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single dad aus make me soooo soft but listen ,,,,, can u plz do a single dad au for wonho-- I am in love with him. Love, Your Biggest Stan <3 P.S. ily <3

i finally thought of a cute plot for this so here u go hehe
other versions: hyungwon 

  • wonho has a daughter who he absolUTELY adores
  • she’s already starting the first grade and wonho literally threw a party for her and invited everyone and their grandmothers and cried when he realized at the end of it that his lil sunflower was going to SCHOOL and he wouldn’t be able to see her for half the day
  • and kihyun had to hold like three boxes of napkins on his lap while wonho mumbled about how she’s his life,,,,his angel,,,,his sTARS AND UNiVERSE
  • and hyungwon was like bro it’s school she’s going to have fun and make friends
  • and wonho is like but sHES MINE,,,,she’s my babY,,,, and everyone was like oh no here he goes again 
  • minhyuk somewhere: can you imagine how bad he’s going to be when she goes off to college????
  • but yes,,,wonho has never in his life been upset with her,,,,he coddles and loves her more than anything in the world
  • and it’s amazing you see him out grocery shopping making faces and singing to her while she sits in the cart and like every single parent in town is super heart eyes at wonho because like,,,,,,,look at him
  • but wonho only cares about his kid,,,,,,,,,,like that’s it,,,,,,,,she’s the only one that matters
  • and you,,,,,,,think it’s pretty cute because you work with wonho and his enTIRE desk is covered in photos of his daughter
  • but,,,you don’t have a kid of your own and when the office decides to honor ‘bring your kid to work day’ you’re kind of,,,,,,,,,stuck
  • and you can’t believe it but as the office bustles with the noise of children and worried parents
  • you walk in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,holding your cat
  • and your co-workers laugh because aH your cat is your kid??? and you’re like “kinda??? i mean she’s cute,,,,but she’s not as fun????” 
  • and your cat is lazily resting on your desk,,,,completely oblivious to the fact that you’re sTRESSED your boss might be mad about you brining a pet and not a person
  • but then you notice,,,,a small hand
  • and that hand is rubbing your kitty’s belly and you’re like,,,,wait
  • pushing your chair out a bit you see a small girl on her tippy-toes,,,reaching out to play with the fur of your cat
  • and usually,,,your cat is ok with all things BUT belly rubs
  • yet this small hand doesn’t bother her at all
  • and you’re like “hi!! whats your name?” the girl mumbles it,,,obviously more interested in your cat than you
  • and you’re looking around to see if any co-workers that her parents are nearby but everyone looks preoccupied with their children
  • and you’re like “whose your mommy or daddy?” 
  • sniffling she makes a motion to the desk opposite yours,,,,you blink and look at her again and realize she’s wonhos,,,,,,,,,,,,,all those pictures of her on his desk should have given that away pretty easily
  • and you’re like “do you wanna pet the kitty’s head too - she likes that the most?” 
  • eagerly nodding you pat your lap and the girl climbs up and sits comfortably,,hands going out to play with your snoozing cats ears 
  • a couple of minutes later,,,as you’re using one hand to type and the other to keep the girl safe in your lap wonho comes back holding a plate with cookies and other kids snacks
  • smiling he finds you with his daughter and he’s like “there she is- should have known she’d go for the cat.” 
  • you laugh and go “if i were her, i would also go for the cat.” 
  • wonho pulls up a chair and tries to get his daughter to take a bite of the cookie,,,but she’s still lost in petting your cat
  • and wonho pouts and goes “she’s given up her father for your pet,,,” you grin and shake your head 
  • for a while you two sit like that,,,, wonho’s daughter looks like she’s yours with how happy she looks in your lap
  • at some point even leaning back against your arms and watching you finish something on the computer
  • wonho,,,,cautiously watches but at the same time,,,,,feels perfectly at ease with his daughter in your hands
  • and every now and then you chat about this or that
  • and suddenly wonho asks,,,,,,,would you ever want kids?
  • you hesitate but nod,,,,you make a joke about how the cat is great and all but kids are cuter,,,,,in your opinion
  • not seeing the small smile on wonho’s face you go back to your work as his daughter slowly falls asleep
  • by the time the work day is over,,,she’s been napping for a good hour and your arm is numb from where you’re holding her but you’re content as ever
  • and wonho wakes her up gently only to hoist her into his arms so she  can sleep again
  • you,,,,well you take your cat in your arms and as you and wonho are leaving the building
  • he stops and asks if you’d ever like to come over sometime and play with his daughter again
  • you grin and motion to the cat in your arms and you’re like “im assuming she’d want me to show up with this one as well?”
  • wonho laughs and you feel your heart skip a beat,,,,because it’s a laugh that’s so,,,,,,,,,,,,sweet
  • he agrees but before fishing his phone out of his pocket for your number he adds
  • “im not just asking you for the cat, my daughter would love to see her again but i,,,,,,,,,,id like to spend more time with you too.”
  • the words make your knees melt and you’re worried you might be blushing like some middleschooler that you hide your head by looking down
  • but when you exchange numbers, wonho waving as he turns to leave with his daughter
  • you can’t help but lift your cat up,,,,her lazily opening her eyes to watch you and you go “i,,,,,,,,think you got me a date!”
  • all you get is a meow in reply,,,,,,,but,,,,,,you’re too happy to care hehe 
Quiver: Part One

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yay! so i finished it. 

You were hired on a new team Tony Stark put together as the Tech support. However, you weren’t expecting to crush on none other than Bucky Barnes.
(this is Bucky’s look. sorry not sorry hehe)

Notes: FLIRTATIOUS!!! BUCKY!!!! fluff, smut is coming folks. some good smut too. 
if this gets to 200. I will do a part two.

word count: 2,992

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Nct as Vampires

Request: Hi! Could you do an NCT Vampire au? Like how each of the members would be as a vampire? Thank you! :) I hope I requested correctly

A/N: i was actually thinking of writing a single post for each member but it’d be too many so here’s only a brief summary !! if you want me to emphasise on a specific member please do request again !

Assume that only you know about their identity and they promised not to hurt you as long as you don’t tell anyone else ,, and also you live together with them


  • really chill about his identity
  • like when you first told him you knew , all he did was get shocked and asked how you knew , then went back to being normal
  • acts more like a human than a vampire tbh
  • you don’t even know how he survives because you never actually saw him eat/suck ( is this even right it sounds wrong omg ) any other living things before for their blood
  • and when you ask him ,
  • he simply replies with a “ secrets ”
  • turns out he’s been drinking blood he stole from clueless vampire WinWin’s bottle/jar since they stay in the same room


  • he’s so quiet and mysterious it’s creepy
  • like you don’t know when he’d do something dangerous and sudden
  • so you lowkey stayed away from him even after he promised not to hurt you
  • but then you realised he’s an actual softie
  • because you saw him crying over an anime once
  • yes vampires need entertainment too
  • so you start opening up to him
  • and he shares with you about his family and ancestors
  • like how great of vampires they were
  • when he goes out to hunt at night though ,
  • he becomes really serious and you lowkey got scared once because he came back home with blood all around his mouth
  • then he smiles at you innocently and blankly
  • and you can’t help but return a fake smile like hansol you’re scaring me get away and wash up first


  • okay he likes teasing you A LOT
  • okay maybe more of threatening , not teasing
  • like one time you were too lazy to cook lunch for him ,
  • he got super close to you and whispered sarcastically like “ i can’t guarantee you’d still be able to stay up till dinner tonight though ”
  • and he shows his fangs too like stop johnny what are you doing
  • so you were left with no choice but to cook for him
  • he’s such a flirty vampire i cant even
  • like he got you a black dress and cap one day
  • and when you asked him why ,
  • he was like “ you should know we vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight ,, but your beauty and smile’s shining brighter than it so i gotta cover you up ”
  • go away johnny ew
  • kidding he’s so hot tbh


  • really particular about how he looks and acts
  • like he’s really ‘elegant’ as a vampire (?) ( does this even make sense omg )
  • like his cape must be washed and ironed out properly every day before night falls
  • and he HAS to do it himself
  • one time you helped him wash and clean it ,
  • he got so pissed he didn’t come back for two nights
  • turns out he was living in some kind of abandoned house as a bat
  • and he couldn’t stand the dust so he had no choice but to come back
  • he sometimes forgets that you’re human so he shares with you on stories of all the people he’s eaten
  • and when you’re like “ taeyong that’s too much detail … ”
  • he gets all jumpy like , “ oh shit i forgot , i’m sorry ”
  • “ i forgot i got too caught up ”
  • but he doesn’t really seem different from a human being so you’re not that much bothered by him


  • okay here we have another flirty vampire
  • like really really flirty
  • like one moment you’d just be there watching television ,
  • then a pair of hands wraps tightly around your hips
  • “ want me to turn you into one too ? ”
  • “ no wth yuta what are you doing ”
  • “ couldn’t resist you ”
  • “ stop yuta , hands off ”
  • “ who are you to tell me what to do , i have the powers here ”
  • “ yeah sure if you don’t let go i’ll move out rn ”
  • then he lets go right away and pouts like a small kid
  • he’s really lazy and afraid to go out under the sun so he stays at home like 24/7
  • and he clings onto you like a leech
  • disturbing and annoying you as a form of entertainment


  • he’s such an angel though
  • but you didn’t knew he was a vampire until like 1 month of staying together
  • because you always wondered why he went out and came home so late in the night
  • until you saw him drinking some red & thick liquid one day in his cape
  • you almost screamed and fainted
  • but kun was nice enough to help you out , and confessed about his identity after
  • and was like “ don’t worry , i won’t hurt you , you’re too beautiful ”
  • he didn’t even tell you not to spread it , as he trusts that you will keep it a secret
  • so sweet tbh
  • smh why were you born as a vampire not an angel kun


  • always shookt and worried that his identity might get revealed
  • so everytime you come home , the first thing he asks you is
  • “ did you tell anyone ? ”
  • “ doyoung of course not they’d think im crazy ”
  • “ are you sure ? ”
  • “ yes , i promise ”
  • then he goes back to acting all confident and laidback like
  • “ haha what’s there to be afraid of ”
  • then he turns into a bat and follows you around the next day to spy on you
  • and he thought you wouldn’t notice but in fact he’s so obvious so you just let him be


  • always curious about the ‘humans’ like ,
  • “ wow Y/N how does it feel to die ? ”
  • “ do i look like i’ve died before , ten ? ”
  • “ hehe idk , im just curious , i’ve been living for like 127 this is not intentional years now ”
  • “ you’re so old ”
  • “ but i’m still cute right ?? ”
  • and he gives you a cute and innocent smile
  • you wonder if he’s even a vampire
  • but when he gets ready to go out at night he always has this smirk on his face
  • and he’d have eye contact with you before he flies off
  • so rude but you gotta admit he looks good


  • like taeil he’s pretty chill about his identity
  • his naturally white and fair skin caught your attention first
  • then he was always hiding in the room first thing in the morning , saying that he had to take his ’ daily medicine ’
  • turns out it was small cups of blood when you went to check
  • so when you first asked him he was just like
  • “ since i trust you , yeah i’m one ”
  • then he flashed his sharp fangs infront of you
  • and when he saw your shocked expression he’d laugh to himself , his cute and smol dimples coming back
  • he actually takes care of you instead , and protects you from other vampires/creatures from attacking


  • he’s such a soft person you couldn’t believe it when he told you he was a vampire
  • and he casually mentioned it to you during a conversation
  • you were shookt for days
  • “ why are you always so tired in the day ”
  • “ i don’t sleep at night ”
  • “ why ? ”
  • “ we are more active in the dark ”
  • “ ‘we’ ? ”
  • “ vampires .. ”
  • he’s cute and innocent most of the time
  • but when night time falls he gets really serious and doesn’t come back quickly ,
  • because he has to find the perfect type and taste of blood which suits him

The minors are all half-vampires instead of ‘full’ ones


  • he’s so clueless and adorable he often asks you vampire related questions that you cant even answer , like
  • “ why do we live forever ? will we never die ? wow that’s cool ”
  • “ mark i dont know .. ”
  • “ how am i supposed to take blood out of someone , won’t it hurt them ? ”
  • “ mark i’m not a vampire idk anything ”
  • “ oh … sorry ”
  • he’s so polite and nice he almost starved and fainted because he couldn’t bear to hurt anyone for blood
  • so you had no choice but to donate your own blood
  • which also refused to drink ,
  • but you forced it down his throat , so now active mark is back again


  • another literal angel why
  • he tries his best to sustain his hunger by only eating food
  • but part of him still feels drained because he’s half-vampire after all , he needs blood
  • so he tried drinking his own one ,
  • but it made him even sicker
  • so you had to ask for vampire taeyong’s help because he always had spare bottles of blood
  • just like that you lectured renjun on keeping his body healthy and fit
  • and he was like “ sure … but one person that i’d never ever eat is you , even if im dying ”
  • go reborn as an angel with kun please


  • he’s always smiling and cheerful , the thought of him being a vampire never once crossed your mind
  • but when he told you that he’s only half ,
  • you still got really shocked and speechless ,
  • and as soon as he noticed he promised not to hurt you
  • he likes showing you baby photos of himself , the growing process of his small fangs ,
  • and the way he’d always smile brightly
  • he likes going on walks with you but he always prepares a cap and a pair of jacket to cover himself , if he gets exposed to the sun too much


  • such a prankster i cant even
  • he’d offer to pour you a cup of water ,
  • then when he comes out with two cups filled with red liquid you’re like ,
  • “ this better not be blood haechan- ”
  • “ it is ”
  • “ what why ”
  • “ try it , it’s really good ”
  • “ no donghyuck i cant do this ”
  • “ shut up and drink it ”
  • and after a few minutes of arguing ,
  • “ it’s only some cranberry juice ”
  • and he also likes joking about turning you into a vampire too
  • and would use it as an advantage to call you to help him do things
  • “ help me wash my clothes … if not i might hurt you , idk ”


  • a mixture of haechan + winwin
  • one moment he’d be all soft and positive ,
  • the other he’s scaring you with his fangs and blood
  • but he knows when to stop and not scare you too much
  • he’s also pretty flirty and smooth like
  • “ if you were a blood type you’d be my favourite ”
  • “ jaemin that’s not cool , stop ”
  • “ okay fine you’re my favourite human ”


  • he’s so happy and loud you didn’t think he was a vampire
  • and his looks did not help too , as he looked so cute and adorable to you
  • he slightly teases and joke with you
  • especially when he reminds you of the face you made when he first told you
  • your mouth and eyes were wide open and no words were said
  • he doesn’t really need that much blood so he acts just like a normal human being ,
  • only sometimes when you notice him getting a bit tired ,
  • you’d ask him to go eat/replenish on his blood intake and listens to you without fail


  • like chenle , this baby is still in the process of developing the vampire characteristics ,
  • so his fangs are still pretty short and he can perform perfectly well even without the intake of blood & under sunlight
  • so you had absolutely no idea he was one
  • until he accidentally told you while y'all were talking
  • and he got so flustered and worried after he realised his confession , he couldn’t sleep peacefully that night
  • but as soon as you told him you didn’t mind and would not spread it ,
  • he became to soften up and share more stories of his family to you

Such an interesting request, I hope the reactions aren’t too much repetitive, since I think they would be basically the same. And thank you for appreciating me so much, I just hope you don’t get disappointed, since I can go ooc from time to time, hehe. Anyway, hope you like it!

RFA + V and Saeran with a MC who doesn’t wear makeup


  • At first, he’s worried if it is because of some kind of allergy or something
  • And it’s not only concern about you, but about him as well. If you makeup allergy is as bad as his with cats, then… he won’t be able to wear makeup either.
  • He’s getting ready to make a scene telling you how he will never wear makeup again if that means he gets to always have his face close to yours
  • You chuckle and tell him you just don’t wear makeup by choice, you just don’t feel like it.
  • A whole new world has opened to this man.
  • It’s just…  so natural to him seeing every woman he knows with makeup he never thought it can be an option.
  • He thinks it’s amazing how you don’t bend to the pressure, not even when media shit talks you.
  • Yeah, he’ll wear all the makeup for both of you, let the press to know this.


  • He doesn’t understand much about makeup, so…
  • He never even noticed you don’t wear it,
  • It took him to go through some old pics of you as a teenager for him to notice
  • So he asks you, and you tell him how uncomfortable you were at all those events you felt like having to wear makeup
  • You look beautiful to him, no matter what. But you looking beautiful and comfortable definitely pleases him more.
  • Plus, boy is all for that natural look
  • He also likes how confident you are about this. If he were a girl, he wouldn’t probably handle this like you do.
  • Blushing mess when you tell him he would be the hottest girl around, with or without makeup.


  • It’s not like she’s super into makeup either
  • Just mascara and some chapstick, a little bit of foundation to hide some imperfections, and she’s ready to go.
  • Okay, there was a part of her that expected you to introduce her to this world after focusing solely on work for so long.
  • Because, to her, a big part of her femininity could be recovered through that. But since you’re not interested in such things… oh well…
  • She thinks it’s pretty cool how you don’t care, she wants to be like this one day
  • Not just because it feels like a statement, but also because it’s so damn practical
  • Yeah, you’re both about to leave and hang out somewhere, you always stay ready a little before.
  • And she always has her breath taken away by how beautiful you look. (flustered mess when you say “likewise”)


  • Like Zen, he would be worried if it is due to some health issue
  • So fear not, he will find the best hypoallergenic products, that won’t harm your skin and accentuate your beauty.
  • Extremely curious when you politely refuse and explain you don’t feel like having your beauty accentuated, at least not through makeup
  • Well, this is very intriguing, but of course it’s not in a bad way. It’s just… very odd and different from all he had seen on the women that surrounded him.
  • As much as he thinks about this, it only makes him think you’re being logical and practical in your daily life.
  • And he’s very understanding, he just offered buying makeup before because he thought you would like. If you don’t, he’s okay with this.
  • Not so chill if someone tries to drag you to the mud because of this, they should get ready because they will be served soon.
  • And you’re super embarrassed, because this isn’t a reason to sue anyone. Well, it really isn’t, but do you really think he wouldn’t fight for your principles as much as you do?


  • Ahhh, he wanted so bad to exchange tips and products
  • But hey, if there’s someone who knows how tiresome putting on makeup can be sometimes, it’s him.
  • Yeah, he remembered how he could feel the foundation melting after he moved for too long on an undercover mission. Ugh… it felt like his own face was melting.
  • So he doesn’t care much, tbh.
  • If you’re happy, you’re beautiful to him.
  • Another one who’ll wear all the makeup for both of you.
  • Though he couldn’t hide his excitement when you said that, though you don’t feel like wearing it yourself, you wouldn’t mind painting him.
  • Boy is so happy. He’ll gladly be your canvas.


  • Shoot! What will he do to all the eyeliner from the Mint Eye days now? He wanted to give it to you…
  • Seriously, though, he wouldn’t care at all.
  • Okay, he sees TV commercials and imagines how would you look
  • But at this point, he’s so used to your face as it is seeing you all painted would probably scare him
  •  All he wants is to learn how to be comfortable in his own skin, you seem to know a lot about that.
  • So you are sort of an inspiration to him.
  • Also, he doesn’t know much about this, but he thinks it’s pretty baddass you are telling these standards to fuck off
  • Guess he’ll have to give the eyeliner to Saeyoung, after all.


  • Guess he isn’t blind for this one
  • Well, being a photographer that goes in a lot of adventures, man knows beauty doesn’t have to be obvious
  • So of course he’s not one to think makeup would make you look prettier
  • As long as you’re happy so is he
  •  And he can be so cheesy telling you he doesn’t care about lipstick as long as you’re smiling or about mascara as long as your eyes are gleaming from joy
  •  If you’re comfortable, he will take pictures of you to celebrate your beauty at its most natural state
  • And now there’s a dilemma: does he want to do an exhibition and show the whole world how beautiful you are?
  •  Or should he keep all this beauty to himself?
Mystic Messenger : Day 5 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

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In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Nct 127 when they're jealous

Request: Hi hi ~ could you do a nct 127 reaction to their girlfriend being close to her guy best friend and having a lot of skinship with him?

A/N: i changed it up to them being jealous instead so i hope you dont mind! enjoy reading hehe



He tries his best not to get jealous and to be as understanding as possible, but sometimes a part of him gets all selfish and upset because he wants you ALL to himself. His usual quiet self would start to get more talkative, mentioning about how much he loves you, and also becoming more affectionate, his hands on you every second, making sure the other party knows that you’re his.

And when the both of you are finally alone again he goes back to being normal, acting much more adorable than before, “Babe you love me right?”, “Please don’t do that to anyone else except for me”

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Being the positive guy he is, he wouldn’t think much about it. Also because he trusts you, and he knows he shouldn’t be feeling jealous. But sometimes he just gets protective and a sudden urge to show you off would rush through him. Which is why he’d get much more flirty with you, shooting smirks at both you and the other party, a smug expression on his face, “Babe i think it’s getting late now, we should leave, TOGETHER”

And when you talk it out with about it, he goes back to being all soft, and attacking you with hugs and kisses, “Can’t help but be jealous, i mean, anyone would fall for this angel right?”

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He’d always tell and assure you that he isn’t jealous, and he acts like he doesn’t care, but deep inside you both know he is very close confronting the party and shoot them in the face that you’re his.

Although most of time he keeps his cool, some days he’d be extremely affectionate, despite being in public, pouting at you and giving you those puppy eyes, “Give me some attention”. And other days he’d act all cool and nonchalent, pulling you away from the other party, “Babe don’t get to close with him. You can only do that with me”

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We all know how he’s like; honest and straightforward, and when he’s jealous, he’d get 10 times worse. As soon as he catches you getting to close with someone else, or even someone taking advantage of the situation to get close to you, he can be very aggressive, and harsh with his words.

Pulls you away right away and if he needs to, he’d confront the other party and shoot them with words, “Who do you think you’re getting so close to?”, “She’s MY girlfriend, don’t even think of laying a finger on her” But when it comes to you, he softens up again, showering you with affection, and maybe even apologising for acting so harshly, but his excuse would always be “I’m sorry, i love you too much”

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Another one who’s straightforward and good with his words. He tries his back to act maturely and not create any trouble, but you’d notice his obvious upset expression, eyebrows knitted together and frowning; it was a sign to you to stop.

But if he needed to, he’d feign a smile in front of the other party, arms around your waist, sarcastically saying, “I’m sorry, but me and MY GIRLFRIEND has to leave now, sorry to disturb” Would also act like he’s mad and pissed at you for even being that close to the other party, but soften immediately after you apologised, then hugging you, “No no don’t apologise”

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He isn’t the type to act aggressively without thinking, and he certainly didn’t want to hurt anyone. But when it comes to you, he gets slightly protective, unlike his usual self. Which is why when he noticed you were getting to close to the other party, he stepped up immediately and shot you a look, signalling that he was upset.

He wouldn’t do or say much, just calmly pulling you away by your wrist, not smiling at all to the other party. He’d try his best not to let his anger take over. Hands stroking your hair, he’d softly ask, “Babe why’d you do that?” and as soon as he hears your apologetic tone and reason, he’d hug you and pat you on your back, assuring that he was not upset anymore.

Originally posted by nctaezen


As far as you know, he is the most sweetest, and affectionate person when it comes to you. He never once lost his anger, or even gotten upset over the things you did. But deep within him he only wants you to himself, and he’d fight anyone, or anything that tries to steal you away from him.

But because he’s so used to giving in to you, the most he’d do when he’d jealous is to go up to the other party and tug at your sleeve, asking you to leave. He’d not let his upset expression show, but you could tell that he wasn’t happy from how he talked much lesser. When the both of you are alone again he’d hug you, and say in the softest tone, “Babe please don’t do that again”

Originally posted by nctaezen


As someone who doesn’t like to create any trouble or upset anyone else, it’s normal to see him doing completely nothing, even when he’s jealous. He’d only watch from the side and hope that you’d go back to his side soon, unsure of whether to confront the other party, or to ask you to stop being so close.

But as soon as you noticed him being extremely quiet, and having almost no expression on his face as he stared at you from afar made you worried. But when you ask him about it, he’d fake a smile and assure you that everything was fine. After endless tries to make him tell you the truth, he’s sigh softly before intertwining his hands with yours, rubbing your fingers gently, “I got jealous babe, i’m sorry”

kill me now im soft i love mark

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When it comes to you, he has two sides: the one where he’s extremely clingy and affectionate, and the other one where he’d joke around a lot and tease you for many things. That was the way he’d act too, if he was jealous. No in betweens.

Like that one time he saw you getting to close to the other party, he acted all savage and said a few words to them, telling them about how they weren’t fit for you, only he is. And the other time, he’d act all clingy and mushy, holding you by your hand and purposely pecking you on your face, making sure the other party knew that you were already taken by him.

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❧ | i’m sorry

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pairing; seventeen mingyu x reader

genre; angst, cursing

synopsis; you get into a fight with mingyu and he starts pulling out every thing you’re insecure about. you just smile and acknowledge everything he says, but while crying.

word count; 1k words

parts; pt. 1, pt. 2

✧ a/n; i can’t find a fierce (?) mingyu gif lol halp but ayy it’s been a while since i’ve written an angst !! i actually need more angsts in my life HAHA if you guys have any good writing accs do let me know & i’ll check them out !! (promote your own blog if you’d like to too hehe) // i just got into a verbal fight with my kinda ? close friend so i’m literally gonna put some parts of the conversation in here heh

Mingyu steps into your shared apartment, energy completely drained from the day’s events. His schedule was packed that day — 2 radio broadcasts, 2 fan signs, 1 music show, and a filming for a commercial. He was naturally beyond exhausted, his shoulders already slouching forward heavily.

You, however, paid no attention to that.

“Mingyu!” you exclaimed, running lightly over to him. You go on your tiptoes to make yourself tall enough to hug him, and wrapped your arms around his neck. Mingyu was your 6-month long boyfriend, and he’s only able to come back once every week due to his idol life, so you naturally get hyper whenever he’s around.

“Hey,” he says softly as his arms coils around you loosely for a bare second, his lips curving up into the tiniest smile. It was barely a smile, really. 

“I missed you!” you said cheerily, letting go of him. 

His small smile forms on his lips once again, this time lingering a little shorter as he makes his way to the couch. He heard that every week, and it was so monotone he found himself questioning the sincere meaning behind those 3 words. He lets out a deep, heavy breath as he sinks into the comfort of its soft cushions.

“How was everything this week?” you asked, going into the kitchen for a moment to pour a glass of water. You continued speaking, regardless, knowing he would still be able to hear you from the living room. 

“I’m not sure if you received the lunchbox I made for you on Thursday. I packed a few extra for you to share with the rest of the boys,” you pointed out, puling the mug you needed out of the cupboard and filling it with water. 

“Yeah, I got it,” you heard him say from the living room. You brought your mug over, taking a sip out of it and placing it on the coffee table in front of him. 

“Great,” you said, smiling. “You know, this week was really hectic for me. Our manager suddenly threw a whole bunch of paperwork to us and we had 2 days to complete it but that Alex guy I told you about helped me a lot and he pretty much even did half of them and I’m honestly so thankful because he helped me submit them all on time,” you ramble on non-stop. 

“And, also, the—”

“Just keep quiet for a second, will you, Y/N?” Mingyu suddenly raised his voice, looking over at you with annoyance written all over his features. You stare back at him in shock and surprise. 


“Look, honestly, I don’t give half a fuck about whoever this Alex guy is. I don’t really care even if he saved your life or not. Do you really think talking about another guy is a good topic to have a conversation about? Like for fuck’s sake, I know I’m busy all the time, but the least you can do is to not make it so obvious that there’s another important guy in your life!”

Your continued staring at him, his words slowly and painfully processing in your head. Your eyebrows started to furrow, and he just continues his attacks.

“And seriously, you don’t have to send random lunchboxes to the company all the time. We have food provided for us, just so you know — and it’s not any worse than the food you send over. So just stop doing so much unnecessary stuff, Y/N. It just fucking hinders me! You never even listen to whatever I have to say when I’m back, you just go on and on about yourself. Am I your listener or what? Seriously, what kind of relationship is this? The world doesn’t revolve around you, Y/N!”

Mingyu was shouting. He never does. Mingyu hardly showed any emotion when he’s fatigued. He always politely, and cheerfully, showed interest in your life. But today, everything you said was just wrong, and it made him explode in a way he never did towards you. Mingyu knew you better than anyone did, he knew you weak spots and deepest pains — you were more than an easy target to him. He could easily throw verbal punches that hurt more than physical ones would. Every word was over pronounced, slicing rather than tumbling through the air.

“I—” your breath hitched, a teardrop freeing itself from your eyes. “I just thought—”

Mingyu cut you off. “Well, then you thought wrong.”

His words were like slaps across the face. You just stare at him, your vision already clouded by the tears flooding your eyes as Mingyu continues yelling. The brown of your eyes were beyond glossy. It looked like someone has placed a thick layer of glass over the surface of your eyeballs. Everything he said — you acknowledge. Yes, you were excessive. Yes, you always continuously talk about yourself, your own days, and you never paused to think that Mingyu would be going through a rough patch himself.

You loved Mingyu so much — you really do — but it’s not enough, it’s not right for him. You didn’t love him right.

You pulled up the corners of your lips with whatever leftover strength you had left in you, forming a smile as you looked back up at him with your now bloodshot eyes. The smile was inconsistent — it fluctuated back to a frown every other second, but you kept the smile there, even though your cheekbones felt so falsely moulded. 

“I guess you’re right,” you choked out, and you see Mingyu’s jaw clench tightly. His fists does the same, but releases quickly. 

“I’m sorry,” you breathed unsteadily, giving him a last smile — which he didn’t even catch because he already has his back turned on you — as you ran out of the house. 

[ENG Translation] Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story
Bubbling of the Starry Sky (based on the Makoharu Mook Drama)

Audio link from Tsunamayo at soundcloud (thank you for sharing!!)

Makoto: I’m home~ Phew, we had so many emergency call outs today.. I’m so tired… there are so many fire accidents lately. Ooh! I’ve got black soot all over me! *strips* Well then, time for a bath…

Makoto: Phew…

Haruka: What’s up.

Makoto: HUUUUH!? Who are you!? Why are you using the bathtub in my house!? More importantly, how did you get in!?

Haruka: Shut up…

Makoto: EEEEH!! You have a tail! A mer… merman!?

Narration: Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story

Narration: Bubbling of the Starry Sky!

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So…. Because of the amazing artist @zoecam37 I may or may not be seriously shipping Saeran and Jaehee now. And I’m writing fic for it. Hehe….

This is only the first part, I’m going to write more for it soon~

And here it is on AO3~!

“Saeran… Are you sure that you’ll be okay on your own? This is the first time you’ve been left alone since-“

“Yes, I’ll be fine, you idiot. It’s not like how things were in the past, I can fend for myself, you know.”

“W- Well, just in case-“

“Just go!”

Saeyoung winced as his brother suddenly growled at him, before he quickly turned on his heel and made his way over to the door where MC was waiting. “We’ll be back in two weeks…” He then bit his lip as he grabbed MC’s hand, and made his way out.

As soon as he was alone, Saeran sighed. He was free for two weeks… 14 whole days… It felt almost liberating to him. For the first years of his life, he was stuck with his horrible mother. Then it was Rika for a good few years. Then Saeyoung became an overprotective brother, babying him so much… And now, finally, after 22 years… He was on his own. If he could prove that he was capable without people trying to take care of him… Maybe he could have more freedom.

Quickly, Saeran made his way over to the kitchen and went straight to the freezer. It was time for the food of freedom – Ice cream. He did have a huge problem though – which flavour? When it was decided that MC and Saeyoung were going to go on a holiday as a couple, and leave him behind, Saeyoung had decided to buy all sorts of flavours for him. Cookie dough, chocolate fudge brownie, strawberry, raspberry ripple… Such a difficult decision-!

Once he had decided on the chocolate fudge brownie, he sat down on the sofa with the tub and a spoon, before turning on the TV. It felt odd not having to watch all of the strange shows which his brother liked having on, and on top of that, nothing actually interested Saeran.

That left him glancing at his phone, which was starting to buzz with an active RFA chatroom. As long as it wasn’t Saeyoung… As long as it wasn’t Saeyoung…


Jaehee Kang and Zen.

Saeran has entered the chatroom

Zen: Honestly, how can you even keep working for that jerk?!

Jaehee Kang: Oh… Hello, Saeran.

Saeran: …

Saeran: hi.

Zen: Hey there Saeran

Zen: But anyway Jaehee seriously you can do better than working for that silver spoon!

Saeran: What’s going on?

Zen: Jaehee has had to pull THREE all-nighters for Jumin. She’s working too much!

Jaehee Kang: It’s part of the job though…

Saeran: … take it from me.

Saeran: all-nighters are bad.

Saeran could feel his face creasing into a frown as he heard about the current situation which Jaehee was in. He remembered back to the time where he went by Unknown… He worked day and night… Got only three hours night sleep a night, if he even did sleep…

Jaehee Kang: I understand that, but in my position as chief assistant, there are various tasks which only I am trusted to carry out…

Zen: Gah! I just want to have a word with that… that jerk!

Zen has left the chatroom

Saeran: … He left.

Saeran: But please… don’t do all-nighters.

Saeran: they messed with me so bad… Please…

Jaehee Kang: Saeran… I’ll try.

Saeran: Please… Um… I… I don’t want to see anyone else run themselves into the ground…

Saeran: You can… call me if you want. The annoyance and MC have gone off for two weeks…

After that, Saeran left the chatroom, feeling somewhat overwhelmed from the fact that he had been able to properly participate in a conversation in the RFA chatroom for the first time since he had been made to join the organisation. What really got to him though was just how much Jaehee seemed to be working… Had she been doing this non-stop, whilst he was just sitting around watching TV and eating ice cream?

He felt guilty…

So he decided to do something quite out of the ordinary for him. He sent a text to somebody who wasn’t his brother or MC.

Jaehee. You work too damn hard. Come here tonight and I’ll make you something to eat and drink. You can show me that Zen’s musicals if you want… you need to relax and do something you want to do.’

He didn’t get any reply.


It reached 9pm at night, and finally, it was dark outside. Saeran had finally decided to eat something which wasn’t ice cream, so he was waiting for a pizza delivery. He had almost completely forgotten about the texts he had sent earlier, because he ended up having a nap at some point between then and now.

Saeran was getting a bit impatient for his food though, because he normally had company when waiting for a take-out delivery. The house was eerily silent, and not even the sky was in a good enough state for him to look out at. The silence was broken by a crash of thunder, making him flinch.

“F- Fuck… I don’t want to be alone during-!”

There was a sudden knock at the door, and Saeran sighed out loud. Finally, he could distract himself from the storm with his pizza! He jumped up, and ran to the door, hastily counting some cash in his hand ready. He threw it open, and was ready to just throw out the money and grab the pizza.

His eyes widened when he realised that his food wasn’t being delivered.

“Saeran…” He was met with the sight of a shivering Jaehee, drenched from the rain, holding a DVD and some files close to her chest in an attempt to keep them dry. “C- Could I possibly…”

The next few moments seemed to move in slow motion as the things in Jaehee’s arms fell down onto the damp floor, before she ended up stumbling forward into him. It didn’t take long for Saeran to realise that a combination of exhaustion and the weather had got to her.

Carefully, Saeran helped her over to the sofa, before going back to recover the soaked belongings from outside and closing the door. Then he realised something…

Jaehee was asleep.

Sansa and Dragonflies: Jonsa meta.

So a huge part of why I enjoy being part of the jonsa fandom is for all of the wonderful metas no matter how tinfoilly it can get because it’s just, fun, y’know? This includes analysing costume design, and I’ve seen metas discussing Sansa’s necklace in season 7 which made me think of what she wore in the earlier seasons: her dragonfly necklace.

She also wears a dress with dragonfly embroidery in 2x04:

Now the more popular connection is that it’s meant to symbolise Petyr(who wears a mockingbird pin) going after Sansa, which of course is valid.

But what I found interesting is that it ties to the historical figure, Jenny of Oldstones. Jenny was a woman who married the heir to the throne, Prince Duncan Targaryen, better known as the Prince of Dragonflies.

Little known fact about Prince Duncan: he gave up his claim and line of succession to marry Jenny, hence no longer being the Prince of Dragons, but of Dragonflies. This then triggered a conflict due to him already being promised, leading to a rebellion.

So how could this possibly link to JonSa? Well, take it with a mountain of salt because as I mentioned, this is just personal tinfoil, but everything about that little bit of history screams JonSa to me. There are arguments that claim they’d decided to include this detail to link to Robb’s demise, i.e. marrying Talisa(in the show) for love. But why would they make Sansa of all people wear this? Why not incorporate dragonflies into Talisa’s costume?

In all the images I could find of Talissa, not once has there been an instance of dragonflies being present, which is odd considering how strongly Robb x Talisa parallel Jenny x Duncan. So apart from them, there must be another reason behind letting Sansa be the one to callback to Jenny through the dragonfly symbolism.

Which is why my mind immediately jumped to Jonsa.

Who do we know is the true heir to the iron throne? Who do we assume is most likely to give up that claim? And who do we believe will not embrace his title as a Prince of Dragons(Targaryen lineage)? That’s right; Jon.

And who do we know believes no one will ever marry her for love - and ironically since this is mentioned - will most likely end up with someone who will end up loving her if married(though let’s face it, Jon already loves Sansa, he just hasn’t allowed himself to see her in that light yet considering he has no idea R+L=J)? Sansa.

So there you have it, another little detail that could actually add to a list of things that support Jonsa!

Also, I’ll fight you on a Jonsa pairing not being equal to marrying for love. Yes, a marriage between them would be a political move and not one of passion, and yes the love between them would most likely be built stone by stone ala Ned x Cat(the only type of solid relationship GRRM likes to portray as long lasting, compared to all the other fast-paced pairings that end up in disaster), but that doesn’t negate the fact that these two already love each other.

They care deeply about each other and Jon clearly wants to protect her. He would never force her into a marriage with anyone, and him lashing out and going all Angry Kitten Jon™ clearly proves how much he wants to protect her. Sansa has proved as well how supportive she is of him, defending his decisions and his rule from the Northern Lords’ bickering.

So although he may be hesitant to accept a marriage alliance with Sansa, she would be protecting him from any backlash regarding his lineage reveal from the Northern Lords while also securing the North, and he would be the best candidate to protect her from any other highborn looking to marry her for only her claim: they would, by that logic, be marrying each other still for love considering it’s in their best interest especially to protect one another.

Of course another bonus to throw in is how inappropriately smitten Jon has been with Sansa…

or how both their first loves/crushes suspiciously resemble each other…

but I digress! Point is, the groundwork is there, and I’m sold on Jonsa.

Also this whole idea of my girl Sansa finally being with someone who will love her for her really makes me happy hehe.


featuring best friend Haechan

Genre: Fluff, tiny bit of angst

Requests: annyeong!!~ can I have an au where you and haechan are bestfriends and one day he introduces you to mark and u guys start developing feelings for eachother, thank u~~ ^_^

hii I think I resqueted this scenarios to like 4030 blogs but nobody did it so could you do a scenario where your best friend with Donghyuck and hang out with him a lot so Mark thinks you like him but you like Mark?? could you make this fluffy please?

hi there, I love your scenarios so much!! can you please do a mark scenario where he doesn’t know what to say to you whenever he’s around you

A/N: yay another mark scenario hehe (i have so many requests for mark omg) i havent written in a while so i hope this isnt bad!! enjoy reading hehe

Word count: 1,944


There he was, eyes glued to the book he was holding between his bare and smooth fingers. You noticed the way he’d struggle to keep his dry and brown hair out of his face as he squinted to read the words on the pages, and the way he’d nod a little in understanding as he flipped through every page.

The library, almost empty and quiet, seemed to not affect you as you continued staring at him. The patter of raindrops hit the glass panels of the windows as your eyes shifted to see gloomy clouds towering the sky, as flashes of lightning came like a shock.

You were hit out of your trance when you felt a hand flick the back of your head lightly, causing you to let out a small cry. As soon as you saw the familiar figure chuckling in front of you, you hit him back lightly.

“It’s late now, what are you still doing here in the library” Haechan asked as he took the seat beside you, then crossing his arms, a look of suspicion and care on his face.

You sighed as your hands reached out to stack the pile of books in front of you, “Last minute revision for finals, what’s new”

As soon as Haechan heard your sentence, he gave you another flick on the forehead, then shaking his head, “Please go get some rest, you’re already pushing yourself so hard, don’t overwork yourself. Now pack your things, i’ll send you home”

You smiled softly at his words. You love it when Haechan was all caring and protective over you, unlike his usual self where he’d constantly tease and make fun of you. He was your best friend and treated you like one.

You nodded your head, “Yeah yeah okay Mr Lee”, as you gathered all your materials into your bag. Your head shifted slightly to take one more glimpse at him- he was still deeply immersed in the book, pouted lips and raised eyebrows.

Haechan noticed, then turned over to take a look at the young boy who had been sitting there for hours- as long as you were.

Haechan’s lips immediately formed an ‘o’ shape, then turning into a smile. He got up from his seat as he made his way towards the boy.

You noticed them exchange a few smiles, followed by a handshake that they both seemed very familiar with. You frowned in confusion as you saw the two making their way over, Haechan looking like an excited little puppy, the other boy, just smiling nervously as one hand was holding the book he was reading, the other, clenched tightly to his bag.

“Y/N!!! It’s time for my childhood best friend to meet my high school best friend, i’m so happy to see you here hyung!” your best friend blabbered on as you continued observing the other boy.

He bowed slightly towards you, then attempted to reach his hand out to greet you. But immediately dropped his bag on the table, as though forgetting he was carrying it. You saw a light pink shade take over his cheeks as he laughed nervously, “I-I’m sorry, I’m Mark by the way”

You giggled at his silliness, causing him to blush even more, as you gladly took his hand in yours, “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you”

Haechan clapped his hands as he slung his arm around both Mark and you, “Okay now that you two know each other let’s go hehe”


It was as though it was only yesterday that Haechan has introduced you to Mark. You were now in Haechan’s apartment, watching the two boys fight over a game they were playing on the television as you laughed at them from the side.

“Y/N!!! Mark hyung is bullying me, he won’t let me win” Haechan pouted to you as ge crossed his arms, acting like a small child. You saw Mark shrug his shoulders, then gave you a cheeky smile.

Which for some reason, made your heart beat faster.

You tried to hide the pink that was slowly appearing on your cheeks, “Oh please hyuck, maybe you just suck at the game, that’s why he won!”

Mark looked over to smile at you again, giving you a thumbs up.

You felt butterflies in your stomach.

Haechan looked at you disgust as he scoffed, shaking his head, “I did not introduce him to you a few months back to be treated like this. This friendship is over”

You made your way to the couch, where the two were, as you pinched Haechan’s cheeks and cooed at him, “Aw someone’s upset”

He stuck his tongue out at you, then crossed his arm, “Yeah because someone’s TAKING SIDES.”

You shook your head a little, before patting his head, then giving him a small hug, which he, like always, gave in to you and hugged you back.

Mark watched awkwardly from the side, just laughing at the both of you, unsure of what to do.

“You two look cute together…”

Mark’s eyes widened as soon as he realised what he just said, apologising to the both of you and awkwardly laughing. You pushed Haechan slightly away from you upon hearing his words, shaking your head and pointing at him, “Me? And him? No thanks”

Haechan rolled his eyes as he gave Mark a pat on his back, “Please hyung, never in my lifetime”

But you felt your heart sinking. Why’d Mark think of that?


It seemed as though it all happened in a rush. You couldn’t clearly remember how you fell so deep.

You started noticing Mark more, every of his habits, his likes and dislikes, and everything he did seemed to make you happy, the way no one else could.

You’d start blushing whenever you were near him, and as days passed, you found it even harder to get comfortable with him. It was as though something was holding you back.

You realised how you’d get all jealous and upset when Mark didn’t have the time to hang out with both you and Haechan, and how he’s constantly running on mind almost every second, even when he’s right there beside you.

You had fallen for him.

As much as you wanted to tell him and show him, Mark seemed as though he wasn’t trying to strengthen your friendship, as if something was holding him back too.

You noticed how he would always keep quiet and not say any words when he was with you alone, but would be the total opposite when he was with Haechan.

He’d get all nervous and stutter on his words while talking to you, and you also realised how he’d stare at both you and Haechan whenver you all interacted or had skinship with one another.

It seemed as though he didn’t want to be your friend, and that affected you deeply.

Haechan eventually found out your feelings for Mark one day where he caught you staring at photos of the both of you, and how you would always get defensive when he talked about Mark.

Of course, he supported you and your decision, and promised to help you out.


You were resting your head on Haechan’s shoulder in the school library, one of his hands casually scrolled through his phone screen, the other, playing with your hair.

You let out a sigh, “It’s been two months hyuck, i don’t think he has feelings for me, should i just give up?”

Haechan shook his head, then assured you in his sweetest tone, “No, i’m sure he does. I’ve never seen hyung get this nervous to anyone before, just wait for a little while more.”

You frowned slightly, closing your eyes, “Sigh this is so tiring, thank you for being here.”

Haechan let out a small laugh, then pat your head, “Of course, i love you”

“Oh… I-I’m sorry…”

Your body immediately jerked up to the familiar voice, and you were greeted by a blushing Mark, his hand behind his neck as he avoided eye contact with you.

“I thought i’d come visit you two but i- uhh.. sorry to interrupt that moment, i got to go… You two look cute by the way”

Mark flusteredly tried to explain himself, still ignoring eye contact with you. Haechan tried to explain to him, but before he could finish his sentence, Mark was already at the entrance, ready to leave.

This was your only chance.

You got up quickly from your seat as you ran after him, ignoring the glares from the other people in the library. You were confused and it felt as if you were going to cry.

After a few seconds of calling after his name, Mark finally stopped as he looked at you nervously, “I-I didn’t mean to interrupt that-”

But you hugged him, tears flowing down your cheeks.

He stopped at his words, as his body stiffened up from your hold.

“What… Y/N if Haechan sees this he wouldn’t be happy- I’m-” Mark said softly as he tried to push you away, but you held on tight to him, your face in his chest.

“Mark, it doesn’t matter what Donghyuck feels”

Mark stared at you in confusion, his heart beating quickly as he was unsure of what to say. He tried pushing you again, “But… Don’t you like him? And he seems like he likes you too, he’d always talk about you and-”

“Mark i like you, in fact, i love you. For months now. I don’t know how all this happened but i’m thankful that we became friends and you don’t have to return the same feelings as me i just needed to let these all out”

You felt his body soften at your words, then you felt his hands cupping your cheeks as he brought it up to meet his face. You met his soft gaze and you let a small smile, wiping away the tears that had already stained your cheek.

His eyes still showed signs of lost and confusion, but he took a deep breath and said softly, “I like you too Y/N… From the day we met to the day we went to the cafe for a small date. But i noticed how you’d always get so close to Haechan and how you two would hug and tease each other, it’s as though you two are a couple…” he paused to see you giggle, making him blush a little.

“… and Haechan would always talk about how good you were in your studies, and all of your good points. He seemed really in love with you. So i didn’t want to spoil the relationship the both of you had. I distant myself and i told myself you wouldn’t return my feelings but now i’m just… wow”

You immediately smiled at his words, wrapping your arms around his waist again, “Thank you Mark, for everything”

Within a few minutes a breathless Haechan appeared in front of the both of you, his worried expression turning into a happy one when he saw the position the both of you were in, as he pat the both of you on the back, “I’m happy for the both of you”

Mark offered his hand to him, and the two started doing their usual handshake. Haechan looked over to you and gave you a thumbs up, before linking arms with the both of you, “Okay now, let’s go have lunch with the new couple.”

“Oh and hyung… Good luck on dealing with her” Haechan said teasingly to Mark, causing you to hit him slightly, as the three of you walked down to the cafeteria laughing at each other, the way it always was.

Anonymous | pt. vi [final]

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Scenario: Tumblr AU
Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader
Word Count: 3804
Rating: T

Summary: Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?
You just shot to tumblr fame when the latest chapter of your webtoon went viral. Messages start flooding in – hundreds of people saying things good and bad alike. One anon catches your eye, and you find you just have to reply to them…

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anonymous asked:

Could I request the RFA+V&Saeran reacting to having a very quiet/reserved/shy significant other?

Didn’t proof read so there will be some mistakes sorry but i’ll fix it tomorrow // alsoooo i’m playing collar x malice and ohhh i’ve only finished one route but ohhh it’s pretty good and the art is really pretty and the voice acting is great and yee it’s good so far heh (ofc i went with the dorky hotheaded hopeless romantic idiot bc heh that’s probably my type tbh ahhh enomoto was so cute hehe :3 )

Yoosung :

  • he likes it because he can be pretty awkward around girls but he always has a lot of things to say so he doesn’t mind that his s/o is quiet, he even finds his s/o’s shyness endearing when they blush but he’ll still try to help them and make sure they don’t end up too reserved, to a point where they’d be shutting themselves out from the world - then he’d do everything he can to make them go  outside and see people
  • he’d always go with them though, especially if they didn’t like being alone in crowds or outside, he’d always hold their hand and take this as an opportunity to get in touch with the real world; Yoosung used to shut himself from reality and take refuge in the virtual world of video games so he knows how easy it can be to become too reserved to communicate with the people around you
  • if his s/o liked video games, they’d play together online so they can make some friends on there, just like he did; because it can be easier to let go of your shyness when you’re talking to people online rather than face to face

Zen :

  • regardless of his s/o’s personality, he’d think they are the cutest thing ever but if they were embarrassed at his compliments then he’d find them even more adorable
  • he’s not shy or quiet or reserved at all, if anything he’s the opposite of that, but he’s always careful to not make them uncomfortable with how different his personality and behavior are; and as much as he wants to show his s/o off because they’re the most amazing human being on this planet to him, he’d refrain from doing it if it madethem uncomfortable
  • he’d be worried of how his career would affect them though, he’d constantly worry that his lifestyle might put too much pressure on them and he’d always make sure to 
  • talk to them about anything that might bother them; he’s good with words and he knows how to coax his s/o out of their shell so even if they’re reserved, he’ll still
  • try his best to know what’s on their mind
  • gets super protective of them too, especially since they tend to not say anything when something or someone hurts them, they’re too shy to stand up to themselves and Zen
  • will make sure to always stand up for them and protect them from any harmful words or rumors

Jaehee :

  • she’s not very outgoing but it’s not necessarily out of shyness, she actually likes talking to people once she opens up her own coffee shop, she wants to make people happy; she knows what it’s like to be alone without anyone to talk to and she doesn’t want other people to feel like that. That being said, she would feel the same way towards her s/o if they were quiet and shy, she’d understand it might be hard for them to make friends or have people noticing them and would do her best to help them.
  • she’d always respect their silence though, she wouldn’t pry and when she goes too far while trying to coax her s/o out of her shell, she immediately apologizes and leaves them with some time by themselves.
  • Jaehee enjoys the quiet moments they spend together though, before she used to dread them a bit because they made her feel the weight of her loneliness but now, just sitting next to each other, both doing their own things in silence; it’s comfortable to her because she knows it’s a sign of trust if her s/o allows her to be by their side when they are relaxing by themselves, away from other people - Jaehee knows she’s not like other people to her s/o and that alone makes her happy.

Jumin :

  • he’s used to dealing with people who are reserved since he’s been V’s friend for so long that he’s able to read someone’s feelings and thoughts, even when they’re well hidden so he doesn’t mind that his s/o’s like that, he feels uncomfortable around people who are loud and who talk too much; he thinks there’s great wisdom in someone who doesn’t waste their time talking about things that don’t matter
  • the fact that his s/o is shy and quiet but still allows him to be so close to them is something he’s very proud of and he never takes that for granted, he knows it’s not easy for them sometimes but to know they still want him by their side means a lot to him and he never forgets to thank them for giving him a place in their life
  • he’s very protective though, he’s always surrounded by journalists, paparazzis, important business contacts and he knows his s/o will have to deal with those people if they are together; that always worries him and he goes to great lengths to make things easier for them and he tries to keep them safe from these crowds of people
  • he thinks their shyness is really cute though and sometimes he can’t help himself but to tease them and enjoy their flustered reactions

707 :

  • they’d be the opposite of him so of course he’d always have to tease them, he thinks it’s too entertaining and funny to see their reactions; their personality tends to make his sadistic side appear very often but if the teasing made them uncomfortable, he’d tone it down but it’d still be there
  • if they’re his s/o then it means they weren’t put off by his weird and eccentric behavior, and it’s also very likely that it’s actually what drew them to him; they’d probably find themselves comfortable with his personality because it completed what their own personality lacked, an opposites attract kind of thing
  • as someone who’s used to keeping a lot of things to himself, he’d respect that his s/o is reserved and keeps their thoughts to themselves but he’d still be able to realize when the things they keep hidden are taking a toll on them, he’s observant and he knows, from being in their shoes, what to do and what to say to persuade them to let it all out

V :

  • he’s fairly quiet and reserved too so he wouldn’t have any problems with it, but he tends to worry too much so he’d often ask and make sure his s/o was okay and that their silence wasn’t concealing unhappiness; other than that he’s fine with letting them have their own personal space, he knows it’s important to have some time with yourself and your own thoughts
  • that being said, he’s someone who thinks a lot and reflects on life very often and if his s/o was the same, he’d be happy to exchange thoughts and he’d be intrigued to hear how they view the world, those conversations would be very dear to him and they’d feel special, as it would take someone he trusts completely to be able to let them see what’s  on his mind
  • he wouldn’t mind that they’re shy either, he’d make sure they see him and the RFA as a family and people they can rely on, he would be worried that his s/o’s shyness was making their life too hard sometimes and if they agreed to it, he’d encourage them to find a hobby in any form of art, as he thought it would be a good way to express themselves without necessarily having to talk to people

Saeran :

  • he understands them and he sees his younger self in them too, which makes him very protective of his s/o; he knows how cruel the world can be to people who appear as weak because of their looks or personality and he would do his best to protect them from anyone and anything that could hurt them
  • he’d be as gentle as possible with them though, he’d be worried about hurting them in any way and it would take some time and some effort from both parties for him to not be as afraid of being with them
  • he’d be happy that someone understands him on that aspect though, that it takes a while to warm up to someone and trust them and that being quiet doesn’t mean you’re boring or uninteresting; he’d feel like he can be himself without fearing being misunderstood or feeling like he has to compete with someone else and having to be someone he’s not
Opposite Dog Hybrid!Mingyu

Requested by anon: Helooo Mom™ can I have a fluffy Hybrid! Mingyu Or Jeonghan Au? 😊 thank you 💘💖✨💫🌈💘💝💫✨💗💖 

aaa here it is my love emoji anon!!!! i tried to make it super fluffy i think im gonna die from this sweetness!!! 

warnings: fluff that makes u wanna dIE AND MURDER MINGYU BUT ALSO SQUISH HIS FACE

  • You recently moved in your new apartment for the first time ever since graduating college
  • You were able to pick up some temporary jobs that would barely be enough to make a living but hey you wanted the freedom and you wanted to prove yourself to your parents
  • As you were carrying your boxes to the third floor, you were about to colLAPSE BC SO MANY STAIRS YOU WISH YOU DID BETTER IN PE
  • After you finally finished carrying all of your stuff you thought maybe i should show some hospitality and introduce myself to the neighbors!!
  • But you’re also a cat hybrid and you’re like um well do i really have to tho i’d rather just sLEEP MY ARMS ARE GONNA FALL OFF
  • But you’re determined to do something adult!!! You are now living alone and have jobs and bills to pay!!!!
  • So you gathered all of your willpower and got out some of your homemade bomb af cookies before heading to your next door neighbor
  • You were like ok chill all you’re doing is saying your name and giving them some cookies nO bIgGiE!!!

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I’m gonna combine both of these if you don’t mind! Yusuke and Akechi can be found here if anyone’s interested! Anyway I’m honored that my blog inspired you to want to join!! ^^ I hope you do / did join the community because there is ALWAYS a need for imagines blogs. 

HSJKDFS I am the furthest thing from an angel but your kindness has cleansed me!! ;A; Thank you both so much, and I hope you enjoy it!


  • Naturally, Akira’s sweet to S/O, but he can’t prevent an amused smile from tugging on his lips whenever S/O groans from inside their self-made blanket fort.
  • He thinks they’re adorable even when they’re sick, and he brews an abundance of tea for them with raw honey (he’ll only include it if they request it, though).
  • Akira teases S/O if they complain or act melodramatic.
  • “Akira… I’m dying, save me…”
  • “Don’t worry, dear; I’ll make sure they use the finest granite for your tombstone.”
  • “Y-you’re the devil.”
  • Akira does whatever S/O needs / wants him to do, but most of the time he watches movies with them with a box of tissues nearby.
  • He has an exceptional immune system, so he doesn’t have any qualms about holding them or being close to them. It’s well worth the risk, anyway.


  • Ryuji hates seeing S/O appear so miserable, so he’ll do absolutely anything to make them laugh or smile.
  • “Hey babe, check out these moves!”
  • “…Did you just do the stanky leg?”
  • He checks their temperature every time they cough or sneeze.
  • Speaking of temperature, Ryuji’s body temperature is perpetually warm so he’ll seat S/O in his lap and embrace them, intermittently pressing a kiss to their head while the two watch Murder, She Wrote (it’s his mom’s favorite, and Ryuji’s commentary is far more entertaining than the actual show).
  • Ryuji pulls out all the stops; he’ll cook hearty meals, fluff their pillow, or simply brush their hair. His mother taught him well.


  • Ann refuses to let S/O consume any junk food, but she’ll absentmindedly eat it right in front of them and all they can do is stare longingly like a puppy until she inevitably gives them a small portion of it.
  • She’ll tell them anecdotes of her past endeavors to keep their mind occupied.
  • “Did I ever tell you about the time I blew my entire allowance on on roll cakes and then wound up being robbed by a flock of crows?”
  • “No, but I have to hear this now.”
  • Ann always refills S/O’s glass with iced water if it’s empty.
  • If S/O needs to vomit, she’ll escort them to the bathroom and brush the hair from their face while gently stroking their back with her fingertips.
  • Any embarrassment S/O retains over their unbecoming appearance is completely washed away by Ann’s reassurance that she still loves them no matter what they perceive themself to look like.


  • Makoto definitely cooks comfort food for S/O, such as rice porridge or various soups.
  • She rarely becomes sick since she takes great care of herself, so she’ll sit directly adjacent to S/O while she feeds them.
  • “M-Makoto, this is so embarrassing…”
  • “No one’s here. Come on, it’ll make you feel better.”
  • She’ll retrieve a cool, damp washcloth to apply to S/O’s face if they feel too hot.
  • Makoto will procure her acoustic guitar and hum a soothing melody while daintily strumming the strings. Her voice alone is rather pacifying as it echoes throughout the living room.
  • “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”
  • “…I heard that.”


  • Futaba’s room is permeated with her ‘relaxation’ playlist that she listens to whenever she needs to calm her nerves in public.
  • She’ll play computer games with S/O and hand them a tissue when they look as though they’re about to sneeze.
  • Futaba has boundless knowledge of the biology behind illnesses, and she’s prone to sickness herself, so she’s aware of how to nurse S/O back to health.
  • However, due to her frail immune system, she’d most likely end up sick alongside S/O.
  • None of this stops her from stocking up on unhealthy snacks to eat with them.
  • As a result, Sojiro has to cook food for both of them.
  • “Sorry, Sojiro…”
  • “You don’t need to apologize. Just worry about getting better.”


  • Haru does everything for S/O since she doesn’t want them to leave the bed.
  • She’ll give them massages or even wipe their nose.
  • “You don’t have to do that, you know.”
  • “But I want to take care of you, dear. It’s the least I can do.”
  • “…Did I die? Because I see an angel right now.”
  • “Hehe, what a coincidence! I see one as well.”
  • It won’t stop there either; Haru showers them with compliments while she perches herself on the edge of the bed, applying a cold, damp washcloth to their face.
  • She’ll brew the highest quality tea she owns, which essentially accounts for her entire stock.
  • The TV isn’t used much, Haru will snuggle with S/O while watching vintage sitcoms. 
  • Alternatively, she’ll narrate a book with her enchanting, musical voice.
Nct dream reaction to their s/o being born in 00 or younger

MARK- This boy would be so caring! He’d always want to make sure you’re alright and we’ll. He loved that you were younger than him and would think of you as so SMOL. He’d always be by your side to protect you from things that’s weren’t that big of a deal.


-I don’t need a scarf Mark! Besides I’m a big girl I don’t need you to tell me what to do

-Big girl? you’re the youngest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

-Mark what are you talking about, I’m not even that much younger than you. *laughs while walking away*

-*Raps a scarf around you* See now, you won’t be cold *kisses your cheek*

-Aw Mark *Blushes*

Originally posted by markleetrashh

RENJUN- He’d be so cute with you! He loved that you were around the same age. He’d keep your relationship on the down low when you two are around other members but as soon as its just the two of you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you. 

-Y/N you know you’re so cute right *heart eyes*

-What are you talking about Renjun, we both know that you’re the cute one in this relationship

-*looks at you in disbelief* Are you crazy? Look at you! *squishes your face*

-hmm Stopppp! 

-*starts tickling you*  Say you’re the cutest one here! Or I won’t stop! 

-Hahaha Omg Renjun stop! *Starts fidgeting from him tickling you*

-Say it Y/N *tickles you even more*

-Okayokay *Hahaha* I’M THE CUTEST ONE HERE! 

-There you go *Stops tickling you* Was that THAT bad?

-No, it wasn’t that bad *looks away*

-*kisses you* See you’re the cutest

Originally posted by nctinfo

JENO- you two would be so cute together and everyone would tell you two that. He’d walk you places to make sure that nothing bad happened to you. He’d take car of you so well, since you were younger. He’d always have an eye on you. 

-Jisung do you know where Y/N is?

-Um no sorry

-God where is she? Maybe something bad happened to her!?

He would look everywhere for you, hoping that you were alright. 

-Y/N! Where were you! I was looking everywhere for you!

-Jeno i told you I was going to the washroom 

-OMG never do that again I thought you died! (He’d be super dramatic) 

-Its been 5 minutes!

-Okay, now that you’re here! wanna go to the fair? *smiley eyes* 

-UM k. This is sudden

-*kisses you then grabs your arm and drags you away to the fair*

Originally posted by princerenjun

HAECHAN- Honestly you two would have a love-hate relationship, you guys would insult each other like every second of the day. Mark would hate you guys so much, always making fun of him. Haechan would always say things like “I know you love me” and just cheesy things like that

-Hey Y/N can I ask you a question?

-Sure what is it?

-Why do you like me? *He’d tilt his head to the side like a cute lil dog*

-Well um..

-*Cuts you off* actually I know why, I mean look at me, how can you not like me? 

-*blinks at him*

-I mean I don’t even know how you can keep your hands off me! 

-HAECHAN! you can’t just say things like that! 

-Well if it makes you fell better, I’ve fallen for you too Y/N *literally falls*

Originally posted by haenyan

JAEMIN- Although you guys were dating you guys would act like BFF. Always by each other’s side, always laughing He’d treat you almost like a little sister. Like all the other boys he’d always want to protect you. ( But lately, with Jaemin’s herniated disc you’d be taking care of him)

-Y/N I’m fine! You can go home, it’s okay

-No! I need to take care of you! I still have soup for you!

-But I had all the soup! And it was SUPER good, but Y/N you have to go home and sleep, it’s late

-Okay fine, but only because you want me to. If it was up to me I’d stay with you the entire night, so that you wouldn’t be lonely.

-Your health is more important than my loneliness. 

-*kisses him on his forehead* Bye babe, sleep well

-Y/N! *You look back at him* Love you 


Originally posted by haechannie

CHENLE- This lil ball of joy would be just the sweetest. Always making sure that you were happy and taken care of. He’d love calling you cute nicknames that made you smile. Which would make him smile, JUST A LOT OF SMILES

-Hey Y/N *He’d say singing* I bought you something! 

-Chenle, you don’t have to buy me anything. 

-*Shows you a bouquet of flowers and chocolate* Here you go Y/N I remember you telling me that these was your favorite flowers *smiles at you*

-Omg Chenle! You shouldn’t have (all you could do was smile at this ball of sunshine) 

-And I got you the sweetest chocolate cause you’re the sweetest girl *heart eyes*

-*kisses his cheek* you’re one of a kind Zhong Chen Le

Originally posted by neotechs

JISUNG- He’d be a little shy around you when the others are around, but he’d be super open with you then the doors are closed. Although he’s the maknae and he’s usually the “baby” of the group he’d still be protective over you. 

-Wait Y/N don’t do that! You might get hurt! 

-Jisung.. I know how an oven works…

-Okay fine, but when you’re done can I lick the spoon? *cutely blinking at you*

-Sure Jisung, but don’t touch that bowl, its hot

-Hehe you don’t want me to get hurt? *blink blink*

-No i don’t, now here’s your spoon

-Yummmy this is so good! Who’s it for?

-It’s for you, now can I actually finish this? So I have something to give you later

-Okay sure I’ll pretend like I didn’t try it yet *blows you a kiss*

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Just a little fun fact for you guys, all our admin are born 00 or younger 

-Admin V

Husband! Johnny

Request: hello yes i’m such a hella hella super johnny stan so if you could do a husband/fiancé bullet list thingy for him that would make my life ☺️ love you and your writing bunches ❤

  • another husband! request omg,, i’m still not over yuta’s one
  • but you might want to check out boyfriend johnny first hehe
  • i’m doing this kinda rushed so i’m sorry if it turns out bad :-(
  • let’s go

  • so you were just about to wake up one morning to make breakfast for johnny and you, like how you always would

  • but from the moment you woke up, johnny was not beside you
  • instead he greeted you with a big morning hug and kiss on the lips, a big and excited smile on his face
  • “why are you up so early today”
  • “i made breakfast for you hehe”
  • “what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, i just felt like i needed to do this”
  • and when you go out to the dining table, a big plate of waffles, eggs and bacons + all your favourites are on the table
  • with a special cup of coffee that he made specially for you
  • “make sure you drink all of it”
  • so without thinking much you thanked him and started eating
  • with johnny smiling at the side and watching your every movement,
  • and everytime you take a sip out of the cup he lets out a small giggle
  • what does that mean johnny
  • and when you finally get to the bottom of the cup and finish your coffee, johnny looks at you in anticipation
  • your eyes widen and you almost scream
  • because he drew cute little designs at the bottom of the cup, with the two words “marry me?”
  • and it all linked because just a month ago he mentioned about getting a ring for you
  • and every single time he saw a wedding event or dress, he’s just smile at you and pull you closer
  • even though it’s an unusual way to propose, you agree anyway and you see johnny give the biggest smile ever!!
  • okay on to the actually married couple part
  • the members pop by your apartment like it’s their own
  • especially ten and jaehyun
  • “Y/N!! did you forget to buy milk today”
  • “ten if you’re here to just eat my food almost everyday, you should just leave”
  • “i was just asking- HYUNG! YOUR WIFE IS BEING MEAN TO ME”
  • “what- did you ask her about the food in our fridge again”
  • “yeah, i just wanted milk”
  • “get it yourself ten, i’ll tell taeyong to get it for you”
  • “that’s right babe”
  • “what have you done to johnny hyung”
  • okay but honestly, the sweetest and most understanding husband ever??
  • he’s always willing to sacrifice his time to attend to you and just spend time with you in general
  • and doesn’t forget to make you feel better about yourself by complimenting you every single day
  • “you’re beautiful”
  • “wonderful”
  • “gorgeous!!”
  • attacks you with random cuddle sessions and kisses
  • and is really passionate when making love™
  • the atmosphere just turns steamy and romantic, and his hands are all over you, kisses around your whole body
  • worships you like you’re a goddess
  • and after all that he doesn’t forget to take good care of you
  • positive vibes everywhere!1!1!
  • the younger members are always so fascinated by your relationship, and teases him sometimes too
  • but on some days, the both of you just act like small kids all over again, and fight as if y'all are siblings
  • “why didn’t you buy more toilet paper yesterday”
  • “babe i didn’t know you were going to use THAT much”
  • “shut up, what am i supposed to do now, i’m stuck on the toilet bowl, COME BACK AND HELP ME”
  • “i have practice today babe”
  • “johnny it’s between your wife and her toilet bowl mess crisis or your practice, choose one”
  • “kidding, i’m already on my way back with two rolls of toilet paper, hang in there i love you”
  • but at times when he sees that you’re upset or had a bad day, he tries his best to make it better
  • by telling you jokes and making you laugh,
  • as little as giving you hugs and kisses,
  • to cooking a meal for you or bringing you out to your favourite place
  • whatever that can make you feel better, johnny would do it for you
  • sometimes you feel so bad because he’s always putting in so much effort to take care of you
  • so you try to make it up to him by buying him gifts and bringing him out to surprise him
  • one time you and the other boys hid in the practice room with the lights all off
  • and as soon as johnny entered all of you welcomed him excitedly and it got all emotional because it was a small ‘party’ to show your’s and the member’s gratitude towards johnny
  • he didn’t tear up or cry,
  • but as soon as he got home with you, he pulled you into a tight hug and thanked you for everything
  • but when he’s sad or upset he doesn’t show it that much,
  • only that he becomes more affectionate, asking you for more hugs
  • which makes him feel 10× better
  • he loves you so much he won’t stop talking about you to the other members
  • “she woke up early just to make me this sandwich today, i love her so much”
  • “youngho ah, you didn’t even say that about me when i made a sandwich for you once-”
  • “let’s forget about that, taeyong hehe”
  • “she’s wearing the dress i got for her on our wedding anniversary, isn’t she beautiful”
  • “hyung, this is the 4th time you’re saying that today”
  • “sorry, she’s just too gorgeous”
  • arguments and fights hardly ever happen because both of you are always so sweet and caring to each other,
  • and pretty chill too
  • but when it does happen, it's  usually about something serious and johnny would distant himself away from you for a while,
  • before apologising and talking things out with you calmly so as to solve the problem
  • and it would always be solved easily because y'all know that fighting and arguing won’t solve anything
  • honestly he’s such a caring husband, you’re like being taken care of 24/7
  • always there for you and always willing to lend  listening ear!!
  • he gives you the support and encouragement you need,
  • and just his affection itself and make you feel better
  • you’re blessed if you have johnny seo as your husband
  • i’m sorry this is so short, i’ll end it here!!
Requested #6- Taehyung

“You’re kidding right?” You asked seriously. A shocked expression crossed your features as your female friend held up the black and green set that could make you feel even more vulnerable than being naked.

“No! I think you should get it” Y/F/N said, laughing at your flustered state. “Maybe Taehyung would appreciate it” she wiggled her eyebrows at you. You sighed loudly.

“You’re kidding me right? I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me walking around in scantily clad…can I even call those clothes?” You sighed, crossing your arms. “Trust me, he wouldn’t want to see me in that.”

Y/F/N pursed her lips at you, seemingly in deep concentration. Suddenly her eyes wandered to the rack behind you and she gasped.

“This is the one!” She squealed. It was even more revealing the other one she showed you earlier. Transparent lace and a F/C corset. “He won’t be able to resist!”

“You think so…” You trailed off.

You stealthily snuck through the front door, careful t avoid any meetings. You had no intention of telling him where you were, or what you were doing, and why you had the interesting colored bag.

“Just get to the closet” you mumbled to yourself.

“What about the closet??” You heard.

Oh Shit.

You turned around and saw Taehyung walking out of the kitchen. “How was shopping?” He asked, leaning against the wall frame.

“It was fine!” You said quickly, laughing nervously.

“What did you buy?” He asked, trying to peek into the interesting colored shopping bag. You jumped back and held the bag behind your back. “Hey! Let me see” he partially whined.

“It’s boring, you really don’t want to see” you shook your head.

“It can’t be that bad” he rolled his eyes at you. Taking the bag from your hand, he looked inside. You could only stare in horror as he picked up the thing article of clothing with your finger tips. He looked up to meet your eyes.

“Hehe surprise?” You trailed off. “Y/F/N made me get it…she thought you’d like it or something” you laughed, shaking your head. “That’s crazy,right?” You chuckled again, expecting him to laugh. His gaze remained stale on you, his teeth clenched.

“Uh…right?? Tae?”

“I’m sorry…all I can think of is you wearing this…nothing but this” he spoke slowly, allowing the outfit to fall back into its bag. “ I bet you’d look so adorable in it…but at the same time so teasing” his voice dropped a few octaves.

“…oh…is that so” you trailed off, looking everywhere but at him.

“I want to see you in this…” He grumbled. “I really want to see you in this”

“Is that so??” You squeaked.

“Mhm” he smirked.

You stared at the mirror, your eyes bugging put of your head. These weren’t clothes! You felt more naked than being actually naked.

Like ripping off a bandage, Y/N.

You walked out of the bathroom, peeking around the corner to see Taehyung lounged on the couch. Waiting for you. He must have heard you walking because he looked up. You were still pretty much hiding.

“Well?” He grew impatient.

What’s the worse that could happen just go for it.

You revealed the final result of your little (literally) outfit. Taehyung remains emotionless, at least to you he did. You weren’t even aware than he was going through every single way to fuck you in that one outfit. His eyes raked up your body from the transparent lace up corset to the innocent look you wore whilst he studied you. Suddenly he shot up from his seated position, stomping up to you. His hands laced themselves into your hair as he pulled you into a kiss.
He allowed his tongue to roam your mouth, his breath heaving steadily.

“Fuck, you look perfect” he sighed. Taehyung began trailing kisses down neck, sucking harshly and then gliding his tongue over the skin. “I could rip this off of you, and take you right here” he smirked, walking your backward to your bedroom. Suddenly you found yourself on your back, glancing up at Taehyung.

“I could rip this off…but I have a better idea”

The pads of his fingers instantly went to your already soaked core. Through the fabric, he pressed his thumb against you and slid down, prompting a gasp to escape your lips. The friction from the fabric against you plus the heat of his fingers was enough to make you a mess.

“Can I taste you?” He asked darkly, his lips finding yours shortly. “I want to feel you when you come undone for me? I want you to see the pleasure I’m about to give you. Just a taste of that pretty pussy…” He bit his lip.

You choked on another moan as his fingers pressed harder. “So wet for me….Fuck what are you doing to me.”

He adjusted himself so he was at eye level with your throbbing center. Looking up at you with a sly wink, his lips barely feathered over your heat through the fabric. He placed small kisses on your center, then darted his tongue out to create an even greater friction between the fabric.

“T-tae"you squeaked.

You heard him chuckle lowly before lifting his head.

"I can make you scream louder than that” he bit his lip at your shaking and panting. He grabbed the waste bad of your brand new (now soiled) panties and yanked down, only to like a harsh stripe up and between your folds. Suddenly, your phone buzzed beside you, but that didn’t stop him.

“Answer it” he growled between his movements.

“Hello?” You answered as normally as you could. Suddenly, you felt a harsh suck at your clit.

“Hey!” Y/F/N chirped. “You make it home safe??"You heard her ask.

"Uh…yeah!” You squeaked. “Every thing is f-fine” you glared down at Tae, who just chuckled.

“So did Taehyung seen your little number?” She asked. Your thoughts were clouded when Taehyung began pumping his long slender fingers in and out of you.

You tried to disguise your screams with coughs as you answered her.

“Oh, he saw it…He definitely saw it” you replied. “Hey, Y/F/N I gotta go! Just realized I left the stove on"you said then hung up quickly.

You glared down at Taehyung, who was still in the midst of torturing you.

"You. Are. So. Wrong for that” you breathed heavily. Suddenly, he took his off of you and began trailing his lips upwards to meet yours. His fingers never stopped thrusting. His thumb began rubbing wide circles.

Suddenly his movements slowed down only slightly. His lips moved harshly against yours.

“I Believe not Y/N…it hasn’t even started yet”

(…..I’m sorry lol)