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No yeah I agree that it's weird about taking about his personal life but honestly none of their past music videos have been like this ya know? Like they're usually not serious and a good time so this is new. Yeah it's not a happy song but idk the fact that the girl looked really similar to Lisa makes me wonder but the part where he's like I don't care what you did only care about what we do could mean they've had their differences but that doesn't matter as long as they have each other?

i’m not 100% certain the song is about lisa tbh with you, like the music video doesn’t follow the same storyline as the song, i mean we all know that alex and lisa’s relationship has been a rollercoaster, i think it’s clear that they’re very happy now and honestly who knows what this song is about?? it could be about a previous relationship, it could be about his feelings years ago, who knows??? i mean they’ve always made very meaningful music and i kinda disagree i think a lot of their past songs are serious and talk about similar feelings, the sound is definitely new but the song - lyric wise - is very all time low. idk like coming up with theories is fun but i think at the same time, for me personally, talking about alex’s life and his and lisa’s relationship like we know anything is kinda strange because we really don’t tbh ((which i think is a good thing, as long as they’re happy then i’m glad, they have every right to be as private as they want - same goes for all the guys)) 

Moving On (Bucky x Reader)

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2,705 (i got carried away. again)
Warnings: angst, cheating, swearing (?)
Author’s Note: Since a couple of you requested for a part 2 for You Didn’t Love Her, I finally wrote it. I don’t think I truly like it tbh but hope some of you do. anyway, enjoy. :) 

Part 1: You Didn’t Love Her

“Letting go is the easy part. It’s the moving on that’s painful. So sometimes we fight it, trying to keep things the same. Things can’t stay the same though. At some point you just have to let go, move on. Because no matter how painful it is, it’s the only way we grow.”

-Meredith Grey-

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I don’t think my opinion if an ethnic group should be considered poc or what country is located in whatever part, even matters tbh. I know that this blog pertains to race and ethnicity but the sole reason why this blog even exists is to post woc celebrities from the past. While these discussions are extremely important to have, the only reason why I started this blog is because there’s a serious lack of woc represented in other vintage blogs. Unfortunately, I can’t post every woc out there because a.) there’s no access to their works/images, b.) they are not in the entertainment industry/fashion industry, or c.) they sadly don’t exist. I think that asking me if I consider so and so poc is completely irrelevant because my blog isn’t for that. I’m just here to post content and go. There are actual blogs out there who are geared towards identity and ethnicity, who would 100% help you find out and guide you to a better answer than I ever would. I really tried to help before or at least give my best explanation but the only thing I’m really good at is stuff having to do with vintage woc, and hey what do you know, that’s the name of my blog!


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Thank you for not being an aphobe. I feel like hating ace people is becoming the new "edgy" activist thing to do and I'm honestly very relieved when social justice blogs I follow don't buy into it

I’m sorry you have to deal with that! You are just as valid as everyone else in the LBGT+ community and tbh a lot of people in the community just need to shut the fuck up. Like I have a friend whose a gold star lesbian and she constantly shits on me and other people who don’t fall into that category. We got into a screaming match this weekend because she said only gold star gays should be allowed in the gay community. I abut busted her mouth because she was standing in front of me and friend who are BOTH on different spectrum’s in the LGBT+ saying we don’t matter. TBH I don’t think I want to be her friend anymore. Anyways keep your chin up and know your valid and an important part of the community!
-Mod Mariah

BTW Everyday feminism has some GREAT self love articles and articles to educate people the Ace community.

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I feel like the point is no matter how knowledgeable you are about astrology you have no right to criticize other blogs it's so??? unasked for?? like just post whatever you know about and that's it. if you're only here for "advanced" knowledge then follow blogs that suit you and leave the others alone. I feel like it's a way to brag about what they know and tbh no one gives a fuck how much "false" info bugs them.

I agree with this completely. You’ll always have those kinds of people though, it doesn’t matter what community you are part of (whether it’s online or in person), there’s always going to be those people who want to feel like they’re above the rest. Even if they do not admit it or even if they are self-unaware of the way they are coming across, that’s the reality when you have groups coming together to share their perspectives. And they do criticize others to show that they know more than other people, it’s sad more than anything. Even if astrology IS your #1 passion, there is just no need to be an asshole. Astrology is not a science, it is sort of like a faith and it’s just made up of beliefs. That is why you have so many interpretations, that is why you will hear different things from different astrologers, there is no right or wrong (to me). “There is no truth. Only points of view.”

Let the pretentious bloggers be as they are though. The realizations will need to come from within.

  • Mikey: The other day April came in and was like, "Alright I'm doing a supply run if anyone needs anything."
  • Donnie: It was a pretty funny run in general 'cause she goes to Raph and he's like, "Vodka".
  • Donnie: Then Leo's like, "Paper towels." And I go, "Leo we have paper towels right there." And he goes, "It doesn't matter, we always need more paper towels." He's such a fucking dad.
  • Mikey: And then Casey said vodka.
  • Donnie: And then I went, "Vodka," and she goes, "Yeah, I got Raph's." I'm like "Another vodka!"
  • Mikey: And then it went to me and I'm like, "Cheese... in a can."

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2, 3, 15 and 16! <3

2. Who is your favorite person in the world?

oo boi on tumblr @fangirling-saved-me or you <3

3. Whats your favorite part of your body?

tbh the only thing i like on body are my eyes so ye

15. What’s the best pun you’ve ever heard?

im a science nerd so probably “i had to make these bad chemistry jokes because all the good one Argon” 

16. What song always makes you happy no matter what?

Out Alive or Dreamer by Ghost Town

thank you for the ask! <3

Send me a number and two characters - get a drabble.

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Pairing: Sam x Josh (Until Dawn)

A/N: THIS. IS SO RIDICULOUS I’M SORRY THE PROMPT GOT AWAY FROM ME. I regret writing this tbh but Imma post it anyway. Imma post it anyway.

74. Are You Challenging Me?

If you asked Sam how it all started, she’d say it was when Josh glued her flip flops to the ground at the swimming pool. She tried stepping into them only to land almost flat on her face. Josh insisted he was just accepting the challenge that Sam issued when she came over for a sleepover and saran-wrapped his toilet. Sam claimed that she had no part in it—it was all Beth.

Regardless, what mattered was that the two were now involved in an all-out pranking war and no one was safe.

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kabby week | day three: favourite quote

“No matter who wears the pin, we’re in this together”


This is probably my longest video in years, but I blame the wine tbh

Side-note: Y’al can definitely trace my relationship history online - from my very first boyfriend in 2009 lol. Like someone on twitter put it, ‘I love how Yagazie broadcasts every boyfriend she has not caring what anyone thinks.. She’s just living her life like it’s golden outchea.’

Because tbh, I really don’t have the brain span to post only pictures of boyfriends I’m ‘secure’ of. Imma post alll 'em through all my life phases. What matters is that I work on being secure with MYSELF.  Side-boys, boyfriends and eventually husband(s?) all going up. So you post of a picture of you and your boo today and break up tomorrow. And so what? Baby, live your life and share your happiness. 

I LIKE sharing the good parts of my life on social media. Some people like to keep their personal life private, good for 'em. So do I, but a picture isn’t giving much insight to my personal life tbh. Comings and goings of relationships are part of life. Accept that. Now live that.

I took some self-indulgent selfies the other day because I felt pretty but tbh this is the only one I think looks good. I haven’t come out officially yet but some of my friends know. It’s been a weird trip consolidating my feelings because I’ve also just recently accepted my gender fluidity after being raised adamantly cis male in a Christian household…bottom line, don’t worry about not understanding yourself. What matters is that you be what makes you happy. It’s OK if what that is changes! That’s part of growing up. Roll with the punches.

Now I heard something about a free panda and IHOP gift card?


I’ve been wanting to get involved with AFAD since I found out about it. However, I was worried that I might my be accepted because I might not be “Asian enough”. I was worried people might think I was some kind of fake trying to invade their safe place. But I’m not worried anymore because I know who I am and it shouldn’t matter what anyone else things.

I’m TK and I’m Thai and African American. I’ve struggled with my identity for so long (not just do racially but in every aspect). Which side do I identify with? Well tbh for a while I identify with only my Thai side, putting tons of emphasis on it because I thought people might like me more. But now, I know that I am both black and Thai and there’s nothing I can do to change how people think of me. I think the hardest part about being Thai is not know much about my family in Thailand because my grandma has tried so hard to assimilate and doesn’t speak much about Thailand or who she is. I just found out maybe a year ago where she was born and her last name! It’s crazy. One day I want to visit Thailand with my grandma and meet my family there and learn more about our family. :)