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Hi can you help me? Me and a friend are discussing a little bit about veganism and it came to this..... I said, would kill and eat your own dog or cat? Who you took good care of since they were just a puppy or kitten? And she said, thats different because those pigs and cows etc. are the kind of animals that meant to be eaten. PS. I just started being a vegan few months ago and it seems like many people are suddenly concern about me especially to this change of diet of mine.

Hi! People only think they’re “meant to be eaten” because we’re just shown that since we’re kids, because people forget that these are mega corporations, it’s all connected and it’s all about money, that’s literally it. We don’t “need it” they’ll say anything to sell it. It’s no different than say - it being proven whitening strips are horrendous for your teeth but they’ll sell the shit out of it. There will be more commercials. It’s just worse because it’s literally the mass murder of sentient animals, but i’m just speaking in terms of they can sell ANYTHING even with proof it’s hurting the consumer. They’re not gonna show you a cute fluffy cow being patted before showing a steak ad, they’re not stupid. It’s all brainwashing honestly. But on the flip side - some cultures do eat cats and dogs, but how can you get pissed at that then eat some veal? You can’t. Sorry. But look at the Hindu society - the total respect of cows and vegetarianism. It’s all relative. 
Anyways - we have connections to cats and dogs because they’re pets and they’re in our homes, our friends homes they’re everywhere. but it’s also been said that pigs are smarter than dogs - that they’re cleaner and easier to train, chickens have their own complex language they use to speak to one another and cows actually have best friends. All animals have amazing qualities, quirks, personalities and love to give. Bring your friend to a animal sanctuary, let her pet and maybe she’ll fall in love. they’re honestly amazing and no different than common animal companions. Yeah that’s how it goes - no one cares about how you eat until your diet becomes important. You can try and educate her c:

some cute pics below

if you know nothing about addiction, have never educated yourself on addiction, have never been exposed to someone w an addiction, have never been addicted, pipe the fuck down about addiction.

because at that point you are spewing useless information about dRugZ r bAd u R juNkie and nobody fucking cares. that’s a sad mindset and i feel so genuinely sorry for you.

a lil education on lil peep

gus was sold xanax cut w fentanyl, he didn’t kill himself or accidentally overdose “because he’s a junkie”. he was sold laced shit and he was killed. people saying “he took 6 xans he asked for it”, no. don’t be stupid. not only is that already an invalid statement, but gus was an addict, contrary to belief he was an intelligent man, he knew his limit and how much he could take. xanax alone would not of killed him. the way people overdose on xanax is if they eat an absurd amount or they mix it w another drug. you have to really be trying to kill yourself when it comes to xanax and ONLY xanax.

whether people like it or not, whether you listened to lil peep or not, he was changing and has changed his line of music entirely. he created such a beautiful movement when it came to trans rights, lgbt+ rights, women’s rights, speaking against racism, homophobia, etc. and he didn’t get enough credit for it. he had a beautiful mind and was only looked at as a drug addict when he was and did so much more. he had big things planned, he was gonna make it big in music and he was so fucking excited for it. his life was taken too fucking soon on some retarded shit. please don’t do hard/lethal drugs and if you do please be smart about it and know what it is.

another thing

do not claim you support mental health awareness or care about people w mental illnesses if you shut out and criticize addiction because mental illness and addiction go hand in hand.

This is no joke everyone…
This is Dolly, a class friend I had only chatted a little in my driving class. She was in class just yesterday on 11/17/2017 at 1:20 pm and left class at 2:30 pm.
Somehow she did not came in class today and this was posted in the school’s website. The office even reported us through the microphone.
I do not care if you don’t live in IL or even in the US, but please share and help us find her. I may barely know anything about her, but I REALLY care about people who I started getting along with.
Please please please. Help me.

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it seems like gwenvid shippers only care about gwen whenever david is involved nobody gives a shit about gwen unless it's shipping related and it pisses me off.

I think you’re right that not enough people are talking about Gretchen, absolutely. But … uh, you really sure you wanna blame the Gwenvid shippers for that one? Because to be completely honest, it seems like we’re the only ones who care about her. 

Okay, that’s not entirely fair, but it’s always struck me as a little odd that there’s more content for a character who appears in 1 episode than someone who’s been a significant part of almost all of them.

If you wanna chat about Gloria, I’m here for it! I always wanna talk about her. She’s my best girl, and I anon-beg artists to draw her more than I’m willing to admit. But one of the reasons I’ve had so much fun with the Gwenvid shipping community is because of the attention and enthusiasm they lavish on Grace. (In fact, we often bitch among ourselves that she doesn’t get enough love.)

I’ll agree that the Camp Camp fandom as whole is sleeping on Gabi, but I personally wouldn’t point my finger at the Gwenvid shippers for that one. I’m just saying, we aren’t the ones editing her out of screenshots and replacing her with a serial killer. Or writing her completely out of fics like she never existed.

You know.

Just saying.

Slow Fade (7)

Overview: Being forced out of the only life you want comes with its hardships, but hiding it from the two people you care about the most proves to be the most challenging situation you’ll face.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Warnings: canonical violence, mild language, angst, some fluff to balance it out

Word Count: 2,106

A/N: I kinda love this chapter. I hope you guys do, too :) We’re approaching the end… maybe one or two more sets to go. 

Beta’d by my sole sister @wheresthekillswitch: “This whole chapter feels like a raw nerve.” 

and my writing soulmate @hannahindie “This imagery, waterbear. Looooord.


“You maybe wanna point that somewhere else?”

He turned his smile on me, and a weighted dread settled in my gut. Very few of the monsters that we’d hunted gave me that feeling. The fact that he’d done it almost instantly was probably not a good sign.

“So this one thinks she’s smart,” the man started, “and that one thinks he’s tough. And that one,” he gestured at Sam with his free hand, “well that one just wants to blast my head off because I’m threatening the little lady.”

I growled at the title and made a move to rise from the crouch I was in.

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I don't think any variation of capitalism is necessary to give people something to work towards, personally. I think that if people were able to spend less energy worrying about how to stay alive, whether because of homelessness, starvation, hate crimes ect, not only could they reinvest that energy into fulfilling and productive things, the'd WANT to! I agree with you that a livable basic income and free health care would be amazing starts though. (Sorry for the long ask! I have FEELINGS x3)

Oh, it’s quite alright. I do too! 💚

I think my big problem is that both capitalism and communism seem to be obsessed with jobs and work. They’re both all about slaving your life away for your means to survive. Hammers and sickles and dollar signs and all of that. But we live in a world where more and more menial work is being automated. We, as a species, are supposed to be moving past obsessions with jobs by now. That’s why the mid-20th century was full of daydreams about robot housemaids and other such things.

Give me a world where all people can chase after whatever creative or intellectual pursuits they choose without needing to worry about getting paid. A world where, as you say, people don’t need to worry about all of the troublesome things we do now, and can focus themselves on something worthwhile. Do what they actually want to do with their lives.

Money… Eventually, I’m not certain it needs to continue existing. But while it does, I’d like to see it used for good purposes instead of lining the pockets of the needlessly rich. If I didn’t need to worry about affording rent or food, I could do things like buying more artwork or music. Maybe help crowdfund some research. I could buy delicious locally farmed honey or fairtrade vanilla pods from Madagascar. While spending money is a thing which happens, I’d like to use it to encourage creators and artisans to keep doing what they’re doing.

And if those creators and artisans didn’t have to work two terrible jobs just to be able to afford food, they could spend more time doing the things they so obviously love. Wouldn’t that be a nice feedback loop for society to fall into?

Money isn’t going to disappear overnight, and neither is scarcity. But we can grow and evolve society to move in that direction. The way I see it, our biggest obstacle is greed.

I seem to be rambling now. Oops.

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Just piling on to the discussion here: I'm thin. Very thin. And yes, occasionally there have times when a distant relative would make a comment about putting "meat on those bones". And yes, they hurt, but you know hurts a whole lot more? Being that thin because of a fast metabolism not only leaves me hungry pretty much all time, but also makes it difficult to stay within a healthy weight range, and being told I'm "lucky" because of it. (1 of 2)

The fatphobes who attack under the guise of “just caring about your health” never seem to share the same sympathy to someone like me, who’s dangerously Underweight, who’s fainted from malnutrition twice and now has to take a nutrition supplement with his meals. My point is thin people do get hurt by fatphobia, the same way men are hurt by misogyny, but it’s still called fatphobia and thin privilege is still a thing. Personally, I find the compliments far more hurtful than the insults. (2 of 2)

Thank you everybody ♥. I didn’t think that someone would read this long text. I just had to write it down, because my head was hurting so much. I can’t believe so many people would care about me. I want to thank you. I’ll think about a little present for you all ♥!!. But for now, I’m on hiatus for a few days. I have to think about many things. I won’t left the community, but from now on, I will take more time for myself and my hobbies. I have to learn, that my blog is.. well.. MY blog. That I only post when I want it. And not because I think I HAVE TO. I want to be myself. And maybe, not everyone will like that. But the people who will stay with me and stay as my followers, are the most precious angels I could wish for :). And if you stay with the “me” who I really am, I know I don’t have to be afraid anymore. And I’m sorry for this bad english lmao.

Good night, sleep well and have a nice weekend!

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Idk anymore, I'm just gonna end up losing the people I care about one way or another. I just don't see the point. I'm tired.

I’m so sorry you’re tired, but please don’t give up. The only way to guarantee you’ll lose the ones you love is to leave them behind. Have faith in yourself. People care about you ❤

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Hello, it’s me, the anon from earlier (one about 5SOS, and the other about fuckin loving you). I’m at a Drake concert in Melbourne, and I just wanted to rant for 5 seconds about something. Don’t you hate it when you’re really interested in something, and you try telling your pals about it, and they totally don’t even care? Was telling my buddies about the whole BTS Westernized thing, and they were like 🙄🙄🙄 “fuck here we go, she won’t stop talking about kpop again” okay then friends

I understand you very well, my friends were like the same and now I only talk K-Pop stuff with my fangirl/fanboy friends.

Also about Westernized thing; I don’t think lots of people couldn’t understand why we don’t want English album.

Let me make this clear.

It’s not about the language we are complaning about, the thing is; it’s all about BTS becoming Westernized just because “we want” them to make an English album, that’s so wrong. 

And if you don’t understand why it’s wrong then let me explain it to you once more;

BTS is making their own music and in their own stlye, we (Armys/Armies) are happy about it and we are appreciating their efforts no matter what. When you ask for an English album it’s like you just don’t appreciating their music anymore and you are asking for more; basicially you are not happy about their music and you want them to Westernize their music so that YOU could understand and YOU could enjoy their music.

BTS has been working their asses off over eight-years, they are enjoying what they are doing. 

You guys are asking for English album and it clearly makes them feel uncomfortable and unwanted.

And if you still don’t believe what I’ve just said, here’s the link for the video of Namjoon that could explain everything in under ten seconds.

Here’s the link.

And now stop being arrogant and uncultured-shallow person and try to understand their feelings.

It’s not just about asking them to make an English cover, it’s a whole new brand WESTERNIZED album just because “we want English songs”

Stop being selfish guys, BTS is a K-Pop boygroup; they are not ready for Westernized culture.

Furthermore, there are lots of people saying that BTS or any K-Pop groups are doing songs in Chinese/Japanese. And it’s all about promoting the group, we all know and aware of that.

And you guys just don’t understand that China and Japan are actually Asian country, just like Korea; their music genre is similar to each other and when BTS or any other K-Pop group does singe/album in Chinese/Japanese the song’s tune is still remains itself.

But Western songs are not like that, American people (the ones that I’m mentioning is those problematic people and if you are American citizen and aware of those things that I’m saying; you are not included so don’t get offended.) actually wanting BTS to do Westernized songs and that’s the issue in here.

We always say appreciate different cultures and respect them, but you are defending BTS to Westernize their music genre; they are Korean, you are disrespecting and making them uncomfortable.

I could write and write about this whole situation, but if you are going to stay ignorant about this; then I’m sorry but go and educate yourself, try to learn some cultures except Western culture. 

Because there are lots of cultures and ethnics in the world.

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i am agreeing with everyone that is saying that the american interviews for bts are shit, all they care about is their country and nothing else, they want people to know how good america is and because they have bts in america right now they think that people will think highly of america.

america isn’t that good of a country, just like many countries out there they aren’t good as well, however america seems to be the only one to call themselves “the greatest country” and a place where everyone wants to go when in fact that’s not true.

but hey, i’m from the uk and we aren’t good ourselves, i can and will admit that. If bts came to the uk and i was interviewing them (lol happy dreams) i would of course, ask them how the trip has been and what do they think of the uk so far, however i would also talk about:

  • their collaboration with UNICEF
  • what do they think of the world today and how can we make it better
  • would they like to further collaborations with other companies 
  • would they want to make their own organisation like UNICEF
  • how much their fans love them and how their music has helped many people overcome difficult paths
  • of course i would do fan questions as well but sensible one
  • (maybe a fun little game to make them less tense like would you rather??)
  • more about them and how kind and amazing people they are.

basically I wouldn’t keep asking them uk related questions because that’s not what the fans want and bts might not like it as well, i want them to be heard and seen like the amazing artists they are, not just some popularity for my country. 


The first person I’d like to do this to is u Meeka….

Meeka when I first started tumblr u were my first ever friend, I all ways looked up to u and still do, I know your going through a lot and I want u to remember I’m here for u all the way.

So many people love u, look up to u and stand up for u, that’s because we care bout u!

Meeka, listen, all these things I’m about to say about u are true…

You are amazing, awesome, kind, wonderful, sweet, cool, funny, lovely and friendly and I’m not the only one who thinks that… Trust me heaps of people think this

When I said I was getting hated on YOU stuck up for me from that day on I think “Meeka u truly are the best” and I think it every day

I love everything that u do, never change and be yourself!

So I wanted to say thank u for everything *hugz*

You know what i hate? This idea that doctors and surgeons are better than nurses. The only reason i’ve been somewhat okay with staying at the hospital for almost a month now, is the kind, sweet, empathetic nurses. The biggest issue and the hardest part has been dealing with the doctors and surgeons who only see me as a body part and not a human with emotions. Seriously, fuck the fuckety fuck off with this bullshit hierarchy within the medical field. Nurses deserve all the praise in the world.

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How do you feel about Neji? I recently found out that Trashimoto used him as a way to bring Naruto and Hinata together and that made me upset, almost to the point where I want to stop watching the series (I’m not even close to that episode)??? The only good thing I can think of is how Neji isn’t in the shitty ending where everyone got in a relationship/have kids to make everything “better.” I hate people who only care about ships. Anyway, Neji’s death was completely unnecessary and fucked up.

Actually a lot of neji fans were already pissed when it’s revealed Naruto was the child of prophecy. It’s huge dump on Neji’s character. He actually changed his whole belief about fate and destiny because Naruto lectured him. Imagine to be lectured and converted about how destiny doesn’t exist by someone who had a prophecy told about him before he’s even born, and someone who’s the designated heir and second coming of the original creator and god of the ninjaverse. That’s just insulting.

When neji died, a lot of his fans left the fandom, and many of them suspected the reason Kishimoto killed him was he’s the living reminder that Naruto’s character is massive hypocrisy and contradiction. But it turn out to be even worse, Kishimoto admitted in interview he killed neji to create a moment for Naruto and Hinata to get closer, he killed a character so that he could create a context to write a dumb shipping bait. Neji died so that Kishi could make Naruto pay attention to Hinata for 2 mins. 

I agree you should stop watching, Kishimoto had no respect for his own characters. He gave a character a shitty death because he thought it’s time to throw a bone at shippers.

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stop thinking about writing fanfictions as just getting notes or recognition. if you really like writing, then every single thing you put out is you improving at what you're doing and the responses you get from them are just nice bonuses. dont think about writing as a result of a product but more like a journey. in the end, notes and messages dont mean anything, but your own skill does.

how about… you keep this opinion to yourself next time. If I didn’t care about writing itself outside of getting feedback, I wouldn’t have been writing off and on for 13 years, on platforms that don’t even have a way to get feedback.

You can say notes and messages don’t mean anything, but to me, it sounds like you aren’t a writer yourself, or not one that wants to share it on the internet. If you are a writer that posts on tumblr and you genuinely don’t care if something you worked on for three months gets 500 notes or 5 notes, that’s great for you, but of fucking course I want feedback on something I put out into the world. tbh every single possible creative work field wants feedback. From all types of gaming to fashion, to art, writing, etc etc. People want feedback on what they do, people want to know whether or not they are doing something right. Even fucking clerical work, people want to know that they’re doing a good job and their hard work is being recognized. Saying that stuff doesn’t matter is bullshit. It’s like saying something that matters deeply to you to a group of people and they completely ignore you, don’t even look at you, don’t acknowledge what you said or that you’re there. And no I don’t get paid for this, but that doesn’t mean feedback is worth any less. Wouldn’t you want feedback on something you’re passionate about?

So yeah, I want recognition for my hard work. I want feedback on my writing, I wanna know what people liked, and on tumblr, that comes as notes–reblogs with tags especially and messages.

Maybe, if readers want content they think is worth reading, they should also consider encouraging people that are putting out work for free.

I just saw someone compare Hillary Clinton to Hitler in a positive light by saying, “Just like Hitler only did those bad things to improve the lives of the German people he cared about, everything bad that Hillary has done was for the American people she cared about” and I just ????

What pill is this?

Unpopular opinion

I do not think that Julian Blackthorn is selfish, I think he’s the most selfless of the people but only with the ones he loves, respects, and care about. It’s not selfishness, it’s just an irrational and extraordinary kind of love.

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i hate the fact that people think infps are healers. i'm done with caring since no one ever cared about me. i only want money, money is happiness & being independent.

People say that if college were free people would get lazy. That’s just not true. People hate school and are lazy because we’re being forced to learn about topics we don’t care about and that are only required to make us “more round”. People feel like they’re going to be stuck in high school forever and it just kind sucks because you feel like it doesn’t apply to your future. But the second you put the factor of their future careers in and what they want to do for the rest of their life I assure you almost every single person in the United States will have a college degree. Most people don’t even go to college because they’re not sure what they want to do and they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to find out or solely because it’s so much money or because they think it’s a waste of thousands of dollars. Now if college was free I bet you that EVERYONE would strive to get an education because there wouldn’t be fucking tens of thousands of dollars in their way. With all of these people with post secondary educations our economy would fucking FLOURISH because everyone could get jobs. All of a sudden finding jobs would become more competitive and people would create more jobs to accommodate for those who didn’t get the job because they CAN because it would be competitive they’d be willing to start at a tad lower rate. Now that everyone is getting paid and putting money back into local buisnesses and buying things, the price of goods will drop because sales will flourish with all of these brand new middle/upper class workers. The poverty rate would drop and with the price of goods dropping people woupd be able to afford more and in the long run get paid more. I hate capitalism but capitalism could seriously benefit from this in the long run. I mean what do you do when you want someone to have something so it’ll help you and your buisness? Give it to them for free. Then everyone would have more money to pay more taxes to fund colleges. Like shit. Who wouldn’t want this?