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Christian Louboutin Masterpost

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”

The only man who has every really been honest about the extent of his downfall. This post is an update of an old post. Now, for some reason I picture Louboutins being every SB’s first go to pair of designer shoes. Why? Because they are sexy, gorgeous and the bottoms make any man want to bow down. That being said, they are the MOST painful pair of heels I have ever owned. So every little step to stretch/protect them has been worth it. 

How to Make Heels More Comfortable
As he said, louboutin’s will never be comfortable heels - they are not supposed to be. But, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make them a little less uncomfortable. Before we start, I have the So Kate that I wear to functions/dinners/events aka events where I can sit for long periods of time without looking out of place.

1. If your pair has a narrow front, you will need to stretch the leather. If you want to be a badass, then you can stuff your feet in and walk around for hours and eventually make them form - you will hate yourself. OR, you can use the extra help. Double up on some socks, stuff your feet in and shift all of your weight to the front of your feet. Using your blow dryer, apply high heat directly to the shoe. Make sure to relocate weight to the front of the shoe, the back will stretch as well! IF it stretches too much (that’s okay), then use fashion tape on the back to prevent sliding of your foot. I think it is better to stretch too much then not as all and with the tape, you’ll never notice the difference. 

2. Beauty is pain ladies and these epitomize both. Bandage your third and fourth toes with some medical tape, removes pressure from the nerves. You’ll hold out longer.

3. INSOLES for these brand of heels are a MUST. I didn’t realize how much of a difference they made until I did not wear them. HUGE HUGE HUGE difference.

4. When you are walking, be aware of your posture. If you’re an SB then your posture should always been good, in or out of heels. That being said, in these heels relocating your weight to your heel with an erect back makes it less painful. If you’re not used to this then this would feel awkward but you’ll get used to it - I promise. 

How to Protect Your Red Bottoms 

Yes, I like saving money. However, I chose not to go to the cobbler because they wanted to charge me 70 for the base. And, they would not have been able to protect my babies in time. You can do this for under $12, without any damage to the red after. 

Buy the ZAGG InvisibleShield Military Grade Screen Protector (I recommend this brand only because it’s the only one I know that will NOT damage the red.)  

You will want to buy the OG iPad case just in case you mess up, you can do it more than once. OK, so what you will do is clean the bottom of your shoes with a damp cloth and then outline them on the non-sticky part of the protector. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY BUY THE GLASS PROTECTOR. Now, it is arts and craft time and you will cut out the base the outline of your shoes. Peel the plastic away, spray spray spray your shoes with the provided solution and slowly apply the sticky face, while being aware of air bubbles. You will want to use your windshield wiper thing to remove as many of the air bubbles as possible.

These are my protected So Kate that I have worn so many times and they still look perfect. It may have costed me more time but saved me a little bit of cash money. DISCLAIMER: If you are walking on floors in a kitchen/restaurant that could be greasy then you will want to be EXTRA careful. When you scruff the bottom, you get the real grip of these shoes. But when the bottom has the protector on then there is a little less traction. 


Anonymous asked: Great! Thank you! Can I request a Crowley x fem!Winchester where Crowley gets involved with her to get under his mother’s skin(we know how she feels about Winchester), but he soon finds himself falling for her?*pretends to be involved with her* sorry

Here it is, lovely! I hope you aren’t too angry for making you wait so long. I do not own Crowley or Rowena. They belong to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: um…fluff, fake relationship I guess.

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader, mentions of Rowena

Originally posted by yennfer

“Really, Fergus you should listen to your mother. This place could do with a feminine touch!” Rowena exclaimed as she gazed at her son on his throne. Crowley bit back a groan of annoyance at her. For several days now, Rowena had been trying to convince him that he needed a queen by his side. Crowley knew that the only reason Rowena would even care about his love life was to use it for her own devices. She would want him to be with a woman that she could easily manipulate to undermine Crowley’s authority in Hell. That, of course, he couldn’t permit. Then, an idea sprang to his mind.

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Finnick Odair Imagine: The Victors' Crusade

Request: anon

Prompt: You are a Victor, and along with Finnick, the two of you get chosen to compete in the 75th Quarter Quell, but you end up getting captured by Peeta and Johanna.

Pairing: Finnick x Reader  

Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: I do not own Hunger Games.

A/N: Yay, my first THG imagine! I hope you all enjoy!

You were sitting on the beach, glad that there was no terror yet. The Quarter Quell, you laughed to yourself. You hadn’t expected that Snow would make sure that to have only Victors in the Games. You knew Snow’s reasoning behind all of this.

Katniss Everdeen. The Girl on Fire. One of the Victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games.

You wanted to hate her. She was the reason why Snow had dragged all of the Victors in the Reaping, although that was not how you ended up here. Yes, Finnick was chosen as the male tribute, but Annie, his best friend since childhood, was chosen.

You’ve known her for so a long time, and she had been affected to much by the Games, it had taken a toll on her sanity. You didn’t want her to suffer, so instead you decided to volunteer, much to Finnick’s dismay. Now, you couldn’t deny that you had feelings for him, but you feel as if Annie shouldn’t have to suffer.

Finnick sat down next to you, “We’ve got to go. Tick tock, it’s a clock. Remember, (y/n)?” He asked, not pulling you close. You didn’t feel anything, but sadness. Knowing the high chance that either you, Finnick, or both wouldn’t be making it out alive. At least Annie would be safe from this nightmare.

“Look, I’ll go gather my things alright.” You said, but before you could get up, Finnick pulled you down into the sand. You were confused, you had to move, before whatever thing was thrown your way.

“Listen, thanks for volunteering for Annie, it means a lot to me.” Finnick said, for the first time, seeming at a loss for words. He was usually pretty eloquent. You smiled. “I just couldn’t imagine her being here. I don’t want her to suffer.”

“I know.” You said, and got up. “I have to get my stuff and then we’ll go, alright, Finnick.” You got up and went for your stuff. You knew how to salvage supplies, and thankfully you had a full pack full.

You were about to sling your backpack over your shoulder, but it wasn’t there anymore. You pulled out your knife from your boot. You should have expected this, anyone would do anything to survive, and you were no exception to the rule.

You heard a shuffle, but that was your mistake, being caught so off guard. Something hit the back of your head, hard. Your vision blurred, and you fell the ground. You reached for your knife, which you had dropped in the sand. You meekly grabbed it, trying to turn around, but you felt a weight on top of you.

A muscular young woman, with dark hair, was sitting on top of you, nearly choking the life out of you. You kneed her and pushed her off of you. You felt something else hit your head once again and you finally collapsed.  


Finnick got up and went. “I don’t want you to suffer either.” He said to himself as he followed in your footsteps. He noticed your pack, or you weren’t there either. Only a bit of blood on the sand a knife, your dagger. You were skilled with these, they became an extension of you.

“(Y/N)?” He called out. He picked up the knife and sheathed it. “(Y/N)?”

anonymous asked:

Hey! What are your NOTPs anyway? And give reasons why.

Please don’t sound so demanding, okay?

Humm, there are several ships that I dislike but only a few that I dislike strongly enough to call them NOTPs… They’re popular pairings though. Welp, to each their own taste, huh?

Xander x Ryouma: I just can’t even imagine them involved in a romantic way. Their supports were strictly professional and I don’t even think they’d talk to each other if it weren’t for their countries/Kamui.

Xander x Laslow: I… I don’t even know how/why this is a thing. I like Laslow but he just seem so far from what Xander would like in a partner to me? Their whole supports is just Xander getting pissed at his unproper attitude and scolding/punishing him for it, though they seem to get a bit closer at some point, but even so it’s in a professional, kinda distant way. Anyway, my brain just cannot process this ship. Xander literally acts like a paternal figure to him (and Peri).

Leo x Takumi: Besides the fact that they seem both strictly straight to me, I literally can’t picture them as something else than good friends sharing a sense of rivalry.

Elektra: I have a rule of my own.

Matt: ?

Elektra: No sex.

Matt: OMG you have a pair on you. This may come as a surprise to you but I’ve actually moved on in the 10 years since you left. I’m seeing someone now. Which is only part of the reason why I have zero interest in ever starting something up with you ever again.

Elektra: Of course you do.

Matt: You’re still so arrogant.

Elektra: Just realistic.

Matt: What makes you think every man you meet wants to sleep with you?

Elektra: Because so far they have.

Matt: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯