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Make it so hard for Trump to do his “job” that he cant possibly do it. We can fuck it up for him. This isn’t the end. We’re just going to get more angry and more importantly: we’re still going to fight. I send love and compassion to anyone who was personally threatened or attacked by him and/or his supporters. I’ve only ever felt this shock once before in my life. September 11th holds a lot of the same emotions.

It’s very quiet right now. The silence is almost deafening.

I’m praying for all of my POC and LGBT+ friends out there. This is your country as well. An American to other Americans: I am so, so sorry. As an American to the rest of the world: I’m so, so sorry.

Please, God, help us.


To all my fellow Americans–I cannot stress how important this presidential election is. If you are planning on not voting this year, I don’t know what to say to try to change your mind. I can only beg you, on my knees, to reconsider, and to cast a ballot. I obviously have my own opinions and beliefs, and so do you. I’m not asking you to vote for a specific person, or party. But I am asking you to make the effort and make your voice and vote count. We cannot let apathy and disinterest rule the day. So please, please, please vote next Tuesday. I love you all!! NOW GO GET ‘EM.

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Okay so I’m making a revised version 


Extra Info:

-We have 2 dogs and 1 cat, all of them are very sweet

-our older dog refuses to play with our puppy so we want a friend for him

-But im a cat person at heart and my kitty is lonely as well.

-Both are breeds ive researched and wanted for a long time

-cant get both so i can only choose one

(Life is Sweet is 1 and a half)


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hi, i have a legitimate question. i dont really identify as a feminist for a number of reasons, but i'm just wondering why feminists dont support women with different political views? like i get that bring pro-life and voting for trump is harmful to other women, but like. feminism is supposed to support all women. and it sounds like it only supports women who agree with their ideology (like i've had feminists send me hate just because i don't identify with their movement, and i'm a liberal woc!)

One thing that I’ve learned through my exploration of feminism is that the political is the personal and the personal is political. Particularly in the U.S. politicians have traditionally used white supremacist patriarchal imperial ideologies as tools to push policy through. I mean we saw it clear as day with this last presidential election. That pathetic excuse for a human won the election by using xenophobic racism to manipulate the fears (historically implanted by hundreds of years of oppressive rhetoric) of millions of citizens. So when feminists have political disagreements with folks it’s not just about politics it’s about humanity. It’s so so so important to understand that our world was largely constructed through white supremacist patriarchal colonial powers and those ideologies are what construct our reality today. So it doesn’t really matter who you are - man woman trans nb etc. - if you support politics that literally deny people humanity we can’t support those ideas. We will continue to fight so that they are eradicated and that everyone will be free despite their politics, but that does not mean we have to support people who believe in things that dehumanized and deny rights to others.

NK are hard to tell apart when you're escorting them

So I’m playing an All Any game (using the name “sleepisforthewea”) and I get Escort (even though I’ve had a vamp scroll equipped for like a week fml). I’m cool with this role, though. I role block someone N1, and there was only one kill: the mafioso, killed by the SK. I’m thinking: heck yeah, we got an SK! and made it my personal goal to escort the SK. N2, I RB Oli and it says I was attacked by SK. Thank goodness I had updated my will to show that the last person I visited was Oli. Town, being only slightly less stupid than normal, lynches Oli. He’s voted guilty and hung. Turns out, he was actually the arsonist. Oh well, town still lynched a baddie thanks to me!

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Who is the Fire Emblem person who owns you? Which was your favorite game? Dlc and alternate games count. For example, Revelations counts as do both other Fates games. My favorite is Fates Revelations. Don't hate on it, it was my first. Plus you can't hate Elise. It's impossible.

((Hahaha, forgot that was the description so I’ll answer this.

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I’m seriously keeping my username now. The main reason why I decided to make the change is because I HONESTLY cannot support the majority of them. A good 83.3% to be exact. Right now, I’m bearing and grinning (not really but I gotta tolerate their presence since they’re still together). Also, I fracking hate the majority of the fandom*. So why would I wanna associate myself with the filth? 

Yeah sure I’ll still listen to their songs and stream and vote but it’s only for that one person in mind. Once dissolution’s a thing, you know whom I’m gonna put my full time support for.

*Don’t get me wrong. There are still some decent people in the fandom and for that I’m grateful for that. You’re pretty much another reason why I’m still here. You make a shitty fandom a much better place. /shout out to my dear mutuals (from tumblr and or twitter) for not putting up with any bs.

What’s In A Prince

And here it is! The winner of the fanfiction voting contest! I was surprised that this one was so popular! Either way it’s Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for, i.e. all my 300 lovely followers! When I started tumblr I never thought I would get this many followers. Then when I decided to put my fanfictions on here I could only hope to become so popular. Now that it’s happened I’m aiming even higher! I hope you guys continue to like my fanfictions and share them and enjoy them! Thank you everyone! Here’s the fantiction you all voted for the most, What’s In A Prince!

Part(s): [1]   [2]   [3]    [4]   [5]   [6]   [7]   [8]   [9]

Summary:  As Prince of Sabertooth Kingdom, Sting Eucliffe must choose a queen before his coronation. Easier said than done when Sting becomes overly attached to his personal knight Rogue Chenney. But when unrest slumbers in the kingdom, can the two secret lovers escape with their lives?

Pairing(s): Stingue

Setting: Old Kingdom type setting. Weisslogia is the King making Sting the Prince.

“Master Eucliffe!” A voice echoed through the long corridors. Out into the royal gardens and ringing through every room of the palace. The servant didn’t stop until she was met with some force of reassurance. “Master Eucliffe!” Her voice called louder, hands coming up to cuff around her mouth like a megaphone.

“Oh, Miss Umi.” A tall young man spoke to her as she ran into the entrance room. “What seems to be the problem.” He walked up to her, his heavy footsteps stomping as he walked. His red eyes were intensely focused on the servant in front of him.

“AH! Knight Cheney! Thank goodness, you know where Master Eucliffe is, right?”

That’s where the knight laughed and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Actually I don’t. He slipped away from you too, huh?”

Miss Umi stomped her foot on the ground. “Oooo! That boy!” She cursed, her plump figure bouncing up and down in it’s place. “He cannot keep shrieking his responsibilities. He’s supposed to meet the suitors today but he’s nowhere to be seen!”

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Hi, I changed my region and language to Japan and the voting button still isn't showing up?

Hi there,

Voting for the culprit ended earlier today, unfortunately.

But for future reference what you’re looking for isn’t a voting button, but a “get free dreamstones” button on the dreamstone purchase page. If that isn’t appearing then I personally cannot offer any advice on how to make it work since this is the only method I know and have tried (that worked for me).

If anyone else knows a different solution, then please let us know!

♪ Admin Iori

Donald keeps saying that Hillary was an ineffective senator because not everything she wanted to do got done but like

She only gets one vote???? She can’t just do whatever the fuck she wants. At least half of the present House and Senate, plus the president, have to sign off on legislation before it gets passed.

She’s only one person in a large legislative body. She’s not a dictator, and she’s not trying to be a dictator.

I think this whole thing shows how uneducated Donald is about our political system




There are only 16 names on the board and a total of 19 votes. Of the 4 missing names (i.e. people who did not get a vote (bec they didn’t vote for themselves lmao)) are:

- Uraraka (who voted for Deku)
- Iida (who also voted for Deku)
- Todoroki (who voted for Yaoyorozu), and
- Hagakure

So Hagakure was not in class at that time. She could have so easily sneaked into the faculty room to check the schedule without having anybody see her do so

You know I’m sick of?

I love how people of older generations a few years ago were yelling at my generation for not participating in politics and such and were calling us “lazy” or saying we had no education in politics. Now that we’re participating they’re getting even more mad at us because we’re “voting for the wrong person”. Because Socialism is a scary word! So what i’m gathering is…you only want us to vote if we’re voting for the person you want? I’m still voting for Bernie, not sorry~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i’ve been arguing with this random guy on FB for 2 hours and I’m scared since he’s a Trump supporter but i’m also like “Get educated bitch, you’re defining Communism, HERE IS MY SOURCE ALSO” 

“Socialsm is great in theory, not practice” THAT’S WHY WE HAVE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM 



Women seem to want it all- everything. As a man, that's simply my experience. They want all the perks of being a woman, and to negate all the downfalls, as well as all the perks of being a man too.. they just want it all, except the downsides. If women had their way, all men would be their personal slaves.

Manslation: Women seem to want it all–which confuses me, because I was so sure that women only wanted to make me dinner. I am a man, which is the only credential I really need. They want to have families, careers, the right to vote and make their own medical decisions, etc., but yet they DON’T want to get harassed, attacked, stalked, or murdered for saying no to dates!! If women had their way, I’m afraid they’d act like I would if I had MY way.

Why do we always have to fight everyone and their mother, grandmother, & their 5th cousin three times removed?

Because… oh my grandchild, let me tell you a story.

Straight people are comfortable with their privilege. And they feel like they have the RIGHT to make their ships happen, and this is reinforced by the fact that writers usually have hetero-lens too and make their ships canon. So they have this entitlement, “MY SHIP IS THE TRUE SHIP AND YOU ARE DELUSIONAL”. But Clexa… oh, clexa. This is the only ship proving that they may be wrong. If we get to have more f/f representation, they will lose 2 or 3 ships and this for them is unacceptable.

And in this specific case, they don’t feel too bad for fighting against us because they are “protecting” another same-gender ship. But I wanted to see that if this Malec fandom voting furiously against us to “protect the gays” are gay boys, or a bunch with straight girls.

Any person with half brain can see that Clexa right now means more than “just a ship”, Clexa winning this poll is a fuck you to people that ignore same-gender ships. Malec winning is good too, but in terms of representation not as much as Clexa right now.

Now, in pictures:

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I decided to make a faves page because when I got hacked the person erased everything.


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HEY! Yeah this is my first TA’s bc I got to 1K followers! Amazing, I would never have thought id get this much so I’m doing this. I set up a poll on my blog and the option with the most votes was TA’s. (Also I know its only a speech bubble but I don’t have photoshop installed yet bc it done messed up last time.)


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This is FEMINISM/WOMANISM greatest battle against PATRIARCHY

It doesn’t matter if she personifies your style of femme, I personally voted for Bernie, bc I want change at 60 mph not 20.  

SHE IS THE GLADIATOR going against GOLIATH, years of institutional patriarchy in control. 


But yes, even I, a stout feminist, felt the awkwardness when Hillary accepted the nomination.  To see a woman, talk boldly about running our country, when she looks like my mother, if she only had brunette hair.  

If I have had to re-calibrate my comfort bc I’m not use to seeing a woman command, so does our entire country.  

People are uncomfortable with change.  

People need time to get use to these new images.  



It will still take years for full Womanism to spread to everyone, but tonight is the tipping point. 


I meant to do this at the 1000+ followers but it was the end of the semester and I got SUPER busy, as to be expected. So to celebrate 1200+ followers I wanna do a little give away!

Some rules:

  1. Reblog or like this post (I’ll only be counting one vote per person)
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  4. I obviously don’t want to ship you folks your stuff from Italy, so I will close the polls on the last day of June and then hopefully send everything out by mid to late July!
  5. Ask/Private message must be open so I can contact you. Must respond within two weeks or spot is forfeited.
  6. Also! If you change your url and I can’t find you than that will also forfeit your spot :-) I will do my best.
  7. Ya’ll are all sweeties <3

Three randomly chosen winners will receive:

-Some Italian art supplies! I’m going to Florence for the summer so I will get some fancy stuff you can only get in Italy! I’m not sure what they’ve got yet, but I’m anticipating getting some pens, a nice sketchbook, idk I’ll try to get some stuff that has mass appeal.

-Nicknacks, interesting things from Italy (If I find something interesting!)

-Some baked goods/desserts. I will make and send a delicatessen of the winners choice (Please something that can ship and be saved well. Also I’m confident I can make most types of bars, tortes/tarts, pies, cakes, cookies, etc. but something like a croquembouche is probably out of my price/experience range)

It’s so hard for me to grasp that just this past December I’d had about 250 followers which had kind of stagnated for the past couple of years that I’ve been on Tumblr and then joining the Check Please! fandom brought SO MANY LOVELY INDIVIDUALS and an amazing fandom that is SUPER DUPER FREAKING NICE, AND GAH I JUST LOVE YOU ALL, SO LIKE AND OR REBLOG AND I’LL SEND YA SOME STUFF. <3 <3 <3