the only problem was taking it off afterwards

Boyfriend! Daniel Kang

Okay so I know I’m a hiatus and all but like Daniel Kang is my bby and like I love him so much so here we go

  • you’re Woojin’s older sister and after watching Produce 101 you can say you’re voting for him and Woojin
  • glad that someone there’s to take care of your lil bro
  • a cute someone 
  • you show up to the final show bcus you’re a “loving sister” but really it’s because of Daniel Kang and his hip thrusts
  • remembers the sorry sorry fancam
  • anywho
  • Daniel gets in to the top 11 (he better or else Mnet is gonna catch these hands) and you were probably the loudest lol
  • but your sad af because Woojin didn’t but that’s okay since he’s a little baby that has a lot of time to grow
  • •you meet up with Woojin afterwards and guess who’s with him
  • the one and only DANIEL KANG
  • being he responsible sister you are, you thank Daniel for taking care of your little brother 
  • daniel’s like ‘no problem, he’s like my son’
  • ’…’
  • then you both burst out laughing cus y'all are weirdos
  • you exchange numbers before he has to leave and you could have sworn he winked at you
  • like no
  • leave the winking to Jihoon
  • feeling attacked by his wink
  • he texted you a few days later and you’re just like
  • ‘oh’
  • ‘OH’
  • you guys hit it off and those texts became physically hanging out with him, Woojin and Woojin’s omma Seongwoo
  • sometimes it was only you and Daniel which you wee totally fine with
  • eventually you and Daniel started getting closer and the classic you liked him and he liked you thing happened
  • eventually he asked you out on a date and everything would be fine from there
  • moving on to actual boyfriend!Daniel
  • lots and lots of skinship
  • back hugs for days
  • will squeeze the fuck out of you whenever he can
  • legit you can’t get him off of you
  • like his arms are wrapped around your waist and his chin is resting on your head / shoulder
  • kind of clingy but that’s okay since he’s being cute about it
  • holds your hand 25/8
  • his grip is pretty tight because he doesn’t want to lose you but it’s not too tight since he doesn’t want your fingers to lose circulation
  • doesn’t mind a lot of PDA
  • love it actually
  • you’re his and he’s your’s
  • says the most cheesy and cliche lines ever
  • ‘if you were a booger, I’d pick you first’
  • ‘ew get a life’
  • 'you are my life’
  • 'okay I admit that was kind of smooth’
  • fights over books are normal too
  • 'istg Daniel, I will super glue that mouth of yours and force you to watch the Percy Jackson movies while listening to me rant on how horrible they are’
  • 'I love you babe’
  • 'that’s what I thought’
  • he’s really caring tho and will like always be there for you
  • if he notices that you’re having a bad day, he’ll come over with ice cream
  • will climb through your window if he had to but most of the time Woojin just opens the door
  • he’ll just sit on your bed and pull you on him so that you’re sitting on his lap with your chin on his shoulder
  • will wrap an arm around you and the other one will be petting your hair because he knows you like that
  • wouldn’t make you talk about it but you eventually open up anyways because this boy just wants to make you happy
  • you end up eating ice cream and cuddling all day
  • make sure to offer Woojin some too for letting Daniel in
  • taking care of his cat when you visit him
  • he calls you their mother because to be honest you really are that cat’s mother
  • he likes giving you forehead kisses
  • that way he doesn’t have to bend down 
  • he also likes giving you nose boops because he’s cute like that
  • story time!!!
  • includes a “makeout session” but not really since I totally don’t know how to write that shit
  • so you and Daniel were hanging out at your place aka your parents house
  • y’all were cuddling and doing your usually cute thing since he’s just like that and yeah
  • suddenly you get bored and his face is a lot more interesting then the movie
  • you noticed how kissable his lips are because they really are 
  • i’m not the only one right?
  • and he notices that you’re not playing attention so he’s becomes his cheeky self
  • ‘is my face just that handsome?’
  • you’re like 
  • ‘what, no, ew, get away from me’
  • but you’re face is like all red so he knows that you were totally checking him out
  • he laughs and leans in to kiss you
  • you kiss back of course
  • that somehow escalated and now you guys are making out on the couch and his hands are up you’re shirt
  • oops
  • suddenly the front door opens and Seongwoo, Woojin and some produce 101 winners walk in with a cake
  • you probably heard a high pitched scream that belonged to your little brother
  • ‘wow, I know we told you to distract her but this was not what we wanted’
  • and you’re all like ‘wtf is going on’
  • then you realized something
  • wow you forgot your own birthday
  • nice going y/n
  • so that’s the story of why you and Daniel should never make out in the living room 
  • basically stan Daniel Kang and fight Mnet with me if he doesn’t debut

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore, but I know I ain’t apologizin’ for nothin’. Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and OF COURSE @hardcorewwetrash. Enjoy!

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It’s Over, Isn’t It

A/N: Alrighty, so this is the promised Friday fic. I’ve been working on this for a while and I really hope you guys like it. The song that inspired this fic can be found right here

Pairing: Clint x Reader x Tony

Word Count: 2323

Warnings: Death, angst

It was fast. Much too fast for anyone to see coming.

You were fearless. You had more courage than anyone on the team had ever seen. In the end, it killed you.

Clint liked to say you were stubborn. You refused back down from the mission, regardless of the risk and the fact that you were leaving behind your son.

After you died, Tony liked to say you were stupid. He had called you stubborn before, when you were still alive. He said it with so much affection in his voice that it almost made you tear up a few times. He called you stupid because you put everyone else’s needs above your own. You put the safety of the team and of your husband and your child above your own. He hated you for leaving him behind. He loved you.

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Okay let's try this again. Soulmate AU where you only see in black and white until you touch your Soulmate. Jirou Kyouka meets her s/o and it turns out that their s/o is a vigilante. My Jirou-chan needs more love~!

I very much hope that I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!

“Hey, stop!” Jirou shouts after the vigilante, racing after them when they take off into the alley.

Personally, she doesn’t have a problem with them and she thinks that they’re doing a pretty decent job, however, since the vigilante was involved with fighting off a bigger criminal that managed to escape afterwards, the police needs their statement and Jirou agreed to talk to the vigilante when she sees them again.

“I just want to talk!” She yells as she sprints into the alley after them. The vigilante seems to hesitate for a moment, which is enough for Jirou to catch up to them.

The second her hand wraps around their wrist –  it’s uncovered, a part of her notices in the back of her mind – and then they both stumble to a sudden job, their bodies jarring against each other and they fall against the wall of the alley before they almost crash to the floor as well.

Jirou is breathing harder, which has little to do with her sprint after the vigilante. Blinking, she stares at the colors that bled to life, like ink in water, only a whole lot faster, spreading through the walls, the floor, her and her, yes, her soulmate. It’s as though everything comes alive between one inhale and the next.

The vigilante breathes just as hard and they stare at her, half crouching, one hand on the ground and one on the wall, as if they had been ready to push off and start running again.

“You’re my soulmate.” Jirou says and the words seem almost too loud in the silence between them.

“Wow.” The vigilante slowly, carefully, stands up and Jirou mirrors their movement. Her soulmate hesitates for a moment, before they speak. “I didn’t expect…I mean…you’re pretty.”

Jirou blinks in surprise, before she gives them a lopsided grin, while she feels a small flower of warmth blooming in her chest and between her lungs.

“Thanks.” She doesn’t know what else to say, there is so much she wants to ask them right now. What’s their name, can she see their face, do they want to go to a restaurant with her after her shift is over so they can talk and – she suddenly remembers why she was after them and straightens a bit. “The police needs to ask you something about the villain a few days ago.”

“Oh.” Their voice is clearly surprised and then they rub a hand along their clothed neck and despite the mask, Jirou can clearly see that they feel a bit flustered. “I thought you wanted to take me in. Vigilantes aren’t exactly…well, heroes don’t tend to like us. But yes, I would help the police. If they let me go again afterwards.”

She nods and jerks her head towards the entrance of the alley, before she starts walking and they fall into step at her side.

“I like you and I think you do a good job, even though I also think that you should get a license for it.” She gives them a smile, a part of her itching to reach out and touch their elbow or maybe pull off their mask. However, she holds back. Before she’s going to do any of that, she needs to know that they’re okay with it. “And if you want to, we can talk more about it over dinner?”

She can see the wide smile of her soulmate even through their mask and they nod. “Yes, I would love that.”

A World Without You (English) Ch. 4

Summary: One day, you woke up in a world without Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Note: This is the last chapter with your point of view! Next chapter will be from one of the members’!

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“Baby baby geudaeneun, Caramel Macchiato, yeojeonhi nae ipgaen, geudae hyanggi dalkomhae. Baby, baby, tonight…” I hummed slowly. Coffee, one of my favorite songs from BTS.

Isn’t it weird if I know a song that doesn’t exist? And I couldn’t even speak the language.

“Ni meotdaero sareo eochapi ni kkeoya, aesseuji jom mareo jyeodo gwaenchanha, errbody say lalalalala, say lalalala, soneul deureo, sorijilleo burn it up! Bultaoreune.”

Fire, another favorite from BTS. If Bangtan was really an illusion made by my mind, how could I memorize tones and lyrics that I didn’t understand? Even though I’m an ARMY, Korean was one of the many languages I could not enunciate.

Slowly, I started feeling scared. Erasing history and traces of seven young men from existence and memory of all human being was impossible. If only from one person, fine, it would be possible with all the technologies today. Planting fake memories in someone’s mind overnight with such details without said person noticing wouldn’t be possible either. Therefore what the hell was happening?

I shook my head a few times. It’s weird, that was clear. But I knew that Bangtan Sonyeondan wasn’t just something my mind made when I was bored. They were real. They had to be real. I’m sure of it. There were only a few questions left.

‘What happened to them and to me until they ceased to exist aside from my mind? Is there anyone else who remember their existence as a group?’

And also one other important question.

Where are they now?’

My phone beeped, signaling new notifications. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it.

There were a few comments on my post on my social medias, the one where I asked what did they know about BTS.

From all of the comments, none stated anything that indicated that they know about them. Instead, lots of them joked about Behind The Scenes. If only this wasn’t a problem, I would’ve laughed sarcastically because of that overused joke. Speaking of jokes, it made me miss Jin’s dad jokes so much… I never really understood them but his laugh afterwards would always lift my spirit up.

And so, with a resolution, I looked at my calendar. I could take a few days off two  weeks from now. And then I tried to recall how much I have on my savings.

Should be enough for a few days trip to Korea.

Yes, I decided to go to South Korea to try and find out what happened to those seven children in adult body. I still remembered BigHit’s newest address and their phone number. Who knows, maybe I’d need them.

For now, the only thing I could do was getting ready and wait. I should also do anything I could to keep remembering them…

And that was the beginning of my habit of writing anything I could recall about BTS anytime I could.

Mystic Messenger: Life Again Ch.1

Continuation from my fanfic, MM: Life After. From now on, I’ll post them here, not on my personal blog. Enjoy!

Pairings: Zen X MC X Saeyoung

Genre: Angst, Hurt (gave you all the lovey-dovey at Life After already) 


Fic posted below

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Imagine that Spock has not considered what it really means to have two attractive males as his significant others.  At first he sees no reason to worry that Jim continually returns from away missions with his clothing torn and chest often bared (other than, of course, to confirm that Jim is in fact not in need of medical attention).  He sees no reason to forbid Leonard from leaving his quarters with disheveled hair and a honey-warm drawl because he’s just spent a few hours napping in Spock’s arms.  When it’s time to break out the formal wear because of an upcoming conference, why should Spock think twice that Kirk’s pants are snug in all the right places and Leonard’s jacket accentuates how nicely proportioned he is from shoulders to waist?  As a Vulcan, it simply does not compute to concern one’s self with such matters.

Until, that is, Spock comes to understand the frequency with which some officer or another compliments Kirk, McCoy, or both.  Some men and women even state explicitly while standing right next to Spock what lovely specimens the men are.  In the beginning, he does not find this alarming but mostly pleasing that others also recognize beauty in that which he finds beautiful.  He can only surmise later on that his lack of response often led these people to believe that it would be harmless for them to approach his mates and express their interest.  Of course, when such things occurred, Spock discovers, neither Jim nor Leonard were inclined to mention it to him; and it isn’t until Spock happens to be within earshot of a man of sufficiently high rank trying to convince both Kirk and McCoy into joining him for after-dinner drinks in his private quarters that Spock discerns what is afoot.  He interrupts the individual to collect his mates and escort them to the other side of the room without even acknowledging the presence of the would-be rival.  “That was rude,” McCoy tells him, but Spock is more interested in scanning the remaining crowd to discern if that rival was a fluke or not.

 Eventually it becomes apparent to him that he has missed a step in his education of “finding and retaining the affections of the ones which are desirable for mating.”  Vulcans are careful not to disturb the relationships of other Vulcans.  It is considered futile, not to mention crass, to express interest in another’s bondmate.  But Jim and Leonard are not Vulcan, interact with many other non-Vulcans on a daily basis and are, he comes to realize, attracting the attention of several individuals if Spock’s subtle assessment of the un-shielded minds around him is indeed accurate.  By doing nothing to make his place at their sides apparent he has left his chosen mates essentially unclaimed.

“There is an urgent matter to be resolved,” he explains to Kirk and McCoy.  “We must leave now.”

The three of them do, creating a mental wave of sadness from a great many of the conference attendees that the pretty officers are being taken away.  Thereafter Spock enacts a plan to become more vigilant in protecting what is his, following the advice of his father on several points: an attractive human-mate cannot be unaccompanied at a social gathering; an attractive human-mate who is garbed in a manner to arouse should be asked to wear a covering until such time the covering can be removed for private viewing; an attractive human-mate will naturally draw attention at any given time and therefore should be coached in the subtle methods of dissuading other suitors, such as ‘I am bonded to a strong and capable Vulcan who is nearby’ or ‘your attentions would not be appreciated by my strong and capable Vulcan who is nearby’.  

“If these methods fail,” Sarek advises his son, “then you may think to request that your human-mates take care to appear unattractive in your absence, which logically should resolve the issue most effectively.  I… attempted this method with your mother only once.”

“And the result?” Spock queries.

Sarek answers grimly, “One which should not be repeated by anyone who wishes to remain married.”

“Then what can be done, Father?”

The not-quite resignation in Sarek’s eyes is tempered by the humor of a pleasant memory.  “As Amanda would say, admit your jealousy, my son, and let your humans take pity on you.”

“I see.  I will take this course of action under consideration.”

And Spock does, the end result of which is a laughing Leonard and a grinning Jim and a night spent listening to them tease him about a proclivity Vulcans should not admit to.  But afterwards Spock is pleasantly surprised to find that Jim and Leonard do care about setting his mind at ease, and the first time he witnesses Kirk cutting off a flirtatious ambassador he has a feeling that can only be described as pride.  Then a sheepish Leonard shows up at his shoulder and says, “We might have a problem.  That admiral over there,” and here he points to a hunched-over man surrounded by a circle of wide-eyed crowd-goers, “just got clocked in the nose.  I told him I had a Vulcan nearby like you said and he laughed at me.”

Spock raises an eyebrow in the direction of the fool, then praises his mate, “You did well.  Please remain here with Jim.  I shall only be a moment.”

By the end of his chat with the admiral in which he explains how unfortunate professionally and personally it will become for the man to have ignored the warning given to him, he is secure in the knowledge that there will be fewer incidents of this nature going forward.

Kirk and McCoy rejoin Spock, and they spend the remainder of their evening quite undisturbed by the masses.  As suspected by Spock, what is attractive about Kirk and McCoy individually and collectively has become slightly less attractive in the face of their commitment - and Spock’s - to a singular relationship of three.

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Can you do a BTS reaction when their gf gets mad at them after an argument so she gives them the silent treatment the 'whole day.' Thank you, love your blog🙆🏻💘

thank you so much! It’s nice when I get feedback ;-;

Seokjin: He’d wait for the whole day before he finally cracked. His pride would probably stop him from talking to you, until sooner or later he missed you so desperately that he’d text you once, and then twice, and suddenly you phone would be flooded with messages. In order to fix the problem, he’d probably come up to you and maturely go through any problems. He’d want to talk it out and afterwards, would treat you to dinner. 

Yoongi: I think he’d respect you and give you your space, but would definitely call your friends to check up on you. He’d also probably need time to cool off after an argument, as I can only really see him arguing for something he’s truly passionate about. I think it would take a long time to reconcile, but after he did (by leaving you caring messages) he’d probably hold you tightly. 

Hoseok: He’d probably snap after an hour, wishing that you weren’t angry at him. He’d go and apologise to you behind a bunch of flowers, but it would be impossible to hide the red-rimmed eyes. To be honest, I think the both of you would have cried after an argument of that scale and he’d just hold you in his arms after making up, having a super long cuddle session to make up. 

Namjoon: He’d be so stubborn. You want to ignore him? Fine. Two can play at this game. He’d refuse to message you after seeing you act that way, and would cut off contact with you. Someone else would probably lock the two of you in the same room, seeing how you both were struggling to cope without your other half. Afterwards, he’d make it up to you with skinship, both cute/fluffy and a little steamier. 

Jimin: I think he’d be more annoyed at you giving the silent treatment than the argument. If the two of you were apart at night, he’d at least expect some sort of text to know that you were safe and so I think he’d deliberately seek you out, before arguing again at the unfair treatment. Even though he’s so cute and fluffy, your safety is so important to him that he’d be worried sick. After the argument, the two of you would realise how foolish it was and he’d walk you back, not wanting you to be alone at such a late hour. 

Taehyung: He’d be so upset. At first, I can see him getting a little explosive (for like…three minutes maybe). He’d wonder what he did to warrant such retaliation from you, but then afterwards he’d start to miss you throughout the day. He’s definitely someone who’d text his significant other every five minutes, so he’d opt to message you every hour with what he was doing and how much he missed you. 

Jungkook: Again, I think he’d be like Namjoon in this aspect. He’d literally refuse to budge, he wouldn’t talk to you for even two days. However, he’d constantly ask his hyungs for advice on what to do and they’d text you, explaining about how concerned he was. You’d need to make the first step to reach out to him, but after that he’d easily admit any mistakes that he made and would happily reconcile. 

Jack B smut where you wear a maid dress for Halloween with white lingerie underneath and white lace garter belt and stockings and you ride Jack with the stockings and garter belt on?

Warning: Smut!

Your POV

It was Halloween night, and I was putting on my costume. Thank god I didn’t have very much to do. I was just gonna lay around the house. Jack had a party to attend to, and I just get a lazy day today. I will get to answer to trick-or-treaters, but that’s about it.

Was it weird to wear lingerie without anywhere to go to? Probably. Did I care? No. I was going to be a French maid and it was going to be amazing. I don’t have anyone to impress but myself. But I wanted to look good anyway. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays after all.

First, I put on my white lace garter belt. Then I slipped on my white lingerie. It was silky to the touch, and I couldn’t help but running my hands up and down it. Next were the stockings. They were black and made of cotton. I pulled them on, and after some difficulty, finally manage to make them look like they belonged there. Finally I put on the actual dress. I looked in the mirror and for once I actually looked hot. I suddenly felt sad that Jack wasn’t here to be with me.

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Just a little story that contains my thoughts about their future. I hope you like it.

They were lying in bed together with Jane’s hand on her belly and her hand covering his. She was exhausted after another day at the office. The boredom was driving her crazy, but she wouldn’t risk her child’s life just so she could get rid of the boredom. Not that Jane or Cho would allow her to go into the field anyway. Jane didn’t return, he was busy building their home, but he made sure to call her almost every hour, asking how she is. She pretended to be annoyed, but he knew that she secretly loved it. Now that she thought about it, the boredom probably had more to do with Jane not being there all the time than with not being able to go into the field. 

She was brought back to reality when she felt Jane kissing her shoulder. “What is it, Teresa? What’s keeping you awake?” he whispered and she shivered when she felt his breath against her neck. She turned in his arms so she was facing him and said “Nothing. Just thinking.”. “You know… I could call you more often if it’s that boring at the office.” he said and grinned. “How do-“ she started but Jane put a finger against her lips and said “Didn’t you want to stop asking that question now that we’re married?”. She smiled at him. It’s been almost two months and sometimes she still couldn’t believe they were actually married. She raised her hand and looked at her ring. It was really gorgeous, but a part of her still thought it was too much. He loved to spoil her and she could only imagine what he would do with their kid. She chuckled. 

“Now would you like to share your thoughts with me, honey?” he said. “I was just thinking about all the stuff you will probably buy for our child.” she said and chuckled again. “You know I love to spoil people I love.” he said and kissed her. “And about the boredom, it’s only a few more months. You can do it.” he teased, but she frowned. “Yes only a few more months and what then? I don’t know what to do afterwards.” she said, looking upset. Jane pulled her closer to him, so that he could still look at her. “Then you will take some time off and we will take care of our baby together.” he said and smiled, thinking about it. “But what about money?” she asked and he just chuckled. “Money won’t be a problem. We will have enough, but maybe I could offer my help on a case once in a while.” he suggested and she just nodded. 

When he saw that she was probably thinking about what will happen after that. He said “And then you can go back to your old job.”. He really didn’t like the idea of her going back into the field, but he knew she loves her job. He couldn’t keep her from doing what she loved. “No. I can’t.” she said and when she saw his confusion she continued “It’s too dangerous. You were right. You were kidnapped and a serial killer wanted to ruin our wedding because I was too stubborn to give up my job. Besides.. I don’t want our child to grow up without a mother.”. Tears were threatening to fall and he cupped her cheek and kissed her to calm her down. “It’s okay.” he said reassuringly and kept stroking her cheek. They were lying in silence for a while. “I can’t be a housewife, Patrick. I will go nuts. But I also don’t want to give my child away during the day at the age of 1 already.” she said and he could see how desperate she was. 

To lighten the mood and because he seriously had thought about this possibility he said “I’ll be the housewife.”. She giggled, imagining him as housewife. “And what about your “mental stimulation”?” she asked, teasing. He grinned at how her mood was back to happy again. “Like I said, I could offer my help to the FBI. And you could teach the rookies at the FBI. You know… Show them how it’s done without actually going back into the field.” he said and was glad to see her bright smile. “That sounds like a plan.” she said, still smiling, and kissed him. 

“Thank you. You always know how to comfort me.” She said and then added a little hesitantly “You will be a good father to our child.”. He just smiled and said “And you will be a good mom. But maybe you should let me sing the lullabies to our child.”. He chuckled and she slapped his chest, but had to chuckle too. “I love you.” he said more serious and placed his hand on her belly again. “I love you, too.” she answered and soon they both fell into a deep sleep. Both dreaming about their future as a family.