the only photo of myself



Concepts Photos for Steampunk AU I’m planning~

Any opinions on if i should continue this?

(Sorry for the rough sketches <3)


so i took some pictures while in barcelona i went to the cathedral but couldn’t take pictures bc i was in a tour and i was so shook that i forgot and then we had to leave pls dont hate me

mikael and yousef are the chillest couple. like, there’s isak and even, who people look at as having this…cosmic kind of love. like the type that transcends universes and everyone notices just how soft they are around each other but also there is a lot of DRAMA and heartache and it’s very up and down. and then there’s magnus and vilde who are just that weird couple everyone kind of looks at like “?????? o…kay.” but then there’s mikael and yousef. and they’re just. chill. like they’re always smiling, and you’ll see them either walking with their arms around each other or yousef resting his head on mikael’s shoulder or mikael lying with his head in yousef’s lap while yousef plays with mikael’s hair. and they’re nearly always laughing or wearing lazy grins or content little smiles. because that’s what they are. content. content and happy and relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence. and mikael and yousef find it kind of hilarious that people always go to them for relationship advice. because their advice is never really that helpful, actually. it’s always, “just talk to them.” “just tell them how you feel.” “just take it easy.” “just chill.”. because sure, they have their issues - every couple does - but the two of them have always, always, found their relationship something that is natural and easy for the two of them. they just go with the flow, and everyone is consistently baffled as to how the two of them make being in a relationship look so bloody easy.


Got a picture with my favorite man.


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.


My tumblr app was pretty messed up today and made the pictures blurry. I also wanted to share proper scans and not just a photo of a photo with you.

These are crops of my three photo ops, not manips, and I used Photoshop only to cut myself out of them. ;) All I ask is that you please visually enjoy these fine gentlemen. =D 

Guys, it was a pleasure, you were wonderful sports and I loved laughing with you this weekend!


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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binder positivity by joey



I was tagged by the winsome and wonderful @apricotica to post a photo of myself from 2010, 2014 and this year.

2010 - I went to a friend’s 80’s themed birthday party with my sister. It was such a fun night, and the next day (all day) I had a hangover that was almost as memorable as the party. I haven’t had one since.

2014 - This was the only photo I could find of myself from 2014 on Facebook.

2017 - An unfiltered photo from today. Everyone gets older, and I’m mostly okay with that, but I can see how my bad health in recent years has taken a lot out of me.

I haven’t been around enough to know who’s done this, so please disregard if you’ve done it already. I tag @stilljewels, @julietevolves, @jesira, @efbombmom, and @littlerunnergurl.


Fan photo of Alex at the Aroma Coffee and Tea (possibly taken on May 18, 2017)(x).

Alex’s May 16th “Conversations” Q&A for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation has been released! You can watch it below or on YouTube (x):

“It’s kind of unfair that the gorgeous and talented Alexander Skarsgård is also SO FUNNY.” -Jenelle Riley (x)

Photo credit:  dasha.bohush instagram (x):  "One of the advantages of living in LA is the chance to meet a celebrity by chance. I was so afraid of coming, and every time I was going to the spirit, I suddenly found a new reason to retreat. No wonder, I certainly looked stupid, smiling nervously, then sitting up, then sitting back, not daring to do anything. I watched the TV series #true blood and immediately remembered one of the main characters, for those who do not know this is a series about vampires. It is very difficult to actually go up and ask for a photo from a celebrity. I persuaded myself only because it could be the first and last time and there is nothing to lose)

Conclusion, do not be afraid to take risks !!”


My gift for Nona, as a part of the @hxhfallexchange ^o^

I know it’s not very Halloween-y but there were some cool prompts and I liked an ATLA AU so here ya goooo

I also did way too much but I had fun (i got lazy around the end tho)

Gon: Earthbender, Killua: Firebender, can also use electricity, used to be part of the Royal Family, Kurapika: Airbender, the Avatar, Leorio: Waterbender, can also heal