the only safety is with sandor


PAIRING: reader x sandor clegane



PROMPT: battles are known to separate loved ones, but you’d be damn if you let that happened.

WARNINGS: cursing, it wouldn’t be a sandor fic if there was no cursing.

The Battle of Blackwater Bay was well underway and by the looks of it, it would be the largest battle in the War of the Five Kings. Stannis Baratheon’s troops against King Joffrey’s forces were causing a massive, hectic situation for everyone in King’s Landing. While the Kingsguard went into battle and the highborn ladies retreated into safety, the common folk ran for their lives as the fighting moved inside.

However, you were the only common folk to run to the battle, not away from it. You were looking for someone. Your frantic eyes searched through the bodies that clashed swords against one another. The shouting and loud noises did not slow you down from your search nor did the fallen bodies. The stacked up bodies that laid unmoving proved to be a perfect stump for you to stand on. It was disrespectful to the dead soldiers but you couldn’t care less. You needed to find him before you left the city for good.

“Get that fucking fire away from me.” You heard a deep gruff voice yell out, making your heard snap towards the voice. Despite all the noise, you could hear his voice as clear as day.

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The Storm Rages Again

Anonymous asked: Is there any chance that you’d be able to write a part 3 to storm’s end when brienne finds her- and she & sandor fight like in the show and he’s fatally injured :(

Part 3/5 of “The Wolf’s Storm”, “Storm’s End

Warnings: Violence, angst

Pairings/Characters: Sandor Clegane x fem!Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Podrick Payne

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You heard their voices before you saw them.  Two distinct voices and you thought you recognized one of them. You fought the urge to hide as Sandor appeared next to you. The moment you saw him, you immediately relaxed a little. The owners of the two voices came up the hill and you recognized Podrick Payne, Tyrion Lannister’s squire. “It’s Sandor Clegane. The Hound,” he said simply causing the tall blond knight to look at you.

               "Then you are Y/N Stark.“ Sandor tightened his grip on his sword. He was certainly not going to let this woman get to you. You gave the back of his arm a gentle pat. “And who are you?” you asked curtly. You didn’t trust this woman. “Brienne of Tarth. I made a vow to your mother, Lady Catelyn Stark, that I would protect you and your sisters.” You moved a little closer to Sandor, but he started walking toward Brienne. “You’re paid by the Lannisters. Tell me that sword isn’t Lannister gold,” he indicated to the golden hilt of Brienne’s sword.

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Tyrell x Clegane...

((Hehe, I actually really liked this one!))

((Word Count: 1,826))

It was no secret in all of Westeros that the Reach was rich, maybe even more so than Casterly Rock. So, of course, it was no secret when your parents threw a big bash for your sixteenth name day. Lords, Ladies, and Knights from all over the reach came to participate in the Tourney, the feasts, and the other festivities that were held on the request of your Grandmother, Olenna Redwyne.

You were the oldest Tyrell daughter and the middle child born to Lord Mace Tyrell and Lady Alerie Hightower. Lords and Heirs of Lords had traveled from all over the Seven Kingdoms to try and win your favor and your hand. It both amused and annoyed you. Just because you were of age didn’t mean you suddenly needed to be married off. You especially didn’t want to be married off to some stuffy Lord who would use you to produce heirs and get money from your parents.

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Imagine cuddling with Sandor

requested by anonymous

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N… Lady Y/N, wake up…”

You jolted awake, gasping for air as your head swiveled wildly. “What– What’s going–” you sputtered.

“It was just a nightmare, my lady. You’re alright now.” Sandor Cleagane said soothingly. You tried to calm down, mumbling, “Ser Celgane… how did you…?”

Sandor smiled, “I was walking through the halls and I heard your screams. Are you okay, my lady?”

You nodded slowly, “Yes… yes, I’m fine.” Sandor narrowed his eyes, “I hope you don’t take offense, Lady Y/N, but I’ve found people are terrible liars when they’re scared.”

You smiled weakly, not knowing what to say. But before you could speak, Sandor climbed into bed with you, wrapping his strong arms around you. You closed your eyes, and had a sense of protection and safety that only Sandor could give you.
(Spoilers ALL) ASOIAF in Shakespearean-Style Verse

The unKiss, in Shakespearean-style verse, as written by nfriel:


What pyre burns in Aegon’s city proud!

The Rush aflame, with groaning cries, lets birth

Its shadow’d sons, like hounds releas’d, to fight

The champions of common flame above.

The rats who flee the Bottom’s anarchy

Turn thieves, their knavish pockets stuff’d with prize.

And oh! The heroes of the crown return

More corpse than man, with fewer than before,

And gravely wounded, faces veil’d with ash.

Cruel War has made them strangers to themselves.

Fair Dawn surrenders to the furied claws

Of wildfire, alchemists’ delight.

The acrid stench, the herald old of hell,

This world invades, declaring its demise.

To life or death, to Dontos or to Payne,

My fate is sealed, thus perforce must I wait.

The course of night shall pass, and in its stead

My wolf I’ll meet, if I am mark’d for dead.

[enter SANDOR]


The bird in ashen clime still finds it nest.



The Hound now seems his namesake’s perfect glass.

See how his eyes glow in the emerald light!

Yet dark remains the rest, his cloak except.


Thy scream will be thy death. To that, I swear.

But wherefore cag’d, sweet bird, in martial rage?

Has thou no interest in the victor’s name?


I know not. Has a victor been reveal’d?


Not triumph but in failure bear myself.

Let others make a like report for news.


In failure? Has thou lost?


And grievous so.

All lost, the vile Imp to thank.


But dead.

They say he died.


Not so, I wish it not.

The mercy of the gods would see him burn’d.

Yet not for me their justice to dispense.

I needs depart.




So spake the bird.

Aye, quick departing.


Yet the realm is vast.

Hast thou no destination in thy mind?


Away shall serve. From ash and flame I flee.

Perhaps the North my purpos’d place shall be.


The gates and Keep are clos’d, at queen’s command.


To those who wear the cloak, no pass is barr’d.

To those who wear a sword, none stand oppos’d.

Alone can fire cease my certain flight.


Thus spoken, why come here and so declare?


Thou Starks keep promises. What, lost thy sense?

A song thou swore, and thus do I insist.


Amidst the smoke and death? Nay, I shall not.

Unhand me, for my heart is seiz’d by fear.


Thine eyes once open’d see but only fear.

Look now upon my face—this, I command.



The mummers’ demon masks give lesser dread.

Thank Seven for the blood, to hide his scars.

What wild eyes and frenzied, as a beast’s!

His brother’s burns with violent shivers twitch.

This drunken sword, come stinking in his gore—

Is this what singers dream belongs to war?


Away, sweet bird, come fly with me away.

No man in hearts e’er struck such fear as I.

I promise thee more safety in my care

Than ever could thou hope in Maegor’s Keep.

The man who wish’d thee hurt my hand would slay.


A maiden has no fight for man so strong.


Thine eyes kept clos’d? What, still afraid, my bird?

Then give the song thou promis’d long ago.

Maid Jonquil and her fool shall be thy life.

Thy blinded silence will earn naught but death.



A bird has native aptitude for song

Yet terror now constricts my learned tongue.

But I dare not his face screen from mine own.

One song I know, and that one shall he have.

[to SANDOR] [sung]

Gentle Mother, font of mercy,

Save our sons from war, we pray,

Stay the swords and stay the arrows,

Let them know a better day.

Gentle Mother, strength of women,

Help our daughters through this fray,

Soothe the wrath and tame the fury,

Teach us all a kinder way.


The bird has sung.

[exit SANDOR]


Though fearsome was his countenance, I felt

Some salty tears were wept beside the blood.

Yet now alone, to face a fate unsure.

The wild fires sounded their retreat.

Now stoic darkness overwhelms the land

And only jaded ghosts remain as proof.

His Kingsguard white, with blood and fire stain’d,

He left as souvenir, and close I keep.

For all I have is memory and cloak

To think of him who vanish’d in the smoke.

How is it possible I’m only discovering this now?!  This has made me unspeakably happy.

themetaisawesome  asked:

Pardon me if someone already did, but has anyone ever asked you what you would do if you had to survive in an Others-infested Westeros, a la zombie survival plan? Let's say you could choose any location in Westeros as your homebase, and you could recruit any five characters to help you survive the War for the Dawn. Which location would you use, and who would you recruit? (and no cheating by hopping on a ship and sailing for the Summer Isles)

Well, if I were stuck in Westeros during the invasion of the Others, the first thing I’d do is jump on a ship to the Summer Isles… oh damn, you caught me. ;)  Darnit. What am I to do, then…

OK, any location in Westeros, any characters, and they’ll actually listen to me? OK, fine.

Location: Storm’s End.

Yet Storm’s End endured, through centuries and tens of centuries, a castle like no other. Its great curtain wall was a hundred feet high, unbroken by arrow slit or postern, everywhere rounded, curving, smooth, its stones fit so cunningly together that nowhere was crevice nor angle nor gap by which the wind might enter. That wall was said to be forty feet thick at its narrowest, and near eighty on the seaward face, a double course of stones with an inner core of sand and rubble. Within that mighty bulwark, the kitchens and stables and yards sheltered safe from wind and wave. 

Never fallen to siege or storm (how Aegon & company conquered it we’ll find out in TWOW I suppose), and its walls are imbued with spells that keep it safe from harmful magics. Possibly built with help of the Children of the Forest, or designed by Brandon the Builder. So I’ve got protections similar to Winterfell, but I’m also far south enough that it should take a good long while for the Others to arrive. (Hopefully they’ll be defeated before they get that far.) And it’s got plenty of room and resources.

OK, now… five characters. I’m making this hard for myself by excluding Dany, Jon, and Tyrion, because they’re needed at the front. (Losing Tyrion was a wrench, as well as Dany because of y’know dragons.) Also Bran’s extremely important to the fight, and also Arya will probably be at the front too, so alas, neither of them can hide out in Storm’s End with me. I’d also like someone with an army (because “you and whose army” is a great threat, plus hey, cannon fodder), but I assume the rules of this thing means I can only select individuals. Maybe if I got to Westeros early enough, I could convince Aegon and co. not to leave Storm’s End. (Is Storm’s End empty, btw, or would it have its normal complement of servants and such?)

But enough dithering. My five:

Thoros of Myr: The benefits of Melisandre without the craziness. That is, he can see the future and resurrect the dead (on our side). Could have useful knowledge about R’hllor, which may be relevant, never know. Might be able to teach people how to light their swords on fire, which couldn’t hurt. Also, he has healing skills (just in case something happens to my next guy), and is an evident survivor.

The Elder Brother: An amazing healer, and it couldn’t hurt to have even more gods on my side. (I’d love to see him and Thoros talk, too.) Ex-knight, might know some strategies. And he’s also the closest thing in Westeros to a therapist, and lord knows this group could use one. (Everyone in Westeros needs therapy, truly.)

Sarella “Alleras” Sand: Not a maester yet, but on her way, and I really need a tech person. Also knows how to use glass candles (one of which she’s bringing with tyvm) so we can get info from the front, and may have learned other magic too, and maybe even metalcraft. Plus, she’s awesome, and I want to talk science with her.

Sandor Clegane: Because. OK, he’s a warrior, a survivor, and it couldn’t hurt to have him with. Yeah, he’s got a bad leg, but still. You’re asking me this question, this is what you get. Maybe I can acquire a Valyrian steel sword for him, too, from where I dunno, but somewhere. [The only person who has one right now who I’d be willing to have on my team is Brienne, but (a) she’s busy and will probably be at the front too, and (b) my fifth slot is full, sorry Brienne!]

Sansa Stark: Because. Well, you’re not letting me go to the Summer Isles and take her with, so we’re just going to hide out safe in Storm’s End tyvm. Plus her presence will keep Sandor motivated. And yay, another person to talk to the EB. :D  And she, at least, is taking Littlefinger’s Valyrian steel dagger with her before she comes to safety with me.

There, I hope that satisfies. And I’m stocking up on dragonglass, ok? Well, you didn’t say I couldn’t…

anonymous asked:

Hello, I've followed you for awhile, thank you for everything, but I wanted to ask if you think that Sandor can read. I'm writing a fic and I can't recall him ever reading in the books. I know he's a lord but he's fairly low in nobility and with his childhood I don't see him focusing on his letters much but maybe I'm missed something in the books? What do you think?

Even though he is from a minor house, there are a few clues in his conversations with Sansa that the Cleganes were well off and that he received some education. Let’s revisit a few of these book quotes.

 A woodcarver set up shop in the village under my father’s keep, and to buy favor he sent us gifts….My father told everyone my bedding had caught fire, and our maester gave me ointments. - AGOT, Sansa II

The passage above tells us that Clegane Keep was large enough that shopkeepers set up store beneath it, indicating that it provided substantial support to the surrounding village. Also the Cleganes kept a maester in their service, which is a distinction in itself.

The maester’s duties would have included teaching the Clegane children. We know Maester Luwin taught the Stark children to read, thus Sansa’s love of fairy tales. He also shared with Bran some of the things he could teach him:

I can teach you history, healing, herblore. I can teach you the speech of ravens and how to build a castle, and the way a sailor steers his ship by the stars I can teach you to measure the days and marks the seasons. - ASOS, Catelyn IV

This leads me to believe Sandor not only can read but likely has a basic education in the subjects listed above as well as some kennel mastering, given that was his family’s occupation. Obviously his tutelage under the maester was cut short when he left Clegane Keep, presumably sometime before he killed his first man at 12.

Sandor knows how to write.

We can rest up, maybe find a way to get a letter to your aunt. - ASOS, Arya XII

Undoubtedly the Lannisters also furthered his training, and so he also learned squiring, battle tactics, weapons training and maintenance, horsemanship, and much more.

Also, consider that it was Tywin Lannister who enlisted him as Cersei’s sworn shield. I doubt a deliberate man like Tywin would have entrusted the safety of his only daughter to a man who could not read or write. He may very well have chosen Sandor as Cersei’s sworn shield not only for his size and fighting ability but also his cleverness. We see a small example of it here:

“The girl speaks truly,” the Hound rasped. “What a man sows on his name day, he reaps throughout the year.” His voice was flat, as if he did not care a whit whether the king believed him or no.

He also easily spots lies and deception in others.

Long story short, I think it’s safe to portray canon Sandor as intelligent, calculating, educated, and sharp witted. - Mod Feather


Sandor Clegane Survives ~ GoT Theory: Masterpost

 1.) Quiet Isle: “Why do they call it the Quiet Isle?” asked Podrick. “Those who dwell here are penitents, who seek to atone for their sins through contemplation, prayer, and silence. Only the Elder Brother and his proctors are permitted to speak, and the proctors for only one day of every seven.” And later another quote, “Many of our brothers came here to escape the horrors of the world, not dwell upon them. Brother Clement was not the only wounded man among us.” What better place to hide away than a place whose inhabitants takes vows not to speak? And he might be repenting for something, since he character showed some signs of guilt during the last scene with Arya. 

 2.) Meribald’s Dog: “The brothers always have a bone to spare for Dog.” I don’t think I need to explain why the dog that has no name is important. George RR Martin does nothing by mistake and he could have easily named the dog. Instead, he chose to use something that might remind you of a certain hound. (”I’m a dog, remember?” “Your Joffrey’s dog” “My own dog now.”)

 3.) Meeting Brother Narbert: When first Brienne and Podrick meet Brother Narbert, she asks if they have women on the island. “Not at present,” said Narbert. “Those women who do visit come to us sick or hurt, or heavy with child. The Seven have blessed out Elder Brother with healing hands. He has restored many a man to health that even the maesters could not cure, and many a women too.”

 4.) Other important Narbert quotes: “Lady Brienne is a warrior maid,” confided Meribald, “hunting for the Hound.” “Aye?” Narbert seemed taken aback. “To what end?” (Brienne touches her swordhilt) “His.” The proctor studied her. “You are… brawny for a woman, it is true, but… mayhaps I should take you up to the Elder Brother. He will have seen you corssing the mud. Come.” Once he knows that Brienne means to harm the Hound, he changes the topic and George uses some “…” to show that he is either hesitant or hiding something. 

 5.) Stranger: Way down at the far end, well away from the other animals, a huge black stallion trumpeted at the sound of their voices and kicked at the door of his stall. “Handsome he may be, but Driftwood was surely whelped in hell… Driftwood is a beast of burden.” And later the Elder Brother, “You may have seen a big black stallion in our stables. That was his warhorse, Stranger.” 

6.) The Gravedigger: (Probably the most well known theory, but I’ll do it anyway.) Higher still they passed a lichyard where a brother bigger than Brienne was struggling to dig a grave. From the way he moved, it was plain to see that he was lame… When dog went to sniff him, he dropped his spade and scratched his ear.” (And later when they are eating) “there were grown men as well, among them the big gravedigger they had encountered on the hill, who walked with an awkward lurching gait of one half-crippled.” A large man that likes dogs and walks seem lame, which may have been from the injury he took to his leg, the one Arya said was the worse of all his injuries. 

7.) Relevance in Sansa chapters: “You sad old hound.” In the Vale, there is an Old Blind Dog that Sansa meets. During the encounters with the dog, either before or after, the Hound is immediately mentioned. Sansa is with the dog when Marillion tries to rape her. He hits the dog and it runs away and then Lothor comes and saves her, who she thinks is the hound. And later,  “…only he was bigger than Tyrion had any right to be, and when he climbed into the bed his face was scarred only on one side. “I’ll have a song from you,” he rasped, and Sansa woke and found the old blind dog beside her once again. And of course, how often he mentions her even after he has left King’s Landing. “I wish the Hound were here.” “Not the Hound’s, no, how could it be? Of course it had to be Lothor…” “The Lord of Runestone stood as tall as the Hound.”“When the mob sought to rape her, the Hound had carried her to safety, not Littlefinger.”  “She could almost hear the rough rasp of his voice… she wondered what had become of Sandor Clegane. Did he know that they’d killed Joffrey? Would he care? He had been the prince’s sworn shield for years.” “As the boy’s lips touched her own, she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss and left me nothing but a bloody cloak.” “She thought of Tyrion, and of the Hound and how he’d kissed her, and gave a nod.” Sandor stays super relevant in almost every Sansa chapter, despite the fact that she hasn’t seen him in a very long time. 

8.) The Elder Brother: Described by Brienne as a man not unlike Sandor, “He looks more like a man made to break bones than heal them.” The Elder Brother greets them and says, “New faces are always welcome. We see so few of them.” (And even more importantly,) The Elder Brother did not seemed dismayed by Brienne’s sex, but his smile did flicker and fade when the septon told him why she and Ser Hyle had come. “I see,” was all he said, before he turned away… Yet another person being shifty and changing the subject when the Hound is mentioned. Then, when they are alone, he sits down to talk with her. “The man you hunt is dead.” “I buried him myself.” (Talking about the raids at Saltpans) “Wolves are nobler than that… and so are dogs, I think.” “I know little of this man, Sandor Clegane… he fought, but found no joy in victory. He drank, to drown his pain in a sea of wine. He did not love, nor was he loved himself. Though he committed many sins, he never sought forgiveness… ignoble as it was, the hope of seeing his brother’s blood upon his blade was all this sad and angry creature lived for… and even that was taken from him.” All odd things to say about someone he didn’t know long, who was delirious and dying when first they met. AND THE MOST TALKED ABOUT “It is true then,” (Brienne) said dully, “Sandor Clegane is dead.” “He is at rest.” The elder brother paused, and then goes on to tell her a story, which is … 

9.) The Elder Brother’s Story: (So this is one that not a lot of people talk about. Actually I haven’t seen any posts about it, which is odd cause I got a lot from it. Basically just remember that for him to tell this story, something had to have reminded him of it, and they were just talking about Sandor. And again ends it with something about Sandor, which means he was thinking of him while he told the story) “Would it surprise you to learn that I was once a knight? … I never chose it. My father was a knight, and his before him… I had women and there I did disgrace myself, for some I took by force. There was a woman I wished to marry, the younger daughter of a petty lord, but I was my father’s third born son and had neither land nor wealth to offer her… only a sword, a horse, a shield. I was a sad man. When I was not fighting, I was drunk. My life was writ in red, in blood and wine.” (pretty much the exact description of Sandor, so he sees something of himself in the Hound) He goes on to say that he died in the Battle of the Trident. “I took an arrow through the thigh (Sandor also took a wound to the thigh) and my horse was killed from under me. I can still remember how desperate I was to find another horse, for I had no coin to buy one, and without a horse I would no longer be a knight. That was all I was thinking of, if truth be told.” He then says he was knocked out and should have died, but he didn’t. “I woke up on the Quiet Isle.. I can only think that someone found me in the shallows (dying, alone, and with nothing, just like he found Sandor) He then says that he came into his second life and took a vow of silence. Now, is there a point to this story? Brienne says “I see.” “Do you?” He leaned forward. “If so, give up this quest of yours. The Hound is dead, and in any case he never had your Sansa Stark… go home, child. You have a home, which is more than many can say in these dark days.” 

Now, if Sandor Clegane really was dead, then his story was seemingly pointless. Sandor’s death shouldn’t have reminded him of his second chance at life unless he himself (Sandor) had been given one. The fact that he had nothing, had even lost his horse and taken a wound to the thigh (just like the Elder Brother had) means that the brother probably did for the Hound as some stranger did for him. He knows that Brienne doesn’t understand and drives the point home by telling her to stop looking and to leave, so that Sandor can live his second life as the Elder Brother lived his. I don’t know why more people don’t talk about this conversation, but it makes me feel the most confident out of anything else. 

10.) Bonus The Volonqar: (So I don’t really believe this one but I’ve heard it multiple times and it is a masterpost so I wanted to mention it) There’s a theory that says Sandor may in fact by Cersei’s volonqar instead of Tyrion. Basically, since we never actually saw the hound’s brother, Gregor die and since Qyburn was experimenting on him to save his life, the idea is that Robert the Strong is Gregor Clegane. Qyburn says when he begins the experiments that he will not be the same, which may be the reason for his vow of silence, he might not even be able to speak. Plus the fact that Qyburn is the one to bring him to Cersei says a lot. The idea is that Gregor Clegane will stand for Cersei if there is ever a trial by battle, and Sandor will come to represent the faith, since he has been doing penitence at the Quiet Isle and hates his brother (as proved by Meribald saying the idea of killing his brother is all Sandor lived for and he thought that that was taken from him.) Valonqar means “little brother” in high valyrian… so the theory is it’s not Cersei’s little brother, but instead Gregor’s. So the Mountain’s little brother, the Hound, kills him in trial by battle, sentencing Cersei to death and making Maggy the Frog’s prophecy come true.   

I did this post once before, but I deleted it by accident so this is a second version with a little added. Enjoy & thanks for reading.