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The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

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(1/2) ok we know that the future relationship in the show has apparently aleady gotten some "hints" so I doubt it's ka/llura cuz the only "romantic" moment between them was that one "rotation" in space. and why am i sure it's only 100% fanservice for older fans? hear me out, what mostly matters in animation these days is subtle things, like purple lightning or background music or facial/body mimicry etc, these are "modern-day hints" in shows. now, we, as a younger generation, usually catch those

(2/2) but most of older people tend to ignore subtler things (*cough many Klance momentscoughcough*) and usually only pay attention to obvious clues. Like for example, that one scene where Allura literally fell into keith’s arms? we see that Keith didn’t react at all and it wasn’t romantic but older fans only see the fact that Keith carried Allura for 0.2s in bridal style. If writers wanted to make it an actual hint, they’d make sure that characters’ expressions are romantic. They didn’t tho

Dear Friends & Strangers - Back the Fsck off!

This past weekend I was at NEEHU 8 with my partners, teaching and socializing. Also feeling terrible from expending too much energy and getting a sore throat & migraine, but that isn’t important here.

What is important is that the three times I ended up playing/doing hypnosis with my partners/friends in public at the Society, each time someone or more than one someones interrupted my scenes.


1) I’m playing with my boyfriend (guy) and a friend (girl). The girl is in a chair next to the sofa I was sitting on, the guy is sitting on the floor. Someone came and sat on the arm of a sofa facing the girl, and in the face of my boyfriend, so he said to the guy, “Hey, do you mind moving?” The new guy, not getting the polite hint said, no, he was comfortable there. He continued to loom over what we were doing and in the my boyfriend’s space. Finally my boyfriend had to say, “Hey, you’re in the way, move!” The guy finally got it and moved away.

2) I’m hypnotizing someone on a sofa in that same room as above. No less than FIVE people, some friends, some long time hypnotist folks, came up to me and tried to engage me in other ways. One additional person sat just beyond the person I was playing with, in my line of sight and stared at me the rest of the time, and when we were done immediately asked me for a favor - to hypnotise them to undo an effect they got from a class DJ & I taught the day before. I’m happy to do that, but not to be stared at and have that person in my line of sight for 45 minutes while I’m trying to play. An additional person also descended on me right after the scene.

3) I’m saying goodbye and having a very short moment with my partner before they had to leave. It’s practically the only moment alone we had together at the event. He’s in trance. On his knees in front of me. A woman comes up and closely circles us a few times trying to get either his or my attention.

For the love of all that’s kind and shows you’re paying some kind of social attention people - STOP DOING THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR. It’s not ok to hover, lurk or actively speak with people when they’re in scenes unless you’re invited in. It’s disruptive and disrespectful.

If you think I didn’t notice, I did. If I didn’t say anything to you at the event, it doesn’t matter. I’m saying it now.  I shouldn’t have to say it now, but seriously, get a life, recognize that even if some people are willing to play with or interact with you, if they’re busy, they’re busy. Stop hovering. Stop interfering. Stop thinking you have the right to barge in, whether that’s the just in peripheral vision or the active question asking.

You want someone to play with you?  Become a part of their social group and engage with everyone in their downtime. Learn to appreciate what you see from a respectful distance.

I’ve never minded people asking me to play, and do my best to make it happen, but I’m almost always going to chose the fun, responsive, you-feed-me-too kinds of people over the interruptive lurkers. There are only so many hours at an event where I’m going to be able to play and still meet all my other obligations like having energy and a voice for classes and sleep.

The people I was playing with? They were all lovely and responsive and so nice. If I played with them and didn’t play with you or didn’t play eagerly and willingly with you, then start to bring something new to the table. I have no obligation to play with people who drain me or who interrupt me. If you don’t care enough about me as a person to pay attention to what I’m doing at the time, I won’t hypnotize you, so stop asking. I don’t care how hard it may have been for you to ask.

I don’t care if you’re a guy or woman with no manners and no social skills - perving on a women being hypnotized and ignoring the people around her she’s playing with is rude and disrespectful. Getting too close is rude and disrespectful. Joining in without being invited is rude and disrespectful. Touching me, or my stuff or the people I’m playing with is rude and disrespectful.

Sure, it’s possible that there are some people who are playing to entertain and to invite people in. I entertain in classes, I might invite someone in in a more social party setting in the hotel.

And sure, I do still like my friends after they’ve interrupted me.

But if I’m having a scene with someone, I want to remember that scene, and the person I was playing with, not all the people who tried to get my attention while we were in the middle of it.

Thanks for backing the fuck off while people are playing.

I think I finally figured out why I love Mon-El so much

I’m going to start out with saying that Mon-El is nowhere close to being perfect. He has his flaws and he has his past (which I hope we get to find out more about in the next few episodes). I can see he has low self-worth. He is ashamed of things from his past. All of that resonates with me deeply. What I love though is that we get to see this person start from the bottom and work his way up. He doesn’t want to be a hero at first, he was in complete self preservation mode. He has his setbacks and he falls down. But he always moves forward again. I get to see this person grow and learn and become stronger emotionally and mentally and see him rise to becoming a hero. I see that it is possible to rise above your past. And that gives me hope. It tells me that I too can rise to become something amazing.

As a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse (from a very young age), I was in complete self preservation mode for years. My brain literally could not handle the trauma, so it blocked out those memories. For years I didn’t remember until something triggered my memories and then when I remembered, I denied it. I felt shame and guilt because I did nothing to stop it. To this day I panic at the thought of being put in another situation like that because I just froze each time I was assaulted and did nothing. Does that mean I will always become immobile if I feel threatened? I don’t know. But it took another FIVE years to finally admit that something terrible happened to me and another two to come forward about it. Now I’m seeking help and I’m making progress. But it’s slow and I have my own set backs. I fall and feel ashamed for not being stronger.

As I said, seeing Mon-El struggle is just inspiring because it’s so human and real. It’s a damn hard fight when you’re fighting against yourself. The internal struggle is very real and the truth is that it does take time to get something. Being told once to change won’t make someone automatically change. It can take years to get rid of negative traits and sometimes it will always be a fight. But Mon-El shows that it is possible to learn and adapt. It is possible to become better.

I’ve said this before, I think Mon-El’s relationship with his parents gives a strong vibe of emotional abuse. No one should say that they would run from their parents. To have that fear says so much. I have that fear of my stepfather. I’ve witnessed him be physically abusive toward my mother. I’ve witnessed him get so angry that he has almost hit me on several occasions. I know that fear. Now, they may not be, but that is the vibe I get and Mon-El’s line alone should raise red flags about his parents. I hope the show expounds on that because it’s something so real. The show already touches on deep topics and for them to touch on that would not only resonate with so many, but bring light to a very big issue not many shows (at least that I watch) touch on.

Mon-El shows that even with a bad past, that does not determine your future. You get to decide where you go. His journey to becoming a superhero is inspiring. He didn’t have good role models growing up (the formative years were those things are essential) and he was surrounded by things he didn’t agree with. Now, though, he has someone (Kara and team Supergirl/DEO) that is telling him he can be an amazing person. He can be a hero. He just needs to believe in himself. The first step in my own recovery was believing I could recover. And the emotional toll that took on me was literally breathtaking. It’s staggering to finally see that maybe what everyone else is saying about me is true, maybe I can be someone. Maybe my past demons can be silenced. That is the story that I see and that I love.

Which is why I think it hurts me so much when people can’t just open their eyes and look at him as an actual person (yes, even though he is fictional) and see that what’s on the surface is just that. I look like a stone cold bitch on the surface that’s brusque with people and probably has the worst attitude. While in actuality, I’m anxiety ridden and afraid of the world and everyone in it but has the deepest yearning to help others in need and puts everyone else before myself. We haven’t gotten any deep emotional scenes from Mon-El, not like with all the other characters in the show (ie. Kara, Alex, J'onn, Winn, and even Maggie). We don’t get to hear what he’s feeling. We only see fleeting moments of his internal battle. He has never broken down over anything he has been through. People judge him off of his external self when the real person that matters hasn’t really been shown that much. When he has shown it, it’s always when no one is looking or paying attention.

This post got away from me, sorry. I just needed to say this. Mon-El’s story is one that shows even the most unlikeliest of people can become a hero. Even with the worst background, you can rise above it and become better. Be better. Your past does not dictate your future. His story is something I have never seen in comics (at least the ones I’ve read). Especially in the Superman verse. Both Clark and Kara had amazing role models that built them up. Mon-El didn’t have that. But we get to see him show us that that doesn’t matter. You can teach an old dog new tricks. It just takes time and patience.

That is the story I love. That is why I love Mon-El. He isn’t perfect and I don’t want him to be. I can relate to him. I can see myself in him. Which means if he can become a superhero then I, too, can do amazing things.

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I was thinking about just how deep Cas's loneliness must be. He's not really on Angel Radio anymore - not in a way where anyone's going to chat - cut off from the telepathic cluster he's always known. And the way he was talking about Benjamin's relationship with his/her vessel. Sure, there's angels like Lucifer who dominate their host. But then there's Benjamin. And Cas has no one else in his vessel. No wonder he's so lonely. He's completely isolated. No wonder he needs Sam and Dean so much.

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This has HURT ME. WHY?!

This is so true though because we know NOTHING about Angels that have vessels without souls. Cas was the first angel who actually experienced this I believe (until Lucifer’s new Crowley slave vessel).

There has been a lot of meta previously about Angels being of a hive mentality, where they are all connected through “angel radio” their telepathic link, but yeah as you say more recently I think it is like white noise in the background for Cas where he only really pays attention if something major happens.

This is why that last scene in 12x15 was so heartbreaking for me, because Cas looked so upset at having to go back to heaven. Hell, even the way he pulled out his blade when Kelvin first appeared just goes to show how disassociated he is from his “family” now. We talk all the time about where we see Cas’s story going forward and where he belongs now (with all of us practically screaming out “WITH THE WINCHESTERS) but he isn’t yet in a place where he believes that himself. Not really, (thought 12x10 and 12x12 have made major progress in that area).

Cas is definitely a lonely character. I just really hope that we see more progression in season 12 of him really finding himself, and the people who love him and tells the angels to shove it before embracing his real family. Its all I want from the next Cas episode!!

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You really are a cheerleader! I admire it very much and wish I had your positive outlook. Serious question: have you ever been disappointed/upset/frustrated by the show?



I’m gonna give you a rundown of when that happened, so you don’t think I’m just an overly positive android (too soon?)! 

Let’s start with the “Pilot”. Yes. The Pilot. So like. I was so intrigued with this show because I had seen the Iron Man movies and The Avengers and really liked Coulson, so when I found out he was getting his own show, I was so pumped.

And then when I selected it to watch on Hulu, I immediately pressed “pause” maybe ten minutes through.

I was already over it. The show seemed too cheesy. I wasn’t gripped by any of the characters. Coulson was too Coulson-y (gasp. I shutter to think that these things actually went through my brain. But hey. It’s the truth.) 

So I stopped it. Watched something else. And didn’t think about the show for awhile.

Do you know why? 

Do you fucking know why? 

Because I hadn’t met FitzSimmons yet.

I’m telling you. They didn’t even come on the screen. So I was like… this show’s dumb. And didn’t give it a chance. (I should’ve.) 

So a year goes by. 

A year. 

One day, I decide to watch it past the ten minute mark. 

And that’s when I met FitzSimmons and actually watched the rest of the episode, and I was sold.

At least… to the FitzSimmons part of it.

And then the whole story grew on me. I was hooked after “FZZT” (weren’t we all?), and then even more so after “Turn Turn Turn” (weren’t we all?). 

Not gonna lie. Season 2 was super frustrating to watch when it aired (and that was after binging the first six). I was very underwhelmed by the FitzSimmons relationship and development. And then Jemma’s whole conversation with Bobbi and then her following conversation with Fitz? I was like… ummmm… where are they going with this? 

I wasn’t even blown away with the mid-season 2 finale like I should’ve been because I was like, “but FitzSimmons, though?”. 

I fell asleep through “The Things They Bury”. Several times. That happened. And “Melinda”. That happened too.

But my biggest disappointment/frustration is incredibly ironic. Because I pretty much *gave up* on the show when the season 2 finale aired and they finally made their date, and Jemma finally confessed her feelings, and then she was swallowed up by. a. rock..

When that happened, I was literally like, “Fuck this show.” 

And didn’t even plan to continue watching it. And then – by happenstance – decided to catch the season 3 premiere.



Then I fell asleep through “Purpose in the Machine” (not during the Fitz parts). That happened too. 

But once Fitz got Jemma back? I was hooked, lined, and sinkered. 

And then “4,722 Hours”. And seeing the Will/Jemma relationship (even though it was clear to me where it was going before) left me absolutely gutted.

A literal gut punch.

I know I’m the biggest Will fan now, but back then after the first watch? I was so pissed. 

The thing that first got me changing my tune was listening to Elizabeth’s podcast in This Week in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in regards to that episode (I highly recommend you listen to these podcasts. It will give you a newfound appreciation for the show. The people involved in this work love it so dearly, and you can really tell.). She almost issued an apology to the FitzSimmons shippers where you could hear actual concern in her voice, and I was like… why is this actress apologizing for her character? It just made me stop in my tracks and really consider what I was expecting from the show. And why she felt the need to apologize. Or at least explain Jemma’s motivations. 

So that was stewing in my brain for a bit, and then I got a bit frustrated that the Lincold/Daisy romance escalated so quickly when all FitzSimmons got was a fist bump. And then things started looking up from there, so I was happy as a clam with the result. But I was still very underwhelmed with the final four after 3x18. (Where’s FitzSimmons????)

And then a number of things happened. 

I started writing Glimpses where I had to go back and re-watch and really pick apart the characters’ psyches. I started chatting with other fans who would be like, “remember this scene?”, and I’d be like, “No.” (Because it wasn’t FitzSimmons.) Like. Before. I literally couldn’t tell you what happened in “T.R.A.C.K.S.”. I thought they were going back in time because I barely paid attention to the narrative. Goodness. Yes, this was me.

And then things got so stressful in my personal life, I could barely stand it. I cried everyday. And I just sort of subconscious bitchslapped myself, “Okay, dude. You can go into season 4, only paying attention to the FitzSimmons romance and expecting to be rewarded. Or you can go into season 4 and watch the show for what it is. And find joy. The only bit of joy in your life right now (I’m not dramatic. You’re dramatic.)” 

So I did. And the moment I was like, “That was an awesome episode!” – whether I believed it at the moment or not – it did something to me. Not right away. I faked it ‘til I made it. I didn’t let myself become overly critical of the episodes anymore because I was like, “What do you have to gain if you keep looking for disappointment?” So I didn’t.

And the magical thing is…

It fucking worked.

The more I was like, “I really liked that episode,” the more I actually did. I know. This sounds like Director Mace motivational garbage. But for me, it really, truly worked. 

And then. 

I re-watched the entire show. NOT. JUST. THE FITZSIMMONS. SCENES.

And I realized I missed out on a lot. Like. A lot when I solely focussed on those two before. 

I found myself crying in episodes I fell asleep in before. I did not fall asleep through any of them this time. The re-watch only increased my love and passion and zeal for the show tenfold. 

And I began to really, truly appreciate the show for what it was: an ensemble show in a superhero genre, focussing on character development and human conflict. 

Then I listened to every single podcast from the site I mentioned earlier. Only increased my zeal. 

Then I found two separate reaction video dudes who watch the show with a fervor that I’ve only matched recently. Because they’re not exclusively FitzSimmons shippers (they both ship FitzSimmons, but that’s besides the point). Their reactions and love for the show are so pure and good, and it was so refreshing to see the show through their eyes.

So. Yes. I admittedly started out as a sole FitzSimmons watcher. I loved their relationship so much, but I didn’t love the show as much. 

Now, I still love their relationship, but the show has captivated me as well. 

Focussing on the positives really gave me a genuine appreciation for the show. I have a newfound love for all the characters, not just FitzSimmons. I used to be indifferent about Bobbi, and now I think she’s a rockstar (heh). Daisy’s my third favorite character when I was in the “This isn’t the Daisy show” camp beforehand. May’s backstory is heartbreaking, and Jeffery Mace is the man. I could go on and on about everyone. 

So… to bring it back… yes. There have been times when I was underwhelmed and frustrated. 

But I can now tell you exactly what happened in “T.R.A.C.K.S.” and can enjoy each and every episode every time I re-watch it. I love all of them because this is my favorite show. 

I promise you I did not start out as a cheerleader. But being a cheerleader has increased my joy a hundred times over. 

I highly recommend it. 

You’ll see the show in a whole new light. 

And. it’s. awesome

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It's not rape apology when it's dead ass not rape. Don't watch the damn show then ffs or pay attention to what's actually happening in the damn scene and for the characters.

It is rape apology, you saw a woman dragged into a room, told she had no choice, called a whore over and over again and thought consent was going on. 

But hey because Lizzie realized this was going to happen no matter what and I’m not gonna fight back that means consent right? It’s only raping victim fights back? 

You’re rape apologist. You think the only time a person is raped is if they fight back. 

Lizzie had no choice not to have sex with Henry in that room. She was never once given the choice to say no. That’s what makes it rape. 

“What do you mean with you can’t get a pacifist ending without Chara”

Concerning the last ‘ask’ I responded.

It’s no secret by now that Chara is the narrator in Undertale. They’re with you the entire journey and depending on what YOU do, they take a certain point of view.

Now, the genocide ending is only achieved when Chara intervenes and does a SECOND consecutive attack on Sans which catches you AND him off guard.

And about the pacifist ending, you just have to pay attention.

When you are saving the lost souls. You’ll realise that all you do to SAVE them is to use the memories you shared with them.

- With papyrus and sans is puzzles, puns, recipes…

- With undyne is fake attack, smile, cooking lessons…

-With Alphys you nerd out, ask her something, or call her…

All these things are experiences you had with them, so they remember who you are.

But… how do you SAVE Asriel? Did you share some experience with him? Do you properly ACT with him?

No. You didn’t. So how could you save him? What happens EXACTLY when “you” Save him?

As soon as you select the option, the intro scenes pop up, but this time it gives you the full memory. It’s Chara’s happiest memories with Asriel, when they were showed kindness, and had a family to care about. Chara showed their memories to Asriel so you could SAVE him.

Only after that Asriel gives up and goes back to his cute-smol-goat form.

If it wasn’t for Chara we wouldn’t ever get a pacifist ending.

And yet a lot of people missunderstands them. I just wish people could pay more attention to the game’s true intentions instead of going with what “everyone” thinks.

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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OK I gotta say something about the L*caya fandom because they’re still over in the Rucas tag talking about how Lucas is gonna eventually leave Riley for Maya. And I just really needed to get this off my chest because it’s been annoying me for a while. (and yes I’m going to be mean because I’m really annoyed rn)

And this is going to be a hella long rant so get freaking ready

May I point out that LM shippers are the same people who actually believed that Riley liked Lucas as a brother in Yearbook-Semi Formal (I don’t say Texas because Riley was blatantly lying in Texas about the brother thing in part 1-2 and if you didn’t catch that then you’re probably a lil slow)

Like if you truly believed that Riley ever liked Lucas as a brother, then why the hell would she KISS him and then be all dreamy about it while talking to Maya? Like, shouldn’t that be the time when she pulls back from Lucas’s lips and realizes that she only likes him platonically when talking to Maya about the kiss? Like even Maya was “disturbed” by her “kiss” with Farkle because she doesn’t like him like that. Like I’m sorry but LM shippers and Maya are so dumb (whoops) for actually believing that Riley likes Lucas as a brother. I can’t believe MJ tried to “pull” that story line in Semi Formal either.

Like Riley would’ve realized immediately after she kissed him that she doesn’t actually want to be kissing him and only likes him as a friend, it just doesn’t make sense to kiss someone and not realize that you’re totally grossed out by the romantic aspect of your relationship. You wouldn’t be smiling all day in a daze after kissing someone who you supposedly like as a brother, and then continually like that person through the next year…

Also just the fact that Maya was “being” Riley when she said Riley liked Lucas as a brother, even though Katy legit said in the same exact episode: “You can’t pretend to be someone your close to.” I was just appalled that the LM fandom missed this part because they seem to love digging in deep into the show with all their incorrect theories. Like, the rucas fandom has been the ONLY fandom to correctly predict Maya’s identity crisis, and the LM fandom Didn’t even believe it, even when the creator himself CONFIRMED THAT IT HAPPENED AND HAD SEVERAL EPISODES ON IT.

Like I think I was one of the only people who still understood that Riley didn’t actually like Lucas as a brother when Yearbook aired, but I can distinctly remember all the LM shippers rejoicing because Maya, the queen has spoken.

Like you people claim to be so intelligent with the owldetective by your side, yet none of the Lm shippers actually paid attention to the entire brother ark story…

And again, LM shippers are the same people who think Maya still likes Lucas, and that they actually work as a couple, and that Maya didn’t have an identity crisis.




This is why rucas prevailed in Ski lodge and all LM shippers were shocked: LM shippers don’t pay attention to the story.

MJ LITERALLY laid it all out for Ski lodge, explaining why Maya and Lucas won’t happen, yet still LM shippers are coming into the rucas tag and bashing us on our canon ship.

ALSO LM shippers literally forgot Josh was even a character all throughout season 2 when MJ LITERALLY PLANNED FOR THE TRIANGLE TO END ONCE JOSH CAME: he tweeted the triangle would end in Legacy, which was the episode Josh was supposed to be in, but the actor was injured at time.

How did all of you miss that in Girl Meets First date, Maya asked Lucas out(and he ignored her to ask out Riley) and she literally TELLS Riley that she would never do that to her; LM would never happen as long as Riley likes Lucas (and if it did I would stop watching GMW because that is an awful lesson to teach children)

MJ Legit tweeted before Ski Lodge aired and the spoilers came out: “Those who know the story will be at a 1 on the surprise scale.”

And I distinctly remember all LM shippers being so confident that L*caya and R*arkle were gonna happen in Ski Lodge (and then the fake spoilers came out with LM and RF happening and lucas was wearing a cat sweatshirt)….. yet now they’re saying it was a bad thing for rucas to happen in Ski Lodge which literally makes no sense because Rucas don’t have ANY parallels with Cory and Lauren because Cauren didn’t even get together at the end of Ski lodge they just kissed and of course Lucas wasn’t going to say “I love you” to Riley in ski lodge; they’re freaking freshmen and you all would just say that Lucas only said that cuz Maya told him to if he did say ily to Riley

All the LM shippers literally ignored the entirety of the LM scene in ski lodge, save for the hug and the part where Maya sends Lucas off to go to Riley and where Lucas laughs at the whole ily thing, when they literally established in that same scene that Lucas likes Riley MORE than Maya, and did NOT choose Maya.

And I can’t speak for season 4 because who knows what’s gonna happen, but I only started shipping Rucas in late season 2 (during the whole triangle thing) because I was watching the show objectively and paying attention to arks, and not just jumping to every conclusion from the smallest details.

And for those LM shippers who still think Rucas will die at the end of season 3, NEW FLASH Rucas are still together at the end and did NOT break up (and Joshaya are still thriving btw). I am not saying that rucas will be endgame, but they do date for at least a year and I’ll guess we’ll see what happens in season 4. All of you LM shippers were so confident that your ship was going to happen so many times I’ve lost count. And you were wrong.each. time. And now you’re lashing out at rucas shippers who are actually RIGHT for a change.

Like I literally only started shipping Rucas because I knew it was going to happen. Because I paid attention to the story. (I actually shipped l*caya at one point because they DO have chemistry, but dropped it as soon as I realized that Riley and Lucas have more evidence of becoming canon-and they’re just better for each other)

Maybe if LM shippers paid attention to the story more, they would’ve realized that.

I am by no means saying that LMers should stop shipping l*caya, I’m saying that they should stop coming into the rucas tag, constantly bashing us and acting like we’re the stupid ones when actually, LM shippers are the ones that have been wrong this ENTIRE time.

The song that told us about the GPF banquet but we didn’t know it yet

We all know how Yuri on Ice likes dropping hints of what’s happening in the story through their soundtracks. Stay Close to Me is a fandom favorite to analyze, followed by Tales of a Sleeping Prince, which a lot of people saw similarities between the lyrics and Viktuuri’s story. 

The other songs with lyrics all make sense to their own characters - Still Alive talks about Leo de la Iglesia, Shall We Skate references Pichit’s passion and motivation, and JJ’s song is… Well, about himself. Yet, we’re left with a song with lyrics that still made no sense until episode 10.

I’m talking about Intoxicated, Chris’s short program song.

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Also, Do you also see a similarity between bellarke and Abby/Kane? (because I do)

So, this was part of a message an anon sent to me and I forgot to answer it. I was answering it on the newest message she/he sent me and got so carried away I decided to make a meta/ answer about it. (sorry about how long it took)

Yes. Yes I do see it.

 They are freaking EVERYWHERE. 

And they are still happening, the latest ones being Kane and Abby’s  “ No matter who wears the pin, we’re in this together “ (3x03) paralleling bellarke’s “together”( 2x16 ) and then the cheek kisses (Kabby on 3x06 and Bellarke on 2x16).

 But they have so many more parallels as ships and individuals (abby and clarke parallel each other while kane and bellamy parallel each other SPECIALLY on those episodes around and after 1x08. wow. ). There are vids about it, which I LOVE : LINK (this vid is pretty amazing cause it doesn’t only show us “exact” parallels but “theme” parallels and how kabby and bellarke’s stories intertwined and affected each other)


 And, okay, I can’t leave things just like this. Cause the reason why this reply got long was because ,as I rewatched that vid, i’ve noticed a few things here and there I haven’t before. I need to talk about them.

Let me start this analysis by explaining something: recently I’ve joined a fandom (GMW) which there are some incredibly talented people that know a lot about storytelling and how television work - they teach us how to pay attention to the right details while watching anything. They make us all realize that nothing in television is an accident, that if the directors and editors allowed a certain scene to be shot in a certain way and to go on air, then they want it to be that way. No scene is ultimately an accident, no scene is “just there” (as it is taking precious time and money to be there).

(@shippertrash37​ - i’m so tagging you as promised, let’s see how well i’ll do in this post!)

So let me bring you all to 2x08:

Did you notice the  “detail” (lol) of Bellamy and Clarke side by side as we watch Abby watching Kane returning to camp? (or how both abby and clarke are wearing blue while the rest is wearing black?)

…. Let’s talk about this whole scene,shall we?

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The Most Important Scene in Rogue One

Just saw Rogue One tonight and getting over the initial shell-shock of the climax. If you were on the fence over if you should see it or not, yes you should. It’s great, though a little bland in the beginning. But I wanted to talk about the scene in the movie that basically summarizes the core message of the story. ONWARD IS A SPOILER, BUT REALLY ONLY IF YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A NEW HOPE.

Originally posted by starwarsvillains

If you’ve been paying attention to the trailers for Rogue One, it’s no surprise that Darth Vader shows up in it. When I first saw him there, I thought he was simply fan service. But his being there does serve a distinct purpose in the end. You see, Vader represents the Empire and all its cruelty ever since he stepped onto the screen in A New Hope and that comes into a head in this one scene in the Falling Action of the movie.

The primary objective of the protagonist is completed and we’re treated to seeing nameless rebels, all donned in the outfits of Leia’s cruiser in Episode 4, scrambling to get the hard earned Death Star plans. They flee for the escape hatch with the plans in hand only for the door to jam shut. The camera focuses on the darkness behind and there he is, Darth Vader with his red lightsaber. He proceeds to pick off these rebels one by one, making his way slowly to the last one scrambling to get through the door and complete his mission. His friends do everything they can to slow Vader. They stand no chance to him and don’t even manage to land a hit. But that’s not the point. Nor is the point of the scene to fill the lightsaber quota for a Star Wars movie.

The core message of the movie resonates with the line in the trailer, Rebellions are Built on Hope. And here on the screen we witness men giving their lives to a cause they believe in. Even though their threat is a cold and impossible opponent, they hold the line.

Originally posted by hegodamask

Throughout the movie, we get a sense of how small the Rebellion is and how powerful the Empire’s grip is, more so than any of the other movies. These aren’t the guys that got bested by Ewoks anymore. They’re a large, dark, all-consuming force. They’re dangerous and they kill people violently and without emotion.

When you go see the movie and get to this scene, really sit and watch it. Think about all that’s been lead up to this point. Think about the sacrifices. Think about what these guys are doing, exactly. We all know the happy ending that happens as a result of what they give up. We’ve seen it over forty years ago in A New Hope. But these guys don’t know what happens next in the story, they’re basing everything on the small hope.

They’re truly ants trying to topple an elephant in this movie and if anything, you could have made the entire movie just this scene and it would serve the movie’s purpose.

patsywalker replied to your post “also listen if i have to read one more time that the show is…”

they’ve literally been droppin hints that she’s gay the whole time she’s been there? LIKE EVEN IF THEY HADN’T IT WOULD STILL NOT BE A RETCON OBVIOUSLY BUT THEY LITERALLY HAVE BEEN BUILDING UP TO THIS THE ENTIRE TIME

people seem to be under the impression that because we’ve only seen her show interest in men romantically/sexually (so far) that she can’t possibly show interest in women. which bisexuality exists. i’m not necessarily gonna cite last season’s kiss as the end all proof, but hints have been dropped about freya being bisexual since at least comic con. like, none of this is coming out of left field if you’ve been paying attention to interviews and behind the scenes pictures.

narducci literally said

Freya will finally get a new love interest, setting the stage for an “emotional struggle [which] opens up a whole new dimension to the character.”


cursing cutie ( namjoon drabble )

He pleaded, he begged, he even offered you candy in return for you slowing down that sour mouth you had, but you refused.

It wasn’t like you cussed that much, not anymore than the average person, not any less, but he was adamant, take now, for example.

“Please, just stop cussing so much, your mouth is too pretty for those words.”

“What?” You had mumbled back to him, only half paying attention as you scanned the television screen, fingers working on the buttons as you glided through the channels.

“I said-”

“Aw fuck!” You moaned, hanging your head off the couch, catching namjoon in surprise as you sighed heavily, shaking your head.

“Y/n, did you not hear-”

“My goddamn show started 20 minutes ago, how the hell am I supposed to know what the fucks going on?” You mumbled, picking your head up and clicking quickly on the channel, groaning as the scenes played before you.



“You know, this shit only happens when I really fucking want to watch it, otherwise, it’s always fucking on, this show is lucky to have my ass watching it, they don’t have any other fucking-”


“What, namjoon?” You turned your head at his outburst, quirking an eyebrow as he stared at you with amusement and concern playing in his features.

“Please, stop cussing so much.”

You snorted, popping a piece of candy that namjoon had tried to bribe you with earlier into your mouth as you kissed the side of his ear lightly, enjoying him shiver as you opened your mouth to start.

“Fuck no.”

You pulled back, content as you gnawed on the chewy candy, and giggled as namjoon dropped his head onto your shoulder, hot breath hitting you as you changed the channel.

“Tell me, y/n, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Of course-” you started, picking up his face to be level with yours as he looked at you hopefully. Your fingers squeezed his cheeks lightly, mouth upturning into a small smirk.

“But you’re the lucky one who gets to makeout with this mouth.”

“Y/n, I swear to god!”

“I love you namjoon, so fucking much.” Bored with his frustrations.

He grumbled, pulling away from you as you still stared at his form.

But he couldn’t resist saying it back.

“I fucking love you too, y/n, even if you curse like a goddamn sailor.”

Excuse my language, but I fucking loved the everloving shit out of that episode, holy crap.

Thea and Quentin absolutely tore my heart up into a million pieces today and it was beautiful. I love what we’ve seen from them together this season. I love the surrogate father-daughter bond they’re forming. I’m SO excited for more!

The whole Vigilante plot, the fight scenes, the going-into-the-field-and-rob-a-bank-disguise, etc. It all felt so season 2. And y’all, I’m so here for that. I so completely, utterly ENJOYED myself during this episode. Every storyline had me intrigued, every twist got to me. I was so invested. And I have been for the entirety of the season, AND GUYS I LOVE LOVING ARROW SO MUCH. 

I’m excited to see how The Detective/Vigilante interaction with Oliver, and the rest of the team, will go. I like that he wasn’t your box-standard Villain Of The Week™, but that we’ll see more of him, spread throughout the season, and that this will morph into something that goes deeper. The detective is a really interesting antagonist. . He’s so convinced that his method works so much better than what Oliver & Team Arrow are doing, that what Oliver is doing isn’t enough. And really, that’s the whole thing about this season. It’s questioning everything about Oliver. It’s not only Oliver as a person, it’s not only Oliver as the vigilante, it’s also his mission and what he’s sacrificed for it. Everything gets put into such a big question mark, and I think they’re tackling it very well so far. 

THE. BRATVA. Holy shit. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I love how sinister everything is. How Kovar (who was awesome, in that “I’m really scared of you” kind of way) pointed out that, although the Bratva is so much about “brotherhood”, it’s clear that Oliver shouldn’t trust the Bratva, not even close. He’s in a position, really, where he can’t trust anyone fully. Maybe Anatoly, but I have a feeling Anatoly is also not completely what he seems either… I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT. Sidenote: this may be a confession that I should be slightly concerned about, but I loved how brutal the flashbacks were. Whoops.

This might be a very, very unpopular opinion. But I’m very intrigued to see the Oliver/Susan thing develop. And if that makes me the only person in this fandom to pay attention to their scenes, then so be it LOL. I’m very intrigued by the hesitance he’s shown to go through with this. I’m interested to see how deep they’ll go with this. I’m interested to see how he’ll open up. How much of his character he’ll actually show to her, who the real Oliver Queen is. How this is all going to parallel with how Felicity is dealing with Billy. I’m interested to see how Oliver, as the person (who has his heart set on someone else and he knows it) will develop from this relationship - however deep this might turn out. I’m intrigued to know how this is all going to work out - for the eventual reunion, because, duh.

Mom!Felicity having to yell at them to get the Baby Vigilantes™ into formation for a mission is everything I never knew I needed.

Random, but needs to be said: Rory is a precious snowflake and I need him to never leave the team.

I didn’t see that ending coming. Like, at all. Not even a little bit close. AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Arrow has been surprising me so much this season. Probably also due to the fact that I’ve pretty much stopped reading interviews, avoided the majority of the spoilers, haven’t read one theory about anything this season, and have just been watching the episode, period. BUT STILL: NOT FROM A MILE AWAY. Evelyn being a double agent?! Evelyn possibly not being on Oliver’s side after all…? I don’t know, but I’m already so into seeing this plotline develop.

I’m still an incredibly Bitter Bean™ about the Sara/JJ Flashpoint nonsense switch, and forever will be, BUT THE DIGGLE FAMILY IN THIS EPISODE WAS SO CUTE ZOMG. I love Diggle so much, you guys. I love it even more if I not only get Diggle Feels, but also get Shirtless!Digg. Double thumbs up.


Snowbarry week - Day 1

Moment I started to ship them:

I started to pay attention to them after this scene:

There’s something unexplainable in this scene, something warn, This observation is so powerful and personal, still is one my favorite scene of them,  I only needed this to like them, this is Caitlin broken admitting that perhaps will never be the same, She may never find joy again, and then cuts to Barry, it didn’t take great emotion in the scene, they didn’t  to say anything anymore, the expressions on the Barry’s face shows everything shows understanding, Barry understood Caitlin, he understood for what she was going through.  It was two strange connection, a powerful connection. I saw endless possibilities and great potential.

Why I ship them.

Ship can be personal, I like them because the construction of their relationship always seemed natural and organic, two strangers forced to work together, and from this disaster this inexplicable friendship starts, they’re building a friendship, loyalty, trust and i’ve seen it all growing before my eyes, it’s believable. They have the best development relationship in the show. At first they understand each other, they shared the same sense of loss, them know when the world moves on, but the pain continues.

They helped each face your fears.

To believe in

They’re concerned with each other.

They found a new purpose together

External image

They teased each other

They comfort each other

They take care of each other

The way they look at each other

They know when something is bothering the other

The Chemistry

Eddie (RIP) phrase works so well for them, screw the future - Meant to be, the evolution of them only in one season was more than I could think or dreamed, just shows how much the relationships  of them , only being friends or not,It’s so powerful.

This post it’s too long and in the end I was a bit lazy. :(

Why everything in TST seemed weird – INCEPTION Theory

*** very long post ahead, sorry for flooding your dash ***

There is an almost endless list of things that seemed wrong or off in The Six Thatchers. By now I don’t think I have to sell that idea to anyone in the fandom. I’m convinced the people involved in the show put in a great deal of effort to make everything so different from what we know from previous Sherlock episodes. The question is: WHY? Why change well known aspects from the 221b set? Why go through all the trouble to create special overlay effects when transitioning between scenes? I’ll tell you why: If you look closely you’ll see that not everything is off. Many things, yes. But not everything. Someone went through a lot of trouble to make a distinction between reality and altered reality/whatever you want to call it, possible. If they were going to use parts of TST in TLD – which I believe they are because OH BOY OUR DETECTIVE IS LYING HERE – they would make sure the truth would come through if you know what to look for. And we do.

What I want to do here is tell you about a theory I came up with two days ago – it took some time to wrap my head around it, find support and write it all down.

Rewatching TST with the belief that there must be a way to determine which parts are fake and which are not gave me an interesting sense of déjà-vu. The whole episode reminded me of the 2010 movie Inception (hence the title of my theory).

I think the writers are trying to perform an inception on us. In the movie Inception, Cobb and his team invade people’s dreams in order to steal information. However, their most difficult assignment is not a theft – it’s planting an idea in someone’s head which will subconsciously influence their perception of reality and their behavior (or here: which will make us believe completely idiotic things like Mary suddenly dying a hero) just to create an even more powerful rug-pulling moment. A shattering climax. And we know for sure they are going for that.

Planting ideas - We’ve heard that before. What if everything in TST that seems off is just part of a scheme to set the audience up for Johnlock? To show us things even the casual viewers find wrong, set it all right in the next episode, pull the rug and confront us with what they have been going for all along – which is John and Sherlock in a relationship. It’s difficult to do, it’s even more difficult to pull it off in a way which would make even casual viewers believe this is the right thing to do. What if this is why they created an episode which seemed so wrong in the first place? What if we are being manipulated without knowing it? A planted idea which sticks – the idea that John and Sherlock together is how it should be – anything is better than the complete chaos we saw in TST. WHAT IF we are part of an Inception? What if this inception is part of setting the audience up for the big moment of revelation? Telling us a bunch of lies to make the final truth more palatable. What if we are the ‘victims’ and the Inception is being performed on us?

Also, what struck me is this: The dreams Cobb creates in Inception feel totally real. They are such perfect copies of reality, that to be able to tell if they in a dream or not, Cobb and his colleagues carry special items which enable them to differentiate between reality and dreams. They call it a totem. It’s a well-known object which has very distinct qualities in reality which radically change and seem off in dream/ in a place which isn’t reality. By looking at their totems they can determine whether what they experience is real or a dream.

In order to pull of the kind of revelation they are going for the audience needs to be able to rewatch TST and see exactly which parts we have been lied about, right?

The lie is literally projected on us. Why? Because we get hints throughout the episode that even if we are presented with fake/surreal versions of reality IT’S NEVER COMPLETELY MADE UP.  WE ARE BEING TOLD THAT SMALL CHANGES ARE MADE IN ODER TO MAKE IT PLAUSIBLE BECAUSE YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN EVERYTHING AWAY. You were told – but did you listen (pun to my username totally intended).

In one of the first scenes, Sherlock watches the altered account of Magnussen’s death which clears his name. They didn’t change everything, just one tiny detail (who shot him). They changed literally 4 seconds of footage in that clip. The rest is real. However, we also get this shot. The viewer takes the place of the screen on which we saw the altered version of events. We are there. The beamer is literally projecting an altered version of reality on us! An altered version, not a completely fake one. The outcome stays the same (Magnussen dies) but the events which led there are altered. 

We hear the merchant story three times. It always ends with the merchant being unable to outrun death. But what are Sherlock and Mycroft telling us here? Sherlock himself says that he never liked that story. And Mycroft? He says Sherlock wrote his own version. An altered version, where the merchant did succeed, Sherlock wrote an optimistic ending but all in all not a completely fake account of the events. Sherlock altered the version of the story and gave it a happy ending – the merchant runs off and becomes a pirate. What happened before the key moment – meeting death in Samarra – stays the same. Different outcome, same story. The writers are telling us that Sherlock wants happy endings, more specifically: he wants his personal happy ending.

So we know now that what people are going to see is an altered version of reality and also if Sherlock doesn’t like a story he will rewrite it. And the writers told us that creating BBC Sherlock is their attempt to set things right. They are literally doing the same thing Sherlock does here – telling a seemingly dark and hopeless story but rewriting the ending.

Let’s find some more things that support the idea that the whole episode is actually an inception being performed on us (the viewers). Let’s focus on the part where Cobb in Inception talks about totems.

I think that the writers have given us totems in TST so we can find out what’s real and what’s not. Because we are supposed to figure it out – if not, how would they be able to create an I-told-you-so moment, which is again something Steven said in an interview, so we know they are going for that, too. They are actually being nice – they are using things we’ve seen before, similar tells/totems to the ‘dream’ in TAB.

A totem is a well known object with distinct qualities. Well known objects in Sherlock are the signature skull painting and the actual human skull on the mantelpiece. And those have been changed! And the writers and set designers made those deliberate changes public. They talked about it, tweeted about it. If these changes were unimportant they would simply not talk about them. They are telling us to pay attention because – and here comes a crack theory – the skulls and also very over-the-top scene transitions can be used to determine which parts are real and which are fake. Again, I don’t believe that it’s all a lie. Like the events revolving Magnussen’s death and Sherlock changing the merchant story so it would have a happy ending, I actually believe the frame of TST is real. They only lie about details.

In TAB there is a ‘Victorian version’ of the skull painting showing both a skull and a young woman looking in a mirror. In TST we get the creepy glowing skull painting which is seen in countless shots. And if we can’t see the painting there is the human skull which has now added spectacles, another hint that reality is being obscured.  

But what can we as a viewer (and also Sherlock himself) take as an indication that something is imagined? Which totems/tells are being used to enable us to see what’s real and what’s not? Let’s take a look at things the writers and Arwel have kindly been pointing out and let’s also look at everything that’s different from how the show normally is. Keep in mind, totems are well known items which are altered if you’re in a dream. Which are the totems and tells we are given?

1.       The new, glowing skull painting. If it’s visible (and sometimes it takes up about half of the screen) something is fake/a dream. The more clearly it is visible, the more Sherlock is altering realitiy.

2.       If other objects which create a changed version of reality (such as mirrors, cameras, magnifying glasses, spectacles, and also events seen in the windows of a bus or a plane) are visible, it’s a fake version of reality, too. There’s also a great post by @sherchemistlock about the use of mirrors in TST. This basically means: every time we see an objects which is known to reflect/alter vision/reality, we are not being told the whole truth. A part of is is withheld (but not all of it is fake – more on that later).

These objects are being used as totems/tells:

SPECTACLES: Most important here: The skull on the mantelpiece. If it’s missing like in TAB (where it is replaced by a tiny hound statue btw), and if it’s wearing spectacles like in many shots in TST, it’s all imagined. Mark even tweeted a picture of the skull wearing spectacles, which means it must be important.

MIRRORS (which show you a flipped version of reality): John and Mary only lie on their correct sides in bed IF YOU SEE THEM THROUGH A MIRROR.

BINOCULARS: Sherlock’s looking though something else, changing his natural vision and therefor reality. Altered account of events, too.

And also:

CAMERA (or: creating a picture of reality) Mrs Hudson can’t get a clear picture in this scene. Mrs. Hudson, who, moments before Sherlock jumped off St. Barts said “Oh god John, you made me jump”. Mrs. Hudson who’s been foreshadowing events from the start, creating parallels to John and Mary’s marriage by using her own husband’s life, who predicted that Sherlock would leave the wedding early, who is basically an oracle – MRS. H. CAN’T GET A CLEAR PICTURE HERE BECAUSE IT’S NOT REAL. There is no happy-family-baby shower party. Because there isn’t actually a happy family.

Going by this theory, which scenes are definitely altered? Some of the cases, especially the actual six Thatcher case (since we see Lestrade in front of the fake painting). The baby shower scene. Sherlock babysitting Rosie at 221b while John and Mary take a nap (skull with spectacles can be seen there). John ever meeting the woman on the bus since he later plucks the flower from behind his ear while looking at his reflection in the bus’ window. He never met her, therefore he never cheated with her. We are being led to believe he did. This makes the viewer dislike John and like Mary better. A part of the inception perforemd on us is making us believe he’s a cheater and she saved Sherlock’s life.

And also, if the transitions between scenes create an overlay that seems weird, it’s also fake. I specifically mean every scenario that doesn’t make sense in the ‘real world’ and instances when it seems like characters are in two places at once. This includes pieces of the bust projected on Sherlock’s face, walls exploding behind Mycroft, the Thatcher shrine looking like it’s submerged in water, Vivian Norbury being led through a hallway while a shark swims through the picture and Sherlock’s face being on fire. Probably many more scenes which I can’t all remember. Those are all fake.

Note that only half of Sherlock’s face is covered. Maybe only half of this is fake. After all, there was a six thatchers case which we can read on John’s blog. Maybe this TST case is made up, Sherlock based it on the version that has already happened. Also, this looks like he is wearing a mask which only coveres half of his face. Again – we can still suspect that some parts of reality are altered but some are probably true.

Sherlock has his eyes closed, imagining things while we see events projected on glass (also, remember the mirror-illusion in TAB?) Notice how the picture is split in half – we see almost equal parts of Sherlock and the case. Could this mean it’s a half-truth?

The altered reality Sherlock has constructed literally breaks apart at this point

And his eyes are closed again while there is the allusion of half of his face being on fire, indicating again that half of what we see isn’t real. He always has his eyes closed, it really looks like he is making it up.

In the picture with the Thatcher shrine, reality is overlapping with the aquarium-scene or the pool-fight with Ajay. Not sure which, but this kind of overlay also indicates that what we see is not real.

Everything involving the aquarium also doesn’t seem right. It’s too bizarre to be real. The bullet flying in slow motion. Mary being able to jump in front of Sherlock in time even though we don’t see her near him in this picture. Vivien Norbury using lines from other episodes. Vivien being led through a hallway while a shark crosses the picture. It sounds like a story Sherlock is making up.

If we can use the totems and editorial tells to say which parts are fake, we can also use the lack of totems and tells to determine what is real.

AND SOME PARTS ARE! This scene with John where they are in 221b discussing cases would be real. The skull is clearly visible. Even though it’s been seen wearing spectacles only minutes before, here they are missing. No totem = no alteration. Reality. It makes sense that John and Sherlock would work cases together after Sherlock came back from the tarmac. They seemed on friendly terms at the end of HLV. Hell, in TAB John basically promised Mycroft to look out for Sherlock, they get in the same car. Solving cases together makes sense.

Many things outside 221b could actually be real – they are missing the totems, the clear signs that they are fake. When Sherlock talks with Craig, the IT guy, all totems and overlay effects are missing. This could be real. Everything with Ajay is missing the totems and tells, too. In fact, I’m talking about the whole AGRA, Mary and Ajay scenes. In the pool fight scene for example, we get the cool fight effects and only a touch of drama – nothing out of the ordinary. We also get Sherlock’s flashback to John destroying the memory stick at his parents’ house. And when the scene is finished? There is no weird or special overlay to the next scene (Tblisi). Ajay shoots the light, leaving Sherlock literally in the dark about Mary and her past, and the screen goes dark and lights up again Tblisi. I repeat: there was no special overlay, no totem no nothing. In fact, if you watch this on your own you might realize that the whole “something is off” feeling that accompanies us during this episode is absent in this scene. It makes sense because it’s real (except for the fact that Sherlock is lying to Ajay about who destroyed the memory stick).  

I also think the last scene with Mrs. Hudson in 221b is real. Can’t see any weird objects which obscure reality lying around, the fake portrait on the opposite wall isn’t visible at all and even thouugh it’s a bit blurry here it seems like the skull is sans spectacles.

By applying the theory that every time we see some sort of totem the scene is part of the inception – either a wrong skull, an object which blurrs or changes reality if you look through it or also if pieces of one scene are plastered or transformed into another. And if the tells are missing, we are confronted with reality.

So the last part of the episode which involves Mrs. Hudson and Mary’s ‘Miss Me’ message could be true – no inception here. And what do we get? We get Mary shaking her head when she says “Save John Watson”. We get Mary telling Sherlock to go to hell. If we believe she did in fact not die a hero but died the way Mycroft predicted (‘Agents like Mary don’t reach retirement age. They get retired in a pretty permanent way)… If we take that and watch the ending, we don’t see a Mary who sacrificed herself. We definitely don’t see a heroic act and a herartbreaking ‘being Mary Watson was the only life worth living’. We see a villain. What if that is the Inception? Make the viewer believe the worst of John and the best of Mary? The rug that will be pulled before the final revelation?

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Undeniable (Part 2)

Series Summary: Reader is Sam’s roommate and best friend at Stanford. When Sam’s older brother Dean comes to visit, the reader is forced to get to know him, whether she wants to or not.

Word Count: 3300 (oops)

Warnings: cursing?

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I was sick yesterday and had some writer’s block throughout the week, but I hope this was worth the wait! 

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(Gif below not mine!)

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

Read Part 1!

“So, Doctor Blondie loves him, but she cut that wire and killed him?” Dean was on the other end of the couch, his feet propped on the coffee table, legs crossed at the ankles. Though he had complained at first, Dean became wrapped up in the show pretty quickly. You were now three episodes in and he was hooked.

“Yup, that pretty much sums it up,” you said as you threw the final piece of popcorn into your mouth from the bowl that sat between the two of you. You turned to look at Dean. One of his elbows was propped up on the armrest of the couch, his long fingers resting against his cheek. From this angle, you could take in his complete profile. It was beautiful, though you hated to admit it. He had the perfect amount of stubble across his cheeks and jaw, and you couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to run your fingertips over it.

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EXO reacts to their girlfriend having a kiss scene with another member in a drama

I’m so sorry that this took so long, ihavebeenelectedperfect TT I actually finished this a while ago, but I didn’t get the chance to post it until now ;A; Don’t hate meee

Xiumin: “Hyung, are you mad?” Why do you feel like Baekhyun called Minseok here on purpose? The smile on his face was too satisfied for your comfort.

“You’ve got a five second head start, kid.”

“Don’t hurt him, Min,” you say, laying a –hopefully– relaxing hand on his shoulder. He immediately turns to go after you instead and you suddenly wish you’d let him kill Baekhyun instead.

Luhan: Han tried to calm himself down. He knew Yixing wouldn’t try anything with you, it wasn’t his fault that the scriptwriter had wanted to include a kiss scene. Besides, how could he be mad when the guilt and worry was written all over his friend’s face?

“You’re angry, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Don’t lie to me, ge.”

“Maybe a little bit.”

Kris: “Can’t we talk to the director about it?”

“It’s just a kiss scene, Yifan. What’s the big deal?”

“You’re my girlfriend. I don’t want you kissing anyone else, especially not another member. It’s not right.”

“What do you mean it’s not right? You’ve had kiss scenes before. Besides, it’s just a peck, nothing big.”


“Need I bring up the way you tried to swallow Wang Likun’s face in Somewhere Only We Know?”


Suho: This fucking kid. Wait ‘til we get back to the dorm, you little brat. “You did so well in that scene, Sehunnie!”

Lay: He hadn’t been paying attention when he had been on set while you were shooting the scene. He’d only seen it later that month when you were watching the episode as it was released. “Wait, what? When did this happen? I was there when you filmed this episode.”

Baekhyun: He shows up to the set dressed to the nines, and the female director is so taken with him that she offers him a cameo in the episode and even lets him give input on how the episode should go. “You know, this kiss scene is so boring. Let’s spice it up by, say, bringing in Y/N’s first love and having her feelings for him come rushing back all at once. It’ll be very passionate. The audience will love it.” You stand off to the side wondering who let him on set in the first place.

Chen: “Jagiii, wouldn’t you rather kiss me instead?” he asked, pouting at you from the other side of the couch in the middle of the set. Your eyes snapped open before your lips met Tao’s, who was sitting between the two of you, and you leaned past Tao to look at him, unimpressed. 

“Jongdae!” you hissed. “We are in the middle of filming a scene!”

“Who let him back on set?!” roared the director.

Chanyeol: He was worried at first when he heard, knowing how the fans loved Kai’s kissable lips, but not so much anymore, seeing Jongin’s sloppy work. He didn’t know who he pitied more; Jongin the kiss-virgin, or you, who ended up having to teach him how to kiss.

D.O: “One.” Hit. “Wrong.” Hit. “Move.” Hit. “And.” Hit. “This.” Hit. “Is.” Hit. “Going.” Hit. “UP.” Hit. “YOUR.” Hit. “ASS.” Hit hit hit.

Tao: He knew Junmyeon was just teasing him, but that didn’t stop him from mentally listing all 1435464 things wrong with his outfit out of spite.

Kai: He was upset when he first heard about the kiss, but got over it quickly. When you got home after filming, he was waiting with a present for you. “Congratulations on completing another wonderful drama, jagi!” Huh?

“But there’s still another 5 episodes to film.”

“Not for you, there isn’t. Your character’ll be dead by the end of the next episode.” 

Sehun: “Fucking rad! I love the idea of my girlfriend kissing my band mates! Don’t worry, hyung, you won’t find anything in your bed when you get home!” You couldn’t help but to think he was being sarcastic.

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