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Adventure Time

Summary: You have a day off and want to spend it with one of your teammates, but everyone seems to be busy. Based off of four one-sentence writing prompts.

3. “You are not going without me.”
14. “Run away with me.”
17. “Why are you so annoying?”
101. “I’m ok, thank you. Just please, stop talking to me.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,851

Warnings: none (the word ass is used twice but like… come on)

A/N: okay this was supposed to be a drabble at first, but then two different anons sent in prompt requests and one of the numbers overlapped, and they kind of worked together, so I just threw it all into one fic. yolo. Enjoy! (also I’m sorry about the gif choice but I couldn’t find anything better and it’s 4:38 am and I’m pissing myself laughing over how funny it is. completely unrelated to this story.)

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Today was one of those unusual days where you had nothing to do, left to your own devices. Steve hadn’t scheduled you for any training, and there was nothing pressing for you to finish. You were free to do as you pleased today, but there was only one problem: you had no clue what to do.

Last time you had a day off, you stayed inside the whole day, watching an endless number of movies on Netflix. Today, you wanted to actually hang out with somebody. Unfortunately, most of your team members were busy with their own doings. Steve was training Wanda today, and Sam was busy trying to prove that he could, in fact, kick Scott’s ass. T’Challa was off somewhere tending to his kingly duties as always, and Clint was simply nowhere to be found. That left one more person on your list: Bucky Barnes.

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Holding the Man - 2015

“Tim and John fell in love at their all boys high-school while both were teenagers. John was captain of the football team. Tim an aspiring actor playing the lead in Romeo and Juliet. Their romance endured for 15 years to laugh in the face of everything life threw at it – the separations, the discrimination’s, the temptations, the jealousies and the losses – until the only problem that love can’t solve, tried to destroy them.”


But you’re two wonderful people who happened to fall in love and happened to have a pigmentation problem, and I think that now, no matter what kind of a case some bastard could make against your getting married, there would be only one thing worse, and that would be if - knowing what you two are and knowing what you two have and knowing what you two feel- you didn’t get married.

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Omo I forgot to tell you reaction + gif for my request .. it's about got7/Bts watching a movie with you and there is a hot scene. Sorryyy~~

haha no problem darling♥♥ but you can only pick 1-5 members each time :) 

but i’ll do what i can though ^^

Mark:  *Goes all shy the little shit*

Jaebum: *shy* it was pretty hot hein?

Jackson: you’re not thinking what i’m thinking right ? *smile suspiciously*

Youngjae: i didn’t see that coming *shocked*

Yugyeom: *gets so shy* we should probably change the channel, NOW

Jimin : *pretends he didn’t see anything , way too concentrated on the beat in the movie* 

Suga: *smirk* why are you shy all of the sudden?

Jungkook: *tries to look at something else away from the screen*

RM: it’s not like we didn’t do it last time ;D stop being shy ;)

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hi i saw that ask in which u compared jily with that hush hush couple and was thinking if maybe u could do the same thing with delena? pls?

Oh, yes, I remember. My Jily/Natch embarassing fangirl moment.

I could do the same thing with Delena, absolutely. And it will be even better because I can use actual gifs to make my points, which I couldn’t do with Natch because there’s still no fucking movie. I’m lookin at you, Becca Fitzpatrick.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m quite aware of Delena’s problems, but of course I will focus only in the best parts because, you know: Jily. Also, this is going to be a long post, so brace yourself, kiddo.

Let’s begin by saying that James/Damon didn’t change for Lily/Elena. There’s this amazing post about how James’ character development happened. I couldn’t have said it better so I won’t dwell on the matter. As for Damon, she didn’t change for Elena. She did it for Katherine.

Calm down, calm down, I’ll explain myself: 1864 was already rebel and sarcastic, yes. But he wasn’t bad at all. Not until Katherine showed up. His feelings for her literally changed him. But changed him for worse. And to be honest this is on himWhat Elena did was bring the 1864 Damon back. This resembles James because both James and Damon’s character development only affected their acts, never their essence. 

Unlike Natch, that shows physical and circumstantial similarities with Jily, Delena’s paralel with Jily can be traced by their relationship per se: the fact that they went from “hate” to friendship and from friendship to love. The whole “he made bad things, redeemed himself and she forgave him” thing. And, of course, the little things Delena does that makes me go “this is so Jily”.

Little things like: the way they look at each other.

Like they don’t really need to say actual words to comunicate.

And he is such a trash for her.

Like… really.

And even tho he knows she is a badass…

He can’t help but touch her like she is the most precious thing he is ever going to hold.

They are so happy around each other.

She tried to deny it at first.

But let’s face it: she is trash for him as well.

Their partnership is goals as fuck.

They are actual children!

Let’s not forget the fluffy.

And how Married™ they are.

So domestic it hurts.

But there’s also the angst.

And the sexual tension.

Oh, and the sex, of course.

Bonus: when they try to break up but the only thing that breaks is the bed:

To summarize: they are the fucking royalty.