the only shoujo i know lol

is this the real life

lol levi looks so desperate and his mental erwin is so soft and Gaussian Blurred the fuck out like an old school movie love interest. like can we talk about this??

that is so gay wtf

like, how can i think that he wants erwin alive primarily for the powers & how it will benefit humankind when his brain conjures images like that?? when he pictures tender smiling erwin and not erwin in glorious commander mode ready to take on the enemy.

when everyone already literally agreed to sacrifice themselves so levi can finish off the beast titan, erwin first and foremost. that was the mission brief.

sure he goes anyone! i’ll inject anyone!! but then “if only i can JUST KEEP ONE PERSON ALIVE” and apparently that one person is erwin, doing his best shoujo love interest impression. for humanity??? lol idk this looks personal as fuck.

to me levi’s face looks less like a person about to make a gamble for the sake of humanity and more like a person terrified of losing someone he loves. he looks like ymir thinking of historia. & you know who else n this chapter had a flashback to the person they left behind? marlo, thinking of hitch, who likes him.

i can’t believe that i’m legitimately ready to buy that levi put humanity’s fate in jeopardy because he wants erwin to live.

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HI, recently ishida said that torso was his second favorite character, I hate Ishida for this, what do you think I should do?

first, let me copy here what a friend said since it’s generally more eloquent, nor does it go off topic/emotional quite like what i wrote lol.

Well, to start with the direct response to your question: nothing. But to elaborate, for starters we don’t even know why Ishida likes Torso. Yet while we don’t know, I highly doubt it’s because he thinks “damn, slicing up people is fun” - a lot of people like characters that have done objectively terrible things in this series, at times for subjectively very good reasons. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, Ishida just happens to like one of the generally less popular guys. On the whole, there’s really no reason why you should be bothered by anyone else’s favorites, regardless of whether they are Ishida or someone else.

since you did write an ask to me though, i’ll include my whole original post ↓

uh well, i don’t know what you should do, maybe think about it some more? do you like someone in tg who has ever done something sick and killed someone? having a problematic fav is not exactly a rare thing… like maybe in fiction a person wants to explore the dynamics of a sick person, or just is someone who has clinical interest in psychos and the like?or just… fiction???  liking a character means neither condoning what they do, nor wanting to do the same, or anything. …ishida writes this manga weekly, so i totally expect him to be into a “interesting to write” kind of character, and there’s not many if any other character that’s like torso in his manga (everyone else seems to have an on the other side of the coin though part that kind of explains them or tries to anyway). i don’t expect an author to dislike any of his “children”/characters they created either. i’d kinda even expect him being into the whole sicko thing given he does write this manga lol.  he also loves shoujo?? i’m also into all kinds of morally derailing characters that’s why i also read this manga, though i don’t expect everyone to be a doS regarding fiction, like i am, since i can’t really have characters i really dislike here..givemePAIN

maybe unpopular opinion, but there’s very few characters i would say are inherently good in this manga, and the only difference between liking torso and liking other killers who enjoy killing/torture for seemingly no reason; is that one hurt someone you probably like, and others hurt someone we don’t know (and people still like even characters that DID hurt their favs? like man i love nimura and man i loved matsumae to bits, i just gotta deal). (just go back to what tsukiyama did in the beginning of tg. that was Very Much Sick. and he was a sane, otherwise completely normal society living person, while torso is just completely over the edge psycho. tatara with his torture, takizawa??? who’s lso a mass killer completely surrendering himself to doing vile things for the sake of it? we have a backstory for takizawa, of course many people pity and like him. we don’t really have anything given for us to start liking torso, though i gotta say i did kind of find him reading books to find how to please mutsuki kind of endearing in that sicko-still-doing-his-best way. i do not think if ishida wrote a flashback of how torso grew up abused by other ghouls / ccg / the fear for his life just made him snap or whatever else, i do not think people would start liking him but…it’s totally possible lol) ishida just did a good job writing someone in a way that people would like them, and others that readers would hate them. actually i’m kind of happy there’s someone i can more or less dislike in tg finally though looking at him objectively i don’t really have a problem with his character existing at all, since every other sicko and killer are just too likeable i even started liking kanou when we got more info on V who was for a long time the only character i disliked

so uh… this is tg, enjoy whoever you enjoy? you can even completely absolutely love someone and still want the karma to kill them right this moment like me and nimura just don’t hate on other people who did nothing to you just because of a fictional story??? and last of all do not go and spam hate on ishida’s social media accounts, just in case.

last thing i’ll say, if you’re still bothered, there’s still the possibility to stop reading the manga and distance yourself from it.

Some of the best decisions of my life :D (In order of their appearances in my life)

Pokemon - that’s right, I was born the same year the original pokemon came out! I have all the VHS tapes as well as both movies the mewtwo one and the lugia one. I also collected at least one game from every generation. I’m a pokemon master!

Cardcaptors Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles- not really sure but this is like the first anime that had a BL couple hehe. I am kinda obsessed with Touya and Syaoran.

On a side note, for Tsubasa… not sure how much I really loved this anime… It kinda disturbed and scared me a bit. Especially the ending… Don’t get me wrong, I loved the characters! Mokona Kurogane and Fai were wonderful but yeah.. the plot was kinda creepy. Going from Cardcaptors to Tsubasa is huge. It’s like night and day. (My sister wants to watch Tsubasa now cuz I told her that it had the same characters but I kinda don’t want to show her cuz this one freaked me out idk if she’s going to be able to handle it.. it’s not exactly happy)

Sailor Moon - Childhood memories. I was Sailor Mars, my sister was Sailor Pluto and one of my friends was Sailor Moon and the other was Sailor Jupiter.

Fruits Basket - The first manga I ever read! If it wasn’t for this, I probably never would have watched an anime. And unfortunately I am born the year of the boar… although personality wise all of my friends say I’m more of a Kyo so maybe if Kyo had a year I would have been him instead!

Bleach - Hooray for the first anime I ever watched! I fell in love with this beautiful boy <3 Toshiro might be my favorite anime boy of all time to be honest lol.

Inuyasha - I just loved the love kyahh! This was the first time I started kyahhing over a ship xD

Naruto - Just one character ruined my whole life. I love him so damn much and idgaf that people say he’s scary looking! This backstory was so beautiful and I could relate. So naturally Gaara became my favorite in this anime (: Is this the look of a scary child?!

The World God Only Knows - Whenever I watched this, I kept thinking OMG that’s me. Cuz seriously… I can totally relate to Keima.

Angel Beats - Do you know how much I love spicy mabo tofu now because of this?! And let’s be honest, that whole music soundtrack for this anime was beautiful!

Jigoku Shoujo - This was actually really deep, I like how it shows the weaknesses in people’s hearts. What is the point of sending someone to hell if you yourself will also be sent to hell? This was like one of those animes that makes you question your life lol

Nabari no Ou - This is the first anime to ever really make me cry. I just love Yoite and Miharu’s relationship. I shipped it so hard and I was so sad when Yoite… *incoherent sobbing*

Kaichou wa Maid Sama - USUIIIIII <3 I like that the female heroine isn’t some dopey idiot girl that has no personality. In fact she’s probably the opposite. She’s smart, she’s nice, and she acts like a dude which makes me kinda happy cuz well… I act like a dude xD

Attack on Titan - The best anime I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about the plot, the characters, the animation itself, the plot twists, the action, the romance, the mystery, and just the general idea. This is the BEST anime I have ever seen. The whole thing, in it’s entirety is flawless.

Free! - Fanservice!! OMG that BL though <3 And I am so glad that they’ve decided to make a second season! I am eagerly awaiting summer :D

Code Geass - One of the best plots for an anime :D That ending is EPIC. The female characters are kinda weak. But Lelouch is so awesome that you kinda just go with it. I also ended up developing a hugeeee thing for Rolo and was pretty sad but also kind of satisfied with how he went out~

Kuroko no Basuke - I love the characters in this anime <3 I just love them so much!!! Akashi, Himuro, Kise, Takao, and Kuroko being my favorites <3 And again with the boys love xD

Noragami - Yato is such a dork but I love him because when he’s serious he’s such a badass!! :D Also, his relationships with Yukine and Hiyori make me really happy… idk why, it’s just so cuteee xD

Ouran High School Host Club - This anime according to my sister is so gay but it’s also hilarious. Gotta love Tamaki Suoh :D AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT MY BEAUTIFUL DEVIL TWINS <3

Black Butler - Sebaciel <3 Enough Said. But really, even if I didn’t ship this couple so much, the revenge plot is pretty good. That being said, I’ve always been a sucker for the characters that kill the bad guys without remorse. (Vaguely wonders if I’m a sadist or something…)

Durarara - IZAYAAAAAAA *whispers “and Shizuo”* <3 Love them as individual characters as well as a couple. To be honest, Izaya is friking creepy as hell but I really really like him haha. And the plot for this anime is pretty great how everything is connected.