the only part of this movie i liked


Am I the only one who liked the movie better? There were definitely good parts to the Netflix series; I liked how they incorporated VFD a lot more than the movie and how they tied in the Quagmire triplet’s parents. However Jim Carrey is a way better actor in my opinion, he’s also funnier than NPH (i know ASOUE isn’t a comedy but there are funny bits in the movie and Netflix series). Also idk how I felt about the actors that played Violet and Klaus they weren’t very convincing and they felt a little stiff. I’m still glad they made the series though, I hope they continue making seasons to finish out the whole book series and I hope they get better as they go on.

[TRANS] BTS - GQ Korea December 2016 Issue

For the photoshoot, we opened the heavy iron door to a practice room with sneakers piled up on the floor. V hummed as he flung open the door, and Jungkook gently followed after. The tall Rap Monster walked in looking like he was wobbling, along with the rest of the members. Like that, they started to liven up the practice room.

It only took them 5 seconds to look at the shot list. After making a considering expression for 2 seconds, the members started to pose as if they were dancing to the beat of the camera shutter that went off every 0.5 second. When handed one rose for each, they held and posed with the rose in their own individual style.

After a photoshoot with no time to breath, the members had to leave for ‘2016 Asia Artist Awards’ Red Carpet. Right when the last shutter sound ended, they hurriedly greeted everyone and carefully left after the staffs had fixed their styling. V suddenly came back and quietly asked, “The roses are pretty, do you mind if I take one?”

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okay but rick riordan’s books 

  • basically mythology lessons 
  • racial diversity
  • LGBT+ awareness
  • show that stuff like ADHD and dyslexia don’t have to be problems
  • easy to read without being boring for more advanced readers
  • good humour
  • the movies aren’t a big part of their success
  • no swearing/implicit themes
  • well-developed characters
  • not only a series but multiple series
  • show you that anyone can be a hero

why would you not want your child to read these books I don’t understand

I can’t believe some folks are getting up in arms about Rogue One having de-canonised Kyle Katarn as the guy who stole the Death Star plans. Like, folks, not only are we talking about a story element established in a mid 1990s first person shooter, it isn’t even an important part of Katarn’s story. Stealing the Death Star plans is the freaking tutorial mission.


for the past few years I’ve been looking for the weirdest animations I could find on youtube, 2d and 3d. while I’ve found a lot of strange and interesting uploads, this one takes the cake by far. it’s a 1 hour 30 minute movie called FROGGY 2000, which is split into 7 parts (this is part 5). at first I thought it was someone dubbing gibberish over an 80′s TV cartoon with the framerate lowered, but this person hand animated everything. once they started singing “the froggy song” 1 minute in I was in total shock. I could barely comprehend the audio, and the music sounded like a Throbbing Gristle track.  FROGGY 2000 even has 2 sequels, A FROGGY ODYSSEY 2001 and FROGGY REVELATION, both being an hour and a half. a very bizarre and buried video at only 40 views, FROGGY 2000 has been the largest source of bewilderment of any youtube video I’ve ever seen


Kate McKinnon in Life Partners (2014). I absolutely love this movie, I mean come on it has so many lesbians, plus Leighton Meester is so freaking adorable! I don’t even care that Kate was only in it for like three seconds, I loved every single part of that scene which is why I felt I needed to make gifs of it. So yeah.. here you go. 

…how many…how many alpha and omega movies are there…..

One of the things I like about Rick and Morty- particularly about Rick, is the stuttering.

I know, i know, a lot of its because the show is improvised, they didn’t put it in on purpose, but still!

I like that Rick has a stutter.

I has a stutter and it’s hard for me to talk through it sometimes. And people do stutter every now and then in typical conversation. But in movies, books, and other media, all the lines are delivered perfectly, unless stuttering is necessary for that character. And usually, when a character has a stutter, that’s all that character is, their stutter.

(Looking at that one guy from Harry Potter)

Rick has a stutter, but it’s a part of his character, it’s not the only thing he is.

(whoops i accidentally deleted this ask straight after i posted it so HERE WE GO AGAIN)

do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

The greatest part about my dad liking anime

So this year I found out my dad is really really into anime. 

Which was really cool cause I had been out of the anime loop for a long time and was looking for some recommendations.

Now my dad is a WWII history buff who likes war movies and plays World of Tanks and is an ex cop and ex military type who also is the only reason I watched He-Man and Johnny Quest growing up.

So I figured he’d be into the big action anime.


My dad’s taste in anime is almost entirely adorable.

-Sweetness and Lightening

-Squid Girl



-Poco’s Udon World

-Yuri on Ice 

When questioned why he likes these my dad said “Because they are cute and happy and cheer me up! I like it better then the dark and serious ones with all the blood and stuff. That’s not as much fun.”

Also! My dad looks for characters now that blur gender lines so that he can recommend shows that have characters that appeal to Kiddo more.

Like he specifically suggested Log Horizon because of Tetra who yes my Kiddo loves (Kiddo has been known to pose like Tetra and even go “Ding!” when they throw a leg up behind them. It’s brilliant)

He did call Yuri on Ice “bromancy” but I replied with “Dad no. It’s gay as hell” and my dad replied with “Yeah and the story is brilliant! And the ANIMATION! SO GOOD!” 

That’s when I remembered that figure skating was pretty much the only Olympic sport that was watched in my house growing up and that my dad took my coming out in stride and also that he’d always not been phased at all by my gay friends and that he had actually once been a theatre major and had gay friends in the 70′s  so yeah he wouldn’t be put off by Yuri on Ice being gay.

tl:dr Basically my dad is a bigger anime fan than I am and prefers to watch all the very cute adorable anime’s rather then the action ones.

Honestly Mulan and Disney’s treatment to of that character is so fascinating to me bc like to me it’s like 2 separate Disneys

there’s the Disney that made and distributed a movie for kids that encouraged them to not let their full potential go to waste by worrying about what makes others happy or comfortable, or underestimate themselves or others

aaaaaand then there’s the Disney that only sells the image of Mulan in her matchmaker outfit. The outfit that represented how impossibly hard it was for her to conform to expectations that others forced on her.

Like, even little kids understand “this is the outfit she wore when she was the most sad” Tbh it made no sense to me as a kid I was like “Why did they make THIS the doll and why is she suddenly so content in this outfit now?”

Female Korean-American Teenager

Hi, I’m Caroline, and as the title states, I’m a female Korean-American teen currently living in a town that’s 80% white. The majority of East Asians living here are Japanese, and over the years, there have been a few sprinklings of new Korean or Chinese families moving in. For the most part, however, my family was the only Korean family in town when we first came here. This heavily impacted my childhood - made me ashamed of my culture and ethnicity - and of course, the racism that I constantly faced from classmates, parents, teachers, and sometimes even friends, was exhausting. 

It means so much to me to see Korean-American characters - or any person of color, really - be represented in today’s books, TV shows, movies, etc. For once, I’d like to see fully-fleshed out, complex characters who are people of color - not just the 2D stereotypes that too many forms of media put them out to be. So if a few more writers out there become less ignorant due to this post, I’ll be forever grateful. 

So. Let’s do this thing!

Beauty Standards 

Most East Asians represented in today’s media have extremely straight, practically black hair. And while it’s true that straight, black hair is the most common trait regarding hair amongst Koreans, there are (*gasp*) a few of us with curly hair, too. (Moi.) To the Koreans I knew, anyways, my hair was always an object of envy. I’d frequently be asked if I got the perm, and whenever I said I had naturally curly hair, there’d be a lot of “oh, how lucky"s going around. That made me feel pretty special, only it’d last for a short while before the reality of living in a mostly-white neighborhood kicked in, where my curly hair was usually made fun of. (Usually saying that Asians don’t have curly hair. Whatever. On the whole scale of racist comments I’ve been sent, the one about my hair is the least bothersome. When I was a kid, it bothered me a lot, though, and I think to some extent, it still bothers me at least a teeny bit - I actually started to straighten my hair when I went into eighth grade. Yup, give me the Hypocrite of the Year Award. I still need some adjustments.) 

Amongst Koreans, there’s also a lot of emphasis on having a small face, long and skinny legs, a fairly short torso…essentially, Koreans thrive for the typical European figure. Koreans, however, have pretty round faces, short and stalky legs, and long torsos for the most part. (With the exception of a few - and of course, the option for plastic surgery is always out there. I shit you not, almost every Korean woman I know have at least either (a) known someone who went through plastic surgery or (b) have been in plastic surgery myself. It’s a big deal in South Korea. My grandma had surgery done to her eyes twice, my mom’s friend had surgery done to her nose and her eyes, and my aunt’s brother is actually a plastic surgeon who does operations a number of times a day.) 


Growing up, I wore the typical American clothing - except for on special occasions, like my first birthday or New Year’s. On those days, I’d wear a hanbok, which is a traditional Korean gown with lots of colors and embroidery. The men would wear traditional clothing as well, and it’s customary for Koreans to wear these especially on New Year’s. Now, since my brothers and I have outgrown our hanboks, we just stick to American clothes on New Year’s. 

Daily Struggles 

Though I tell all my white friends and classmates that my first language is English, my first language was actually Korean. I don’t say that my first language is Korean anymore because firstly, I don’t want people to think of me as someone who only speaks Korean and secondly, I don’t know how to speak Korean anymore. It’s sad, really, because I can understand Korean much better than my siblings and my cousins, and there are moments when I can almost remember a phrase, but as of now, speaking the language is an extreme difficulty and embarrassment to me, especially when I’m surrounded by elders. (And usually, the only things I can say to them are ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’.) It’s frustrating to speak to older Koreans and know exactly what they’re saying but only being able to respond in English. 

That being said, growing up, I often had to translate - more specifically, re-translate - for my mother, who didn’t know English at all when I was a child. She used to feel incredibly lonely for it, and often times, she’d feel frustrated and cry about how all of the white mothers acted like she was an idiot for not knowing English. As an extreme social butterfly, this really hurt my mother, and it hurt her even more when her own children were starting to distance themselves because of the language barrier. I remember having to sit with my mother on the couch and help her learn English - and it was, to be honest, one of the saddest experiences I’ve ever had to go through. She’d grow frustrated with herself, and she’d hate every bit of it, I could tell, but she kept going because she wanted to be there for her kids. (She eventually got her American citizenship, too, but by doing so, she had to give up her Korean citizenship. Most East Asian countries don’t allow dual citizenships.) And though I don’t speak Korean anymore, I actually continue to re-translate things for my mother - in other words, I just have to simplify the English a little bit to get her to understand what someone else is saying. (This method works for anyone else who is struggling with English. Simplify the words, that’s all - but don’t treat the person with disrespect.) 

And, of course, there’s the very exhausting series of questions that come with being Korean. The most annoying and frustrating are (but not limited to) - 

  • “Oh, so are you South Korean or North Korean?” (Bruh. If I was North Korean, there’s a VERY slim chance I’d be in America right now. I’d still be stuck in North Korea, wouldn’t I?) 
  • “But what’s your nationality?” (American.) “No, I mean your REAL nationality.“ 
  • “What are you? Japanese? Chinese? Vietnamese?” (For some reason, NO ONE GUESSES KOREAN.) 
  • “Wow, your English is great!” (???) 
  • “English is your best subject? Wait, then what about math?” (…) 
  • “I bet you’re super smart!” (…I study hard, yeah, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m Korean.) 
  • “Oh, my God, Koreans are SO hot.” (Ew. Times a thousand.) 

Dating and Relationships 

My parents are pretty strict about my nonexistent love life. If my dad had it his way, I wouldn’t be allowed to date until I’m out of college. But for real talk, my mom’s actually the one who’s much pickier on who I date. She told me since I was a kid that it’d be best for me to date (and marry) another Korean-American. She means this out of the goodness of her heart - mostly that she wants me to marry someone who I can connect with culturally. (“Regular Koreans will be too grounded into Korea. You need someone with similar experiences.”) My dad just doesn’t want me to date anyone Japanese - and while I find this wrong, it’s mostly due to the bad blood between Korea and Japan. (World War II, the Korean War, comfort women, etc.) 

And because of this prejudice against Japanese people, my dad always found it difficult to accept that I had a few Japanese friends. He often wanted me to stray away from other Eastern-Asians in general, American or not. (Unless, of course, it was for dating/marrying.) This was because he didn’t want me to become a part of “THAT Asian group”, which, let me just say, is pretty sad, because when there’s a group of white kids hanging around, no one finds it strange. When there’s a big group of x friends of x race, it’s suddenly SUCH an odd sight. 


This is where I try to restrain myself for real. 

The most common foods you’ll find at a Korean dinner table are rice, kimchi (which is basically spicy pickled cabbage - lots of Koreans eat it, but I personally never did. And I still don’t. Oops), kim (pronounced keem - basically roasted and dried, slightly salted seaweed strips. Which are really good), along with a number of side-dishes and maybe one big, main dish. (Mostly meat.) 

Favorite Korean dishes include

  • seolleongtang, a lightly salted broth with oxtail meat, or sometimes some other kind of meat. There’s usually a sprinkling of scallions, and rice or noodles can be served inside. 
  • kalbi, the famous Korean BBQ. Just imagine meat being prepared directly in front of you served with veggies. Delicious, but be warned - your burps will stink - and I mean stink - afterwards. Its variant, kalbi jim, are slow-cooked short ribs served often with Korean-style steamed potatoes and carrots. Just as good. 
  • tangsuyuk, sweet and sour (mostly sweet, I think, anyways,) pork. The pork is covered with a batter that is fried and then typically dunked in sweet sauce. Some people like to have the sauce on the side so they can dip it in - and still save the crunch. It’s a personal preference. 
  • buchimgae, otherwise known as Kimchi Pancakes. Korean pancakes are not your typical breakfast pancakes. They’re made in a pan, like regular breakfast pancakes, but inside, there’s an assortment of seafood, veggies, and in this version, kimchi. (There are spicy and non-spicy versions). 
  • tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes. Very chewy and again, pretty spicy. 

Favorite Korean sweets/desserts/snacks include 

  • tteok, sweet rice cakes. There are many different kinds of rice cake, usually with flavors of classical red bean or green tea. The favorite of many children is the classical rainbow tteok, where the rice cakes are dyed with strips of green, pink, and yellow. The flavor of plain tteok is actually not too sweet, but it’s still a very classic, very traditional and cultural Korean dessert that cannot be skipped over. 
  • yakbap, a very special type of sweet rice cake all on its own. This is a favorite amongst many, and the rice is prepared in a way that it’s sticky and brown. Pine nuts, chestnuts, and jujubes as well as raisins are mixed in. 
  • patbingsu, a frozen dessert. Think of an evolved form of shave ice with toppings like red bean paste, nuts, and fruit. Extremely popular in South Korea, not to mention one of its most iconic desserts. 
  • saeoosnek, shrimp-flavored crackers. Again, a very popular snack that’s exactly what it sounds like. Crackers. With. Shrimp. Flavoring. 
  • choco pie, a popular chocolate-marshmallow cake that looks similar to America’s moon pie. Extremely popular amongst children. 


In my family, we never celebrated the direct Korean celebrations, but we always celebrated the Korean New Year the traditional way. Again, usually dressed in hanbok, children (and parents) would bow down to the oldest members of the family and pay their respects with a traditional phrase. They also have to perform a special bow three times while saying this phrase. (There are two different bows - one for men, one for women.) Once doing so, the elder usually gives a blessing to the family members and presents them with an envelope of money, very similar to the traditional Chinese red envelope they receive on their New Year’s celebration. 

Another traditional Korean celebration my family - and many other Korean families, I’m sure - celebrate is the 100 Days birthday. 

A brief history lesson - back when Korea was suffering due to the economy failing, it was a rare occurrence to ever see a child live past one hundred days. Once one hundred days had passed, then the family would rejoice and throw a large celebration, inviting friends, extended family members. There’d be lots of food and laughter and different rituals all dedicated to the child. Now, of course, Korea’s economic situation is not the same as it was back then, but we still hold these celebrations for tradition and cultural reasons. 

One of the most important rituals in the 100 Days birthday is sitting the baby down in front of a variety of items - usually a coin, a pen, a length of twine, a book, food, and sometimes other variants of those items. If the child picks up a coin, then it is to be predicted that this child will live a wealthy life. If the child picks up a pen or a book, then it is to be predicted that this child will grow to become a scholar. If the child picks up food, then it is to be predicted that this child will never go hungry. If the child picks up the length of twine (or sometimes string or a spool of thread), then it is to be predicted that this child will live a long life. Some families believe in this, others don’t, but either way, this ritual is performed because hey, tradition! (And besides, it makes for pretty cute pictures.) 

Home/Family Life 

Korean families and Korean home-life, I feel, will always have a different atmosphere from white families. Most Korean parents are very reserved when it comes to public displays of affection for their children, though like all families, this can vary. Independence and learning how to grow an outer shell is very important to the Korean lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that Korean parents don’t love their children - of course they do, and again, all Korean families work differently. However, this pattern and discipline is a common thing to find in most Korean families. 

There’s a certain emphasis on studying - and no, not all Korean parents are super strict about grades and threaten to beat their children if they get a B on a report card. (At least, my parents didn’t.) However, education is still considered a top priority. Studying is encouraged, and most Korean parents want to see their children secure a good job (ie doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc). Most of the time, Korean parents just want to see their children live a secured life. That’s it. At least, with my parents, everything they ever taught me or told me had something to do with me learning to survive when I become older. I used to resent this when I was a kid, but now that I’ve grown more mature, I actually find myself appreciating everything my parents have ever taught me. 

Another note - when a Korean woman marries, she is cut off from her birth family and is considered to only be a part of her husband’s family. This limits her visits to her own birth family - and though this was a common thing before, I believe many Korean families don’t operate the same way anymore. (Some traditions last longer than others.) 

Elders are respected. Period. Even if s/he’s getting on your nerves, you ALWAYS RESPECT THE ELDERS. 

Shoes are taken off before entering a house. No exceptions to this rule. If you wanna impress your Korean friend, take off your damn shoes. This will be appreciated. 

Things I’d like to see less of. 

  • people thinking that “all Koreans get hot when they’re older”. (FETISHIZATION IS A BIG NO-NO.)
  • Koreans being seen as submissive and docile creatures. (Note how I said creatures and not humans. Because that’s how some people treat Koreans and other East Asians. Like we’re creatures, rather than actual human beings.) 
  • Koreans being seen as kickass ninjas. (It’s either docile creatures or kickass ninjas. There’s never a line between the two, and it’s exhausting.) 
  • “Koreans are so romantic!” (Sorry, that’s the K-drama binge talking. If anything, Koreans are pretty reserved when it comes to PDA and again, affection in general. Of course, I can’t speak for all Koreans, but at least with my family, PDA was always kept to a minimum. Usually a quick peck on the lips, kisses on the cheek, hand-holding, etc. Never an actual full kiss in public. Forget about make-out sessions.) 
  • Stone-cold Koreans. (Again, there’s either the romantic Korean or the Terminator Korean. Never an in-between. Yes, keep in mind that due to cultural reasons, Koreans don’t typically display affection. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE DON’T DISPLAY EMOTIONS.) 
  • Straight-A Koreans. Typically good at math and science. (While yes, many East Asian countries and families put emphasis on these subjects, not all Koreans happen to be extreme nerds who cry at a B on a report card. Example A - I happen to stink at math. And I know many other Asian-Americans who also stink at math. So.) 
  • Assuming Korean parents are abusive. (While there are many abusive Korean parents out there, people need to stop assuming that right off the bat. Stop. It’s extremely disrespectful, not to mention just wrong?!) 

Things i’d like to see more of. 

  • complex, well-rounded Korean characters. (Give me a Korean character who hates math but still tries to do well in class. Give me a Korean character who’s bisexual and surrounded by loving family members. Give me a Korean character who likes roller-skating and getting high in the bathroom stalls and sings Jackson 5 all day. Give me a Korean character who goes out to be homecoming queen and buffs her nails while fighting demons. Give me a Korean character who cries, laughs, talks, breathes, LIVES like an actual human being, and you’ll get the respect of hundreds - maybe thousands - of readers and viewers who’ve been waiting for so long to be properly represented.) 

piperhop  asked:

Have you seen La La Land???

I have and it’s genuinely my new favourite film. There were a few scenes where I felt like I was watching my own life as an actress! Going to cattle calls for parts you know you’re not right for in a room with 12 other girls who look exactly the same as you only to go in and be asked to leave before you’ve even taken breath!!! 

It’s a funny, honest, inspiring movie with that old school Hollywood feel! <3 


Ripping on Tucker

So it’s time to talk about Tucker, who I hate. Tucker for me is the worst part of Danny Phantom, because he’s the only part that’s unsalvageable. Every other bad element of this show can be repaired or improved or framed in a way that makes it successful while remaining recognizable. Tucker not so much.

So lets start talking about him from a character angle. Tucker is the comedic best friend and hacker of the team who tends to go power mad every time he gets the leg up on somebody and has a deep love of meat. That’s pretty much it for him. Tucker is a bit of a shallow character in terms of depth. With the exception of the popular kids he might be the most two dimensional member of the cast. In a lot of ways tucker is more an amalgamation of traits unrelated than a fully formed character. His definitive love of meat exists only to counter Sams vegetarianism. His comedy is mostly situational rather than character centric leading it to seem less genuine and more forgettable than we find in Sam and Danny, giving him the appearance of being more functionally funny for the sake of the show rather than being genuinely amusing. His friendship with Danny exists and we are constantly told how close they are, but the pair get few quality scenes and little real development the way we see with Sam and Danny. He’s a hacker and computer nut, but the constant contrivances to keep this element of his character used makes it seem less like he’s contributing to the group and more like the writers are struggling to shoehorn in opportunities for Tucker to be relevant. In terms of being a character, Tuckers biggest problem isn’t that he comes across as a forced ill defined third party member, it’s that everything that defines him could go to someone else. Danny could have had Tuckers love of meat. Sam could have been a hacker cybergoth (she’d have loved the ascetic). Because Tuckers jokes are never rooted in his character, every funny thing he says could be said by another character. Sam is already a better best friend than Tucker. Tucker is a completely removable element from the show.

Tucker doesn’t look any better from a narrative angle either. See Tucker falls into the same sort of character role that we see in countless other fictional best friends. Characters like Jimmy Olsen, Ron Weasley, and John Watson all exist in the same role as Tucker Foley. They are all the best friend that keeps the world and the lead character grounded by maintaining a realistic little man point of view amid all the fantasy. Tucker would be great for that if not for three things; he never takes things seriously enough to act as a grounding agent, Tucker is always the one that needs to be grounded instead of Danny, and Sam already fills this role perfectly. At the end of the day, Tucker is redundant and I have to wonder why he was included at all. There’s the obvious Robin principal were if Danny is off doing something Sam would need someone to talk to, but that’s a reason to include a third character rather than a reason for this third character.

So how do you fix Tucker? With how few characteristics he has, it’s hard to adjust him into something effective, worth including, and recognizable as Tucker. One option is to play up the fact that Tucker is something Danny has to keep fixing. Transform him into a sort of Patrick Star or Gilligan type character. This is incredibly risky and more often than not this character type becomes infuriating to the audience before it becomes rewarding. That’s not saying it can’t be done well. Soos of Gravity Falls is an amazing example of this trope going over well. Still I’m not sure it’s the best option. Personally my move would be replacing Tucker with Dash. The popular jock would give us a viewpoint on the world radically different from Danny or Sams. His physical power is something we don’t currently have on the ground team. His character is a stereotype but it’s well defined and lends itself to some worthwhile character based humor and unique personal dynamics with the other main cast members. His potential to grow and develop his own character arch is instantly apparent. You could even make him black without anything being lost in his character so the groups racial diversity isn’t thrown off. Dash really is a perfect solution to the Tucker problem

The reason I write these is because I love this show. I see such an incredible potential in Danny Phantom to change children’s television, but the show is constantly held back by amateurish creative decisions. Elements like Tucker don’t add anything to the world and don’t open enough opportunities for story telling to justify the time taken from other characters for him to be included. At the end of the day, Tucker is just a careless costly addition to a show that will always be better than him.

yoongi // scary movie

- him being emotionless as always 

- making a face and flinching every time someone screams “aiiish, it’s giving me a headache”

- you cuddling up to him bc its kinda scary and this being the only reason why he hasn’t turned off the movie yet

- grabbing your head and covering your eyes during the scary parts “yoongi, i’m not 5″ “yeah but that was too bloody for your pure eyes” 

- telling him how scary it was and how u wont be able to sleep at night “it was just a movie, y/n” “iT WAS SCARY” 

- later bumping into him in the hall late at night when going to the restroom and him screeching “IM NOT SCARED” “YOONGI” “YOU SURPRISED ME” “WHY ARE YOU HOLDING THE LAMP LIKE THAT” 

That Awkward Moment When He Says, “You’re So Sweet,” and All I Can Think Is: “Nah, Man. I’m a Velociraptor.”

Velociraptors and I have faces for the movies.

We have learned how to open doors: We scrape talons

across the knob, sneak out middle of the night

leave fading indent in the bed.

He calls asking where I am;

I’m in your blind spot.

I’m watching heat radiate off you

as you stumble through the woods. I am attracted 

to movement, meaning I only chase something 

when it runs. Like a velociraptor, 

I will not text you back.

He kisses me like he doesn’t even know I have teeth,

like I don’t mouth his neck carotid and catastrophe.

He thinks the parts of him I’ve swallowed are pieces

he’ll get to keep. When he looks into my eyes, I try to seem

like a warmblooded girl, but I am a fucking velociraptor;

I trace my lineage back to birds.

He doesn’t understand how I can be so lizard-distant,

why I don’t want to kiss him outside the restaurant;

chalk it up to Cretaceous differences.

Squishy mammal boy, I don’t hunt in packs;

I have hooks for hands and very limited patience for bouquets.

If you wander into my woods,

don’t be startled when you call and I don’t answer.

Check your periph; don’t ignore that rustling.

You might have time for one last “clever girl”

before you die.


“You can dress up like Tron all you want, but he’s still dead.”
                                 “That’s what they tell us.”

Tron Uprising - 1x01 Beck’s Beginning

#02 Broken Codes (Part 1)

[NEW LONG IMAGINE haha, this one i’m planning to do it like 5 parts long, but we’ll see. this one is going to be Goood. enjoy!]

the day one of golden girl codes was broken still kept rewinding on my head like a movie. 

“i am dating someone” 

that little phrase came out hard, not only for the big surprise it brought to me but also for the particular person that the “Someone” included. it wasn’t too much of a surprise because for a lot of time i knew they spent a lot of time together, but i never actually thought that it could lead to a real relationship.

“That’s awesome” i say sounding excited for my long time best friend “Who’s the lucky one?”

i was holding all of my hopes close to my chest, hoping to not hear the name that i was actually expecting to hear, and trying to feel as happy as i should be for my best friend. this was to much to handle over a phone call, and i didn’t know how to exactly react to it.

“Is Michael! do you remember him? Crazy hair boy?” she says giggling. 

my heart drops and i wanna break on a very big bitch fit, but i control myself “Yeah, of course i remember him” i say blankly. “i’m so happy for you” Lie. “i can’t wait to meet him” Bigger lie. 

“oh you will, sooner than you think actually” she says, i can detect something in her voice. 

“What are you saying Crystal?” i chuckle nervously, not understanding much of what she tried to say. 

she chuckles after me and throws the big news “Well, Since he and his band mates are going on a holiday and all of them are bringing their girlfriends, he invited me (of course) and because i am a really good friend and i love you very much, i asked them if you could come with me, and they said yes!” she cheers on the other line of the phone call. but this was just too much to process. 

“What?” i mumble, being shook for all of these situations. “Where? oh my goodness, Crys, i can’t afford a trip right now” 

“i know dummy, you don’t have to worry about it” she says showing so breezy about all of this “i am paying for you, you don’t have to thank me, i want you to be there”

No fucking way. “Wow, Crystal, i don’t even know what to say” i chuckle nervously “Thank you so much” 

“Babe, you deserve it, i can’t imagine how much you must be suffering in college” she says “i will send you all the details later, Prepare yourself” 

i try to force a smile, like she was confronting me, but i can’t. i don’t want to be a bitch about this, but i still couldn’t process it correctly. 

“We’re going to Mexico!” she celebrates on the phone before hanging up the call leaving me breathless and empty. 

Ever since i saw Michael for the first time, i knew i liked him, he was right there with his leather jacket, killer smile, gorgeous eyes and ruffled hair, i couldn’t take my eyes off him. I didn’t had the courage to go and talk to him, but as always, Crystal did and ever since that moment they always talked now and then around the study. At least when i last visited California, Now was definitely different.  

i am not mad at her for dating the guy i wanted. She has always been the pretty one in our duo, while i was just the one that i guy would see and probably say: “Ehhhh She’s not that bad tho”. i guess that explains all.

She did know though, i think i made myself clear enough when i confessed i liked him that night in LA when we were drinking and recalling various memories from the past, She cheered at me for it, and teased me a lot about it for the next couple of days before i came back to Michigan for College. Even though i never introduced myself to him, or even talked in a casual conversation, i knew for sure that i liked him, his personality, his smile, those eyes. I wanted him for me, but now i guess that’s a no no. He seemed impossible for me anyways. 

Days passed and after that horrible news (to me) we’re given, it was time to leave College for the holidays (Yay?). My suitcase was filled in no time, and before i knew it i was already boarding a plane that will lead me to Mexico. it was the longest fly i’ve ever taken, i felt tired, hungry and frustrated, i was excited to finally see my best friend after so much time of not seeing her, but i still was pretty nervous and mad since i was about to meet the boy i liked, who is now dating my best friend. Fuck me. 

As soon as the plane landed i could already feel the regret of coming in my veins, i was trying to forget about it and enjoy the fact that for the first time, i am out of the United States, my best friend is going to be with me and we were about to have the best two weeks of our lives, but, why does it not feel that way?. 

i get out of the plane and pick up my suitcase. Crystal’s plane landed a couple of minutes earlier than mine, so there was a high possibility that her and her other friends were all ready to go to the hotel. i roll my suitcase through the large hallway full of people, feeling small and lost by just watching all of those people walking around the place. i walk over to the exit of the airport, trying to search a spot where i could possibly find the group, but to be honest i didn’t even know for sure who the hell i was looking. 

“Thanks god! (Y/n)!” I hear someone call my name by my side and i turn that way intermediately. 

My best friend is running to me with the biggest smile on her face and exclaiming my name various times with excitement, before jumping to me and pulling me as close as she could to her in a hug. i smile too, it was weird not seeing her for so long after so much years of sharing everything together and being apart for nearly seven months, it felt good to finally give her a hug and feel her presence. 

“I missed you!” i say laughing and hugging her back. 

“I missed you too!” she says not getting away from our hug at any second “Wow, it’s so weird, i am really hugging you, you are right here” 

we hold each other for a good 30 seconds and then let go, she observes me from head to toe looking for any differences on me since the last time she saw me. “You’ve got taller” she points at me and smiles “nice” 

“and you..” i say, trying to look for anything different on her, but no, she is as stunning as she was the last time we meet “You look stunning, as always” i smile to her and hug her one more time “Oh god, i am so glad i’m here with you” 

“Me too” she says, chuckling. separating of our hug she looks at me and says “C’mon everyone is waiting for us over there” 

she doesn’t give me the time to say anything, she takes my hand, and while i carry my suitcase with my opposite hand she guides me along the big airport. 

“Did you all wait too long for me?” i ask, trying to not trip on my feet while walking, starting to feel my nerves increase. 

“Kind of, not that long” she explains looking around and trying to spot the group. “Some of the people that are with us already left to the hotel, so you’ll have to wait to meet them, you’ll love them though, i am so excited for you to meet them” 

i nod, stopping when she does, she lifts her head being disoriented for a minute before finally remembering the way we should go and continuing to guide me thought the busy airport. 

“i can’t wait for this to start, you’ll have so much fun, i swear” she says turning back to me and smiling at me shortly. “Oh! there they are!” 

We walk on a certain way, and i finally spot a small group of people standing there with they’re luggage on a big car and most likely waiting for me the entire time, i did recognize a couple of faces but that’s for sure that they did not know me. 

“Alright, i guess we are all ready to go” Crystal announces and all of them seem relief by hearing that, i am guessing they’re all tired from the flight. 

i smile to all of them, i feel my cheeks heating up out of the blue, i wasn’t the best when it comes to meeting people, i have my ways, but i was still way to shy for this. 

“Everyone, this is (Y/n)” she says, giving me a little push to the front to i was facing all of them directly. “This is Calum, Luke, Mitchy, Arzaylea Luke’s Girlfriend, Mariah you already know her, and…” she looks around. “Where’s Michael?” she asks curiously. 

“He said something about needing a coffee, i don’t know” Luke says basically falling asleep on his girlfriend’s shoulder, sounding too tired to even talk. 

“Hi” i say waving my hand at them and smiling shyly at them. “It’s so nice to meet you guys, em.. i am sure this will be a fun-” 

“There he is!” Crystal exclaims cutting me off and raising her hand and getting his attention. 

in matter of seconds he comes to where we are all standing. i feel my legs give a little shake but i hold myself on my luggage, controlling myself. He was standing right there, just a couple of steps away from me. Suddenly i remember one more time what’s the situation here, He is taken by none other than my best friend, no matter how i like him, i need to focus. 

“Hey” he says with his beautiful smiling and looking at my direction. “Here, i brought you some coffee” he says to Crystal. 

she smiles and takes the smoky coffee plastic cup from his hand, and giving him a quick peck on the lips and mumbling a quiet “Thanks Love” making me feel a little twitch on my insides. What was it? What is this strange feeling?. 

“Where’s my coffee?” Calum Says teasingly from his place, and raising his eyebrows. 

“Shut up” Michael chuckles and brings the cup to his lips, taking a sip of his own coffee. 

“So..” Crystal speaks “Mike, This is (Y/n) my best friend, the one i’ve told to you about so many times” 

he looks at me and chuckles probably noticing my red cheeks, and nervous look, how embarrassing. “Yeah! totally” he extends his hand at me  and i take it. “Nice to meet you” he says shaking hands. Wow this is really happening, Michael is talking to me. 

“Nice to meet you!” i smile before letting go of his hand. 

seems like everyone is all ready to go. they all start moving suddenly and i feel lost for a couple of seconds before i hear someone’s voice exclaim “Let’s leave people” and everyone seems happy about it, our holiday was finally going to start. Before i could even notice everyone was already walking before me except for Crystal and his now Boyfriend, who were still by my side holding hands. 

she touches my shoulder and before i could get going she says on my ear. 

“Hey” she murmurs to me, and i look back at her so she knew i was listening “This is going to be the best Holiday ever!” she cheers giving a little jump and making me smile softly.

oh sure. 

is going to be pretty interesting.