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Thoughts on 4x09:
- Divorce? WTF??!
- Jude not knowing what the marijuana pipe was, filthy liar
- The ‘I love you too’ from Brandon came waaaayyyy too late
- Jonnor flashback got me hard, how dare Jude throw that away ;(
- Brandon far away from home is kinda interesting
- The flashbacks with mini-Jude are supa cute (yes it rhymes)
- I like the hitler-looking creepy guy @ creepy house
- AJ knows the truth now, callie you fkd up..
- I love Broadway O.o
- Bye Cortney, Welcome blonde girl
- Sassy Jude = Awesome Jude
- WE DON’T HAVE TO SELL THE HOUSE, oops, house already sold…
- WE DON’T HAVE TO BREAK UP, oops, letter already sent…
- Callie ruining her life to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata makes me happy
- They are just filing a divorce 4 the house, fuck you writers, i litt hate you…
- Joah intercourse confirmed
- Wedding flashbacks, nice nice, more flashbacks, gimmie gimmie
- The moms is a a wonderful ship, luf it.
- Bandon’s back, he killed it, I mean Joah, not the audition
- Joah is in trouble… (Who tf smokes if their parents are at home?)
- Creepy-guy is back, yas :)
- Why is the promo all about nick? Like, why? This episode was 0% nick..

Sorry for the long rant, love you all x

Could I have a ship?

My hobbies are, playing on my phone, and on my computer ( sims 4 for life XD ) my habits, I love to sleep, eat, read, listen to my music ( mostly black veil brides, and EXO, some f(X) ) if I could I could read for hours on end while listening to my music, I’m 5'6, slightly chubby, dirty blond hair, green eyes, I’ve been meaning to learn either Chinese or Korean, because I only know French and English cause I’m from Quebec ( a province in Canada) and I’ve always dreamed of going to Korea to explore, 18 years old, when you first meet me in VERY shy, but when someone gets to know me I’m: weird, random, protective, loving, cuddly, loves to help others, and I can be sassy and sarcastic and name is Catherine

Hi Lovey! I wasn’t sure on what second group to give you, so I just decided on a huge EXO paragraph hehe hope you don’t mind <3 Sure you can, here we gooo…

From EXO I ship you with…

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Okay I know you’ve told me that he was your first bias and everything but like hear me out here please. So basically I think you’d be the little ray of light in his life who he’d love ever so much because he can grow as a person we all know he doesn’t need to grow that much physically lol  and learn so much from you because you are essentially different in so many ways.You’d be the one who’d break down his cold demeanor and bring out the warm side in him, but he’ll probably only act fluffy around you tbh. Your dates would mostly consist of chill days where one moment you’d be laying around sharing ear pods and listening to music in pure silence; and the next second you could be breaking into a laughter fit because you remembered that time he fell over or something. You two would look freaking beautiful when he’d take you to the many award and fashion shows he attends, stealing everyone’s gazes on the red carpet because you two slayyy (Is that what the kids are saying these days? I have no idea lol) Hun don’t even get me started on how this husband material of a man would help you learn Chinese. He’d honestly be such a sweetheart to you, always trying to hold back little laughs whenever you don’t pronounce something right (But dw he’s got you) In summary you two would honestly be so great together <3

Hope you liked it Lovey! xx