the only relevant thing

Maybe a stupid idea, but maybe it already exists

You start a game of DnD with a blank character sheet. Your DM has them all. You only discover stats and things as they become relevant. 

Like, “I rolled 7 on my constitution check”
“You get a +2 bonus so that’s a 9.” 
*Hurriedly marking it down*


“I would like to ask the innkeeper if there is anything weird going on in the area”
“Dragonborn are rare in these parts, so she is suspicious at your approach.”
“Wait I’m a DRAGONBORN?!?”

It would be absolute chaos but for a one-shot I feel it would be fun. Maybe all the characters have amnesia and they have to figure out what they can do from scratch.

Who would have believed that the perfect Wikipedia photo caption could have been improved on? (Alan Ferrier on twitter)

I love this as an example of Gricean humour. Grice’s Maxims say to only say things that are relevant (i.e. interpret everything someone says as if it adds relevant information to the conversation). In this case, the caption is “improved” by adding (right) after the name of the bagpiper. In many photo captions, (left) or (right) is used to tell us which of several similar-looking people the caption is about. If there were several bagpipers or even humans, (right) would be a neutral, informative information. 

But here, the only entities in the photo are Piper Kerr and the indifferent penguin. It’s very easy to tell the difference between them. So adding (right) brings with it the absurd interpretation that (right) is relevant information, i.e. that the piper and the penguin are hard to tell apart. 

trauma is not defined by the traumatizing thing that happened.

trauma is defined by the reaction of the person who experiences it.

if you are traumatized by something, then the thing that happened was traumatic.

if you are severely traumatized by something, then the thing that happened was very traumatic.

it does not matter if other people experienced the same thing and were less or not at all traumatized by it. because the only thing relevant for judging the severety of trauma is your reaction to it.

Alright, I watched all the interviews of the cast and I have to say that yes, the stupid song and the comments that followed it were the worst part, but honestly, all the interviews were such a mess and so unprofessional. They kept messing around saying stupid things and not actually answering any question??? It was honest to god embarrassing to watch. 

All of this doesn’t concerne Katie, David and Odette. They were very nice and were actually giving serious answers even tho they kept asking them the same two questions over and over again. And also, Katie validated, again, ALL the fans and ALL the ships right after that ugly song and embarrassed all of them in doing so. A Legend. And she thanked more than once the fans for the response to her character and was actually the only one to openly welcome Odette in the show. She is the only one worthy of respect, always and forever.

I also want to say that if Chyler were there, and Floriana too (I know a lot of you don’t like her for a number of reasons but still, she always validated her fans), thing would have gone differently and it would have been glorious to have Katie and Chyler talking with passion about their characters because they understand them and care so much about them and their story.

I am so bitter right now. I expected a big mess, yes, but a whole different kind of mess. They didn’t even allowed the fans to ask relevant questions because they are cowards. That’s it.  

The only positive thing that we got out of this is Katie being her amazing self and showing once again to everyone how to handle correctly all the different views that people might have without invalidating any of them.


( i’ve been loving you for quite some time )

Summary: Being a camp counselor combines all your favorite things: kids, high adventure activities, campfires, campfire songs, watching the stars fly overhead, and a singular being who takes the name of Park Jimin.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Camp Counselor AU
Word Count: 12,854
Author’s Note: If any of you guys remember, I did a little camp counselor Jimin drabble for this 100 WTSILY collab I’m doing and it sparked this desire for me to expand and create more on that little world, hence where the previous inspiration came from. & !! @minsvga !! because she supported this story since the planning stages and endured the 23+ texts i had to send just to get the story to her because china does not support communication via any types of social media and apparently trying to send a 12k text is “uncalled for” on iMessages. 


It’s summertime, and the first few weeks had been brutal. The overpowering heat spent all its time trying to leak in through the closed windows of your house, trying to sink in through the walls, and had actually succeeded from most of its attempts—as a result, making your apartment feel not unlike an oven and letting you just boil on the very spot you stood. Your nights would be filled with laying on top of the covers, trying to will yourself not to sweat in your sleep; your days filled with sitting on the couch or debating whether or not it was worth running to your car just to drive to the mall or to the nearest Starbucks to suck in as much free air conditioner as you could muster.

Not to say that those things still aren’t relevant in your daily life, but things are only different in the slightest because today, you are in a car, drumming your fingers on the skin of your knee as your mom finally makes the turn into a parking lot. Before you, a bus lay ahead of you, a good few dozen or so other kids lingering about, either interacting with others or shifting back and forth amongst the crowd in order to try and get their duffle bags and backpacks loaded onto the bus. You recognize the pillows, the sleeping bags, the light baggage to avoid carrying too much and to avoid having too much to think about. You would know, because you are in a very similar situation—your own pillow tucked underneath your arm, your sleeping bag compressed as best as possible within your duffle bag, enough clothes to last the duration.

You know the protocol because you’ve endeared the pre-summer-camp excitement multiple times in the past, five consecutive years as a camp counselor to be more specific. Yet, you find yourself constantly returning back as a counselor because you absolutely love it. You love interacting with the kids, getting to spend some time up in the mountains where the sky was clearer, as was the lake and the meadows and every other seemingly insignificant thing that has plagued your memory over the past five summers.

You love getting to hang around other individuals who share your interests, who share your excitement for the outdoors and adventures. Speaking of other individuals, you immediately catch sight of a familiar face dashing his way towards you, bright smiles and wide grins to reflect what the next few weeks up in the mountains are going to be like.

“Y/N!” He exclaims, joining your side as soon as your mom pulls into a parking space and lets you know it’s okay to exit the vehicle. “Hey!”

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*a cackle is heard in the distance*

Hino treats inazuma eleven like its his personal fanfiction and everytime a new thing goes through his mind he’s like “this has nothing to do with the main theme but it’ll make X character look cool” and he just puts it somewhere…

Requiem (1/??)

And at long last!! The Delinquent AU I’ve mentioned in the past. This is part one, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Summary: When he was a child, Shinichi had thought he’d become a detective. Now he’s halfway there, looking into a series of attacks against delinquents in Tokyo, trying not to become a victim himself. Delinquent!AU

“Listen,” Kudo Shinichi says, his tone bored as if he’s had enough of the conversation, has had to repeat it multiple times. “How many times do I have tell people around here that the Mouri Agency is off limits?”

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What I don't like about k/l shippers (tho I'm one and nowadays I'm wavering away from it) is how they treat keith. they always focus on the latter and treats keet like some joke or idk? I know Keith is somewhat problematic but also like shiro he deserves a break.

See, my thing is–I’m pretty sure there must be k/l content that still maintains Keith’s identity. Making a ship work without compromising either character’s agency is something up to each individual author or artist I think, so there’s nothing inherently bad with k/l. That being said, I’ve certainly noticed a trend in k/l fanon where Keith is just a reward to be given to Lance and the whole focus is on him. And I’ve talked about this a bit before, so I’ll just drop some points from that here real quick:

  • It kinda seemed to me like k/l fanon was always sorta more centered around Lance while Keith was just sort of his prize? I think it’s kind of because Lance is more relatable to a lot of people so it’s easier for fans to see themselves in his position
  • After season 2, it seemed a lot of people who liked k/l were mad that Keith got so much screentime and character development, as if it only mattered if either of those things happened in relevance to Lance or k/l and Keith shouldn’t be able to grow and develop on his own
  • And it made me kind of uncomfortable to see s/k scenes that were dismissed as platonic but then people edited Lance in and claimed the situation was suddenly romantic and these edits were praised as being so much better than the actual writing and well developed character interactions in those scenes we had gotten 
  • While k/l definitely isn’t the only ship where fanon does this, I will say season 2 fanon definitely gave me the vibe that Keith was meant to be seen and not heard. 
  • I’ve seen fans hate the BOM episode and even say that watching it was unnecessary, and claim that Keith didn’t deserve to be written beyond the flat, one-dimensional image we had of him.
  • But at the same time fanon loved Keith in the marmora suit because it made for a pretty picture, but Shiro often got replaced by Lance in fanworks even though it didn’t make sense because it was just “better”
  • There’s this idea perpetuated in fanon that Keith is just a pretty boy, someone who’s meant to be seen and not heard
  •  And I feel in a lot of k/l Keith is almost robbed of his agency to just have him act ooc. 
  • In some fanon k/l I feel like much of Keith’s identity is sacrificed in favor of focusing on Lance. Canon k/l interactions in season 3 are much more preferable to me because you see them each develop as their own person apart from just how they react to each other

As for the second part, I’ve always been kind of confused by that. There’s this thing about characters being “problematic” that really unnerves me. Because no character is flawlessly good, you know? And if they supposedly are, then they’re not a well written character. And you don’t have to constantly be morally upstanding and perfect to be a good person. Keith’s raw emotion, his passion and drive and will to throw himself into a war to protect others–it all defines him. And maybe he’s not the infallible hero, but he’s so much more real, and that means something. He struggles with this anger he carries, yes. 

He loses the one person who showed him unconditional love and support, who never gave up on him. So he lashes out in his grief, he loses himself in sudden outbursts, says things he doesn’t mean. “I don’t want to be the leader! That’s just what Shiro wanted!” it’s something he yells without thinking, because he’s just cut open and hurting–and he doesn’t know where to direct that anger, and it kind of coils in on itself and flares out. But then he quickly sobers, looks horrified at his own words and falls silent. It’s not Shiro he’s mad at. And it’s not his team. Not really. But it still feels like Shiro left and some part of Keith feels almost betrayed at that. It’s an admission that sort of slips out–that Shiro talked about giving up before and Keith resents that. Wishes he had never said that. 

But he’s overcome by volatile galran emotion with no outlet–Shiro was always the one who calmed him before, and he’s struggling to navigate the fallout without him:  

  • Joaquim: “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep in check.” (source)
  • Joaquim: “[Keith’s] got this emotional side to him.”
  • Lauren: “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” (source)

Keith’s grief isn’t graceful or poetic or quiet understanding as he lets go. His loss is a storm–chaos and rage and broken shards. It’s throwing himself into a fight without concern for his team’s safety because he has nothing left to lose. It’s refusing to move on even if the universe needs him. It’s being reckless and relentless. It’s sitting alone in Black lion, “speaking” to Shiro as his confession. All the while ignoring that he has a whole team willing to listen. 

And of course, I’ve been talking post season 3, but–we can take this mindset and apply it to all of Keith’s actions really. Because all his life, he’s been carrying some kind of grief. He has no family. For a long time, he had no friends. He says everyone else gave up on him. Looking at Keith’s character through that lens, I think a lot of his behavior people would label as “problematic” makes perfect sense. Loss has been a very real part of Keith’s life, his whole life–as opposed to the other paladins who are only just now experiencing it: 

  • Joaquim: “I mean, he’s experienced loss–in his life, in his childhood. And Shiro is, I think more so than the other characters is his pillar, is like his big bro. So he felt that loss.“(source)

And I think it really says something that, despite all Keith’s suffered, despite how it must have felt like the universe was always conspiring against him, he still wants to do good. He has no family, grew up with no friends, and has to watch Shiro be constantly wrenched away from him. At that point, he shouldn’t feel like he owes the greater good anything. But “everyone in the universe has a family,” and for all of their sakes, Keith still wants to help. I can’t at all see Keith as “problematic.” I think he’s a victim of circumstance who genuinely cares about others and fiercely protects the people he loves. He’s a multidimensional character who has his faults and strengths, and I adore that. And I agree, he and Shiro do deserve a nice break. Someone let them rest please 

Ask me about my characters and their kids!

I rarely see a lot of questions about our characters and their KIDS (more than one or two questions in the occasional meme) SO I made up a quick silly list of questions of my own! ^u^ Feel free to share, or add your own!

(Excuse any typos that remain - I really can’t see them no matter how many times I read through a thing, and I read this many times lmao.)

Ask me about my characters and their children! 8D

  1. How many children does your character have? How many would they ideally WANT?
  2. How did the children become a part of the family? Were they born into it? Adopted? Somehow else? Talk about the journey! :D
  3. What kind of a parent is the character? Does their own idea match that? Do they think they are a good parent? What are some of their insecurities as a parent? How about their partner?
  4. What are the meanings behind the children’s names, if they DO have meanings? Were they named after someone?
  5. What do the children call their parents?
  6. Talk about the children! What do they look like? What are their personalities like?
  7. The children’s first words?
  8. What are some of the character’s favorite memories from their kids’ childhoods?
  9. What are some of the character’s favorite things to do with their children?
  10. What about the CHILDREN’S favorite things to do with their parents? :D This isn’t necessarily the same thing!
  11. What’s playtime like? What kind of games does the character tend to play with the children? Are they GOOD at it? :D
  12. Does the character (or their partner, or BOTH) have some mutual hobbies or pastimes with the children that aren’t strictly playing? Like some crafts or sports that they share and have fun with?
  13. Does the character have any meaningful items they pass on to their children? Like an old toy, or a piece of jewelry, or some other family heirloom?
  14. What are some of the skills or things the character teaches to their children? Some family traditions, or particularly important life lessons? How about their partner?
  15. Is there a toy/book/game the character is almost as excited about as the child (or even MORE so than the child? :D)
  16. Sleep time! Talk about the sleeping arrangements and rituals of the family through the years!
  17. Talk about what happens when a child gets sick.
  18. Talk about a time when the children did or said something that was both hilarious and definitely embarrassing for the parents!
  19. Talk about a time the children scared their parents.
  20. Talk about a time the children made their parents very proud.
  21. Talk about a time when the children got into trouble!
  22. What kind of people do the children grow up to be? What do they do?
  23. Snapshot! Describe a scene or a full day from the family’s life. It could be anything from a normal daily routine, or some special day and what happened that day. ^u^
  24. Has having children changed the character? How?
  25. Wildcard! Share at least three of your favorite headcanons about the character and their children!

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Hello!! Can you do the MCs online presence please?

that’s a good idea! i like that

Aries MC: likes to post a lot. likes to post about positivity and their passions. may passionately ramble or rant when they are angry. they use a lot of exclamation points and seem really excited or angry

Taurus MC: they like to share funny videos and photos, tagging their friends in things they think they’d like. can be very stubborn about their thoughts or opinions, but usually is more laid back in their posts.

Gemini MC: likes to over share and comment on everything. they like to be up to date on all the trends and new memes, and always wants to be cool.

Cancer MC: lots of song lyrics and quotes. likes to talk to people and make friends. also likes to talk about their feelings and things going on in their life

Leo MC: takes social media very seriously, always wanting to keep a theme and wanting to be relevant. they only post cool or interesting things, and usually posts a lot of selfies

Virgo MC: usually very private and are very careful with what they say or post online. they can be very picky about what they post as well, wanting it to be perfect.

Libra MC: super kind to everyone and tries to keep the peace. won’t start any fights and will keep to themselves. puts a lot of effort into their social media but it always seems so effortless

Scorpio MC: doesn’t reveal a lot of personal information, but likes to post about things they are passionate about. they let their weird side out on social media, and they like to get deep or post about their thoughts

Sagittarius MC: likes to post inspirational and motivational quotes and likes to feel inspired. they love funny videos and memes. they usually love to rant and ramble

Capricorn MC: they treat their social media as if it was professional. they are very careful with what they post and always think about how it will look or about what other people will think. always has correct spelling and grammar

Aquarius MC: likes to post about justice and opinions. they love hopping on internet trends and the new memes but get bored with them quickly. always moving on to the biggest and newest thing

Pisces MC: they can be a bit scattered when it comes to posts or posting, but they like to talk. they use a lot of emojis and smiley faces, and they love to make friends and comment nice things on people’s posts

An Analysis of Xefros’s and Dammek’s Relationship

So I finished ACT 1 a while back, I was thinking about Dammek’s and Xefros’s relationship and decided to share my analysis. This will, of course, be mere speculation based on what we have been presented, but as most people seem to be jumping the ‘Dammek is the worst even though we haven’t seen his thoughts’ bandwagon, I thought it’d be nice to share another way to look at things plus some things I’m not sure everyone noticed.

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Not caring about the teasers aside from the aesthetics because we know teasers aren’t always relevant to the actual songs or MVs.
Only care about why they named it “project chapter 1”, how many chapters will there be, and does the number of chapters equal to how many times Pledis will rip us off.

ok, so real quick, just a few things: this is my own personal opinion and about my own preferences. We all like different things. So if you like k/l, great! I fully support that. And there are definitely plenty of people who are multishippers and love both k/l and s/k or ship s/k/l. But I mean, the short answer is…you won’t find any k/l on this blog. (I’m also using a screenshot of your ask so this doesn’t appear when you search k/l, because I feel that wouldn’t be fair to fans)

anyway, long answer: 

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Slides from tonight’s event!

I wanted to try something new as a way of handling what would, without visuals, have been an impossible event. A large party spanning 3 rooms with a lot of NPCs and items that just don’t exist in game? Imagination can carry you a long way, but then you’re left constantly cross-referencing text, or forgetting something that was described, or outright missing something that was described. General guild consensus says NO to r20 because we all want to play in the game itself. A map also just feels a little cold.

So the answer, for me, was point-and-click style visuals!

I set up raid markers in areas they can visit, and drew over screenshots of those areas with things they could interact with.

It was… conditionally successful.

Mechanically it was a success… but for something at a much smaller scale. I think my retail manager experience is the only reason I was able to juggle the flow of text coming my way from like 10 people engaging something different at once (if i missed posts, sorry!! i tried!!), and I sort of had to relegate my character to a corner getting stoned and “keeping an eye on things” instead of participating. 

I am also definitely not splitting the party again for something like this. It’s not a new DM lesson but the nature of the event necessitated it (some people engage partygoers and distract the host while others go off and hunt for clues).

So will I do it again? Absolutely. I went in expecting these flaws and now I know how to approach them. Condense only to relevant things (because your players WILL fixate on the false leads and flavor instead of the real clues), only do one room or something linear where everyone moves together (no party splitting), and keep in mind how many things to include (even relevant) because 10+ people posting sucks up a lot of time.

Thaaaank you to my wonderful guild for putting up with this ambitious experiment. We’ll do it again sometime! But smaller.