the only ones who really matter

imagine if the baker street boys epilogue was narrated by mrs hudson
  • Mrs Hudson: I know you two; and if you come back and live in MY house, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and the doctor who never came home from the war. Well, you listen to me: who you really are, it MATTERS, I've been trying to tell you all these years. There are two men sitting arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known. My Baker Street boys. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
  • Mrs Hudson:
  • Mrs Hudson: Well then? Get on with it, I'll officiate the wedding

St. Ives apricot scrub isn’t the only one to stay away from, apricot scrubs in general are far too abrasive. It doesn’t matter who makes it, don’t use apricot scrubs.

St. Ives actually does have some good exfoliators like their green tea one which I recommend for anyone on a budget, it even contains acne medication. Their apricot scrub is just really bad for your face don’t use an apricot scrub from anywhere ever.

Stay away from grape fruit scrubs too…honestly, any time the scrubs main ingredient or scent or whatever is something you can’t actually exfoliate with by itself I wouldn’t use it. You can exfoliate with green tea by itself, you can’t rub an apricot on your face and see results.

‘sherlock holmes is a great man, and i think one day, if we’re very very lucky, he might even be a good one’

‘you were the best, and the wisest man that i have ever known’

‘john i am a ridiculous man, redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship’

‘if i didn’t understand i was being asked to be best man, it is because i never expected to be anyone’s best friend’

[basically the entire best man speech]

‘i wish you weren’t…. whatever it is you are’

‘i know what kind of man you are’

‘what made you like this’

‘oh, watson. nothing made me. i made me’

‘it’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective’

‘who you really are? it doesn’t matter’

🎶 one of these things is not like the other 🎶

Humans are space orcs #317

So imagine an alien race with only one gender or who have like really different gender characteristics or something.

First, they have trouble understanding that there are genders, because we look really similar regardless of gender, two arms, two legs, no colour scheme to separate “male” from “female” exclusively.

Second, no matter how many times some humans say there are only two genders, others say there are many. It seems, the aliens conclude, that all humans have their own way of defining how many genders there are, and how these are allowed to interact.

Third, the aliens soon discover that the humans get really awkward if you bring up mating (“fucking”) with another human around. And as we all know, humans are space orcs and nothing seem to faze them, so having found this small weakness, the aliens likes to exploit it and mess with the humans as often as they can.


“Officer Toft?”


“Are you and officer Alvarez a couple?”

The humans looked at each other. Their faces scrunched together and assumed a colour resembling the mess hall walls. The ensign could barely contain its delight.

“We are both men, ensign. Just because we are the only two humans…”

The human trailed off, blushing harder by the minute and refusing to meet the eyes of its fellow. The other human looked surprised and then a small smile erupted on its face. It reached out its hand and placed it carefully on top of the others knee.

“We are not a couple, but I understand your confusion,” it proclaimed. “I mean, we are usually keeping pretty close.”

The ensign nodded both antennae slowly, not sure where this was going.

The human who had spoke last moved closer to the other. The ensign immediately got a bad feeling. The human put its darker hand on the paler ones jaw and smiled sweetly before leaning in.

The ensign felt all vital fluids drain his extremities. Meeting mouths was highly inappropriate, not to mention unsanitary! Gagging, the alien fled.

The ensign leaned against the wall, weak legged, as its sensitive antennae picked up the scattered conversation between the humans.

“Wha…good for?”

“To mess… mess with them.”


“Also… anted to kiss you… really long time.”

More noices and the ensign moved away. There was certainly a downside to teasing the humans.

Young God

slut!dan, top!phil

2180 words of beauty

(i’m actually pretty proud of this one)

Dan Howell was what you’d call, or at least what his friends called, up for anything. He was a bit of a slut, really. Sex wasn’t a big deal to him anymore, didn’t matter who, if they asked for a night Dan would be up for it, he was considered a bit of a sex god. He had been with all of his friends at least once each.

Except for Phil Lester.

Phil hadn’t been around too long with Dan’s group of friends, he had started hanging around only a few months ago, he worked with Dan’s friend Aleena. Dan didn’t know him very well, but he admired him from afar, and caught Phil doing the same every now and then.

He didn’t speak much, but Dan was interested. He seemed strange, sort of mysterious, but not sinister. If anything he seemed sweet and shy, completely innocent.

That was what Dan thought until Phil approached him at a party.

“Hey,” Phil muttered, keeping his gaze aimed anywhere but Dan’s face. Dan chuckled, setting down his glass.

“Oh, so you do speak.” Dan smirked. Phil nodded.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Phil looked up, meeting eyes with Dan and he felt a jolt going through his whole body. Holy fuck he’s pretty.

“So, er…” Dan stuttered, suddenly feeling extremely nervous, which was very unlike him. He rubbed the back of his neck. “What’s… what’s up?”

Phil chuckled now, and leaned forward, practically breathing down Dan’s neck.

“I have to ask you something.” He paused. “I heard you sleep around a lot, yeah?”

Dan felt a shiver run through his body, and he bit his lip. It wasn’t like him to let someone have such an effect on him, but he couldn’t help it. Phil’s persona in Dan’s eyes had changed in mere seconds, and it was hot as fuck.

“Mhm,” Dan muttered, trying to regain his confident demeanor. He raised an eyebrow. “What about it?”

Phil chuckled again quietly, and damn.

“I want a night with you.”

Dan practically choked on his own tongue, eyes widening in surprise.

“You want a night?” He asked, sputtering, when he could speak. Phil frowned.

“Yeah.” He raised his eyebrows. “Is that a problem?”

“N-no, I just…” Dan ran his fingers through his hair. “I just didn’t expect it.”

Phil replaced Dan’s hand with his own, smoothly running his hand through Dan’s hair before suddenly tugging roughly, pulling Dan’s head back. Dan gasped in surprise.

“And why not?” Phil muttered, placing a gentle kiss on Dan’s throat. Dan had to bite his lip to stifle a moan.

“Er, y-you seem… shy…? You’ve never really talked to me before…”

“Mmh.” Phil made a quiet grunting noise under his breath. “We’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”

“Yes, sir,” Dan replied immediately, smirking at the way Phil’s face flushed red and his eyes widened slightly. He growled, yanking Dan’s hair one more time before letting go.

“Tomorrow evening, eight o’ clock. Don’t be late,” Phil muttered. “And Dan? Wear something pretty for me,” he added before disappearing back into the crowd.


Dan took a deep breath, puffing air into his cheeks and blowing out before ringing the doorbell. He felt more nervous than he usually did, it was unnerving.

Phil answered the door only seconds later, and Dan looked him up and down. He was wearing a tight navy blue button up, decorated with tiny pink flowers. Dan grinned. His jeans were equally tight black skinnies. He looked attractive as hell, and he had messy hair.

“Hey,” Phil breathed, and his thin pink lips stretched into a huge smile. Dan smiled back.

“Hi,” he replied, almost shyly.

Phil stepped aside, motioning for Dan to enter after him. He could feel Phil’s eyes on him, looking him over, and he felt his skin heat up.

The second the door was closed Phil was on him, shoving him against the wood and attacking his neck. Dan moaned loudly, too surprised to hold it back.

“I was gonna make dinner for you,” Phil mumbled against Dan’s skin, biting gently. “But I didn’t want to wait to do this.”

“Jesus,” Dan gasped, tilting his head back to give Phil more access to the sensitive area.

Phil grabbed a handful of his hair, tugging his head back roughly even more and biting down on Dan’s adam’s apple.

“Ah-” Dan gasped. “For fucks sake, Phil.”

Phil reached down, palming Dan’s already forming bulge through his jeans while working at his neck, and Dan found himself rutting against the other mans hand in desperation.

“Mmh, already hard, are we?” Phil smirked.

“S-shut up,” Dan replied, frowning. “You’re fuckinggggg…” he trailed off with a shout when Phil sucked at the soft spot beneath his ear. “You’re f-fucking good at t-that.”

“Yeah?” Phil whispered, biting Dan’s ear and playing with the waistband of his jeans that were rapidly tightening.

“Fuck!” Dan cried, a loud moan ripping from his throat. “For gods sake, Phil, please!”

“Please what, baby,” Phil asked, his voice low. Dan groaned, throwing his head back.

“Fuck me-!”

The second the words left Dan’s mouth he was being lifted, his legs wrapping around Phil’s waist instinctively and his arms around his neck. Phil kissed him roughly, shoving his tongue into Dan’s mouth. Phil bit his bottom lip, tugging and making Dan whimper.

“Bedroom,” Phil gasped. “Now.”

He set Dan down, grabbing his wrist and tugging him roughly towards the door at the end of the hall. He fumbled with the doorknob, shoving Dan inside and causing him to stumble and sit on the edge of the bed. Phil shoved him down instantly, climbing on top of him and straddling him before going back to work on Dan’s neck.

“So pretty,” Phil whispered. “God, you’re so pretty, Dan.”

Phil ran his thumb down Dan’s jaw, trailing over his throat and Dan shuddered.

“Your neck is so pretty, babe,” Phil leaned down to kiss softly at Dan’s collarbone. Dan whimpered, his breath hitching and his hips rutting up in desperation. “Wanna leave marks all over you.”

“Y-yes sir,” Dan gasped out, and he saw something flash in Phil’s eyes. “P-please.”

Phil took no time with ripping Dan’s shirt over his head, tossing it aside and letting Dan unbutton his. Phil kissed him again, roughly and desperately connecting their mouths, grinding down on Dan’s crotch and making him groan.

“God Phil, just-” Dan’s breath caught. “Just fuck me already or I’ll cum in my pants.”

“Jesus fuck, that’s so hot,” Phil muttered, a grin stretching across his features and his eyes sparkling. “Okay baby.”

Phil tugged at Dan’s button, quickly unzipping them and sliding the tight jeans down his legs. He froze, staring at the lacy black panties Dan had chosen for this occasion. Dan smirked.

“What’s wrong?” He asked teasingly, dragging his finger over Phil’s jaw. “You told me to wear something pretty for you, sir.”

Dan watched as Phil’s jaw tightened, his eyebrows raising just slightly. Without a word Phil pulled Dan’s hips to his own, pulling his legs up over his shoulders and trailing hot kisses up his inner thighs. Dan’s breath hitched, a moan catching in his throat, and he bucked his hips.

“Please!” Dan whined, not caring how loud he was anymore. “Fuck, Phil, I want you so bad, want you inside me, please…”

Phil chuckled, leaning over Dan’s body to kiss his lips. “Getting a bit desperate, are we?”

Dan just nodded, not sure that he could speak.

Phil bit his lip, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed and tugged his own jeans down to reveal his hard on through his tight black briefs. Dan immediately tugged at the waistband, desperate to get them off, and pulled them down. Phil groaned as Dan took the tip into his mouth, swirling his tongue and watching Phil’s face that was shadowed with bliss.

“Do you need prep, baby?” Phil asked, pulling himself out of Dan’s mouth and rubbing himself slowly. Dan shook his head.

“Did it before I came here,” Dan muttered. “Considering I knew we were gonna fuck.”

“Mmh, clever boy.” Phil patted his cheek, grabbing his chin roughly and admiring the dark purple bruises he had left that were already forming on Dan’s neck and jaw.

Phil carefully removed the panties, tossing them off of the bed. He bent himself over, licking a broad stripe up the underside of Dan’s thigh from his ass, and Dan shuddered.

Phil quickly grabbed the lube and a condom from his bedside drawer, sliding it on and rubbing himself slowly, slicking himself up carefully.

“Get on with it,” Dan muttered, gasping when Phil grabbed his jaw harshly.

“Shut up,” he growled, his voice low and dangerous. “Sluts don’t tell me what to do.”

Phil lined himself up with Dan, pushing in slowly and giving Dan a moment to adjust to the tight fit, before snapping his hips. Dan shouted, a long stream of profanities and moans leaving his swollen lips, throwing his head back as Phil began to thrust into him, watching his face as he picked up speed.

Phil changed his angle, leaning over Dan and pressing their bodies together so he could kiss down Dan’s throat, and the boy beneath him practically shrieked.

“Phil!” He gasped out, scratching his nails down his back in a desperate manner. “Fuck! R-Right there, fuck, harder!”

Phil groaned, slowing down and focusing on thrusting deeper and hitting Dan in just the right place, causing Dan to grip his thigh, moaning whorishly with ever movement of Phil’s hips. Phil buried his face in Dan’s neck, breathing in sharp gasps and occasionally biting down, making Dan scream louder when he did.

“Oh g-god! Close!” Dan whined, rutting his hips to meet Phil’s thrusts and grinding back on his cock.

“Mm, good boy,” Phil muttered back, against Dan’s hot skin, drunk off the feeling of Dan’s tight head surrounding him, not quite aware of his own words. “Cum for me, Dan. Cum so pretty, baby, wanna see your face. Cum from my cock inside you.”

Phil reached down between Dan’s legs, jerking him off slowly, almost sleepily, feeling the boy beneath him fall apart.

With a twitch of his cock and a loud high pitched moan Dan came, his eyes screwed shut, his head thrown back and his mouth open. Phil groaned loudly just from the sight, feeling himself coming closer and closer to the edge.

At the last second Phil pulled out, discarding the condom and wrapping a hand around his own cock, jerking himself off quickly. Dan shook his head, sleepily moving Phil’s hand and replacing it with his mouth, kissing up and down the sides of Phil’s shaft, circling his tongue over Phil’s slit before taking it to the back of his throat.

“Oh f-fuck,” Phil gasped, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair and tugging him down on his dick. “Look so good babe, so pretty, just for me. Waited so long to have you like this, god I’m so close, fuck.”

Phil slowly began to thrust into Dan’s mouth, and sped up when Dan tapped his thigh to tell him it was okay. Phil came down his throat with a loud moan, watching through heavy eyes while Dan cleaned him up, licking his lips and sucking softly on Phil’s tip.

“God,” Phil muttered when he could speak, running his fingers through his messy hair. Dan just nodded, flopping backwards onto Phil’s pillows, still breathing heavily.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

Phil thought about holding him, wrapping his arms around Dan’s sweaty body and never letting go, but maybe that was desperate? But before he could even make a decision Dan had grabbed his wrist, tugging him down on top of him and nuzzling into his neck, his arms wrapped tightly around Phil’s waist. Phil grinned, running his fingers through Dan’s messy, slightly curly hair.

“You’re pretty,” Phil muttered sleepily. He felt Dan smile, and angle his face to look at him.


“Mmhm.” Phil admired Dan’s neck, rubbing his thumb over the marks he had left.

“Phil?” Dan asked, his voice quiet and almost nervous sounding.

“Mmh, yeah baby?”

“Do you want to maybe…” Dan bit his lip. “Do that again sometime…?”

“Oh hell yes,” Phil replied immediately. “Dan, you have no idea how long I waited to get you like that. I’m not giving it up for the world.”

Dan smiled, his eyelashes fluttering.

“I think you’re the best I’ve ever had,” Dan mused. Phil raised his eyebrows.

“That’s saying a lot.” Dan swatted him lightly on the chest.

“Shut up.”

“Hey Dan?”

Dan looked up. “Yeah?”

“I don’t want you sleeping around anymore.” Phil traced his fingertips over Dan’s palm before intertwining their fingers. “You’re mine, I want to be the only one touching you like that, seeing you like that.” He paused. “If you’d like, of course.”

Dan bit his lip. “Yeah.” He smiled. “I think I would.”

“Good.” Phil raised his eyebrows. “Round two in the shower?”

“Fuck yes.”

After Padmé dies, a myriad of legends spring up around her, most of the dealing with the strange circumstances of her death. The Empire encourages the ones that say she was killed by a Jedi traitor, while the Rebels favor one that says she was murdered to keep her from fighting back for democracy.

The truth remains shrouded in mystery, as only one person knows what really happened, and her killer would never tell. 

Still, truth matters little to legend and myth, and her story continues. Rebels and Imperials alike claim that she is watching over them, protecting them in their diplomatic endeavors.

The people of Naboo like to tell that Padmé Amidala came to Naboo from either the ocean or the moon, depending on who you ask, a gift from one of the goddesses in Naboo’s hour of need. Once Naboo was safe, she was called back, but should their planet ever need her again, Queen Amidala would return.

Legends about her life are also fairly popular, about how she once fought a nexu with her bare hands, no five nexus! 

About how she tricked the clever Hutts into giving her what she wanted without having to give them anything in return. 

About how she was fierce enough that the Duchess of Mandalore once begged her to renounce Naboo and become a Mandalorian. 

About how she was so kind that the Jedi themselves begged her to teach them of compassion. 

About how she was so beautiful that Death itself wanted her for a bride and stole her away.

There is only one legend about her baby, although there are many variations on it, but all agree on the beginning: One of Queen Amidala’s Jedi friends was there when she died, the High General maybe, and he stole her baby and tricked the doctors into thinking she had never given birth. Just what that Jedi was doing with her baby was a matter of some debate.

The baby was being raised as a prince or princess, to one day rule a planet and rally it against the Empire.

The baby was being raised by poor peasants, farmers maybe, while the Jedi looked on, a silent protector. The baby grew up brave and strong, but with few worries.

The baby was raised by the Jedi, trained to fight the Sith.

The baby was being raised by Rebels, brought up on tales of the need for democracy, and would one day pull the Empire apart with their bare hands.

Darth Vader listened to every single story he could find and stored them away in the deepest corner of his heart.

People keep saying Episode 10 was like a fanfic, and I keep laughing because it’s such an apt description. Everything went right, Victor and Yuri actually got engaged, there was pole dancing, there was someone making a confession and then forgetting about it, there was a bad boy on a motorcycle who saved the angry smol one… everything about this episode felt like it was straight out of a quirky coffee shop AU or something, and it was glorious.

I am struck though, thinking more deeply about it, about how it is actually really fucking meaningful that the episode felt like a fanfic. I read once about how queer people and other marginalized communities flock to fanfic because it’s the only place where we can regularly see stories play out which actually speak to and from our experiences. In that way fanfic has always been revolutionary, no matter how poorly written, because of the way it places front and center the stories we wish the mainstream media would tell, but who systematically refuse to.

And again and again, we’ve been heartbroken when the mainstream media baits us, when yet again the guy falls in love with the girl and saves the day, when yet again a person of color is the “sidekick”, when yet again queer subtext and trans-bodies were used as punchlines, when yet again “diversity” meant having diverse characters as the backdrop to straight white leads. So we went back to fanfic and wrote our silly coffee shop AUs because we were heartbroken and sick, and we got uncomfortable when our friends kept going on and on about the TV shows which are supposedly “so good” which, when we watched them, bored us because it was the same fucking story over and over again, and that story didn’t speak to us at all.

I think what feels special about Episode 10 is, instead of giving us fodder to write fanfiction with, it simply gave us what we actually wanted. We’ve spent so much time latching onto a suggestive look between two side characters, or an ambiguous moment at the end of Legend of Korra, or a slightly suggestive one-liner, and we’ve used those tiny moments to write the stories we always wanted to see play out. But Kubo-sensei saw that we dying for something more concrete, and gave it to us. So when we saw the episode, it felt like a fanfic, because it was telling the story we actually wanted to be told.

So yeah. Episode 10 was like a fanfic, but not just because it was quirky and fun and had an engagement scene in a freaking Spanish church. It felt like a fanfic because a mainstream genre show actually told a story to us. Thank you Kubo-sensei - you and the whole production team for YOI have singlehandedly saved 2016 from being the absolute worst year.

Honestly, I’m 100% not surprised that people are complaining about Maggie’s “You get one, Alex.” line being toxic/abusive tc, lol. Because I feel like people these days are not used to seeing a romance where both characters are their own people, with their own personalities, foibles, shortcomings and self-interests.

I feel like, especially in recent years, media has really shaped romance into this one-sided deal, where you get one relatable and fallible character with a proper backstory (the main character) and then you get the love interest, whose only purposes are to look good, and love the main character unconditionally. They’re a paper thin cutout character, a wish fulfillment of the fantasy that there’s a person out there who’ll love you no matter how terrible or unlovable you get. They might have a tragic backstory to make them more attractive, but it will never inform their decisions or character in any meaningful way. In essence, they are a blank slate that you can slot your dream lover into.

I’ve seen this trope play over and over again in TV shows, YA novels, etc. (I won’t name the popular ships that fall into this trap, because I’m not here to bash ships, just to write out my thoughts on this phenomenon.)

In contrast, Maggie is her own character, underdeveloped as she is in the narrative. There are nuances to her, the most striking one being how emotionally guarded she is. When she lets her guard down for Alex, and then Alex hurts her by dumping her publicly, on the very night after the first time after they had sex, of course Maggie is going to react badly to it. Of course she is going to set appropriate boundaries to ensure that she doesn’t get hurt like that again. It’s called self-preservation. It’s called knowing what a healthy relationship is, and proactively taking steps to ensure the preservation of that healthy relationship.

Except people aren’t used to the love interests having a self-preservation instinct. They’re used to seeing the love interest being willing to throw away everything in order to please the main character. They’re not used to the love interest having an actual personality, or interests of their own, or a life outside of the main character. All they know is that Alex is the main character they love, and identify with, and now Maggie has hurt her. They don’t understand or care - because they’re too overidentified and overinvested in Alex - that Alex hurt Maggie too. So they get mad at Maggie.

Personally, I like that Maggie has a spine. I like that she has a character, and a very relatable emotionally guarded one at that. I like that she stood up for herself. I like that she took steps to ensure that her relationship with Alex would be healthy. Loving someone doesn’t always mean forgiving and forgetting their hurtful actions. Sometimes, loving someone is holding them up to a higher standard, and letting them know that you expect better of them, because you know they are a better person than their previous actions have shown. By setting boundaries, Maggie showed me more clearly that she cares about Alex, than if she had unconditionally forgiven her right on the spot.

new headcanon

One day John is cleaning house and finds a disk left behind by Mary, who tells him what really matters is the mythology he has created with his blog – the myth of 221b and Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. 

With this in mind, John signs a book contract to further boost their legend (and make a little cash).  But he doesn’t have any actual cases that are appropriate to a book-length work, and he wants to stretch himself a bit, so he cooks up a particularly lurid plot for a novel involving a secret sister locked away in an island fortress, and peopling it with his various friends and associates.  Eurus was never real – the girl Sherlock met that night really was Faith, John’s therapist was just his therapist, and the girl on the bus was just a cute girl on a bus.

Sometimes Mycroft and Sherlock get tipsy and read passages from John’s novel to each other while giggling, and John gets all embarrassed.

I don’t know, just some random transboy Keith headcanons

- Keith and Pidge are the best of friends cause it’s really nice having someone else who knows on some level what it’s like to be trans. Since Pidge is a transgirl and Keith a transboy they both find comfort in each other

- One time Keith’s binder broke, so he didn’t have a binder at all anymore, that being the only one he had. He felt really scared that now that he had nothing binding his chest that everyone would look at him differently. But no, everyone just went on like normal not even giving it a thought, which made him feel much better that it didn’t seem to matter to anyone

- Lance, actually being pretty good at making clothes, made Keith a brand new binder, though it did take some time and he had to take Keith’s old binder to look at how it was made. But not only did he make Keith a brand new binder he made him a few more and even fixed his old one

- Allura had found out that Keith didn’t like sleeping without his binder. Since she figured that that probably wasn’t very safe she gave him some of her workout bras(sports bras whatever haha) to sleep in. It would be safer and give him some comfort

- the slight pressure to his chest that the workout bras give Keith relaxes him and helps him sleep so much better. And it’s like way more comfortable as well

So yeah, I just have really strong feelings about Keith. I wanted to share some headcanons about him.

It’s like in the great stories....

The one’s that really mattered 

Full of darkness and danger 

Sometimes you didn’t want to know the end 

Because how could the end be happy? 

How could the world go back to the way it was, when so much bad had happened? 

But in the end, it’s only a passing shadow 

Even darkness must pass 

A new day will come 

And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer 

Those were the stories that stayed with you

That meant something 

Even if you were too small to understand why

But I think I do understand 

I know now 

Folks in these stories had lots of chances to turn back 

Only they didn’t 

They kept going

Because they were holding on to something 

That there’s some good in this world 

And it’s worth fighting for. 

my favourite scene in cacw was by far the end of the fight between Steve, Bucky and Tony, and let me tell you why. It’s such a clear mirroring of catfa. When Steve says the “I could do this all day” line, it’s such a clear reminder that Tony has only ever known Cap, he doesn’t really know Steve and Steve is, and was, and always will be, a scrappy little guy who stood up for the ones who needed it and didn’t walk away no matter how hard he got hit. It’s a reminder that Steve kept his promise to Erskine to remain true to himself, and not to be a perfect soldier if it meant he stopped being a good man. And then when he picks Bucky up off of the floor, it’s a mirror of the moment in catfa where he first picks Bucky up from the depths a Hydra compound and carries him away, even Bucky’s facial expression is almost the exact same. The difference is, the first time Steve picked Bucky up, it was the moment that he really became Captain America, the moment he became that soldier. This time though, it’s the moment he decides he doesn’t need that, he’ll be fine without it, and he chooses to drop the shield, he chooses Bucky, he chooses himself. It’s just such a beautiful parallel and I liked it a lot.

CS ff: “We Got Us” (au)

onceuponaprincessworld said: Hi!!!! I don’t know if you accept prompts but if you do, could you write a cs ff secret dating au??? 

A/N: Once upon a time, back when I practically first joined tumblr, @onceuponaprincessworld sent me this prompt and waited patiently. And finally, the wait is over. (Title from a lyric in OneRepublic’s “Something I Need”)

Rating: The first scene is sex, so this is pretty damn M.

Word Count: 17.2k

Summary: How they got together is mostly a run-of-the-mill story. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. A strange and complicated courtship followed. All that really matters to either of them is that they’re happy. They’re in love. They’re miles away from anyone who cares if they are in a relationship or not. And that only matters because no one that knows either of them would ever expect them to be in a relationship in the first place. Perhaps it would be easier if their brothers weren’t best friends. It’s the easiest separation between family and relationship that either of them has ever had. 

Which means that it can’t last, of course.

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“Fuck, Killian.” Emma’s voice is muffled by the pillow she’s pushed her face into, up on her knees as he pushes steadily into her from behind. Double bad days at work have led here, but that’s what tends to happen when students don’t listen and parents are entitled and you put a criminology professor and a high school history teacher in the same relationship. They’ll get back to the lovey-dovey bullshit when both of their tempers have calmed the fuck down and their adrenaline levels are back to normal. But for now, this is all they can manage. “Harder,” she commands, even if it seems as if she’s at his mercy.

Killian’s day was bad enough that he just grunts in response, overruling his love for talking dirty during sex as he obliges. His fingers tighten on her hip, and his thrusts speed up as he starts chasing release. One hand moves around her front to ensure she comes before he does, but it’s the most considerate thing either of them has done since they got to the bedroom. In response, she moves one hand to grip the one still on her hip and she hears the broken noise that comes from him at the gesture.

It’s almost simultaneous when they climax, one following the other, neither really sure which could call first as their bodies finally collapse on the bed in a heap of spent energy. He makes sure to fall next to her, their hands still clasped, and he uses his grip to drag her closer. Their eyes finally meet as he gathers her into his arms, a small smile peeking out of the furrowed brows and pursed lips that she thought may be permanent when he first walked in the door.

For both of them, it’s like suddenly flipping a switch. Emma props up on her elbow for a moment, kissing him as tenderly as if they had just made love, like there isn’t a red mark where she’d commanded him to spank her ten minutes prior, before she settles in against his side once more.

“Hi,” she finally says.  “Welcome home from school.” She fixates on a bead of sweat working its way down his temple as he reaches for the hair that’s escaped from her braid to twirl it between his fingers.

He hums in response, instead of rehashing the fact that neither of them had spectacular days, and lets his eyes roam her face. “What shall we make for dinner tonight, love?” They don’t need to revisit the fact that two of Killian’s star students got in a fight outside his classroom door, both earning suspensions and losing all the progress they’d made since the beginning of the year. They don’t need to go over the authority problems Emma is having in her college classrooms, with a student doing everything he can to crawl under her skin with emotional manipulation.

And it may have been bad when they both got home, but now it’s just another day for them. Work always follows them home, but this kind of welcome means they can at least shove the unpleasant moments to the side to regroup and start again.

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Inktober Day 17: Battle

This is partially a commentary on the nature of mental illness, but this post by @multsicorn is also relevant.

tbh the only reason that the anti discourse on this site bothers me- no matter what books or whatever it’s about- is that it often assumes that readers who enjoy certain books have somehow missed all the reasons it needs to be criticized. And haven’t “recognized” the abuse or lack of diversity or whatever.

And I’m like…..I have….a master’s degree from oxford…where I was trained to do textual analysis in multiple languages and i know im a baby academic so…not to be arrogant but…I am capable of critically reading something, identifying the problems, and not giving a shit because at the end of an emotionally and mentally challenging 10 hour day spent pouring over latin and middle french court records about rape victims, if all I want to read are books about vampire sex and fae mating bonds than I am damn well going to do that regardless of whether of not these books check all the boxes on tumblr’s “list of ways a book need to check out before i deem it worthy literature.” 

i just want to….read books….and not feel as if other people think Im stupid for my reading choices….and as a reader of romance, which is like the most denigrated area of fiction…I am always being made to feel like this. But! some of the most intelligent, successful, and aware women I know are romance readers! 

Also like I cannot deal with this notion that the relationships featured in romance are somehow bad for women when the entire genre is about women choosing, but like, okay.

You are not "Fake" PSA to my Mixed peeps

Things that are fake: 

  • Fox News
  • Reality TV
  • Things that pretend to be things they aren’t

You are not a “watered down” version of your X heritage.

You are not appropriating part of your culture/heritage when you try to connect/engage with it.

Even if:

  • You haven’t been able to communicate with different parts of your family and culture
  • You weren’t raised with those cultures, because of assimilation or otherwise
  • You are “only a fraction”
  • You can’t speak the language
  • You don’t feel enough?

You are still X heritage, no matter any of the above. It is your choice to try to connect to your culture in one way or another, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a part of your heritage.

If somebody disagrees, even your own family who don’t understand, it is really only up to you to figure out how you identify.


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: you weren’t beautiful. And no, no sugar-coating that, you just simply weren’t. you didn’t have the perfect body and you were insecure about almost everything about yourself. But still, no matter how much you were in denial of your beautiful imperfections, Bucky couldn’t help but admire you more and more.

Author’s Note: hey! I am not dead. Okay so this is an introductory part of this series. It’s a pretty small one it will have two or three parts only. I really wanted to write a chubby insecure reader one so here it is. It’s more funny than fluffy but I guess it turned out well. Also, tags are open. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and sexual humour

Word Count: 1600

PART 2, 3

Originally posted by little--batman

‘so, who is this another one of you freaks I don’t know about?’ Bucky turned to Steve as they were making their way to the common room.

‘oh, she’s an absolute sweetheart.’ Steve smiled brightly as your image popped in his mind. ‘well, mostly she is.’ He snickered.

‘what do you mean?’ Bucky questioned as they entered the common room.

‘see for yourself.’ Steve pointed at the avengers who were surrounding someone.

The room had a warmth in it, a nice hustle and bustle. Everyone was laughing out loud at something you had said.

  ‘damn it (Y/N)! my stomach hurts!’ Clint said as he rolled on the floor laughing while. Natasha couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

‘yeah!’ Sam slapped your shoulder.

‘You never fail to make anyone laugh.’ Thor said grinning.

‘I think you are mostly mean.’ Tony said unimpressed and everyone looked at him. you gave him a sharp look before continuing to speak.

‘hey, how do you think Tony spices up his sex life?’ you asked and Tony’s eyes narrowed.

‘how?’ Wanda asked trying to stifle her laughter.

‘with just a little bit of pepper in his life.’ You smiled at Tony and crossed your arms over your just.

‘well- uh,’ Tony stuttered.

‘and the great Tony stark is defeated.’ Bruce kept a hand on Tony’s shoulder who stood there gaping like a fish.

‘ahahaha!’ Clint pointed at Tony as he sat on the floor and started to roll on the floor laughing again. That was enough to make all of them burst into laughter again.

Steve and Bucky who were looking from afar couldn’t help but join in. Steve walked towards you and Bucky followed.

‘hey pumpkin!’ Steve grinned at you knowing how much you hated that nickname.

‘hey!’ you stood up and hugged him. ‘how’s my favourite blonde?’ you winked at him. he rolled his eyes, he could never beat you in the worst nickname game.

‘you must be Bucky!’ you grinned at the long-haired man.

‘that’s me.’ Bucky gave you a small smile and shook hands with you. ‘Steve told you about me?’

‘you bet,’ you pointed at him. ‘Barbie over here, never shuts up about you!’ you said as you punched Steve lightly.

Bucky couldn’t put a finger on it but something about you made him want to know you more. He felt a certain… security around you, a sense of welcome.

‘I am (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way. I respond to almost everything ranging from witch, bitch, asshole, Gertrude and Shrek.’ You smiled and he snickered.

‘how can you depreciate yourself so much but still be so happy?’ Wanda asked.

‘oh, it’s a gift.’ You said sarcastically. ‘If anyone doesn’t get my sense of humour they are free to go fuck themselves.’ You said with your arms crossed over your chest.

‘you look so cute when you’re angry.’ Steve pulled your cheek. ‘our cute, angry, pumpkin.’ Steve chuckled while you shot daggers at him with your eyes.

‘why do they call you pumpkin?’ Bucky furrowed his brows.

‘she was all cute and round like a pumpkin when we first saw her.’ Wanda teased you.

‘yeah, but she’s lost a lot of weight now.’ Natasha said.

‘if anyone says anything about me anymore.’ You said calmly. ‘that bitch won’t have their head on their shoulders!’ you threatened.

 ‘aww.’ Tony cooed and everyone started laughing. You crossed your arms and cussed under your breath. You hated it when you became the butt of all the jokes.

‘I won’t call you pumpkin.’ Bucky gave you a soft smile.

‘then you will be my new favourite person.’ You smiled.

And since that day on, you and Bucky became the best of friends. You were practically inseparable. You could even enjoy the silence in each other’s company. You were the only one who could make him laugh till his stomach hurt, who would talk to him when he had a bad dream or a bad day, who would equally enjoy his weird music and, the one he had started to love.

The list of reasons why he adored you could wrap the moon twice. Your face, smile, eyes and hair were materialistic things. What made him fall for you were how you laughed, how you cared for every one, how you hugged him and made him feel that all his broken pieces had stuck back together, how you sang beautifully and threatened to cut him if he told anyone, how you would greet him by wrapping your hands around his neck rubbing your cheek against his then complain about him not shaving. He just couldn’t get enough of you.

But he was scared. He was scared to death to tell you about how he felt. How could he? though you looked like a person who murdered people just for the knack of it., you were insecure. You were insecure of your body and face. you were insecure of how you could get loud or too masculine sometimes. you were living in a crisis of your own mind and he didn’t want to push you away. So, he kept it all inside.

‘why are you taking that leather jacket? I thought you hated it.’ Steve said as he saw Bucky standing in front of the mirror.

‘do you know there is a thing called cold which makes you feel uneasy?’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘I can see how much of (y/n)’s rubbed off on you.’ Steve leaned against the door frame.

‘oh, he so badly wishes that.’ Sam scoffed as he passed the hallway.

‘the fuck did he say?’ Bucky turned to Steve who had a teasing grin on his face.

‘oh, you know, that you are in looveee’ Steve said in a sing a song manner.

‘who’s in love?’ you cocked your head from the went making them jump in surprise.

‘how many times do I have to remind you and Clint, no sneaking around in the vents.’ Steve straightened up.

‘oh, get that stick out of your ass cap’n’ you said hanging from your hands.

‘don’t blame him (y/n),’ Bucky looked at you. ‘that tends to happen due to a lack of-‘

‘sex!’ you and Bucky said in unison as you jumped down. Steve turned red because of both embarrassment and anger. you and Bucky could not be defeated together. you loved to get on everyone’s nerves, specifically his.

‘that’s not true!’ he defended himself.

‘of course.’ Bucky grinned.

‘oh don’t tease him, Sharon said she finds it cute when he tries.’ You said seriously and Bucky started laughing. You could even hear a distant laugh of the other avengers.

‘okay, now if you are done making fun of me let’s go, we have this spying mission to complete.’ Steve walked ahead and you both followed.

‘and a whole lot of orgasms.’ You whispered in Bucky’s ear and he snickered.

‘I heard that!’ Steve turned to you.

‘well, Sharon never quite felt that.’ Natasha joined in and Bucky and you started laughing like crazy. Steve groaned and walked away fast paced.

All four of you were cramped up in Steve’s car. Natasha and Steve were in the front seat and you and Bucky were sitting in the back.

‘you have no right to comment about my sex life,’ Steve turned to you. ‘you are a virgin after all.’ He said.

‘yeah, but we both are totally different case.’ You said.

‘oh, really?’ Natasha rolled her eyes.

‘hell yeah.’ You replied. ‘first of all, Steve’s a century old while I am the youngest of you oldies, second, I do not look like that.’ You pointed at him.

‘okay, but you had the chance with that guy at the club.’ Natasha said. Bucky was curious now, who was this guy you had not told him about? ‘he was hot and was giving you signals the whole night.’

‘he could’ve also given me AIDs!’ You shot back making Steve and Bucky snicker. ‘also, call me Steve,’ you said making Steve roll his eyes. ‘I believe in making love and not just having emotionless one night stands.’

‘aww.’ Natasha and Steve cooed. ‘you must’ve kissed someone at least?’ Natasha asked.

 ‘uh, well, I’ you struggled with words and started playing with your hands as you looked down.

‘what?!’ Natasha and Steve’s eyes grew wide. Natasha noticed Bucky’s unchanged expression. ‘you aren’t surprised?’ she grinned.

‘she tells me everything.’ He shrugged.

‘I am telling this to everyone!’ Steve said and you kicked his seat.

‘and I am going to jail for burning captain America alive or for extracting all the water and air out of him.’ you smiled.

‘that is still is not going to stop me.’ Steve simply stated. You groaned and Bucky gave you a sympathetic smiled.

You all were looking out for the man to come out of the building but it seemed to take too long. It was getting late and colder.

‘when will you get that damn heater fixed.’ You complained to Steve.

‘I am sorry I forgot.’ He simply said. ‘just use your powers.’

‘I can’t! I had taken a day off so I won’t use them until it’s utterly necessary.’ You argued.

‘well you’ll freeze if you don’t. I guess it is necessary.’ Natasha shrugged.

‘wait! Don’t do it!’ Steve turned around. ‘there is that gas pump thing lying in the back. Tony gave it to me and I forgot to give it to Bruce. It’s temperature sensitive so if you turn up the temperature we’ll die.’ Steve said.

‘what?!’ you said.

‘horribly.’ He added.

‘fuck you and your old memory.’ You whined. Bucky took off his jacket immediately and draped it around your shoulders. ‘hey! You don’t have to!’ you said.

‘don’t worry, I am used to cold temperatures.’ He said. ‘

you sure?’ you asked and he nodded. ‘thanks. But still.’ You scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder. You summoned your energy and sparked a warmth in him.

‘this is nice.’ He said as a comforting heat grew in him.

‘you’re welcome.’ You smiled with your eyes closed. ‘did I tell you that I’m getting new piercings?’

‘nah, where you getting them?’ he asked.

‘ears. Where else will I get them? I already have a nose one.’ You furrowed your brows.

‘you know there’s lips, tongue, belly button..’ Bucky started to count. ‘nipples.’ He said and you giggled.

‘I already have them.’ You said and the three of them stared at your chest. ‘I was just kidding.’ You covered your chest with Bucky’s jacket.

‘why do you like piercings?’ Bucky asked.

‘why? You don’t like them?’ you asked with your eyes closed.

‘no! I love them. Just wanted to ask.’ He said and you shrugged in response.

‘I love the pain and I guess I love having some extra metal in my body.’ You replied and both Steve and Natasha turned around and wiggled their brows at him. he kicked their seat and they turned away.

‘why are you moving so much?’ you asked.

‘nothing, just getting rid of some bugs.’ He glared at them.

‘I am sleeping now don’t disturb me.’ you closed your eyes and soon fell asleep.

Bucky was playing with a lock of your hair and savouring this moment of having you so close. You weren’t a very touchy person. You would hug the best but liked to maintain your distance.

‘you are in a little heaven back there, aren’t you?’ Natasha asked.

‘please do shut up.’ He said.

‘reply with outmost truth buck,’ Steve said.

‘you took the jacket because you wanted to do that, didn’t you?’ Steve grinned as he faced Bucky.

‘nope, I also keep my chains in it in case I have to strangle someone.’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘just tell her already! Be her first kiss.’ Natasha said. ‘you will be the cutest couple at the tower.’

‘it’s not that simple.’ He sighed. ‘she has had a whole lot of stuff. You know what she says sometimes?’ he looked at them. ‘she says that no one can love someone like her.’ He looked at you with a sad expression.

‘why does she think so lowly of herself?’ Steve asked.

‘you do that when you are made to think so.’ Natasha replied. Bucky brushed away a stray lock of hair from your face and looked at you adoringly.

 ‘only if she would believe me.’ he sighed again.

‘damn, this car should be named “the sadness wagon”.’ Natasha said as she realized that at that time. All broken souls were sitting in that car. Each of you had lost something or the other.

‘Bucky?’ you said and Bucky froze. Had you heard everything?

‘yeah, (y/n)?’ he asked hesitantly.

‘why aren’t bra’s called booby traps?’ you asked with a dead serious voice. He took a breath of relief and they all started laughing.

‘she talks in her sleep?’ Steve asked.

‘only when she is exhausted.’ He replied.

‘I almost forgot!’ Natasha exclaimed. ‘ I have to take her shopping. She literally has no clothes.’

‘would you mind if I take her instead?’ Bucky asked. ‘I can spend some time with her that way and I have never seen her in anything but those baggy sweatshirts or tops of hers.’

‘yeah, sure.’ She said.

‘great.’ Bucky said to himself.

i was hoping you could post this picture of me (on the left) and my late boyfriend (on the right). at the time of writing he’s only been gone two days. i’ve always wanted to be on this blog, but i never thought i’d meet someone who made me that happy and who i was comfortable with enough to share. and then i did. and now he’s gone. and none of his family knows who i was to him. nobody close to him knows what we were. somebody has to. somebody has to remember that he taught me what love really is. i want people to look at him and realize that no matter how much you think no one cares there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. my world is gone now. please cherish what you have and don’t waste time. we have so little of it.

i miss you so much.

Shaun King is “outraged” that Trump’s cabinet selections are not diverse in gender and race. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of his picks, but diversity is not relevant here at all. For most progressives, diversity only matters in skin color and gender, and only when convenient.

Today’s progressives want diversity simply for the sake of it - as if one’s skin color and gender ipso facto qualifies you for a job. Outside of these identity labels, however, progressives want nothing to do with diversity. They have boiled down the word to only refer to demographic identity and have no desire for ideological diversity.

How do I know this? Frankly, anyone who has ever seen a progressive react to Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams knows exactly what I mean (or really any “right wing” minority pundit). If you are a minority and not firmly dedicated to the progressive cause, then you are a conservative parrot, Uncle Tom, or a Fox News shill. Hurling insults at minorities is perfectly fine so long as they’re conservatives, and then it’s totally not racist.

Last time I checked, that is the antithesis of diversity. This is the kind of vitriol I see from the left when it comes to ideological opponents (and by “the left” I mean people like Shaun King and his fellow media pundits).

Even worse, as with many progressives, Shaun King believes that a “less white, less male” cabinet would mean a more successful one. I cannot think of a more awful way to view other races. “I have appointed you to this high ranking federal position because you are black” is possibly the most demeaning view you can have towards diversity. Imagine you work hard all your life and then you’re appointed to a cabinet position simply because of your identity. You acquired all of this experience and merit throughout your whole life, but then you land a job…because of your skin color (which you did not work hard to achieve).

Martin Luther King, no matter our disagreements on economic structures, truly understood the meaning of diversity. He fought for diversity and equality under the eyes of the law, but knew that merit wasn’t a function of skin color. He knew that equality was not equality until individuals (not classes) were judged by their character, not their demographic.

Today’s regressive left has radically evolved beyond that and seem to now reject MLK’s message. In their world, skin color is, in itself, a characteristic worthy of merit - never mind if someone is actually qualified for a job.

Racial diversity is anything but equality if you attain it simply for the sake of racial diversity and not because of merit. Criticize Trump’s picks all you want, but their demographics are not something that disqualifies them from a job.

Widowtracily, the new ot3!

So, I hardly ever make my own posts on tumblr, and I never done this kind of post before, But I want to show the new headcanons I came up with after we were introduced to Emily, Lena’s adorable and really cool looking girlfriend.

Also, just to make things clear, while fanon can’t undo canon, anyone is allowed their headcanons, we can ship who ever we want, it doesn’t matter if one of the characters is in a relationship, as long as we respect canon.

Now, back to the main point here. Emily is adorable, I don’t want to see her separated from Tracer, but I’m also a hardcore Widowtracer shipper, and that’s not going to stop just like that, so what’s the only logical step, ship all 3 of them together! So here are my first headcanons of widowtracily:

  • Lena Emily are already together for a while now, and Emily starts noticing how Lena acting weird after some missions.
  • Tracer has found out about Widowmaker’s reconditioning during a raid on a Talon base. She knows now what happened to Amelie.
  • The file she found didn’t have a lot of information, but it did say that the experiment wasn’t perfected.
  • Now Tracer has been trying to revert what was done to Widowmaker. But has been keeping it a secret.
  • Emily finds out pretty fast.
  • Lena panics when Emily confronts her about it.
  • They talk it out, Lena explains everything the best she can. Emily understands it, but isn’t very happy that Lena is on this by herself.
  • With a few connections and help from a unsuspected Winston Emily helps Tracer find somethings on Widowmaker.
  • Tracer keeps trying to reach Amelie for the next few months, and it seems to be helping.
  • After months of trying, Tracer is saved from talon agents by Widowmaker during their fight. 
  • Tracer doesn’t understand what just happened.
  • Widow leaves, literally taking Tracer with her.
  • They’re on the run from Talon (and Overwatch, but that’s just Widow) for a while.
  • The two get really close, but Lena still misses Emily a lot. But something in her is also pulling her to Amelie.
  • After a while, Widow confirms that Amelie Lacroix isn’t her true self, that Amelie died together with her husband, and the one here will give them closure. No matter what.
  • A whole bunch of stuff happens. Overwatch decides to give Widowmaker the benefit of the doubt.
  • During their time together they form a bond, there’s n attraction there, that at some point they start getting intimate with each other. Lena tells herself that’s Widowmaker’s reconditioning wearing off and she’s just resetting her emotions, there’s noting deeper there. Until they share a kiss after the big battle to prove Widow is on their side to Overwatch.
  • Lena’s realizes what’s happening and she’s freaking out. She definitely has feelings for Amelie, but she still loves Emily, she’s sure of that.
  • Widow is surprised with how upset she feels after Lena leaves in a rush.
  • Lena actually talks with Emily after the kiss, and she’s terrified of her reaction.
  • Emily listens to it all and asks to talk with Widowmaker.
  • Tracer’s heart stops for a few seconds.
  • After the shock passes, she accepts. Lena brings Amelie with her the next day.
  • They talk, they don’t really have a lot in common, except for the focus of their affections. Lena is sweating bullets the whole afternoon.
  • Lena and Amelie are taken by surprise when Emily makes the proposal. 
  • Lena’s heart stops again, but to her surprise, Amelie accepts. With both women starring at her she has no choice.
  • The 3 are now in a relationship together. 
  • Tracer has no idea what just happened.
  • Things are kinda weird in the beginning, Emily learning to adapt to Amelie, and Amelie not really paying her a lot of attention.
  • It takes a while for Emily to gain Amelie’s interest. After a serious problem with Talon when they found Widow, that was solved by a great idea from Emily Amelie truly starts respecting her.
  • After a while they’re comfortable enough that it can be seen, they’re not just each in a relationship with Lena, they’re all in this together.
  • Between Emily and Amelie, Lena doesn’t stand a chance. If they’re both on the same side in an argument against Lena she will most certainly lose.
  • Amelie and Emily take turns cooking. Lena isn’t allowed to cook anything other than fish and chips.
  • Widow is much more physical than both Emily and Lena, always a small touch here. a quick peck there, stuff like that. Lena is very okay with that, but Emily gets really embarrassed, she never expected that from Widow.
  • They’re truly in love with each other. They share something special. Tracer feels that both of her girlfriends are just as much of an anchor to the present as her Chronal ccelerator. Amelie has finally put her past behind, the other Amelie can finally rest together with Gerard, she has a new family now and she loves them just as much. Emily is so happy to see this two women, that suffered so much being truly happy, and she’s part of the reason why, she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world.