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Every izuocha scene in bnha and other izuocha stuff

Despite this fanbase being so small, they actually have a lot of scenes together… so lemme start from the very beginning

Uraraka stopping Izuku from falling from falling on his face as well as saving from 5-6 seconds of utter embarassment.

Look at how happy he is to talk to a girl, and a cute girl for that matter, and it just so happens that she is actually the first girl Izuku has actually ‘talked’ to. It’s not like Izuku has never spoken to a female in his life before (I mean he has his mom, and I’m sure he’s talked to other girls in his past classes but you get the point), but this was like the first time according to Izuku that he had a real conversation with a girl.

Izuku is a hella nervous for the entrance exam and he sees Uraraka as a source of comfort, well at least someone to talk to for him calm him down a little before Iida stopped him. This isn’t like an actual romantic moment or whatever so don’t hate me for this please, but at least it’s something right?

Izuku saving Uraraka from the robot, this scene is what triggered their friendship. He could have chosen to run away like everyone else did, he had zero points but he still chose to sacrifice his chances of getting into U.A just to save her.

Uraraka going out of her way to beg them to let Izuku at least have some of her points, no normal person would do that… no one would go out of their way to make sure a complete stranger passed, I mean it’s an exam so it’s every man for themselves. And look at how touched Izuku is here… with the kind of shitty people around him (bakugou, his middle school classmates, his middle school teacher, that doctor) he never would’ve imagined anyone going out of their way to do something like this for him. They actually both made an impact on each other after the entrance exam. And I know for a fact that people are gonna argue with this and say that she was just being nice and shit

You’re telling me that you’re just gonna ignore this?!!! He indirectly said this girl was attractive.

Here he is acting like a normal socially awkward teenager who’s too shy to talk to a cute girl, and we’re just gonna ignore this??? I mean he can’t even look her in the eye, doesn’t that mean something?

Uraraka cheering for Izuku in the backgorund…

Uraraka being worried about Izuku’s swollen finger…

Izuku finds Uraraka to be very attractive again, twice.

Izuku blushing like crazy because he’s on the same team with a cute girl who just happens to be his first real friend, who’s a cute girl.

And this is probably the most important moment. Izuku easily accepted the new meaning that Uraraka gave to the the demeaning name Deku. We all know that it’s impossible to change the meaning of the word, especially a word that a lot of people already know the meaning of. I’m sure Izuku knew that. He probably would have accepted the name of it was someone else who changed the meaning but I don’t think he would’ve accepted it as quickly as he did for Uraraka, because it really touched him when she said that.

At first you’d think Izuku just felt super flattered for what Uraraka did to his name, but he took it to heart. Look at him confidently declaring the ‘new meaning of his name’, this surprised Uraraka too because… well she didn’t think he’d take it seriously.

Bakugou has zero chill XD

Izuku treasures the new meaning of his name so much that he even decides to make it his hero name, aka the hero name he’ll be using for the rest of his life, the name that he’ll forever be known as, and the name that sounds so demeaning… good luck with that my son…

Uraraka voting for Izuku knowing fully well that she could have voted for herself, but she voted for Izuku because of her admiration for him.

Uraraka being the only person to notice Izuku wasn’t in his costume. Izuku blushing, or getting excited… or blushing I can’t really explain what was going on here between these two but they were definitely having a moment.

Uraraka teaming up with Izuku when he was all alone which brought Izuku to tears. She teamed up with him because she’s most comfortable with him, they’re both really good friends, and because she admires him so much. Izuku is surprised too, because if she teamed up with anyone else it would give her a better chance for her to win. So once again, Izuku’s touched by Uraraka’s affection towards him.

Uraraka getting jealous of Hatsume because she’s getting all of Izuku’s attention. It’s not like Uraraka wanted to be the center of izuku’s llife 24/7 or anything but how can I say it… it’s kinda annoying to be really good friends with a boy and then some other girl just swoops in from nowhere and grabs his attention, I mean I know I’d feel a little ‘ish’ if that happened to me, because Uraraka was basically like the third wheel throughout the cavalry battle, and no one likes being a third wheel.

Uraraka admiring Izuku’s strategic mind once again, although she mainly said this because she was feeling uneasy.

Izuku knew Uraraka felt uneasy about going against Bakugou, so he went out of his way to make a plan for her to win. It’s funny because this is exactly how Izuku felt before his first fight with Bakugou, and Uraraka was the one comforting him and trying to help him feel better, and now the roles have been reversed. 

Although I’m glad Uraraka rejected his help, because it helped her realize that she couldn’t always rely on others for her success.

Izuku was rooting for her throughout the whole  Kacchako battle (and jeez, have I ever said how much I love Bakugou and Uraraka in this fight) and he was concerned for her safety. Izuku was Uraraka’s motivational drive here, her motivation to win.

Izuku was rooting for her before the match even started, sure he felt nervous but at least he didn’t immediately think he she was gonna lose like EVERYONE else did.

Izuku feeling bad for not being able to do anything for her…

He’s the only one that goes out of his way to check up on her, not even Iida, or Tsuyu.

Izuku saw right through Uraraka and she obviously knew she was lying about being totally fine. He felt guilty that he wasn’t able to do anything to help her win… even though there was really nothing he could do.

Uraraka’s helped Izuku out so many times, so the only thing he wants to do for her, what he needs to do for her is return the favor.

This was part was pretty sweet on both ends.. although I’m still not sure if Bakugou was pissed off at Izuku because he thought he let Uraraka use her quirk carelessly and throw him off guard (gonna wait for the anime to clear that up, afterall this episode is gonna air in about 2 weeks or so…) 

Anyway, Izuku is defending Uraraka here by saying she’s completely capable of devising strategic plans on her own.

Izuku getting super flustered after having a real conversation on a phone with a girl… who just happened to be Uraraka. Uraraka getting teased about being in love…. she could have called Iida too, but she decided to call Izuku instead.

Uraraka using Izuku as a source of motivation, again.

I think we’re all familiar with this scene. This is the moment Uraraka realized that she may in fact have a crush on Izuku.

And this is the moment when she sorta confirmed it, and she even said “probably”

This. This is just adorable.

My buddy @happycloude-91 pointed out in this post. This was probably one of the sweetest things Uraraka’s ever done. She did a little first-aid thing for Izuku to at least try and reduce the pain even though she knew it wouldn’t do much. She didn’t try and stop him and say “there’s no way I’ll let you go! Not with those injuries and blah blah blah”, because she understood the weight of the situtation and she understood Izuku’s feelings, plus Izuku probably wouldn’t have listened to her anyway.

Hell she even tore her shirt in half to help Izuku and seemed like it worked pretty well. We all know that Uraraka doesn’t have a lot of money, and she probably doesn’t have the best clothes either, yet she still sacrificed to help Izuku.

 Hatsume is a trigger to Uraraka’s jealousy, since it mostly pops up when she’s around. Her face here, she obviously doesn’t like what she’s seeing, because not only was Izuku almost explodo-killed, he came chest-to-chest with another girl!

Uraraka getting a little more jealous here because Hatsume’s getting Izuku’s attention, but she mostly feels like she’s getting left behind and she wants to walk side by side with Izuku.

Uraraka’s feelings for Izuku confirmed. The fact that she was thinking about the whole thing with Hatsume all day shows something.

Uraraka noticing and admiring Izuku’s strength again.These pages just say it all…

In the hero license exam, even though ‘Uraraka’ came out of nowhere with absolutely no plan at all, which could have led to her failing right there…

Izuku still jumped in to save her, jeopardizing his own chances of passing the exam.

adding this because the way he carried her was just…PERFECT.

This is probably one of my favorite scenes in this arc. Izuku knew Uraraka wasn’t that careless, he knew that she was much more stronger than that.

This line has a lot of depth in it guys. Izuku knew Uraraka was a lot smarter than to come out without any sort of plan.

Uraraka believing in Izuku’s strength.Uraraka sees Izuku as an image of victory, that’s why she always thinks about him when she’s in a pinch or is she wants to win (let that be a reminder for those who think she’s ‘obsessed’).

Izuku is to Uraraka what Kacchan is to him, an image of victory. (but we don’t go ahead and call Izuku obsessed whenever he thinks about Kacchan, which he does A LOT, do we???) It’s not that she’s obsessed with being like him but she has the same feelings that Izuku has for Kacchan.

Uraraka getting jealous again and contemplating her feelings.

Uraraka’s feelings getting in the way of her focus.

Chapter 109 says it all, at least in Uraraka’s side, she knows that she has feelings for Izuku. I’m not gonna say the word love because this is a fan translation so it’s not 100% accurate, also the word love is pretty strong in Japan, so I think Horikoshi must have used a… how can I say it? a less serious word in the second panel… I could be completely wrong though.

We know that she ‘shut down her feelings’ but that doesn’t mean they’re completely gone right?

Uraraka notices things about Izuku, and you can read all about that in my other buddy @rex101111‘s post here

Also, have I mentioned that they are ALWAYS together??!

And there are a lot more screencaps of them standing together and that includes the panels I used for this post too, but we know that I can’t fit all those screencaps in this post XD

The omake. I can already feel all of the kacchako shippers glaring daggers at me XD.

But anyway, many misinterpret this as a Kacchako scene… but it’s actually not. The reason is because, Uraraka came to talk to Bakugou about Izuku, not her, or heir fight, but Izuku. I know people are gonna be like “she sees through Bakugou!” or “Bakugou called her by her name!”, but let’s be honest, what Uraraka was saying here was: you either make up with Izuku or just stop being mean to him. Overall her primary concern was Izuku, because nobody likes to see their friend/love interest constantly get bullied right?

Another thing is the drama CD 7. The drama CD 7, the drama CD 7, the drama CD!!! I freaking love the drama CD 7, because it is a safe haven for us izuocha  shippers.

  • Izuku and Uraraka eating lunch together, Uraraka teasing Izuku for nerding about heroes… well she didn’t exactly tease him, she giggled and he blushed!
  • Izuku and Uraraka chatting near Izuku’s desk before Bakugou came and interrupted them XD
  • Izuku saved Uraraka from the sludge villain and he happened to hold hands with her for a very long time, and Bakugou himself had to point it out!
  • Izuku stuttering and blushing after he realized just how long he held Uraraka’s hand and how good it felt. Then he starts to remember how he had to do a folk dance with a guy when he was in middle school because there weren’t enough girls… and I love how my son is such a loveable nerd/dork omg XD
  • Uraraka mistook Izuku’s flustered face as some kind of adrenaline rush which was adorable.

There were other good scenes in the drama cd, but these are like the cutest ones, and mind you the drama CD was written by HORIKOSHI KOUHEI!

So it’s technically canon :p

I know I said that the wiki is about 98% accurate, but if people can believe Jirou is a lesbian from reading the wiki then I can believe this right? I know the love is one sided for now, but Izuku has shown a lot of signs in the beginning of the series, he obviously won’t show any now because of where the series is going… but it’s gonna come back…soon.

and one more thing…


There are only like two posts under this tag and one of them just happens to be someone answering my ask, and if you’re wondering why I like that post if you ever see it, it’s because I like all posts that answer my asks just to let the person know that I’ve seen their answer.

But still it hurts to see this tag ya know?

Anyway @cake-ademia, @zakamore1, @rex101111, @hatefilledpoptarts, @eriboook and my other fellow izuocha shippers even though our fanbase is small, lets not forget the ship that’s CLOSEST to becoming CANON.


Top 20 Films as voted by my followers

20. Kill Bill (2003/2004) dir. Quentin Tarantino

When I woke up, I went on what the movie advertisements refer to as a ‘roaring rampage of revenge.’ I roared. And I rampaged. And I got bloody satisfaction. I’ve killed a hell of a lot of people to get to this point, but I have only one more. The last one.

The one group of voters I can never get out of my head are the ones who said they voted for Obama because he was the change candidate, and then they voted for Trump because he was also the change candidate. How does a person even think like that, with your only constant belief being that that the country should be in endless flux. You think that immigrants should have their families intact for some years but not others. You want judges who will expand civil rights but also some who will take them away. You think we need a war every now and again. These are electoral terrorists, their goal is to keep us in a constant state of anxiety, never being able to live our lives in peace because we always have to fear the next election. I think I hate them more than straight-ticket Republicans.

Some real talk. Louis IS a successful solo artist. His numbers are great, even if he didn’t chart as high as Niall and Liam, who worked very hard on their solo stuff, but who also have teams celebrating them and pushing for them every step of their way. Reminder, Louis didn’t have the same kind of support from his team and 48 hours of a decent, or dare I say basic, job won’t change the past. But even if his numbers were worse… success isn’t measured only by that. Sure, all artists care about numbers and charting is very important, otherwise promo wouldn’t be needed. Whoever says that an artist and his team/label aren’t interested in charts is fooling themselves. However, if you measure an artist’s worth only in chart positions, then you’re not here for the music nor the artist. You’re probably here to compete. Louis has an active fanbase, a passionate one that spends money on him. That only is enough to call him successful and his team should fight to get him out there and introduce him to new audiences using some interesting promo. Also Louis manages to create music that speaks to people, even when a song is as personal as JLY (buy & stream, btw). I love a lot of artists that people haven’t even heard of, but they are still successful and amazing to my eyes. Yes, I want better for Louis, I want him to always be a presence in the charts, I want him to get awards (vote for Louis for the EMA 2017), I want him to break records. But above everything I want him to be a good musician, who learns along the way, and who tries to express his true self through music and clever lyrics. So far he is doing a fantastic job. So I am really proud of him and I will keep supporting him for a long, long time. 💙🌈

bgold-aces  asked:

Okay, wait, I’m lost. I know they’re trying to get rid of illegal votes, but how are they even deciding what votes are illegal? Because I don’t feel like they even explained that at all. Sorry 😰I’m just super lost on this. I love your blog by the way! Always my favorite to go to. 😊

They “explained” it in this article HERE (Cr x)

They deleted votes even from legit accounts, so it was only 1 vote per person, not multiple accounts. 

But this all doesn’t add up, we weren’t the only ones using multiple accounts?!

anonymous asked:

I lost someone in Manchester, and now seeing events unfold in London is hitting me hard. I am a true, hardcore Corbynista - the person I lost was the son if immigrants - and like, I'm devastated not only for victims/families but also because this will undoubtedly affect how people will vote and the support the us vs. them narrative in terms of immigration etc. My heart is breaking - I thought with Le Pen getting defeated the world was learning, but now I'm not sure.

I’m so sorry for your loss, anon. I (Mod H) live not too far away from Manchester myself, and I know that everyone around here was absolutely devastated when the attack happened. We live in a scary, fucked up world - but it’s important to see these tragedies as just that, not the vile xenophobic propaganda that some people have been spreading.

Stay safe, followers. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Vote Seventeen!! Weekly awards + Mama

2017 will never come back again so let’s make 2017 SEVENTEEN’s year!

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Just like other kpop groups, seventeen work super hard for us carats and we should repay them with everything we can.

It only takes like 10 minutes ?

Do it for our sebongie VOTE VOTE VOTE! Let them know we appreciate them and love them too.

Reblog this!! so the words gets around and any help needed/questions just message me :)

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alright my dudes, have I got the competition for you. Since I’ve noticed a lack of Amy content recently, I figured I needed to fix that somehow, so here’s ya girl with a great competition. There’s five categories:

- Edits

- Moodboards

- Aesthetics

- Fanart

- Lockscreens/Wallpapers

and, basically, whoever makes the best in that category is gonna win.

How all this shit is gonna work:

basically, post your submission under the tag #peebsconcomp , and also put somewhere in you post (in the actual post or in the tags) what category you’re submitting it into! I will reblog every post on my blog under the tag #peebsub: (whatever category it is), and every like on the post will equal a vote for that submission! At the end of the competition, August 10th, I will tally up whichever posts have the most likes in each category, and determine a winner! 

The winners will receive their choice of a icon/wallpaper/header/moodboard/aesthetic/edit, and a promo!

The only rules I really have about this is one, the submissions have to have Amy in them (obv), and that you cannot vote for your own submission. Yes, you can reblog your submission a million times so that everyone who follows you sees it, but you cannot like your own submission! If you do, I just won’t count it as a vote lmao.

I can’t wait to see all of your lovely submissions! Let’s get creating!!! <3

Game Theory: The Real Story of Shanna
External image

The Shanna hype is real right now. Team Takumi and Team Shanna alike have been trading salt wondering how it happened. Multipliers? But there were no multipliers for the last nine hours! Enthusiasm? Have you MET Takumi fangirls?

“honestly i’m not sure how she managed to pull it off.” - @bookofholsety, Team Shanna

The answer, I believe, is this: The 1%-activated multiplier gives the underdog in each round slightly better odds than the alleged favorite due to flag allocation.

Here’s why.

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as a huge thank you for 2k *internal screech* here is my first tumblr awards! (so if it flops, we roll with it idc) 

R U L E S :- 

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C A T E G O R I E S :- 

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Annoying the Head of the HOA

A friend of mine not too long ago painted his house. He lives in a development that has an HOA. He admits that he and his wife made the first mistake by not reading the HOA handbook close enough so they didn’t realize they had to get the color approved by the HOA.

On the first day of painting, the head of the HOA stopped by and talked to them, made small talk, talked about ways to make painting the house easier etc. At this time the HOA head knew they hadn’t gotten the color approved because he sits on the three-person panel that approves the colors, however, he opted not to say anything to them. Instead, he waited until they had the entire house painted then told them the color was not approved because there too many other houses with a similar color (it was a lighter shade of green).

So, faced with having to spend the time and money to repaint the entire house, he and his wife decided to get a little revenge. They submitted the form and color swatch for the new color and were approved. Knowing the panel had to take time out of their lives to meet every time they submit a color, they decided to submit another color swatch and form saying that they had changed their minds. This color was one they knew would never be approved. As assumed, it was denied. They had to submit again and again they submitted a color they knew would never be approved. Again, they were denied. They repeated this 4 or 5 times before the HOA head contacted them and told them the first swatch they submitted was still approved and not to submit another swatch for approval, they were tired of playing games. He replied telling him that it turns out that color is no longer available and they needed to submit one last swatch, which, of course, was a color that they knew would not be approved. This time the HOA told them if they submitted another un-approvable swatch they would be fined and billed for the panel’s time. He submitted another swatch that was a color he knew would never be approved and with it a photocopy of the page from the handbook covering the process of getting a color approved. He pointed out that there was nothing in there that mentioned any limit to a number of swatches a person could submit.

This entire process took a few months. After 8 or 9 swatches that were denied, the head of the HOA was fuming mad and showed up at their door telling them he wasn’t leaving until they had decided on a color for the house. My friend pointed out that the handbook says the only way for a color to be approved was with a vote from the full panel. The HOA head called the other two people, they came over, and once they were all sat down he and his wife shuffled through about 10 different swatches of crazy colors before finally showing them one that was a light green color. Frustrated, they approved it and left.

A few weeks later, the head of the HOA contacted him to see when they were going to paint and he told them they already had. The swatch that they had approved was the color the house was already painted. A week later he got an angry letter from the HOA and a bill for their time. He refused to pay and will fight it. A couple weeks after that everyone got a revised handbook in the mail with very detailed rules on how to get a color approved. My friend then called the head of the HOA and told him all of this could have been avoided if he had just said something that day when he came over and talked to them as they started painting, but he decided to be a dick, so they decided to be dicks back to him.

TL;DR - HOA head is a jerk to my friend so he and his wife get petty revenge by driving the HOA head and the paint color approval committee crazy.

Edit - Well, this has blown up unexpectantly. Apparently, HOA’s are a point of anger for a lot of people. Just a few follow-ups:


I’m no expert on the lien/fine situation and how that all plays out. I was just going off something I was told. Apparently, if he doesn’t pay the fine they can file a lien against him and they could foreclose on his house. When I told him this he explained that the handbook actually had a detailed procedure on how fines are to be handed out and collected. There are apparently a few steps the HOA has to take before they will file a lien and none of those have happened yet. The fine is $300 so if it escalates to the next step and they try to collect the money he will take action even if that means swallowing his pride and paying. He is going to double check just to make certain they haven’t tried to file the lien on the sly.


A lot of people are wondering how an HOA comes to be and why anyone would move into one. To make it short, the idea of an HOA is a good one. They help make sure the community stays nice and property values stay up so you don’t have neighbors that move in, never cut their grass, have three broken down cars and a couch in their front yard and constantly throw loud parties, driving down your property values. They also often have community-wide benefits like a pool, workout room, etc. The problem is that some people get the slightest bit of power and it goes to their head and they turn into assholes. Based on the replies I have seen here, that seems to happen quite a bit. There are good HOA’s. My brother lives in a place that has one that he has nothing but good things to say about, but it seems like there are many that are bad and go too far.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm a lesbian and I'm voting No in the plebiscite. My girlfriend and I agree that if we want to we can just get a civil union, we'll have a party and everything just like a wedding but we don't need to get married. We respect that marriage is a religious ceremony and was traditionally only male/female, I really don't see why the LGBT community is getting so worked up about it, we can still live full and happy lives together

This sounds super fake. Like… super fake. Like someone who is anti-marriage equality made up a bullshit story and just pretended they’re a lesbian to make it sound more convincing to the yes crowd.

“I personally don’t want this thing in my life so I’m going to make sure all the people I know who DO want it also don’t have it.” Hypothetically speaking even if you somehow are in fact a lesbian who wants to vote no and thinks that marriage is a religious ceremony (even though it’s not, and the state dictates marriage law, and atheists get married, etc, etc) that’s still a real dick move. People want this. Even if you personally don’t care for marriage (not everyone does and that’s OK) you must recognise the importance for other people to have this in their lives. Denying that simply because you see no personal benefit is the epitome of selfishness and outright wrong. It lacks compassion for others and an inability to see outside of your own perspective and so tl;dr: shame on you. Vote yes.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the recent vote for statehood in Puerto Rico?

You should know better than to ask a Puerto Rican their thoughts about the status of our island, it’s a prickly subject, like religion.

But, since you asked. My opinion aside, just the facts as I see it.

There is not an overwhelming consensus on the island that statehood is the best option, the only reason statehood received 97% of the votes is because only about 20% of eligible voters participated while two political parties (pro-independence and pro-status quo) boycotted this referendum. There is an overwhelming consensus that Puerto Ricans association with the USA is something that is beneficial and should evolve after 100 years of being a colony.

Originally posted by yamileska22

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A real piece of work

I had to deal with the most entitled woman I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting today. I work at a library and we offer conference rooms for meetings and early voting and things like that. People can reserve a room in person or over the phone. This woman called in on a Saturday and said she wanted a room for this coming Wednesday. I didn’t even check the calendar for that day because by policy we need a week’s notice for the room’s use. Period, end of discussion. The soonest she would be able to get a room is next Saturday.

I tell her this in less intense of terms, so she asked about the next Wednesday. For the room she wanted, there was an entire day’s worth of availability. She could book the room for the entire day if she wanted.

Then I ask for her information in order to email her the forms she has to fill out in order to book the room. She gives me her gmail (it was happy[lastname] So fucking gross) and I tell her that she’s definitely going to get the room, but she’ll receive a phone call by Tuesday (it’s Saturday today) at the latest.

Suddenly, her mind is blown away by the fact that she won’t hear back from us until Tuesday. I tell her that the person who reserves the rooms and contacts her isn’t working until Monday, and that her meeting isn’t the only one that needs to be planned. She’s getting frustrated that she’s not getting what she wants right away, so she says that she’s not getting a logical explanation and wants to talk to the branch manager. I tell her that she’s going to tell her the exact same thing that I did. She says, “That’s not very nice of you.”

I’m not here to be fucking nice, I’m here to do my job and part of that is upholding voted upon policies.

Luckily, the branch manager is out to lunch, so my coworker tells me to send the patron to her.

She took the same tone with my coworker, being a huge bitch and super entitled. She even had my coworker explain again why she wouldn’t hear back from us until Tuesday. She also told her the exact same thing I did.

My coworker looked up her name afterwards and turns out she’s an upper class tennis mother who forces her kids into sports and lives in a too big house and works for the home owners association because she’s lives a sexless life despite having 3-4 kids.

harumisaylasayaka  asked:

How do I explain to my male friend that men and women still aren't equal?? (Are we equal???)

No, were not equal.

I think a major road block with men is that patriarchy/sexism at worst doesn’t affect them, and at best benefits them. It’s something they have internalized and aren’t really aware of. It’s important for them to remember that if your wondering if women are oppressed, he simply can’t look to his own experience. He has to listen to the group in question. And if you talk to a lot of women, they feel the are oppressed. And we notice it, because it impacts our lives directly. Just point to the fact that so many women can relate. I mean, just take the Womens March as an example.  How is it possible that millions of unrelated women have noticed the same problem, and are negatively effected by it enough to protest with strangers all over the world? That is a very telling sign that its not just personal perception, but a systematic problem that transcends cultures, geography, country, race, ethnicity, etc.

He likely won’t just take your word for it though. Lucky for you, there is plenty of proof out there. Show him statistics on rape/sexual assault, sexual harassment, catcalling, female genital mutilation, female infanticide, lack of reproductive access/healthcare, child brides, prostitution, sex trafficking, objectification in media, unrealistic beauty standards, eating disorders, wage gaps, domestic violence. 

Next, he will probably say that these kinds of problems ‘don’t exist in the first world’ or ‘aren’t as much of a problem anymore’. Tell him that, yes, things have gotten a lot better and there has been progress, but that doesn’t mean the problem is over. (also people act like we got our right to vote and enter the workforce EONS ago when it was only a few decades). Tell him that just because something is illegal or taboo, doesn’t mean it has stopped happening or is not a problem. Tell him how, even now, in our supposedly more ‘advanced and progressive society’ that: 

-1 in 4 women will be raped, most don’t report it and when they do the rapists get off easy( community service, 3 month jail sentence, and my personal favorite: “suspended upon graduation”). Tell him that a few years ago, hundreds of universities were put on federal investigation for violation of title IX (mishandling or suppression of rape allegations).

- human trafficking is alive and well in the West, in industrialized countries, all over the world. Tens of thousands of human trafficking cases are reported each year in the United States. 4 out of five victims are girls, most likely underage. 

-Tell him that media, TV, magazines, etc. reinforces unrealistic beauty ideals for women. The average model (the ‘ideal’ beauty) is 5′9-5′11 and 100-120 lbs (most have dangerous BMI’s and meet criteria for anorexia) while the average American woman is 5′4 140 lbs. Tell him that 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner, 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat ,35-57% of adolescent girls engage in crash dieting, fasting, self-induced vomiting, diet pills, or laxatives. Eating disorders are on the rise, estimated at about 30 million, but received much less funding (and eating disorders have highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disease).

Illness                                            Prevalence                    NIH Research Funds (2011)
Alzheimer’s Disease                        5.1 million                     $450,000,000
Autism                                            3.6 million                     $160,000,000
Schizophrenia                                3.4 million                     $276,000,000
Eating disorders                             30 million                      $28,000,000

-physically attractive and thinner women make more money and are considered more intelligent.

-1 in 3 (about 30%) of women who have been in relationships will experience some form of sexual or physical violence from a partner. Estimates of non-fatal domestic violence against women range from 1 million to 4 million a year. The most recent report by the US Department of Justice, which found women suffer 805,700 physical injuries at the hands of partners each year, compared to 173,960 men.

-1 in 3 women ages 18-34 have been sexually harassed at work. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws in the US. Almost Three in Ten Cases Before the EEOC Are Sex Discrimination Cases 31

-In the United States in 2010, 1,095 women were killed by husbands or boyfriends, accounting for 37.5% of female murders.

-Women are less likely to be hired or promoted( there have been dozens of studies in multiple fields of different levels that hand out identical resumes that only differ in gender/name). There is sill a wage gap in the united states in most professions. This wage gap is worse for women of color.Women working 41 to 44 hours per week earn 84.6% of what men working similar hours earn; women working more than 60 hours per week earn only 78.3% of what men in the same time category earn (Bureau of Labor Statistics, cited in Hilary M. Lips, “The Gender Wage Gap: Debunking the Rationalizations”). Contrary to this claim, one Harvard University researcher found that men have an average net worth of $26,850, compared to an average of $12,900 for women.

-Women hold just 4 percent of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. Women make up just 19 percent of the U.S. House of Representatives.. They comprise 20 percent of Senate seats.

-There’s a particularly well-documented gender gap in the treatment of pain. Even though women are more likely to suffer from chronic pain — fibromyalgia, for instance, almost exclusively affects women — they’re less likely than their male counterparts to receive appropriate treatment for it. Multiple studieshave found that medical interventions to manage pain, ranging from knee surgeries to opioid prescriptions, are less likely to be recommended for female patients. This approach toward female patients fits into a long history of attributing women’s behavior to mental health disorders

-Most drugs are clinically tested on male bodies. Androcentric thinking in science sees the male body as default, and the womans reproductive cycle as an ‘extraneous, complicating’ variable. This leaves women bodies to be guinnie pigs in the market. And some drugs, especially psychiatric drugs, have been proven to work differently in women bodies 

-Girls are more vulnerable to incest and child sexual abuse, especially by fathers and step fathers. 

-Womens bodies are constantly trying to be controlled. And most of the people enacting policies and laws are old, white men. They usually have straight up false information about women anatomy and the mechanisms of birth control, abortion, etc. (Lawmaker who called pregnant women a ‘host’ pushes bill requiring fathers to approve abortion, Republican Congressman Todd Akin said Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Do Not Get Pregnant, Lobbyists claim that IUDs and morning-after pills are more like abortifacients, meaning they kill fertilized embryos)

Things lawmakers have actually said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”, “Who needs abortion when victims of sexual assault can just get “cleaned out” by a rape kit?”, “abortion is much more serious than rape of children by priests.” x.)

Coverage for birth control is actively opposed

-More than half of states in the US — 26 total — provide “severely restricted access,”. 20 states have bans outlawing specific abortion procedures as early as 12 weeks with no exception to protect a woman’s health. 18 states have state-mandated counseling, which requires telling women who are getting abortions: the ability of a fetus to feel pain, the link between mental health and abortion, require women to get ultrasounds before aborting, etc. 46 states allow individual health care providers to refuse abortion access. 

-Lack of paid maternal leave or support for mothers in the work place. 

-In grade school, teachers are more likely to call on boys in the class room and praise them, give boys more extensive feedback, and use longer wait-time with boys than girls. Research shows that boys are referred for testing for gifted programs twice as often as girls (Orenstein, 1994). Boys are encouraged more than girls to pressure STEM fields. This inequality continues in higher education. Findings suggest that gender and attractiveness may influence the type of authority image that a teacher projects.  This randomized, double-blind study  found that both male and female faculty exhibited a bias against female undergraduate students, evaluating them as less competent, hirable, and qualified, and offering them less funding and mentorship.

-Tell him your specific experiences as a woman. Maybe you’ve been catcalled, mansplained, talked over and interrupted (which studies prove men do more), felt objectified or pressured to conform to beauty ideals.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Tell your male friends that if he thinks sexism is over or a thing of the past, he is willfully ignorant. 

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Thoughts on Bernie ending up being a brocialist on women's rights after all? :(

i didnt know what this ask was about so i googled it and read this:

i’m definitely not one of those people who worships the ground bernie walks on even tho i voted for him in the primaries. it’s frustrating that someone who wants progressive reform in the democratic party is ‘compromising’ with a candidate like that. but then on the other hand, i understand the strategic thinking of how simply increasing the blue in governmental bodies would be a net-positive for women’s rights. i mean, i have pretty far left politics but i vote democrat because I know that will allow my vote to have the greatest impact in promoting a left shift, even if its off from what i ideally want the future to be like. my ideal candidate would believe that abortion should be legal at all stages of pregnancy, but literally no mainstream candidate believes that so i have to compromise because you have to start somewhere. some people don’t think like that wrt to their votes & this debate is rather contentious but this is just what makes sense to me personally.

so. i’m not sure. like it’s not great, but not completely incomprehensible from a practical level. if this was the only option instead of a hell demon republican then, yeah, i guess i get it. but then you have to wonder if bernie would compromise so easily on other issues & if its just women’s rights that can be so easily negotiated away.

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Spoiler: the German states with the lowest percentages of PoC are the ones in which the nazi party is the strongest. Saxony has only around 5% foreigners and even less PoC but 31% of the Saxons voted the nazi party. My city has almost 60% foreigners (from ~190 different nations) and the nazi party didn't even get 9% (still too much though). It's almost as if most nazis don't know shit about immigrants and don't know any of them personally.

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Some countries have a king or queen or special-person day with a huge celebration. Mayor Peter just got 100% of the votes for his Mayor Peter Hale Day. It is at the 08.08.

Is that date significant? 

The thing I like about this idea though is that Peter gets to walk around so smugly, knowing that he didn’t even rig the election. 

“Oh, get off your damn high horse,” John grumbles, digging around in the fruit bowl for something to eat, and Peter only smirks. 

“What’s he smirking for?” Stiles asks, wandering into the kitchen for breakfast. 

“I’m smirking, my dear, dear Stilinskis,” Peter says, “because if I got one hundred percent of the vote, then you know what that means?” 

They both eye him suspiciously. 

“It means,” Peter says, his smirk broadening into a grin, “that you voted for me too. Both of you!” 

And he laughs, delighted, while both John and Stiles pelt him with fruit. 

I called out my friends on Facebook today

I try to never get political on here, but as I’m sure many of you know, the first of my rights were taken away yesterday, and I fear it’ll only get worse if I stay quiet.

All my friends and family who voted for Trump, you voted to take my rights away. You voted to allow me to be treated as a lesser human. You don’t support rights for those who are different from you. You’ve never been told that you are less of a person because of who you are. You haven’t been the target of politicians, religion, and hate just because you are something they don’t agree with. You can’t imagine what it feels like to be hated by people who will never meet you, yet firmly believe you shouldn’t exist. You’ve never gotten messages from strangers telling you that your whole identity is a disease.

Say whatever you need to yourself to help you sleep at night, but if you voted for Trump, you’re not an LGBTQ ally, or an ally of mine. When you voted for him, you told the world that it’s okay for racism, misogyny, and hate to exist in the world. And I heard you loud and clear.

To everyone else, don’t let hate become the norm. Don’t allow anyone to be targeted and separated from society. It’s not “them” vs. “us”. We are all human. What makes a society strong, is all the diversity in it. Differences make us unique. Please speak up when you see hate, and actively fight against it. Don’t sit back, because someday it could be you. Don’t let this become the standard.