the only thing i care more about characters is the plot

Mermaids; part 2

Legolas Greenleaf x Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds her only to take her home and to care for her. Thranduil has allowed her to stay in Mirkwood and Legolas will help her learn to walk, which leads to different things.

Warning(s): nudity, curious/confused reader about genitals 

A/N: I’M HYPED FOR THIS YOOO. Also I noticed I use the word ‘quick’ in literally everything I write lmao.

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Alu tarien = water princess 

[part 1]

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so what’s 2.8 then?

WHOOPS i forgot about 2.8. that one is dream drop distance, a prelude to kh3, and a movie that sums up the plot of the mobage game (more or less)

as far as playing the ds games, you dont have to but regardless of the gameplay, i still recommend ppl actually play because it has a lot of characterization thats kinda lost otherwise?

like you’ll care a lot more about the people in the story if you actually experience all of it and can get the bits and pieces that didnt make the cut in the moviee

specially since theres characters that only exist in those games, so 

I only got like four episodes in and haven’t picked it back up yet, but…. the thing about Battlestar Galactica is, it’s cinematic in that particular scifi action movie way that leaves me cold…. stuff is Happening and it’s Dramatic and there’s beautiful shots of space and Intricate Plot stuff but like……… I don’t feel like I know the characters and I don’t care about them yet, so the impact of all the drama leaves me indifferent

maybe it’s just my brain stuck on Star Trek; my scifi needs cheesy nonsense to resonate, apparently

“It’s up to the audience what happens after the end.” 

No. That is a cop-out. That is the creator not having a clear idea of where their story is going. You can leave some things a mystery, sure. What fun is there if not to continue to explore the world of a story and find new things to ponder? 

The problem is when you have a LOT of loose plots hanging around that are never resolved. You don’t set things up, only to let them be left standing and ready, but ultimately left unused. That is poor writing. 

Resolve your story’s plot in an understandable fashion. Complete the character arcs you began, or at least give a very clear idea of where they are going. Just don’t leave things so open-ended that nobody is sure what happened. 

Dear new Sleepy Hollow showrunner:

There is only one thing you really need to remember to succeed:

Follow the characters.

You have four main characters who are wonderfully strong, fantastically flawed, and unique from anything else currently on TV. You have gifted and inventive actors who are up to anything you throw at them.

Trust those things.

If you are true to who those characters are, if you let the story develop organically from their foibles and failings, if you keep focused on them even as you introduce new personalities and expand the world, you can’t go wrong.

I don’t care if the plot is more procedural. I don’t much care what the plot is. What I care about are these characters.

I will follow them to the ends of the earth. And if you do right by them, I’ll follow you there too.

Let’s talk about Bellamy Blake. I am so proud of him. I mean, I always liked him, since I first saw him, I knew he was going to be good. He was kind of an ass but it was the kind of asshole you immediately fall in love because you just know they are not actual shit. I knew in the minute he hugged Octavia on the plot. With that being said, each day he surprises me more with his huge heart and bravery. Is amazing how he inspires me, and not only me, everyone else. He has character, has a good soul and is willing to do anything to save his people. He has sense of justice, he cares about everyone, he do not like things done wrong, he is a fucking fighter. He is for sure one of the best characters I have ever seen, and ladies and gentleman, I freaking love Bellamy Blake. 

I wish I was shocked by some of the posts regarding Erza this week but I’m just not.

Erza is a MAIN CHARACTER secondary to ONLY Lucy and Natsu. She is automatically more important than a character like, say… Juvia. Erza’s interpersonal relationships are plot related. They are relevant. She’s also the only member of Team Natsu to have no familial backstory. Unlike Juvia, she’s not anyone’s keychain.

And in that same vein, sorry if it gets in the way of your ship but Erza’s past and future are tied up with Jellal and Kagura. These are important things to her. Arguably the MOST important things to her character development and where she’ll be at the end of Fairy Tail as a story. You cannot separate these things and still act like an Erza fan. This is what canon!Erza cares about.

And to all the people who love bitching about how overpowered she is I just want to say “fuck off.” Erza gets her ass handed to her by these ghosts and y'all still want to act like she’s ridiculously overpowered. Just admit you hate women warriors.