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perfect and imperfections [yoongi & you]

Summary: Yoongi is always hard on himself when it comes to music, but you’re always there to calm him down and bring him back at ease. This time is different however, which makes your relationship sit at a rock when Yoongi states that music is more important.

a/n: as requested by @unchartedtunes i tried making the story angsty of turtle overworking himself and “you” trying to fix him. sooo!!! i hope this was what you’re looking for, and sorry for the long wait! >_<

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Work hard pays off. That’s what everyone says when you’re trying to grasp the dream you’re aiming your entire life on. Long as your mind has an input, you’ll be okay. Everything will be okay.

Unfortunately, working hard every single day in the studio for music producer and artist, Min Yoongi, is going okay. Projects for an album release is slowly being pushed back day by day, because he couldn’t seem to figure out what it is that seems to be missing. Each time the vocalists of his boyband BTS sings a verse or even a single line, Yoongi immediately cuts them short. He doesn’t say that anyone’s in the wrong but himself.

Namjoon, the overall leader of the entire group, decides to help and throw in a few ideas, but Yoongi assures his dongsaeng that he’s fine. The songs he’s singly throwing in just needs a few more tweaks, he tries telling the young leader. Though Namjoon doesn’t believe it because the other artist’s face shows it all that he’s bummed out, the young man decides on a difficult route for some help.

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Home for the Moment

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Anonymous Said:  You visit Jungkook as a surprise and he sees you backstage at a concert or something and gets a little emotional and then you spend the night together and the next day just hanging out and having fun together, with fluff.  Add smut if you want.

Pairing:  Jungkook X Reader

Genre:  Fluff, light suggestive smut

Summary:  It was their biggest concert yet, but you weren’t able to make it to see their big stage.  You were heartbroken that you wouldn’t be able to fly in to Seoul for the two day event, but it was Jungkook who was more disappointed than anything. The best surprise is when you show up the second day of the concert – backstage right where he can see you. The moment your eyes connected for the first time in months was when you realized that home wasn’t thousands of miles away in another country, but right there – on that stage.  In his eyes, in his heart – that was home.  Jungkook was home.

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Noona, I wish you could be here; it’s just not the same without you.”

I sighed, resting my chin in my hand as I watched the snapchat video that Jungkook had sent me an hour ago from the Seoul Olympic Stadium.  The boys were busy setting up and changing mic volumes, Jungkook had obviously snuck away to record a short video to send to me.  When I’d first told him my exams from today wouldn’t end in time for me to catch a flight to Seoul, I’d watched the excitement slowly drain from his usually expressive dark eyes.  Jungkook had smiled – a strained smile – to anyone else it would have looked just as genuine as any other smile from the young man, but I’d known him for too many years to not be able to see through it.

It broke my heart not being able to be there for the entire week, my exams were over for today now and I was cursing the lack of flights headed to Seoul right now.  Ironically, every single one was booked and the only flight I was able to get was a red eye that wouldn’t leave until Sunday night. In the end, it was better than nothing, vacation was officially in full swing at the University and all of my things were already packed and most of it moved to my parents’ home waiting for my return.  I was supposed to arrive in Seoul next week for my summer vacation, interning at my Uncle’s company which wouldn’t be much, mostly coffee errands and other miscellaneous tasks to help out.

It was only hours before their first concert was scheduled to happen, I knew Jungkook was busy so instead of responding to his message I chose to ignore it for the moment as I focused on packing the remaining items I’d left out for this morning.  Looking around my room for anything else I may have forgotten, my eyes settled on my phone once more.  As I looked at it longingly wishing I could just call him and hear his voice the phone started ringing.

Leaping over my bed to snatch the phone up I didn’t even look at the caller ID before accepting the call, breathily I said, “Hello?”

“Did you run to get the phone for me?  I’m touched Y/N-ah.”  A male voice chuckled on the other side causing a frown to cloud my features.

I pulled the phone back glancing at the name that flashed across the screen – Min Yoongi.  “You sound pretty out of breath yourself.”  I paused, biting my lip, “Why are you calling me?  Aren’t you supposed to be-?”

I left my question unasked as I waited for Yoongi to reply, we both knew that he should be on stage with the boys and if he wasn’t doing what he should be doing then something could be wrong.  My heart sped up as I crossed my fingers hoping nothing was wrong with Jungkook.

“We’re having a break at the moment so I don’t have much time.  I was supposed to call and tell you your uncle needs you to pick something up for him.”

Yoongi gave me the details that he knew of, but nothing more than that saying he didn’t know more.  I detected a sense of laughter in his tone of voice so I questioned how much more he did know, but I didn’t pressure him.

I lugged my things down my car packed the last of it in the trunk before taking off for the airport. My uncle was often a man of few words so I wasn’t surprised Yoongi had told me the barest of details.  I was supposed to meet someone at the Seoul arrival gate and I had just enough time to get to the airport on time.

The drive was uneventful; traffic flew on my side as I traveled to the airport thankful that it wasn’t going to be congestion tonight.  I arrived at the gate, checking the flight arrival which was currently disembarking.  A few more minutes later and people started filing out of the terminal at which point I started getting nervous.  I didn’t even know who or what I was waiting for, cursing myself for not calling my uncle immediately after Yoongi’s call to confirm or deny his words.  I turned fully intent on finding a quiet place to call him when I heard my name being called from behind me.

Scanning the large crowd of people spilling out of the terminal I caught sight of a hand waving above the heads, curious I started back towards the terminal trying to see who it could be.  My face split into a wide grin when I caught a glimpse of the person’s face and I pushed harder through the crowd to stand in front of my surprise guest.

“Uncle,” I proclaimed, slightly out of breath as I stood before him, I put my hands on my knees to help catch my breath.  When I looked back up I was met with the smiling face of my uncle who opened his arms wide to accept a hug which I gladly gave.  “I missed you.  Why are you here?  I’m supposed to-”

“Whoa, whoa, baby girl, slow down.”  My uncle gave me one last squeeze before checking his watch a slight frown on his face, “I don’t have much time I have to get you on that plane.”

I blinked a frown on my lips as I looked up at him in confusion.  What plane?  My plane wasn’t leaving for a few more days.

“Uncle Jay, what plane? I’m not getting on a plane until Sunday.”

My uncle chuckled, “I made some arrangements, there’s not much time to explain.  Is your stuff in your car?”

I nodded, still confused as to what he was rambling on about.  He might be the CEO of a major company, but he could sometimes be scatterbrained and not give all the details all at once.  Of course, that was his personal life, when you saw him in action in the company he was the sharpest mind I’d ever met, just not so much outside of the office.

“Good, good, I’ll send it on a later flight, but right now,” He pulled out a ticket from his coat pocket.  “You have your boyfriend’s concert to go see.”

It was late into Sunday when I arrived in Seoul from my flight, I was tired and I had only brought a small bag with me that my Uncle had packed from his house of some of my things. He said he brought it because he knew I wouldn’t have all of my stuff because the trip was a surprise gift from him so that I could leave early.  I didn’t even have time to care; he was coming back at the end of the week and promised my things would be with him.  For now I would just have to do with what I’d left behind which as I recalled wasn’t much, but it would suffice for the few days I would need clothing.

My uncle had said that a company car would be waiting for me with backstage access passes courtesies of one Min Yoongi.  The car would take me to the Stadium and though I would be a little bit late – try almost an hour late, I would still get to see a majority of the concert. Nervously I twiddled my thumbs, I’d changed into my Jungkook tee shirt before I left the plane, and I was ready to support my boyfriend from behind the scenes.  I hadn’t even had time to check my phone what with traveling on the plane for the past day.

I wasn’t surprised to see several texts and snapchats from Jungkook, but the one that caught my eye was the one that he’d sent last night after the first concert.

Noona, Yoongi-hyung told me that you had business with your uncle so I know you won’t get this, but I’m sending it anyway.

I laughed quietly, glancing up at the driver who was watching the traffic as we neared the Stadium. The large venue loomed over our heads in the distance, my heartrate picked up as we neared the back of the large building a Security guard already in place to open the back door.

The security guard smiled down at me as he held the door open motioning for me to go on ahead.  I bowed politely thanking him as I entered through the back door, taking in the sight of the long hallway that was mostly empty except for a few others.  As I walked in the direction the guard had told me to I was suddenly overwhelmed with the sounds coming from the stage.  I could see the staff rushing about preparing for the boys to walk off stage at the end of the concert.  One of the unnies that did the boys’ hair and makeup welcomed me with a brief hug as she pointed to a location where I could watch the boys perform without being seen by the crowd.


My head turned at the sound of my name being called and my eyes fell on Bang PD-nim.  “PD-nim!”  I bowed politely as he grasped my hands in both of his a bright smile on his face.

“Y/N-ah, I’m glad you could make it.  When your uncle called to tell me to reserve you a backstage pass I knew that old scoundrel had something up his sleeve.  Jungkook will be surprised and thrilled to see you.”  His smiling face turned troubled for a moment as he looked towards the stage.  “I just hope he can contain his composure while he’s on stage.”

I nodded in agreement, it had been months since I’d seen Jungkook in person and while I was used to not seeing him all the time what with promotions and activities with his job, the separation had been harder for him.  Of course he couldn’t see me while promoting, but he always had the guarantee that I would be there when he needed time to just relax and destress.  When I went to school in the United States I wasn’t there like I always had been.  The adjustment had been hard for us both, but I knew Jungkook suffered more than he let on and I knew the surprise early visit would make him extremely happy.

PD-nim walked me to the edge of the stage where I was hidden from view from the audience and mostly from the boys on stage.  It took a while for them to notice me and one by one I received a brief smile with a knowing look cast at the maknae who had yet to realize my presence.  My heart beat wildly as I watched them perform on the stage; the loud screams and chants from the crowd were exhilarating for me so I knew the boys were elated as well.

As they were wrapping up the show saying their final goodbyes to the crowd, the emotions had been let loose on stage.  Tears were shed, beautiful words spoken; love was spread across the crowd.  My eyes pricked with unshed tears that slowly began to make tracks down my face, I wiped them away unhurriedly as I listened to Namjoon’s words to the fans.  I smiled as I nodded along with what they were expressing to A.R.M.Y – those that were present and those that were absent.  Namjoon had always had a way with words and when he spoke he never failed to leave those around him in awe of the words he spoke.

It wasn’t until the boys were bowing and starting for the curtains where I was hiding that my heart rate picked up again.  This was the closest I had been to Jungkook since leaving for school nine months ago, his back was still turned from me as he was one of the last to leave the stage. The other members had already crowded around me, giving me welcoming hugs asking how I managed to get here just in time to see the concert, but before I could answer any questions Yoongi had shooed them all away saying that I should be talking to Jungkook not them.

As I thanked the members for their kind words my eyes found their way back to the stage, my eyes searched for the pair of doe brown eyes that they’d been longing to gaze into in person for months.  Jungkook turned around to head backstage just as Namjoon passed me with a pat on my shoulder before moving further behind the curtain.

My breath caught in my throat as I felt the tears pricking at the corners of my eyes again as I stared into Jungkook’s eyes.  The young man in question had halted his footsteps for a moment, his eyes wide and disbelieving before a smile split across his face as he picked up his previous brisk pace to reach me backstage.  My feet itched to meet him halfway, but I knew I couldn’t expose myself by running out on stage just like that, even if the concert was over, someone would most definitely snap a picture and it would be all over the internet before tomorrow.

A wide smile graced his face as his arms extended to pull me tight against his sweaty form.  Normally I would shy away from his touch when he was sticky from practice or the stage, it wasn’t one of my favorite times to hug or be hugged by him.  Today was one of the rare exceptions that I didn’t shy away from his touch, in fact, I welcomed it.  The natural musk that was Jungkook enveloped my senses as I breathed in against his shoulder.

I hugged him tighter to me, my arms wrapped comfortably around his middle as we both pulled each other impossibly closer.  Time was lost as I stood there for several minutes not caring that friends and strangers alike were watching our intimate exchange.  Jungkook wasn’t this affectionate in front of crowds of people he didn’t know very well, and often times very rarely around the members.

“I missed you,” Jungkook breathed into my hair as his arms squeezed around my shoulders, his muscles flexing underneath the jacket he was wearing.

“I missed you too, Jungkook.”  I was content to be held in his arms for several more hours, but he started to pull away from me, his firm hands placed on my shoulders as his dark eyes gazed into mine before roaming over my body.  He did this a lot when we’d been separated for a while.  At first his blunt staring had unnerved me, but by now I was used to it.

Jungkook smiled, “Noona, you’re wearing my old shirt.”  Jungkook’s words were playful as he looked at me for my reaction.

I blushed, glancing down at the old flannel I was wearing, it wasn’t intentional, but it was comfortable and it still held the scent of his cologne even though I’d taken it to school with me.  I’d ‘borrowed’ it right before I left for the states saying it would help me sleep at night, and it did.  I wore it to my exams as a final boost of good luck as well as reminisce for the fact that I wouldn’t be coming to Seoul for another few days.  Little did I know at the time that I would actually be in Seoul for the final day of the concert.

“I’ve been wearing this outfit for at least two days now maybe more considering the time change.” I let my eyes roam over Jungkook’s sweaty figure, taking in the breadth of his shoulders, they were wider than the last time I’d see him.  His arms felt more defined through his jacket, but I couldn’t see them for myself given the long sleeves that were covering them from view.

Jungkook hummed in the back of his throat, “I don’t mind, I’m just glad you’re finally here.”  He placed a chaste kiss on the top of my forehead, letting his lips linger longer than necessary.

I sighed in contentment as I allowed my eyes to close, enjoying being in his embrace once more, “Me too, Jungkook, me too.”

“Home sweet home!” Jungkook flung the front door of my old apartment open dramatically, flipping the lights on as he stood back with a huge grin on his face waiting for me to enter first.

I laughed, shaking my head at his over dramatic display, looking around the nearly empty space.  A lot of my things were still there since I was here most of my free time since I’d turned eighteen a few years ago, a gift from my parents.  I came here a lot in high school to work with my uncle and I still did for summers when I had time, the plan was that after I finished school I’d come and work for him full time rather than just my summer breaks.  I enjoyed the company and what he did, and since he had no children of his own he was considering leaving the company in my hands when he retired.

“Have you been staying here?”  I noticed a few of his things lying about around the living space and there were actual living plants over by the sliding glass doors that led to the balcony.

Jungkook nodded sheepishly, closing the door and removing his shoes.  “Not a whole lot, just to get away and have some alone time, living with six other guys can be tough.  Plus,” Jungkook’s eyes found mine, his dark gaze penetrating deep, “It still smells like you, the sheets still hold your perfume and some of the clothes you left-”

I wrapped my arms around Jungkook’s neck pulling his lips down to meet mine in a sweet kiss.  I didn’t need to hear the rest of his sentence to know that he’d been missing me just as much as I had him.  The fact alone that he’d been staying here – keeping my plants alive for the past eight months of school told me everything I needed to know.

“One more year,” I murmured quietly, my lips brushing against his teasingly, my teeth grazing his bottom lip.  “One more year and then I’m back for good.”

Jungkook’s lips slammed against mine roughly, the kiss was all tongues and teeth clashing, but I didn’t mind, I was lost in the sensation that was Jungkook.  When he kissed me his passion and love always showed through his touch, sometimes it was light as a feather and other times it was hard as a brick. Either way, I always knew that he was giving everything of himself into the kiss.

It wasn’t long into the kiss that Jungkook’s hands began to wander down my sides, scrunching his shirt in both of his fists before working it down my shoulders and onto the floor.  Jungkook walked us back towards my bedroom door, flinging the door open wide before easing me down to the mattress, following shortly behind. Our clothes found their way off of our bodies and our hands roamed over every inch of newly exposed skin.  It had been months since we’d been this close, but our bodies still remembered the synchronization and molded easily to the feel of the other.

I woke up to sunlight streaming in through the open windows of my bedroom; blearily I opened one eye, squinting at the early morning sun.   Rolling over, my hand instinctively went to the other side of the bed – the side where Jungkook usually slept, but my fingers only grazed clean crisp sheets. Frowning, I ran a hand lazily over my hair, making a mess of my already messy morning hair.

I looked around the room and towards the bathroom, but I saw no sign of my boyfriend, this meant that he’d likely been awake for a while and was either in the kitchen or watching a movie or anime in the living room.  Stumbling from bed, I groaned as my weak legs carried me to the bathroom, I froze as my eyes landed on the dark purple bruises that littered my neck and collarbones, my cheeks flamed as I recalled the events of the previous evening.

I moaned into Jungkook’s shoulder as he pushed harder, his member grazing the sweet spot deep inside of me.  As my orgasm neared I bit my lip, trying to prevent the already loud sounds from escaping further, I tasted blood as my lip sank into my bottom lip, the cut swelling almost instantly.  I released my lip pushing my lips against the hot bare skin of Jungkook’s tense shoulder and when he thrust hard, his fingers rubbing circles against my bundle of nerves my teeth sank into the skin of his shoulder causing him to grunt, his hips stuttering before thrusting even harder.

Shaking my head vigorously to rid my mind of the memory of last night I busied myself with brushing my teeth careful to avoid looking at my reflection in the mirror.  When I walked out of the bedroom the smell of pancakes wafted from the kitchen and the scent of cooking bacon nearly had my mouth watering.  I’d pulled on my underwear and snatched Jungkook’s tee shirt from the floor before leaving the room naked, knowing that Jungkook wouldn’t mind, but I would.

I sat down at the island careful not to disturb his cooking; he was concentrating on removing the last pancake and bacon from their pans onto the plates that were balanced carefully on the other side of the stove.  I wanted to laugh, but I held in in, my lips forming a grin anyway without my permission as I watched him gather the plates and start walking over to the island.  Jungkook was clad only in his boxers, the sinewy muscles of his arms balancing the plates, his thighs flexed as he walked, the tight muscles contracting with each step as he crossed the small space.

Giving me a cheeky smirk, Jungkook placed one of the plates down in front of me, the other next to mine before walking around the island to take the bar stool next to mine.  I hummed appreciatively at the first bite of fluffy pancake and sweet maple syrup almost missing the feather light touch of his lips on my temple as his fingers slid onto my thigh squeezing lightly before he started to eat himself.  We stayed like that for a while, neither of us saying a word as we enjoyed each other’s company and food too much to consider talking.

Time like this with Jungkook was precious to me when we could both just relax and not worry about having to say anything to fill the silence.  I knew this wouldn’t last because he would go back to the company in a day or two and he’d be gone for a few days before he could return.  My work at my uncle’s company would also start soon and that would make it even harder for the both of us to spend time together, so today would be our lazy Sunday even though it was Monday.

Jungkook and I spent the remainder of the day relaxing on the sofa watching different dramas and anime shows.  He would never admit it in front of the guys, but he loved watching my favorite shows with me, mostly because I put up with his infatuation with Iron Man and Sailor Moon. When the sun went down we found ourselves lying on the sofa watching Iron Man for probably the hundredth time if not more – I’d lost count a long time ago when it came to that movie.

Our fingers were intertwined; palms resting against one another, Jungkook’s eyes were glued to the TV watching the movie with rapt attention.  He didn’t use the subtitles feature anymore, he said he’d watched it enough times that it wasn’t necessary.  I also knew that he refused to use them when I was around because if he needed to know a word I would always tell him the definition of it without question.

My mind had wandered about halfway through the movie as I lay there with my back pressed up against Jungkook’s chest, the gentle rise and fall of his even breathing nearly lulled me into sleep.  Days like this, spent like this, reminded me that I was home, right here, with Jungkook. I didn’t need anything more than that, even though my family was back in America, I had family here as well, but my heart would always belong to the boy who lay behind me.  The boy who I’d met through my uncle when he was only fifteen, too young to date, but that didn’t mean we didn’t become friends.

That friendship was what developed into a strong bond that we still held onto today, three years going and we were still happy and content.  Nothing was always as it seemed what with his busy schedule and my long hours at my uncle’s company, but we still managed to make it work.  Jungkook gave me something that I’d never found anywhere else before – a home.  A home that I didn’t need possessions for because everything I needed was him.

Jungkook was home, wherever he was, wherever I was, he was my home, my safe place, and I had nothing to fear as long as I had him.  My thoughts were interrupted when Jungkook’s fingers squeezed mine lightly, bringing our joined hands up to his lips as he placed a soft kiss on the back of my knuckles.

“Are you asleep?”  His voice was deep and raspy with lack of use; the timber reverberated through his chest into my back.

I hummed in response, squeezing my fingers around his in return, “Not asleep, just thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

I knew he couldn’t see my face, but that didn’t stop the smile from spreading across my face as replied, “Home.”

“You miss home already?” Jungkook’s voice was slightly baffled, the underlying hurt evident in his tone as his arm wrapped tighter around my middle to prevent me from getting up.  It was a reflex on his part whenever I talked about missing my parents, he didn’t want me to go, but he knew he couldn’t keep me here either.  This time though, I wasn’t talking about my parents.

I nodded the smile still on my lips, “Yes, home is always there for me whenever I need him, but I still miss him when I think about being separated from him.”

Him?”  Jungkook’s tone was slightly accusing as he rose up onto his elbow to look down at me. His eyes were darker than usual as he looked down at me, his tone was accusing, but I just grinned, his eyes narrowed at my smile.

“Yes, him, Jungkook,” I snuggled deeper into his embrace returning my attention to the television.  I didn’t bother to elaborate further and I could feel Jungkook’s eyes still on me as he mulled over my words before he settled back down behind me.

“Do you mean me?”  His voice was soft, unsure, his insecurity showing through his words making my heart ache for him.

I hummed, nodding my head at the screen, “It’s always been you Jungkook.”

“Home,” This time he said it with a smile in his voice, his lips ghosted over my hair, “I like home, too.”


Lily Out.