the only one that matters!!!

I guess a few people are sour at me over that -path post. I’m not gunna reply to them, and I don’t encourage anyone starting anything, because it doesn’t really matter, but I will say here that if the way this world is constructed bugs you, don’t wear yourself out and continue following me. I won’t hold it against you for leaving. Let’s just terminate it as calmly and nicely as possible. 

if we go “by blood” henry’s last name can’t be swan because emma’s real last name was not swan because that was shoved on her by our world so really her last name should be nolan or blanchard

except those names aren’t real names either because those were shoved on everyone by a curse so really


no one has a last name that matters

which means that the last name that someone chooses is the only one which matters

henry has chosen mills. end of story.

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For the poll,I really want to do what I do for all of my tests, โšซ๏ธ All of the Above

Ugh, tell me about it… I’m such a *coughs* sucker for smut with Saeyoung all I want is a marathon of all those options in one fic LOL, but… due to time matters, I can only do one…

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But let’s keep the loser suggestions in mind for the future…


He guys! I’m looking for some new blogs to follow cause I love some more Star Wars on my dash!

So please like reblog follow, whatever! As long as i know you’re out there and I’ll probably follow back.

I have only one condition:

Please be hate free!!! So no anti stuff! Doesn’t matter anti what, just no hate in general! Thanks

(Mutuals please signal boost?!)

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w|w: "I personally feel uncomfortable with this one thing and a lot of my w|w friends agree with me and this is why we feel this way." straight person: "YOU'RE WRONG YOUR OPINION ISN'T VALID I DIDN'T SEE IT THAT WAY OR GET UNCOMFORTABLE THEREFORE IT'S NOT AN ISSUE GOD WHY ARE ALL YOU LESBIANS SO SENSITIVE!?!?!???111??"

i know :((( like straights have been conditioned to think their opinion is the only one that matters it’s so sad

Dear white women feminists who loved Wonder Woman–

Listen, I also loved Wonder Woman. But I also think that Diana would be the first to note that we are not free until we are all free. So if you posted a thousand times about how important WW was for little girls to see, then I hope you are also prepared to post a thousand times about how important the new Black Panther movie is for black kids- girls and boys- to see.

I saw Wonder Woman, and I teared up the first time she stormed the battlefield in her full regalia. But, as a black woman, I couldn’t not notice that the women who looked like me played supporting, and largely non-speaking, background parts. Black Panther is the chance for women who look like me to see ourselves as the heroes in our own story. To see ourselves as warriors, as epic royalty, as fully actualized superheroes. In a major studio blockbuster, no less. Never- not ever- has that happened before.

We are looking forward to your support.


i mean i can try all i want but i’ll never be as much of an alaska stan as rupaul is and i’m at peace with that 


Everything I did, I did for the Rebellion. Every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget, I told myself that it was for a cause I believed in. A cause that was worth it. Without that we’re lost. Everything we’ve done would have been for nothing. I couldn’t face myself if I gave up now. None of us could. 


not everyone
not y o u

happy friday the 13th yall! just some reminders:

  • be sure to mind cracks in the side walk (only organic ones matter, the straight separating lines dont count) 
  • black cats are tremendously lucky, but you should be kind to one just for the hell of it
  • dont look in mirrors today. 
  • if you see ladders obstructing walkways, going underneath it is indeed passing through a portal  but it just leads to a separate dimension where everything is the same except a lot more people have been named Frank. Don’t recommend. just walk around it
  • Don’t make eye contact with the suspiciously normal looking people manning said ladders. theyre Franks. 
  • be sure to make your midday tea and stir counter clockwise with a knife 
  • usually youd have to catch a spider in your home and release it outdoors in order to receive a free answer to any question, but today all spiders will give free answers to questions you didnt know you had, but in obnoxious riddles, and it’s more hassle than its worth. avoid
  • it is perfectly valid to levitate in your room for 10 hours while shouting ancient hymns in an unrecognizable language and then pass out and not remember any of it. you are valid 
  • say hello to any ghost or ghoul you see today! its only polite
  • however, if you see a doppleganger of yourself, you must follow it, but from a distance. dont let it disappear from your sights before youve had a chance to spot the one difference between you and it and please do remember that slight changes in hair length is usually just the wind moving it in a strange way.
  • if your doppleganger approaches you, then you’re the doppleganger this year. run
  •  if you happen to catch a glimpse of your reflection and the movement seems off, dont panic! the system will be lagging a bit, nothing serious 
  • candy will be extra sweet today so if you’re into that then by all means 

ok keep it sexy, keep it classy, and most of all have fun