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Can I have a dood ship please. 5'7 on the chubbier side of the scale. I have green eyes and blonde hair. My friends all say I'm really pretty. I'm hilarious, but kinda shy. I like to read sing and act. But again (I really only sing with friends and family cause I'm really shy) love your blog and thanks in advance 😘

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I ship you with Embry!

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-Embry is a goofball. 

-Simple as that

-And when he met you, this hilarious, sassy girl who was dropping sarcastic remarks under your breath left, right and center, he wanted to befriend you.

-The tribal school is kinda small on the reservation, and the student population isn’t that great, so he’s curious as to how he hasn’t met you before.

-Like, its big enough to not know everyone, or remember all faces, but let’s be real, he should have known you.

-Turn’s out, your parents had moved back to their hometown, and up rooting you from your formal life, you were internally flailing everywhere here.

-Jesus Christ, why this place be so wet? Just this morning you slid down the front path of your home because the Ice God decided to take you the fuck out

-Embry see’s this as a way to get to know you when he finds out your new to the area. “Have you been down to La Push yet?” and, “This place runs through your very vein’s Y/N, I will ensure you know all the secrets here.”

  • You learn the best hiking trails
  • And he helps you learn to Surf (that just turns into near death experiences for both of you!)
  • (It’s a mutel unspoken agreement to not teach you after you nearly drown him.)
  • It becomes a fun story to tell others though.

-Being friends with Embry has made the transition here sooooo much easier. Opening you up to a better friends group and High School experience. 

-Quill and Jacob like you, finding your comments and attitude endearing. 

-Quill and Jacob become pretty protective of you when they realize how you and Embry act together. 

  • Your pretty sure a guy in your year group tried to ask you out once but Jacob scared him away. 
  • you tried to hint at it with Jacob but he turned those big eyes on you that were practically smirking themselves with a shin in them, and he looks at you and goes ‘nope. Don’t know what your talking about’
  • He totally knew. But he loves Embry and he wants you two to bang
  • (Jacob will never admit that aloud)

-Embry has met your parents and you’ve told them a million and one times that ‘ you guys are just friends’ but your beginning to realize you guys weren’t just friends. 

-Jacob has disappeared, and he’s not returning calls and texts anymore. His father says he’s sick. 

- Embry and Quill are hurt because this Sam guy has started some stupid gang and roped Jacob into it. 

  • Sickness your ass. 
  • You, Embry and Quill see Jacob with them in town sometimes.
  • You all try and get Jake to talk and say something to you
  • now he pointedly freezes you all out
  • you can’t be sure but one day, you think you see Jacob mouth ‘i’m sorry’ to you. But you can’t be sure your not just being wishful

-You stay over some nights at the Call house, because you guys are close enough for that

-His mum makes sure you are always falling asleep in the spare room and not Embry’s.

- you did wake up one morning with Embry in the spare room with you, but he was gone before his mum woke up

-Something must be going around. Embry keeps suffering heat flashes in school. You convince him to go to the school nurse. His parents pick him up with a knowing look on their face. 

-Embry isn’t answering your calls anymore. Not even your texts. 

-You asked Quill if he’s heard anything. He hasn’t. 

-You can tell Quill is pretty hurt by this betrayal. So are you. And it hurts pretending your not feeling forgotten and neglected.

-Jacob has returned back to school after being away ‘sick’ for a long time. 

-Why does Jake look like he has been taking steroids??? 

-Jacob is still freezing you and Quill out. He won’t sit with you at lunch. He’s somewhere else. 

-You make sure Jacob knows your feelings when you have Gym together

  • It’s dodgeball
  • you’ve made sure your on the other team. Just so you can target Jacob.
  • you have now hit him five times in the face with the balls. 
  • You think you see a hint of a smirk on his face from your behaviour. 
  • You throw a ball at his face again.

-You have a feeling Embry will still be away with this ‘sickness’ for a while 

-You and Quill are sitting together at your usual table. 

  • “Quill … your not going to get robed into this gang stuff are you?”
  • “No. I’m not a jerk like them.”
  • “I wouldn’t abandon you either, just so you know.”
  • He smiles, “I know. You’re the last true friend I have left here.”
  • It was the same for you to.  

-You don’t know why. But you feel like its going to get worse. 

-Quill says he saw Embry in town after school yesterday, and he looks like Jacob by taking steroids. 

-Embry is freezing Quill out too.

-Its the weekend and you have lots of homework, so you don’t go out and see Quill. 

-On Monday, back at school. Quill hasn’t turned up. But you see Jacob across the cafeteria, and he looks at you with sympathy. 

- You try getting in contact with Quill. Same result with Jacob and Embry.

-You don’t like to sit alone. So you focus all your energy on passing you exams

-You spend all your lunch times studying in the Library.

- You bump into Jacob in the halls one day

  • -he totally did it on purple as an excuse to talk to you
  • “Sorry, Y/N” he says helping you pick up your things. 
  • “Why? Your not a stranger to hurting people on purpose, why on accident then?”
  • “I don’t want to do this to you. Just know that.”
  • Having gathered everything back, “Have fun in your little gang, Jake.”
  • You’ve hurt him. But you don’t know that.

-Your in second period when you hear the news, Embry is back. 

  • Your excited, to know he’s back. 
  • But your also very bitter and lonely right now. He doesn’t know how much he hurt you the most. His absence cutting into you like an unhealing wound that refuses to close. 
  • Your toss between confronting him or leaving him be. 
  • After all, if he is fine leaving you without even a vague explanation, why run back?
  • You skip third period you would of had with him and go to the nurses office, just so you can think better without his presence. 
  • When its lunch, you go the library in your usual seat. 
  • you make it the rest of the day without seeing him.

-Its raining outside when the bell goes, and you make sure your the first out the door. You make it home in record him.

-You try holding back tears, refusing to let yourself cry for him. 

-You let the tears fall in the shower, because you can let the tears be disguised in the running water. 

-You get the first text back from any of them. It’s Embry.

  • Hey

-You can picture him when he sends the message. Bored and wanting to kill time, so he messages you. 

-Don’t message back. Don’t give satisfaction. 

-You don’t, instead, you go out. You are Y/N. And you will not wallow in your room. 

-You put on your boots and go on a walk in the forest, along your favorite trail. Ironically, it was Embry that showed you this one. The path was more narrow, less traveled. 

 -In the corner of your eye, you see something zip past you. 

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-It was too fast for your eyes to catch. But you know you saw something. 

-YOu paced yourself as you walked down the track, listening around you. It was like your skin was crawling with the eye’s that were on you.

-You made your way back, faster, this time. And again, it was like something was watching you, closely. 

-getting in your car and locking it, you peered out the front window and into the treeline. 

-There it was. Not a bear. But a wolf, the size of a horse. YOur jaw went slack as you stared back at it. 

-You felt a weird sensation coil inside you. Despite the shocking intimidation of the wolf, it looked … tamed. Could you say that. It’s eyes never left yours. 

-When you got home. YOu told no one what you saw. Strangely protective of the information.

-At school, the guys you used to call your friends pulled a complete 180 on you. Even Quill had returned. 

- You’ve seen Jacob. But you hadn’t seen Embry and Quill yet. … And man did you fear for what they were pumping into their bodies. 

-There was a lot of things you wanted to say to them at that moment, tangents and vents loaded and ready to be said, but instead all that blurted out was: “Didn’t your parents ever say to stay away from Drugs?”

-They grinned. This was the You they knew. 

- Jacob was grinning. Quill was smirking, barely containing his happiness and Embry was just staring at you. In a way that made you feel very self-conscious.

  • Jacob was the first to speak
  • “Skip school with us, just this one day.”
  • “No.”
  • Quill leaned forward, “Y/N, trust me, you’ll love this. You won’t even be angry anymore.”
  • “Nuh-ah, I’m not even an athlete, there is no way I’m getting into and taking whatever the hell you are. 
  • They rolled their eyes. 
  • “I promise you we’re not recruiting you into a gang, sort-of.” 
  • That was it with your resolve. Not that you put up much of a fight. You missed them all dearly, and you knew they would never put you in danger. 
  • “Fine.”

-Turned out they weren’t in a Gang. 

-they told you the truth. 

-After all, the stories of the Spirit Warriors is in your heritage too. 

-Embry walked with you down the beach, “So, how much do you remember about imprinting?”

You stared at him, taking in his hopeful expression, “Y-you did not?”

He grinned, “Yeah … your my imprint.”

- You loved it. 

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just little liverpool fc things
  • every match captain jordan henderson will walk out with a look on his face like hes going to war
  • and hes ready to kill everyone and their father 
  • plus hendo will most likely fight with the ref at least once
  • there will be a time where james milner crosses the ball into the box and inevitability end up on his face
  • and he will stay down for at least 2 minutes like his life is over with his face buried in the grass
  • our front 3 could possibly murder u with the way they score goals
  • or they fall asleep and do nothing, theres no in between
  • emre will most likely fight- with anyone
  • at least one goal will be conceded per game, it has to or the game didnt happen
  • and that goal will most likely be conceded from a corner
  • one of our centrebacks will make atleast one mistake
  • but our fullbacks are angels who never do anything wrong and never get the praise they deserve (hint;clyney mils and trent)
  • whenever the babies get a chance we all die alittle, cus they are so committed and talented
  • we also get cute as fuck training pics that look like giant love fests
  • kloppo is v likely to scream in someones face or run along the sidelines like a madman when something good happens
  • cuddles are bound to happen, no matter what
  • team celebrations consists of the biggest group hug and lots of screams and kisses and even more hugs
  • and if ur bobby firmino then the shirt is coming off equaling another pointless yellow card
  • phil will only score a world-y, cus normal goals are too mainstream for him
  • klopp will always blame himself for a loss and be v v sassy in press conference
  • someone is v likely to grow an awful manbun  👀 or go blonde 
  • adam lallana is v likely to jump on ur back to celebrate a goal cus hes a tiny koala, #koala adz
  • also adz is kloppo’s fave son
  • whenever we win we are most likely gonna scream WE’RE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE, just cus, we have too ok
  • it dont even matter if we’re 20th, lfc fans will always scream we’re gonna win the league, i guess we just love winning :DDD
  • and when we lose, we act like the world is endin and life is over and we’re never gon play football again

feel free to add more


I think it’s the time to post my entire life drawing horses. I like horses since I have memory and I think them are the most beautiful creatures in Earth. I’m 19 years old (For silly people: of course that in all these years I’ve been drawing other things like people, dogs, food (yes, food), but horses for me always have something special)

Well, let’s go with an analysis of the photos:

First picture: me with 4-5-6 years old. omg that horse is scary (and not to mention the typical yellow sun in the corner hahaha) 

Second picture: me with 6-8 years old. Look at that sassy horse. It’s seems like that typical preppy blonde girl in your high school.

Third photo: me with 8-11? years old. I loved Spirit and I wanted to do my version of him haha.

Fourth and Fifth picture: When I was 12-16 years old I just drawing with pencil. I think I was three or five years drawing with pencil. FINALLY here is the beginning to horses with level!

Sixth and Seventh picture: My first time with watercolors. It was hard put aside the pencil because I had spent much time drawing only on grayscale and start with color really bothered me. But with patience and effort (and a few horses thrown in the trash) I managed to get to the Eighth and Ninth picture. 

The only advice I can give you is if you want to dedicate to this you need patience. A LOT. How you see, this takes years of experience and development. My horses have evolved because I have not lost confidence in myself. I think this is a clear example that if you want something strongly, finally it’s get amazing results. I hope you liked it! ♥

Thoughts on 4x09:
- Divorce? WTF??!
- Jude not knowing what the marijuana pipe was, filthy liar
- The ‘I love you too’ from Brandon came waaaayyyy too late
- Jonnor flashback got me hard, how dare Jude throw that away ;(
- Brandon far away from home is kinda interesting
- The flashbacks with mini-Jude are supa cute (yes it rhymes)
- I like the hitler-looking creepy guy @ creepy house
- AJ knows the truth now, callie you fkd up..
- I love Broadway O.o
- Bye Cortney, Welcome blonde girl
- Sassy Jude = Awesome Jude
- WE DON’T HAVE TO SELL THE HOUSE, oops, house already sold…
- WE DON’T HAVE TO BREAK UP, oops, letter already sent…
- Callie ruining her life to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata makes me happy
- They are just filing a divorce 4 the house, fuck you writers, i litt hate you…
- Joah intercourse confirmed
- Wedding flashbacks, nice nice, more flashbacks, gimmie gimmie
- The moms is a a wonderful ship, luf it.
- Bandon’s back, he killed it, I mean Joah, not the audition
- Joah is in trouble… (Who tf smokes if their parents are at home?)
- Creepy-guy is back, yas :)
- Why is the promo all about nick? Like, why? This episode was 0% nick..

Sorry for the long rant, love you all x

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May I have a match up? I'm 5'2 and I'm chubby. I have short messy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm also a Pisces and pansexual. My hobbies include drawing, cooking, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. Around new people I can be really reserved and timid, however around friends and family I'd say I'm pretty sassy, stubborn, feisty, and blunt. Although I do care about my friends and family and I love to joke around with them. But I do have some bad trust issues and anxiety.

I ship you with Kenma Kozume!

Kenma Kozume Matchup!




•   Not only that you’re probably the cutest girl Kenma ever laid eyes on, seeing how short you were only made you cuter. Short and chubby, just like Kenma’s favorite teddy bear. He’d often find himself thinking of you when squeezing on his favorite toy, wishing it was you; fufu. Kenma liked that both of you were blondes, maybe it was silly, but it felt as if you were a matching couple.

•   The two of you met during lunch break. Staring into your Nintendo’s, you didn’t notice each other’s presence, thus bumping and knocking yourselves on the floor, your console’s dropping as well; undamaged thankfully. Quickly mumbling an apology, you reached for your Nintendo and Kenma reached for his, only to realize you picked the wrong ones. With another apology you exchanged your rightful Nintendo’s, realizing that you were both playing Pokémon! You were playing Pokémon Heart Gold and he was playing Soul Silver. Because of this, you ended up spending the lunch break together exchanging the exclusive Pokémon’s in your games, deciding to meet every day at the same hour in the same place.

•   Both of you were quite shy and reserved at first, barely talking about anything else aside Pokémon. But with time, you both began to warm up to each other, even making that one huge step towards a relationship. Surely Kenma didn’t change much, he was much more talkative, you could clearly notice more emotions when he was looking at you and he smiled almost constantly in your presence. You on the side, you became more playful and stubborn – which really surprised Kenma, especially when he’d win against you in Pokémon and see you get stubborn about it, acting childish; it was so cute.

•   Even around your friends, Kenma could notice you being the complete opposite from what you’ve been when you two first met. It was such a pleasant surprise to find out there was so much more to you than he knew. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your sassy attitude, and he was the same with Kuroo really. You could be feisty with your friends one moment, and the other the kindest hearted person in the universe when addressing to Kenma; and your friends felt slightly jealous. You were such a sweetheart to him, and he loved it. Seeing you be so blunt and quirky around people you felt comfortable with, but so sweet and caring with him – you knew how to make him truly special.  

•   Kenma understood your anxiety moods better than anyone. He knew what you were going through daily - the stress and fear of being judged, the anxiety around big groups and probably the worst of all, opening up. It wasn’t easy, you two didn’t click with strangers as easily as others did. But, ever since you two began hanging out together and holding hands in public, you noticed that people didn’t really bother or stare too much anymore.. and even if they did, you were too preoccupied staring at each other.

•   Overall, you and Kenma Kozume would be a nerdy couple that prefers to spend the days away gaming and listening to music. Regardless of him being afraid being judged, and your anxiety getting the best of you – whenever you two would be together, those fears will completely disappear, as if it is just you and him in the entire world. Because after all, behind closed doors, it was truly just you and him in the entire world.

Bonus!: Oh gosh, this would be such an awkward subject for the two of you. But, one night, you just decided to try – and surprisingly it went even better than you’d expect it would. You both held each other as close as possible, kissing, caressing, groaning in pleasure and Kenma couldn’t help but compliment your body with every single chance he got; he simply loved every inch of you, from the bottom to the top.


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can I have a match up for haikyuu please? I'm a girl, 5'5 and heterosexual. I have blue/grey eyes but when I'm angry or cold they turn green. I'm half Russian and blonde. I'm intelligent and quite funny. But I'm also sarcastic and kinky af if u know me. I'm also sassy and always chewing gum. But If I like someone I'm really loving and kind. I'm also a bit insecure about my weight because I'm a bit chubby, but I don't show it, so only people that are really close to me, know about it. thank u ❤

Here you go! Enjoy!

~ Wendy!

I have to match you with Lev! 

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He’s also half russian, funny and intelligent, sarcastic, and sassy (which Yaku knows best lol!). Lev would probably be amazed by how your eyes change colour, I think it would fascinate him! You two like to playfully use your sarcasm against each other, but will also use it to team up against others. Lev loves the kind side of you. Since you don’t always show that side to everyone, it makes him feel special. Lev also didn’t notice that you’re insecure about your weight. When you bring it up, he always reassures you and tells you how beautiful he thinks you are, inside and out.

True Love - Sehun

Band : EXO

Member : Sehun

Genre : Fluff, Slight Comedy

Word Count : 1.3K

Warnings : Language 

Based on the lyrics to the song, “True Love” by P!nk.

Sometimes, I hate every single stupid word you say.

You watched as the tall, thin boy made his way towards you. His hair was bleached blonde and the fringe fell just under his eyebrows. His lips were turned up in a sassy smirk as he walked up to you.He stopped about half a metre to look at you.

“Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” He asked.

“Nope, but I did scrape my knee when I climbed up from hell” you replied almost instantly and the boy chuckled, his eyes squinting. It only lasted a moment however, as his expression returned to the previous one.

“Probably explains why you’re so hot”

“What are you doing here?” you asked, after taking a shot. He ignored your question and held his hand out for you to shake.

“I’m Sehun, and you are?”

“Out of your league”

Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face. 

“IF I HEAR YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME SEHUN!” You shouted as you hit your boyfriend in the chest. 

 You and Sehun were burning time watching a match on TV. Wrestling to be exact. Both of you were rooting for different sides and right now, Sehun’s side seemed to be winning. You two had made a bet, which was the loser had to follow the winner’s every order for the rest of the day. 

“You just can’t accept the fact that I’m winning” he smirked and you rolled your eyes at him. He let out a small chuckle and leaned to whisper in your ear. “I hope you like giving feet rubs” 



There’s no one quite like you, you push all my buttons down.

“_____________, ” he cooed, walking into the living room where you were reading a book. You were finally relaxing after doing everything Sehun asked for the past 2 hours. 

 “What?” You replied, somewhat rudely.

“Make me a sandwhich” he said, pushing your legs off the couch and replacing it with his butt.

“No, fuck you”

“No, but thanks for the offer” he replied, sarcasm oozing from his voice. You huffed and stood up anyway, throwing a pillow at his face before standing up to make your way to the kitchen.

“This sandwich tastes like shit” Sehun said after he took the first bite.

“It’s funny how you know what shit tastes like babe… oh yeah, CUZ YOU’RE FULL OF IT!” You replied smacking his head and he coughed, choking on his sandwich.Setting his plate down on the coffee table, he caught you off guard, his body above yours, your arms pinned to the armrest.

“You should take that back” he said and you scoffed, a smirk forming on your lips.

“What are you gonna do? Bite me?” He raised his eyebrows at your word choice before leaning in to whisper in your ear.

“I might as well”

I know life would suck without you.

You sat up and placed your fingers on the red bruise that formed on the side of your neck. Your hand immediately shot up to smack Sehun’s chest.

“I have work tomorrow you piece of shit!” You scolded and he put his hand on the spot that you hit him and pouted. 

“That’s no way to talk to your boyfriend”

“I hate you” he furrowed his eyebrows and stared at you. You rolled your eyes and stood up to leave the room. 

“Hey stupid” He called and and grabbed your hand pulling you into his lap, your legs on either side of him. His large hands found their way to your hips securing you in place.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours in a slow, sweet kiss and you responded immediately by kissing him back. He pulled away slightly and you could still feel his breath on your face.

His eyes stared into yours and you felt your face get a little hotter as he whispered against your lips. 

“I love you”

Why do you rub me up the wrong way?

“Just because you’re fine with the other members thinking you’re an ape man, doesn’t mean I am” you scolded Sehun as you threw his dirty clothes in the laundry bag.

“I’m not an ape. I’M A MAN" He said hitting his chest once, a small “ow” leaving his lips afterwards.

“Sehun, you’re gross” you said picking up a box of Chinese takeout.

“Wait!” Sehun exclaimed. “Don’t throw away that box of noodles”

You stared at him in disbelief before looking back at the box. “These noodles have been here for like 12 years”

“Just hand it to me. I’m hungry” Sehun said.

You quickly brought it into your own hands and tried to keep your distance from Sehun as much as possible. “No babe, these noodles have expired and you’re probably going to die”. Sehun grabbed the  box from your hands and said. 

“Noodles don’t expire”

You stared at Sehun like he had completely lost his mind. If you had the chance, you would call him a donkey dick and carve the words onto his coffin and never make him forget it. You opened your mouth to speak. 

“Sehun…honestly..I lov-” he cut you off.

“Noodles don’t expire” he repeated this time in a sing song voice. You honestly felt like throwing a knife at him, telling him to leave and never return until he learned basic science but you decide to just warn him this time.

“Our relationship is about to expire right now”

Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be

You lazily grazed your fingers across the letters of your keyboard, chatting with Sehun on kakaotalk since he was on tour.

oohsehun : Istg babe if you don’t change your bio

_________ : what’s wrong with donkeydick?

oohsehun : that’s not a word ________

_________ : wtf yes it is

oohsehun : no…. IT’S NOT

_________ : IS TOO

oohsehun : are we seriously doing this?

________ : yes

oohsehun : no

_________ : fine. give me something new then if you’re so clever

oohsehun : say you suck MASSIVE dick

________ : oh pls you’re not THAT big

oohsehun : >:O

________ : get rekt

You have been blocked.

________ : NO SEHUN


________ : I LOVE YOU PLEASE

________ : SEHUN

________ : I TAKE IT BACK

________ : COME BACK

oohsehun : …………

________ : YAY

But without you, I’m incomplete

Inhaling the scent of your boyfriend from the hoodie you were wearing, you took a sip from your coffee as you sat on the empty bench in the park. Feeling the gentle cool breeze against your face as you looked by one at the selfies and pictures he sent you whilst being halfway across the world, a small smile tugged at your lips at the thought of him.

Keeping your phone in your pocket, you watched the children run around the playground and the elders pace walk along the track, a few of them greeting you in which you responded with a smile.

Your thoughts still wandered back to Sehun. Your Sehun. It has only been a few months yet you missed him a lot. The house felt quiet without his constant nagging and whining which is why you spent most of your time outside.

As much as you liked to admit otherwise, you really enjoyed Sehun’s company. Without him to pick fights with or scold, you were pretty much useless. And that was what your relationship with him was all about really, the both of you just pushing each other pass the limit until the point where you feel like pulling your hair out, but at the end, the both of you just find your way back into each others’ arms and that’s where the both of you belong.

You stood up from your place on the bench, pulled the hood over your head and proceeded back home where you’ll begin counting the days until he comes home.

Until you’re back in his arms.

1D Pref; He meets a girl on tour (4) Niall





“Don’t be.” Zayn said, “Niall’s the one who should be embarrassed. I can’t believe he would do something like that.” 

You stayed quiet for a few seconds before asking softly, “who’s Alyson Francis?”

“That’s what I was going to ask you.” He replied, “I don’t even know who that is.” 

“Well, has he ever spoken of an Alyson?” Perrie questioned.

Zayn shook his head, “no, not that I know of at least.” 

You heard footsteps coming your way and you looked up to see the one and only, Niall James Horan.

“Can I talk to you?” He asked. You just nodded and looked at Zayn and Perrie. They gave you a concerned look but you nodded and they left.

“You okay, princess? Paul told me you left early because the fans had surrounded you too much.” He said, “I knew I shouldn’t have let you stay down there. It was too dangerous.”

You scoffed, “are you serious right now?” 

He was taken back by your sudden response, “what?”

“Did you really think the only reason I left was because the fans had surrounded me?” You asked, “They were all very lovely until you gave a shout out to some girl name Alyson Francis and they all jumped at me asking me who she was.” 

Niall opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

“Care to explain?” You questioned angrily.

“She’s just a close family friend, princess.” He smiled, “don’t worry.” 

You glared at him, “don’t you dare lie to me, Ni. How can you expect me not to worry? I was standing down there cheering for you and my nerves were going crazy the minute you were about to announce a shout out. I thought you would’ve shouted me out or your family at least.” 

“Instead, I hear you tell the crowd about some girl name Alyson. What the fuck was that all about?” You continued, “you never told me about some Alyson girl. Even the lads don’t know who she is.” 

Niall knew you hardly ever swear, so when you did, it was serious. 

“I’m sorry.” He spoke, “I didn’t know you felt that way..” 

You scoffed and grumbled lowly, “maybe because you were too busy with Alyson.” 

“You know that’s not the case.” He sighed, “Alyson is nothing to me, just a friend that I met a couple weeks ago.” 

“You didn’t have to lie to me about it.” You mumbled.

“I know.” He replied, “I’m sorry. I have to admit that was wrong of me to do that. I should’ve shouted you out, because I love you.” 

You thought about it for a minute before looking back up at him, “No no.. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have made it a big deal about your shout out. I just wish you had told me about Alyson.” 

He nodded, “forgiven?”

You embraced him and smiled into his chest, “forgiven.” 

A few days later, you got to meet the oh so famous, Alyson Francis. Who turned out to be quite a bitch. 

“oh, so you’re the girl who Niall’s dating?” She asked examining you from head to toe.

Well damn, she doesn’t seem too nice.

“Yes, and you’re the girl he happens to just shout out on stage?” You questioned, adding a bit of sass.

“Relax, princess.” Niall whispered in your ear, rubbing your back.

“At least I got a shout out,” she laughed dryly.

You took a step forward, but Niall held you back. Before you got to make a sassy comeback, Niall spoke up.

“Congratulations, you got a shoutout.” Niall said, “big deal. Don’t think I’m going to fall for you just because I gave you a shoutout. You were being a friend to me at that time, but now? You just lost my respect. There’s only one person I love, and that’s Y/N.” 

Alyson gaped at his answer, “Jerk. You didn’t have to lead me on.” 

You laughed at her response. 

“Sorry, Alyson.” Niall shrug, “don’t mess with my girl.” 

And with that, Niall pulled you away from the blonde bimbo and kissed you passionately, right in front of her.

“I didn’t take you as this type.” You laughed, “trying to rub it in someone else’s face.” 

He just laughed and you guys continued your way back to the tour bus. 

A/N: YESSS, done with Niall’s part :) Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did writing it! I’m probably going to do it for the rest of the boys too.