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Nct as Vampires

Request: Hi! Could you do an NCT Vampire au? Like how each of the members would be as a vampire? Thank you! :) I hope I requested correctly

A/N: i was actually thinking of writing a single post for each member but it’d be too many so here’s only a brief summary !! if you want me to emphasise on a specific member please do request again !

Assume that only you know about their identity and they promised not to hurt you as long as you don’t tell anyone else ,, and also you live together with them


  • really chill about his identity
  • like when you first told him you knew , all he did was get shocked and asked how you knew , then went back to being normal
  • acts more like a human than a vampire tbh
  • you don’t even know how he survives because you never actually saw him eat/suck ( is this even right it sounds wrong omg ) any other living things before for their blood
  • and when you ask him ,
  • he simply replies with a “ secrets ”
  • turns out he’s been drinking blood he stole from clueless vampire WinWin’s bottle/jar since they stay in the same room


  • he’s so quiet and mysterious it’s creepy
  • like you don’t know when he’d do something dangerous and sudden
  • so you lowkey stayed away from him even after he promised not to hurt you
  • but then you realised he’s an actual softie
  • because you saw him crying over an anime once
  • yes vampires need entertainment too
  • so you start opening up to him
  • and he shares with you about his family and ancestors
  • like how great of vampires they were
  • when he goes out to hunt at night though ,
  • he becomes really serious and you lowkey got scared once because he came back home with blood all around his mouth
  • then he smiles at you innocently and blankly
  • and you can’t help but return a fake smile like hansol you’re scaring me get away and wash up first


  • okay he likes teasing you A LOT
  • okay maybe more of threatening , not teasing
  • like one time you were too lazy to cook lunch for him ,
  • he got super close to you and whispered sarcastically like “ i can’t guarantee you’d still be able to stay up till dinner tonight though ”
  • and he shows his fangs too like stop johnny what are you doing
  • so you were left with no choice but to cook for him
  • he’s such a flirty vampire i cant even
  • like he got you a black dress and cap one day
  • and when you asked him why ,
  • he was like “ you should know we vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight ,, but your beauty and smile’s shining brighter than it so i gotta cover you up ”
  • go away johnny ew
  • kidding he’s so hot tbh


  • really particular about how he looks and acts
  • like he’s really ‘elegant’ as a vampire (?) ( does this even make sense omg )
  • like his cape must be washed and ironed out properly every day before night falls
  • and he HAS to do it himself
  • one time you helped him wash and clean it ,
  • he got so pissed he didn’t come back for two nights
  • turns out he was living in some kind of abandoned house as a bat
  • and he couldn’t stand the dust so he had no choice but to come back
  • he sometimes forgets that you’re human so he shares with you on stories of all the people he’s eaten
  • and when you’re like “ taeyong that’s too much detail … ”
  • he gets all jumpy like , “ oh shit i forgot , i’m sorry ”
  • “ i forgot i got too caught up ”
  • but he doesn’t really seem different from a human being so you’re not that much bothered by him


  • okay here we have another flirty vampire
  • like really really flirty
  • like one moment you’d just be there watching television ,
  • then a pair of hands wraps tightly around your hips
  • “ want me to turn you into one too ? ”
  • “ no wth yuta what are you doing ”
  • “ couldn’t resist you ”
  • “ stop yuta , hands off ”
  • “ who are you to tell me what to do , i have the powers here ”
  • “ yeah sure if you don’t let go i’ll move out rn ”
  • then he lets go right away and pouts like a small kid
  • he’s really lazy and afraid to go out under the sun so he stays at home like 24/7
  • and he clings onto you like a leech
  • disturbing and annoying you as a form of entertainment


  • he’s such an angel though
  • but you didn’t knew he was a vampire until like 1 month of staying together
  • because you always wondered why he went out and came home so late in the night
  • until you saw him drinking some red & thick liquid one day in his cape
  • you almost screamed and fainted
  • but kun was nice enough to help you out , and confessed about his identity after
  • and was like “ don’t worry , i won’t hurt you , you’re too beautiful ”
  • he didn’t even tell you not to spread it , as he trusts that you will keep it a secret
  • so sweet tbh
  • smh why were you born as a vampire not an angel kun


  • always shookt and worried that his identity might get revealed
  • so everytime you come home , the first thing he asks you is
  • “ did you tell anyone ? ”
  • “ doyoung of course not they’d think im crazy ”
  • “ are you sure ? ”
  • “ yes , i promise ”
  • then he goes back to acting all confident and laidback like
  • “ haha what’s there to be afraid of ”
  • then he turns into a bat and follows you around the next day to spy on you
  • and he thought you wouldn’t notice but in fact he’s so obvious so you just let him be


  • always curious about the ‘humans’ like ,
  • “ wow Y/N how does it feel to die ? ”
  • “ do i look like i’ve died before , ten ? ”
  • “ hehe idk , im just curious , i’ve been living for like 127 this is not intentional years now ”
  • “ you’re so old ”
  • “ but i’m still cute right ?? ”
  • and he gives you a cute and innocent smile
  • you wonder if he’s even a vampire
  • but when he gets ready to go out at night he always has this smirk on his face
  • and he’d have eye contact with you before he flies off
  • so rude but you gotta admit he looks good


  • like taeil he’s pretty chill about his identity
  • his naturally white and fair skin caught your attention first
  • then he was always hiding in the room first thing in the morning , saying that he had to take his ’ daily medicine ’
  • turns out it was small cups of blood when you went to check
  • so when you first asked him he was just like
  • “ since i trust you , yeah i’m one ”
  • then he flashed his sharp fangs infront of you
  • and when he saw your shocked expression he’d laugh to himself , his cute and smol dimples coming back
  • he actually takes care of you instead , and protects you from other vampires/creatures from attacking


  • he’s such a soft person you couldn’t believe it when he told you he was a vampire
  • and he casually mentioned it to you during a conversation
  • you were shookt for days
  • “ why are you always so tired in the day ”
  • “ i don’t sleep at night ”
  • “ why ? ”
  • “ we are more active in the dark ”
  • “ ‘we’ ? ”
  • “ vampires .. ”
  • he’s cute and innocent most of the time
  • but when night time falls he gets really serious and doesn’t come back quickly ,
  • because he has to find the perfect type and taste of blood which suits him

The minors are all half-vampires instead of ‘full’ ones


  • he’s so clueless and adorable he often asks you vampire related questions that you cant even answer , like
  • “ why do we live forever ? will we never die ? wow that’s cool ”
  • “ mark i dont know .. ”
  • “ how am i supposed to take blood out of someone , won’t it hurt them ? ”
  • “ mark i’m not a vampire idk anything ”
  • “ oh … sorry ”
  • he’s so polite and nice he almost starved and fainted because he couldn’t bear to hurt anyone for blood
  • so you had no choice but to donate your own blood
  • which also refused to drink ,
  • but you forced it down his throat , so now active mark is back again


  • another literal angel why
  • he tries his best to sustain his hunger by only eating food
  • but part of him still feels drained because he’s half-vampire after all , he needs blood
  • so he tried drinking his own one ,
  • but it made him even sicker
  • so you had to ask for vampire taeyong’s help because he always had spare bottles of blood
  • just like that you lectured renjun on keeping his body healthy and fit
  • and he was like “ sure … but one person that i’d never ever eat is you , even if im dying ”
  • go reborn as an angel with kun please


  • he’s always smiling and cheerful , the thought of him being a vampire never once crossed your mind
  • but when he told you that he’s only half ,
  • you still got really shocked and speechless ,
  • and as soon as he noticed he promised not to hurt you
  • he likes showing you baby photos of himself , the growing process of his small fangs ,
  • and the way he’d always smile brightly
  • he likes going on walks with you but he always prepares a cap and a pair of jacket to cover himself , if he gets exposed to the sun too much


  • such a prankster i cant even
  • he’d offer to pour you a cup of water ,
  • then when he comes out with two cups filled with red liquid you’re like ,
  • “ this better not be blood haechan- ”
  • “ it is ”
  • “ what why ”
  • “ try it , it’s really good ”
  • “ no donghyuck i cant do this ”
  • “ shut up and drink it ”
  • and after a few minutes of arguing ,
  • “ it’s only some cranberry juice ”
  • and he also likes joking about turning you into a vampire too
  • and would use it as an advantage to call you to help him do things
  • “ help me wash my clothes … if not i might hurt you , idk ”


  • a mixture of haechan + winwin
  • one moment he’d be all soft and positive ,
  • the other he’s scaring you with his fangs and blood
  • but he knows when to stop and not scare you too much
  • he’s also pretty flirty and smooth like
  • “ if you were a blood type you’d be my favourite ”
  • “ jaemin that’s not cool , stop ”
  • “ okay fine you’re my favourite human ”


  • he’s so happy and loud you didn’t think he was a vampire
  • and his looks did not help too , as he looked so cute and adorable to you
  • he slightly teases and joke with you
  • especially when he reminds you of the face you made when he first told you
  • your mouth and eyes were wide open and no words were said
  • he doesn’t really need that much blood so he acts just like a normal human being ,
  • only sometimes when you notice him getting a bit tired ,
  • you’d ask him to go eat/replenish on his blood intake and listens to you without fail


  • like chenle , this baby is still in the process of developing the vampire characteristics ,
  • so his fangs are still pretty short and he can perform perfectly well even without the intake of blood & under sunlight
  • so you had absolutely no idea he was one
  • until he accidentally told you while y'all were talking
  • and he got so flustered and worried after he realised his confession , he couldn’t sleep peacefully that night
  • but as soon as you told him you didn’t mind and would not spread it ,
  • he became to soften up and share more stories of his family to you

[ENG Translation] Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story
Bubbling of the Starry Sky (based on the Makoharu Mook Drama)

Audio link from Tsunamayo at soundcloud (thank you for sharing!!)

Makoto: I’m home~ Phew, we had so many emergency call outs today.. I’m so tired… there are so many fire accidents lately. Ooh! I’ve got black soot all over me! *strips* Well then, time for a bath…

Makoto: Phew…

Haruka: What’s up.

Makoto: HUUUUH!? Who are you!? Why are you using the bathtub in my house!? More importantly, how did you get in!?

Haruka: Shut up…

Makoto: EEEEH!! You have a tail! A mer… merman!?

Narration: Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story

Narration: Bubbling of the Starry Sky!

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Nct dream reaction to their s/o being born in 00 or younger

MARK- This boy would be so caring! He’d always want to make sure you’re alright and we’ll. He loved that you were younger than him and would think of you as so SMOL. He’d always be by your side to protect you from things that’s weren’t that big of a deal.


-I don’t need a scarf Mark! Besides I’m a big girl I don’t need you to tell me what to do

-Big girl? you’re the youngest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

-Mark what are you talking about, I’m not even that much younger than you. *laughs while walking away*

-*Raps a scarf around you* See now, you won’t be cold *kisses your cheek*

-Aw Mark *Blushes*

Originally posted by markleetrashh

RENJUN- He’d be so cute with you! He loved that you were around the same age. He’d keep your relationship on the down low when you two are around other members but as soon as its just the two of you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you. 

-Y/N you know you’re so cute right *heart eyes*

-What are you talking about Renjun, we both know that you’re the cute one in this relationship

-*looks at you in disbelief* Are you crazy? Look at you! *squishes your face*

-hmm Stopppp! 

-*starts tickling you*  Say you’re the cutest one here! Or I won’t stop! 

-Hahaha Omg Renjun stop! *Starts fidgeting from him tickling you*

-Say it Y/N *tickles you even more*

-Okayokay *Hahaha* I’M THE CUTEST ONE HERE! 

-There you go *Stops tickling you* Was that THAT bad?

-No, it wasn’t that bad *looks away*

-*kisses you* See you’re the cutest

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JENO- you two would be so cute together and everyone would tell you two that. He’d walk you places to make sure that nothing bad happened to you. He’d take car of you so well, since you were younger. He’d always have an eye on you. 

-Jisung do you know where Y/N is?

-Um no sorry

-God where is she? Maybe something bad happened to her!?

He would look everywhere for you, hoping that you were alright. 

-Y/N! Where were you! I was looking everywhere for you!

-Jeno i told you I was going to the washroom 

-OMG never do that again I thought you died! (He’d be super dramatic) 

-Its been 5 minutes!

-Okay, now that you’re here! wanna go to the fair? *smiley eyes* 

-UM k. This is sudden

-*kisses you then grabs your arm and drags you away to the fair*

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HAECHAN- Honestly you two would have a love-hate relationship, you guys would insult each other like every second of the day. Mark would hate you guys so much, always making fun of him. Haechan would always say things like “I know you love me” and just cheesy things like that

-Hey Y/N can I ask you a question?

-Sure what is it?

-Why do you like me? *He’d tilt his head to the side like a cute lil dog*

-Well um..

-*Cuts you off* actually I know why, I mean look at me, how can you not like me? 

-*blinks at him*

-I mean I don’t even know how you can keep your hands off me! 

-HAECHAN! you can’t just say things like that! 

-Well if it makes you fell better, I’ve fallen for you too Y/N *literally falls*

Originally posted by haenyan

JAEMIN- Although you guys were dating you guys would act like BFF. Always by each other’s side, always laughing He’d treat you almost like a little sister. Like all the other boys he’d always want to protect you. ( But lately, with Jaemin’s herniated disc you’d be taking care of him)

-Y/N I’m fine! You can go home, it’s okay

-No! I need to take care of you! I still have soup for you!

-But I had all the soup! And it was SUPER good, but Y/N you have to go home and sleep, it’s late

-Okay fine, but only because you want me to. If it was up to me I’d stay with you the entire night, so that you wouldn’t be lonely.

-Your health is more important than my loneliness. 

-*kisses him on his forehead* Bye babe, sleep well

-Y/N! *You look back at him* Love you 


Originally posted by haechannie

CHENLE- This lil ball of joy would be just the sweetest. Always making sure that you were happy and taken care of. He’d love calling you cute nicknames that made you smile. Which would make him smile, JUST A LOT OF SMILES

-Hey Y/N *He’d say singing* I bought you something! 

-Chenle, you don’t have to buy me anything. 

-*Shows you a bouquet of flowers and chocolate* Here you go Y/N I remember you telling me that these was your favorite flowers *smiles at you*

-Omg Chenle! You shouldn’t have (all you could do was smile at this ball of sunshine) 

-And I got you the sweetest chocolate cause you’re the sweetest girl *heart eyes*

-*kisses his cheek* you’re one of a kind Zhong Chen Le

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JISUNG- He’d be a little shy around you when the others are around, but he’d be super open with you then the doors are closed. Although he’s the maknae and he’s usually the “baby” of the group he’d still be protective over you. 

-Wait Y/N don’t do that! You might get hurt! 

-Jisung.. I know how an oven works…

-Okay fine, but when you’re done can I lick the spoon? *cutely blinking at you*

-Sure Jisung, but don’t touch that bowl, its hot

-Hehe you don’t want me to get hurt? *blink blink*

-No i don’t, now here’s your spoon

-Yummmy this is so good! Who’s it for?

-It’s for you, now can I actually finish this? So I have something to give you later

-Okay sure I’ll pretend like I didn’t try it yet *blows you a kiss*

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Just a little fun fact for you guys, all our admin are born 00 or younger 

-Admin V


featuring best friend Haechan

Genre: Fluff, tiny bit of angst

Requests: annyeong!!~ can I have an au where you and haechan are bestfriends and one day he introduces you to mark and u guys start developing feelings for eachother, thank u~~ ^_^

hii I think I resqueted this scenarios to like 4030 blogs but nobody did it so could you do a scenario where your best friend with Donghyuck and hang out with him a lot so Mark thinks you like him but you like Mark?? could you make this fluffy please?

hi there, I love your scenarios so much!! can you please do a mark scenario where he doesn’t know what to say to you whenever he’s around you

A/N: yay another mark scenario hehe (i have so many requests for mark omg) i havent written in a while so i hope this isnt bad!! enjoy reading hehe

Word count: 1,944


There he was, eyes glued to the book he was holding between his bare and smooth fingers. You noticed the way he’d struggle to keep his dry and brown hair out of his face as he squinted to read the words on the pages, and the way he’d nod a little in understanding as he flipped through every page.

The library, almost empty and quiet, seemed to not affect you as you continued staring at him. The patter of raindrops hit the glass panels of the windows as your eyes shifted to see gloomy clouds towering the sky, as flashes of lightning came like a shock.

You were hit out of your trance when you felt a hand flick the back of your head lightly, causing you to let out a small cry. As soon as you saw the familiar figure chuckling in front of you, you hit him back lightly.

“It’s late now, what are you still doing here in the library” Haechan asked as he took the seat beside you, then crossing his arms, a look of suspicion and care on his face.

You sighed as your hands reached out to stack the pile of books in front of you, “Last minute revision for finals, what’s new”

As soon as Haechan heard your sentence, he gave you another flick on the forehead, then shaking his head, “Please go get some rest, you’re already pushing yourself so hard, don’t overwork yourself. Now pack your things, i’ll send you home”

You smiled softly at his words. You love it when Haechan was all caring and protective over you, unlike his usual self where he’d constantly tease and make fun of you. He was your best friend and treated you like one.

You nodded your head, “Yeah yeah okay Mr Lee”, as you gathered all your materials into your bag. Your head shifted slightly to take one more glimpse at him- he was still deeply immersed in the book, pouted lips and raised eyebrows.

Haechan noticed, then turned over to take a look at the young boy who had been sitting there for hours- as long as you were.

Haechan’s lips immediately formed an ‘o’ shape, then turning into a smile. He got up from his seat as he made his way towards the boy.

You noticed them exchange a few smiles, followed by a handshake that they both seemed very familiar with. You frowned in confusion as you saw the two making their way over, Haechan looking like an excited little puppy, the other boy, just smiling nervously as one hand was holding the book he was reading, the other, clenched tightly to his bag.

“Y/N!!! It’s time for my childhood best friend to meet my high school best friend, i’m so happy to see you here hyung!” your best friend blabbered on as you continued observing the other boy.

He bowed slightly towards you, then attempted to reach his hand out to greet you. But immediately dropped his bag on the table, as though forgetting he was carrying it. You saw a light pink shade take over his cheeks as he laughed nervously, “I-I’m sorry, I’m Mark by the way”

You giggled at his silliness, causing him to blush even more, as you gladly took his hand in yours, “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you”

Haechan clapped his hands as he slung his arm around both Mark and you, “Okay now that you two know each other let’s go hehe”


It was as though it was only yesterday that Haechan has introduced you to Mark. You were now in Haechan’s apartment, watching the two boys fight over a game they were playing on the television as you laughed at them from the side.

“Y/N!!! Mark hyung is bullying me, he won’t let me win” Haechan pouted to you as ge crossed his arms, acting like a small child. You saw Mark shrug his shoulders, then gave you a cheeky smile.

Which for some reason, made your heart beat faster.

You tried to hide the pink that was slowly appearing on your cheeks, “Oh please hyuck, maybe you just suck at the game, that’s why he won!”

Mark looked over to smile at you again, giving you a thumbs up.

You felt butterflies in your stomach.

Haechan looked at you disgust as he scoffed, shaking his head, “I did not introduce him to you a few months back to be treated like this. This friendship is over”

You made your way to the couch, where the two were, as you pinched Haechan’s cheeks and cooed at him, “Aw someone’s upset”

He stuck his tongue out at you, then crossed his arm, “Yeah because someone’s TAKING SIDES.”

You shook your head a little, before patting his head, then giving him a small hug, which he, like always, gave in to you and hugged you back.

Mark watched awkwardly from the side, just laughing at the both of you, unsure of what to do.

“You two look cute together…”

Mark’s eyes widened as soon as he realised what he just said, apologising to the both of you and awkwardly laughing. You pushed Haechan slightly away from you upon hearing his words, shaking your head and pointing at him, “Me? And him? No thanks”

Haechan rolled his eyes as he gave Mark a pat on his back, “Please hyung, never in my lifetime”

But you felt your heart sinking. Why’d Mark think of that?


It seemed as though it all happened in a rush. You couldn’t clearly remember how you fell so deep.

You started noticing Mark more, every of his habits, his likes and dislikes, and everything he did seemed to make you happy, the way no one else could.

You’d start blushing whenever you were near him, and as days passed, you found it even harder to get comfortable with him. It was as though something was holding you back.

You realised how you’d get all jealous and upset when Mark didn’t have the time to hang out with both you and Haechan, and how he’s constantly running on mind almost every second, even when he’s right there beside you.

You had fallen for him.

As much as you wanted to tell him and show him, Mark seemed as though he wasn’t trying to strengthen your friendship, as if something was holding him back too.

You noticed how he would always keep quiet and not say any words when he was with you alone, but would be the total opposite when he was with Haechan.

He’d get all nervous and stutter on his words while talking to you, and you also realised how he’d stare at both you and Haechan whenver you all interacted or had skinship with one another.

It seemed as though he didn’t want to be your friend, and that affected you deeply.

Haechan eventually found out your feelings for Mark one day where he caught you staring at photos of the both of you, and how you would always get defensive when he talked about Mark.

Of course, he supported you and your decision, and promised to help you out.


You were resting your head on Haechan’s shoulder in the school library, one of his hands casually scrolled through his phone screen, the other, playing with your hair.

You let out a sigh, “It’s been two months hyuck, i don’t think he has feelings for me, should i just give up?”

Haechan shook his head, then assured you in his sweetest tone, “No, i’m sure he does. I’ve never seen hyung get this nervous to anyone before, just wait for a little while more.”

You frowned slightly, closing your eyes, “Sigh this is so tiring, thank you for being here.”

Haechan let out a small laugh, then pat your head, “Of course, i love you”

“Oh… I-I’m sorry…”

Your body immediately jerked up to the familiar voice, and you were greeted by a blushing Mark, his hand behind his neck as he avoided eye contact with you.

“I thought i’d come visit you two but i- uhh.. sorry to interrupt that moment, i got to go… You two look cute by the way”

Mark flusteredly tried to explain himself, still ignoring eye contact with you. Haechan tried to explain to him, but before he could finish his sentence, Mark was already at the entrance, ready to leave.

This was your only chance.

You got up quickly from your seat as you ran after him, ignoring the glares from the other people in the library. You were confused and it felt as if you were going to cry.

After a few seconds of calling after his name, Mark finally stopped as he looked at you nervously, “I-I didn’t mean to interrupt that-”

But you hugged him, tears flowing down your cheeks.

He stopped at his words, as his body stiffened up from your hold.

“What… Y/N if Haechan sees this he wouldn’t be happy- I’m-” Mark said softly as he tried to push you away, but you held on tight to him, your face in his chest.

“Mark, it doesn’t matter what Donghyuck feels”

Mark stared at you in confusion, his heart beating quickly as he was unsure of what to say. He tried pushing you again, “But… Don’t you like him? And he seems like he likes you too, he’d always talk about you and-”

“Mark i like you, in fact, i love you. For months now. I don’t know how all this happened but i’m thankful that we became friends and you don’t have to return the same feelings as me i just needed to let these all out”

You felt his body soften at your words, then you felt his hands cupping your cheeks as he brought it up to meet his face. You met his soft gaze and you let a small smile, wiping away the tears that had already stained your cheek.

His eyes still showed signs of lost and confusion, but he took a deep breath and said softly, “I like you too Y/N… From the day we met to the day we went to the cafe for a small date. But i noticed how you’d always get so close to Haechan and how you two would hug and tease each other, it’s as though you two are a couple…” he paused to see you giggle, making him blush a little.

“… and Haechan would always talk about how good you were in your studies, and all of your good points. He seemed really in love with you. So i didn’t want to spoil the relationship the both of you had. I distant myself and i told myself you wouldn’t return my feelings but now i’m just… wow”

You immediately smiled at his words, wrapping your arms around his waist again, “Thank you Mark, for everything”

Within a few minutes a breathless Haechan appeared in front of the both of you, his worried expression turning into a happy one when he saw the position the both of you were in, as he pat the both of you on the back, “I’m happy for the both of you”

Mark offered his hand to him, and the two started doing their usual handshake. Haechan looked over to you and gave you a thumbs up, before linking arms with the both of you, “Okay now, let’s go have lunch with the new couple.”

“Oh and hyung… Good luck on dealing with her” Haechan said teasingly to Mark, causing you to hit him slightly, as the three of you walked down to the cafeteria laughing at each other, the way it always was.

Requested #6- Taehyung

“You’re kidding right?” You asked seriously. A shocked expression crossed your features as your female friend held up the black and green set that could make you feel even more vulnerable than being naked.

“No! I think you should get it” Y/F/N said, laughing at your flustered state. “Maybe Taehyung would appreciate it” she wiggled her eyebrows at you. You sighed loudly.

“You’re kidding me right? I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me walking around in scantily clad…can I even call those clothes?” You sighed, crossing your arms. “Trust me, he wouldn’t want to see me in that.”

Y/F/N pursed her lips at you, seemingly in deep concentration. Suddenly her eyes wandered to the rack behind you and she gasped.

“This is the one!” She squealed. It was even more revealing the other one she showed you earlier. Transparent lace and a F/C corset. “He won’t be able to resist!”

“You think so…” You trailed off.

You stealthily snuck through the front door, careful t avoid any meetings. You had no intention of telling him where you were, or what you were doing, and why you had the interesting colored bag.

“Just get to the closet” you mumbled to yourself.

“What about the closet??” You heard.

Oh Shit.

You turned around and saw Taehyung walking out of the kitchen. “How was shopping?” He asked, leaning against the wall frame.

“It was fine!” You said quickly, laughing nervously.

“What did you buy?” He asked, trying to peek into the interesting colored shopping bag. You jumped back and held the bag behind your back. “Hey! Let me see” he partially whined.

“It’s boring, you really don’t want to see” you shook your head.

“It can’t be that bad” he rolled his eyes at you. Taking the bag from your hand, he looked inside. You could only stare in horror as he picked up the thing article of clothing with your finger tips. He looked up to meet your eyes.

“Hehe surprise?” You trailed off. “Y/F/N made me get it…she thought you’d like it or something” you laughed, shaking your head. “That’s crazy,right?” You chuckled again, expecting him to laugh. His gaze remained stale on you, his teeth clenched.

“Uh…right?? Tae?”

“I’m sorry…all I can think of is you wearing this…nothing but this” he spoke slowly, allowing the outfit to fall back into its bag. “ I bet you’d look so adorable in it…but at the same time so teasing” his voice dropped a few octaves.

“…oh…is that so” you trailed off, looking everywhere but at him.

“I want to see you in this…” He grumbled. “I really want to see you in this”

“Is that so??” You squeaked.

“Mhm” he smirked.

You stared at the mirror, your eyes bugging put of your head. These weren’t clothes! You felt more naked than being actually naked.

Like ripping off a bandage, Y/N.

You walked out of the bathroom, peeking around the corner to see Taehyung lounged on the couch. Waiting for you. He must have heard you walking because he looked up. You were still pretty much hiding.

“Well?” He grew impatient.

What’s the worse that could happen just go for it.

You revealed the final result of your little (literally) outfit. Taehyung remains emotionless, at least to you he did. You weren’t even aware than he was going through every single way to fuck you in that one outfit. His eyes raked up your body from the transparent lace up corset to the innocent look you wore whilst he studied you. Suddenly he shot up from his seated position, stomping up to you. His hands laced themselves into your hair as he pulled you into a kiss.
He allowed his tongue to roam your mouth, his breath heaving steadily.

“Fuck, you look perfect” he sighed. Taehyung began trailing kisses down neck, sucking harshly and then gliding his tongue over the skin. “I could rip this off of you, and take you right here” he smirked, walking your backward to your bedroom. Suddenly you found yourself on your back, glancing up at Taehyung.

“I could rip this off…but I have a better idea”

The pads of his fingers instantly went to your already soaked core. Through the fabric, he pressed his thumb against you and slid down, prompting a gasp to escape your lips. The friction from the fabric against you plus the heat of his fingers was enough to make you a mess.

“Can I taste you?” He asked darkly, his lips finding yours shortly. “I want to feel you when you come undone for me? I want you to see the pleasure I’m about to give you. Just a taste of that pretty pussy…” He bit his lip.

You choked on another moan as his fingers pressed harder. “So wet for me….Fuck what are you doing to me.”

He adjusted himself so he was at eye level with your throbbing center. Looking up at you with a sly wink, his lips barely feathered over your heat through the fabric. He placed small kisses on your center, then darted his tongue out to create an even greater friction between the fabric.

“T-tae"you squeaked.

You heard him chuckle lowly before lifting his head.

"I can make you scream louder than that” he bit his lip at your shaking and panting. He grabbed the waste bad of your brand new (now soiled) panties and yanked down, only to like a harsh stripe up and between your folds. Suddenly, your phone buzzed beside you, but that didn’t stop him.

“Answer it” he growled between his movements.

“Hello?” You answered as normally as you could. Suddenly, you felt a harsh suck at your clit.

“Hey!” Y/F/N chirped. “You make it home safe??"You heard her ask.

"Uh…yeah!” You squeaked. “Every thing is f-fine” you glared down at Tae, who just chuckled.

“So did Taehyung seen your little number?” She asked. Your thoughts were clouded when Taehyung began pumping his long slender fingers in and out of you.

You tried to disguise your screams with coughs as you answered her.

“Oh, he saw it…He definitely saw it” you replied. “Hey, Y/F/N I gotta go! Just realized I left the stove on"you said then hung up quickly.

You glared down at Taehyung, who was still in the midst of torturing you.

"You. Are. So. Wrong for that” you breathed heavily. Suddenly, he took his off of you and began trailing his lips upwards to meet yours. His fingers never stopped thrusting. His thumb began rubbing wide circles.

Suddenly his movements slowed down only slightly. His lips moved harshly against yours.

“I Believe not Y/N…it hasn’t even started yet”

(…..I’m sorry lol)

Title: You, Doll, Are Special

@kirahrps​ requested: Hi hi! I see that your requests are open and I’d like to make one :) I have mild cerebral palsy. I can walk but not well. I wonder if you could write a story where Negan genuinely and truly falls for someone with cp? She has more needs than anybody else but she’s also the biggest spitfire and she likes it roooooooouuuuuuggggghhhh (but without devices. That’s too close to torture to me and I can’t). Is this possible? I just feel like so many people desexualize us and would love to see a story that brings the opposite. 

Character(s): Negan and Reader (who has mild cerebral palsy)
Summary: You and Negan finally give in to one another.
Word Count: 3,638
Warning: SMUT! ;-)
Author’s Note: Thank you, @kirahrps for this request! It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every second of it! I sure hope that I did this story justice for you! ALSO, the line “I’ll be your balance” is all credited to you, @kirahrps! Such a good line hehe! Enjoy! :-) 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms

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Short Announcement and HC

How about the RFA reacting to a bitter MC since the RFA once remarked that they’re not trustworthy and MC took it to heart? And then the RFA attempts to win them over? I need the angst and fluff.

Hey everybody! Uh, sorry for the disappearance hehe… well, Admin Mazz and I had things to deal with in school, and I hope you can all understand that it can take a while to get back on track when it comes to grades! (The only reason why we were gone) We really didn’t plan on disappearing for so long… We really do mean it when we say sorry! And, I’m apologizing on Admin Mazz’s behalf, due to the fact that she felt too overwhelmed to continue writing for the blog, especially because she feels she can’t keep up with school and the blog simultaniously. She’s not gone forever, though! Don’t worry! She’ll be there to type the NSFW stuff, since I’m only here for the fluff ^w^ But! I hope you guys won’t mind me taking over the blog a little bit! It’s good to be back everybody! I’m planning on posting a HC or scenario once a day! Enjoy, Anon, and sorry it took so long! :D ~Admin Lily


  • Jaehee really didn’t mean any harm this angel is so precious and would never try to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose
  • But, she didn’t know MC at the time, so she said something that might have been unnecessary
  • MC just was trying to get to know Jaehee who wouldn’t want to get to know her?
  • “Hm, I don’t think I should tell you anymore about myself too much. You aren’t exactly trustworthy.”
  • Poor, sensitive MC untrustworthy?!
  • Well it’s not like she can trust you either, Jaehee! Don’t hate me for this angel it was requested
  • “Sorry for trying to be friendly.” She’d say coldly
  • First impressions are important people
  • Jaehee is so disappointed to see MC getting along with literally everyone else except her later
  • All because MC took her caution to heart
  • Jaehee tries to make amends
  • “Hey, MC! Been awhile since we talked, just us”
  • “There are reasons why” forgive her, MC she means well I promise
  • Jaehee would apologize for what she said, explaining how she “didn’t mean to hurt MC or offend her in any way”
  • She’s also explains that when they first met, she wanted to protect herself just in case
  • But, now she would like a second chance at being her friend because she sees how kind and genuine she truly is
  • Atta girl Jaehee how can she not love you
  • Well, Jaehee’s MC is easily moved by her persistence and kind words
  • And, after she’s been apologized to, MC forgives her pretty easily
  • Not best friends right away, but
  • Friends all the same


  • Yoosung is very trusting, so of course Mama Baehee Jaehee warned him of the dangers of a hacker, like MC, while MC tried to explain herself and he immediately became terrified
  • What evil plot could this girl be forming?!?!?!?
  • “Wat do yoy want!1??!” He’d ask, complete with spelling errors and all
  • MC continued to try and explain her situation, but Yoosung didn’t believe a word
  • Jaehee’s thinkin “this is what I get for trying”
  • Whenever someone would talk to MC, Yoosung would say “careful” or “watch out”
  • Of course, not being trusted and having things go against Yoosung’s MC would make her feel stressed, irritated, and frankly just hurt
  • She didn’t mean to get here, but here she was
  • Finally, things calmed down, but Yoosung, now paranoid, continuously called MC “untrustworthy” and told her “not to do anything bad becuz I got my eye on u”
  • my not-so macho man <3
  • MC shows her true self to everyone else, staying away from Yoosung to try and avoid conflict
  • He did think she was evil after all, and that hurt her a lot
  • Yoosung began to feel guilty when Jaehee started to tell Yoosung to tone things down
  • “She seems safe now. She seems nice and sweet, so go easy on her, okay?”
  • Maybe he overeacted
  • “maybe”, Yoosung?
  • He’d apologize for being so paranoid and ask if he could try again
  • MC, being understanding and sweet, she accepted his apology and agreed like how can she not forgive him he’s precious
  • But, she’d bring it up to tease him a lot
  • “Watch out, Yoosung! We both know I’m not trustworthy.”
  • “You’re still mad at me for that;;;;”


  • Well, of course, Zen’s a lonely little sinnamon roll
  • So, if he had known MC was a girl, maybe he wouldn’t have been as mean
  • When MC was trying to explain her situation, Zen wouldn’t have anything to do with her
  • “He must be a stalker or a hacker! He can’t be trusted! What do you really want?!? How did you get here???”
  • MC’s obviously an angel innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, so she immediately becomes frustrated, trying to defend herself
  • When Seven texts, “itsagirl” the tables turn
  • Nice goin there pal
  • “Oh… a girl?”
  • “Yes,” MC would send bitterly, “I am, and I’m no stalker or hacker!”
  • Of course, everything’s just a big misunderstanding, but Zen’s MC holds grudges
  • Once she joins the RFA, she literally ignores Zen’s messages all together and it lasts for a while
  • Everyone gets to know MC better except Zen
  • Especially Trust-Fund kid
  • Trust-Fund kid gets to talk to the cute girl, but he doesn’t
  • Like, no he won’t let that happen
  • He finally has had enough of it: “MC, you can’t ignore me forever! I’m apart of the RFA, just like you! Please, give me a chance;; I’m really sorry! I’ll make it up to you, princess! I promise!;;;”
  • MC tries so hard to stay mad but he sends a selfie of himself pouting
  • Of course, he’s too handsome to turn down
  • “Fine!” MC would say, “but, just because you’re handsome, doesn’t mean you can insult me willy-nilly! Don’t call me princess either”
  • “Yes, ma’am ;)”


  • Okay, for being raised in a rich family, Jumin has bad manners
  • I’m not talking about table manners
  • I mean he has no filter
  • Like not even joking
  • Of course, he’s literally the most suspicious out of all of them since MC really wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Zen and Yoosung being adorable: “IT’S A GIRL??”
  • “Stop it, you too. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s not here for malicious intend. She can’t be trusted.”
  • Um excuse me?
  • “But, I just saw this app in the App Store,” MC would try to defend herself, “and some guy led me to this apartment”
  • Jumin’s MC is literally afraid of almost nothing so she’s ready to fight if she has to
  • “You don’t even know me, I’m trying to tell you what happened!” MC would continue to say, “maybe I’ll just go”
  • The others Zen and Yoosung immediately went against her leaving because they needed to get things figured out like how she got there and what to do about it
  • She was in Rika’s apartment after all
  • Things eventually get sorted out, but when Jumin offered for her to join, she literally just replied, “not if you’re asking, trust-fund kid.”
  • MC ain’t scared of nothing you don’t openly insult someone like Jumin unless you aren’t afraid to die
  • Jumin’s shocked. No one has ever talked to him like that
  • “Well,” MC would continue, “I was told I was ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘malicious’. Maybe, I would make you feel unsafe if I joined
  • Goin straight for the ego
  • “Well, we don’t need you here. I know I’d be perfectly safe where I am because of my guards.”
  • “Aww, you need guard to protect you, Prince Charming? That’s cute”
  • Jumin’s talking to V like “I don’t think this is worth it”
  • V’s like “no, Jumin, she’s joining”
  • “…Look, I’m willing to apologize for my harsh words, but only for V because I trust his judgement.”
  • “Well,” MC would tease, “seems mostly genuine. Because I like your face, and I like everyone else here, I’ll forgive you and join.”
  • Um, okay? She’s strange Don’t lie Jumin you think she’s pretty cool
  • And, of course, he’ll have to admit later that she’s pretty amazing


  • Seven isn’t supposed to trust anyone like
  • He’s agent 707, Defender of Justice, after all, he has to always be on guard
  • He immediately becomes interested in MC, due to the fact that he had no idea how she was there in the first place
  • she must’ve been a really good hacker
  • “Hang on, I’ll track the IP…Huh? Rika’s house??”
  • Of course, MC was already suspicious for being in the chat, but to be in Rika’s apartment…
  • “Careful, guys, this person could be really bad!”
  • “Exsqueeze me?” MC would type, scoffing, “I’m not bad! It’s not like I wanted to be here tomato head! I’m just lost after this guy led me here”
  • Of course, Seven finds his way to your info and immediately he’s blushing MC is gorgeous how could he not
  • “youractuallycutelololol”
  • Finally, things get sorted out and Seven apologizes for jumping on her so fast, “guess you weren’t so bad, huh? Well, I’m 707, but you can call me Seven~! Guess we’re gonna be buddies now, right? ;D” he’d ask hopefully
  • Not gettin’ off the hook that easy bud
  • MC just responds, taking out her anger in her own unique way “hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I don’t like your emoji… more maybe?”
  • He thinks it’s cute “Lololol”
  • “Who types ‘lololol’? That’s literally “laughing out loudoutloudoutloud… that’s like me saying rolling over fastoverfastoverfast…”
  • “;;;; I like my lololol! Everyone likes my lololol” she insulted the Lolol?! He thought this was true love?!
  • “But I don’t like you so I don’t like your lololol”
  • But he loves her already he has to win her over
  • Seriously, though, MC doesn’t really care, she gets it, but she’s just stubborn so she teases him for a while before finally giving in
  • ten puns later
  • “You’re cute, so I’ll give you a second chance”
  • Seven’s just like O////O huh?? Okay…
Husband! Johnny

Request: hello yes i’m such a hella hella super johnny stan so if you could do a husband/fiancé bullet list thingy for him that would make my life ☺️ love you and your writing bunches ❤

  • another husband! request omg,, i’m still not over yuta’s one
  • but you might want to check out boyfriend johnny first hehe
  • i’m doing this kinda rushed so i’m sorry if it turns out bad :-(
  • let’s go

  • so you were just about to wake up one morning to make breakfast for johnny and you, like how you always would

  • but from the moment you woke up, johnny was not beside you
  • instead he greeted you with a big morning hug and kiss on the lips, a big and excited smile on his face
  • “why are you up so early today”
  • “i made breakfast for you hehe”
  • “what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, i just felt like i needed to do this”
  • and when you go out to the dining table, a big plate of waffles, eggs and bacons + all your favourites are on the table
  • with a special cup of coffee that he made specially for you
  • “make sure you drink all of it”
  • so without thinking much you thanked him and started eating
  • with johnny smiling at the side and watching your every movement,
  • and everytime you take a sip out of the cup he lets out a small giggle
  • what does that mean johnny
  • and when you finally get to the bottom of the cup and finish your coffee, johnny looks at you in anticipation
  • your eyes widen and you almost scream
  • because he drew cute little designs at the bottom of the cup, with the two words “marry me?”
  • and it all linked because just a month ago he mentioned about getting a ring for you
  • and every single time he saw a wedding event or dress, he’s just smile at you and pull you closer
  • even though it’s an unusual way to propose, you agree anyway and you see johnny give the biggest smile ever!!
  • okay on to the actually married couple part
  • the members pop by your apartment like it’s their own
  • especially ten and jaehyun
  • “Y/N!! did you forget to buy milk today”
  • “ten if you’re here to just eat my food almost everyday, you should just leave”
  • “i was just asking- HYUNG! YOUR WIFE IS BEING MEAN TO ME”
  • “what- did you ask her about the food in our fridge again”
  • “yeah, i just wanted milk”
  • “get it yourself ten, i’ll tell taeyong to get it for you”
  • “that’s right babe”
  • “what have you done to johnny hyung”
  • okay but honestly, the sweetest and most understanding husband ever??
  • he’s always willing to sacrifice his time to attend to you and just spend time with you in general
  • and doesn’t forget to make you feel better about yourself by complimenting you every single day
  • “you’re beautiful”
  • “wonderful”
  • “gorgeous!!”
  • attacks you with random cuddle sessions and kisses
  • and is really passionate when making love™
  • the atmosphere just turns steamy and romantic, and his hands are all over you, kisses around your whole body
  • worships you like you’re a goddess
  • and after all that he doesn’t forget to take good care of you
  • positive vibes everywhere!1!1!
  • the younger members are always so fascinated by your relationship, and teases him sometimes too
  • but on some days, the both of you just act like small kids all over again, and fight as if y'all are siblings
  • “why didn’t you buy more toilet paper yesterday”
  • “babe i didn’t know you were going to use THAT much”
  • “shut up, what am i supposed to do now, i’m stuck on the toilet bowl, COME BACK AND HELP ME”
  • “i have practice today babe”
  • “johnny it’s between your wife and her toilet bowl mess crisis or your practice, choose one”
  • “kidding, i’m already on my way back with two rolls of toilet paper, hang in there i love you”
  • but at times when he sees that you’re upset or had a bad day, he tries his best to make it better
  • by telling you jokes and making you laugh,
  • as little as giving you hugs and kisses,
  • to cooking a meal for you or bringing you out to your favourite place
  • whatever that can make you feel better, johnny would do it for you
  • sometimes you feel so bad because he’s always putting in so much effort to take care of you
  • so you try to make it up to him by buying him gifts and bringing him out to surprise him
  • one time you and the other boys hid in the practice room with the lights all off
  • and as soon as johnny entered all of you welcomed him excitedly and it got all emotional because it was a small ‘party’ to show your’s and the member’s gratitude towards johnny
  • he didn’t tear up or cry,
  • but as soon as he got home with you, he pulled you into a tight hug and thanked you for everything
  • but when he’s sad or upset he doesn’t show it that much,
  • only that he becomes more affectionate, asking you for more hugs
  • which makes him feel 10× better
  • he loves you so much he won’t stop talking about you to the other members
  • “she woke up early just to make me this sandwich today, i love her so much”
  • “youngho ah, you didn’t even say that about me when i made a sandwich for you once-”
  • “let’s forget about that, taeyong hehe”
  • “she’s wearing the dress i got for her on our wedding anniversary, isn’t she beautiful”
  • “hyung, this is the 4th time you’re saying that today”
  • “sorry, she’s just too gorgeous”
  • arguments and fights hardly ever happen because both of you are always so sweet and caring to each other,
  • and pretty chill too
  • but when it does happen, it's  usually about something serious and johnny would distant himself away from you for a while,
  • before apologising and talking things out with you calmly so as to solve the problem
  • and it would always be solved easily because y'all know that fighting and arguing won’t solve anything
  • honestly he’s such a caring husband, you’re like being taken care of 24/7
  • always there for you and always willing to lend  listening ear!!
  • he gives you the support and encouragement you need,
  • and just his affection itself and make you feel better
  • you’re blessed if you have johnny seo as your husband
  • i’m sorry this is so short, i’ll end it here!!
one night snap (pt. 1)

words: 1813
description: [23:09] Kim Taehyung:

warnings: none (in this part)
a/n: this was heavily inspired by snapstreak by @namjoone​ (if you’re into taekook, i highly recommend you read it), it’s just that i’ve been thinking about this all week and i wanted to write something with a similar setting and Snapchat is the perfect app for these sort of one-shots hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Just The Girl Next Door

Jungkook x Reader One Shot

Word Count ~ 3,200

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Loss of Virginity, Masturbation and Under Aged Drinking.

Excuse mistakes please.

Plot: My whole love life is centered around one man, Jeon Jungkook, and to him l’m “Just The Girl Next Door”.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

In his eyes l’m just the girl next door. In my eyes he’s the prince charming l love. 

But, it wasn’t always like this, there was a time when he loved me. 


We were friends because our families were friends, we both learned to like each other. Then we learned to love each other, it turned out that we had pretty messed up families who didn’t take care of their children properly, so we loved each other in order to make up for the love we lacked from our parents.

And like that we spent our lives together in the same neighborhood in the same town, 

Until high school. 

This is were everything broke apart. Jungkook and l were close, we talked all the time, we’d walk to and from school together, and we ate lunch together, everybody called us “the not actually but kinda siblings”. 

We loved that neck name. Lovers for short. 

But the day came when Jungkook found a girl he loved, her name was Nana. I didn’t know Nana well but l knew l wasn’t going to like her. She wanted Jungkook for her self, all for her self. He was so blinded by love that he followed her every command. Every one of them. 

“Leave her,” She said, and he did, with out a second though. 

Even after spending 17 years together he just left. Shortly after wards he got a tattoo or severely, and started not coming to school as often. Now when he passed by me l could smell alcohol and tobacco in his breath. 

He wasn’t the Jeon Jungkook l knew anymore. 

… … 

Knock knock’ 

lt was 3 am on a Friday night, Jungkook and l are both 19 and there was someone banging on the door. 

“W-who’s the-ere?” 

“1 2 3, it me” 

My eyes widened from shock, he still remembered that? When we were little that was our code way of say “Help, l feel like dying” I opened the door to a drunk Jungkook, 


"Hey," He chuckled at me, with depression in his eyes.

"Wanna talk?" 


I showed him the way into my house, which was only occupied by me, my parent don’t come home anymore. I got him to the couch and he flipped on to it besides me. 

"So-o, what did you want to talk about?" 



"First l want to say sorry, and for everything, l’m sorry for leaving you for some thot, l’m sorry for hurting you the way l did, l’m even more sorry for taking away your best friend, me" 

I smiled, only a little, and mumbled "It’s too late…" 

"What? Huh, not surprised… l mean l am two years too late” He chuckled at the end,

“Do you remember what you said to me when you left, do you remember how much l begged you not to go,” l hadn’t noticed but my tears were falling so quickly, “Do you remember l told you she was no good. Do you?” My voice was rising, “Do you remember, what you said to be as you coldly walked away?”


“Your just the girl next door,” l cried the hardest at line.

“l’m soo sorry,” He grabbed my hand and intertwined his own it to it, it had been two years since the last time l felt his hands like this, and l forgot just how big they were. “Please, let me help you forget,” He inched closer, so close l could smell the tobacco under his breathe, l wanted to puck.

“Ju-jungkook…” l whimpered,

His kiss was a response to my whimper. This wasn’t my first kiss only because in the 7th grade at a class trip he had kissed me, he was still my first kiss. As his tongue started to lick the opening to my mouth l grew sick of the tobacco that was slipping in with him. l pushed him off of me only to realized he had pinned me on to the couch. 

“Wh-what’s wrong?” He asks as l spit the confines of our kiss to the floor.

“l-l can’t with the taste of tobacco, ahh”

“O-oh, l’m sorry, actually now that you brought it up, l’m wanting to start a new, that means l’m taking out all the bad and l’m going to put in good. So… will you take me back as a friend, l can’t ask for any other position but that,” He says looking down at our hands intertwined, at the tobacco stuck between his finger nails.

“Jungkook, l don’t hate you so, being your friend is something l want to do too, but first you can’t smoke anymore other wise l can’t spend much time with you, okay?”

“O-okay,” He says handing me a packet of cigarettes followed by “Please throw this a way for me,”

“B-but, there is only on cigarette that was used,”

“That was the one l used before l came here, l got nervous,” He says scratching the back of his head shyly, it starting to feel like old times, l’m happy.

“Then l should be going, it is pretty late after all.”

“O-oh, aren’t you locked out of your house at this time?”

“Y-yeah, but l don’t want to impose on you..”

“Well it’ll be just like old times,” l say while remembering in those times.

“Only we won’t stay in the same bed, hehe” Then l remember this isn’t like old times,


l woke up after Jungkook to the smell of food in the kitchen, l sneak in to the kitchen hoping to scare him when l see his lose tang top that reveals his “F**K it” Tattoo, then l remember this isn’t like the old day, the days where we used to be in love. Ever since he came back l want to rush things and make it just like how it was, but l know theses things take time.

Jungkook and l had a meaningful conversation, he told me everything, every detail of his life with out me, he told me that he was blinded not by love but by Nana’s sex, he said “lt was like a spell”. He also told me that what made him want to change was because he realized after spending so much time away from me he wanted to see me again, so he came back.

l told him the details of why my parents left and how the rest of my life was, not as interesting as his but, he cared enough to listen, just like the old days.

… (Four months later, the two of us have been dating now for four months)

Jungkook stopped smoking now for four months, he even got some of his tattoos removed, he also made it to gradation and now were going on to university, looks like we’d made it this far and now Jungkook and l have returned to be best friends or lovers as my classmates call us, only…

Every time l look at Jungkook a reflect of “l’m sorry” is what stares back at me, he hates him self.

“Love me,” Jungkook said one lazy afternoon,

“Wha… Jungkook are you sick again,” l say jokingly as l walk up towards him to feel his forehead,

“No, make love to me,” He says grabbing my wrist and pulling my body to sit perfectly on top of his erection.

“J-Jung-gkook-ok” l was so tooken back by this, l couldn’t even say his name correctly.

“You can feel it, right, this how much l want you, please…”

“Uhhh, Jungkook, l-l well, right now, l’m not ready…”

“l know your virgin but trust me you’ll like this,”

“Jungkook are you saying this out of love or lust?”

“What kinda of a question is that, both.”

“So, are you gonna force me?”



“Then, jack me off.”


“Do it and i’ll wait how ever long you want me too,”

“Even til marriage?”

“Yes, even til marriage”


l heard him unzip his pants as he gently pulled my hand towards his erection which was now out and in the open, throbbing, to embarrassed to see it face to face l looked a way, this very same thing is gonna rip me apart in years to come.

“Hey.. don’t be so embarrassed, trust me l want hurt you with this thing if your worried about that, okay?”

Shortly after that he placed my hand of it. lt was so hard, and my finger couldn’t wrap around the whole thing so l can’t even say it’s width, it’s texture was very veiny, it was throbbing so much and it was slimy. He was so big! he guided my hand to go up and down slowly, then he started to whine how l’m going to slow, so l sped up.

“Ah! Fuck!”

“O-oh l’m sorry, l didn’t mean to hurt you, l’m really no good at this…”

“Hurt? Are you kidding me, that felt soooo good! Keep going, you tiny soft hands are driving me crazy!”


He was twitching so much, and he was still going harder. Seriously how will this go inside of me? He still kept telling me to speed up and to squeeze him harder, he was moaning so much! There was so much slim!

“l’m so close baby, just a little more! Fuck!”

l started to feel wet too, his moans and the simple fact that l had this affect on him, it was making me want to touch my self. So Jungkook did it for me.

“Aww, your horny too aren’t ya, come here.”

He placed me on his thigh riding me, he thighs are so big and firm. l’ve sat on them before but never have l rode them. The clothes om my counter part to what l was jacking of in my hand, was getting in the way so he ripped my under wear off. As l was reaching my high, so was he. His large hands grabbed my waist pushing up and down, side to side, left to right, up and down, l really loved bouncing on him the most. When l wasn’t reaching my high fast enough Jungkook inserted a finger then placed another hand on my clit, still thigh riding me to my very limit.

“Baby, ahh, l can tell, your close, ahh, too!” His panting getting in the way of his speech.


Just as l said that Jungkook finished all over my hand, there was so much sperm, l felt like we wasted it just letting it spell on my hands. Shortly after Jungkook climax my came hard on me, l felt Jungkook’s hands grab my waist again and forceful riding me, it felt good rough, finishing on his lab and riding the rest of my high with quiet moans which he loved. 

“…l love you..” l panted out quietly,

“love ya too y/n”

… …

l spent the next two and a half years with Jungkook fixing his “broken” life. He ended up wanting me to marry as l did for him, but on our wedding night she showed up, Nana.

And like a flood, all of the forgotten insecurities come in at once.

Still not sure as to who invited her, Jungkook swears on his life he did, and l believe him, she must have just found her way here.

We rushed to the honeymoon hotel that was rented for this night, the “happiest” night of our lives, but now it just sad. 

“l’m sorry,” Here he goes again with the apologizes.

“Jungkook, l’ve told you before l forgive you”

“l’m sorry…” l Could hear him sniffle.

“Stop it already!” l shot at him, my anger wasn’t really at him, but her.

“l’m-” l interrupted him from saying “l’m sorry” again.

“I don’t have any ideal why that fuck she’s here for, but! Stop saying your sorry…” l broke down crying, l just wanted to forget his past, the years he abandoned me, the times l found my self crying, alone, when he was the only one l always turned too. l just wanted to forget, but here, that she took his virginity and not me, that he loved her, or was “blinded” by “love”, as he says. l just wanted to forget.

“l’m sorry…”

“Prove it, make me forget.”


“l don’t know. Do what ever, l just want to wake up and forget the name “Nana”, okay?”

“Okay” He says huskily walking towards me.

“One thing, i’ll be gentle the first round, but when l’m down, you won’t be able to walk straight.” 

With his overly muscular hands he picked me up and placed me on the bed, this was the beginning of  the “first round” or what ever he called it. First he stripped me of my cloths, then him self. l saw it again, our first meeting l wasn’t quite ready to see it, then we met a couple of times of pure accident, but now l want it, no l need it, l need it to help me forget this pain.

“Please relax, place your head on the pillow and spread your legs,” l follow his every word.

Since l was wearing no cloths l felt so exposed, Jungkook and l have seen each other naked before, but we both had a understanding of no touching, now that doesn’t exist. He placed a cold hand on my clit, earning a squeak out of me. His other hand fondling my breasts. His mouth was on my lips, kissing my tears away, placing his tongue inside of my mouth, he trailed down towards my neck, leaving marks on his way down. After a while of fondling with his hand, he started with his tongue, making me moan his name.

“Jungkook~” l whined, not getting much attention towards my aching core, which wanted him, more like “it”. Ignoring my request he placed his mouth on my breasts and started to suck violently,

“Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook!” l moaned again, his mouth felt so good, my now wet core really showed it. Sucking my breast til l screamed was his cue to move lower, much lower, leaving cute wet kiss on his way down. Placing his tongue on my clit, treating the same way he treated my breasts, sucking hard, the louder sucks the high patch my voice got for him,

“Ahhh, Jungkook!” l grabbed his hair, my back arcing at his touch now.

“Hummm, babe..” He mumbled, but since was at my core his deep voice just echoed it’s way throw me, shaking me, l was coming close because of it.

He then placed his pinkie in to my core, licking up and down starting form my clit and down to where his finger was pushed into.

“Your fucking pussy is so wet!” He teased, mocking the slurp sounds that my vagina gave when he moved his finger in and out. “Aww, look your trying to come off this one itty bitty finger, aren’t you.” l nodded my head as my hips thrusts match his pinkie fingers, desperately trying to reach my climax. “Here, let me give you this,” He slipped his pinkie out, taking it towards his mouth, taking his time with the licking, “Mmmumm, so sweet, ahh” Tease me, locking eye contact with his words. He then slips in his middle finger, filling me up as he goes, reaching a dead end. “Damnnnn, your so tight, fuck I’ma really have to be gently later since your this tight on just my middle finger.”

His finger starts to pound faster, and faster, harder and harder, most of the time he’d hit my g-spot, “AAHhhh, J-jungggkoo-ok” l stuttered out, this felt too good! 

“Wow! So you can get tighter, shit, your close aren’t you.”

l nod as my response, my throat to dry for words anymore, all the panting also left my lips dry, l wanted to kiss. Like he read my mind we kissed, and l squirted on him. And he loved it, it felt like pee at first but the longer his was fingering me l just didn’t care anymore. Any bits that spill out of me he saw he drank. Panting and trembling underneath him he looked at me and said. “Round two”

He placed him self on top, placing his you-know-what at my entrances, after moving his tip around my clit, teasing me again. Moving around the inside of my labia he final finds my vagina and then with one big thrust he enters. 

“Ah! Ow..” 


“No! Don’t say that, please move, move!”

Not wanting to hear me complain he moved his massive counter part inside of me, slowly at first. Because of his size he had to be gentle other wise he’d actually break me, so l told him to move faster, in between the pants l whined for him to move, 


“A-are you sure, l haven’t been in you longer than a minute?”

“Just do it!” He was right, l started to tear up a little, but l knew that the pain wouldn’t hurt for long. 

“Ahh, ahh! So fucking TIGHT!” 

Yeah… lt’s didn’t take long before his worry of me faded to pure lust. His pace sped up so quickly, he was so hot, l he was melting my insides to my outsides, l wanted to slow down my body because l was coming too quickly. He was still growing inside of me, l could feel how he was gonna blow and quick. My wall’s were squeezing him so quickly, l knew this because every five seconds he’s say something about it, meanwhile l’m at a lose of words because l can say is, “Jungkook!”

He gripped my clit with his plump thumb and index finger, that was what made me come in the end.

“l’m COMING!” l screamed as he followed soon afterwards. He pulled out right before he exploded, then his sperm on my stomach. 

“Round three” He muttered tiredly, he wanted to sleep, we both felt like jelly but he was determent to… to.., wait what did l ask him to do this for me for again?

Oh yeah… it was to forget, and l forgot.

He placed me in the doggy position, at least that was what he called it, he then placed his face in between to my core, forcing me to forget what l had forgotten with every swallow.

“Ahhh, Jungkook, let me ride you thigh,” l requested seeing who l have done this is such a while.

l hopped on to him, we when slow, l moved on my own as he firmed parts of his thigh making me go insane with pleasure, ah! l hopped up and down not being able to carry my self, Jungkook started to bounce his leg, l was loving every second, he hopped me towards another ending, he flipped me laying on my back and whispered “Round four”

“No, l-l can’t go anymore”


“No, please l can’t even get up, no more, let sleep”

Rolling his eyes he said, “Gladly” a plopped on the bed next to me, cuddling as we both said our “l love you”s off to dream land.

Keke, like if you couldn’t tell l was really trying to make the smut good, sorry if you ended up find some unfixed errors or didn’t like something else.

As always hoped you enjoyed =))



anonymous asked:

Hi darisu-chan, if you still are taking requests can I ask for a Touken Fic that shows kaneki's reaction at finding out touka´s pregnancy, and off course a little smut will be very much welcome tehee. Thank you so much in advance :)

Sorry for the delay! Here’s the fanfiction. It isn’t smutty, but next time I’ll publish smut. hehe. I also based this one-shot on this post. I figured that after today’s chapter we needed something light-hearted and fluffy. I hope you enjoy it!

Mysterious Illness

Summary: When Kaneki starts feeling weird, he sets up to find the cause of his mysterious illness, which might be contagious, for Touka is feeling bad too.

You can also read it here.

Keep reading


Hello!! I’m Oliver!! I was diagnosed with autism when I was 14 years old, and at the time I was really confused, because they didn’t tell me what it /actually/ was, or how it effected me x__x

I’m 17 years old now, and through the years I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and my autism! :D The biggest, and most important thing I’ve learnt is that I have -NOTHING- to be ashamed of :3 Being autistic doesn’t make me “weird” or less humam than anyone else. I love being autistic, and I embrace it all the time!

The picture on the right was taken in my old bedroom in late 2015 (I think xD), and the one on the left was taken in May 2016, when I went to the beach with one of my best friends, Carlin! :D

My favourite stims are raptor hands (for sure!!!), flappy hands and auditory and visual stims online. c: I also love, love, LOVE soft things and stuff with nice textures!!! Sometimes I also sit in a certain way, and put my hood up and cover my hands with the sleeves (like sweater paws)!

I also have lots and lots of special interests hehe :D I love biology. conservation and history! I love animals and learning about plants, and I also love collecting rocks, pebbles, shells and other things from beaches!! I love Pokèmom and Kirby, and Luigi (my favourite Luigi game is Luigi’s Mansion 2!!) and I love learning about policing, and watching crime TV shows and documentaries (my favourite crime fiction shows are Lewis and Silent Witness). I love Voltron too!! And a lot of different animes!! I have so many!! I can’t possibly list them all x3

If you ever wanna talk about your special interests or info dump with me then feel free to message me!!! :D

To all of my autistic friends - you are wonderful, you are valid, and you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Stand proud, and keep being yourselves, because you are all freakin’ great!! 😁

Keep learning about your special interest(s)!
Stim as much as you want!
Info dump about the things you love!

Embrace being YOU!

You’re lovely, bold and unique, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

If you ever need anyone, then I’m only a message away :3

Stay safe and take care, my autistic friends. Keep being brave!

(He/him pronouns please! :3)

- @raichu-paws

Husband! Doyoung

Request: hello :) could you do a husband!doyoung? love your writings♡

  • i swear we need more doyoung scenarios up here on tumblr
  • i probably read like every single one already wow i love him so much
  • so im here writing this up!!
  • i hope this isnt too bad though, i feel like my husband au’s are pretty similar to the boyfriend series
  • but let’s start

  • so this bunny’s been hinting you a lot lately for the past few months that he’s preparing something

  • and he makes it so obvious, you suspect everything he does is going to be the proposal
  • “babe how would you like me to propose to you”
  • “what do you think of getting a bigger apartment?”
  • “hmm would you prefer an old school typical ‘propose in a restaurant’ or something unusual?”
  • and everytime you answer with a “it’s up to you babe”
  • he gives you that one stare and acts like he’s pissed
  • because he really doesnt know what to do
  • but a few minutes later he’s cuddling up with you again so
  • so thanks to taeyong’s and johnny’s advice™
  • he finally thought of a cute and unique way to ask you
  • like always he’s packing lunch for you, waking up early in the morning to make you your favourite sandwiches
  • which you’re super thankful for
  • and before you leave for work,
  • he gives you a hug and pecks your forehead
  • “have a fun day at work baby”
  • and you give him a weird stare because he nevers say that to you, as compared to his usual “dont miss me too much at work” & “you could’ve stayed home with me today but you chose work i love you”
  • but he gives you the sweetest and cutest gummg smile and your heart flutters!!!! so you just give him a peck on the cheek
  • later at lunch when you open your lunch box to eat,
  • you were in shock because the foods were all cut up in the alphabets/letters ‘marry me?“
  • and you saw a small slip of paper beside the lunchbox
  • so you took it up to read
  • “no i’m not kidding babe, i’m serious, will you marry me?”
  • so being super happy and shocked at the same time you start calling him
  • “babe it’s lunch now and i just saw it. what- im super-”
  • “i know, turn around”
  • and when you do he’s over there with his arms wide open with flowers in his hand
  • so you run to him and say yes!!
  • he has the biggest smile again and all your colleagues are aw-ing & ooh-ing because you both are the sweetest
  • okay so him as a husband
  • sometimes he’d be the sweetest and most romantic person
  • but other times he’s just nagging & complaining 24/7
  • and because of that taeyong became your rant buddy because he can relate to you the most
  • which made doyoung even more pissed off because it’s taeyong
  • “you should’ve married him if you love talking to him that much”
  • “aw babe you’re jealous”
  • “no”
  • “but you’re so cute when you’re jealous though”
  • “dont make this move on me, it wont work-”
  • “i love you more than anyone else!!!”
  • and he becomes a blushing mess and trying to not giggle but fails
  • so he opens his arms wide for you to hug
  • but when he’s sweet you cant help but melt
  • because he doesnt hesitate to help you with anything
  • in fact he does most of the housework but doesnt complain
  • and loves buying you gifts and surprising you
  • he bought you a life-sized bunny plush toy because he felt that he was always busy with schedules and wasnt able to spend time with you
  • but when he finally has the time though, the both of you would spend the whole day just lying in the bed,
  • arms & legs tangled with one another
  • talking and catching up with everything
  • and he always updates you on the other members because like doyoung you love the others a lot and take care of them like kids
  • “mark wrote another song today and it was wonderful”
  • “aw as expected, it’s mark! is it going to be on the next album?”
  • “i hope so! the lyrics were really good though”
  • “time to compliment him when i see him the next time”
  • so whenever you go over to their dorms, you try to compliment the members because they’ve working hard
  • which is why they all love you and always teases doyoung about it
  • “yuta!! i heard you did great for the previous practice, good job hehe”
  • “aw thanks Y/N! how’d you know though? did doyoung tell you?”
  • “yeah! he said that even when he was watching you, he was staring in awe”
  • “DOYOUNG AH i didn’t know you love me that much”
  • “what did you tell him babe”
  • “i see you love talking about us to your wife and they’re all good things, unlike you in front of us!!”
  • “please yuta hyung don’t do this”
  • “be nicer to us more often like the words you say to her, i’d appreciate that”
  • “er no thanks”
  • but you all laugh about it in the end because it’s only a joke
  • okay but arguements and conflicts occur from time to time
  • mainly because the both of you disagree with something
  • and it gets really serious it turns into a big problem
  • one time you two didnt talk for two days straight
  • but after taeyong talked to him and some self reflections, he came up to you apologised
  • which made you cry because you felt bad for not understanding him
  • which also made him tear up because to him nothing hurts more than seeing you cry
  • but everything was settled and you were both happy again after cuddling for the whole night
  • loads of skinship
  • always has his hands on you somehow
  • and gives you kisses at the most random places
  • especially your neck
  • which always sends chills down your back
  • but he loves it
  • at the end of the day he’s thankful for you and your whole existence
  • without you he wouldn’t be able to be where he is right now
  • so he shows his gratitude to you by showering you with affection and love
  • and you’re glad you chose the right one
  • sweetest couple ever!!!

im-the-ruler-here  asked:

Can we please have UT/UF/US/SF skelebros realizing that they're in love (before or after they're in a relationship)

Sans:  What?  No, he doesn’t love you.  Not like that anyway.  He just thinks you’re great, and smell nice, and your smile makes him smile.   Not that fake smile either, the real one that’s so beautiful it hurts.   And he wants you to be happy more than he wants his soul to beat, and every time he thinks about you he gets this warm feeling in his creaky old bones, and he wants to kiss your mouth. But, I mean, he doesn’t love you.  And even if he did - not that he does - there’s no way you could feel the same way about him.  So it’s a non-issue really.

Until, of course, you get together.  And he doesn’t know what the Hell you’re thinking but he has embraced whatever brand of madness made you decide this was a good idea.  It is a soft realization, a dawning acceptance, as he finally acknowledges what has been in his soul for a while now.  He loves the shit out of you.

Papyrus:  He is a person who falls in love easily, and isn’t afraid to show it.  He probably told you that he loves you even before you two got together.  And it’s true!!  He loves his friends and datemates alike!

But he knows you’re special one day when you leave.  Wow, he misses you already.  Why don’t we live together yet?  And then it just… clicks.   His vision of the future has you in it; it has for a while, he realizes.  He loves you.  He loves you!!!  He calls you immediately to gush about how important you are to him, how precious and loved you are, and how happy you make him.  If he can hold back from proposing there and then he is doing so soon enough.  And whatever happens he’s going to start acting as if you already live with him.  He might start relocating your things without asking.

Red:  I do not think any of us anticipate this going well. Sitting behind bars, Red realized this is true love.

No crosswalk in sight, but no cars either.  You quickly grab Red’s hand and step out onto the blacktop, head still on a pivot just in case.  So it’s really a surprise you didn’t see the cop until he was right there, arms crossed and frowning thunderously. Red’s knowledge of street laws is pretty rudimentary: don’t run somebody over, no matter how slowly they’re walking.  That he learned with Boss the hard way.  But he really doesn’t get what the problem is, and this Cop is stressing his babe out.  He doesn’t like seeing you nervous.  He puts a hand on your elbow, glaring at the cop.  “are you fucking serious?  c’mon buddy there aren’t even any cars around, what’s the big deal?” The cop does not like his tone, and probably the fact that he’s a monster.  Red does not like the cop not liking him, and how agitated his S/O probably is by this point.  One thing leads to another, and he’s in handcuffs for obstruction of justice.

God fucking dammit.  His S/O has got to be so upset right now.  That is the opposite of what he wants, ever.  In fact, during that whole thing with the police officer he was more pissed that he was being a dick to you than a dick in general, or even to him.  The cops are like the guards Underground and he knew damn well that other than- ok, sort of including Papyrus, they were all assholes.  And…. do not treat people the best.  When he saw that cop bearing down on you he wanted to throw his arm over you, growl and bare his teeth, crush you to him, because you’re HIS and he’ll be damned if some- FUCK!!!  He’s…. he’s got it bad doesn’t he?  He really loves them… shit, if they ever talk to him again.  He kind of ruined your night.

Edge:  He doesn’t fall in love quite as easily as Papyrus, but it’s close.  Though he’s also much less likely to show it than Papyrus, or admit it even to himself.  So chances are he won’t really know for a while.

Edge can tell you’ve had a bad day; the way you move your bones must be lead in your flesh, and he can almost see the bags under your eyes weighing your face down.  He is immediately rushing to lay you in bed, getting you a blanket, some lasagna, whatever drink you like, fussing over you like only a Papyrus can.  “IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU NEED?!  GOOD!  PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE!!”

The whole time Sans is watching, laughing at the big strong monster coddling you like a mother hen.  “SANS?!  WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!”  “it’s nothing Boss, jus’ cute how much you care.”   “SANS!!  YOU KNOW PERFECTLY WELL I AM NEVER CUTE!  WE’VE TALKED ABOUT THIS!’  “yeah yeah, whatever you say.”

Papyrus storms off, huffing and puffing, until he slams the door to his room shut.  But then he gently swings it back open in case you call for his aid; he cannot allow you to wait for even a minute, or strain your voice yelling very loud. ……….. fuck.  He does care.  Until you are gone, health fully restored and a container of lasagna under your arm, he has a slight persistent blush every time he allows his eyes to linger on you.  He loves you……. he has to go into the forest to scream for a few hours.

Blue:   He’s always known.  The moment he got the first flicker of warmth in his soul upon looking at you he recognized and accepted it, embraced it even.  He has always wanted to be in love!  

It happens in a quiet moment, cooking a sweet treat that the King recommended.  There was an… accident with the confectioner’s sugar and it is absolutely everywhere, you are both on the floor, and you are giving him your best ‘I told you so’ look.  “HEHE… MWEHEHEHE!!!!  Y-Y-YOU LOOK LIKE HAPSTA’S COUSIN!!”  So does he!  You both look like ghosts, bathed in white, but soon there are tracks in the sugar going down Blue’s cheeks as he shakes with laughter.  You’re laughing now too, doubled over.  God you’re beautiful like this.  “HUMAN…. YOU ARE AS SWEET AS THIS SUGAR!!”  

Honey:  You two are just chilling on the couch when he realizes.  You’re laying on him, on his chest as he is wont to put you.  Tenderly he brushes your hair back, careful not to get the strands caught between his joints.  If he focuses he can feel the thump of your heart against his sternum, his soul aching to settle into the same rhythm.  He wants you to be like this forever.  Here, with him.  With a smile he leans down to press a kiss to your forehead, pulling you closer.  “hey honey bunches… you’re special to me, ya know that?”

Black:  He realizes that he loves you when he starts showering you in gifts.  He’s a pretty material person, and emotionally constipated to the extreme.  When he wants to show how important you are to him he just shoves something sparkly and expensive in your hands and calls it a day.  It’s like an itch; if you two are out and he sees something neat he Needs to give it to you immediately.  He’s like a little kid with a neat rock; he likes it so he gives it to you.  If he tries to suppress the urge he vibrates with the pent up impulse until he gives in.  

IF THERE’S A PRIZE FOR ROTTEN JUDGEMENT I GUESS I’VE ALREADY WON THAT.  NO S/O IS WORTH THE AGGRAVATION.  THAT’S ANCIENT HISTORY, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  Who dy’you think you’re kidding?  They’re the earth and heaven to you.  Try to keep it hidden, Black we see right through you!  Boy you can’t conceal it, we know how you’re feeling.  Who you thinking of?  NO CHANCE, NO WAY, I WON’T SAY IT, NO, NO!!!

Puppy:  He hasn’t gotten out of bed in…. a while.  It’s all started to blend together, honestly.  His bones feel cemented in place, too heavy to lift even an inch.  Nevertheless, when his phone gives a little ping he groans and reaches for it, motions slow as molasses.  ‘Hey, are you free?’ 

Is he really doing this?  It’s a bright sunny day, and just the thought of how light out it is has him hissing a bit.  But your smile is brighter… if he gets out of bed he will get to see you smile.

With a creak of bones and a low groan he pries himself off of his sheets, shuffling into the bathroom.  There’s no way he’s getting in the shower right now, the way things are he would never leave it again.  A whore’s bath will do, he thinks, as he runs water over a rag.  Ugh, there is a light dusting of chalky powder over his bones, that is how long it’s been since he bathed.  It’s even a little tacky in places.  He needs to get his life together.  Remember, you’re doing this for them.

Despite all of this… when he drags himself out of the house and sees you for the first time that day…. he feels a flutter of happiness in his chest.  It was worth it. 

ID #60492

Name: Candace
Age: 16
Country: Canada

hello friends! my name’s candace but many people call me candy. it crossed my mind for the first time a few minutes ago that i should find a penpal, not only because it’s incredibly cute but also because i’d love to find new friends! i really love the idea of getting snail mail from someone on the other side of the world! anyways, here’s some stuff about me:

one; i love music. my first instrument was the piano, and now i teach it to lil kids as a part-time job :) my main love is singing though, and the ukulele! i also love the guitar, but i’m terrible at it. i also listen to ALL genres–no kidding, my music library must have 10000+ songs. so if you love music and want super cool and obscure music recs OR you have a super cool and obscure music taste i’d love to get to know you !

two; i love books + movies. my favourite books are harry potter, to kill a mockingbird, flowers for algernon, the outsiders, and the kite runner (but i enjoy a variety of books). my favourite movie is it’s a wonderful life and pretty much anything with audrey hepburn!!! as you can probably tell i like the classics, but i also like new stuff, too! i try to be as unpretentious as possible i swear ;)

three; i’m nice and sweet and if i grow attached to you i will probably never let u go >:) nah but honestly i’m very caring and i love giving and receiving advice. even though i can be very cheerful and sweet, i often come off as a little shy and distant. i’ve had a pretty rough year mental health-wise but i’m definitely recovering! so if you have mental health issues or just want somebody to talk to when you’re sad i’m your girl.

four; like i said, i love reading. i also love writing, photography, my friends and family, spring, sleep, watching tv, and volunteering/doing stuff other than staying home or going to school (although i do this the most :P) right now i’m thinking of majoring in psych and eng @ uoft but i still have two years of high school before i have to figure it out! i don’t particularly like high school but i don’t particularly hate it either. but it’d be nice to know someone outside my little bubble.

other little things about me include my love for cheesecake; my desire to travel; my favourite stores (chapters or other small bookshops or record shops or coffee shops!); my favourite food other than cheesecake (pho and poutine); my favourite tv shows (friends, gilmore girls, merlin, brooklyn nine nine); my favourite places (london, amsterdam, wwohp, my room); and my favourite genres of music (jazz, indie rock, indie folk, alternative, jazz hip-hop).

this summer i will be going to vietnam for a month so if you’re from there PLS TALK TO ME my vietnamese is crap.

okay i think that’s all! thank you for reading this massive wall of text :)

p.s. how do you find will smith in the snow? you look for fresh prints

hehe hope you liked the joke if you didn’t please pretend you never saw that

Preferences: if you think we could be friends please talk to me ! i love talking to younger kids and also older kids and also old people in general. adults are kind of gross but if you’re cool then i’ll allow it :) jk adults are cool too. oh and if you’re around my age (15-19) thats nice too! *checks to see if i’ve covered all the age groups* oh ya any babes can contact me too ;) (…sorry)

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Oh lol completely forgot. So I do have like a request as always take your time 😌. No rush. Bad boy Jungkook who always gets into fights (he kicks ass though 😆) and his cute little boyfriend Park Jimin who always worries for him.

hello lil sunshine!!! keke im so sorry i like…. got carried away i meant for this to be short but i couldn’t bear to leave it at like 600words so congrats on a 2.8k fic (*´꒳`*) idk if i deviated from the plot(?) its not that violent but nonetheless i still hope u like it precious one!! hehe @berry-happy-tokki i hope u enjoy black widow as much as i do;-)
Kill Your Darlings

there’s nothing but silence, besides the occasional creak of jeongguk’s mattress as their weight shifts, the occasional wince, a few sighs here and there.

“jeongguk… i thought i told you to stay safe for me,” jimin chides softly, dabbing a ball of cotton soaked with alcohol on bruised knuckles, thumb brushing against a strikingly unmarred right cheek in contrast to the deep gash on his left, a split lip, a bloody nose. these things always happen, somehow- jeongguk says it’s instinct, he’s a magnet for fights one way or another- and every time jimin scolds him, he promises no more next time; but they both know it’s a lie.

nonetheless, jimin’s always there to patch him back up, as good as new, and he feels guilty the way the raven haired boy fusses over him, lip jutted out in pain too, eyes sloped down in worry.

“he called you a midget, hyung! he- he insulted you and called you such awful things and i just lost it so i-” jeongguk rages, blood boiling, veins on his arm flaring and bulging as well. jimin soothes him to calm down with gentle words, shaking his head, “i don’t care what they say, jeongguk- but i care about you.”

the instant jeongguk’s widened eyes meet jimin’s watery ones, he knows he’s lost, as always, and looks at the parquet floor as he bites on his lower lip, only to hiss in pain forgetting about the cut at the corner of his mouth. “easy there, bun, here- lemme just put some cream-”

“‘m sorry hyung,” jeongguk mumbles, jimin almost done with the bandages and gauges and antiseptic creams. “sorry that you always have to worry about me. i really try to stop fighting so much, ya know? but it just- it just happens and-”

jimin cuts him off by kissing his cheek in reply, “i like you all the same, guk-ah,” but jeongguk shakes his head vehemently. “no- this isn’t right- hyung, i’m really a bad boy.”

and jimin smiles, that bright blinding smile that had jeongguk tripping over his own feet the moment he saw it. “oh really now,” he laughs, “getting multiple bruises or having a jawline that could cut someone’s throat or a double helix piercing doesn’t make you any more a bad boy, jeongguk. you’ll always be my baby boy.”

“no, listen, hyung! i- i cross the road without looking left and right,” jeongguk confesses, and jimin gasps. “jeon jeongguk! stop that at once! you could die, you idiot- don’t you ever do that again i swear you’re looking all sides and crossing the damn road when it’s green and you very well cross-” but jeongguk kisses him to shut up, and interrupts. “sometimes when i’m hungry i break the bro code and i eat first, sometimes i skip classes just to be cool. sometimes i seduce people to maintain that image- jimin hyung, please tell me you like bad boys,”

the way jeongguk says it so earnestly it almost seems like he’s earning bruises, cuts and gashes as badges and medals to make jimin proud, the way his doe eyes widen, slender hands gripping jimin’s smaller ones tenderly. it’s oddly romantic, the way they’ve fallen into such an unconventional way of doing things.

“i don’t like bad boys, jeongguk. i like you,

and that was when they were still schooling. they’ve both graduated, bought themselves a decent apartment to live in, call home.

it’s complicated, jimin was what jeongguk had said the first night he came home all battered, old scar beneath that left cheekbone reopened, knuckles all bloody and a black eye.

“jeon jeongguk! what’s all this about!” jimin shouts in alarm, grabbing the first aid kit and pushing the younger down in his white dress shirt and slacks, black tie loosened and askew to breathe.

it’s only jeongguk’s second week of work, a job that’s restricted and classified, but it pays well and jimin doesn’t probe, with due faith and respect in his partner’s career and life choices. as such, they work and sleep in separate rooms, although sometimes they creep in to the other’s bed, craving warmth and attention and everything the other had to offer. anything and everything.

“i’m sorry, jimin-ah.” is all he utters shamefully, as jimin cleans and patches him up, lips quivering under his crooked pretty front teeth, hands clammy. “jeongguk, you said this job was good,” jimin wails, “and now you come home like this- what am i supposed to think, baby? do your colleagues not like you? or did you do something silly again-”

“no, no! it’s not like that, i just- my job requires slight physical activity as well,” he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “i can’t say more than that though- but i swear i’m not hiding anything else, jimin- i love you to death and you know i would tell if i could right?”

jeongguk’s looking at him like he were a wounded puppy, and jimin resigns to how trusting he’ll always be, gives in grudgingly. “yeah yeah- i love you too.”

“til death do us part, then.”

jeongguk comes back now and then all damaged, but jimin unyieldingly stays till the end, wraps him up with utmost care, like he’s fragile and delicate. the way jimin holds a sinner like him is literally the epitome of never ending love, and he hopes the kisses he pampers jimin with is enough to show. jeongguk hopes the gifts he brings back as surprises are enough of a compensation for all that worry and concern, hopes all those nights he secretly snuggles into jimin’s blanket burrito is enough a testimony for his unwavering faith.

jimin works at a small company as a secretary, looking all cute with the prescription glasses he wears there sometimes, and jeongguk’s really afraid that one day those people might come for his super cute lover, with that cute pout and poised masculinity; so he never mentions his job to jimin, lest he get implicated.

as much as jimin would like to remain as jeongguk’s cute squishy rice cake of a boyfriend, he’s not that dull either- his senses have heightened over the years, keen sense of movement from all that dance practice and figure skating. he’s even learned (from jeongguk’s guidance and firm insistance that he knows) how to hold a gun and basic martial arts to protect himself.

jeongguk gets carried away sometimes, eager to tell his one true love about his new friends, his colleagues, his little team at work; and so far jimin has gathered that jeongguk works as JK, and his team leader is someone by the name of namjoon hyung who goes by the alias RM- and also there’s this guy whom jeongguk’s really fond of working with, V, real name kim taehyung. they work for this unknown man named JIN, who’s rumoured to be the most handsome, wealthy and powerful man in the whole of south korea. nobody’s seen him before- but his display of prowess is something to be reckoned with.

(jeongguk’s honestly a kid at heart, and even though he delicately tries to alternate names and drop subtleties, jimin’s still as sharp as a tack and catches all the implications anyway.)

jeongguk’s one sole error, after about a year of intricately woven hidden secrets, is when he takes jimin to the arcade, and they play a 1v1 game of shooting- the kinds similar to overwatch. jeongguk hits all the targets deadshot, all-kill, with a wickedly sharp accuracy. and when jimin turns his head he sees his lover’s eyes slitted with concentration, tongue peeking out to lick his lips and poke the inside of his cheek- something he does when he’s dead serious, or after he’s done hand to hand combat and wins. the glint in his eyes isn’t something that’s normal, jimin realises.

(no wonder why jeongguk had vehemently insisted on him knowing the basics of pulling a trigger, asked him to keep some self protection weapons close to him at night.)

jimin realises, it’s the look of a killer.

of course jeongguk’s work is classified- he’s working as a hitman.

their superficial façade over vocation continues, a little tango between the two of them, albeit blindfolded. a danse macabre. a duel to the death. who’s fooling who? is the question they both should be asking.

and then, in the middle of the night, jeongguk’s phone buzzes. repeatedly, and really loudly. jeongguk groans, checking the time on his alarm clock, and boy is it an ungodly hour of the night, 4:03am. thinking it’s just his alarm to remind himself to get the anniversary bouquet and gift for jimin, jeongguk turns off his phone, flipping on his side and pressing into the comfort of his soft pillow, pulling his duvet over his mousy ruffled hair. suddenly he hears a thump, a rustling inside his room-

shit, he’s forgotten to close the damned windows after installing those protective invisible lasers on jimin’s, which he had to climb outside and install while jimin was at work. god damn this- the phone was buzzing to alert him of intruders. by now the alarms in his house have gone off- to a frequency only he can hear so no one else knows. he reaches for the gun under his pillow- but it’s too late. the moment he rips open his blanket, there’s the sharp tip of a blade a millimetre away from his face.

jimin’s phone starts vibrating like crazy, and when he whines to check it, eyes squinting at the bright screen, he realises they’re coming. he’s not the cute secretary jeongguk thinks he is- his glasses? they’re designed to look for specified targets; they have small poisoned darts lodged in its legs.

his boss, that goes by the codename SUGA, has sent him a text- they’re on the way, min. and his boyfriend, HOPE, has shot him a message of time to protect your man, jiminie~ yes, he is a secretary, but he works for an intel company. classified as well, but well guised as a normal tax and insurance company, flooded with files and papers of criminal minds. and right now, he isn’t jeongguk’s beloved park jimin- he’s JM.

he presses the link yoongi (his boss’s real name) has sent after thanking him, and he sees the blinking red of the moving van marching across the gps, towards their house. damn it, he hadn’t thought they’d move so fast- he knows jeongguk has shot down their gang leader yesterday, and he had only stuck on that bug to track their coordinates one hour after the death, knowing they’d be hot on their heels, but this!

immediately, he presses a few buttons on the laptop besides him, looking at jeongguk’s sleeping figure through the night vision cameras he secretly installed in the core of his jarvis and iron man figurines on the shelves. a good masquerade, he had acclaimed, smiling softly as he brushed his fingers across the screen where his baby was sleeping. the motion sensors in his room was going crazy, courtesy of yoongi’s genius in hacking and hoseok’s (his boss’s boyfriend) nimble fingers and honeyed tongue that easily manipulated- those gangsters were only two streets away from their apartment, according to the national security cameras they had tapped on.

sighing, jimin pushed all his hangers in his wardrobe aside, pushing some hidden buttons for his bodysuit to be revealed. he had gone blonde some time after the arcade incident, jeongguk saying he would look extremely hot. he was, actually, in that skin tight suit to outline his killer figure (pun intended). lacing up his boots, jimin put on his rings next, hoisting up the mattress to reveal abundant arms stashed below, taking out a silencer and a pistol, some arrows and a crossbow.

pushing his hair back, he sighed again. anything to keep jeongguk safe.

the first thing that flashed through jeongguk’s mind was jimin. should he wake the elder up? no, jimin would definitely be outnumbered, even if he knew how to fight- there were about nine men in his spacious room that now looked too crammed. if jimin was still sleeping then there might be hope that he would make it. jeongguk would willingly take the bullet for him anyday. it was his created mess, so he would end it. swallowing, he closed his eyes, waited for the blade to deliver the excruciating pain.

but it never came.

instead, he heard the groans of those masked assailants, the sound of six shots and the firing of darts whizzing, another black figure was lithely cascading through the confined space, and jeongguk had no idea who the hell that was, or how that person could still manage to back flip and cartwheel while slicing someone’s head off with the heel of his boots. before he knew it, the man holding the dagger above is face had fallen onto his stomach, along with his entire army.

it felt like seconds where there were nine men coming for him, and now there were nine bodies on his floor piled up and waiting to be disposed.

then the night mode light flipped on, a warm orange light flitting in. “jeongguk!” a voice panted, “you alright, babe?” wait- what? that sounded exactly like-

“oh my god- honey, you never told me you-” jeongguk spluttered, seeing jimin sit on his lap, blonde bangs matted with sweat and sticking to his forehead like he had just danced for hours to perfection. “jimin, honey, darling- you could fight?”

“shut up, guk. i asked if you were okay first,”

“i-i’m good, holy shit jimin, you never told me you were my very own black widow- since when- how didn’t i know-”

“like you ever told me you were a hitman,” jimin huffed, pushing back his hair, smirking coyly. “why, jeongguk? like what you see?”

“jimin this- this is ridiculous- how could someone like you be this hot and cute at the same time- what even is this suit, oh my god-” jeongguk blubbered, tracing the mix of leather and latex lookalike material, actually bulletproof. “i had it custom made, since you were a marvel dork,” jimin laughs, moving in to kiss him. a moan came from the edge of jeongguk’s bed, the sign of one of the ruffians rousing from the taser. “so much for being kind and using a tranquilizer first,” jimin mumbling under his breath sourly, but still cupping jeongguk’s jaw and going in for a languid kiss, cocking the gun in jeongguk’s hand, aiming his non-dominant hand backward and shooting the assailant straight through the heart without even turning to look at his target.

“what the actual fu-”

“shush,” jimin says, pressing a finger to his lips. “you’re safe and that’s all that matters to me.”

“you have blades on your shoes?” jeongguk gapes, as jimin undoes the laces, tugging them off to snuggle next to jeongguk comfortably. and jimin pinkens. “um, well, they function as normal ones but like, do you remember that stupid dance with the fancy footwork you did to make me laugh- was it called begin?- if i do that then the stilletoes become knives. sharp enough to kill.” he breathes into jeongguk’s ear, emphasizing on the last four words as a careless whisper.

“i don’t think i’ve loved you more,” jeongguk whispers back, still in shock but body taut like a livewire. oh wow, he’s been blessed even though he’s a dirty sinner that takes lives and kicks ass for a living. jimin only giggles as jeongguk spoons him, mumbling sweet everythings into the nape of his neck, bodysuit off but boyfriend’s shirt on.

“now that we know each other’s secrets, why don’t we work together? as a team?”

“what do you mean? like we’re what, natasha romanoff and tony stark?”

“kinda, but mainly i mean that i’ll be your scene stealer, and you go for your direct kill.”

“but what if i hurt you-”

“till death do us part, sweetheart.”

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May I request a fanfic where Sonic suddenly realizes he's in love with Amy? I've always pictured it happening to him gradually until one day it hits him, "Oh man I love her don't I?" Sorry if you've done something similar before. Thank you for your time!

…. Oh boy! I’m excited! but this is a tough one… I also agree it would take time and come gradually but…

I also believe he’s always falling for her, but that he fights the thought of ever being ‘in love’ with anyone.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s see now… do I start with him being older and coming to a strange thought about being in love with her? Or…


I like the Or.

(x) I’m a sucker for Classic Sonamy xD It’s so cute and precious~


Amy walked into her small home just off the side of an ocean, pushing her butt up against the door to close it while she brought in wild ingredients she harvested from a small garden she had planted a ways away.

It had been a long time since she entered that fighting tournament to meet her hero again, and even longer since she had even seen or heard anything concerning-

“Sonic!” she gasped.

Sitting at her table, flipping through her open tarot cards, was the blue hero himself.

She blushed, leaning back in mostly surprise before happily throwing the basket up and placing her hands together at the side of her face, hearts in her eyes.

‘He found my home! I knew he could!’ she swooned, before the basket came down and obscured her vision, making her wobble a bit before pushing it up and looking back at him.

He looked over to her, as if nothing was amiss. “Yo.” he stated, and went back to the cards, placing some down. “What does this mean?”

“Ah..” he hadn’t seen her in an awfully long time… and all he was going to say was ‘yo, what does this mean’?

She pouted a little, puffing up a side of her cheek and folding her arms, before thrusting them down in annoyance at how rude that was.

Wasn’t he happy to see her too?

She came over to the couch, looking at his arrangement.

“Ah!” she noticed her own arrangement from this morning and quickly messed it up, compiling the cards up but not touching the ones he’d placed down. “So embarrassing!” she thought her house a mess, even though it was well presented and organized.

She held the piled of tarot cards messily placed into her hands over her face, shaking herself side to side in a cutely shy fashion.

He just stared at her, before looking back at his arrangement. “What’d it say?”

She peeked above the cards, and then smacked them down to the table, “Ohh, you could at least tell me first how you found me! O-or why~<3″ she hid once again behind the cards, squeeing slightly at how bold it was to ask!

He just leaned back, kicking his feet up to the table and draping one over the other, rubbing his nose and closing his eyes to relax a bit.

“You hollered out where you lived, remember?”

Amy twitched, the cards flying everywhere around her as her eyes turned white with shock. “I… I did?” she barely squeaked out.

“Yeah. Half the town heard ya.” Sonic moved his finger that was itching his nose to now scratch and poke inside his ear, twisting it a bit before he yawned and peeked an eye open. “I figured I’d check up on ya. Make sure no weirdos burst into your house or somethin’.”

That was over a year ago.

“H-huh? Weirdos?.. ah!” she suddenly opened her mouth wide, realizing…

She raced to her window, and gasped as she looked in the other room.

“You came in through my window!” she cried out, seeing the pots smashed and the dirt from his feet all over her kitchen floor.

Her face slouched down as a few quills stood out of place, giving her a drained look, “You’re the one who crashed into my house..” she groaned to herself, before turning around and seeing him looking at a card, turning it over and examining it again, before showing it to her.

“Hey, tell me what this means.” he asked once more, but instead of annoyed, Amy just sighed and conceeded.

“Well, I suppose boys will be boys. Hehe~” she figured it was his eagerness to see her that he took such routes to get in, and seemed to think of it as a compliment. (Author’s note: Don’t let people break into your house, even if you like them, please. lol)

She plopped right down next to him and scooted over, looking at the three arrangements of cards he had.

“Hmm… I don’t think you did it right.” she stated, and leaned over him to get to the cards.

Without her noticing… Sonic watched her as she leaned over, staring at her face a moment…

Unknown to her, he had silently and mysteriously missed her along his travels. He wasn’t sure why, but he just felt like a friendly visit wouldn’t hurt none.

With Eggman’s whereabouts unknown, he took the opportunity to seek her out.

The townsfolk were the hardest obstacles… Sonic was embarrassed to ask about a girl he had only met a few times already, and one who seemed overly fond of him too.

Luckily, only some of the townsfolk knew Amy only vaguely, and didn’t question his looking for her.

But sadly… others knew of her obsession, apparently, with him. And they snickered and would tease that he wanted to know where she lived.

He had stifled a comeback here and there.. twitching at trying to practice some self-discipline, but in a sense… he was desperate to see her again.

The real reason he wanted to see her?

He continued to let her lean over, arranging and doing her tarot, voodoo, whatever thing as he looked at the way her quills bent, her eyelashes curled, and even how that long sash around her head could so neatly tie up at the end behind her head.

She was cute, but there had to be something more than that.

Why did her name and face just… pop into his head all of a sudden?

He was resting after a while of nothin’, no leads, no real action happening, and suddenly remembered the first time he saw her.

Without pushing the idea away for a moment, he thought back on her and the time they had together… something was special about her.

What was it?

That’s why he had found her. He had to know, for himself anyway.

 What was so special about the memory of Amy Rose?

“There!” she leaned up, right when his eyelids furrowed in his thoughts, before he turned to look at the table neatly put together again.

She giggled, “Okay, take the first three cards from the top.” she instructed.

He looked at her funny, his ears moving slightly forward in suspicion, before doing so.

“Great! Now put them down like so.” Amy pointed out a finger and placed it on the table, as he seemed kinda bored by the instruction and quickly placed the cards down.

She giggled.

“What!?” he quickly sat up, moving his arms up as he turned to her, looking slightly frustrated she wasn’t telling him what the deal was. “Hey! Don’t keep it to yourself! It’s my fortune, tell me!”

She continued to laugh, liking his reaction as he suddenly puffed and sat back, folding his arms and pouting like a little kid.

“Hehe, sorry! It says you like to jest to flirt. And you don’t care who hears it, just as long as they smile!” she beamed, and for a moment, he forgot her ‘obviously wrong’ interpretation to stare at the smile…

He remembered that smile…

It was that smile.. that…

His eyes widened.

“That’s it!” he leaned forward, arms out.

It was her smile!

He missed her smile!

“Ah… do… do you believe me now?” she tilted her head, not sure what he was talking about.

He closed his eyes and leaned back on the comfy couch, nodding to himself. “Yep, that must be it.”

“…Um… Do you jest with a lot of girls?” she sweat dropped, hoping that not the case.

He nodded again. “Has to be.” he told himself, still on his train of thought and just speaking out loud.

Her body suddenly rose with flames, showing her true opinion about that statement. “Emmmm… HMPH!” She puffed up a side of her cheek and swished it away from him.

“I wouldn’t have taken you for a casonova! Although… I could see why girls would fawn over you day in and day out… being so cool and famous as you are~ Teehee~” she seemed to look away and fantasize for a moment, before putting her two hands up by her cheeks, but then turning around swiftly back at him to glare. “You better not cheat on me.” she warned.

He suddenly snapped out of his thoughts and looked back to her, blinking, “Hmm? Hmm.” he narrowed his eyes, not caring about missing the conversation she was on.

He whipped his hand back, spun to be on top of the back of the couch, and stood firmly, arms folded together.

“Hey, Amy. Want to go for a ride?” he smiled, looking down at her.

“Huh? A ride?” Amy blinked, looking up at him before grinning and blushing, turning away to hide her face again.

For a moment, he thought he said something off, and tilted his head, “Huh? What’s wrong? Don’t you miss riding along with me?” He bent his body down but remained perfectly balanced as his feet kept a firm stance on the couch’s ridge.

“Hehehe~ It’s not that! I’d love to come!” she threw her arms up, moving to face the couch’s back and look back up at him as he leaned up.

“It’s just… my fortune today! It said that I should accept an unexpected invitation today! And then you showed up.” she blushed again and turned her face. “It really is destiny, isn’t it?”

Sonic thought about that briefly, before offering her his hand. “Well, I don’t know about destiny, but I sure do think your smile is pretty.” he didn’t seem to have any trouble saying that.

She looked back up, her face bright red as she kicked her feet out and squee’d into her hands.

“You really think so, Sonic?~<3″

“What? Most girls are.”

“Ah, you’re so- wait.” she suddenly moved her hands down, looking annoyed by that comment. “Ohhh!” she leaned up, glaring up at his face that had to move speedily before the two accidentally collided.

So close to her face.. .he barely paid attention to what she was talking about as memories from before flooded his mind again… What’d he do after he saved her again..?

“You better not be picking up other girls for joyrides, Sonic! I’m your future bride, remember? No other girl should be as cute as me!”

“I didn’t say cute. I said pretty.” Sonic continued to stare… her expression, mannerisms,… everything she did was so full of life. It reminded him of something…

“Ohhh!!! You better not! I’m warning you, mister!” she flailed her arms around, being upset he would say such things, especially if he was saying them to other girls.

He suddenly smiled, his eyebrows lifting to a more tender and… kind nature.

“Be right back.” he winked, putting a pointer finger up and leaning away from her face.

He dashed off, a sudden excitement sprang in his chest that he wasn’t fully aware of before, but pulled him to take action.

She blinked, not sure what he was doing, but lowered her head to the back of the couch, pouting. “And there he goes again…” she sighed and drooped her eyelids. “There goes my hero again~ Ahh~ I missed him so much~<3” she cooed, before hearing the wind pick up outside and lifted her head up, surprised to see him jerk himself forward and wobble to a balance like a door-stop.

“You’re back!”

“Em-hmm. Here.” he held up a flower. “There’s a full meadow of these growing not too far from here. They kinda remind me of you.” he stated, being a bit more… honest than he ever had been before.

“Oh! A meadow!”

There it was. That smile he had silently missed for so long.

He smiled too, seeing her face glow like these flowers usually do. So full of life as they sway in the wind, rapidly losing petals as if trying to escape the ground through it.

He walked up, jumped, and placed the flower by her ear. “Come on. It won’t take long.” he hoped it wouldn’t pass to quickly either.

“Here, I’ll catch you. Like before.” he stepped two paces back, and held out his hands. “Trust me, I won’t drop ya.” he winked, charmingly.

She couldn’t believe it, this time, instead of her tracking him down, he had found her! And now, he’s taking her off to some adorable meadow to do some cute coupley things and they were going to live happily ever after and she would kiss his cheek and say ‘I do’ and ahhh~

She immediately jumped into the air.

Sonic positioned himself, and gladly caught her.

Her light weight in his arms brought back more pleasant memories.

“Alright, looks like we’re set.”

“Em!” she nodded, “Just like your fortune!”

“M-my fortune?” Sonic turned back, “What was that again?”

“Hehe, it said more than jesting, silly.” she batted her eyes, making him suddenly grow a little nervous.

“Uhh…” he suddenly sweat dropped. What did she think they were going to do in the meadow…?

He just wanted to enjoy the smile, she just wanted to give him a smile~<3 (Author’s note: Teehehehe~)

But it was certain, as Sonic ran off, and Amy explained, “It said you were all set to go! That there was nothing else you needed now but a cheery grin on your face!”

He knew it wasn’t his grin he needed to equip himself with for this journey.

It’s was hers.

“Huh, I wonder if this is what’s it’s like.” he stated, racing ahead.

“What, what’s like?” she was laughing a moment ago, enjoying the fast speeds like a roller-coaster.

He looked down at her.

“…Hmm…” he scrunched up his face.


“W-what?” She blinked up, innocently, having no idea…

He rolled his eyes up to the side, smiling and keeping it his little secret.

“Nuuuuthin’.” he stated, watching the fainted blue sky stretch across the plain as he ran her and that pretty smile to the meadow.

But he knew.

He always knew then.

Laying down to rest and watching her spin around and then lay opposite of him, their heads touching, looking up and then laughing or talking about the beautiful butterflies, the many pictures in the clouds, and the whole time listening to her sweet voice cry out in laughter, a melody he didn’t know he’d grown so fond of.

He knew.

He knew at last.

But that wasn’t going to change anything.

Only that he wouldn’t lose track of where she was again.

Just in case…

He got that urge to see her smile again.

He looked up, stopping himself from chuckling and feeling her head move up and down as she continued to give a beautiful open smile and laugh some more.

He smiled calmly too, blinking slowly.

Just in case.


“And that’s where I come in~”

*Snicker snicker snicker*

(EGGMAN. NO. 3D: )

Bill: All of these…for me? Why?

Dipper: Everyone knows you’ve changed, so they wanted to show how they’ve changed too.

Dipper: With all these gifts, you’ll have a stash of sweets for weeks! Of course, I won’t let you eat it all at once.

Bill: I’d rather not get sick.

Dipper: Good….ya know, you’ve got all these Valentines Day cards, but none of them are from me. To be honest, I don’t have a card for you.

Bill: Wha?

Dipper: A simple card wasn’t enough…and I thought about what to give you for the longest time. It was very hard to choose. Not to mention obtain, but I think it trumps some candy and poetic words…

Dipper: Surprise~!

Dipper: This little gal is a Munchkin. I know you’ve been pretty bored while I’m away from the house, so I thought a feline companion would be nice.

Bill: Oh gosh Dipper…I- Look at her pink nose! I don’t even know how to take care of this thing!

Dipper: I’ll help you. Kittens are pretty energetic.

Bill: Her fur is so soft~

Dipper: Heh, she likes you already.

Bill: I love her! She can sunbath with me, and we can read together, and so many other things!

Dipper: Hehe~ (your so cute.)

Dipper: Happy Valentines Day~! <3

Dipper: I’m going to feed the cat now~

((Very VERY late Valentines Special. I had my reasons, and I’m sorry to make you all wait. Please enjoy~ ))

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We had our chance (Part 5)

Okay, so this is a direct continuation off Part 4, picking up where we last left off. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate every reblog, like and comment. Really, you all are the best! 

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Pairing: Lin x Reader

Summary: Love is like a puzzle, you have to find the right pieces to create the whole picture. But what happens when the pieces are incredibly small and easy to loose?

Warnings: This will contain angst. Not only angst, a little fluff as well, but the ride won’t really be an easy one. ALSO. This one might contain a little NSFW stuff. Nothing to bad, but yeah. You’ve been warned.

Wordcount: 2,631

Tags: @hopeandlovelastlonger (If more people wants a tag, then just tell me and I’d be happy to include you as well.)

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