the only ones im tagging for obvious reasons

Okay so just letting you all know that YES I would LOVE to have links to the episodes when they come out and im totally going to watch them

I shall share the link to the episode in a post to any of those who do want to watch it

if the episode is far earlier than the US release, then I will only make ONE spoiler post, mainly just me screaming because i will be fucking dying at the hit the diamond episode for obvious reasons and ill just need to let it all out. HOWEVER, it WILL be tagged with ‘steven universe spoilers’ and ‘su spoilers’ as well as being under a read more

if it has any screenshots of something I HAVE to post (I.E. Garnet or Ruby or Sapphire doing something amazing) then they will still be tagged accordingly

if you wish to remain 100% spoiler free, it might be best to unfollow me for a short time or I will warn any of you if im about to post a spoileriffic picture