the only possible reaction to your prints

okay since Beach City is a tourist town I can’t help but wonder if Mayor Dewey gives them all A Talk soon after arriving

“As the local Mayor I’d like to thank you all for visiting our fair city. Through the actions of our citizens and our local city government - that’s me - we have strived to make our city a peaceful oasis where you can let all your problems go! That being said, there are a few things about our fair town that I feel you should know before you can roam freely on the beaches.

Firstly, you may see individuals around town in unusual colors, some of which may be sporting extra eyes, limbs, and in one case torsos. That is completely normal, do not make a big deal about it.

Second, occasionally you will see or come into contact with a monster. In that case, head quickly to a nearby building and inform the other occupants. The proper authorities will take care of the situation.

If you see a giant pink lion walking around, that’s just Steven’s pet Lion. Stay calm, and whatever you do, do NOT run away from him screaming. He will think you are playing tag, and I do not know from experience that having a magical pink lion on top of you is highly unpleasant. Also, don’t let him fool you into feeding him. He can get food well enough on his own, even without the ungodly amount of ice cream he inevitably ends up consuming.

On a related note, if you see any sort of purple animal, ignore her. She’s just trying to get a reaction, and possibly steal your lunch.

You may see one of these individuals carrying a large pink sword. Don’t worry, they are trained professionals who know what they are doing. However, nobody else should try and handle that sword, ESPECIALLY if it is unsheathed. It is real, it is deadly, and again, should only be handled by trained professionals.

And finally, THIS is a picture my son Buck drew of me when he was six years old. I keep it on my fridge, and had it printed on a mug, which is now my favorite for that reason. It is a precious possession, dear to my heart, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Also don’t tell him I added this part, he thinks I’m embarrassing enough already.”

Yandere!reader x Orochimaru

Love can blind you

You didn´t see the fist coming before it hit you right on your jaw. You were too caught up with golden eyes watching the fight and for once only concentrating on you, only you. The moment happened in slow motion, black silk softly swaying in the wind, pointed slits slowly eating away at golden irises. All the pain in the world couldn´t take away this small triumph. You could only twist your face in an eerie grin at your opponent who had dared to disturb this heavenly moment.

Blood seeped through your teeth as your opponent took a step back. Your Sensei´s mouth kept shut and you didn´t dare to look at him again. Letting yourself get distracted so easily was a major mistake, a stupid, childish mistake.

“Orochimaru-sensei, did you see how I improved?” Chirped your teammate.

His eyes still lingered on your frozen grin but your eyes were directed to the ground.

“Indeed.” His velvety voice sent shivers down your spine and you slowly stood up. Cold fingers grabbed your chin and tilted your head to the side. Your skin burnt and tingled under his touch and your grin faded as fast as your heart was pounding inside your chest.

“My, my… if Anko had used all of her power I´m sure your jaw would be unfixable.” His words hurt more than Anko´s punch. For years you were trying to get acknowledged by him but all he ever seemed to notice was Anko.

Anko, Anko, Anko. It was annoying enough that you had to share your Sensei´s attention with two other teammates in total, but Anko being his favourite was the most painful thing to ever happen in your life.

While Orochimaru examined your wound, a prayer-like mantra kept repeating in your head. ´Please stay focused on me, please stay focused on me, please! ´

He didn´t. His fine, slender fingers left you as well as his attention as he turned around to leave the training grounds. Your shoulders slumped and you felt tears stinging in the corners of your eyes. Just as he was about to walk through the door in the fence, he turned around to you once more, alighting your heart with overflowing hope to say something kind, something that was only meant for you, something that would ease your pain.

“I expect you to do at least two hours of blocking on the training puppet.”

Your breathing got constricted by a painful throb in your chest.

“The training puppet? But that´s for kids!” Anko whispered with a cocked eyebrow. Your fingers itched with the desire to strangle her until her lips turned blue and her eyes popped out of her skull.

“Does your jaw still hurt? I´m sorry, I tried not to hit you too hard. Can you talk or does it hurt too much?”

Orochimaru-sensei thought you were weak for not bearing up against all of her power! In his eyes she would always be the stronger one if she kept belittling you! She was what stood between you and the love and attention of the man who was able to shake your heart with just one word, to keep you awake at night with desire for his touch, his gaze, his everything.

I´m fine.” You hissed, voice sounding strangely distorted. You went off the training grounds with the wicked thought that had settled in your head and kept getting stronger and stronger.

“Three students in a team are too many.”

Your scarf was wrapped around the lower half of your face like a mask although it was warm. Nobody should see the witness of your mistake. Everyone knew who your Sensei was. Everyone respected him, feared him, it didn´t matter. Those two things were pretty much the same anyways.

Anko must have hit other parts of your body too because you felt a painful tug with every step. You looked miserable as you were making your way over to the other part of the town. No, you weren´t disobeying your Sensei´s orders, you just chose another training ground for your exercises.

Nobu was such a useless boy. His door was open.

“Did you come for training?” He asked as he spotted you standing in his room.

You felt yourself nodding. Nobu showed you one of his carefree smiles and got into position.

“Oh, I forgot to take off my jacket.” He showed you his back while he took it off, stuffing it into a box in a corner of his room. He trusted people way too easily. Orochimaru-sensei had tried teaching you to be careful. Nobu was disobeying. One day he would drag his Sensei´s name through the dirt with his foolishness.

„W-wait, I thought we were training without weapons…?“

The next second he was yelling your name in shock, then between a series of sobs of pain until his screams stopped with a powerful slide of your katana. For just a small second, you felt the need to mourn, to fall on your knees and deeply regret ever coming to his house. It took you just another second to forget all about that and the grin came back to your face.

Three students in a team are too many.

Anko was still at the training grounds. Her face was torn in shock and horror as you gave the present to her. It had been some work to drag it through town.

“I-is that Nobu? D-did you do that? H-how could you!” She took some steps back wards in fear, eyes wide and limbs shuddering in pure shock. The grin spread further across your face but she couldn´t see it because it was still hidden behind your scarf.

“Who is the weak one now?” You weren´t sure if you said it out loud or just thought it, but the next thing you felt was the same feeling after you had murdered your male teammate. A hot sensation flooded your senses and it was hard to define whether it felt good or not. It felt hot and cold at the same time, but it made your head feel dizzy, as if it lifted you off the ground.

Your mission, it was accomplished. Now you could have him just for yourself. He would train you and only you, teaching you everything he knew, letting you be the first and last one to get close to him, to fight and stay at his side forever.

Orochimaru was in his underground labs, even though he had said he was off to a meeting with the other Sensei. You knew better. You had watched him entering his secret place enough times to know what he was doing.

“Sensei.” Your voice came out in a whisper even though you had intended it to be louder.

He lifted his head, black silky strands of hair cascading down his back while his golden eyes found yours.

“Just at the right time.” His grin made you quiver at the very spot you stood. He knew. With elegant steps he made his way over to you, stopping as just a few inches parted you from each other. Next thing he pulled down your mask, exposing your jaw that was now bruised blue and purple in the dim lighting of the lab.

“They were in my way.” You stuttered out, searching in his eyes for anything that made your actions worth.

“I know.” His voice sounded so sweet, so soft, so caring. His hand caressed the bruised side of your face and you whimpered in pain but didn´t move. His touch was too precious.

“You wanted me to acknowledge you, and only you, am I right?”

You nodded, eager to close the little space between your bodies, to finally touch his skin, his hair, everything he had to offer and even more if it was possible. His cold snicker filled the room and you desperately grabbed the collar of his jacket, leaving bloody hand prints on the fabric.

“I-I´d do anything for you, Sensei!” The words came out of your mouth before you could hold yourself back. You desperately searched for the reaction you wanted to see, you needed to see.

Orochimaru´s grin got bigger the more desperate you got and in a second he pulled you against him, ignoring your blood stained shirt. It was like your heart melted in heat, your hands slowly wrapped around his neck and you stared back into his eyes.

The way he said your name made you almost unconscious with want and desire.

His hand came up to caress your jaw once again.

“Now, you´ve been such a good girl for me…” In the next second, his lips smashed onto yours, locking you in a kiss. It wasn´t gentle at all, it was brutal and rough, more like an attack, but it was everything you had ever wanted, even if the pain in your jaw was unbearable.

Orochimaru pulled back much too soon and you wanted to pull him close again, to beg him under tears to make the kiss last just a little longer. It was the cruellest punishment he could give you, but he leaned close again, his lips hovering next to your ear.

“You need to do something for me, my dear.”

You nodded. Anything, anything.

“If you do as good as you did today…”

You felt how his pale finger stroked a strand of hair behind your ear and without a warning, he bit into your neck. It made you yelp but clutch at him nonetheless, enduring the sweet pain to be close to him. Anything he gave you felt good and your Sensei didn´t even need to finish his sentence for you to go crazy.

“It´s a difficult task, but I think you got just the right abilities. I wouldn´t want to ask someone else.”

You could only nod, burying your face in his neck and taking in his addicting scent. Everything about him was addicting and you wanted to taste him so desperately, to caress his neck and lips and skin in every way possible.

“There´s also someone who is standing in my way. You understand that, my dear little girl, don´t you?”

“Yes.” You breathed the answer against his neck, relishing in the feeling of black silky hair gliding through your fingers so effortlessly.

“It´s the Hokage. Will you take care of him for me?” Your sensei pulled you back on your shoulders and you had the feeling he looked right through you.

With a move of your head you nodded, never taking your eyes off him. It didn´t matter who it was or what it was, you would do anything.

“Very good.” His smirk was nothing but wicked but did that matter?

“S-sensei, I love you.” You whispered out, desperately hoping for him to say the same back to you. But no, he didn´t have to say it. He just had to do it, that would be enough. He had to love you back.

“Hush, little one.” He put a finger to your trembling lips. “Now do what I told you to.”

And with that he turned around to continue his work, leaving you with a task to fulfil. Another person was standing between you and your love, now. He had to be eliminated.

With a turn of your heel you dashed out of the lab, your destination was clear.

Orochimaru smirked to himself while he prepared to leave his lab behind.

“My dear little girl, I´m afraid you´re even more twisted than I am.”