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A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

Inktober 2017 - Day 23

Shadow kept every one of those unfinished letters from Vio.  Even the one that only got as far as the word “hi” before Vio crinkled it up into a ball.

Vio is kind of embarrassed by how awkward and formal and unfinished they are, but Shadow finds it endearing 💜 🖤

the worst thing about trying to decide to read a fic:

-horrible writing.

-the summary is good but the story is written in a different language or is badly written.

-opening it to find no spaces between the paragraphs.

-both your otp and notp is tagged and you have no clue if you want to take a risk or not.

-tagged major character death and you start sweating.

-hasn’t been updated in 80 years but the summary is on point and their the best fucking writer ever.

-you start reading only to find that the person updates every ten years and you just happened to catch them on a day they finally updated.

-you find a writer and check them out, only to find out they mostly write about your notp - and of course they always update, have perfect writing and have stories that are epic.

-stories with so many fucking tags, you just shake your head and move on.

-the “i suck at summaries please check it out still” and you just, pause because it has your otp and you debate whether or not to take the risk.

-you find a pairing you never considered before and think holy shit, that could be hot and spend all day hunting through the tag.

-you ship a pairing so fucking hard, only to find like two fics and you start weeping.

-when you find a perfect story only to check the tags and see some weird shit that disgusts you and you scream why.

-a fic with good writing and summary but it’s so short or is only fan-art.

-a crossover fic where you have both of your fandoms but don’t have both of otps, just one.

-one shots that are so good you wish they were longer.

-when your notp is tagged but it’s labeled as a past relationship or says your otp is endgame, and you have to go through the notp’s awkward breakup in order for your otp to happen.

-when someone doesn’t tag properly and a plot twist hits you and you want to cry.

-you finally find a great fic that has been updated and the last update says writes block, personal issues- can’t do this, asks for co-writer, discontinues it or says lol i hate how this is turning out, deleting.

-when a writer as twenty stories to update and you cry because you like all of them and you have to wait.

-when you remember a story from like five years ago and you search for it, only to find it’s been deleted or can’t seem to find it anywhere.

-when a writer gives you an update schedule and you’re excited because they follow it but then they start missing it and you just…

-when a writer deletes a story and rewrites the same story but you like the original better.

-when your reading a story about a rare pairing that interests and your otp hate each other or just friends and it’s just so weird to read.

-when one half of your otp is in another relationship and the other half shows up with someone else and then you remember, right i’m not reading a story about my otp so i can’t get mad.

-when your otp is popular but it’s not as popular as another ship in the fandom and you hate how the other ship as so much more stories than your ship.

-when you try to read an ot3 relationship because it has two characters you love but the other character is usually from your notp and you hate when your notp share moments.

-when you beg an author (usually one where they aren’t in the fandom really) to write more stories about your otp and they say maybe and it never happens.

-when the writer literally shits on your favorite character and you can’t go through it anymore.

-when your otp isn’t the main pairing and you don’t really care about the other pairings in the story and skip to your otp parts.

-when a story has a million words and it’s so good and you know that you will spend all day and night reading it until your eyes hurt.

-when a story have 200 parts to it and you lose all hope after a while because the story is dragging.

-when your otp is going through something and so many stories are filled with angst, fluff and hurt that it makes you cry because yup, i need to read about my pain for my otp.

-when the writer refuses to write the smut you been waiting for and your otp is stuck in unresolved tension mode forever.

-when the writer unexpected changes the story’s events and you are disappointed by the direction.

-when you find a great au and the characters are so out of character… it makes you sad.

-when you open a fic only to find you hate the point of view and you scream.

-when you request a prompt and the author writes it but you are disappointed and just smile through the pain.

-when you have such a good idea in your head and you try to write it but it’s so bad that you delete it and cry, hoping someone else writes the brilliant idea that you had.

-when you don’t ship something anymore but see a great plot and you click the story and take a deep breath - because shit is about to go down.

-when you reading a great story but get distracted and skip some parts, shit goes down in between and then you think fuck, and have to start over.

-when it’s tagged “slow burn” and you say i can do this and it’s chapter 30 and my ship still hate each other like what.

-when the author says this is their first time writing smut and you think on god they better do this right - only to find out they writing eight pages on your otp making love. like yes.

-when the smut is so rushed or improper you feel cheated and log off because done. like so done.

-when it’s tagged “everyone lives” and your eyes water because that’s all you ever wanted in life.

-when the author leaves a cliffhanger and says in the author’s note “lol sorry about the cliffhanger, i’ll update soon”. you ain’t sorry, stop lying.

-when you see that the story is complete and do a happy dance, only to realize that it ended badly or the sequel/series hasn’t been updated.

i’m sure vampires can experience the discomfort of having something stuck in your teeth too 👀


ship tropes i am weak for

Puppydog lovers - light up when the other enters a room, lots of casual affection (that makes the recipiant blush and forget what they were talking about), you can practically see the tails wagging whenever they are together.

Big Loves - these people have been through so much yet keep coming back to each other, theyre hearts are formed from the same clay and beat in time, this is the couple that shapes centuries and worlds.

Blushies - shy, new to the relationship, being caught glancing at one another and looking away (but turning bright red), brushing fingers.

Bros - bbfsies4lyfe, draped over each other while watching tv, ‘hey gimmie some more natchos bro’ *drops natchos in their partners open mouth*,  not that big on pda but are somehow always touching each other.

????? - insult each other constantly, are they dating? do they even like each other?, dickweed as a pet name, get up in each others faces when arguing, (never argue about the big things), drift compatible, when they team up they can destroy worlds.

Opposites Attract #1- the puppy and the vampire, temper each other, youre the only one that makes me smile, dragging each other around the place.

Opposites Attract #2 - the hero and the villain, lot of ????? characteristics, hatesex, so much hatesex, the only time i feel alive is when im fighting you.

this is by no means an exhaustive list, feel free to add on!!!! also ships can be more than one, or move from one into another. tag a ship and which types they fit into

Magic AU Prompts

- “Your bf/gf was being a jerk and so I turned them into a frog and wow you’re cuter than I expected, and you’re thankful I did that?” AU

- “You saw me turn our dog into a horse for a minute and now you’re freaking out because you think I’m gonna do it to you… I’m sorry” AU

- “I saw you turn our cat into a person because he wouldn’t stop meowing and the only thing he said was ‘You suck,’ and now I can’t stop laughing. Wait… that means you’re MAGIC, WHAT?!” AU

- “I was trying to take you on a romantic date near a forest but all the trees were brown and ugly so I said ‘F**k it,’ and used my magic to make them pretty again and you’ve abandoned the date completely because you wanna know how I did it” AU

- “I’m really scared of the dark and we just had a power outage and to comfort me you used your magic to make lights and I appreciate that but you do realize that we have flashlights and candles right?” AU

- “The toaster stopped working and you have to be at work in 10 minutes and so you just used some magic to toast your bagel and you burned yourself but I don’t know how to help magical burns” AU

- “I’m being bullied and you’ve started messing with them using magic and you’re the only person who’s helped me and thank you so much” AU

- “You don’t know a single thing about magic but I just accidentally turned nyself into a talking cat and you’re the only person who can help me because I DON’T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS ANYMORE. Also did anyone ever tell you that you suck at magic stuff big time?” AU

- “I have a crush on you and I tried to make a love potion to make you fall in love with me but I messed up somehow and now you’re glaring at me because I just threw a bottle at you while yelling 'LOVE ME,’ at you” AU


“It takes ten words to turn Bucky into The Winter Soldier but only one word to make Steve a 16 year old kid in Brooklyn again.” (x)


When it comes to Rose of Sharon Cassidy, Noel Burgess has two rules: don’t ever, ever try to outdrink her, and don’t ever, ever fall in love with her.


Many people in my house watch Voltron, but I’m the only one whose OTPs are Klance and Shatt.

One of my sibs ships Kallura, the other one ships Lanllura and my cousin ships Latte and Hance…

Each of us is betting for their ships. DreamWorks, you better make me win those donuts.

Tag Your Top 5 OTPs

I was tagged by favourite person and all-around delightful soul @lady-yomi 😄. I am actually not much of a shipper (or at least not an otp-er? I support a tonne of ships but there are only a few exceptions that I’d consider OTPs) so I didn’t quite get to 5, but nevertheless!

Tohru x Kyo - Fruits Basket
My all-time favourite anime/manga, and my first ever otp. 

Silver x Kotone/Lyra - Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
I don’t know what it is about these two, but they make me go all mushy inside like a bread-ready banana. 

Franky x Nico Robin - One Piece
Big tough shipwright who’s actually a giant teddy bear and soft-spoken classy femme fatale, the mama and papa of the ship. A+ (slightly more) mature-age ship🖒.

You x the happiness and support you deserve - Tumblr


“…you will find what you want only as long as you stay in your dream. Once abandon it, and you are at the mercy of other people’s dreams. They will make of you want they want you to be. Forget them, Sarah. Trust to your dream.”

Sarah was spellbound. 

Trust to me,” Jareth said, moving his face close to her. “Can you do that?” 

New Carver/Merrill ship blog!

Do you ship Merrill/Carver? Struggling to find fanart or fanfic for the pairing for you to enjoy? Or have you created art or fic for the pairing, and struggle to reach other people who also ship this rare pair?

Then look no further – @carvermerrill is the place to come for all your shipping needs! We’ve only been around for a few days, but we have some great content lined up to share with you – so come and check us out! 

1) What will you be featuring?

Fanart, fanfic, headcanons, meta, you name it! The goal is to feature works that have Carver/Merrill as the primary (or only) pairing, because it is so hard to find, even though there’s plenty of it out there.

If you have ever created anything Carver/Merrill ever, please do submit it to us or drop us a message and we WILL feature it! 

In time, we are also hoping to run fic and fanart giveaways and events. Drop us an ask (anon or otherwise) with any suggestions for what you want to see!

Please note we will NOT be posting anything that only has Carver/Merrill as a background ship or background mention. There’s enough of that on AO3.

2) Why have you created this blog? 

Because they’re my rare pair OTP, and because people have complained that it’s almost impossible to find content for this pairing, even though there is plenty of content out there – it just gets drowned out by other things, or lost.

For example, at this point in time, out of the 179 fanfics currently in the Carver/Merrill tag on AO3, only 72 are actually Carver/Merrill fics. That’s only 40% of fics tagged Carver/Merrill that relate to the pairing – making them EXTREMELY difficult to find for people who want to read them. 

Also, there are so many ship names for the pairing that finding fanart is tricky. I personally am most familiar with the ship name “Carrill”, but I’ve also seen things tagged “Merver”, “Carvrill”, “Carvermerrill” and “Marver”. 

So… after the fourth or fifth person who lamented to me that they’d been looking for Carver/Merrill content for ages but just couldn’t find it, I decided to create this blog to keep it all in one place! 

3) Will you tag, and if so, what? 

Anything that depicts Carver/Merrill as the primary pairing – and in a positive light will be featured, so Templar Carver, Warden Carver, Act 1 Carver, or AU Carver and Merrill – all of it will be featured and tagged appropriately. 

Background pairings/ships will also be tagged, so that anyone who wants to filter out a background NOTP is free to do so! No ship hate for any other ship here! Just let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to tag. 

NSFW fanart or fic will be tagged as such, although we’re currently debating how explicit we should allow, content-wise. 

4) All sounds great! Where can I find you again? 

Awesome! Come visit and follow us at, and we will be delighted to have you! 

kouginoweek​ day 1: moments

“There’s no betrayal in friendship.”

(  otp name masterlist ☼ )

i know how difficult it can be to come up with an otp name sometimes. and, in result, i have decided to make a masterlist containing over #200 otp tags. they’re all song lyrics from bands/singers like halsey, years & years, the front bottoms, haim, taylor swift, etc., but i’ve rearranged some so that they make more sense. i hope you enjoy and please like or reblog if you find this useful at all !!

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darknessangel12  asked:

Omggg your arts are the best!! Can I request a slight nsfw Poker Pair art? (〃ω〃)

Hi :) Omg I was very happy when I saw this request, not only because it’s my sweet otp, but I’ve actually never drawn something like that, so this really helps me but I then noticed that I have absolutely no idea what would be considered “slight” nsfw and what would be too much xD so I  didn’t make more than a sketch but if you like it, you can request more art, request a specific pose or something (: This really helps me a lot!
I’m really sorry if you think this is bad qwq


I wrote this because of an OTP prompt post that both @fangirlhani and @ultimate-fandom-freak tagged me in. ( I had to agree it was adorable for sherlolly! When I mentioned it to @artbylexie she had the fun idea to make it from Mary’s POV. And honestly, we can never have too much Mary Watson added in our fics. ❤️ Enjoy! 

Mary rubbed her belly as her cab neared Baker St, giving her daughter a little nudge to hopefully shift that little foot away from her ribs. Not that there was a whole lot of alternatives at the moment, with only a few more weeks to go.

She finally arrived and made her way up the steps to 221B, huffing a bit along the way. And as she neared the door she had to stifle a laugh.

“No no, you have to stay in the box- no, in the box! There’s really nothing fascinating in my flat, I give you my word…well that’s not true I suppose.”

“Knock knock,” Mary sang out as she let herself in. “Well you certainly seem to have your hands full!”

There was Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant consulting detective, sitting on the floor of his flat…with a box full of kittens.

“If this is what it’s like to have children, you and John have my deepest sympathies,” he stated. “They absolutely never stop! They’re either trying to hide somewhere and end up getting stuck, or they’re climbing my furniture or leg with their tiny little razor claws, or they’re just mewing till my ears bleed.”

Mary listened to his ranting while carefully lowering herself to the floor to get a better look. Two black and white, one grey, and one orange kitten bumbled around the small cardboard box that Sherlock had set up with a blanket. They were the most adorable little things she’d ever seen!

“Ooh look at you, little lovey,” she cooed while lifting one of the black and white ones. “Oh gosh, I wish John wasn’t allergic!”

“Yes well the little girl down the street feels the same about her father,” Sherlock stated with a huff. “How is it that I’m now taking a missing mummy cat case from an eight year old which also turns into a babysitting job?”

“Because you couldn’t possibly say no to these fluffy faces!” Mary said with a laugh, holding the kitten out to him.

Sherlock sighed, but there was a little smile visible on his lips as he took the kitten in his hands and brought it in against his chest. The tiny kitten shoved its head against his shirt and made him wince while clinging to him with desperate little claws.

Mary was about to take out her mobile and snap a picture, but then something even better happened.

“Hi, Mary! Didn’t know you’d be here too.”

They both turned to see Molly standing in the doorway, grinning at the sight before her as she unwound the scarf from her neck and set her bag down.

“Yeah, I’m just stopping by to see them. Can’t stay for too long though,” Mary explained, giving her belly a little rub. “I’m meeting John for a OB visit in a half hour.”

Molly stopped short as she hung up her coat, obviously captivated while watching the scene on the floor. Mary couldn’t help but smirk happily to herself as she observed the soft look that had developed in Molly’s eyes. It was a welcomed change.

Things had been understandably frosty for a while between Molly and Sherlock. Ever since Sherlock’s bout with drugs, Molly’s broken engagement, and Sherlock killing a man…well, things had reached a bit of a boiling point. But it seemed that the ice that had developed between the two had slowly begun to crack and melt away of late. Mary was relieved, because to her it seemed a bit of a silly charade. She easily saw past the ice…and saw that ever burning fire.

Molly approached slowly, biting her lower lip and smiling a little. “Didn’t know you had such a soft spot,” she commented.

Sherlock still had the fuzzy kitten clutched securely against his chest and was gently scratching under its chin and behind its ears. His gaze shifted in mild embarrassment.

“Never said I did,” he replied in a far from convincing tone.

“Mm, the purring kitten tells a slightly different story,” Molly muttered, giving him a sideways glance as she strolled into the kitchen to open a couple cans of wet food and add some milk to loosen it.

“Nice of Molly to come help,” Mary commented with a nudge to Sherlock’s arm.

“Yes, well, she is helpful in this case. Cats are more…her area.”

Mary leaned in and whispered, “And whose area is she?”

Sherlock raised a brow in warning just before Molly began setting a couple small bowls down near the edge of the kitchen. The chorus of mewing began and Sherlock helped the rest of them out of the box so they could scurry over to begin greedily devouring their dinner.

“Oh look at them eating!” Mary sighed wistfully as she watched them clumsily gobble up their food. “I’d take them all home with me if I could.”

“It’s ok if you need to go,” Molly said to Sherlock as she crouched down to sit with them while they ate. “I’ll be fine here till you get back.”

Sherlock heard his mobile and took it out before he could answer, reading the screen for a moment.

“Ah. Seems one of my homeless network did find the mother a few blocks away. Or at least, a cat that looks like the picture of her. He’s bringing her by the flat in about twenty minutes. Might not be much of a case to solve after all,” he said, shoving his phone back in his pocket as he stood from the floor.

“Well I should really be off,” Mary announced and extended her hand for Sherlock to help her up as well. She was now especially determined to make herself scarce.

Molly stood along with them. “Oh right, well you probably don’t need me then, do you? I mean, if you’re not going out searching for the cat- Ooh!”

The grey kitten had abandoned the food bowl and started scaling the side of Molly’s trousers, anchoring itself with tiny claws.

“Oh, allow me,” Sherlock offered, leaning down to unhook the tiny lethal weapons from her clothing and instead handing the kitten to her.

Molly laughed and nuzzled the kitten’s nose with hers. “Am I fun to climb, hm? Do you love me now because I gave you yummy food?”

Another kitten headed for her leg and Mary smiled as Sherlock picked that one up before any damage could be done.

“No obligation of course,” he said after straightening up with the kitten snuggled against him, “but they do seem to like you so…you could certainly stay- that is, if you’d like.”

“Oh,” Molly chirped, her face lighting up visibly. “Well yeah, I suppose I could. I know they’ve eaten but I mean, if you haven’t maybe we could…get takeaway?”

Sherlock pursed his lips briefly in thought. “Chinese?”

“Chinese,” Molly agreed instantly with a little smile.

“I wish I could join you,” Mary bold faced lied. “But hey, let me know how things work out with the cat, ok?”

“I’ll text you,” Molly assured her. “And let us know how the check up goes!”

“Of course!” Mary agreed, hurrying her way through the door so that none of the tiny kittens would have time to try and follow. “Talk to you both later!”

Mary left the flat hearing Sherlock muttering about finding the takeaway menu and she grinned while descending the stairs. She gave her daughter a pat and spoke in hushed tones as she made her way outside.

“That, my darling little girl, were your future godparents. Did you know that? They’re lovely, aren’t they? A bit of a mess sometimes, I know…but only in the best sort of way. And besides, you’re mummy is hardly one to judge!” she said with a laugh while raising her arm to hail a passing cab.

As the cab came to a stop, she looked down at her belly and added, “I wonder how much longer it’ll take them to admit they’re hopelessly in love!”