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So I just binge blogged a bunch of your AA content (which is top notch btw). A bunch of my friends are like: why don't you watch the Marvel movies? And I'm like: And see character assassination of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers? Heck no. I get my family dynamics with Superhusbands from the only accurate portrayal of the avengers, Avengers Assemble (part 1)

tbh sometimes I feel like an infomercial salesperson when I’m describing Avengers Assemble to others like:

me: tired of comic book writers trying too hard to be edgy and ruining your favorite characters? Ever find yourself shaking your fist at the manufactured conflicts and lack of representation in Marvel movies? Do you just want your babies to be happy? Then watch AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and get your fill of found family dynamics, ~the power of friendship~, and unabashed StoveTuba™ content—

friend: okay cool

me: BUT WAIT get this, AA also has MULTIPLE female Avengers and m u l t i p l e POC Avengers (who aren’t just sidelined into token sidekick roles??)and a Natasha Romanoff with consistent character development who isn’t reduced to a helpless female love interest—

friend: all right I get it—


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im so conflicted about dany and jon like... im dying cus gifsets of them everyones like either "they're related guys stop" or "they're related but.. ;)" lmao

i feel you anon! i actually didn’t ship them for the longest time after finding out about r+l=j. the only thing that got me back on the train was watching that azor ahai video by alt shift x haha (about them both being azor ahai/the prince that was promised and saving the world together, back before i read the books). tbh i understand that people are grossed out by the incest part (i don’t condone incest irl and i don’t think any jon and dany shippers do either). besides, that sort of incest isn’t really considered gross in westeros, ned’s parents were first cousins, as were jaime, cersei and tyrion’s. also, there were cases where two male starks married their nieces so… our own medieval history has many cases where royals married not so distant family members (it was actually encouraged to keep the royal bloodline), it’s only really siblings and parents with their children that was considered gross and a taboo during that time and in westeros. only the targaryens really got away with marrying brother and sister, and ironically both jon and dany are targaryens so… i think it’s okay to ship them (as long as you acknowledge that you don’t support incest irl), and besides, dany and jon don’t know they’re related. i think there’s something poetic about being the last two targaryens ever, and that they managed to find each other despite not knowing, plus their stories parallel each other so much as well. but if you don’t ship it because of the incest, that’s totally fine too, it’s definitely understandable. :)

Made a movie poster parody print ft. Genji (+ name cameos)!

Disclaimer: I’ve only watched the 2017 Power Rangers movie…

Run Away With Me - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,333

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Rock Wall Sex, Potential Spoilers from The Fever Code

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @dylan-trash-tbh I FINISHED YOUR THOMAS SIN IN ONE DAY. I hope you like it because I love you! 

On a side note, this is your ONLY WARNING. The first part of this is potentially spoilerish. It contains a bit of the happenings in the Fever Code. If you have not read the book and do not want to be slightly spoiled on this part, skip the italics at the beginning. The rest of the fic is centered around the second movie. 

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0 (YOUNG) (Feat. 노머시)
기리보이, 매드클라운, 주영, NO.MERCY (노머시) [Giriboy, Mad Clown, JooYoung, No.Mercy]
0 (YOUNG) (Feat. 노머시)

Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung -  0 (Young) (ft. No.Mercy)

“Bring it! I’ll fight a baby!”

-Sashi “I’ll kick everyone’s ass, I’ll kick your ass! I’ll kick his ass! I’ll kick my OWN ass!” Kobayashi

I’ll never stop swimming to you
I’m swimming all day

part 5 of vivi being binu trash

  • Sanha and MJ screeching on speaker and demanding to know what happened 
    • Eunwoo: “nothing! I’m just rewriting it and wanted to hear your opinions!" 
    • MJ: "ok but who’s Bin" 
    • Sanha: "why are you writing this Bin a song" 
    • MJ: "why does it sound so bright in the beginning my heart is !!!!" 
    • Sanha: "your heart is always !!!! idk what ur saying" 
    • MJ screeching in response 
    • Cue scuffling sounds where Sanha’s trying to get to get away from MJ
    • Eunwoo laughing because he’s far away and he can turn the volume down but Sanha can’t 
    • Sanha: “ok but then it becomes sadder at the end Eunwoo what’s going on”
    • MJ: “if this Bin person hurt you I’m literally running over right now to fight him”
    • Eunwoo assuring them that firstly, no, Bin hasn’t hurt him it’s just that he hasn’t finished the song and secondly, the image of smol MJ standing up to bad boy Bin just makes him want to laugh
    • MJ screeching more in indignation 
    • Sanha: “ok but does this song have a happy ending?”
    • Eunwoo, pausing before sighing quietly that he really, really hopes so 
  • Jinjin tossing an apple up and down and Rocky trying to catch it with his feet and Hwiyoung dead asleep on the other end of the sofa 
    • Bin studying the sea glass pieces in the counter they just had delivered today 
    • Jinjin: "so when are you going to tell him?”
    • Bin, looking up: “tell who what?" 
    • Jinjin, batting away Rocky’s foot: "tell Eunwoo you’re in love with him" 
    • Bin: "FHSKHDJS I’m nOt" 
    • Rocko: “you’ve been in love with him for forever, Bin, don’t lie”
    • Jinjin: “don’t let him go the same way you’ve been letting him go the past few years”
    • Rocky, before accidentally wiggling his foot a bit too hard and falling off the sofa: "better tell him before he heads back" 
    • Bin watching Hwiyoung startle awake at Rocky’s yelp
    • Bin saying quietly: "what makes you think he’d accept me?”
    • Jinjin, looking at Bin in slightly disbelief: “have you seen the way he looks at you?????”
    • Rocky, scrambling up and brushing himself off: "he looks at you like he can’t quite believe you exist" 
    • Bin: "but-" 
    • Jinjin: "i know you’re scared he won’t like you back but" 
    • Rocko: "trust us, he really does" 
    • Jinjin: "unless you’re scared he might already have someone else in the city?" 
    • Rocko: "or that he’d meet someone else back there that he’d prefer?" 
    • Jinjin: “he’s as sickeningly in love with you as you are with him, you idiot”
    • Rocko: “and if you’ve been in love with him for forever, chances are that it’s like that the other way round too”
    • Hwiyoung, yawning and rubbing his eyes: "what are you both, a tag team???" 
    • Bin watching Rocky shove Hwiyoung and squeeze himself between Hwiyoung and Jinjin on the sofa 
    • Bin, in a small voice: "what makes you think he won’t forget me again when he gets back?" 
    • Hwiyoung, simply: "then give him something to remember”
  • Jinjin yelling at Rocky for splashing him and Bin cackling and Eunwoo doing that one laugh
    • you know that one laugh where his mouth stretches really wide
    • Eunwoo isn’t sure when he agreed to jump into the ocean but Rocky and Jinjin strolled onto the boardwalk topless and shucked off their slippers and jumped into the shallow waters 
    • And proceeded to holler at Eunwoo to join them
    • Bin running after them onto the boardwalk and yelling at them to stop bothering Eunwoo
    • Eunwoo laughing and shucking off his tank top before jumping in too because heck it, it’s been so long since he played in the water and it’s such a hot day he might as well
    • Bin standing there with the three of them hollering at Bin to jump in before deciding also to heck it because if Eunwoo’s in there there’s no point staying on the boardwalk anyway
    • Bin peeling off his shirt 
    • Me still being attacked by Astroad apparently Bin instigated the whole thing
    • Eunwoo regretting all the choices he’s ever made that led up to this instant because holy shit he really wasn’t ready 
    • Eunwoo trying to will down his blush while treading water 
    • Rocky and Jinjin seeing Eunwoo blushing and just cackling 
    • Bin swimming over to them and immediately Rocky and Jinjin swim farther out and leave Binu alone 
    • Bin: “do you remember the time you thought you were part merman?”
    • Eunwoo, huffing a laugh: “yeah, and I said I’d be part dolphin”
    • Smol baby Bin laughing and splashing Eunwoo and telling him he’d be part crab instead 
    • Baby Eunwoo pouting and splashing Bin back
    • And Bin, laughing: “yeah I still think you’re part-crab”
    • Eunwoo pouting 
    • And Bin just smiles and starts swimming out to Rockjin and yelling, “race you, crab-boy!!” over his shoulder
    • Eunwoo laughing and swimming after him before grabbing Bin from behind to keep him from moving forward
    • Bin turns around to shrug him off and suddenly, they’re close, so close 
    • And Bin can see water droplets on Eunwoo’s eyelashes and Eunwoo’s blinking up at him and smiling and saying something
    • Bin’s breath catching 
    • He doesn’t remember when it was his brain decided to give up being bitter at Eunwoo and revert all Eunwoo-related matters to Bin’s heart
    • But his heart is thumping and there’s nothing more he wants than just to lean over and press a kiss on Eunwoo’s cheek 
    • And so he does
    • And it’s like everything’s snapped into place - the sounds of the waves beating against the both of them, sunlight flashing off the waves in small diamonds, Eunwoo’s eyelashes as he blinks when Bin pulls away slightly, Eunwoo’s blush riding high on smiling cheeks 
  • Bin parking his motorbike outside Eunwoo’s house 
    • Bin doesn’t know what to do 
    • Because Bin’s never come looking for him before - it’s always Eunwoo sliding into the shop or them meeting on the boardwalk 
    • Bin scratching his head before Eunwoo’s brother pops his head out the window 
    • Eunwoo’s brother: “woAh hiya Bin nice ride”
    • Eunwoo’s brother: “looking for Eunwoo?" 
    • Bin: 
    • Eunwoo’s brother, gently knocking himself on the head: "yeah because who else would you look for lmao come in" 
    • And the moment Bin steps into the house he hears a gentle melody on the piano, something bright and tinkly and light-hearted 
    • And as he slides off his shoes and follows Eunwoo’s brother into the living room the melody stills, then fades into something melancholic, single separate notes aching and lonely and familiar 
    • And Bin stills too, because Eunwoo’s sitting at a small, brown piano, his fingers heavy on ivory keys  and crumpled staff sheets littering the top of the piano 
    • And the tune swells and bursts and Eunwoo’s brother and the whole room fades into the background 
    • And all Bin can see is Eunwoo 
      • Eunwoo, laughing in the moonlight and hand on Bin’s knee 
      • Eunwoo, leaning back on his hands and face tilted towards the sun 
      • Eunwoo, chasing a stray drop of ice cream with his tongue 
      • Eunwoo, arms wound around Bin’s waist and awed laugh echoing in his ear 
      • Eunwoo, who slipped into the shop less than three weeks ago and made Bin remember everything from when they were young and dumb and best friends and Eunwoo, who looked exactly like Bin imagined Eunwoo would grow up to look like
      • Eunwoo, who’s still the same boy who would sit by Bin and listen to Bin talk about the things he loved and who would get worried when Bin did something dangerous and whose fingers still fit right into the spaces between Bin's 
      • Dammit now I need another soulmate!AU watch me kill my heart over it
      • Eunwoo with fingers dancing along keys, framed with a lilting melody now soft and sweet and gentle and echoing in Bin’s heart 
    • And as Eunwoo’s song comes to an abrupt end and Eunwoo picks up his pencil to scribble notes on his paper, Bin coughs gently 
    • Eunwoo’s head shooting up 
    • Bin coughing a little more because in the process of coughing gently he accidentally swallowed the wrong way and is actually choking 
    • Eunwoo: ????? "Um" 
    • Bin, recovering his breath: "that sounded really good, what was it?”
    • Eunwoo, shuffling his papers before Bin can see the title: “nah I was just bumming around”
    • Bin, not really believing Eunwoo because there’s no way that melody was just a result of ‘bumming around’ unless Eunwoo’s secretly a musical genius
    • Although now when he thinks about it he wouldn’t be surprised if Eunwoo was indeed one
    • Bin, fishing a small bag of beads out of his back pocket: “came to deliver beads”
    • And suddenly Eunwoo’s brother comes out of the background because yay!!!! new beads!!! and Eunwoo is laughing
    • Eunwoo’s brother prodding around the four beads and picking out his own
    • Eunwoo’s brother, pouting: “wait how come Eunwoo’s has an extra carving on the back”
    • Bin flushing because wow called oUT
    • Eunwoo’s brother running off with the beads to their mum
    • Eunwoo peering at his new deep purple bead: “this isn’t the one my mum chose that day though?”
    • Bin, shaking his head: “I chose it”
    • And Eunwoo can’t help himself, he can’t help the silly dumb grin spreading across his face because for the first time he’ll be wearing something picked for him by Bin again
    • Bin tenderly watching Eunwoo smile, heart doing the flippity-flop-about-to-stop thing
    • Eunwoo, seeing the small “8” etched on the front of his sea glass and flipping the bead around 
    • Bin shaking his thin black cord out from under his shirt
    • And Eunwoo sees a moon etched on the back of his stone and a tide on the back of Bin’s
    • Bin, softly: “you can leave the seaside and go back to the city, but remember, I’ll always be pulled to you.”

me: i need 2 stop 

also me: but what about myungjin

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Can you do a BatJokes fanfic rec list?

I can only link the one’s I’ve found and liked, since I really don’t know many off the top of my head!! There’s a mix of sfw and nsfw, but all have plots so it’s worth a read I think!!Not many bc im still finding gems but these are the ones that stood out the most to me!!!!

- Bred to Suffer by DesdemonaKaylose (sfw-ish?)
Issue 48 AU where Bruce hasn’t made the decision to become Batman yet, and Amnesia Joker (Jack) get closer (PROB my fav amnesia joker series ever tbh)

- Watch Your Feet, Let Me Pass by DesdemonaKaylose (sfw)
Part 2 of Bred to Suffer that focuses on Amnesia Joker’s karmatic daily life (beautifully angsty)

- We Are Not Ourselves by DesdemonaKaylose (sfw)
Part 3 of Bred to Suffer, focusing on Amnesia Joker questioning his identity, and who he used to be with Bruce (even more angsty and amazing!)

A New Game by melody1987 (sfw for now, nsfw eventually if going by tags!)
Basically Bruce and Joker have to work together to figure out whos tryin 2 kill them, and it gets emotional and saucy and i love it

- Somewhere Between Love and Abuse by Saremina (nsfw)
Joker and Bruce accidently end up dating and Bruce is working rly hard to keep Joker from figuring out he’s also Batman

- Want/Need by ngm (nsfw)
AU where Bruce actually saved Joker’s life at the end of Arkham City

- Half Way Across by DracoMaleficium (nsfw)
Joker takes up Bruce’s offer to rehabilitate him from The Killing Joke. (Naturally have to include this, I’ve seen nothing but positive things and I have nothing but positive things to say)

- London (Letting Go) by irisbleufic (nsfw)
Set after Europa comics, Batman and Joker start to head back to Gotham after getting the sure and take a tiny detour. (personallly i love it bc questionable gender tropes make me weak, but its rly cute and sweet imo)

- His Love is Viral by TimmyJaybird (nsfw)
Basically Joker sends nudes to Batman and Bats isn’t sure how to deal with it. Has plot, and as cliche as it can be, I really enjoyed it n thought it was cute!! Kind of a “This was PWP but ended up having a plot” story

-  Batter, Batter, Swing by ChuckleVoodoos (sfw)
Joker just wants kisses!!! He smooches Batman and also playboy Bruce Wayne and Batman comes to a thrilling conclusion

I’ve only been in the fandom for a few weeks so surely others would have better lists than me, I think!! I’m sure I missed a lot of gems

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What's bungou stray dogs about?

Alright, so this is going to be long as fuck and I hope you’re ready for an adventure because that’s what this is going to be (mainly because I’m really passionate about this series and when I’m passionate about things it’s hard for me to organize my thoughts) (I will also try my best to keep this spoiler free)


So concept: dead, famous Japanese authors.

Cool, right? Well just hold onto your panties because it gets better.

Dead, famous Japanese authors with superhuman abilities that are named after a famous book/work.

Just let this sink in for a little bit because it’s super unique and just really cool to think about. Kafka Asagiri (which is ironic to me because there is a famous author with the name Franz Kafka and I just think this coincidence is funny) made sure that the characters have similar characteristics, personality wise, to their real life personas which is just so cool!

Also, it has the perfect fucking balance of comedy and action and suspense and drama and it’s just BEAUTIFUL

Alright. So the story basically starts off following the orphan, Nakajima Atsushi:


He’s just trying his best man. Has severe anxiety and always feels like he’s a burden to everyone but he’s so sweet and precious and just wants to help people! He always gives everyone, and I mean everyone as you will see in the end of season 1 and season 2, the benefit of the doubt.

Basically, he finds Dazai, Dazai helps him, and offers him a job at the Armed Detective Agency:


Okay. So Dazai Osamu:

Don’t let that smile fool you…he can absolutely kill you with a toothpick if he feels like it.

Really into suicide…like…that’s how you meet him. Tried shrooms as a suicide method and I never laughed harder tbh.

Super fucking intelligent. He’s not really a good guy or a bad guy…he’s somewhere in the grey area in my opinion.

Despite his assholishness, you can’t help but fall in love with him.

You have others, like Kunikida who is very anal about everything. Like he has a very detailed list of his perfect woman that everyone thinks is just…weird. Ranpo, who is an asshole but not intentionally…he’s just really confident and it comes off as cocky. Yosano queen who is a badass doctor who won’t take your sexist bullshit. Tanizaki and his sister, Naomi…read insest. But Tanizaki is a cinnamon roll until you threaten people he cares about…then he goes into murder zone. Kyouka, tiny child, assassin, killed a fuck ton of people yet looks adorable in a maid costume. Kenji who…just…think of Finny from Black Butler, I mean just look:

See? He’s a precious optimist though who does things…weird but effectively.

So then we have the Port Mafia, the ADA’s rivals/enemies?:

Akutagawa Ryunosuke, edge-lord supreme:

Where are his eyebrows????

Living embodiment of “notice me senpai”. Absolutely loathes Atsushi because…jealousy. He just wants to be appreciated and told that he did good just let him smile!

Chuuya Nakahara bae:

Short as fuck but can kick your ass to the moon (probably very literally too) in his sleep.

Best fighter at the Port Mafia. Wine enthusiast though he has a low tolerance. Hates Dazai with a passion.

There are others but they aren’t as prevalent tbh. Oh, except Mori…piece of shit boss of the Port Mafia who is trash but really fucking smart.

Eventually, you meet the real enemies, the Guild:

Aka THE AMERICANS (it fits because americans are assholes)

Fuck the Americans. That’s only really in season two (and the last episode of season 1) (so I’ll refrain from talking about them;))

This didn’t really answer too much what the series is about but I don’t want to spoil it or spoil what all of their abilities are in case you plan on watching it because figuring it out is part of the fun!

I do hope that this does give you an idea of what BSD is/the characters at least and I hope it gets you interested in watching it!! It’s absolutely AMAZING!

I also want to point out this child i mean just LOOK AT HIS CHARACTER DESIGN LIKE I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS EYES

Anyway, that’s all for now! Seriously, if you get the chance, watch it!!

Things still on my mind after season 2 (spoilers)

1. Antok and Keith shared a moment™ in which he said “we will meet again” or something to that effect. And before anything significant can happen with him he…dies? Like either he’s not dead or there is some weird writing going on.

2. When did Keith’s dad leave him, and when/how did he meet Shiro?

3. How DARE they show me Keith’s father but not give me baby Keith? His bio says he was orphaned at a young age I need to see this CHILD!!!?

4. Going on facts not theories, we have yet to see a single female Galra. Do they even have female Galra? Are they all the same gender or do they reproduce asexually? Or are females just not allowed in the military which has been our main exposure point? More importantly, if their reproduction works differently is Keith some crAZY mpreg situation? *twitches* oh god. I wish I hadn’t thought that.

5. Is that even Keith’s real dad? Or is it his foster parent after being orphaned and he doesn’t remember his real one?

6. So obviously the show has been gearing up for Keith to be the protagonist since season 1, it’s been pretty clear in the writing since the beginning to anybody who is as obsessed with storytelling as I am. it just wasn’t obvious right away since he and shiro have been passing the protagonist potato, and they needed to develop the side characters in season 1 or they would be unlikeable.
That being said, Shiro is gone now, and Keith still has protagonist angst™ to deal with. The only other people he has really significant interaction with are Lance and Allura. Long story short I think the Writing was gearing up to make Lance a lot more significant in season 3, if for no other reason to support Keith’s protaging while Shiro (who he is closest to, obviously) is gone. So long story short I think the Lance fans will get the development they are thirsting for in Shiro’s absence. It just might not come exactly as expected.


8. Still not over Hunk straight up saying “Galra Keith”

9. He got a lot of good stuff in season 1 so I’m not too upset about Hunk, but I wish the screen time he DiD have wasn’t reduced to his comic relief quirks. Though we did get some classic Genius Hunk Moments that I can appreciate. They can only do so much with their time when they had to gear up for Shiro to be gone at the end of the season tbh.

10. I have watched the season three (3) times now and will likely do so again, so I have been able to notice details in the writing I hadn’t before. They actually did a really good job despite the problems the fandom has been having with it.

11. Allura is ALWAYS suited up. Even when everybody else is in casual wear she is never in her princess dress. She’s growing up, she’s becoming a leader and a warrior, which parallels Keith’s development into somebody who is capable of leadership as well. Nice 👍🏻

12. “Your freind desperately wants to see you.”

13. At first, Zarkon’s obsession with the Black Lion bothered me, because if You make a villain obsessed with something it can weaken them, and therefore weaken the hero’s triumph. HOWEVER I think they did a good job here. He wasn’t obsessing over the black lion, he was panicking. Panicking because the lion that had been his since its creation is being taken by SOME RANDOM HUMAN HALF HIS SIZE?!?! He’s losing the advantage and he knows it. He’s not obsessed with the Black Lion anymore, it’s more of an obsession with Shiro. How the hell did this kid steal his lion out from under him?!?! He doesn’t have time to refocus until the end of the season. At that point I realized that it didn’t actually bother me. He wasn’t acting like an idiot, his character actually got a lot deeper after that. Nice 👍🏻

14. Last, but certainly not least: WHERE THE QUIZNAK IS SHIRO!?!?!

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Part of me kind of feels bad for Fionn because every outlet that interviewed them is only talking about Harry

it’s quite annoying and rude, but i hope that once people actually get to see the film and don’t have to just rely on the media, many many many people will leave theaters as a huge fan of fionn (and the rest of the cast, who according to reviews, all did spectacularly) and he’ll get the credit he deserves

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Coran boyfriend headcanons? He doesn't get enough love and I love him so much-



• Coran works harder than he’s truly given credit for, but you’re always there to remind him that he’s doing a great job, and that you appreciate all he’s done for you, and this brightens his day and fills his heart with joy and god this makes him fall further in love with you every time you say it
• On the free times that you and him have, he’ll take you for a ‘date’ in the archives, and this would include a tiny picnic as he goes over fables and tales from Altea, and other regions of the universe
• In return you share with him mythologies and urban legends from Earth, and he’s always listening with a sparkle in his eye
• He’s always asking about Earth, wanting to know what it’s like where you’re from
• Accepts girl advice from Lance
• Always seems to execute the advice a little awkwardly, if not completely incorrectly, but you always smile and giggle because the effort was all you needed, and you’re charmed by it nonetheless (Lance is amazed why it works all the time for Coran but not for him)
• Moustache tickles
Butterfly kisses
• Although you are not a Paladin, you are still roped into the dangers that the Galra impose, and it worries him that a pure soul like you has to be exposed to such destruction, but the fact you’re always smiling through it makes him admire you so much 
• Likewise, all that Coran did, and still does, to maintain the castle, and to fight off the Galra makes you worry for his safety, but the way he overcomes his obstacles and challenges, and still manages to stay strong through it is probably what made you fall in love, and still has you falling in love with him to this day
• He’s very mature and reasonable, and he’s nothing short of a gentleman, but it’s quite easy to get him flustered, and you might take advantage of that more often than you’d admit
• Only because it’s so cute to watch him stutter and blush
• Always, always, puts your needs first, and is obviously more lenient with you
C u d d l e s
• Headcanon that Coran actually has very strong arms and a hug from him would feel like a hug from a really strong bear tbh he’s soft and solid and it’s confusing and at t ra c tive?
• He’s an affectionate mush feed him kisses and cuddles please

A/N: Also probably going to have a Part 2, but idk I have s O MANY HEADCANONS I LOVE CORAN THANK YO U ANON

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I’m not really sure what they were getting at with Yui not reacting tbh. They say that she doesn’t question what had happened after she got bitten, and just brushes off Kou’s assault. I’m sure she didn’t just forget. The only part that I was confused on was when she went to go look for Kou. Maybe I missed something?

After Yui woke up from her brief dream inside Eden, there were a few seconds of pause with these shots of her:

12 seconds pass by in this scene. 

I assure you, from watching many other shows, that animators don’t always need to have a character necessarily speak in order to show what they’re thinking or what they might be feeling. 

Well, it’s not like it would make a difference whatever she does. Yui is stuck with them. If she stays away, they’ll come find her. She can’t hide. She tried to run away from the Mukami in episode 2:

Isn’t there…

And it didn’t work because she got caught by Ruki.

Also, she didn’t directly go looking for Kou. She found the other three and asked them where he was, presumably so she may be able to avoid him should he come for her again. 


Here you go Mark~

This was it. These were the videos that got me.

The first videos I ever saw were actually some of the animations that my brother had showed me earlier in the summer of 2014. I didn’t think much of them other than that they were funny cause, hey, you see a lot of silly videos on the internet.

Later that year I saw Gavin and Michael from Achievement Hunter play some of the first FNAF. I liked the game so much that I looked up some other videos (which was really out of character for me tbh) and I of course found Mark’s. I had remembered the animations and figured that his videos would be good.

I watched the whole series of the first game and that was it. I didn’t come back to the channel till November of that year when the second game came out. I knew exactly who I was gonna watch play it. The only problem was that he had only played nights 1 and 2 so I had to wait and come back every day for the next part. I only figured I’d watch those and nothing else but a new video here and there caught my eye. I watched a few more videos and I really liked them!

I don’t think I had subscribed yet tho because subscribing didn’t seem like a big deal to me at the time. I enjoyed the videos and that was enough. If you know me you know I’m very picky about who I sub to or follow on social media. 

But then these videos came out. The thumbnail looked nice and I wanted to know more. I was hooked on the game and the way Mark played it instantly. I LOVED it. I subscribed soon after cause I wanted to know so badly when the next part was going to come out.

I remember later in the series I was at my aunt’s on Thanksgiving constantly checking to see if the new part was out yet lol

It was also around that time that Mark went home for a little while over Thanksgiving and I found out that he was from Cincinnati too! And tbh I couldn’t believe it! This awesome doof on the internet was from the same place as me? That never happens! I suddenly felt a little but special lol Like hey! I’m from there too!

But this was it. This is what showed me more of who Mark is. He didn’t just scream at games. He cared about them and the story. He cared enough to feel real emotions over the game. I related a lot to that. The music in the game still makes me emotional tbh

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now lol I’ve only written an entire novel here lol Thank you so much, Mark. And Happy Birthday!


P.S. Thanks for doing those Skype calls a while back too! It was so cool getting that chance to talk to you and the rest of the team~

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Do you think Dan and Phil would be as famous if they weren't shipped together?

depends what you mean by famous. i do think they would still be very successful on youtube, however i don’t think they would have as prominent of a fandom as they do. youtubers with twice the amount of subs as dnp don’t have nearly as dedicated of a fandom as they do, and a lot of that has to do with the shipping because obviously that’s a big part of most fandoms (what with fanfics etc). some people see that as a bad thing but tbh i don’t get it? when people say like ‘oh you only watch dan and phil because you ship them’ that makes no sense to me like no i watch them because they make good content however i’m in the phandom and partake in the craziness that goes on here mostly because of the ship, as is the case with the majority of us (though not everyone ships them romantically)

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i saw a tk analysis twt account SAY stuff like "jikook eyefucking each other is so reaching lol jikookers are always reaching for their dead ship I only make analysis about true facts and what I see and not stuff like that." but I've literally watched some of their analysis' and they do shit like "Jungkook looks at v here" or "Jungkook hears v" and I'm like...WTF????

i see that a lot tbh. i remember when i first started watch kookmin world, there was a part in the video that was of jikook and their eye contact, and i was kinda like “oh come on, i look at people too. eye contact ain’t that great” but then a t/k shipper came on and was like “you only have eye contact, we have SO MUCH MORE!! ship tae/kook it’s 1000x better than jikook!!” and someone replied with “why post this on a jikook video” and they commented, “because jikook sucks, and you should all ship a good ship, like tae/kook.” and i just…. WHY. why do people do this. so then i went to a v/kook video they had uploaded and IT WAS LEGIT JUST JUNGKOOK AND V LOOKING IN THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF EACH OTHER. LIKE. WHAT. what were they trying to provve??? 

but yes, omg, i hate when other shippers are like “jikook is dead, you make up all their moments.” and then they go and do the same exact thing. and exaggerate to the maximum levels. 

k so i watched sleeping beauty today for the first time in like a decade probably (maybe more tbh) and anyway these are my takeaways

  • straight up the pink fairy’s (flora? i think?) first suggestion for how to protect aurora was “let’s turn her into a flower! she can’t prick her finger if she’s a flower!”
  • [insert guy tapping his forehead knowingly]
  • the only reason they don’t fucking turn her into a flower is because maleficent would just. kill the flower.
  • also when they tell aurora that she’s a princess she doesn’t fucking question it??? she’s just like. upset about the arranged marriage part. but the princess part?? totally chill
  • also like. i totally thought that the whole kingdom slept for 100 years but it turns out that the whole thing with the curse and breaking it happened literally overnight. the king didn’t even fucking notice
    • he basically just thought he’d passed out drunk and continued his conversation from before he’d fallen asleep
  • sidenote: i forgot that the fairies were the one to put the whole kingdom to sleep because they were like “shit aurora’s cursed fuck i guess we should curse the rest of the kingdom so they don’t notice” like a+ avoidance
    • seriously though like they put the whole kingdom to sleep?? just because the princess was asleep? like bruh they got shit to do
  • also the blue fairy (defs the best one) at the beginnning was like “why can’t we just use our magic to fuck maleficent up?” and the others were like “we can only use our magic to spread love and happiness and stuff” and she was like “well it’d make me happy” she’s so ready to fucking rumble get it girl
  • also tbh the story was really about the fairies? like they are the most important and active figures in the plot. nothing happens without the fairies. the movie should really be called “the three fairies save the fucking day”
    • for serious. they raise and protect aurora? after she falls under the curse they save phillip and guide him to aurora? they enchant the sword so it kills maleficent? and phillip gets all the credit. typical.
  • anyway the fairies are the real mvps go get em