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Only Mine

Description:  When you realized your boyfriend was cheating you didn’t expect the waiter you chose for retaliation to become so important to you.  Now that you are engaged it is time for you to finally declare who is the one you belong with.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 9083

Warning: Dom!Hoseok, spanking, breath play, cheating, punishment

A/N: This has taken forever and I am sorry about that BUT MYSTIC MESSENGER DESTROYED MY LIFE.  Hopefully possessive Hoseok makes up for it.  

Oh, also I need to give a special thanks to @avveh (I feel like I tag you in all of these now) because without her withholding vines, pictures, and gifs from me until I met my word count for the day this would not have been completed anytime soon.

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What Roman poet should you fight

Who wins: ???
I don’t know who will win this but please, he is so egotistical. Beat him up. Do it.

Who wins: Nobody
No one benefits from this. Why would you fight Vergil? What kind of evil person would do that??? He’s not hurting anyone, he is too precious. Don’t fight Vergil.

Who wins: You
Dude is essentially a scrawny little white boy. if you punch him he will probably cry. Do it. Fight Catullus.

Who wins: You
BUT he will probably sass you so badly in one of his poems and you will never be able to live it down. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Martial.

Who wins: You
I know you want to punch him, hell I wanna punch him, but you’ll regret it. He’ll probably seduce everyone in your family after. Who cares though. Drop kick that son of a bitch. Fight Ovid.

Julius Caesar
Who wins: Caesar
I know his poems are shit and he deserves to get punched in the face for them but don’t fight him. Dude is a renounced general and is practically unstoppable. Don’t fight Caesar. He will kill you.

Who wins: You
Dude is so fucking old you can probably KO him in one punch. Do it. Fight Seneca.

Who wins: Horace
He was a fucking officer in the military. If he wanted to, he could kill a man. Plus if you fought him you would probably make Vergil sad. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Horace.

Who wins: You
Please look towards the entirety of De Rerum Natura. Dude is a weak ass fucking nerd. Do it. Fight Lucretius.

Who wins: Petronius
He is metal as HELL. He does basically anything he wants and chose to fucking kill himself before he could be sentenced and will probably not hesitate to punch someone in the gut. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Petronius.

Pliny the elder
Who wins: Pliny
He was a military officer and commander. He knows how to fight and stuff. He will most likely not hesitate to beat you up. Don’t do it. Don’t fight him.

Pliny the Younger

Who wins:???

Who wins this is irrelevant. Dude practiced law. He’s practically BEGGING for someone to punch him. Do it. Fight him.

Who wins: ???
I honestly don’t know who will win but he looks deeply distressed in every picture ever as well as completely punchable. Do it. Fight Quintilianus.

Who wins: You
Look he may have written about wars, but he didn’t do shit. You can punch him in the face easily. The only issue is that he’s a sweetie and you’ll feel super bad about it after.


Okay, so first things first: I really don’t want hate on my blog. That’s not what I’m trying to do. Yes, I’m an anti. Yes, I 100% don’t want to interact with sh@ladins in any way possible and I don’t want them on my blog. I completely disagree with sh@ladin ships, especially if they’re shipped by anyone over the age of 18, as it’s predatory and straight up gross.

That aside, antis: We shouldn’t feel afraid of making Shiro content. The fact that many of us do is disheartening! Since many sh@ladins seem to hate on Lance, the fact that we give Lance so much love is wonderful! It is! But Shiro deserves love, too, just like any other member of Team Voltron.

I feel like he’s the one paladin we stay away from, and that’s understandable because of the stigma around making content of Shiro but if anyone SHOULD be making Shiro content, it’s antis.

So here’s my suggestion: We make 2018 the year we take back Shiro, even if only for a little while. We give our Space Dad all the safe love and attention he deserves. Headcanons, Shiro-centric fics, fanart, all of it. I know many of you are probably scared to make Shiro content on your own, and I know a movement seems kinda ‘revolutionary’ but I’m not trying to start a war. I just want to give antis enough of a sense of safety to be able to love Shiro like we should. Because I hate feeling like sh@ladins own the Shiro tag, or Shiro himself, and I hate feeling like I can’t make art of Shiro because someone’s going to assume I’m a sh@ladin or that someone is going to tag it as a ship, or whatever.

I’m not going to let them ruin him for me.

Let me re-interate: This is not a war. I don’t want this to start unnecessary discourse. My intention isn’t hate, it’s to inspire. Please don’t use this movement or hashtag to spread hate. You can do that on your own terms, with your own tags, as I will. I only want positive things coming from this.

Any Shiro content made specifically for this should be tagged ‘#safeshiro’ and/or ‘#takeshiroback2k18’. And please, if you want to/can, mention the tag in the actual post, not just in the tags, so that we can help spread visibility. 

As such, I also have to add: This tag isn’t for sh@ladins, or anyone who supports the idea of ‘respect all ships’/etc. You’ve had Shiro for way too long. This is for antis only, and is something I’d like to stay within the anti side of the fandom. I’m not even going to tag it as anti sh@ladin, or shiro, or anything like that specifically so none of you stumble upon it by accident. You want respect? This is as close as you’re going to get. Stay out of this. If this whole thing bothers you, block the tags mentioned above and block me.

Any anon hate I receive/any discourse added to my posts will be deleted/ignored. I don’t care enough to give any of y’all the time of day. Consider this my passive-aggressive middle finger.

Stay With Me

Request from @tayzamalfoy: Hey could you do an imagine where the reader is Gryffindor and Draco’s girlfriend but she’s ill and is feeling horrible so Draco looks after her and lays in bed with her until she falls asleep?? Thankyou, I love your imagines :—)

Thank youuuu! I love this request! :)

Originally posted by enjoyingbeingme

You’d woken up with the worst headache, you couldn’t see straight or stand up properly for several seconds without nearly passing out. It was a sunny Saturday and you had made plans with Draco to go to go to the Black Lake and have a picnic several weeks ago for today. You finally found the courage to scramble out of bed and throw on some clothes to go down to breakfast. 

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Okay, fanfic readers, I’m gonna level with you: Why is it so hard to reblog, comment, or message your content creators?

I’m not calling anyone out or anything, I seriously do want to know. It’s a question that’s been bothering me for ages – even before I started this blog! – and now, I just can’t keep it in anymore.

Why is it so much easier to read something that someone has worked hours (or even months) on and just “like” it? And I’ve thought through reasons like, “I don’t know what to say!” or “I don’t wanna bother them!” or “I don’t want fanfic on my blog due to stigma” and those just don’t make any sense. Because 1) you can literally say anything within reason (so long as you aren’t condescending or disrespectful about it); 2) there are nigh-on infinite posts wherein writers insist to readers that nobody is bothering them by being nice because when is a kind word with no malicious intent a bother?; 3) you may not have to reblog, but you could at least message them via chat or on anon.

Clearly, there’s more to it but I just? Don’t? Get it?? There’s plenty of time to read a 10-page long fic but not enough to do more than “like” is what I’ve been noticing not just to me, but to plenty of other extremely talented and patient people. The issue that arises here is that on one hand, people will say, “Just be lucky you have notes” but that’s not fair. That’s practically guilt-tripping. It’s like saying, “Be lucky anyone even so much as glanced in your direction.” You’re telling somebody that they don’t need to be validated for something they felt enough passion to write for, that they should just be lucky anyone saw them at all. A like is a digital equivalent to glancing at somebody at the free samples section, only the free samples are things they’ve worked very hard on and not something manufactured elsewhere by a big company. It’s one – maybe two or even three people – putting their mind, body, eyes, and soul into something and hoping you’ll love it enough to emote.

But sometimes, a little red heart is just a little red heart. How ironic.

What’s wrong with wanting validation? Why do so many people on a site thriving with artistic minds and spirits still seemingly carrying on the social notion that artsy people just “do things for the fun of it” and don’t desire validation or interaction? That they just do things for the whimsy of it all? Maybe some do, but most I know of don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, we love that people so much as give us the time of day. But after a while, it gets really…disheartening. Because it feels like it’s only take with no give. Even unique tags in every reblog are a blessing. I remember some of the names of the blogs who’ve reblogged some of my oldest pieces because they added nice tags expressing their thoughts or feelings. And these are stories from January.

And if that’s what I’m doing as a C-level writer, how are A-levels undergoing the same situation as me doing?

So for that, I ask you and genuinely do hope you answer:

Why is it so easy to “like” something than it is to do other things to let your content creator know you liked what they did?

Rude Boy (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2858

Warnings: Violence (some triggering scenes so please go away if this might make you uncomfortable). Lap dance.

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Because why not. So I had to put it in 2 parts again. If sexual harassment makes you uncomfortable, please go away. I don’t want to cause anyone any harm or pain. If you want to read the smut, it’s the next part.

Permanent Tag List:  @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands

Part 2

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Guys, you are all wonderful! Seriously! From supporting my Etsy shop to all the friends I’ve made and stuff I’ve learned and times y'all have made me laugh from the funniest stuff you post… thank you. :) In honor of reaching a thousand freaking followers (!!!) I’m doing a little giveaway.


  1. Must be following me – I will check!
  2. Must like this post – seriously, it can get annoying to reblog giveaway stuff so I’ll be nice.
  3. Must be willing to give me your address. I can only ship to the USA.
  4. Must be 18+ to enter.
  5. Message, ask, or inbox me with something witch related. It can be a tip, something you’re grateful for, something you learned, a confession… I want to get to know you all better! Please don’t do this anonymously so I know who entered. This is my primary way of tracking who entered.
  6. Don’t tag as giveaway or anything!

And that’s it! I’ll be drawing the winner on Sunday, October 15th… whenever I feel like it. :) Entries close at Sunday, October 15th at noon EST.

So, what will the winner get?! … - A hand-painted 6" coffin box (not the one pictured but similar)

  • A quartz point

  • A tangerine quartz point

  • Polished chrysocolla

  • Polished orange aura quartz

  • Small moonstone

  • Small ametrine

  • Heart shaped labradorite

  • Small vial of carnelian, citrine, and moss agate

  • Three (3) beeswax candles from a local candlemaker

  • 5 herb vials: sage, lavender, orange peel, marjoram, rosemary

  • 2 herb bags: rose petal, calendula

  • 3 cinnamon sticks

  • Seashells (I got them from the craft store, so nothing too special)

  • The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

  • A self love spell satchet containing a pink candle, a rose quartz, and 3 mini bags of sage, rosemary, and rose petal (for everyone – premiering in my Etsy shop today!)

  • A small cast iron cauldron (not pictured, shipping)

  • Three (3) sigils of your choosing painted on wooden tree rounds

  • At least 3 other surprises!

Good luck, everyone! xo, Magically Caffeinated

Miraculous Monday!

As it’s Miraculous Monday, I thought it would be a cool idea to tag @officialmiraculousladybug and let them know how many friends I’ve made because of the show! (If anyone else wants to reblog and tag the friends they’ve made, feel free to do so too!)

Because of Miraculous Ladybug, I’ve made friends whom I now can’t imagine being without. It’s wonderful and I’ll always be thankful to the show for not only giving me my creative spark back, but introducing me to the likes of @edendaphne @kryallaorchid @artsyfartsyana @whitepaintedlotus @maerynn-blog @sweetprincessluck @eizabet @portentous-offerings @wintermoth and countless other people who I’ve talked to over the past year and a half.

Thank you Miraculous Ladybug, for making my life that much more miraculous- and more than on just on Monday!

Tbh I need more Langst focusing on Lance thinking he isn’t important to the team–

Like give me a Lance dealing with intrusive thoughts on missions

Give me a Lance who thinks the only way he can protect his teammates in close quarters combat is by acting as a human shield

Give me a Lance who cares for his team so much but feels he can only give so little

Give me a Lance who breaks down because he feels like the 7th wheel who offers nothing


Commissons are open.

Some prices have been adjusted. Clicky on the smaller pictures for better reading.

I can draw for any fandom, any original characters! Humanoid monsters are cool as well.

How to contact: 

You can contact me on Tumblr, or via e-mail. You will see if my commissions are open on my blog’s sidebar.

- Please add your paypal e-mail as well as your tumblr handle (if you have one) to your e-mail!

My e-mail address is


Through paypal only. You will be receiving sketch previews as well as a preview when it’s nearing completion. Once the final thumbnail is approved, paying happens.

I won’t draw:

- furry
- hateful content
- and anything I feel like I’m not able to deliver in sufficient quality!
- explicit porn
- visible pregnancy
- animals (negotiable)


have your references ready: visual, or detailed written references. Please send me those references: I won’t be rummaging through a tag to find appropriate references, although giving me the tag as well is appreciated since it helps me gauge your character and deliver a better work!
wanna one as conversations with my asian mom

disclaimer: real 100% convos with my mom. my mom is straight from china so lots of asian jokes ahead. not meant to be offensive, just for laughs! read at your own discretion. you have been warned.  ps read in an asian accent for more laughs

yoon jisung:

mom: “why you so fat now? when i was high school student, i weigh 45 kg. you so fat, so ugly. aiya.”

2 minutes later…

mom: “come downstairs eat dinner! eat more, eat more!

*aggressively shoves food onto my plate*

you still growing!”

ha sungwoon:

mom: “why you always no stand up straight? you look like old grandma. even i’m taller than you now!”

me: “what are you even talking about, mom? you’re wearing 5-inch heels, you cheater!”

hwang minhyun:

mom: “if you to the good college, i can go back to shanghai and brag to the family. go to stanford, be doctor, so i can have the money travel the world with your dad. we can brag to your auntie haha.” 

me: “mom stop dreaming.”

mom: “i treat you always so good, and this is how you repay me? can’t even go to the stanford? any chinese student can make it into stanford easy. why you so stupid?” 

ong seongwoo:

mom: “aiya, you so ugly. skin so dark. why you no put on sunscreen, wear hat? i can’t go to china with you, you embarrassing.”

me: “what are you talking about? i stayed inside all summer. plus we’re asian. our skin is yellow.”

mom: “no you dark. why you no like japanese, korean white skin, huh? you always watch gay-pop videos, watch dramas, but you no learn from them white skin?” 

me: “mom, it’s k-pop, not gay-pop god.”

kim jaehwan:

mom: “you playing piano sounds like dying panda. my co-worker 6-year-old daughter play better than you.” 

me: “good for her.”

mom: “even deaf person in china play better than you. you waste my money.”

kang daniel:

me: “mom, have you ever eaten dog before?” 

mom: “no, i never went to china dog-eating festival. i hear it taste like the beef. also my friend say cat meat very good, just like chicken.” 

me: “mom, i was just joking! you can’t say that wth!” 

park jihoon:

mom: “why you no go outside exercise? always stay inside like couch potato, aiya.”

me: “i’ve never seen you exercise in my whole life.”

mom: “i’m adult! i no need exercise anymore.” 

park woojin:

mom: “no dating okay. i know high school, boys say ‘i love you’ but you say ‘no’ okay? you know you ugly so if boy says ‘you so beautiful’, he lie to you.”

me: “wow thanks, love you too mom.”

mom: “no dating any boy until the college. and in college, *whispers* only date the rich, white man. they buy you everything, no check price tag. not like the cheap asians like your dad.” 

me: “okay wow. thanks for the great advice, mom.” 

bae jinyoung:

mom: “you so ugly. you no look like me. you ugly like your dad —nose so big, so fat.”

me: “are you not my mom then?”

mom: “i no born you. i picked you out of trash can when you were baby. i feel so bad for you. now i want to throw you back into trash.”

lee daehwi:

mom: “what you doing?”

me: “calculus.”

mom: “you in high school, they give you this easy stuff? kids in china learn this 7th grade. american education system so sucks. if you move back to shanghai with me, we have to put you in 4th grade, you so stupid.”

lai guanlin:

mom: “you don’t speak chinese, i don’t talk to you. in this house, we speak chinese only.”

me: “then what about dad?”

mom: “no, speak chinese! 讲中文, 你这个笨蛋!”

lmao don’t get triggered pls just jokes man

Matchmaker Misha

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Y/N Collins, Briana Buckmaster

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (sorta), Misha x sister!reader, Misha x Briana (sorta)

Warnings: Cheeky Misha, flustered baby!Jensen (yep both are warnings!), mention of naked Y/N.

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: This one fits into my College AU but like all the others it can 100% be read as a one shot.

It is also my entry for @percywinchester27 aka Ana’s PJO Quotes Challenge where my prompt was: “I tried to think of something to say. Excuse me? Hello? Marry me? Anything would have done.”

Thanks to sweet wonderful lovely (yep laying it on thick - second fic I made her beta in a day) @like-a-bag-of-potatoes for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


“Hey Ackles!” The playful voice from the bleachers drew Jensen’s attention from baseball practice towards his voice for a brief moment. Jensen smiled and shook his head in amusement when he saw Misha waving and almost dropping the pile of papers he was carrying in the process. Jensen heard the snort from one of the players and his eyes instantly landed on the guy. He had been about to yell something at Misha, no doubt to make fun of him, but one look from the captain of the team and his gaze fell to the ground.

Misha was a journalism major and quite frankly a quirky guy. That didn’t matter to Jensen though. He didn’t care that Misha wasn’t like everyone else. Actually he enjoyed that about him. Misha was funny, kind hearted and a goof. The two of them had quickly formed an unlikely friendship and there was no way in hell Jensen was going to allow his teammates to make fun of his best friend.

Just like always when Misha showed up at the stadium, Jensen finished his practice before jogging over to where his buddy was sitting with a pencil behind his ear and his nose buried in his notes, no doubt trying to make heads and tales of what he scribbled down during his last interview.

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Listen like. I know the whole “Emily is Torbjorn’s kid!” thing is mostly a joke but list e n.

Emily meeting Lena for the first time at an overwatch thing and just. “dad u didn’t tell me u worked with a literal angel what the ungodly fuck dad” “you’ve met ang—” “not her. the one who just blinked into the wall.” “…”

Lena wooing Emily with god awful pickup lines during said thing and torb just looks at his wife, wife calmly takes a sip of her drink and just. “Called it.”

Only child and war orphan Lena immediately inundated and welcomed into the fam by a mountain of small children who have already embraced her as a big sister by proxy and she loves ALL OF THEM.

Also like Lena never being more intimidated of Torbjorn, a man she has gone into battle with and seen make and destroy weapons of mass destruction, then when she goes to ask for his blessing to propose to Emily. He gives her the biGGEST HUG and just. “about damn time.” 

The lindholme fam all have Discourse Kazoos for family dinners just in case Omnics get brought up bc that is the only time things get heated between lena and torb like. “Did you hear about what’s happening with Russ–” “PZZZZZZZZZZZTT”

Yoongi as Your Boyfriend

Lets just start with this:

Yoongi doesn’t take relationships lightly

So if he asks you out, that means he thinks you’re special

He thinks that one day you will get married


He knows that you will

Even with you being so special to him, sometimes he will get caught up in work

He doesn’t mean to, just sometimes he gets caught up in producing a song

Or ideas for lyrics are just going strong that day

Next thing you know, an extra four hours has passed.

He always feels really guilty and would call you right away

“I know it’s late, I’m sorry sweetheart…”

“No, it’s not okay. I’ll take you out somewhere nice tomorrow, okay?”

Sometimes you just wish you spent a little more personal *wink wonk* time together, and you have expressed that to him

So if he isn’t there when you crave him most

He’ll be sure to make up for it later ;)

(Stop me)

You’re never really mad about it though

Sometimes just a little disappointed but you know he didn’t mean to lose track of time.

What does make you upset, on the other hand, is when he forgets to take care of himself while getting caught up in work.

Often times you will text or call him in the afternoon and ask him what he’s eaten.

“What do you mean coffee doesn’t count as food Y/N?”

So if you aren’t too busy you’ll grab some food and raid his studio.

Sometime you’ll have to shut off his monitor for a second just to get him away from his computer.

He would getting a little annoyed that you interrupted but that would fade quickly when he saw the worried expression on your face.

He’s honestly so soft and protective of you though.

Like one time you had a bruise on your arm and the first thing he said was,

“Who the hell did that to you?”

He was ready to fiGHT

Though he did feel a little embarrassed after you told him that the perpetrator was a door.

One time he saw one comment of hate against you and for the rest of the day he was clinging on to you and making sure you weren’t upset about it.

“Are you sure you aren’t upset? They were hurtful comments. WHaT dO YOu MEan YoU’Re UsEd To iT?!”

As much as he wants to be strong and protect you all the time, sometimes he needs you to be there for him.

Sometimes work and deadlines gets too stressful

Or his own problems are weighing him down

At times like these, he just wants to put his head in your lap or against your chest so you can just run your fingers through his hair and he can rant about his day, or just fall asleep and forget about his stresses.

Sometimes he gets home really late, and you’ll be in bed asleep already.

But he usually wakes you up by accident, and judging by his tired grumbles, he exhausted and stressed.

He lay down next to you and wrap himself around you.

He would kiss the top of your head as a silent apology for waking you, too tired to really say anything.

Even though he doesn’t have much time for it often, he loves just taking naps, or just having lazy days in bed with you.

Blankets everywhere

Limbs entangled with yours as he just dozes off.

Refusing to let your free

Which becomes a problem when you have to go use the restroom.

This is how he prefers to spend his days off with you.

Sometimes you two will go out for dates.

Usually to a small coffee shop just to relax and get a hot drink.

He doesn’t do it often, but he does like to spoil you from time to time.

Mostly around holidays, and especially on your birthday.

Taking you out to flashy restaurants and giving gifts that you would rather not think about the price without your paycheck crying.

You always ask him how he affords all these things and he just shrugs his shoulders and acts like it’s no big deal.

He yells at you whenever you get him a gift or treat him somewhere and you apologize when it’s not as fancy as what he does for you.

“I don’t want you to think your gifts mean any less to me because they don’t have a big price tag”

“I love everything you give to me baby, stop being so harsh on yourself!”

The genuine way he says everything makes your know he’s being serious.

But he really enjoys staying in bed with you all day the most.

So you’ll wake up with his arms around you on his day off, and you’ll ask if he just wants to stay like this or go out and get coffee.

“I’m not feeling coffee right now baby.”

“But I don’t really want to stay like this…”

You’ll ask him what he wants to do then, but he only murmurs something about having a “few things in mind” before he’s kissing and sucking on your neck.

Yoongi likes to take his time with you, taking in everything he can about you.

Leaving trails of kisses all over you while one article of clothing after another is being removed.

It’s almost torturous but it’s so pleasurable at the sametime.

Slow and sensual is his go-to.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to get rough either.

Scratch, bite, leave his mark all over you.

Fuck you so hard you’re sore after.

He loves to tease you by calling you “Kitten” or “Baby Girl”

He gets pleasure off of making you feel good.

As soon as you’re done, he’s gone.

Good luck waking him up in the next 2-4 hours

Man, this boy can go 0-100 and back real quick.

Overall, Yoongi loves you so much.

(Even though sometimes he sucks at expressing it)

You’re gonna be stuck with him for a while.

Not that Its a bad thing.

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yur local girl is back with some edit type thing and a hella dank banner (inspired by @huphilpuffs​)

so i hit 2k a couple days ago idk how that happened and I’ve been told my moodboards are dank (also coz idk how to make anything else rip) so to give back to my wonderful followers, i thought i could make a little url moodboard edit type thing for y'all. 


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  • be patient with me bc it will take a while to make quality edits! and expect me to post more often <33

if this gets no notes it didnt happen thank u

I need help from the skeleton clique. I’ve tried this everywhere but it’s never really gained traction. I was encouraged to share my story by numerous people, including Tyler’s dad, which is why I’m here now. I’m hoping this post will go viral so he has something concrete to give Tyler and Josh.

Here’s the short of it: I have cerebral palsy and I use a wheelchair but I don’t let that define me. I am not a stereotype and my main aim is to be kind and help people. I want to be a writer. I want to inspire others and achieve my dreams. I’ve had so many people hurt me but I keep going.

I spent three months in hospital and then another two, at least four years later. Illnesses due to my disability robbed me of my dignity and self worth. Both of these times at 14 and 17, I wanted death. I felt like a failure. Therapy hasn’t really helped. Yet now, at age 20 or so, twenty one pilots is and I am so grateful. Seeing them in March 2017 was the highlight of my life.

They are like my home. The Emotional Roadshow is and forever will be for me a place of sanctuary. These boys are my safety net. I forget that I’m in a chair. All my pain. All my problems. They’re gone the instant I put on the music. I know lots of people feel the same way. That is why I was hoping like minded people will come together and help me. All I want is to say thank you. I live so far away and there’s not much else I can do. I want this reblogged, spread on Twitter, everywhere. Tag Tyler and Josh. The only thing I can do is thank my heroes. I want to use the power of the clique to help me do that. I need them to know I exist; it keeps me going, gives me faith.

Please. This is a genuine request. Pass this on. My name is Ally and this is my story. Truce.

i’ve seen a lot of…discussion.. about isakxeven overshadowing sana’s story in fans’ response & i wanted to say something.

yeah, it’s okay to have certain favorite characters and to post content about them. no, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re purposefully ignoring sana. but when 75% of the posts in the season 4 tag are not about the smart, beautiful, complex woc main, it means there’s something going on.

so what if people aren’t consciously choosing to overlook sana — it is disheartening as a woc to see that pattern. it’s disheartening that what the majority of people would most like to see is a story about two white boys. you can say that having an lgbt storyline is important, and sure, i’ll give you that — but imagine how it would feel if, during isak’s season, people only talked about noora. imagine if everyone said, “yeah it’s cool but i have another favorite.” imagine if you were in a minority of people by appreciating that story — would the show still be as important and vital to you, knowing that most people didn’t care?

representation goes beyond seeing people who look like you or share your experiences on screen. representation is also knowing that the creators have made your story visible to their audience, that you are being seen. because it’s cool and all to have a writer make a story about someone who looks like you, but it’s another thing entirely to know that other people who don’t look like you care. and are interested in the story.

so love isakxeven. go for it. but don’t blow off the idea that poc can be upset because of how dominant it is in the fanbase. because while thinking they’re your favorites is not harmful, not considering the implications of the broader trends is.

representation isn’t a job for julie alone. it involves all of us. please respect that.


Day 4 of the #Selflovingyogis July challenge ❣Hero Pose / Virasana

You can come into Virasana with or without props, and/or come into a Reclined Hero Pose (swipe for variation).
Coming onto the floor, you can have the knees together sitting on the heels, or hip distance apart to sit on the floor between the ankles. You can use a blanket over the heels, or place a block or cushion under the butt to be propped up. Hands placed on top of the thighs, spine upright, chin slightly down, gazing ahead or with the eyes closed down. To come down slowly into a Reclined Hero, place the hands back and by your side’s, dropping down to your forearms. Keep the spine long and elongated (you can also place a long bolster to support the back). Only come down as far as it feel comfortable but not painful, this is a deep pose so take your time.
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As thanks for the 2k+ followers for this Sterek sub-blog, I wanted to show my eternal gratitude by giving you guys something in return :’D

I’ll be picking two winners (via like and via reblog)
First winner will get the Sterek acrylic charm and “Stiles Werewolf Oven” pin.
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As for the rules, it’s pretty simple (I think haha)

  • Keep your ask/tumblr chat open, I’ll be leaving a message for mailing info
  • No need to be following me to join
  • You can like and reblog as a way to join the giveaway, reblog only once to give everyone a chance to win :)
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Hey if you’re white and you care about supporting PoC and making sure we’re safe and treated with respect

Listen to PoC.

Not just the ones you like. Not just the ones who are saying things you wanna hear.

Don’t dismiss PoC talking about racism because you find it “annoying”, don’t comfortably tell yourself we’re overreacting (Hysterical, Overly Angry) when we say something inconvenient or must be having it all wrong, don’t try to explain our own oppression to us.

We can be wrong about stuff related to racism but as a white person you are not the one who gets to make that call and your first priority should be not perpetuating racism

Basically, when it comes to giving a shit, don’t just say you do and then only act like it when it’s easy and makes you feel or appear like a good person.

And I said listen to PoC, because you definitely should, but also remember in many contexts that’s too general a statement. When we’re talking, say, specifically antiblackness, you better listen to black people specifically

And yeah, that’s all