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Our Little Secret (Part 3)

Bucky x Reader
Swearing, flirting, touching (nothing inappropriate)
WC 2043
Summary After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with Bucky.
AN: This is turning into something big. Like, it has a mind of it’s own. I hope you’re all enjoying it!

Special thanks to @beccaanne814-blog for being my sounding board. You’re advise is appreciated so much!  <3

The evening came faster than anticipated. You took the rest of the afternoon to get yourself ready. Bucky, the bastard, only needed to shower and dress but you had to pull out all the stops so you could look good enough to fit in with this crowd. You chose to wear a nude coloured, flowy, chiffon dress. Something that would be comfortable enough to be on boat but nice enough to fit in.

You tried dressing yourself but the stupid dress had one of those invisible zippers at the back. Even standing in front of the full length mirror, you struggled, wriggling until you finally gave up.

Making sure you were decent, you called out, “Brad? I need some help here.”

He walked in, fiddling with a tie. When he looked up he saw that you were slightly flushed from exerting yourself.

“What’s wrong?”

You grumbled, “I can’t zip this stupid zipper. I never understood why women’s clothes require them to need assistance when getting dressed. This is fucking nonsense.” You turned around so your back was to him and, looking at him in the mirror, you asked, “Can you zip me up, please?”

Gently, he tugged on the zipper and realized it was stuck. “What did you do to this thing?”

“What? Nothing. Hold on to the zipper,” you told him, as you wriggled around trying to unstick it. “Dammit!”

Bucky bit back a laugh, “Woman, stop your moving. You’re making it worse. Take it off.”

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Eventually You Moves On (Boy-Next-Door AU Key/Barista AU Taemin)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hello! May I request an angst scenario (with happy ending so our hearts won’t be completely broken) about unrequited love with Key or Hongbin and then the girl moves on and you know the rest because you’re the writer! Thank you so much and have a lovely day!

Hi! Please write a scenario with Taemin, who fall in love with a noona! It could be really fluff. Thanks~

~Note: I decided to combined two different requests for this`

It was the week Kim Kibum that was a senior in high school, he was no longer the boy-next-door to you. The dreamy guy you fell in love with when you were 5. 

If you could have said anything to your junior self. You would tell her that confessing your feelings for someone doesn’t end like they do on TV. Love isn’t that simple and it can often times be unrequited. You wouldn’t get the first guy you fell in love with and live would go on no matter how bad you thought it was that Kibum didn’t like you the same. 


Kibum had frozen after you had kissed him. You two had decided to go out as a last get together before he left. Sitting in a restaurant staring at him you couldn’t take it anymore and just kissed him. His story was left untold as he looked at you, you were expecting something good from it but you were mistaken. “Why would you do that?” he asked embarrassed that you would try something like this. “I-I-I like you Key” you say shyly as he sighed “Y/N” the tone in his voice instantly made you look away from him as your eyes welled but you kept a stone face “I’m sorry. I don’t feel the same for you” he whispers. “You’re a beautiful girl, don’t get me wrong. I believe that but I can’t return the feelings to you” he continued.  

Kibum was your first kiss, New Years last year. He planted a sweet kiss onto your lips that wasn’t short or anything. So you had felt as if he had a similar interest in you that you had with him. You felt lead on horribly by all the sweet things he had done for you. “I’m sorry if I did something that hinted I liked y-” “please just stop” he was cut off by you getting up after you threw money down leaving him there alone. He realized he had broken your heart then and there but it wasn’t fair to him to be forced into lying about his true feelings just to spare yours. 


He was hit hard with the fact you never wanted to talk to him again when it came to his graduation day. He had gotten your family tickets to come along to see him. Kibum looked around to see if you were around with another senior friend as yours and his parents talked to him “did Y/N come?” he asked “no sorry son. She wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t come with” your mother told him as his mood changed slightly from his joy to some sadness. Your father patted his should “she’ll get over it don’t worry” your fathers words had more than one reason as he was aware as to what truly happened even without you telling him. “I hope” he spoke quietly.


Kibum went a decent portion of summer without really seeing you. As you wanted nothing to do with him still. You couldn’t even look at him if you were in the elevator at the same time or anything. He tried talking to you but he could only open his mouth and make a sound or nothing came out. Soon the summer clock began to tick down as he was getting ready for his first semester of college. 

The day he was leaving was the last moment he really saw you for a long time. He waved off his parents as he headed to the elevator for the last time in awhile and when it opened you two were face to face. Neither of you said anything before he stepped around you and you got out. He looked down as the elevator door closed but your hands soon stopped it as you looked at him which made him look up “good luck” you said softly. He offered a slight smile and a very light wave before you let the doors start closing again.


You were very sad for awhile about the pettiness you had towards him but you went on with your days like any other when Kibum was there. You had even began texting him again as to try to apologize for the way you had acted where he told you that ‘it didn’t matter as long as you were able to be happy again’ and you weren’t sure you could be until you met a man who actually got his first love to be his girlfriend. 

But you jazzed it up by going to a new cafe after a stressful day at your summer job, you met a boy you had no idea who he was in your school but he had a huge crush on you for over a year now. Lee Taemin, he was a current sophomore who was cute to say the least. 

You looked at the menu unsure of what to get “Mango Magic” the boy in front of you said as you snapped away from the menu to look at him. “What?” you asked “mango magic. It’s the drink that makes me smile on a long day” he told. You offered a small smile “then I’ll try it” you told him as he smiled “my name is Y-” “Y/N I know” he spoke as you looked shocked. “We got to the same school. You gave me a tour as well of the building last year” he told you. “You remember that?” you asked him as he nodded. Your smile grew as you looked at him “I’m Taemin” he says as he began making your drink. 


Your trips to the cafe became an everyday thing to see the sweet boy Taemin and before long he had enough courage to ask you out. You felt happy that a boy you liked had feeling for you as well and gladly accepted. Even if people teased you for being his ‘noona’ and it was ‘wrong to use a kid like that’ you were too happy to care for their words. You told Taemin about your old crush on Kibum and he simply asked if the feelings were still there and you told him there weren’t any feelings left. He didn’t care then, as long as you weren’t using him he didn’t care.

He was the first boy you brought home to your parents. Taemin managed to steal even your parents hearts which pleased you greatly and even went as far as to meet Kibum’s parents after you guys had ran into them when he picked you up for a date. Who told Kibum who felt happy that you had moved on from him and he felt confident to bring a girl home he met but was scared to take over because he didn’t want to hurt you more. 

Once graduation came along you had gotten tickets for everyone it even slipped your mind that you got a ticket for Kibum. Taemin had spun you around congratulating you which made many of your classmates jealous because they didn’t have a relationship or at least a serious one like yours. Taemin had even gone as far as to get you flowers and give you an extremely passionate kiss in public. Once you two had pulled back he pulled you in for a hug as you cuddled into him more you caught sight of someone who was giving you a kind smile. 

Kibum. His smile grew more as you two linked eyes and proceeded to give you a thumbs up. It made you slightly shy as you simply cuddled into Taemin more loving the feeling of being in his arms. Kibum made his way over and cleared his throat which made Taemin pull away from you. Kibum stuck his hand out to Taemin “I’m Kibum or Key” he spoke calmly as Taemin took it “Lee Taemin” he responded. You were questioning if the males were sizing each other up or something but Taemin simply took your hand “why don’t we go out and celebrate. All three of us?” Taemin offers “you know what? You guys go ahead. I was hoping to introduce you to my girlfriend, Yikyeong but I have to pick her up from the train station first” Kibum told you. “If you want to meet her of course” he then said as he felt a blush come onto his face. 

You smiled at him as you leaned into Taemin more “I would love to meet her Key” you told him. “You won’t be an awkward third wheel then” you proceeded to tease him as he made a sound. “Alright text me where you guys end up and I’ll be there” he called as he headed off. “No feelings?” Taemin asked as you looked at him. “None at all” you respond as you pulled him in for a loving kiss.

It can't be tamed.
  • Me, styling my Ariel wig: Wow! That turned out so nice! And it looks good on! And I tried new things to make it look better! Wow! I should style another wig!
  • Me, about to style my Megara wig: Alright, it was hard last time, but now I'm experienced. How bad can it be?
  • Megara wig: *doesn't go on the same way twice*
  • Megara wig: *was on center when you put it on last time and now it's titled*
  • Megara wig: *won't curl*
  • Megara wig: *looks decent from only one angle, and everything else looks horrible*
  • Megara wig: *is directionally challenged because it was made by Arda for someone cosplaying Winry from FMA*
  • Me: ......... I hate you.

me, a big dude with f-cups and soft features: please give me some decent passing tips i can actually use.  like… even one.

the transmasc internet: fuck you!  have you tried this really ugly baggy clothing?  or if that doesn’t work, how about a tight shirt that will only make your BIG FAT TITTIES looks bigger?  want flannel?  is that what you want?  wanna look like steve from harvester? no? then fuck you!!!!!  you can draw on a mustache with eyeliner

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Can I get some headcanons where Mtmte Megatron watches some g1 episodes w/ his s/o? Or maybe they would be considered old documentaries?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Aaaaah this is such a cute prompt!! I heard of the discussions about some old G1 episodes being documentaries and I love this idea so much let’s do that. Hope you don’t mind my take of the G1 cartoons as documentaries headcanon, anon! )

✦ It’s actually Whirl who makes the suggestion of watching the documentaries. This occurs when Rewind does his usual round of voting for what should be aired for movie night, taking suggestions from the crowd. The ‘bot does it mostly to get a rise out of Megatron and it almost works with how the co-captain almost shoots the idea down- Then he sees the liaison is curious and intrigued by what they just heard. The light in their eyes and the pleased smile on their lips makes him hesitate. They look so excited and happy… In the end, he helplessly watch his human vote for it and everyone else vote for it since he didn’t stop the liaison. It’s a landslide win and Megatron is suffering.

✦ Apparently the ‘documentaries’ were made after the war was declared to be over, something made by a small independent group of entertainers who are Autobot-aligned on Earth by both humans and Cybertronians. The documentaries are mostly used to promote the Autobot ideals by making them appear heroic and brave while adopting human activities like basketball to show they were approachable and willing to learn the culture of humans and to make the Decepticons look weak and childish with all their constant bickering and constant defeats. The independent nature of the group making this does explain the strange quality and pacing of the works - The crew and cast involved in this production are literally making these week by week which is a lot to ask. Why they set it in the late 90s or so is a mystery. To avoid getting sued…?

✦ It’s a full house when movie night comes around. Rewind plays the episodes out of order, mainly choosing the episodes that sound interesting to watch like Fire in the Sky or Prime Target. Despite some reservations and worries Megatron and a few others had, it does end up becoming a fun romp for everyone as the episodes go on. Most of the documentaries aren’t even based on real events, mostly rumours and hearsay of what happened on the planet, and it’s clear the cast and crew put their heart into this. Everyone laughs at the actor’s attempts to copy Optimus’ heroic and stoic nature and it makes him look like a Dad™ instead. Every time the theme song comes up, a lot of the ‘bots (and the human) sing along with how catchy it is. When The Girl Who Loved Powerglide comes up, all optics are suddenly pointed out at Megatron and the liaison’s direction.

✦ At some point during the documentary watching, there’s a shot of a desert at night and suddenly Megatron starts doing the Cybertronian equivalent of sweating and suggesting they skip this part because it’s so boring, so uninteresting. No need to see any of this at all, everyone, really!!! Before Rewind can ask him what’s his malfunction, the infamous scene of him and the other Decepticons getting wasted in the middle of nowhere pops up. It lasts for only roughly a minute and a half but it has Rodimus is laughing so hard he needs to be sent to the medbay. Megatron is unable to look anyone in the optic or eye when the liaison asks if that’s just Autobot propaganda to make him look ridiculous or if that all really happened. He says nothing. He’s suffering.

Could I please have a stiles imagine where the reader and stiles flirt a lot? Thanks!
- @stilesxxstilinskii

Hey can I get a stiles x reader where the pack thinks there in danger and runs into stiles house and (the reader and stiles aren’t together) but hey only hear 1 heartbeat and they freak out and find them both alive. It’s because here hearts were beating at the same time (it actually happens lol) and yeah. Just flufffff.

Sorry this one isn’t as great! I’m trying to get better, promise 😅

It’s no secret that Stiles is a major cutie. That adorable smile of his, the little wink he does when he tries to show off, and the way he can be a mega dork without even trying. It’s just so…adorable.

I mean, yeah, I’ve totally got a massive crush on him. Who wouldn’t, am I right? So when he invited me over to his house, you can only imagine how nervous I was.

I literally spent two hours picking outfits and making myself look decent. All for one night chilling at his house. Honestly, being in love is one hell of a scary thing.

When I did manage to drag myself out of the house and to Stiles’ house, he greeted me at the door in the usual outfit - a flannel, t-shirt and jeans. Except this time he was wearing fluffy socks.

God damn. Fluffy. Socks.

Could this boy get any better?

We spent majority of the night in his living room. We watched all of the Captain America movies, played Cluedo (which I kicked his ass at, might I add), and made a massive fort. I kid you not, it was literally the greatest masterpiece I’ve ever contributed to.

We strung fairy lights in the ‘main room’ of the fort, and lay down staring at them as if they were stars in the night sky. It may not have been anywhere close to the real thing, but it was still pretty cool.

I felt his arm snake around my waist, just as I heard my phone vibrate from somewhere in the fort. I decided to ignore it, and snuggles into Stiles’ side. He was so cuddly, I can’t even explain to you. He was like the giant teddy bear that you see all the boyfriends buying for their girls.

Stiles looked down at me, then to my lips, then back to me. And with no words spoken, we both shared one of the sweetest kisses I’ve ever experienced.

Until it was interrupted.

“Stiles! (Y/N)!” I heard a familiar voice yell from the front door, causing such a fright that Stiles and I pulled away.

The door slammed open, and we could only see a figure moving past the fabric of our fort. The voice sounded…scared. As if something bad had happened.

And then we put the pieces together.

“Scott?” Stiles called in an unsure voice, just as the other boy came crawling into the fort.

“Oh god…you both scared the hell out of me!” Scott practically yelled, tackling us both to the ground in a tight hug. “I could only hear one heart beat and…”

I pet his back, laughing along with Stiles. “It’s ok, wolfie. We’re alive and fine. We were just-”

Scott suddenly gasped, shooting up and bolting out of the fort. “Sorry for interrupting your date!”

Stiles and I looked to each other, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“Use a condom!” We heard Scott yell.

“Shut up!”

This is long overdue, but I promised Xingese that I would doodle her some Ling/Lan Fan! I didn’t know which Ling you preferred so I added both owo

Long Time, No See  ▏B.I

►First of the song requests I’ve gotten; be sure to let me know which one I should write next from the list here!

“In the end, I made you wait. Crossed our little fingers and promised you. I made a promise to you, but I’m sorry I couldn’t keep it.” 

           “And you have to promise to call me every single night,” Hanbin added, smiling softly as he looked down at the way you kept playing with his hands, drawing your body nearer to his by the second. His members were elsewhere, either standing in front of the massive glass window and waiting for the plane to arrive, or saying last minute goodbyes to their loved ones, just like Hanbin was doing.

           You nodded and wrapped your pinkie around Hanbin’s. “Promise,” you said. “I’ll call you every night, but you have to promise me something in return.”


           You bit your lip and looked up to meet his eyes. He was gazing down at you intently, but it was full of love, as always.

           “Don’t be gone too long. Be sure to work hard for your dream, but don’t forget to come back to me. I can’t stand being away from you.”

           Hanbin felt his heart crack in his chest. Of course he didn’t like being away from you either, and he wanted to come home as soon as possible, but he knew that deep down inside, there was no guarantee that his absence would be short.

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Speaking of Cybertronian types: what if there is a subtype of mechs that are designed to be extremely attractive. Maybe it’s the energy coming from their spark to give more appeal or something. But they are rare and can’t actually help it. To the point out the remaining keeping their existence hidden. One day, one of said mechs lives in decently sized town and he’s hit on ALL the time.

He tries to be super nice but you can only put up with so much. One day he’s approached by a stranger who makes small talk. The mech quickly snaps that he’s flattered but he’s tired of people hitting on him because of how he looks. The stranger just laughs and explains that his optics are malfunctioned and he’s blind…. He just liked his voice.

The mech gets so embarrassed and invites Blind mech too his place.

“Sirius Orion Black! How dare you disgrace your family like that? Come back now!” Sirius heard the echo of his mother’s loud voice at his back as he climbed out of the window. It was a rather difficult task since he was wearing a very uncomfortable wedding suit.

He jumped out of the big old-fashioned balcony, glad that it was a first floor. Sirius looked around hurriedly and swore when he noticed a lot of people, including guests and his supposed fiancee (who was Bella, his not so loved cousin, what the hell was wrong with this family?) in front of the gates. He stood in despair. The thought came to his mind right when he saw his mother appear outside and he ran to the back entrance.

Sirius ran until he reached the road. He understood that barely there was a chance that some of his relatives, all dressed up and pompous, would run after him yet he was afraid to stop. He was already losing breath when he saw grey pavement and… and nothing else? Not one person was around, even though the road was usually full of people and cars. His parents couldn’t have blocked the road because of some wedding, right? 

Sirius decided to call James and ask him to come and get him and put his hand in the pocket just to not find anything in it. No luck in the second one as well, though Sirius was sure his phone was meant to be there. He sat down on the bench along the road in despair. It was too far to go to James’ house and he didn’t have anywhere else to do. 

When his parents made an announcement about his wedding with Bellatrix two weeks ago, he thought it was a joke. A week later they forced him to go choose a wedding dress with her and even if Bella wasn’t too fond of the idea either, it was for real and he was scared. When he told James, he was trying to help, but Sirius wasn’t let to get out of the house and none of his friends were let to go into the house. So, here he was, sitting alone on the bench in a ridiculous wedding suit.

Or maybe not alone. He suddenly saw a lanky cute bloke with tawny curls on, riding a bicycle across the road. The pink too short for him bicycle with prints of kittens on it, but that was another point. 

“Hey,” Sirius shouted and the bloke turned him, his eyebrows raised in question, “Sorry, but maybe you can give me a ride? I’ll pay.”

“What? And why?” the guy frowned. “But whatever, you see this thing is too small for two people.”

Actually, this thing was too small even for one person, but it was only Sirius’ chance and he wasn’t going to let go of it.

“And so am I. I’m compact.”

“You’re strange,” the bloke shook his head, “Sitting here alone in a suit, your hair is a mess, your jacket is undone, and some buttons of your shirt as well. You look like a murderer or a psycho.”

“Believe me, I am neither,” Sirius looked down to his shirt and redo the buttons. Then he tried to make his hair look decent, but ended up making it more tangled. “Anyway, you’re here alone with me, if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t bother to ask you to ride me somewhere.”

“Very reassuring,” the guy snorted. “Should I ask then what are you doing here?”

“Should I ask why are you riding this?”

“Okay. Get on, if you can. I’m Remus, by the way.”

“Sirius,” Sirius smiled and scrambled up the bicycle. Remus was right, it was too small and he had to grip Remus’ waist tightly not to fall. Remus turned to him and grinned before asking him where to go. 

They arrived to James’ house half an hour later, which was long but also quick, considering they had to stop a few times through the road to switch places or not to get into any accident. Remus turned to be really cute and funny and Sirius found himself laughing at his jokes and making jokes as well to see him laugh. He felt much less stressed now and was quite sad Remus had to leave.

“So, why did you get a bike like that?” Sirius asked, jumping off the bicycle and stretching from a cramped position.

“It’s not mine,” Remus answered, laughing, “It’s my friend’s and she’s kinda eccentric. And small. I took it to get home.”

“You live far from here?” Sirius tried to sound careless.

“Nah, actually only a couple of houses away,” Remus grinned.

“It’s nice,” Sirius blurted out before he could think. 

“Yes, it is,” Remus smiled. Sirius blushed and smiled back. “What were you doing there though? Alone on the lonely road, looking like you ran away from an asylum?”

“It’s not far from the truth,” Sirius shrugged, “I ran away from my wedding.”

“Oh.. Why?”

“Well, my parents wanted me to marry someone who was both my cousin and a girl. That’s two traits I’m definitely not looking for in a partner,” Sirius shrugged again, looking away.

“Oh… Wow, good for you you managed to get out of it,” Remus put his hand on Sirius’ shoulder sympathetically.

“It is. Have to make up for it though. Any chance I can come for tea or something to yours? Or take you out? Or-”

“There is a good chance I might ask you right now, that’s for sure,” Remus tilted his head to hide a smile. “What are the chances that you say yes?”

“Oh, there’s no chance I say no,” Sirius leaned closer to Remus and gave him a quick peck on the lips, “Pick me up here tomorrow at this time.” 

Sirius walked to James’ house, turning back to look at Remus a fair few times and smiling all the way.