the only safety is with sandor

Imagine cuddling with Sandor

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“Y/N… Lady Y/N, wake up…”

You jolted awake, gasping for air as your head swiveled wildly. “What– What’s going–” you sputtered.

“It was just a nightmare, my lady. You’re alright now.” Sandor Cleagane said soothingly. You tried to calm down, mumbling, “Ser Celgane… how did you…?”

Sandor smiled, “I was walking through the halls and I heard your screams. Are you okay, my lady?”

You nodded slowly, “Yes… yes, I’m fine.” Sandor narrowed his eyes, “I hope you don’t take offense, Lady Y/N, but I’ve found people are terrible liars when they’re scared.”

You smiled weakly, not knowing what to say. But before you could speak, Sandor climbed into bed with you, wrapping his strong arms around you. You closed your eyes, and had a sense of protection and safety that only Sandor could give you.