the only one that looks good is sweater weather


#the chronicles of the wandering hand #evolving wardrobe #the sequel #let’s look at this for a minute #colorwise both of them are within their characters’ range #it’s the type of attire that stands out here #yes betty has worn button-ups before #and yes jughead has worn sweater-like shirts before #but two look alike outfits in one episode? #never before #betty wears two button-ups in episode 9 #without any other betty cooper accesory to accompany them #not a typical cardigan on top #not an undershirt as seen in episode 7 #the top buttons are undone #something unlike for her too #the only time she is seen with #risque undone buttons #is when seducing chuck clayton #plus there is a freaking snowstorm in barely the end of september #temperature is under zero #yet betty cooper sports thin material shirts #with unbuttoned buttons #why? #because she’s starting to feel good in her skin #he makes her feel good #wanted #loved #desirable #she feels powerful like she feels with #Seduce Scarlet painted lips #it’s also the easy access #but mostly she feels the need to look good for him #and even tantalize him a little #be a cheeky little tease #don’t tell me that she doesn’t care what she looks like for him #betty cooper spends extra time now in the mirror every morning #fight me all you want #and everyday she ends up getting dressed in the thinest article of clothing #because she loves feeling him against her skin #she loves that she makes him feel things too #and she loves the feel of those wool sweaters #and the coziness #and how much of a soft™ boyfriend he is #jughead is the only one appropriate dressed for the weather #but that’s irrelevant #he picks warm, knitted sweaters #actual sweaters #thick and delicious over his lean physic #he looks manlier in them #with boarder shoulders #with a strong chest #a tad older #a tad more of a man that a woman can really relay on #he wants too to look good in her eyes #resentable #coordinated with her even in something as simple as clothers #a hint of an underneath t-shirt is peaking from his neckline #the extra layers making him look sexier #more attractive for some reason #because under all these cover ups lay a miraculous body #that does all kinds of stuff to betty #it seems as if they’ve traded wardrobes #betty wearing button-ups like jughead #and jughead wearing sweaters like betty #they want to be accepted by the other #spike each other’s interest #and mix it up a little #having the other gasping at the pleasant change #they act like chameleons #wanting to adjust to each other’s life #even use some attributes of the other’s character to slither into each other’s mind #and captivate their thoughts for the rest of the day #for the rest of eternity #he is grasping shirts #she is revealing skin #all because betty cooper is turning boys into men 2k17


“Got another one for you,” Lydia said in passing as Rey walked past her in the canteen. She pulled out the paper from her pocket, real paper, something that couldn’t leave a trace, something that could be destroyed. Better not to leave any clues, just in case. “Take a sweater this time, though, sweetheart. Weather looks like it might be a bit cold.” A flash of lips parted and blues, eyes frozen open, flashed before her eyes, but she blinked, and it went away. The only sign that anything was amiss was a slight grimace to Lydia’s lips, and the way she kind of drifted off for a moment, but that could easily be brushed off as Lydia being a bit odd. She didn’t mind being a bit odd. Just not the crazy one. “I heard you had a good bit of luck this last time.”

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how do you headcanon the boys' sense of style? (psst your blog is an absolute treasure ily)

Ahh, thank you!!

I tried to use the most common term for any type of garment I referenced, but I might flip-flop between terms, hopefully it’s understandable. Also, I just remembered that “jumper” has a different meaning in different places… I’m using it to mean a sweater you pull over your head, not a dress. Just keep it in mind for Yahaba and Matsun, lol


  • questionable
  • he has a lot of cute clothes, which sometimes make cute outfits, but sometimes he’ll either match them up terribly or it’ll end up with him dressed like a four year old
  • he wears a lot of cutesy hair clips (unfortunately they’re against school dress code or he’d wear them at school too) (they are mostly all from Iwa-chan, given to him as birthday presents over the years)
  • honestly, the team is a little embarrassed to let anyone at school see their captain in such an undignified manner, so if they’re ever going anywhere with the intention of seeing non-team members in casual clothes, Makki has to dress Oikawa
  • even some of his fangirls get a little disillusioned when they see Oikawa in casual dress


  • he’s terrible at telling if clothes match each other, but always manages to look reasonably well-dressed, because most of his clothes are so similar it would take a lot of work to make a mismatched outfit using his clothes
  • a lot of board shorts
  • earthy, neutral colours, mostly browns and greens (not bright colours)
  • layers quite a bit, mostly open button-ups over t-shirts
  • “You’re so fit, you should dress to show it off more y’know.” -Makki


  • very fashionable, knows how to put an outfit together
  • mostly sticks to well-fitted button-ups, always buttoned all the way up
  • hardly ever wears shorts outside of volleyball
  • laments his team’s terrible fashion taste
  • always dresses well; he’d never sacrifice fashion for humour
  • “Honestly I don’t know how you’d all survive without me.”


  • like Iwaizumi, Matsun uses layers a lot
  • has a load of jumpers, and mostly wears them, with some kind of collared shirt underneath, even in the summer!!
  • never takes the weather into account when he gets dressed (has been stuck in nothing but a t-shirt and denims during a thunderstorm on more than one occaision)
  • manages to look good for the most part, but sometimes has to be sent back home by Makki, telling him to change his shoes or shirt or something


  • tight shirts… the kind of tight shirts everyone wishes Iwaizumi would wear
  • mostly black shirts, but some dog-themed ones (tastefully dog-themed though, like with a cute lil bone or dog silhouette at the centre)
  • owns no sweaters… only a jacket, for when it gets really cold
  • baggy cargo pants, (“a real delinquent look” -Oikawa)
  • (I’m thinking specifically of Furuba’s Kyo, and his crop top outfit (x))


  • similar to Matsukawa, Yahaba mostly owns jumpers, that he wears with button-ups
  • Oikawa and Makki joke about their similar styles, since Yahaba and Matsun also share a birthday (“How creepy! Maybe they’re clones…” “Wouldn’t we look at least a little more similar if that were the case?”)
  • a lot of Yahaba’s clothes are thrifted, even though his mother hates that he buys second-hand stuff, he likes being frugal
  • he’s always cold, so sometimes he’ll even have a cardigan over a jumper, over a button-up
  • owns no shorts (besides for volleyball)  


  • a lot of his casual clothes are just exercise clothes
  • he just likes those shirts and sweaters with holes for your thumb
  • usually composes outfits of one brightly-coloured item and the rest of the outfit is either dark colours or variations of the same bright colour
  • likes cute fruit or animal patterns, but knows how to use them well (unlike Oikawa, who likes them, but struggles to use them well)


  • not bad?? he’s a first year, give him time and maybe he’ll improve
  • lately, his style has been greatly influenced by Iwaizumi-senpai’s
  • Makki says Kindaichi always dresses like he’s going to cut down trees, but he doesn’t even have any charming flannel shirts to soften the blow (although, he continues, it’s better than his old mathlete chic)
  • has quite a number of knitted sweaters and vests, and of course, sweater-vests (in a stunning team effort comprising of Makki, Yahaba, Kunimi, and Kindaichi’s own step-mother, Kindaichi has been convinced to retire his sweater-vests from the public eye, although he has unfortunately not yet gotten rid of them entirely)


  • most of his wardrobe is black
  • he’s lazy, so he doesn’t have to fuss over whether an outfit matches or not, it always does, because all his clothes match
  • dark skinny jeans and baggy sweaters
  • it must have pockets, or he doesn’t want it
While He’s Away...

I couldn’t sleep. Despite my friends best efforts in wearing my body out with a day on the town it knew something was wrong. I missed the warmth of his body beside me, the smell of his skin as I nuzzled into his chest, the feeling of his arms wrapped around me, the sound of his soft snores once he fell asleep.

I tossed and turned until I was tangled in the blankets. My heavy limbs screaming for sleep but my mind refusing to turn off. There was a weight on my chest, making it hard to breath in the emptiness and my eyes felt the tiny pinpricks of tears forming. Then a sound started me. His ringtone. The smile reserved for him spread wide across my face as I frantically untangled myself from the sheets to snatch my phone up from the night stand.

Turn on your laptop - TH

Scrambling to get out of bed I raced to the office to retrieve my laptop. Flipping it open I saw one missed Skype call and my heart sank. I’d missed him. Then the screen lite up and the app reopened. He was calling back. My smile grew wider across my face as I answered the call on the way back to the bedroom. Instantly my desktop was filled with him.

“There you are.” he said with a smile that made my heart sing. He looked to be in bed with his own laptop perched on his chest. His bright blue eyes illuminated by the light from the screen, his damp chestnut hair sticking up in all directions. “I thought you’d gone to sleep on me.”

“I can’t sleep.” I confessed softly as I crawled back across the bed on my knees and set the laptop down before laying beside it. “You know I don’t sleep well in an empty house.”

“It’s not empty. Loki’s there.” he replied.

“Yes.” I rolled my eyes and moved the laptop to show him the cat asleep on his side of the bed, curled up on his pillow purring in his sleep. “He’s a little furrier than you… and he refused to cuddle.” I added setting the laptop back down with a laugh. 

“Well we can’t all be perfect all the time.” he smiled but I could see the pain in his eyes. They always gave him away. “I miss you darling.”

“I miss you too. But this will be over soon and you’ll be home for a few days. Then we can both go to Hawaii for a week or so. That’ll be fun.” I said trying to boost both our spirits. He laughed and my heart soared.

“I called to comfort you but you always manage to turn it around don’t you?” I shrugged with a smirk. “One day you’re going to let me take care of you.”

“One day.” I replied.

“Did you have a nice day with Connie?” he shifted around on screen so that he was laying on his side, the laptop beside him; mirroring my position.

“I did. We went shoe shopping, then pizza then bought the always important cat food.” I replied. “Did you have a good day on set?”

“I did. We did a lot of odds and ends shots. Nothing major.” he replied. “Shoe shopping huh? Finally get some new boots?” My smile pushed up my cheeks and I shook my head.

“No I got some I think you’ll like though. Used your credit card I hope that’s alright.”

“Ow… going to have a look at the transaction statement, see where you went.”

“No! That’s cheating.” his laugh rolled through him the way I loved. Making his head fall back and his chest quake.

“Fine. No peeking.” he replied. “And of course you can use the card. It’s why I left it. You can buy anything you want or need… just… no cars or anything alright?”

“I can’t make any promises. If I see it and need it I’m going to have to get it.” my blatant sarcasm made him smile.

“Well I called to tell you that I left you a present. It might help you sleep.” he confessed.


“Go to my closet, it should be there on the floor where it always is.” I left the laptop on the bed, making sure he got a brief glimpse of  my ass as I crawled off the bed and walked to the closet. Shuffling around in the pile of clothing that was always present I shrieked with excitement as I pulled out his blue hoodie. Quickly pulling it on I zipped it up and pulled the hood up over my head.

“You left it.” I said with a smile as I crawled back in bed. “But don’t you need it. It’s freezing there.” my voice filled with concern. He cleared his throat awkwardly, his tongue darting out to wet his lips the way it did before he revealed something embarrassing.

“I… I kind of stole yours.” he said with a side smile. The screen moved to reveal his chest. He wore a bright red sweater with a weathered looking lightning bolt across the chest. I laughed as I nuzzled into his sweater. It smelled like him, and its warmth was a pleasant replacement to the cold sheets.

“You stole my flash sweater. I’ve been looking for that.” I replied. “Looks good on you.”

“It’s the only one that fit. Probably because it’s an XL and ancient.” he mocked.

“Don’t start with me on ancient clothing mister ‘I only wear four shirts out of my entire closet and they are from the year I graduated’.” my eyes narrowing to glare at him. Again his laugh rolled through him and made warmth rush down my spine.

“Touché darling.”

“This is great.” I said snuggling into his sweater. “I’ll sleep much better now. Thank you.”

“I also brought Anna Karenina with me.” he confessed. “I can read a little of it, if you want.” he said. My head leapt in my chest and I nodded.

“I’d like that very much.”

“Alright… get comfy and dim the screen.” he said. I followed his requests and pulled the blankets back over me as he started in from where we’d left off. His smooth velvety voice easing my racing mind the way only he could. I felt my lids getting heavy and my body relaxing with each breath. Sleep was finally within reach. I was only fleetingly aware of his voice telling me he loved me and that he’d call me in the morning. My response was a soft hum as my lips curled slightly before I let myself slip off to sleep.