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PLEASE tell me which member is which in monstax Ill love you forever,

Of course!! But since I’m such an amazing person, not only will I tell you who’s who, but I’ll also give a short introduction to each member! Let’s start 

Shownu - Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Leader

Aka Robot Dad (since he’s emotionless), sexy back, and damn that boy got moves

Minhyuk - Sub Vocalist, Moodmaker

Aka Absolute Sunshine, hyper af, has abs omf, always has blonde/light hair, part of visual trio

Wonho - Sub Vocalist

Aka Wonho(e), ABS FOR DAYSS, very smexy, has an undying love for ramen, part of visual trio

Hyungwon - Sub Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Aka Model, LEGS, LIPS, sleepy bun, quiet but sassy, huge meme, queen of visual trio

Kihyun - Main Vocalist

Aka smol savage, wine mom, 1000% husband material, voice that can slay and rejuvinate you at the same time, I can continue but it’d take a whole page

Jooheon - Main Rapper

Aka Aegyo King, intimidating but is an actual sweetheart, has snapback addiction, scared of anything (Kihyun takes advantage of that)

I.M - Lead Rapper, Maknae

Aka MEME, can English, Maknae over Hyungs attitude, seems oldest but is actually the youngest, shy at first, deep voice yess

I hope you enjoyed that! Have fun with these idiot boys :)

Hiya💕 May I please get a written ship with Got7 and BTS? I’m 5'2(aka hella short) I’m a huge geek and love superhero movies. I’ve got a super short bleach blonde undercut. I’m a tomboy and only wear makeup if it’s a special event or if I’ll be in a picture or video. I play drums and I love alternative music and kpop(obviously). I’m shy when I first meet people but become really loud and sassy when I’m comfortable with the person. Thank you and I love your account✨

@katievamprawr Thank you so much!! Of course, thank you for requesting love! ❤️

I ship you with:

GOT7 - Yugyeom

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BTS - Jungkook

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I hope you like your ships, have a great day! ❤️