned your attention to the little girl sitting off to the side of the porch, a hula hoop in her hands.

She seemed so lost, so scared and forgotten that your heart broke for her. It was her sister that had been killed and you knew that it was hard on her.

Sitting down next to her, you were about for a moment, just letting her get used to you being there. Slowly, you began drawing her into conversation, talking about the only thing you could think of, her hula hoop.

“I used to be pretty good at that, once upon a time.” You told her, watching as her interest sparked. “The champion of the playground, if you would.”

“Really?” She had asked, looking up at you with her big, blue eyes.

Nodding your head, you took it from her, showing her that you still remembered how it worked. It worked, and soon she was giggling as you moved your hips, keeping the hula hoop going.

As you smiled back at her, you caught Dean staring at you with an unreadable expression on his face.

Later that day, you relaxed in the hotel room as Sam and Dean went on a food run. Sitting up when you heard the door open, you couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that he was carrying a sparkly pink hula hoop.

“Dean, why do you have a hula hoop?” You asked, climbing off the bed, as he tossed it your way.

“Happy Birthday princess. Saw you having fun with one back there.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Nah. I enjoyed watching the way you moved your hips.” He admitted.

Tossing it back to him, you winked at him. “Well now it’s your turn. Show me what you got.”

Standing there with your arms crossed, you watched as Dean pulled it over his head, settling it around his waist, moving it back and forth. “Come on, don’t tease me.” You told him, just as Sam walked into the room, his hands full of fast food bags.

“Really Dean? A hula hoop?” Sam asked, rolling his eyes. Tossing the food onto the table, he headed straight for the door. “Let me know when the two of you are done playing.”

As soon as he was gone, Dean swirled the hula hoop, and you laughed as it did nothing but fall to the ground. His hip movements had been jarred, not smooth at all.

“Here, let me show you.” You told him, moving to take the hoop from him. With a sudden movement, Dean had the hoop over your head, pulling you to him, before pressing his lips to yours.

“Hmm. Maybe I should keep one of these things around.” He said softly, keeping you trapped with him in the small circle.

Happy Birthday from @katymacsupernatural

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Oh shit that's so upsetting I'm so sorry you had to go through that when you were just in 7th grade, why can't people just let other people talk about the things they like like even if you don't care just smile and listen ask questions it's what being a nice person is why don't people ever seem to get that.

It is because I was very annoying and obnoxious. I really do experience Special Interests in a disordered manner. It because the only thing I can think about or talk about and without it I feel like I’m dying. I understand why people did what they did to me. I didn’t at the time but looking back I understand no one knew what a special interest was and no one knew i was autistic and no one understood that i literally could not control what i was doing.

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hey, anon. I'm begging you, come to my askbox. I'm just itching to tear you a new one. Two can play dirty at this game, except, I'm not a coward like you, you pathetic, spineless cunt. - hon, don't give this troll any more time, just block her sad ass. Love you <3

lol, well, I think I might’ve scared ‘em off. You’re too sweet though! Thanks for this, it made me smile. Also, the only reason I haven’t blocked her is because I want to see what other useless things she could throw at me. Makes me giggle how stupid some people are. 

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What about in Ch. 528 when Erza stated that Acnologia's power felt different than when they fought him on Tenrou? How does this make sense? What has he done that altered his power? What about Tartaros; was his power different then? Does his human form give off a different sense of magic power than his dragon form? Or is this Mashima just writing cheap drama? Your thoughts?

We’ve barely seen any of his magic to begin with, so it’s hard to say. I don’t see any reason why Acnologia would be using a different type of magic; it’s not like he’d be exerting more effort than when he fought Igneel to take out Erza and co., so I don’t think it’s that he should feel any stronger, and Erza notes his magic feels different when he’s changed back into his dragon form, so I don’t think it’s got anything to do with his human form.

The only thing I can think of that could possibly change Acno’s magic at this point is the fact that he just ate Grand Chariot; maybe his magic felt more like light or celestial or whatever Jella’s magic is when Erza made that comment? I genuinely don’t know. 

What’s the point of telling us Acnologia’s magic feels different when we barely know what his magic is to begin with? Lol

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Hey umm sorry I haven't tried cheering you up I'm not good comforting people. But I tagged you in this one thing that has all the things I want to say to you.Its ok if you want to block me afterwards I understand😐

{Mod Ryuu: It’s fine, dear. Don’t worry about it. uvu It’s honestly taking me a while to answer most of these since my mind doesn’t take compliments well when I’m like this. Why would we block you, though..? ovo; I’ve only ever had to block my ex and porn blogs on this website, so I don’t think what you’ve said could be that bad.}

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Hey! Quick q, I'm going to the Chicago concert, do you have any suggestions or tips for both the concert itself and how to get merch (I'm hoping to get an army bomb every though they're expensive af 😭😭😭) Thanks so much!

// dasghslkdg omg sorry I didn’t reply to this yesterday lol but …  the fucking merch line. So the way Newark worked was that there was an outdoor merch line from 1pm -??? (or until they ran out) and there was also merch inside the venue. They have really limited quantities of hats, hoodies, earrings because those got sold out right away. They have A LOT of army bombs in stock (legit everything else sold out inside except army bombs lol….) I think I got to the merch line at 12:15 the first day and 11:30 the second and by the time I got to the front, the only thing I could buy was like … the mini print set and the sticker set bc everything else was like sold out. (THE FIRST DAY I GOT SUPER LUCKY AND MANAGED TO GET A HAT THO ;; IDK HOW THAT HAPPENED) People camped outside for merch so I’m just … yeah not about that life lol tbh I kinda gave up getting merch inside after I saw that everything was sold out outside because if you’re not like the first 10-20 people in line or so, you’re pretty much screwed lol

As for concert advice, just HAVE FUN & BE SAFE! STAY HYDRATED AND EAT BEFORE PLS, ESP IF YOU’RE PIT. Also relating to pit, it you’re in the pit, please be safe. I heard multiple account of people in Newark pushing and shoving and Namjoon even had to tell the crowd “Guys, please don’t push – safety first” several times before they gave their midway speech during the concert. I saw a lot of people get carried out by stretchers and apparently someone fainted in the pit thursday, another guy got like harassed out of the pit, so please have common courtesy to your fellow concert goers. I get that BTS is in front of you, but just remember to be civil and if there is a medical emergency TO PLEASE MAKE ROOM. Aside from that, ENJOY YOURSELF & EXPECT TO GET BIAS WRECKED BY EVERYONE LOL

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how do you think heidi and rosalie's relationship would work out? would rose stay with the volturi? would Heidi stay with the cullens? would they get along with the coven members? would they live alone? (sorry for the spam i just love these two sm)

I’m really committed to Heidi and Rosalie being cute and happy together. As a result, I’m answering this question wearing my blind optimism goggles. Sometimes, I tell myself, the Volturi are nice or at least benignly negligent, and things work out. Probably. Maybe.

I have to think that Rosalie and Heidi could only hook up after Rose severed ties with the Cullens. She’s a principled person and sleeping with the enemy (or even sleeping with the employee of Carlisle’s shady ex-friend) isn’t really her thing. If I were writing a Heidi/Rosalie fic, I’d probably have Rose part ways with the Cullens shortly after her murder spree. It would be motivated by practicality– if she were recognized, she could harm Carlisle’s career and cover-story– and a sense of alienation. 

I’m undecided about where Rosalie and Heidi could build a life. On the one hand, Heidi’s job doesn’t require her presence in Volterra. If Aro and Caius were remotely reasonable, they’d totally let her have a sunny little Venetian apartment with her girlfriend, so long as their meals arrived on time. On the other, Aro and Caius were reasonable for about two seconds once, and they hated it, and they never did it again. Perhaps they’d be so worried about Heidi’s loyalty that they’d do just about anything to keep her in Volterra, including allowing Rosalie to live with her. (And really, is there any harm in having two pretty ladies luring humans, instead of just one pretty lady?)

To touch upon Rosalie’s moral quandaries for a bit, I imagine that she would be comfortable with a carnivorous diet if she believed that she was eating genuinely bad people. Under her influence, Heidi might focus her ‘fishing’ on abusive and unrepentant humans. And, on a related note, I don’t think Rose would be horrified by the Volturi as a political organization. I mean, she murdered innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time while wearing a wedding dress and possibly playing the role of her own ghost. She has some appreciation for brutal justice and the importance of image. 

Finally, I feel like Rosalie and Heidi wouldn’t so much get along with the coven as … be treated with grudging respect by the coven, if that makes sense? They’d do their respective jobs and not cause any trouble and be quietly reliable, which is the most Aro and Company can ask for. (Okay, Caius would give Rosalie the side-eye for about 50 years, since she really broke the law with that whole dramatic-string-of-revenge-killings thing. But even he would have to acknowledge that she’s generally sensible.)

And now I have to spend half an hour imagining Heidi and Rosalie decorating their room, and Rosalie getting really excited about the wiring of an old castle and Heidi gently trying to stop her from electrocuting herself and both of them snuggling under the covers, as you do after a long day of interior design/slightly dangerous home renovation.